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What it’s really like to live in Macao
  + stars: | 2024-04-25 | by ( Lilit Marcus | )   time to read: +9 min
Macao, the Chinese special administrative region (SAR) often twinned with Hong Kong, is known as the Las Vegas of Asia. But travelers who are willing to dig in a little deeper can explore Macanese culture, which mixes Portuguese, Chinese and Southeast Asian heritages. Macao is comprised of two islands – the north one, Macao itself, and its southern neighbor Taipa. “In Asia, [people] think that Macao is full of casinos, and I think they do not understand the other parts of Macao,” says Lai. That means that they can live in Macao without a work visa and do not need a company sponsoring them.
Persons: CNN — “, , Vivian Lai, Taipa, Lai, ” Marina Fernandes, Michael Maslan, , it’s, Uber, Fernandes, Eduardo Leal, Ricardo Balocas, Balocas, Don’t Organizations: CNN, Las, Macanese Association, Bloomberg, Macao International Airport, Joseph’s University, Macao, Henley Locations: Macao, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Asia, China, Taipa, , , Europe, Portuguese, Zhuhai, Macao’s, Singapore, Jakarta, Hanoi, Bangkok, Beijing, North America, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Bay Area, Portugal, Macao's, Lisbon, St, Philippines, ‘ Little Lisbon, it’s
And that's seen by the dot plot and their own inability to predict when interest rate cuts are going to happen." Related storiesWhen the yield curve is inverted, meaning short-term rates are above longer-term ones, a barbell strategy in bonds means betting on long- and short-duration bonds. And that barbell is kind of what investing in the yield curve looks like today", Huffman said. But if interest rates fall, you will be forced to reinvest in a lower interest rate environment. Avoid the 10-year or 30-year duration bonds because they will face a negative yield curve role, which could reduce their total return potential, she added.
Persons: Taylor Huffman, Huffman, it's Organizations: PT Asset Management, Business, Management's, Bond, Securities
AdvertisementAs a potential US TikTok ban looms, Gen Zers are contemplating what app might take its place. A potential TikTok ban loomsThe US Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that could see TikTok removed from app stores. It's unclear if such AI tools would convince Gen Z to scroll on Instagram and use it more often. AdvertisementJaxson Whittle, an older Gen Z, told BI he holds a different opinion. "No hate to them, but I don't think it's the move for Gen Z at the moment."
Persons: Young, , Zers, Joe Biden, They'd, Gabrielle Yap, Instagram, Josie doesn't, Gen, Hibaq Farah, TikTok, Farah, Tabitha Mae, I'm, I've, Yap, Kat, It's, Sophie Lund, Yates, Hargreaves Lansdown, Jaxson Whittle, TikToker Cassandra Marie, Gen Z, she's Organizations: Service, Senate, Business, Pew Research Center, Meta, Facebook, BBC, YouTube, Gen Locations: TikTok
Lindsey and David Barber save 75% to 80% of their income for retirement and their son's future. Despite having enough to retire early, the millennial couple plans to keep working. AdvertisementLindsey Harrison Barber, 34, and her husband, David Barber, 35, have enough to retire early, but neither intends to slow down. Lindsey owns a marketing agency, while David owns an insurance agency, which bring in a combined eight figures in top-line revenue. Some are part of the FIRE movement — financial independence, retire early — though others are moving away from early retirement, whether to continue building generational wealth or transitioning to lower-stress roles that still give them something to do.
Persons: Lindsey, David Barber, they've, , Lindsey Harrison Barber, David, we've, we're, he's, hasn't, they're, she'll, they'll Organizations: Service, Business, North Carolina Locations: North Carolina , Texas , Kentucky, Ohio, Lindsey, North Carolina
In March, Russia dealt with its highest-ever number of AWOL cases since the war began, Mediazona reported. AdvertisementRussian courts assessed 684 absences without leave in March, the highest-ever monthly count since the war in Ukraine began, independent Russian media reported. Citing public records, independent outlet Mediazona reported on April 12 that a daily average of 34 AWOL sentences were carried out in military courts that month. Related storiesRussian courts have dealt with some 2,300 AWOL cases since the start of 2024, and about 7,400 total cases since Moscow invaded Ukraine in February 2022, according to Mediazona. This spring, Russia is set to call up some 150,000 men for routine, statutory military service, which typically lasts about one year.
