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After 35 years of living and working in Hong Kong, my wife, Wendy, and I are returning home to the US. Setting aside concerns of whether we are jumping from a frying pan into a fire (ongoing crackdown on freedoms in Hong Kong versus political ruptures in the US), we have many other issues to grapple with. We don't have credit scores or credit cardsTake, for example, our credit score: we don't have one. In Hong Kong we have always paid our bills on time and are conscientious consumers. For us, that won't be a significant amount since most of my prime employment years were spent overseas working for Hong Kong companies.
Persons: Wendy, it's, We've Organizations: Service, Social Security, Department of Motor Vehicles Locations: Hong Kong, America, LA, Pacific, United States
Johnny Wactor, an actor best known for his role in “General Hospital,” was shot and killed on Saturday, reports said, amid what his family described as an attempted theft of a catalytic converter in Los Angeles. The fatal shooting took place around 3 a.m. on Saturday, when Mr. Wactor approached three men in downtown Los Angeles, The Associated Press reported, citing the Los Angeles Police Department. His mother, Scarlett Wactor, told the local news station ABC7 that Mr. Wactor left the rooftop bar where he worked late in the evening and was walking with a co-worker toward his vehicle when he interrupted someone who was in the process of stealing the vehicle’s catalytic converter. Ms. Wactor said her son thought his car was being towed at first, and when he approached the person to ask, the person “looked up, he was wearing a mask, and opened fire.”
Persons: Johnny Wactor, , Wactor, Scarlett Wactor Organizations: , Associated Press, Los Angeles Police Department, ABC7 Locations: Los Angeles
I've been to Orlando several times before, but recently decided to visit Sarasota, Florida, instead. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementI've been regularly visiting Orlando for over 30 years, but when many of my local friends suggested I visit Sarasota, Florida, instead, I knew I had to give it a shot. Located in Sarasota County, which drew in over a million visitors last year, this bustling town is primarily known for its cultural scene and beautiful beaches. Here's why I'd recommend Sarasota to anyone looking to branch out from Orlando.
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The attack occurred in Kuchi village, Munya district, in Niger state, beginning at about 5:30 p.m. on Friday and lasting until 4:00 a.m. Saturday, according to district official Aminu Abdulhamid Najume. Najume reported that about 300 gunmen arrived on motorbikes and stayed for several hours, making themselves at home before leaving with the abductees. “This is not the first or second time Kuchi village has been attacked. “The invasion of the village by the gunmen is yet another indication of the Nigerian authorities’ utter failure to protect lives,” Amnesty added. The Kuchi abduction comes two months after 21 people, including a newlywed, were killed when gunmen described locally as ‘bandits’ stormed a market in Rafi, another affected district in Niger.
Persons: Boko, Najume, , ” Najume, , , Rafi Organizations: CNN, Niger State Police Command, Amnesty Locations: Nigeria, Kuchi, Munya, Niger, Najume, Nigeria’s, Abuja, Niger’s, Kaduna
When South Africans vote Wednesday, an unhappy combination of rampant corruption, soaring joblessness, crippling power cuts and feeble economic growth will likely be top of mind. Black South Africans, who make up 81% of the population, are at the sharp end of this dire situation. ‘Elite enrichment’Under apartheid — and colonial rule before that — Black South Africans were violently oppressed and denied many basic human rights. Millions of South Africans still live in such informal settlements. “The poster child of this is the electricity sector.”For much of last year, South Africans were without power for at least some portion of the day.
