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Editor’s Note: This story contains graphic and disturbing descriptions of sexual violence. Everywhere that Russian troops were located, we’re seeing cases of sexual violence and gender-based violence. But the real scale of sexual violence committed during the war may never come to light. Ukrainian officials say that it is difficult, but not impossible, to track down individual perpetrators of sexual violence crimes. Some survivors of sexual violence committed by the Bosnian Serb army during the Bosnian war in the early 1990s are only now coming forward.
Persons: Roman Shapovalenko, , , Shapovalenko, , , , Chris McGrath, Anna Sosonska, Sosonska, , ’ Roman Chernenko, Chernenko, , ” Sosonska, Anna Mykytenko, ” Mykytenko, Mykytenko, Ukraine –, Vladimir Putin, Aleksey Smagin, Aleksandr Naumenko, Naumenko, – Oleksandr Chilengirov, Dmitry Laikov, Oleksii, ” Andrii, Andrii, Anna Voitenko, Putin, Russia’s, Maria Lvova, Oleksii Sivak, Sivak, ’ ”, ‘ we’re, ” Sivak Organizations: Kyiv CNN —, Russia’s Federal Security Service, Russian, CNN, Getty, United Nations Security, Ukraine’s, GRU, Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, Russia’s Ministry of Defense, Interior Ministry, National Guard, Kyodo, Criminal Court, ICC, UN, Global Rights, European Union, Ministry of Defense, Luhansk People’s Republics, Rosgvardia, Ukrainian, FSB’s Department, Defense, Constitutional, Terrorism, International Court of Justice, Kremlin Locations: Kyiv, Ukrainian, Kherson, Russia, Ukraine, Snihurivka, Moscow, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Crimea, Olenivka, Mariupol, Russian, Geneva, Rome, United States, United Kingdom, Luhansk, Russia’s Rostov, Nova Kakhovka, , Bosnian
Read previewUkrainian parliamentary officials are pushing the Biden administration to remove restrictions on Kyiv striking targets in Russian territory with its arsenal of US weapons, Politico reported. Ukraine knew for weeks that Russia was massing troops at the border, with intelligence officials saying in early May that Moscow was gathering some 50,000 to 70,000 personnel there. Speaking to Politico, Ustinova said the Russians had become "smart now because they know there is a restriction for Ukrainians to shoot at the Russian territory." Ukraine has been attacking targets beyond the border — more recently on Russia's oil facilities — but only with its own drones. The policy has been criticized as a means of effectively shielding Russia from significant Ukrainian counterattack.
Persons: , Biden, David Arakhamia, Oleksandra Ustinova, Ustinova, it's, isn't Organizations: Service, Politico, Business, Ukraine, Kharkiv, NATO, Kremlin, US Locations: Washington, Russia, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Moscow, Russian, Mariupol, Vovchansk, West
CNN —Russian President Vladimir Putin presided over a pared-back Victory Day parade Thursday, showcasing his country’s unity and resolve to continue the war on Ukraine. But since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the massive military parade has been somewhat downsized. “The fate of the motherland, its future depends on each of us … We celebrate Victory Day in the context of the special military operation. All of Russia is with you!”But this year’s Victory Day is also happening against the background of a bribery scandal roiling Russia’s Ministry of Defense. Under Putin, Victory Day has assumed greater importance in national life.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Putin, Putin —, , , Timur Ivanov, Mikhail Klimentyev, Alexander Nemenov, Ivanov, Sergei Shoigu, Shoigu’s protégé, , Alexey Navalny, Stanislav Krasilnikov, Maria Pevchikh, that’s Organizations: CNN, Nazi, , Ministry of Defense, Defence, Sputnik, Getty, Financial, Corruption Foundation, AP, ACF, Prestige, Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Nazi Germany, Russian, It’s, AFP, Mariupol, Putin’s Russia, Sochi, Moscow
Opinion: Russia can lose this war
  + stars: | 2024-05-08 | by ( Opinion Timothy Snyder | )   time to read: +6 min
And far too many of us, during Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, have believed that. Of its three most consequential foreign wars, the Red Army lost two. And the Russian army of today is not the Red Army. It was disproportionately Ukrainians who fought their war to Berlin in the uniform of the Red Army. Russia can lose this war, and should, for the sake of Russians themselves.
