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Opinion | You Can’t Perform a Good Marriage
  + stars: | 2024-05-29 | by ( Jessica Grose | )   time to read: +1 min
I saw the new Netflix documentary series “Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal,” anticipating just some prurient garbage to half-watch before drifting off to sleep. That’s because is a website for married people looking to find partners in infidelity — its tagline is “Life is short. The heart of the series comes from the couples who were affected. Though one couple that had an open marriage seemed unruffled by the invasion of privacy, two other families are featured that were devastated by the hack. One of those couples is Sam and Nia Rader, a Texas-based Christian vlogging couple who had gone viral a few times before the hack.
Persons: Ashley Madison, , Daniel Victor, Nia Rader, ” Sam Rader, “ vlogging, John Gibson, Christi Gibson Organizations: Netflix, YouTube, Disney Locations: Texas, Louisiana
CNN —The Supreme Court declined Tuesday to hear a number of cases questioning whether state court juries must have a dozen members when they are weighing serious criminal charges. A series of appeals challenging Florida’s use of six-member juries has been pending at the Supreme Court for months. Six states — Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts and Utah — allow six- or eight-member juries to decide felony cases. Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote a dissent from the decision to deny the cases. The Supreme Court declined a similar appeal in 2022 from Arizona.
Persons: Neil Gorsuch, ” Gorsuch, , , Ramos, Jim Crow, — Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh —, Gorsuch Organizations: CNN, Supreme, Court Locations: Arizona , Connecticut, Florida , Indiana , Massachusetts, Utah, Florida, ” Florida, . Louisiana, Louisiana, Oregon, Arizona
Four men were able to escape from Tangipahoa Parish Jail in Louisiana this weekend because of an eight-inch gap and a lack of oversight at the facility, the authorities said. Jimmy Travis, the chief of operations for the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s office, blamed structural issues and a lack of oversight by the jail staff in a news conference on Monday. The four men escaped after they evaded correction officers during recreation time in the yard and hid out until darkness, according to a Facebook statement from the Tangipahoa Parish sheriff, Daniel Edwards. The men escaped in pairs, Mr. Travis said. On Sunday, two other inmates — Omarion Hookfin, 19, and Jamarcus Cyprian, 20 — copied that route for their escape.
Persons: Jimmy Travis, Daniel Edwards, Travis, Avery Guidry, Travon Johnson, , — Omarion, Jamarcus Cyprian Locations: Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, Tangipahoa
Storms unloaded hurricane-force wind gusts across the Dallas area, with Dallas Fort Worth International Airport recording a wind gust of 77 mph early Tuesday as power outages in the area started to skyrocket. KTVTThe power outages started to ramp up early Tuesday morning in the Dallas area, then extended south with the storms as they roared across the state, according to Large hail, lightning and wind gusts as strong as 80 mph are the main threats with any storm. Dallas is the second major Texas city to have critical power infrastructure damaged by severe weather in less than two weeks. Storm damage is seen in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area on May 28, 2024.
Persons: Houston’s George, Storms, Clay Jenkins, Grant Cruise, Oncor, , ” Cruise, it’s, Jenkins, Andy Rose Organizations: CNN, Dallas Fort Worth International, Dallas, Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental, White House, National Weather Service, Sunday, Houston, , Dallas County, Texans Locations: Texas, Dallas, Houston, Terrell , Texas,, Dallas County, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Fort Worth, Harris County, Fort Worth , Texas
CNN —As Supreme Court justices try to resolve more than a dozen major cases over the next month, including whether Donald Trump must stand trial for election subversion, they appear mired in antagonism and distrust. Conservatives, who indeed hold the upper hand on the 6-3 court, nonetheless spike their writing and remarks with derision for the left. When the court majority allowed Louisiana state officials to use a map with a second majority-Black congressional district (over the protest of a GOP-backed group of White voters), the three liberals dissented. (A lower US court had referred to it as the “bleaching of African American voters” from the district.) Dissenting liberals emphasized that the decision reversing the lower court undercut a 2017 Supreme Court ruling, Cooper v. Harris, issued before the far-right majority took hold.
