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The insects will infiltrate a much bigger geographical area than similar occurrences in most years because they’re part of the dual emergence of two particular periodical cicada broods. Although the full-scale emergence isn’t underway yet, experts have some guidance on how to prepare for cicada season. A periodical cicada that has just shed its outer skeleton crawls among holes dug by emerging cicada nymphs on May 20, 2021, in Takoma Park, Maryland. A young tree in Takoma Park, Maryland, is draped in netting in May 2021 to protect its small branches from being damaged by periodical cicadas laying their eggs in them. It’s not clear why periodical cicadas evolved to emerge every 13 or 17 years.
Persons: Louis —, Chip Somodevilla, , , Paula Shrewsbury, ” Shrewsbury, John Lill, sapling, Lill, Jason Whitman, Shrewsbury, They’re Organizations: CNN, Naturalists, Southern, University of Maryland, North, George Washington University, US Food and Drug Administration Locations: Chicago, Nashville, St, Northern Illinois, Takoma Park , Maryland, North America, United States
Just as the offseason kicked off in mid February, Durde was hired to become the Seattle Seahawks’ new defensive coordinator, becoming the first British coordinator in NFL history. Durde’s first exposure to the NFL came in 2005 when – as part of the NFL International Development Practice Squad program, an early predecessor to the IPP – he spent some time on the practice squad of the Carolina Panthers. He spent three seasons as part of the Falcons’ defensive coaching staff, working across a number of roles under head coach Dan Quinn. His permanent hiring in 2018 meant Durde became the first British full-time coach in NFL history. Under Durde’s stewardship, Dallas’ defensive line developed into one of the most feared in the league, in particular star linebacker Micah Parsons.
Persons: Aden Durde, Durde, , hasn’t, ” Durde, that’s, , , Bill Walsh, Dan Quinn, Carmen Mandato, ” It’s, Efe Obada, Jordan Mailata, Wales rugby international Louis Rees, Zammit, Mailata, Louis, Rees, Jeff Ulbrich, he’s, He’s, Micah Parsons, Parsons, Pro Bowler, Roger Steinman, Mike McDonald –, Dallas, Pete Carroll Organizations: CNN, NFL, Seattle Seahawks, American, Atlanta Falcons, CNN Sport, London Olympians, Scottish, Hamburg, Devils, Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, London Warriors, Dallas Cowboys, Brit Osi, IPP, Washington, Philadelphia Eagles ’, Wales rugby international, Eagles, , Falcons, Atlanta Journal, Cowboys, Dallas, Seahawks, Durde Locations: Aden, British, London, Britain, Greenwich, NFL Europe, Hamburg’s, Europe, Atlanta, Texas, Durde’s, Dallas, Seattle
In the Metropolitan Opera’s new production of “El Niño,” which reimagines the story of Jesus’ birth and early childhood, there are singing and dancing Virgin Marys, Marys of the land and sea; there’s an Indigenous Mary, a Tropical Mary, a Golden Mary. In the director Lileana Blain-Cruz’s vision, the action takes place across multiple “planes.” It could be a lot to take in. Thankfully for Mr. Levi Blanco, 39, he has developed something of a shorthand while working with Ms. Blain-Cruz, whom he has known since he was an M.F.A. The pair have collaborated several times, including on “The Skin of Our Teeth,” for which Mr. Levi Blanco won a Tony Award in 2022. In the case of “El Niño,” painterly scenery by the set designer Adam Rigg evokes the natural environment.
Persons: El, Jesus ’, Virgin Marys, Marys, Montana Levi Blanco, John Adams, Peter Sellars’s, Lileana Blain, Levi Blanco, . Blain, Cruz, Adam Rigg Organizations: Metropolitan, Yale School of Drama Locations: Mary
Matty Healy and Gabbriette Bechtel were first linked in September 2023. Bechtel told Vogue that as a child, she wanted to become a professional ballerina, but ended up dancing in music videos when she moved to Los Angeles. According to Vogue, Bechtel has appeared in a variety of campaigns for brands including Heaven By Marc Jacobs and Skims. Healy and Bechtel were first linked in New York in 2023In September 2023, People published photos of Healy and Bechtel kissing in SoHo in New York City. Bechtel alluded to her relationship with Healy in the March interview with Highsnobiety, saying that she wasn't bothered by the attention.