Persons: Timothy Snyder, Richard C, Levin, , , Read, Leonid Brezhnev, Putin, Alexander Nemenov, Brezhnev, Vladimir Putin, Robert Nickelsberg Organizations: Global Affairs, Yale University, CNN, Russia, Getty, Red, Red Army, Soviet, Lease, Russian Empire, Russo, Fascism Locations: Nazi Germany, Russia, Ukraine, AFP, Poland, Afghanistan, USSR, Soviet Ukraine, Berlin, United States, Russian, Crimean, Japanese, Europe, Pacific, Kabul, Soviet Union, Crimea, Japan, Soviet, Ukrainian
The Ukrainian government says there are thousands of people like Dima, civilians arrested by Russia who have been held in arbitrary detention for years. In the early weeks of the war, Russian troops took over their home, parking their tank in the garden and stealing anything of value. Following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia opened a second pre-trial detention facility in Simferopol, SIZO No. Detained civilians, however, are stuck in limbo. Mariana Checheliuk's photos were among those displayed by relatives of detained civilians at a recent protest in Kyiv.
Persons: Ukraine CNN — “, , Vasyl Khyliuk, Dmytro Khyliuk, Dima, , Ivana Kottasova, Dmytro Lubinets, Lubinets, ” Achille Després, Cross, it’s, Vasyl, ” Vasyl, Halyna, , Dmytro Khyliuk’s, Russia —, Khyliuk, Anastasiia, MIHR, Pantielieieva, CNN “ We’ve, ” Pantielieieva, Yulia Khrypun, Serhii, , Serhii Khrypun, Yulia, ” Yulia, Mariana Checheliuk, Mariana, Natalia Checheliuk, ” Natalia, ’ ” Natalia, Alexander Ermochenko, Mariana –, Mila, Natalia, Volodymyr, Zelensky, Mariana Checheliuk's Organizations: Ukraine CNN, Ukrainian Independent, Agency, Kyiv, CNN, Russian Federation, International Committee, Ukrainian, Organization for Security, Getty, Media Initiative, Human Rights, Penal, Russian Investigative Committee, Russian Prison Service, ICRC, Russian Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian Defense Intelligence, Russian Federal Security Service, Russian National Guard, Directorate, General Staff, Serhii, Crimean Human Rights, Maxar Technologies, Volunteers, Russia, United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, Security Service of Ukraine, Ukraine’s, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Information Bureau, Ministry, , Headquarters Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine, Dima, Ukrainian, Kozarovychi, Russia, Geneva, Europe, Novozybkov, Russia’s Bryansk, Russia’s Vladimir, Mordovia, Russian, Moscow, Bryansk, Nove, Tokmak, Melitopol, Olenivka, Kursk, Crimea, Kamensk, Russia’s Rostov, Yulia Khrypun Russia, Chonhar, Kherson, Crimean, Crimean Tatars, Simferopol, SIZO, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, , Mariupol, Zaporizhzhia, Bezimenne, Donetsk People’s Republic, Azovstal, Donetsk, Taganrog, Kamyshin, Russia’s Volgograd, Qatar
He was a student at Mariupol State University in 2014 when war broke out in the Donbas, and Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula. "I refused to make a deal with the devil. Ponomarenko said he believes the war has "shown what ordinary people are capable of" and has helped reveal "their true selves," pointing to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as evidence. AdvertisementCapturing it would put Russian forces within striking distance of Ukrainian operational and supply centers in the area. "Bucha was the greatest moment for me because it shows that life prevails," Ponomarenko said.
Persons: , Ponomarenko, Viktor Yanukovych, Libkos, Rushing Organizations: Service, Mariupol State University, Business, Kyiv, Kyiv Independent Locations: Volnovakha, Ukraine's, Donetsk, Russia, Kyiv, Dnipro, Avdiivka, Ukraine
Russian forces have used the “artillery drought” hampering Ukraine’s defenses since December to push forward on the eastern front near Avdiivka, making the largest advance since the early months of the war. Only on Sunday did the top Ukrainian military commander, Oleksandr Syrskyi, admit the fall of a series of villages that his subordinates had insisted for days were still contested. The resulting fallback showed Russian forces had, in just over two months, made the most substantial and swift progress since July 2022’s advances near Severodonetsk, according to a CNN analysis. DeepStateMap, which updates the frontline situation daily, showed significant losses near Avdiivka. Yurii Fedorenko, commander of the Achilles attack drones company at the 92nd separate assault brigade in that area, said the next two months marked a “window of opportunity” for Russian forces.