Persons: Donald Trump, Samuel Alito, Alito, Elena Kagan, Clarence Thomas, Ketanji Brown Jackson, John Roberts, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, Kagan, Jackson, Blacks, Purcell, , Amy Coney Barrett, , ” Barrett, Roberts, ” They, Bush, Feedback Kavanaugh, Gore, Cooper, Harris, ” Kagan, ” Alito, Joe Biden’s, Biden, Martha, Ann, , Alito tersely, Kagan’s, Edwin Kneedler, ” Roberts, Kneedler, Joshua Turner, Sotomayor, ” Sotomayor, Turner, interjected Organizations: CNN, Trump, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Liberal, GOP, White voters, Congress, Gore, South, American, Capitol, New York Times, US Justice Department Locations: America, Colorado, South Carolina, Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia, New Jersey, American, Alito’s, Jersey, Grants Pass , Oregon, Idaho, The Idaho
This means that the upper class in one state could still be considered middle class in another. AdvertisementEven so, being upper class may not feel like swimming in wealth. New York has the second-highest share in the upper class at nearly 21%, even though the cutoff is $159,100. AdvertisementThe list of states with the lowest shares of people in the upper class also doesn't correspond. Alaska, Utah, and Idaho have below 15% of their populations in the upper class, while Wyoming and Delaware are in the 15% range.
Persons: , they're Organizations: Service, Business, Pew, DC Locations: Washington, New Jersey, Maryland , Massachusetts, Hawaii , California, New York, Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana , Arkansas , Kentucky , Oklahoma , Alabama, New Mexico, Alaska , Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Delaware
CNN —Louisiana lawmakers on Thursday gave final approval to a bill that would classify the abortion-inducing drugs misoprostol and mifepristone as Schedule IV controlled dangerous substances in the state, placing them in the same category as highly regulated drugs such as narcotics and depressants. The state Senate voted 29-7 to pass the bill, which the state House approved earlier this week. If signed into law, Louisiana would become the first state to classify the drugs as controlled dangerous substances. Senate Bill 276 would make it a crime to give abortion medication to a person without their consent. Pregnant women in possession of mifepristone and misoprostol for their own consumption would be exempt from such penalties under the legislation.
Persons: misoprostol, Jeff Landry, Bill, Sen, Thomas Pressly, , Pressly, CNN’s Shawn Nottingham, John Bonifield Organizations: CNN, Republican Gov, Republican Locations: Louisiana
Debris and a damaged building are seen in the aftermath of a tornado in Temple, Texas, U.S., May 22, 2024, in this screengrab obtained from a social media video. A tornado ripped through central Texas Wednesday evening, causing huge damage and destroying homes, as forecasters warn of a potentially record-breaking heatwave in the state. The city of Temple, northeast of Austin, declared a state of emergency and opened a shelter for displaced people after a twister caused widespread devastation. Footage posted to social media shows buildings in Temple and nearby Belton missing roofs, piles of rubble and smashed windows. Flood warnings were in place Thursday morning for much of northern Texas, including Dallas and Forth Worth, along with parts of Oklahoma.
Persons: Young Organizations: NBC, NWS, Austin Locations: Temple , Texas, U.S, Texas, Temple, Austin, Bell, Belton, Dallas, Forth Worth, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Antonio, Iowa, Greenfield
Louisiana lawmakers passed legislation on Thursday to make the state the first in the nation to designate abortion pills as dangerous controlled substances. Possession of the drugs without a prescription would be a crime punishable with jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. The legislation, which passed the State Senate by a vote of 29 to 7, now goes to Gov. Jeff Landry, a Republican who previously defended the state’s stringent abortion ban in court as attorney general. But the Food and Drug Administration does not consider the two medications to have potential for abuse or dependence, and years of research have overwhelmingly shown both pills to be safe.
Persons: Jeff Landry Organizations: Senate, Gov, Republican, and Drug Administration Locations: Louisiana
Louisiana could become the first state to classify abortion pills as dangerous controlled substances, making possession of the pills without a prescription a crime subject to jail time and fines. A bill that would designate the abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol as Schedule IV drugs — a category of medicines with the potential for abuse or dependence — passed the state’s Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Tuesday by a vote of 63 to 29. The measure — which would put abortion pills in the same category as Xanax, Ambien and Valium — contradicts the way the federal government classifies mifepristone and misoprostol. The federal Food and Drug Administration does not consider abortion pills to be drugs with the potential for dependence or abuse, and decades of medical studies have found both to be overwhelmingly safe. Pregnant women would be exempt from those penalties; most abortion bans and restrictions do not punish pregnant women because most voters oppose doing so.