Persons: Matty Healy, Gabbriette Bechtel, Bechtel, Charli XCX, , Taylor Swift's, Callie Ahlgrim, Swift, Healy, Joe Alwyn, Travis Kelce, Highsnobiety, Gabriella, Marc Jacobs, Skims, we'd, Chloe Chaidez, Nasty Cherry, Lorne Thomson, Redferns Bechtel, Cherry hasn't, " Healy, Charli, haven't, Healy's, Denise Welch, Welch, Louis Organizations: Service, Poets Department, Business, Kansas City Chiefs, Vogue, Netflix, Bechtel, Instagram Locations: Orange County , California, Los Angeles, New York, SoHo, New York City, Charli XCX
CNN —Britain’s Prince and Princess of Wales have released a new photo of Prince Louis to mark his sixth birthday on Tuesday, the first image to be released by the family since a photo-editing scandal erupted last month. A royal source said the Waleses were grateful for the birthday messages they have received for Louis and the photo was taken by Kate, 42, in the last few days in Windsor. “This is in an unprecedented time for the Wales family as the princess continues her recovery,” the source said. The Waleses have released a celebratory photo of Louis each year to mark his birthday. Kensington Palace had released an official family photo, said to have been taken by Prince William, which was later found to have been tampered with.
Persons: CNN —, Prince, Princess, Wales, Prince Louis, Louis –, Catherine , Princess of, Louis, Kate, William, Catherine, Mario Testino, Chris Jackson, Millie Pilkington, Prince William, Kate –, , , , Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III Organizations: CNN, Twitter, Getty, CNN’s Royal Locations: Catherine , Princess of Wales, Windsor, , Wales, Sandringham, Kensington
Thirteen months ago, Andy Sieg unexpectedly left Merrill Wealth Management to run Citi's ailing wealth unit. His replacements, Lindsay Hans and Eric Schimpf, had big shoes to fill. Hans and Schimpf were company veterans but lesser known before they were anointed to lead the $3 trillion wealth business attached to behemoth Bank of America. Schimpf is more soft-spoken than his cohead Hans, who was promoted to run the private wealth business one month before Sieg left. AdvertisementMerrill has the benefit of being part of a bank with some 69 million consumer bank clients.
Persons: Andy Sieg, Lindsay Hans, Eric Schimpf, Merrill, Hans, Schimpf, Sieg, Lindsay, it's, Sieg's, Louis Diamond, Schimpf's, Hans said, AdvisorHub Organizations: Service, Merrill Wealth Management, behemoth Bank of America, Business, Merrill, Army, UBS, Schimpf, Northeast, Merrill . Bank of America, Bank of America, Customers, Bank of, First, JPMorgan Locations: Los Angeles, Coast, New York City, Nevada, First Republic, Merrill
Those are some of the most fascinating items found in lost luggage in 2023, according to a new report by Unclaimed Baggage, a store that buys lost items from airlines, sight unseen. The company has long-term contracts to buy unclaimed items from airlines, as well as hotels, trains and rental car companies. Unclaimed Baggage opened a "Found Treasures" museum in Scottsboro, Alabama, in 2023 to showcase the oddest items acquired through the years. Then he found them at Unclaimed Baggage and brought them back to her." Source: Unclaimed Baggage
Persons: Richard Nixon, Louis, Bryan Owens, Cartier, Owens, Owen's, Doyle Owens, Doyle, There's, … we're, Owen, Louis Vuitton, , , Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent —, it's, they've, David Bowie Organizations: Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force, CNBC Travel, Rolex Locations: Scottsboro , Alabama, Scottsboro, America, West Coast, Atlanta
A City Tries to Measure the Violence It’s Preventing
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Headway A City Tries to Measure the Violence It’s Preventing In Baton Rouge, a public safety experiment could help to answer a critical question: Do community efforts to reduce street violence work? Like Ms. Robinson, Ms. Tate-Alexander, 48, raised her family in Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge became the first city outside New Jersey to be tutored in the Newark method. Calming the urge to retaliateBy June 2021, when Ms. Tate-Alexander started assembling the street team, Ms. Robinson joined up. At first, Ms. Robinson and Ms. Tate-Alexander seemed wary when I asked about him.