Persons: Chasiv, Oleksandr Syrskyi, Ruslan Mykula, ” Mykula, , Volodymyr Zelensky, Oleksandr Ratushniak Oleksandr Ratushniak, Chasiv Yar, Col Nazar Voloshyn, ” Voloshyn, Druzhkivka, Novozhenina, Yurii Fedorenko, Organizations: CNN, Sunday, Kurakhove, Ukraine’s, Airborne, REUTERS, Reuters, Russian Locations: Ukraine, Avdiivka, Donetsk, Mariupol, Russia, Pokrovsk, Chasiv Yar, Bakhmut, Ukrainian, Russian, Avdiivka’s, Severodonetsk, Ocheretyne, Kurakhve, Kupiansk, Kharkiv, Moscow
Russian law enforcement have detained Deputy Defence Minister Timur Ivanov on suspicion of taking bribes, Russia's Investigative Committee said on April 23, 2024. A Russian deputy defense minister in charge of military construction has been detained on Tuesday on suspicion of "large-scale" bribe-taking, in one of the highest-profile corruption cases since Moscow launched its war in Ukraine. A brief statement by the Investigative Committee, Russia's top investigative body, said late on Tuesday that Timur Ivanov had been taken into custody and an investigation into his case was proceeding. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had been informed in advance of his detention, he said. Russian news reports also said Ivanov was likely the most senior Russian official to face such charges since Moscow launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Sergei Shoigu, Timur Ivanov, Ivanov, Alexei Navalny, Dmitry Peskov, Organizations: Sputnik, Russian, Defense, Investigative, Russia's, Corruption Foundation, Kremlin Locations: Russian, Kubinka, Moscow, Ukraine, Ukrainian, Mariupol, Russia
CNN —Russian Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov appeared in a Moscow court Wednesday after he was detained for allegedly taking a bribe, Russia’s Investigative Committee said. Ivanov is suspected of accepting a bribe of 1 million rubles (at least $10,800), Russian state media TASS reported, and faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted. Video released by Russian state news agency RIA Novosti showed Ivanov standing in a glass box in the Moscow courtroom. The deputy defense minister has been seen as a senior architect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, becoming the subject of European Union and US sanctions. Ivanov, pictured at a Moscow court on April 24, could face up to 15 years for allegations of bribery.
Persons: Timur Ivanov, Ivanov, Alexey Navalny’s, Maria Pevchikh Organizations: CNN, Russian, TASS, RIA Novosti, European Union, Anadolu, Getty, Corruption Foundation, Ministry of Defense, , ACF, Russian Ministry of Defense Locations: Moscow, Ukraine, Basmanny
A deputy minister of defense in Russia has been detained on charges of taking a “large scale” bribe, the country’s top law enforcement investigators announced on Tuesday. The brief announcement from the Investigative Committee divulged few details about what had led to Timur Ivanov, the deputy minister, being taken into custody. But the legal statute that he is accused of violating is for taking a bribe “on a particularly large scale,” more than one million rubles, or more than $10,000. The Ministry of Defense did not comment on the investigation. Mr. Ivanov, a deputy defense minister since 2016, had long been in charge of military construction projects, including most recently the huge contracts awarded to rebuild the Russian-occupied eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which was devastated by Russian attacks soon after the February 2022 invasion.
Persons: Timur Ivanov, Ivanov Organizations: Ministry of Defense, Merit, Fatherland Locations: Russia, Ukrainian, Mariupol, Moscow, Russian
Editor’s Note: In this appeal to Congress, more than 35 artists, activists, scholars and others call for funding for Ukraine. On territory that Russia occupies, it tortures Ukrainian citizens, kidnaps Ukrainian children and murders Ukrainian leaders. By fighting Russia alone, they protect Europe. By fighting a conventional war against a nuclear power, they are making nuclear proliferation and nuclear war less likely. Together we call upon Congress to do the right thing – right now.
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CNN —Michael J. Fox has revealed that he would consider coming out of retirement for the right acting role. The “Back to the Future” star announced back in 2020 that he was stepping away from performing for good because of the deterioration of his health. Now, however, he has revealed that he would not rule out a return to acting - provided the role is right and takes into account his Parkinson’s Disease. The five-time Emmy Award-winning actor, who also has four Golden Globes, a Grammy and two Screen Actors Guild Awards, was speaking ahead of a major fundraising event on Tuesday for the Michael J.