Persons: Mediazona, , Christopher Cavoli Organizations: Service, UK Defence Ministry, Russian Ministry of Defense, Business, US Army, NATO Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Moscow, Europe
The trial will afford Mr. Trump the opportunity to define the essence of his candidacy: I am a victim. The very competent operatives running the Trump campaign didn’t draw this up as their ideal campaign plan, but they will appreciate its potential. The Manhattan courtroom will be the setting for Mr. Trump to play the role of a familiar American archetype: the wronged man seeking justice from corrupt, powerful forces. But here’s the most important element of scheduling: putting a candidate in a setting that gives them a chance to excel. Mr. Trump loves big rallies.
Persons: Donald Trump, Trump, George W, Bush’s, Bush Organizations: Republican, Trump, Cable Locations: New York City, Manhattan, Texas
Black royals have existed around the world for millennia. Mainstream TV shows and movies that depict the true history of Black royal families are few and far between. And while movies about fictional Black royals exist — "The Princess and The Frog" (2009), "Black Panther" (2018), and the latest "The Little Mermaid" (2023) — Hollywood still isn't doing enough to educate viewers that Black royals exist in the real world, according to Nigeria's Princess Keisha Omilana. - Prince Asfa-Wossen AsserateMeanwhile, Asfa-Wossen said educators are too often preoccupied with using slave narratives to recount Black history. But in order to portray Black royals as equal to their white counterparts, there must be a shift in perspective, he said.
Persons: , Queen Elizabeth, Sierra Leone's, Sarah Culberson, Nigeria's Princess Keisha, Prince Kunle Omilana, Prince Asfa, Asserate, Princess Ariana, Prince Joel, Keisha Omilana, Halle Bailey, Ariel, Disney Keisha, Prince Adekunle, Omilana, Keisha, Kunle, Ipetu, Orjinmo, Prince Kunle, haven't, George Osodi, Fernando Catala, Princess Keisha, David White, Sarah, Sarah Culberson Sarah, Ethiopia's Prince Asfa, Manfred Roth, who's, Haile Selassie, Young, Charlotte, Liam Daniel, Wossen, Ethiopia's Prince Joel, Joel, Ethiopia Antwon Maxwell, Kassa, Ian Sansom, it's, Queen of Sheba, King Soloman's, Sheba, Menelik, Axum, don't, Tell Organizations: Service, Hollywood, BI, Immigration, Board of Canada, Paramount, Getty, Netflix, SAG, Ethiopian, King, Guardian Locations: Hollywood, Windsor, American, Nigeria, Yoruba Kingdom, British, Morocco, Lesotho, Swaziland, Europe, Africa, Mende, Bumpe, Sierra Leone, West Virginia, Ethiopia, India, Germany, Los Angeles, America
One strategist, however is looking keenly at European equities, and notes that "Europe isn't a boring market." "You would hope that will translate through to the stock market in terms of company earnings growth in Europe. "While you might see some kind of short-term downturn, in the longer-term the picture is very positive for the sector," Field added. He sees value in payments, which he described as "one of the most undervalued parts of European financial services." The sector has trailed market performance, with valuations looking "interesting" over the last 12 months, Morningstar noted in its recent report.
Persons: Michael Field, Field, Morningstar Organizations: CNBC Pro, European Central Bank, Consumer, Swatch Group, Financial, Morningstar, ING Bank, Group, Health, Novo Nordisk Locations: U.S, Europe, Netherlands, British, Swiss
I knew only that what I was about to do — raise two kids by myself — was going to be hard and humbling. Other parents don't understand what I'm going throughThe only way to truly understand the nuances and challenges of only parenthood is to be an only parent. My heart breaks for my kidsMy kids will always have that space that can only be filled by their other parent. Also, I know that in learning to live with that absence, in learning to move forward even when the path is hard, my kids are learning perseverance. It means that I can't help but be grateful for the fact that I'm here — I get to be here.
Persons: , I'm, doesn't Organizations: Service, Business
Russian forces have razed dozens of towns and cities in Ukraine over the past 26 months — killing thousands of civilians, forcing millions from their homes and leaving a trail of destruction that is impossible to calculate. Cities and towns little known to the world have become the scorched-earth battlegrounds where two armies clashed for months to bloody effect before the Russians finally prevailed. Now Russian forces have set their sight on Chasiv Yar, a hilltop fortress town in eastern Ukraine. The campaign is part of an intense effort by Russia to achieve what could be its most operationally significant advance since the first summer of the war in 2022. That includes the headquarters of the Ukrainian eastern command in Kramatorsk.