Persons: Angel Hawkins, Liz Robinson, Sateria Tate, Alexander, Tamikka, Liz, Louis Robinson’s, Louis Jr, Robinson, , , ’ ”, Louis, Louis BadAzz, , Louis Robinson Jr, , Murphy Paul, Paul, Sharon Weston Broome, Alton Sterling, , Karan Deep Singh, Kathleen Flynn, Biden, Nina Revoyr, Ms, Tate, Aqeela Sherrills, Sherrills, Terrell, Mr, Aqeela, Courtney Scott, . Tate, ” Ms, Gerald Haynes, Haynes, hotheads, Khoury Brown, Geaux, he’s, Geaux Yella, Darius Crockett, Crockett, Kayla Atkins, Markel, Atkins, ” Mr, “ I’m, “ I’ll, ” Markel, Atkins’s, Gary Slutkin, Jeffrey A, Butts, John Jay, Dr, Scott, “ We’re, It’s, They’ll, that’s, interventionists, Stacy Adams fedora, George Floyd, Weeks, brutalized, Paul’s, Thomas S, Morse, Dy’Lan Fillmore, Mitchell, Fillmore, Robinson’s Organizations: The New York Times, Army, Louisiana State Police, Police, Baton Rouge Police Department, Centers for Disease Control, National Institute for Criminal, Ballmer Group, Baton, Bloods, Biden White House, Markel, Research, John, John Jay College of Criminal, Statistics, University of California, Newark, Metropolitan, Murphy Paul Rally, Mr Locations: Baton Rouge, La, Iraq, Afghanistan, Black, United States, , Federal, Newark, N.J, Watts, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago, Baton
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission on Monday sued to block the $8.5 billion acquisition of Capri Holdings by Coach and Kate Spade's parent company, Tapestry . With the transaction, the luxury brands could be poised to better compete with European luxury names, such as Burberry and LVMH's Louis Vuitton. Both Tapestry and Capri have been under pressure, as consumers continue to be choosier with discretionary spending. Yet Capri, in particular, has been more vulnerable because of its heavier reliance than Tapestry on department stores and other wholesale retailers. The vast majority of Tapestry's sales are through its own website and stores, with wholesale accounting for only about 10% of sales globally in the most recently reported fiscal quarter.
Persons: Kate Spade's, Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman, Capri's Versace, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, LVMH's Louis Vuitton, Joanne Crevoiserat, Tapestry, Crevoiserat Organizations: U.S . Federal Trade Commission, Capri Holdings, Burberry, Tapestry, CNBC Locations: Europe, Japan, Capri
The US Federal Trade Commission said on Monday it was suing to block Coach parent Tapestry’s $8.5 billion deal to buy Michael Kors owner Capri, saying it would eliminate competition. This comes at a time when several US lawmakers have sought increased scrutiny from the FTC of several multi-billion dollar deals that might risk higher prices and affect consumers. US antitrust enforcers had also come out with new merger guidelines in December, in a bid to encourage fair, open and competitive markets. But the FTC requested more information from the firms on their deal in November. “Capri Holdings strongly disagrees with the FTC’s decision,” the company said in a statement.
Persons: Michael Kors, Capri, Tapestry, Louis Vuitton, , Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo Organizations: US Federal Trade Commission, Capri, “ Capri Holdings, FTC, European Union, Japan
CNN —Former Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce said rookie Louis Rees-Zammit has the potential to be “the most marketable player of all time” should he succeed in the NFL. Rees-Zammit, 23, quit rugby union in January after a hugely successful international career with Wales and club career in the English top division. In March, he signed a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs having impressed on the NFL’s International Player Pathway (IPP) program. So he’s gonna be able to pick up the offense eventually. “But it’s gonna be a tough few months for him here while he’s getting acclimated to the NFL.