Persons: Michael J, Fox, , ” Fox, Alex P, Keaton, , Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell, Rachel Smith, “ Oppenheimer, Smith Organizations: CNN, Entertainment, Fox Foundation, Big Town, BAFTA, London, Met, Apple, Fox Locations: Nashville , Tennessee, Mariupol
People attend a rally and a concert celebrating the 10th anniversary of Russia's annexation of Crimea at Red Square in Moscow on March 18, 2024. Russian President Vladimir Putin briefly attended an open-air rally in Moscow on Monday evening at which he told the crowd that the annexation of Crimea and other regions in Ukraine had been difficult but worthwhile. The rally and concert in Red Square marked the 10th anniversary of Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. "Just this morning, I was informed that the railway from Rostov to Donetsk to Mariupol and Berdyansk has been restored. And this will be another alternative road to the Crimean bridge," he said, in comments translated by Reuters.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Putin, Berdyansk, Holly Ellyatt Organizations: Russian, Ukraine, Reuters Locations: Crimea, Red, Moscow, Ukraine, Russia, Rostov, Sevastopol, Donetsk, Mariupol
The Ukrainian teenager was given a Russian passport and sent to a Russian school. And then, in the fall of 2023, not long before his 18th birthday, he received a summons from a Russian military recruitment office. Russia has publicly acknowledged the transfer of Ukrainian children without guardians, despite some having guardians or parents. All Ukrainian teenagers held in Russia, when they turn 18, they are put on a (recruitment) list of Russian military,” told CNN. “It’s a Russian strategy to turn Ukrainian children into Russian children and militarize them.
Persons: Bohdan Yermokhin, Vladimir Putin, who’s, , Yermokhin, Ivana Kottasova, Putin, Rights Maria Lvova, Dmytro Lubinets, , ” Bohdan Yermokhin, Lubinets, ” Lubinets, ” Yermokhin, Lubinets —, Mariupol, ’ ”, Belova, Mykola Kuleba, Filip, ” Yermohkin, Kuleba, It’s, Artem, Russia …, ” Artem Organizations: Ukraine CNN —, CNN, Criminal Court, ICC, Russian, Rights, International Committee, Human Rights Watch, Ukraine, , Lvova, National Guard, Save Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukrainian, Mariupol, Moscow, Russian, Russia, Geneva, Chechnya, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Save Ukraine, Belarus, Crimea, Qatar
CNN —There was no envelop mix up at the Oscars on Sunday, but there was some confusion in the audience when Al Pacino casually announced “Oppenheimer” had won best picture. The cast and crew of “Oppenheimer” then rose to take the stage to accept the award that most Oscars observers predicted they would win. Best picture: "Oppenheimer" Universal Pictures Best actress: Emma Stone, "Poor Things" Searchlight Pictures Best actor: Cillian Murphy, "Oppenheimer" Universal Pictures Best director: Christopher Nolan, "Oppenheimer" Melinda Sue Gordon/Universal Pictures Best supporting actress: Da'Vine Joy Randolph, "The Holdovers" Seacia Pavao/Focus Features Best supporting actor: Robert Downey Jr., "Oppenheimer" Melinda Sue Gordon/Universal Pictures Best adapted screenplay: "American Fiction" Claire Folger/Orion Releasing Best original screenplay: "Anatomy of a Fall" Les Films Pelléas Best international feature film: "The Zone of Interest" Courtesy of A24 Best costume design: "Poor Things" Atsushi Nishijima/Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures Best production design: "Poor Things" Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures Best cinematography: "Oppenheimer" Universal Pictures Best original score: "Oppenheimer" Universal Pictures Best original song: "What Was I Made For?" performed by Billie Eilish for the film "Barbie" Lara Cornell/Warner Bros. Pictures Best animated feature: "The Boy and the Heron" GKIDS Best animated short film: "War Is Over! Photos: Oscars winners 2024 Prev NextPacino was just being Pacino, according to Bill Kramer, chief executive of the Academy.