Persons: , Nelson Mandela’s, , Cyril Ramaphosa, Leon Sadiki, BEE, Moeletsi Mbeki, Thabo Mbeki, White, , Tshediso Matona, Anders Pettersson, Black, , Kganki Matabane, Matthew Parks, Matona, Mbeki, Ricardo Hausmann, Jacob Zuma, Haroon Bhorat, Michele Spatari, ” Bhorat, hasn’t, ANC “, Zuma, Ramaphosa, Cas Coovadia, Hausmann Organizations: Johannesburg CNN, National Congress, ANC, World Bank, Oxford Economics, Harvard University, Democratic Alliance, Bloomberg, Getty, South African Institute of International Affairs, Wits University, CNN, , BBEE, Black Business Council, South African Trade Unions, Harvard’s, University of Cape, South Africa’s Free, International Monetary Fund, Fitch, IMF, JPMorgan, Shell, Unilever, Business, Business Unity, Harvard Growth Locations: London, Johannesburg, Sudan, Africa, Alexandra, South Africa, Leon, Isipingo, KwaZulu, Natal, South, , University of Cape Town, loadshedding, Namahadi, Frankfort, Business Unity South Africa
The nocturnal critter was most likely a German cockroach, and its ancestors were pestering people more than 2,000 years ago in southern Asia, a new study found. German cockroaches, scientifically known as Blattella germanica, are ubiquitous in cities in the United States and around the world. The research team received 281 German cockroach samples from 57 sites in 17 countries and studied their DNA to trace their evolution. And we know that transatlantic trade routes probably were the culprit for the spread of German cockroaches. “For example, the German cockroach has insecticide resistance that is not detected in many other pests,” he said.
Persons: Qian Tang, , Tang, Carl Linnaeus, Matt Bertone, Jessica Ware, ” Ware, Amanda Schupak Organizations: CNN, National Academy of Sciences, Harvard University, American Museum of Locations: Asia, United States, Europe, India, Myanmar, Swedish, North America, Americas, New York City
Johnny Wactor, who played Brando Corbin on "General Hospital," was shot and killed in LA. "General Hospital" said it was "heartbroken" about Wactor, who left the show in 2022. AdvertisementJohnny Wactor, best known for his role as Brando Corbin on "General Hospital," was shot and killed in Los Angeles, family members of the actor told media outlets. Wactor's brother confirmed to local station KTLA that the 37-year-old actor was shot and killed early Saturday morning in a theft that turned deadly. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
Persons: Johnny Wactor, Brando Corbin, , Wactor's Organizations: General, Service, KTLA, Los Angeles Police Department, Business Locations: LA, Los Angeles
But while retirees might imagine spending their golden years full of pasta and palazzos, the realities of moving abroad are much less romantic. He didn’t think retiring abroad was feasible. Packing up shopAs America’s retirement crisis grows, so too does the dream of retiring abroad. “People need to think about estate planning, which is often different abroad,” said Brett Spencer, the founder of Impact Financial, a financial advisory firm that specializes in Americans living abroad. I think that’s the reality that a lot of people probably aren’t prepared for,” said Peddicord, who splits her time with her husband between Paris and Panama City, Panama.
Persons: Laura Barnett, She’s, Chris, Chris Barnett, didn’t, Laura, , We’ve, , ” Chris, there’s, won’t, It’s, Brett Spencer, ” Spencer, he’s, Italy Patience Dunbar, Charles Ippoliti, Patience Dunbar Patience Dunbar, Charles, they’ve, Patience, Giorgia, We’re, you’ll, Kathleen Peddicord, Peddicord, don’t, Jacki Dahl, Bill Dahl, Bill Organizations: New, New York CNN, US Department of Defense, CNN, Gallup, Social, Impact, Invest Overseas, , , Rocky, Expiatorio Locations: New York, Kentucky, Poitiers, France, Fayetteville , North Carolina, Portugal, Aveiro, Europe, Monmouth, Italy, Arona, Milan, Oregon, Kansas, United States, Paris, Panama City, Panama, States, Reno, Guadalajara, Mexico,
Pilots of the "Sharp Kartuza" division of FPV kamikaze drones prepare drones for a combat flight on May 16, 2024 in the Kharkiv region, 8 km from the border with Russia. Six NATO countries neighboring Russia are joining forces to build a "drone wall" to protect their borders, Lithuania's interior minister announced on Friday. In an interview with Finnish television channel Yle, cited by the Financial Times, Finland's Interior Minister Mari Rantanen said that the drone wall plan would "improve in time." The interior ministers of the six countries taking part in the drone wall project met in the Latvian capital of Riga on May 23 and 24. "The phenomenon of instrumentalized migration on the EU's external borders is a common challenge for our countries.
