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"We should be anticipating higher highs in the market," Lundgren, the chief market strategist at MOTR Capital Management & Research and a portfolio manager at Little Harbor Advisors, recently told Business Insider. The 28-year market veteran's upbeat sentiment is more widespread now than last fall, when the S&P 500 struggled mightily before a powerful end-of-year surge. There can be negative or positive stretches within an established bull or bear market, Lundgren noted. Only one of the ETFs tracking Lundgren's preferred sectors has beaten the S&P 500 (in dark blue) since late last summer. When adjusting for market cap, cyclicals have fared much better and have bested the equal-weight version of the S&P 500 in several cases.
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He believes the stock market is rational — even when it doesn't appear to be. Related stories"The market is ruthlessly efficient, both long term and short term," Lundgren said. The strategist added: "The market doesn't care one iota about fundamentals in the short term. Like any market, stock exchanges determine prices based on what buyers and sellers will pay and sell for. Just because it's taking place in a mall doesn't make that mall an insane asylum."
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