Persons: Jeff Landry, Organizations: Republican, Gov, Food and Drug Administration Locations: Louisiana
The lunar standstill is when the northernmost and southernmost moonrise and moonset are farthest apart. Stonehenge's station stones are thought by some to be aligned with the lunar standstill. Ruggles said that Stonehenge’s station stones, which form a rectangle around the circle, roughly align with the moon’s extreme positions during the lunar standstill. However, it’s much more difficult to say whether Stonehenge really has a connection to the lunar standstill. Amanda Bosh/Stephen LevineOther monuments with possible lunar linkStonehenge isn’t the only megalithic monument potentially linked to the lunar standstill.
Persons: Clive Ruggles, , Fabio Silva, ” Ruggles, Ruggles, Andre Pattenden, Silva, ” Silva, Amanda Bosh, Stephen Levine, Erica Ellingson, Ellington, Bradley Schaefer Organizations: CNN, archaeoastronomy, University of Leicester, Bournemouth University, University of Oxford, English Heritage, University of Colorado, Sun, Louisiana State University Locations: Salisbury, England, Rock , Colorado, United States, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado, Pueblo, Lewis, Scotland
The Biden administration will release 1 million barrels of gasoline from reserves held in the Northeast to reduce prices at the pump ahead of the Fourth of July holiday and summer driving season. Rising energy prices stirred speculation in April that the Biden administration might tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Texas and Louisiana ahead of the November presidential election. Though gasoline prices have come down over the past month, broader inflation has remained stubborn, irking consumers. The barrels will be sold from storage sites in New Jersey and Maine that are part of the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve, which was established after Superstorm Sandy knocked out refineries in 2012. The Biden administration released 180 million barrels from the SPR in 2022 as energy prices spiked in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Jennifer Granholm, Lael Brainard, Superstorm Sandy Organizations: Eisenhower, Strategic Petroleum Reserve, White, National Economic, AAA, Retailers, Department of Energy, DOE, Northeast Gasoline Supply, Superstorm Locations: Washington ,, Israel, Texas, Louisiana, Iran, New Jersey, Maine, Ukraine
First Solar's earnings are expected to surge 374% to $36.74 per share in 2027, analysts led by Jon Windham told clients in a research note Tuesday. Utility-scale solar represents 80% of the corporate power purchase agreements over the past five years, and the four tech companies represent 40% of utility-sale solar demand, according to UBS. First Solar makes thin-film solar modules rather than silicon-based modules that are dominated globally by China. This will allow First Solar customers to benefit from the 10% domestic content tax credit under the IRA, which is worth about 10 cents per watt of solar power. "FSLR is also a hedge against potential weakness in the 'sustainability' of the Chinese silicon based solar supply chain."
Persons: Jon Windham, Windham, Goldman Sachs, Mark Widmar, Alexander Bradley Organizations: Big Tech, UBS, Microsoft, Meta, Google, First Locations: U.S, China, Ohio, Alabama, Louisiana
Read previewIranian President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash on Sunday — and the country's former foreign minister believes US sanctions were partly to blame. AdvertisementIran's former foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said the US sanctions — which prohibit Iran from purchasing US-built planes — could be partly to blame. In a phone interview with state TV on Monday, Zarif said the sanctions prevent Iran from having good aviation facilities. Related storiesThe US has imposed various sanctions against Iran since the seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979. In 2009, a Bell 212 operated by Cougar Helicopters crashed off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada.
Persons: , Ebrahim Raisi, Raisi, Ahmad Vahidi, IRNA, ISNA, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Zarif, Farzin Organizations: Service, Business, State TV, Reuters, Bell, Iran International, ISNA News Agency, Washington Institute, The Washington Institute, Bloomberg, Cougar Helicopters, Post, United Arab Emirates, Safety, Iran's, of Foreign Affairs Locations: Iran, US, Iranian, Tehran, Canada, Louisiana, Newfoundland
A Business Insider analysis of US Census Bureau data reveals that while 52.7% of Utah's population falls in the middle class, just 42.3% of New Yorkers are middle class. Pew Research Center defines being middle class as earning between two-thirds and double each state's median income. Still, the median income per state can be as high as $101,000 and as low as $52,700, meaning that being middle class in one state could be either lower or upper class in another state. Many on the lower end of the middle class are particularly worried about having enough to meet all their daily needs while also saving for retirement. Do you feel middle class?