Persons: Agne Bilotaite, Bilotaite, Mari Rantanen, Rantanen Organizations: NATO, Yle, Financial Times, Finland's, EU Locations: Kharkiv, Russia, Norway, Poland, Lithuanian, Baltic, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Latvian, Riga, Belarus, Africa
AdvertisementPivoting from reselling electronics to clothingWhile Richard was making enough reselling electronics to scrape by, "the cash flow was very tight." AdvertisementStill, he called his eBay store Technsports. "You have to put up great items with a great listing, and eBay and the customers will reward you." "I will always have an eBay store. He also plans to grow the YouTube channel he started in 2023 to help other people make money selling on eBay.
Persons: , Richard S, Richard, I've, It's, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, I'm, Louis Vuitton, Richard's, Technsports, he's Organizations: Service, Circuit, Business, eBay, Craigslist, Sidekicks, Buffalo Bills, Salvation Army, Nike, Louis, BI Locations: Ft, Lauderdale, Coral Springs
CNN —As many as 2,000 people are feared to have been buried by last week’s massive landslide in Papua New Guinea, according to the country’s National Disaster Centre, as survivors recounted the horror losing so many loved ones. The landslide occurred in the mountainous Enga region in northern Papua New Guinea on Friday and the latest missing figure is a sharp rise from earlier estimates. Mohamud Omer/International Organization for Migration/APMiok Michael, a local community leader, told CNN that it was likely there were few survivors. But that may now be a major underestimate according to the latest projection from Papua New Guinea’s disaster agency. “There are no reports of earthquakes at this time but we did have quite a lot of rain and a lot of unseasonal weather happening across Papua New Guinea,” Jensen said.
Persons: Kambu, , , Mohamud Omer, Michael, Laso Mana, Chris Jensen, ” Jensen, Justine McMahon, ” McMahon, Pierre Rognon, it’s, Alan Collins, ” Collins, Jensen, we’ve Organizations: CNN, Disaster, Reuters, International Organization for Migration, United Nations, Mission, National Disaster Centre, UN, World, CARE International, University of Sydney’s School of Civil Engineering, University of Adelaide Locations: Papua New Guinea, Yambali, Highlands, Papua, Kaokalam, Port Moresby
So in 2016, Badran set up her own tour company, Wander with Nada, to “show a different side of Dubai” to travelers. Her bespoke private tours are designed to suit the interests of each visitor, but her favorite itinerary is Dubai’s “old town,” a group of small neighborhoods around Dubai Creek where the city began and Badran spent her childhood. Badran leads me through the narrow alleys around the Dubai Old Souk, home to stores run by Indian-origin families. Stores in Old Dubai Souk. “Dubai is about opening your mind,” Badran says, “and embracing this diversity that makes it unique.”
Persons: Nada Badran, Badran, , , Nada, Rebecca Cairns, Al Maktoum, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Al Talli, There’s, , it’s, ” Badran, Al Shindagha, Al, Djamel Boussaa, ” Boussaa, hasn’t, Rashid Haghaght, Al Karama, ” “ Organizations: CNN, , United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Heritage, UNESCO, Al Shindagha, Trading Locations: Florence, Dubai, The, Arabian, “ Dubai, , Rome, Athens, Edinburgh, UAE, Oman, today’s Iraq, Bani Yas, Al Shindagha, Suadna, South, West Asia, Al, Saudi Arabia, Al Fahidi, Jordan, Deira, Isfahan, Old Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Rigga, Souk, Old Dubai Souk, Jebel Ali, Iran, India, China
I live minutes from a local grocery store, yet often walk to Trader Joe's for its terrific treats. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Still, I find myself walking to the Trader Joe's about 2½ miles away. The selection is that good, which isn't super surprising given the massive grocery store makes an estimated $16.5 billion in annual sales . This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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The DOJ secured the agreements with Arthur Grand Technologies Inc., an information technology services firm, earlier this month. The job ad said it was after "only US-born citizens [white] who are local within 60 miles from Dallas, TX." Arthur Grand apologized and said that an employee added discriminatory language to the listing and published it without authorization. AdvertisementAs part of its settlement with the Justice Department, Arthur Grand will pay the US Treasury a civil penalty of $7,500 and implement comprehensive training for its staff on INA compliance. Last month, Business Insider reported on a study that showed CVs with Black-sounding names are less likely to get callbacks.