Persons: Jason Kelce, Louis Rees, Zammit, Rees, Travis Kelce, , ” Travis Kelce, ‘ It’s, , acclimated, “ We’ve, ” Travis, ” Jason Kelce ‘, Rob McElhenney, Kelce, McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds Organizations: CNN, Former Philadelphia Eagles, NFL, Wales, Kansas City Chiefs, Chiefs, Wrexham, Welsh, Hollywood Locations: Zammit, American, Philadelphia, Wales
Could the Union Victory at VW Set Off a Wave?
  + stars: | 2024-04-20 | by ( Noam Scheiber | )   time to read: +1 min
By voting to join the United Automobile Workers, Volkswagen workers in Tennessee have given the union something it has never had: a factory-wide foothold at a major foreign automaker in the South. The result, in an election that ended on Friday, will enable the union to bargain for better wages and benefits. Labor experts said success at VW might position the union to replicate its showing at other auto manufacturers throughout the South, the least unionized region of the country. Some argued that the win could help set off a rise in union membership at other companies that exceeds the uptick of the past few years, when unions won elections at Starbucks and Amazon locations. “It’s a big vote, symbolically and substantively,” said Jake Rosenfeld, a sociologist who studies labor at Washington University in St. Louis.
Persons: , Jake Rosenfeld, St . Louis Organizations: United Automobile Workers, Volkswagen, Labor, VW, Starbucks, Washington University Locations: Tennessee, St .
Paige Bueckers, 22, is a star guard on UConn's women's basketball team. Her style and support for her teammates at this year's draft have gotten a lot of love online. AdvertisementPaige Bueckers was one of the most-talked-about names after the 2024 WNBA draft on Monday, April 15, and she wasn't even one of the recruits. The 2023 WNBA season was "its most-watched regular season in 21 years," the league reported, and Deloitte predicted women's sports will surpass $1 billion in revenue for the first time. AdvertisementGet to know Paige Bueckers before she returns to UConn for her last dance and discover why she's the internet's latest obsession.
Persons: Paige Bueckers, She's, , Louis Vuitton, Bueckers, Aaliyah Edwards, Nika Mühl, tweeting, Edwards, Kris Jenner, eyeing, Caitlin Clark, Naismith, Clark, Angel Reese Organizations: UConn, WNBA, Service, Washington Mystics, Seattle Storm, Best, Big East, NCAA, Deloitte
Denny Walsh, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter who was a consummate nuisance to mobsters, corrupt politicians and his editors, especially at The New York Times, which fired him, died on March 29 at his home in Antelope, Calif., a suburb of Sacramento. His daughter, Colleen Bartow, confirmed the death. She said he had been suffering from several respiratory ailments. Mr. Walsh began his career in 1961 at The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, where he hot-dogged around the newsroom smoking cigars and used the floor as his ashtray. “His laugh was loud and uncontrolled and bordered on the malicious.”
Persons: Denny Walsh, Colleen Bartow, Walsh, Louis, “ Walsh, Pat Buchanan Organizations: The New York Times, Louis Globe, Democrat Locations: Antelope, Calif, Sacramento, The St
Despite economic challenges looming large — including prolonged downturns in both the housing and stock market — China’s fascination with luxury watches remains undiminished. Cyril Zingaro/WWGF/KeystoneCertainly at this year’s fair, well-dressed, well-accessorized Chinese customers appeared unfazed by economic uncertainties. After more than 20 years working in the region, he believes China’s economic slowdown is just a temporary phase. “The situation may be slightly (more) challenging for mid-level luxury brands (whose clients’ disposable incomes are potentially more at the whim of market forces). Collectors appreciate the craftsmanship, rarity, and heritage associated with luxury timepieces, which can hold or increase in value over time.