Persons: Chasiv Yar Locations: Ukraine, Avdiivka . Cities, Russia, Donetsk, Ukrainian, Kramatorsk
CNN —In tennis, “love” means nothing. Back in the present, Tashi is Art’s wife and coach, having lost her own career to a devastating knee injury. Even using the sport as a metaphor, “Challengers” might become a bit of a challenge for those who show up eager to see the principals sweat for different reasons. Because she’s playing more complicated angles, Zendaya’s Tashi is the most interesting character as well as a source of frustration. While the build-up proves effective, the payoff simply feels too precious, in a way that’s particularly unsatisfying.
Persons: Love, whiffing, Luca Guadagnino, Zendaya, Mike Faist, Patrick, Josh O’Connor, Tashi, , ” Guadagnino, Justin Kuritzkes Organizations: CNN, , Wimbledon
In total, 130 whales were returned to sea after a total of 160 were beached, according to the department of Parks and Wildlife Service Western Australia (DPAW). Also present were wildlife officials from the DPAW, as well as experienced veterinarians, trying to save as many whales as possible. Like other whale species, pilot whales are highly sociable often looking out for each other especially if a member of the pod falls sick or is injured. “That may or may not have been a factor of why these animals got to the point of stranding.”Last year more than 50 pilot whales died in a mass stranding event in Scotland. The same month wildlife officials in Western Australia said they had to make a heart-breaking decision to euthanize dozens of stranded long-finned pilot whales after a frantic rescue effort to refloat them failed to yield results.
Persons: , Ian Wiese, I’ve, ” Wiese, ” Weise, , Busselton Wildli, you’ve Organizations: CNN, Rescue, Geographe Marine Research, Parks and Wildlife Service Western Australia Locations: Dunsborough, Perth, Toby's, Australia, Scotland, Western Australia
Markets wary of intervention as yen struggles at 155 level
  + stars: | 2024-04-25 | by ( )   time to read: +3 min
Having traded in a tight range over the past few days, a buoyant dollar finally broke above the 155 yen level for the first time since 1990 in the previous session, and was last steady at 155.34 yen in early Asia trade. The breach of the 155 yen level comes as the BOJ meets to discuss monetary policy, though expectations are for the central bank to keep its short-term interest rate target unchanged following last month's landmark exit from negative rates. "We expect the BOJ meeting to deliver a marginally hawkish hold outcome," said Carl Ang, fixed income research analyst at MFS Investment Management. Continued expectations of gradual policy tightening and a low terminal policy rate make it difficult for the yen to appreciate significantly, even if at historically depressed levels." The dollar steadied at 105.79 against a basket of currencies, pulling away from a nearly two-week low hit in the previous session.
Persons: Carl Ang, Kazuo Ueda, Justin Smirk Organizations: Bank of Japan, MFS Investment Management, Reserve Bank of Australia, Westpac, New Zealand Locations: Tokyo, Asia, Australia
A local London pub that’s been thrust into an unexpected spotlight and onto the tourist map, thanks to musician Taylor Swift. Unexpected fameThe Black Dog pub is in an unassuming residential area of Vauxhall in south London. Taylor Swift fans Jenna Spackey and Maddie Essig came to check out The Black Dog pub after listening to the song. The Black Dog pub says the past few days have been "immense." Hageman compares “The Black Dog” song to a “fable” – it’s probably not based entirely in reality.
Persons: CNN — It’s, that’s, Taylor Swift, Francesca Street, Swift, Joe Alwyn, , Matty Healy, ” Taylor Swift, Lionel Hahn, Swifties, Maddie Essig, “ Joe, Taylor, , , Essig, Jenna Spackey, they’ve, Spackey, ” –, Alwyn – Swift, Toby Melville, There’s, Lily Bottomley, ” Bottomley, Bottomley, “ We’re, ” There’s, Bottomley – it’s, “ We’ve, Healy, Bottomley won’t, she’s “, there’s, ” Swift, Strasburg, Katie Hageman, ’ ”, she’s, Hageman, it’s Organizations: CNN, Poets Department, Golden Globe, CNN Travel, Vauxhall, Department, Reuters, Brentford –, SC Soho, Wembley, London Locations: Vauxhall, London, British, Baltimore , Maryland, Houston , Texas, Brixton, Shoreditch, Highgate, Brentford, Cork, Ireland, Blanc, , Florida, Strasburg, Avangeline Strasburg, Hageman
To meet her sales targets, the betel nut “must be delicious.” she told CNN in an email. A betel nut stall in Taipei. “I loved driving there because there were the betel nut girls,” she recalled in a phone interview. One of Han's subjects, Ju Ju, is pictured at a booth in the city of Taoyuan. But Ju Ju has since grown to value the stability of the job.