Persons: , Arthur Grand, Kristen Clarke, Michele Hodge, OpenAI, Arthur Grand didn't Organizations: Service, US Department of Justice, DOJ, Arthur Grand Technologies Inc, Immigration, Business, Department, Department of Labor's, LinkedIn, Justice Department, Labor, Justice Department's Civil, Division, US Treasury, INA, Labor Department, Bloomberg Locations: Virginia, Dallas , TX
Israeli airstrikes kill at least 35 in Rafah, Gaza authorities say
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Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz said the rockets fired from Rafah "prove that the (Israel Defense Forces) must operate in every place Hamas still operates from". Reshiq restated Hamas's demands, which include: "Ending the aggression completely and permanently, in all of Gaza Strip, not only Rafah". It follows an agreement between U.S. President Joe Biden and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Friday to temporarily send aid via the Kerem Shalom crossing, bypassing the Rafah crossing that has been blocked for weeks. Aid trucks had been piling up on the Egyptian side of the border since May 7, when Israel seized the Rafah crossing in Gaza. Today, trucks at the Rafah crossing were rerouted to the Kerem Shalom crossing, which sits at the junction of Gaza, Israel and Egypt.
Persons: Eyad BABA, EYAD BABA, Eyad Baba, Ashraf Al, Sami Abu Zuhri, Benjamin Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Yoav Gallant, Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel, Izzat, Reshiq, Netanyahu, Khaled Zayed of, Joe Biden, Abdel Fattah al, Ali Moustafa Organizations: West Bank, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Getty, Afp, International Committee, Kuwaiti, Brigades, Israel Defense Forces, ., Reuters, Aid, Crescent Locations: Gaza, Rafah, Israel, AFP, Tel Al, States, Tel Aviv, Egypt, Jabaliya, Gaza Israel, Kerem Shalom, RAFAH, EGYPT, Palestinian, Kerem Abu Salem, Today
After 20 years of early rising, I'm up before the sun with no prompting required. The 9:17 a.m. alarm is also deeply ingrained; it's the official attendance time when I'm required to pause my instruction and take attendance. I will walk away from teaching and into early retirement at 59, which makes me more than a little nervous. While I'll be doing something I care deeply about, I will still be below the salary I earned this year. Now that I'll have the time in retirement, what will my new exercise regime look like?
Persons: I've, I'm, They've, it's Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Texas, It's Texas
That deadline — July 11 — is imposed by the state housing authority and applies to Quinn's Section 8 housing choice voucher, which she's had for about 12 years. Iowa lets landlords refuse voucher holdersQuinn says she's contacted close to 30 landlords since March. Many have simply told her they don't accept housing vouchers. In 2021, the state passed a law barring cities and counties from protecting voucher holders from overt discrimination by landlords. A crucial but flawed benefitThe federal Housing Choice Voucher Program is the biggest — and most effective — American housing assistance program.
Persons: , Stephanie Quinn, Quinn, she's, Charcot, Marie, Quinn doesn't, she'll, I'm, they've, Farley, I've Organizations: Service, Business, Facebook, Craigslist, Nationwide Locations: Farley , Iowa, Iowa, Washington, DC, Dubuque
CNN —At least six newborn babies died in a fire at a children’s hospital in the Indian capital of New Delhi on Saturday, local officials said. Twelve newborns were rescued from the hospital, but six died in the fire, Atul Garg, Delhi Fire Services chief told CNN. One of the rescued babies is in a serious condition, and the five others are receiving medical attention, Garg said. The rescued babies have not been identified as authorities have yet to find their birth records, Garg said. In 2021, 10 newborn babies died in a hospital fire in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.
Persons: Atul Garg, Garg Organizations: CNN, Delhi Fire Services Locations: New Delhi, Delhi, Maharashtra
In mid-2020, the country was reeling from a surge in violent crime and civil upheaval after the killing of George Floyd by the police — a knife’s-edge national crisis that President Donald J. Trump made a central issue in the run-up to Election Day. Four years later, the nation’s crime rates have shifted. Homicide rates are tumbling from pandemic highs in most cities, funding for law enforcement is rising, and tensions between the police and communities of color, while still significant, are no longer at a boiling point. But property crime, carjackings and smash-and-grab burglaries are up, adding to a sense of lawlessness, amplified on social media and local online message boards. of fabricating positive crime data to bolster Mr. Biden.