Persons: Al Pacino, “ Oppenheimer ”, Pacino, Oppenheimer, , Jimmy Kimmel, Emma Stone’s, , , Emma Stone, Cillian Murphy, Christopher Nolan, Melinda Sue Gordon, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Robert Downey Jr, Claire Folger, Pelléas, Atsushi Nishijima, Billie Eilish, Barbie, Lara Cornell, Yoko, ShortsTV, Henry Sugar, Bill Kramer, ” Kramer Organizations: CNN, , Universal Pictures, Pictures, Universal, Orion, Searchlight Pictures, Warner Bros, Music, John, Searchlight, Landmark Media, Toho, Academy, New York Times, ” CNN Locations: La
CNN —There was little mention of politics at Sunday’s Oscars ceremony, but there were multiple calls for global peace. Sounds of suffering can be heard, but nothing from the atrocities being committed are ever shown on screen. The film from the United Kingdom also won the Oscar for best sound on Sunday. "The Zone of Interest" Courtesy of A24Later in the telecast, director Mstyslav Chernov turned viewers’ attention to another world conflict, in Ukraine. Ukrainian filmmaker Mstyslav Chernov (C), flanked by (from L) Raney Aronson-Rath, Vasilisa Stepanenko and Evgeniy Maloletka, accepting the award for best documentary feature for "20 Days in Mariupol."
Persons: Jonathan Glazer, , dehumanization, , Glazer, Oscar, Mstyslav Chernov, Chernov, , ” Chernov, Raney Aronson, Rath, Vasilisa, Evgeniy Maloletka, Patrick T, Fallon, Alexey Navalny, Navalny –, , Billie Eilish, Mahershala Ali, Mark Ruffalo, Ava DuVernay, Ramy Youssef, Artists4Ceasefire, Jimmy Kimmel, Donald Trump, skewered Kimmel, ” Kimmel, CNN’s Marianne Garvey, Jacqui Palumbo Organizations: CNN, , Getty Locations: Gaza, Israel, Auschwitz, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, Mariupol, Russian, Ukrainian, AFP
Oscars 2024 winners list (LIVE UPDATES)
  + stars: | 2024-03-10 | by ( Lisa Respers France | )   time to read: +5 min
CNN —It’s finally here – the 96th Academy Awards are about to be underway at the Dolby Theater in the heart of Hollywood. The telecast is starting at the new time of 7 p.m. Live Updates: The live Oscars telecast will start one hour earlier than in past yearsLeading with 13 nominations, the historical drama “Oppenheimer” is widely seen as the favorite to win best picture, best actor for Cillian Murphy and best director for Christopher Nolan. Fantasy film “Poor Things,” starring Emma Stone, and the Martin Scorsese drama “Killers of the Flower Moon” have 11 and 10 nominations, respectively. Below is a list of nominees, which we’ll be updating throughout the night as winners of each category are announced.
Persons: CNN — It’s, Jimmy Kimmel, Oscar, Ryan Gosling’s, “ I’m, Ken ”, “ Barbie ”, “ Oppenheimer ”, Cillian Murphy, Christopher Nolan, Emma Stone, Martin Scorsese, , ” “ Oppenheimer ”, Bradley Cooper, “ Maestro ” Colman Domingo, “ Rustin ” Paul Giamatti, , ” Cillian Murphy, “ Oppenheimer ” Jeffrey Wright, Annette Bening, Lily Gladstone, Sandra Hüller, Carey Mulligan, “ Maestro ” Emma Stone, Sterling K, Brown, ” Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr, “ Oppenheimer ” Ryan Gosling, “ Barbie, Mark Ruffalo, Emily Blunt, “ Oppenheimer, Danielle Brooks, Jodie Foster, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Justine Triet, ” Martin Scorsese, Yorgos, Jonathan Glazer, “ El Conde ”, ” “ Oppenheimer, ” “, Fortune ”, Henry Sugar ”, Yoko ”, Banning, Barber, , Mariupol, I’m, Indiana Jones, hairstyling, Golda ” “, Napoleon ” “ Oppenheimer, Napoleon ” Organizations: CNN, Dolby, ABC, Japan “ Society, ” United, Music, John, , “ Society, Guardians Locations: America, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, ” United Kingdom,
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Mstyslav Chernov’s “20 Days in Mariupol,” a harrowing first-person account of the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, won the best documentary Oscar on Sunday night. A joint production of The Associated Press and PBS' “Frontline,” statuettes were awarded to Chernov, producer and editor Michelle Mizner and producer Raney Aronson-Rath. The Oscar — and nomination — was a first for both Chernov, an AP video journalist, and the 178-year-old news organization. “This is the first Oscar in Ukrainian history, and I’m honored,” an emotional Chernov said. Some doctors urged them to film graphic scenes of injured and dead children to show the world what had been done.