Persons: Organizations: Service, Pew Research, Business, Census Locations: In Texas, Minnesota, Utah , Idaho, Alaska, States, Delaware , Wisconsin, Wyoming, Midwest, New York , Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey , Maryland, New Hampshire, . New York , California , Connecticut, Virginia, Alaska , Utah, Idaho, Washington , DC . Mississippi, West Virginia, . New York, Massachusetts , Montana, Hawaii, Colorado,
Defense lawyers say they expect to complete their bruising cross-examination of Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and enforcer, on Monday morning. In dramatic testimony, Cohen last week directly implicated Trump in the alleged scheme, saying the former president directed him to hand over $130,000 to Daniels and promised him reimbursement. With the end of Cohen’s testimony looming, there is uncertainty over the extent of Trump’s defense case. Blanche referred to the possibility of Trump’s testimony on Thursday, the last day the court was in session. After the defense case wraps up, the prosecution has a chance to put on its own rebuttal.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, Michael Cohen —, Cohen, Trump’s, Trump, Stormy Daniels, Daniels, ” Cohen, Todd Blanche, Keith Schiller, Blanche, President Trump, Schiller, , Randy Zelin, Republican nominee’s, Joe Biden, Mike Johnson, — Bradley Smith, Judge Juan Merchan, Merchan, Smith, , backtrack, , ” Blanche, Arthur Engoron, president’s, Engoron Organizations: CNN, Prosecutors, Trump, Cornell Law School, Central ”, Republican, Louisiana Republican, Republicans, Commission Locations: New York, Lago, Manhattan, Louisiana, Lake Tahoe
Opinion: Credibility is the key at Trump trial
  + stars: | 2024-05-19 | by ( Richard Galant | )   time to read: +21 min
The idea that Cohen talked to Trump about Daniels on that call “was a lie,” Blanche alleged. Moreover, my experience has been that juries don’t decide based upon one moment — they base their judgment on an overall view.”There were allegedly three parties aware of the scheme to conceal the real reason Trump paid Cohen more than $400,000 in supposed legal fees: Trump, Cohen and Allen Weisselberg, then-chief financial officer of the Trump Organization. “Weisselberg could be the linchpin to validate Cohen’s claims about Trump agreeing to reimburse him through Trump Organization, as a business expense,” wrote attorney Stacy Schneider. Trump seems to be tempted to go mano a mano and show that he is better fit to be commander-in-chief. The new requirement for GOP politicians wanting to demonstrate their loyalty to Trump seems to be visiting the Manhattan courthouse where he’s on trial.
Persons: CNN —, ” Mark Twain, , Twain, ” Michael Cohen, Donald Trump, , Trump, Stormy Daniels, Todd Blanche, Cohen, Norm Eisen, Blanche, , pummeled Cohen, Robert Mueller, Nick Anderson, Agency Cohen, Keith Schiller, Daniels, ” Blanche, ” Eisen, don’t, Allen Weisselberg, Stacy Schneider, Weisselberg, David Zurawik, “ I’ve, Sen, Robert Menendez, He’s, George Santos ., CNN “ It’s, he’s, , Henry Cuellar, ” Cupp, Drew Sheneman, Georgia —, Vladimir Putin’s, Frida Ghitis, ” Ghitis, Joe Biden’s, ” Dana Summers, “ Biden, ” Julian Zelizer, mano, Biden, ” Bill Bramhall, Stephanie Griffith, Howard Tucker, Gayle Fleming, Michael Ventura Gayle Fleming, Biden —, ” Tom Brady’s, Kara Alaimo, Tom Brady “, Kevin Hart, Gisele Bündchen, Brady, Benjamin, Vivian, ’ Brady, , Alaimo, Brady didn’t, Nafees Syed, Kamel El Hilali, Andrew Borene, freakout Scott Stantis, Jeff Yang, … ” Brown, Keith Magee, Brown, backpedaling, Forget, Doug Burgum, Scott Jennings, Burgum’s, Bill Bramhall, Content Agency Clarence Thomas Washington, Clarence Thomas ’, Dean Obeidallah, Thomas, Harlan Crow, ” Clay Jones, John Oliver’s, Steve Vladeck, “ Thomas, ” Don’t, Clayton Swope, Dan Perry, Netanyahu, Jill Filipovic, Miss Teen USA Mary Ziegler, Bob Kolasky, Megan L, Ranney, Karen Tang, Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Jonathan Yeo, King Charles III, Aaron Chown, Holly Thomas, King Organizations: CNN, Trump, Tribune, Agency, Trump Organization, Twitter, Facebook, DC, Robert Menendez of New, GOP, ” Texas, White, Europe, Russia, Kyiv, Biden, ABC, Democratic Party, Netflix, Garden State, Content Agency, Capitol, Consumer Financial, Board, Fifth Circuit, ICC, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Buckingham Palace, Royal Locations: New York, Robert Menendez of, Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Russian, Ukraine, Slovakia, Georgia, Soviet Republic, United States, Cleveland, , Manhattan, North, . North Dakota, ” That’s, Louisiana , Mississippi, Texas, Florida’s, Buckingham
Germany, a full-time bus driver and full-time pastor, knows how important this church is to its community. And now, it seems there’s another critical expense, though one this small church hardly could afford: security. Now, Germany wants to hire security experts to assess his church’s vulnerability and see how they can secure it. Pastor Glenn Germany in an undated image in his church in Pennsylvania. And it’s really dangerous.”In Tennessee, Lori Morrison has long been talking about the importance of church security, on both her website and her podcast.