Persons: George Floyd, Donald J, Trump, , ” Joseph R, Biden, shoplifters Organizations:
Shop at Walmart What we like Check mark icon A check mark. Local dimming for excellent contrast controlCheck mark icon A check mark. Shop at Mattress FirmFor a full breakdown of mattress deals, check out our guide to the best Memorial Day mattress sales. Shop at Amazon What we like Check mark icon A check mark. Shop at Amazon Shop at Kohl's What we like Check mark icon A check mark.
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CNN —Twelve people were injured after a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin was hit with turbulence on Sunday. According to a statement from Dublin Airport, six passengers and six crew members were injured in the incident, eight of which were taken to hospital following assessment. The Qatar Airways flight QR017 experienced turbulence while flying over Turkey, the statement said. It is not yet known what kind of turbulence the Qatar Airways plane experienced. An earlier version also misstated the number of the Qatar Airways flight that experienced turbulence.
Persons: , Paul Williams, ” Williams Organizations: CNN, Qatar Airways, Dublin Airport, Singapore Airlines, University of Reading Locations: Doha, Dublin, Turkey, London, Singapore, United Kingdom
What’s open and closed on Memorial Day 2024
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New York CNN —Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, with many students out of school and office workers enjoying the day off. This year, Memorial Day is on Monday, May 27. Here’s what will be open and closed on Memorial Day 2024. Walmart and Target will be open on Memorial Day. Postal servicesThe United States Postal Service will not be delivering mail on Memorial Day.
Organizations: New, New York CNN, Retail, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Aldi, Costco, New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, Federal Reserve, United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx Locations: New York
Her book “Over the Influence: Why Social Media Is Toxic for Women and Girls — And How We Can Take It Back” was recently published by Alcove Press. Unsurprisingly, the game has resulted in many calls to 911, car crashes, a school evacuation and dangerous confrontations with actual gun owners. Of course, it’s easy to see why kids are playing “senior assassin”: they’re trying to connect with one another. Their generation spends less time with friends and more on social media. As police have warned, someone who thinks they’re in danger from an actual gun might meet a kid playing this game with deadly violence.
Persons: Kara Alaimo, , , , Kaylin Gillis, It’s, shouldn’t, what’s, I’ve, toymakers Organizations: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Women, Press, Facebook, CNN, USA, YouTube, University of Michigan’s, Pew Research, Twitter Locations: New York
New York CNN —Severe weather on Sunday caused a brief outage on NBC during its Indianapolis 500 broadcast ahead of the start of the race. The storms have also disrupted the famed motor race, causing delays, evacuations and the satellite outage. “During pre-race coverage, severe weather impacted our signal and temporarily interrupted our feed,” an NBC Sports spokesperson told CNN in a statement. “Rain so heavy it took out the NBC satellite uplink from the Indy 500. But the Indianapolis Motor Speedway said Sunday that the blackout was lifted because of the upheaval.
Persons: , , Kevin Lighty, WCNC, A9DNdIPYoX, NBC’s, CNN’s Sam Joseph Organizations: New, New York CNN, NBC, Indianapolis, NBC Sports, CNN, Indy, CBS, Indianapolis Motor, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Speedway, WTHR Locations: New York, United States, Illinois, Indiana, Central Indiana
Growing up in Bozeman, Mont., Dylan Heintz loved the picturesque views of the snow-capped mountains and the small-town charm. Things were cheap: His dad bought the family home for about $80,000. Drawn by Montana’s natural beauty and easy access to outdoor activities, the newcomers have created an affordability crisis and a local backlash that are transforming the state’s economy and politics. “I love this place, but it’s just a tough place to live in,” said Mr. Heintz, 28, an auto body repairman. “There are a lot of out-of-staters that have some money, and they’re willing to pay above asking price.
Persons: Dylan Heintz, Bozeman, , , Heintz, Jon Tester, Tim Sheehy Organizations: Big Sky, Foods, Senate, Democratic, Navy SEAL, Republican Locations: Bozeman, Mont, Florida,
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