Persons: Chernov, Michelle Mizner, Raney Aronson, Rath, Oscar —, , ” Chernov, Evgeniy Maloletka, Vasilisa Stepanenko, , I’d, , Stepanenko, Lori Hinnant, Mariupol ”, Oscar, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ben Proudfoot, Kris Bowers, isn’t, Bowers, ___ Organizations: ANGELES, Associated Press, PBS, , Russia, Kharkiv, Russian Locations: Mariupol, Ukraine, Russia, Angeles, russia, ukraine
The Ukrainian director Mstyslav Chernov used his acceptance speech for “20 Days in Mariupol,” which won the Oscar for best documentary feature on Sunday, to give an emotional denunciation of the continued invasion of his country by Russian forces. “I’ll be the first director on this stage who will say, ‘I wish I never made this film,’” Chernov said. “20 Days in Mariupol” is the first Ukrainian film to win an Oscar. “I wish to be able to exchange this to Russia never attacking Ukraine, never occupying our cities,” Chernov continued. “I wish to give it all the recognition to Russia not killing tens of thousands of my fellow Ukrainians.
Persons: Mstyslav Chernov, Oscar, “ I’ll, ” Chernov, Organizations: Associated Press Locations: Ukrainian, Mariupol, Russian, Chernov, Mariupol ”, Russia, Ukraine
The Oscars faced the double whammy of starting an hour earlier and the switch to Daylight Savings Time. Video Ad Feedback See who Host Jimmy Kimmel thanked in his opening monologue at the Academy Awards 01:04 - Source: CNNBrevity (relatively, anyway). A clip of late Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny is played onstage during the 96th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood, California on March 10, 2024. Even with “Oppenheimer” nearly blotting out the sun, seven of the 10 best-picture nominees went home with at least something, with “Maestro,” “Past Lives” and “Killers of the Flower Moon” being the three that left empty-handed. Becky G performs during the 96th Academy Awards.
Persons: Ryan Gosling’s, “ Oppenheimer, , Christopher Nolan’s, Emma Stone, Lily Gladstone, Jessica Lange, Michelle Yeoh, Charlize, Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Sally Field, Richard Harbaugh, A.M.P.A.S, Joy Randolph, He’s, Ken, Ryan Gosling, “ I’m, Ken ”, Emily Blunt, Barbie, Gosling, Jimmy Kimmel, Kimmel, helpfully, Alexey Navalny, Patrick T, Fallon, Jonathan Glazer’s, Mstyslav, Sen, Katie Britt, Donald Trump’s, “ Maestro, Hayao Miyazaki’s, John Cena’s, Becky G, Stewart Cook, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton Organizations: CNN, Savings, International Alliance, Alliance, Television Producers, Getty Locations: Hollywood , California, AFP, Gaza, Russian, Mariupol, Ukraine
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewThe stars won't be the only people with something on the line at the 96th annual Academy Awards on Sunday. With betting more accessible — and legal — than ever before, movie fans and living-room gamblers will be trying their luck. AdvertisementThat said, this year's Oscars are expected to attract more speculators than recently thanks to box office hits "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer." Still, the Academy Awards can be harder to game than sports, which have a bevy of statistics for people to pore over.
Persons: , Jimmy Kimmel's, Margot Robbie's, Bill Speros, Oppenheimer, Speros, DraftKings, Austin Butler, Elvis, Brendan Fraser, Lily Gladstone, Gilbert Flores, Annette Bening, Sandra Hüller, Carey Mulligan, Maestro, Emma Stone, Cillian Murphy, Bradley Cooper, Colman Domingo, Rustin, Paul Giamatti, Jeffrey Wright, Christopher Nolan, Justine Triet, Martin Scorsese, Yorgos, Jonathan Glazer, Joy Randolph, Mary Lamb, Seacia, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Emily Blunt, Danielle Brooks, Barbie, Jodie Foster, Robert Downey Jr, Sterling K, Brown, Robert De Niro, Ryan Gosling, Mark Ruffalo, Conde, Napoleon, Leonard Bernstein, Netflix's, Golda, Henry Sugar, John, Yoko, Barber, Indiana Jones, Billie Eilish, Finneas O'Connell, Diane Warren, Ken, — Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt, Jon Batiste, — Scott George Organizations: Service, Business, NBA, Super, American Gambling Association, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Netflix, Society, Music Locations: Ontario, , United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Spain, Germany
Oscars 2024: Print Your Ballot!