Persons: Glenn Germany, It’s, , Chuck Schumer, Pastor Glenn Germany, Kevin Nelson’s, televangelist Joel Osteen, Nelson, I’m, ” Nelson, Schumer, Donell, what’s, , Charlie Cytron, Walker, Beth Israel, Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, Christ, McKenzie, it’s, Schumer’s, ” Schumer, Pastor Kevin Nelson, Rico Reed, ” Reed, Lori Morrison, Morrison, there’s Organizations: CNN, Police, Kevin Nelson’s Calvary Baptist Church, Lakewood Church, Calvary Baptist, Baptist, Calvary, Training, Beth, National Council of, Jewish, FEMA, New, Calvary Baptist Church . Calvary Baptist Church, SecureTek Service, Inc Locations: Pennsylvania, Germany, North Braddock, Pittsburgh, Louisiana, Lakewood, Houston, ” Germany, San Antonio, Nelson’s, Sutherland Springs, Maryland, Baltimore, , Texas, USA, New York, Calvary Baptist Church . Calvary Baptist Church Florida, In Tennessee,
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been a net seller of stocks for six straight quarters despite the recent disclosure of a headline-making purchase of a stake in insurer Chubb . In fact, Berkshire hasn't been a net buyer of stocks since the third quarter of 2022, according to an analysis of filings. The bulk of the first quarter selling came from trimming Berkshire's massive Apple bet by 13% after reaping enormous gains. "If I saw one of those now, I'd do it for Berkshire," Buffett told shareholders, referring to his Japanese investment. Berkshire's cash hoard reached a record $189 billion in the first quarter, up from almost $168 billion in the fourth quarter.
Persons: Warren, Berkshire Hathaway, Chubb, Berkshire hasn't, Buffett, hasn't, I've Organizations: Berkshire, HP, Paramount, Treasury, Federal Reserve Locations: The Omaha, Berkshire, Omaha, Zurich, Louisiana, Pacific
Our money was worth more back then, so we got more value for our Canadian dollar when we went shopping in the States. She was an American living in Atlanta and said, "Hey, why don't you come and spend the winter with me?" It almost seemed like Canada was 10 or 20 years behind, progressive-wise — and I don't mean politically. The amenities, the shopping, the food, and the restaurants in Canada are way behind if you're outside Vancouver or Toronto. I don't see why Canada is so appealing to AmericansCanada used to be an admired country worldwide, and now it's horrible.
Persons: , Jim D, Zeppelin, Mason, Dixon, I've, I'm Organizations: Service, Business, Fort Frances, Gas, Toyota, Healthcare, Ontario Health Insurance Locations: Canadian, Arizona, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Fort Frances , Ontario, International Falls , Minnesota, America, Fort, Minnesota, Africa, Tanzania, Canada, American, Atlanta, Vancouver, Toronto, Birmingham , Alabama, New Orleans, Baton Rouge , Louisiana, Jackson , Mississippi, Houston, Texas , New Mexico , Arizona , California, Hawaii, Ontario, United States, In Ontario, Fort Frances, Thunder Bay , Ontario, Thunder, Thunder Bay
My condolences go out to the families that lost a loved one during yesterday’s severe weather event,” Gonzalez said. Over 531,000 customers in Harris County remain without power early Saturday following the line of storms, according to “Isolated to scattered severe thunderstorms appear possible across portions of the Southeast and Carolinas on Saturday, and parts of the Upper Midwest,” the center said. The greatest chances for severe weather are across parts of Nebraska and Kansas, with a slight level 2 of 5 risk of severe thunderstorms issued by the Storm Prediction Center. By the end of the weekend, thunderstorm chances will diminish for most of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, the weather service said.