Persons: Mong Shuan, Mong, Constanze Han, , , we’d, Han, Han “, ’ ”, Susan Meiselas, Xiao Hong, Ju, Ju Ju, , Constanze Organizations: CNN, Mong, , island’s Ministry of Health, Welfare Locations: Taiwan, Asia, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and New York, America, New England, New Taipei City, Taoyuan, Constanze
Four years ago this week, President Donald J. Trump suggested that Americans might want to inject disinfectant into their bodies to treat the coronavirus. The Biden campaign is intent on making sure nobody forgets it. On Air Force One, on social media and from the presidential lectern, President Biden has homed in on the infamous moment — one that crystallized the chaos of the Trump presidency — as he trolls his political opponent. “Remember when he was trying to deal with Covid, he said just inject a little bleach in your veins?” Mr. Biden said on Wednesday after picking up the endorsement of North America’s Building Trades Unions. It all went to his hair.”Just a day before, Mr. Biden shared a video of Mr. Trump’s suggestion to inject disinfectant on X, the platform formally known as Twitter.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Biden, , Mr, Organizations: Air Force, Trump, Covid, Twitter Locations: America’s
CNN —An email Monday night from Donald Trump – subject line: “My farewell message” – carried a fateful warning to his backers. Throughout the first six days of his trial, Trump’s dramatized retellings of his legal peril have veered considerably from the events actually unfolding in and around Manhattan’s criminal courthouse. In one fundraising email on the first day of his trial, Trump claimed he “stormed out” of the proceedings. With the courtroom quiet Tuesday, Trump flipped through a pile of papers loud enough to hear the pages turning. “I will not have any jurors intimidated in the courtroom,” Merchan said.
Persons: Donald Trump, , Trump, Rather, untethered, , he’s, unremarkably Trump, Judge Juan Merchan, Stormy Daniels, E, Jean Carroll, Merchan, ” Merchan, hasn’t, “ You’re, , Todd Blanche, Christopher Conroy, Blanche, , CNN’s Kate Sullivan, Kristen Holmes, Jeremy Herb, Lauren del Valle, Kara Scannell Organizations: CNN, Trump, Columbia University, Truth, Protesters Locations: Manhattan, Fiji, Lower Manhattan
Yet she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Biden and didn’t vote that year. In the 2000 election, Democrat Al Gore received 70% in DeKalb; in 2020, Biden won 83%. Massachusetts native Kim Cavaliere, who moved to Georgia over 20 years ago, is pictured at her home in Dacula, Georgia. She’s still inclined to vote third-party again but is perhaps open to reconsidering if Georgia could settle a close race. It is rural, and reliably red – Trump won 71% of the county vote in 2020.
Persons: Christine Nguyen’s, Nguyen, ” Nguyen, ” Decatur, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, , Trump, Biden, Christine Nguyen, she’s, , Celia Gardner, Jan Gardner, , ” Jan Gardner, Celia, ” Celia Gardner, Democrat Al Gore, Gwinnett, George W, Bush, “ I’ve, Kim Cavaliere, Cavaliere, ” Cavaliere, Count Cavaliere, She’s, – Biden, , ” Carey Fulks, John King, CNN Carey Fulks, Fulks, ” Fulks, ” Biden, – Trump, Matt Vrahiotes, ” Vrahiotes, it’s, Vrahiotes, Ron DeSantis, “ I’m, Trumper, who’s, “ Kennedy, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, ” Vrahioties, Atlanta’s Organizations: Georgia CNN, White, CNN, Trump, DOJ, Justice Department, CIA, Schools, Democrat, Biden, Gwinnett County, “ Democrat, Republican, Sweet, Florida Gov, GOP Locations: Decatur, Georgia, , DeKalb County, Atlanta, Decatur , Georgia, Israel, DeKalb, Dunwoody, Dunwoody , Georgia, Neat, White DeKalb, Gwinnett County, Massachusetts, Dacula , Georgia, Grove, Covid, Fulton County, Gwinnett, Acre, Alto, Hall County, Alto , Georgia, York
AdvertisementWhen I was a kid, my parents had me try cottage cheese. AdvertisementI made the TikTok-viral high-protein pasta sauce firstSome of the most popular recipes involve blending cottage cheese with your pasta sauce of choice. The eggs improved my gains in the gymI whisked eggs, cottage cheese, salt, and pepper before adding everything to the skillet. AdvertisementJulia PugachevskyIn a blender, I added the cottage cheese, protein powder, cocoa powder, tahini, oats, and almond milk. Eating this felt like a punishment, but I don't want to slander poor cottage cheese: she did no wrong here.