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Dead Reckoning Part One" ☐ "Oppenheimer" ☐ "The Zone of Interest" Visual Effects ☐ "The Creator" ☐ "Godzilla Minus One" "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" 00 "Mission: Impossible. Dead Reckoning Part One" ☐ "Napoleon" Original Score "American Fiction" "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" ☐ "Killers of the Flower Moon" "Oppenheimer" "Poor Things" Original Song "The Fire Inside" ("Flamin' Hot") "I'm Just Ken" ("Barbie") "It Never Went Away" ("American Symphony") ☐ "Wahzhazhe (A Song For My People)" ("Killers of the Flower Moon") "What Was I Made For?" ("Barbie") Documentary Feature "Bobi Wine: The People's President" "The Eternal Memory" "Four Daughters" "To Kill a Tiger" "20 Days in Mariupol" International Feature "The Teachers' Lounge," Germany "lo Capitano," Italy "Perfect Days," Japan "Society of the Snow," Spain "The Zone of Interest," United Kingdom Animated Short "Letter to a Pig" ☐ "Ninety-Five Senses" "Our Uniform" "Pachyderme" "War Is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko" Documentary Short "The ABCs of Book Banning" "The Barber of Little Rock" "Island in Between" "The Last Repair Shop" "Nai Nai & Wai Po" Live-Action Short "The After" "Invincible" "Knight of Fortune" "Red, White and Blue" "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”
Persons: , Oppenheimer, Jonathan Glazer, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Bradley Cooper, Maestro, Colman Domingo, Rustin, Paul Giamatti, Cillian Murphy, Jeffrey Wright, Annette Bening, Lily Gladstone, Sandra Hüller, Carey Mulligan, Emma Stone, Sterling K, Brown, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr, Ryan Gosling, Barbie, Mark Ruffalo, ☐ Emily Blunt, Danielle Brooks, Jodie Foster, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Napoleon, El Conde, Golda, Indiana Jones, Ken, Yoko, Barber, Henry Sugar Organizations: New York Times, Society, United, Music, John Locations: Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain
CNN —“The Zone of Interest,” Jonathan Glazer’s Oscar-nominated historical drama, is technically a film about the Holocaust. “I knew right from the off that I didn’t want to reenact these atrocities using actors and extras,” director Glazer told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in a February interview. “In other words, it’s out of sight but never out of mind,” Glazer told Amanpour. “No matter how good an actor is, faking the pain of a severe injury, of fatality, is a very hard thing,” Burn told IndieWire. At its core, Glazer says, “The Zone of Interest” is about what we choose to pay attention to — and what we’re able to ignore.
Persons: CNN —, Jonathan Glazer’s Oscar, Rudolf Höss, Glazer, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, , Höss, Hedwig, — they’ve, ” Glazer, Amanpour, Oscar, Johnnie Burn, , Sarah Shachat, Burn, IndieWire, ” Burn, James Wilson, ” Wilson, “ It’s, ’ ” Organizations: CNN, Auschwitz, Best, London Locations: The, Estonia, Gaza, Yemen, , Mariupol, Israel
The war in Ukraine in 12 key moments
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We’ve been taking a look at some of the most significant moments of the war so far. Putin’s announcement signaled the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine, which has so far cost the lives of over 10,300 civilians, according to the United Nations. May 20, 2023: Russia takes control of BakhmutUkrainian army medics treat wounded soldiers at a stabilisation point near Bakhmut frontline. June 2023: Ukraine counteroffensiveUkrainian soldiers shoot rounds into Russian positions with an S60 anti-aircraft canon placed on a truck, outside Bakhmut. February 8, 2024: Ukraine military chief firedCommander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi during an event dedicated to Ukraine's Independence Day on August 24, 2023 in Kyiv.
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Kherson, Ukraine CNN —If one man’s story encompassed all two years of Ukraine’s war you might expect it to have ended abruptly long ago. And slowly, Russian forces pushed the Ukrainians back towards Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant. On May 17, Ukrainian troops began surrendering. Kyiv released a drone video as part of its fervent denial, showing the same Russian troops who planted a flag over the flattened hamlet, fleeing the scene. “I have hope he will never be part of this war,” Oleksandr said.
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