Persons: Samuel Peña, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Gonzalez, ” Gonzalez, David J, Phillip, , Houston Mayor John Whitmire, ” Whitmire, Logan Riely Organizations: CNN, Houston Fire, Harris County Sheriff, Authorities, CenterPoint Energy, National Weather Service, Houston Mayor, Carolinas, Storm Prediction Locations: Houston, Southeast, Gulf, Harris County, Cypress , Texas, City, Texas, Louisiana, Houston , Texas, Mexico, Carolinas, Midwest, Plains, Nebraska, Kansas
Soaking storms will shift east on Friday and target more of the Gulf Coast after rumbling to life Thursday afternoon in parts of Texas. Floods deluge roads: Several roads closing in northern and eastern Bosque County, Texas due to water over crossings or bridges. More than a dozen school districts closed: The Houston Independent School District has announced campuses will be closed on Friday and will reopen next week. Schools will reopen on Monday, May 20,” the school district said in a message on Facebook. A handful of Houston-area school districts announced they would close Friday as well, including Aldine Independent School District, Channelview Independent School District and Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.
Persons: Mary Benton, Samuel Peña, Houston Mayor John Whitmire, Houstonians, Seth Waller, Bell County . Organizations: CNN, Houston Fire Department, Texas -, Florida Panhandle, National Weather Service, Hyatt, CenterPoint Energy, Houston Mayor, Houston, College Station, Houston Independent School, HISD, City of, Facebook, Aldine Independent School District, Channelview Independent School District, Fairbanks Independent School District Locations: Texas, Louisiana, Houston, Gulf, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas - Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Hyatt Regency, Bryan, College, Bosque County , Texas, Bell County, Bell County . McLennan, Falls, City of Houston, Cypress
When my mom was in labor, doctors thought I might be tangled in the umbilical cord because my heart rate would plummet and then stabilize. I was delivered by emergency C-section, and doctors soon realized that I had congenital heart defects. Still, I thought I'd adjusted well — until my heart stopped on the field. Even when I started breathing on my own, doctors thought I might need to go to a nursing home rather than a rehab facility because I was still so frail. AdvertisementTIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston was the only in-patient rehab hospital that would take me because my needs were so intensive.
Persons: Mac Kelso, Mac, Doctors, — Dr, Nikola Dragojlovic —, TIRR, Hermann, I've, Organizations: Service, Business, Louisiana Tech University Locations: Oregon, Louisiana, Colorado, Houston, TIRR
More than 100,000 are also in the dark in Louisiana as storms batter the state, as well. Parts of Texas and western Louisiana are under a rare Level 4 of 4 high risk of excessive rainfall Thursday, the Weather Prediction Center said. Major flooding has prompted water rescues in at least one Texas city. Texas and Louisiana have been in the bull’s-eye of seemingly unrelenting rounds of torrential, flooding downpours since the start of April. A tornado warning had been issued earlier Thursday evening in Harris County, including downtown Houston, according to the National Weather Service.
Persons: Samuel Peña, John Whitmire, Houston Mayor John Whitmire, Houstonians, what’s, Hurricane Harvey Organizations: CNN, Houston Fire, Hyatt, Weather Prediction, WPC, National Weather Service, Houston, KPRC, Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics, Houston Mayor, Centerpoint, METRO, Training, Florida Panhandle, Regional Climate Center ., Hurricane Locations: Houston, Hyatt Regency, Texas, Louisiana, Bryan, United States, Georgia, Waco, Mississippi, Lake Charles , Louisiana, Harris County, Harris, city’s, Gulf, Alabama, Florida, Shreveport , Louisiana
Mr. Trump faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to hide the reimbursement of Mr. Cohen. Mr. Trump, 77, has denied the charges and says he did not have sex with Ms. Daniels. Mr. Blanche grilled Mr. Cohen about social media posts. Their defense of Mr. Trump follows a gag order that bars him from attacking jurors and witnesses like Mr. Cohen. Mr. Trump has already been cited for 10 violations so far and threatened with jail if he continues.
Persons: Michael D, Cohen, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump, Todd Blanche, Trump, Stormy Daniels, Daniels, Trump’s, Juan M, Merchan, , Mr, Blanche, ” Mr, Donald J, Mark Peterson, Cohen’s, Mike Johnson of, Johnson, , Doug Burgum, Vivek Ramaswamy Organizations: Mr, Prosecutors, Republican Party Locations: Manhattan, Lake, Mike Johnson of Louisiana, North
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