Persons: I've, It's, TikTok, , TikToks, Julia Pugachevsky, Parmesan, skillet, Julia Pugachevsky I've Organizations: Service
Let This Breakfast Change Your Life
  + stars: | 2024-04-24 | by ( Eric Kim | )   time to read: +1 min
An astrological concept, a Saturn return is considered a time of great upheaval — “growing older, burning out at work, increasingly higher bills, a couple of monumental life milestones,” as the astrologer Aliza Kelly has put it. As someone who is nearing the end of his return, I’ve never felt more upheaved by the colossal changes I’ve experienced from my late 20s to my early 30s, including but not limited to: new job, new apartment, new boyfriend. One thing I’ve started to do that gets me a little closer to settling into this new beginning — my 30s — is eating Japanese breakfast. The eclectic spread, called ichiju-sansai (“one soup, three dishes”), is beyond just a savory meal that soothes both soul and stomach lining first thing in the morning. An array of pickles pulled from the refrigerator — cucumbers, plums, radishes and whatever is in my house kimchi jar at the time — completes the meal.
Persons: Aliza Kelly, I’ve Organizations: NASA, miso
Goldman Sachs' David Kostin expects earnings will be higher this year even amid concerns of margin pressures in the face of higher inflation. Of those companies, Kostin noted, roughly two-thirds have topped expectations on the bottom line, while about one-third beat estimates on the top line. "What that suggests to us is that companies are able and demonstrating the ability to kind of squeak over a little bit margin," Kostin told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" on Tuesday. The chief U.S. equity strategist said he anticipates inflation will eventually move lower this year, and interest rates will come down from their highs, helping to drive earnings growth. "Our forecast is that [the] market rises slowly in line with expectations for earnings," Kostin said.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, David Kostin, Kostin, CNBC's, Sarah Min
However, it continues to operate a solid payments business with nearly half a billion active users each month. Over a longer period, a breakout above $68 could target the low $100s as an extended target to the upside. If we were to dive into the business, we see a payments company that focuses on delivering growth and improving margins. If PYPL traded at its industry and historical average of around 21x forward earnings, it would imply a stock price of $106 — just above our technical upside target. BEFORE MAKING ANY FINANCIAL DECISIONS, YOU SHOULD STRONGLY CONSIDER SEEKING ADVICE FROM YOUR OWN FINANCIAL OR INVESTMENT ADVISOR.
Persons: PYPL Organizations: PayPal
Chipotle Mexican Grill is abandoning its Farmesa Fresh Eatery spinoff after partner Kitchen United closed its ghost kitchens. A little over a year ago, Chipotle announced the opening of its first Farmesa location at Kitchen United's Santa Monica location. But the Santa Monica ghost kitchen closed in February as its parent company struggled financially. In November, Kitchen United announced plans to close or sell all of its locations as it pivoted into software. But once customers started returning to dining in person and capital grew more expensive, many ghost kitchen startups like Kitchen United found themselves in trouble.
Persons: Chipotle, Curt Garner, Brian Niccol, it's, Chipotle's, Sam Nazarian Organizations: United, CNBC, Kitchen United Locations: Monica, Santa Monica, U.S
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewMost people are financially healthy, but economic and geopolitical threats could spoil the party, Jamie Dimon warned on Tuesday. People are also benefiting from strong economic growth and near-record employment, but they won't be immune if disaster strikes, Dimon said. "Even if we go into recession, the consumer's in good shape," he said in a clip of the interview posted by Bloomberg. He added that the world order is being "challenged" and could descend into a "little bit of chaos" as it realigns.
Persons: , Jamie Dimon, Dimon, Dimon's, JPMorgan's, we've Organizations: Service, Consumers, Economic, of New, Business, Bloomberg, Wall Locations: of New York, China, Russia, Ukraine, Middle
The outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza among U.S. dairy cows, first reported on March 25, has now spread to at least 33 herds in eight states. Federal authorities say the milk supply is safe, but this latest development raises troubling questions about how widespread the outbreak really is. Rick Bright, an expert on the H5N1 virus who served on President Biden’s coronavirus advisory board, told me this is the crucial moment. That’s when I told him what I’d heard from Sid Miller, the Texas commissioner for agriculture. The commissioner speculated that back then, as much as 40 percent of the herds in the Texas panhandle may have been infected.
Persons: Rick Bright, Biden’s, , it’s, I’d, Sid Miller, Bright, I’m, what’s Locations: Texas
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