Persons: Matthieu Humair, Cyril Zingaro, Jackson Yee, Jaeger, Zhu Yilong, Wang Yang, Xiao Zhan, David Sadigh, Patek Philippe, Van Cleef, ” Sadigh, Valentin Flauraud, , Ricardo Guadalupe, “ We’ve, Pierre Albouy, Keystone Carson Chan, Richard Mille Asia, Bonhams, ” Chan, Raphael Young, Lange, Söhne, Wilhelm Schmid, Lumen, Chan, Vacheron, Young, Roger Dubuis, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci — Chanel, Hermes, Hermès, Attelé, Chanel, Mademoiselle Chanel, Organizations: Geneva CNN —, Federation of, Swiss Watch Industry, IWC, Digital Luxury, CNN, Keystone, Fondation, , Berkley, Couture Locations: Geneva, China, Hong Kong, Asia, Switzerland, Chopard, Europe, , Asia — China, Guadalupe, Swiss, watchmaking
Walmart Supercenters in St. Louis, Missouri, and Cleveland, Ohio, are removing self-checkout. Major retailers have taken other steps to address some of the problems raised by self-service tech. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA pair of Walmarts — one in Missouri and one in Oho — are ditching self-checkout lanes in an effort to improve the in-store experience.
Persons: Organizations: Walmart, Service Locations: St, Louis , Missouri, Cleveland , Ohio, New Mexico, Missouri, Cleveland, Louis
London CNN —The Prince of Wales was back in action on Thursday, carrying out his first public engagements since his wife, Catherine, revealed her cancer diagnosis last month. William, 41, visited a surplus food charity in Surrey before he was expected to head to a youth center in west London. Kate’s cancer was found in tests following an abdominal surgery in January. William’s presence will be a welcome signal to royal-watchers that his wife is feeling well enough for him to resume public-facing duties. He made his most significant public appearance on Easter Sunday following the tradition family church outing.
Persons: Prince, Wales, Catherine, William, King Charles III, Prince William, Claire Hopkins, Alastair Grant, George, Charlotte, Louis, , King Charles Organizations: London CNN, Surplus, Aston Villa, CNN’s Royal Locations: Surrey, London, Kensington, Sheffield, Birmingham
Bernard Arnault has appointed two more of his children to LVMH's board. Alexandre Arnault is a vice president at Tiffany & Co. and Frédéric Arnault heads LVMH's watches division. AdvertisementThe French luxury-goods billionaire Bernard Arnault, who's the world's richest person, has appointed two more of his children to LVMH's board. Only Jean Arnault, Bernard Arnault's youngest son, doesn't sit on the company's board. Bernard Arnault is the world's richest person, with a net worth of about $221 billion, according to estimates by Bloomberg.
Persons: Bernard Arnault, Alexandre Arnault, Frédéric, Bernard Arnault's, , Frédéric Arnault, Delphine Arnault, Dior Couture, Antoine Arnault, LVMH, Jean Arnault, doesn't, Louis Vuitton's, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy Organizations: Tiffany, Service, Christian Dior, Bloomberg
A former police officer who was beaten by other officers while working undercover during a protest against police violence in St. Louis in 2017 was awarded $23 million by a Missouri judge. Luther Hall, the former officer, won the default judgment on Monday against one of his former colleagues after the defendant failed to respond to a lawsuit over the 2017 attack, court records showed. Hall had to endure this severe beating, and while that was happening, he knew it was being administered by his colleagues who were sworn to serve and protect,” Judge Joseph Whyte of the St. Louis Circuit Court said at the hearing, according to KSDK, a local news station. Mr. Hall, who is Black, was attacked during a protest in September 2017 that was organized in response to the acquittal of Jason Stockley, a white police officer who killed a 24-year-old Black man, Anthony Lamar Smith, after a high-speed chase in 2011. The officers accused in the beating are white.
Persons: Louis, Luther Hall, , Hall, Joseph Whyte, Jason Stockley, Anthony Lamar Smith Organizations: Louis Circuit Locations: St, Missouri
The Federal Trade Commission is preparing to sue to block a luxury fashion mega merger, Tapestry’s $8.5 billion takeover of Capri Holdings, two people with knowledge of the matter said. The F.T.C.’s five commissioners are expected to meet next week to discuss the case, a move that could precede a formal vote on whether to file a lawsuit, the people said. The people, who were not authorized to discuss the deliberations, said that it was still possible that the agency could opt not to sue. Monopoly cases in the fashion industry are rare, because there is no shortage of new labels looking to undercut legacy brands. “It is the paradigmatic part of the economy where there is ample competition,” said Howard Hogan, the chair of the fashion, retail and consumer practice at the law firm Gibson Dunn.
Persons: , Kate Spade, Capri’s Versace, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton’s, , Howard Hogan, Gibson Dunn Organizations: Federal Trade Commission, Capri Holdings, Gucci, Monopoly Locations: American
Read previewMembers of a disabled basketball team were left with "chaos" and hours of delay after Southwest Airlines dismantled dozens of their wheelchairs on a recent flight. Wheelchair basketball teams typically travel with two chairs each —their sporting ones and their everyday ones, Shields told BI. It "was just complete chaos," despite the attempts of the pilot and a stewardess to help out, Shields told BI. In a statement to BI, Southwest Airlines said that there had been a delay in its staff reassembling the chairs, and that it had reviewed the situation and was addressing it. AdvertisementWalker also said that airlines need to stop treating the loss of wheelchairs as equivalent to a mere luggage issue.
Persons: , Shields, they'd, Brigitte McIntee, didn't, McIntee, Myranda Shields Shields, It's, Justin Walker, Walker, Troy Bell, Louis Vuitton Organizations: Service, Southwest Airlines, National Wheelchair, Richmond International Airport ,, Business, Wheelchair, Wheelchair Suns, Department of Transportation, Richmond International Airport, Southwest, CBS, Staff, TSA Locations: Richmond International Airport , Virginia, Richmond, stow
Whitey Herzog, the Hall of Fame manager who led the St. Louis Cardinals to three pennants and a World Series championship in the 1980s, died on Monday in St. Louis. He was 92 and had been the second-oldest Hall of Famer after Willie Mays. “Baseball has been good to me since I quit trying to play it,” Herzog liked to say. Signed by the Yankees in 1949, he never made it out of their minor league system, though he picked up a lifetime of baseball knowledge from Manager Casey Stengel at spring training camps. He played the outfield for four American League teams over eight seasons with only modest success.
Persons: Whitey Herzog, St . Louis, Willie Mays, ” Herzog, Casey Stengel, Herzog Organizations: of Fame, St, Louis Cardinals, of Famer, Cardinals, “ Baseball, Yankees, American League, Royals, Busch Locations: St ., Kansas City
Opinion: What gun laws can’t stop
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“The videos (of the attack) speak for themselves don’t they?” Webb told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Steven Saphore/AAP/ReutersCauchi’s father Andrew Cauchi — who appeared devastated — believes his “monster” son may have deliberately set out to kill women, he told Australian media. He enacted strict gun control laws and initated a massive buyback scheme. “The evidence consistently shows that the underlying causes of violence directed toward women are rigid gender stereotypes, sexism and disrespect. Joel Cauchi had a fixation with blades and kept a collection of them, his father told the newspaper The Australian.
Persons: Latika Bourke, , Read, Latika Bourke Louis Douvis “, Julia Hartley, Brewer, Hartley, Karen Webb, Joel Cauchi, ” Webb, Webb, Steven Saphore, Reuters Cauchi’s, Andrew Cauchi —, , John Howard, Australia’s, Julia Gillard, Bondi, Patty Kinnersly, Patty Kinnersly “, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, Roman Quaedvlieg, , X Quaedvlieg, they’d, Howard Organizations: Sydney Morning Herald, Love, CNN, New South Wales Police, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC, Reuters, Port, Conservative, Global Institute, Women’s Leadership, Good Shepherd, Australian Jewish Association, X Locations: Australian, India, Sydney, British, Bondi’s, Westfield, Bondi, Port Arthur, London, Australia, United States
Video: Which case poses the biggest threat to Trump?
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The median US home price could surpass $500,000 for the first time, one expert says. Housing guru Bill Pulte said prices could jump 20% if the Fed cuts rates before crushing inflation. AdvertisementThe average price of a home could soar to over $500,000 if the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates without crushing inflation first, a housing expert says. "I predict if rates go down, housing prices will go through the roof," Bill Pulte recently told Fox Business. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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