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Read previewThe US has opened a new factory for Howitzer ammo near Dallas, which aims to pump out 30,000 of the 155mm shells a month as the Ukraine war chews through Western stocks. The new facility at max capacity would bump total production to 66,000 shells a month for the US. Kofman told the outlet that while the Mesquite plant would be important for long-term production, Russia would likely still be producing more ammo than the West even if the US hits its 2025 goal. The US and Europe have sent Ukraine more than 3 million 155mm artillery shells since the war began. With Washington and its allies expected to produce about 1.3 million rounds in 2024, that would be about a third of Russia's forecast capacity at triple the cost.
Persons: , John Ismay, Ismay, Michael Kofman, That's, Kofman, Doug Bush Organizations: Service, General Dynamics, The New York Times, Business, Texas, US Army, CNN, Kyiv, Carnegie Endowment, International, European Union, Sky News, Bain & Company, Washington, Press, Pentagon Locations: Dallas, Ukraine, Mesquite , Texas, The, Pennsylvania, Moscow, Kyiv . Washington, Israel, Europe, Russia, Mesquite, Kyiv
Here are 5 stocks that are buys right here, right now
  + stars: | 2024-05-30 | by ( Jim Cramer | )   time to read: +5 min
Let's say you just joined the Club, and you are trying to figure out which stocks we think are buyable right now, right here. The question is: Which stocks would I buy right now? In fact, we added some more shares to the Club portfolio Wednesday. WYNN YTD mountain Wynn Resorts YTD I would most certainly buy the stock of Wynn Resorts . (Jim Cramer's Charitable Trust is long GEHC, HON, WYNN, SWK, F. See here for a full list of the stocks.)
Persons: WYNN, Boston —, Wynn, Decker, That's, Neil Kashkari, Stanley Black, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim, Jim Cramer Rob Kim Organizations: Club, GE Healthcare, Honeywell, DuPont, Raytheon, United Technologies, Electric, Wynn, Wynn Resorts, Vegas, Stanley, Ford, CNBC Locations: Boston, Macao, Asia, SWK
America's young men aren't working. The effect was driven almost entirely by young men: Unemployment went up by 2.7 percentage points for young men but by only 0.1 percentage points for young women. AdvertisementEmployers might also see young men as riskier to bring on board. Fairly or unfairly, there's a stereotype that young men are more volatile, more immature, and less responsible than their female counterparts. As for why so many young men aren't working, it's a doozy.
Persons: they're, willy, it's, Matt Darling, Darling, , aren't, There's, Emily Stewart Organizations: Social Security, Niskanen, Unemployment, Lawmakers, Capitol, Business Locations: Washington, Oregon
What do the charts say after this sudden 20% drop in price? After making a new all-time high of around $318 in early March, Salesforce demonstrated choppy, sideways price action into mid-April. A gap lower in price pushed CRM below its 50-day moving average, which often serves as an early warning sign of an impending trend change. From mid-April until this week, Salesforce has again settled into a sideways price range, this time between $268 and $290. While CRM was in a somewhat precarious position leading into this week, the gap lower post-earnings represented a sudden revaluation for this former technology leader.
Persons: Let's, Salesforce, we'd, it's, David Keller Organizations: CRM, CMT
Goldman Sachs initiates Abbott Labs as buy Goldman said Abbott is well positioned for growth. UBS reiterates Apple as neutral UBS said its checks show iPhone pressure remains in China and the U.S. for Apple. Goldman Sachs reiterates Eli Lilly as neutral Goldman raised its price target on Eli Lilly to $785 per share from $740. Goldman Sachs reiterates Salesforce as buy Goldman said it's sticking with the stock following earnings on Wednesday. Goldman Sachs initiates AstraZeneca, Novartis and Novo Nordisk as buy Goldman initiated several biotech company's on Thursday and says it sees "innovation momentum a key focus."
Persons: Baird, OKTA, Goldman Sachs, Abbott, Goldman, Piper Sandler downgrades Cava, Piper, Eli Lilly, Wells Fargo, Wells, Mizuho, Wedbush, Daiwa, Stifel, it's, Salesforce, CRM's, Redburn, Guggenheim, Generac Organizations: UBS, Apple, Mizuho, PayPal, Bank of America, Gross, Amicus, USM, First, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche, JPMorgan, Nvidia, Technology, Northland, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, of America, TAM, Guggenheim Locations: China, Corning, Northland, 4Q24
But I was really a kid when I wasn't on set," Hoffmann tells Business Insider. To have a partner in crime, saying, 'We don't really know what we're doing. On the paternal energy on the 'Field of Dreams' set and working with child actors as an adultHoffmann played Kevin Costner's daughter in "Field of Dreams." Christina and I met and we became really, really, really close. And after a decade of feeling like I didn't know what the hell I was doing, that was such a profound relief.
Persons: Gaby Hoffmann, , Hoffmann, Warhol, Viva, Anthony Herrera, Kevin Costner's, Uncle Buck, Macaulay Culkin, Michael Cera, Adam Driver's, Lena Dunham's, Eric, Vincent, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cassie, Edgar disappears, Eric whom he's, Edgar, Cumberbatch, Ray Liotta, Christina Ricci, Ivan Morris Howe, Ivan —, isn't, they're, Ivan, Benedict, Ray, Amy Madigan, Kevin Costner, We'll, Ashleigh Aston Moore, Thora Birch, You've, Christina, Lesli Linka Glatter, Demi Moore, you've, I, I've, I'd, Sebastián Silva Organizations: Chelsea Hotel, Business, Sundance, Lena Dunham's HBO, Netflix, Hollywood, New York Times Locations: Hollywood
However, during the renovation, we eventually went over budget and realized we should have done a few things differently. However, the unexpected cost of installing a new circuit board and wiring for the range cooker made us reluctant to add anything else to our tab. Matt NgI wished we had the time and space to shop around more, as we didn't feel the consultant we worked with provided the ideas to really make smarter use of our kitchen space. With all that said, we still adore our kitchen, not least our excellent range cooker and new flooring — our old slate tiles were hard, uncomfortable, and horrible to clean. AdvertisementSince it was our first kitchen renovation, we're a little more armed with experience and the pitfalls should we ever need to do a second.
Persons: , Matt Ng, there's, we'd, we've, might've, weren't, Let's, that's Organizations: Service, Business
When mortgage rates shoot up, as they did over the past two years, many would-be sellers decide they don't want to move after all. AdvertisementAs the Federal Reserve began pushing up borrowing rates in the spring of 2022, hoping to reel in rising inflation, mortgage rates went vertical. So far, this system of pooling together mortgage bonds and selling them to investors is pretty close to the American way of doing things. When US homeowners pay off their mortgages, they have only one option: pony up the amount left on the loan. That's not just good for buyers or sellers or mortgage loan officers — it's good for everyone.
Persons: It's, John Campbell, Danes, Freddie Mac, that's, Will Doerner, , aren't, pesky, Campbell, Fannie Mae, Banks, Jesper Berg, there's, That's Organizations: Harvard, Federal Reserve, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Homeowners, Danish Financial Supervisory Authority Locations: America, , Denmark, Zillow, Canada, Australia, Danish
Here's one thing that Longo says he isn't planning on changing, even if it could increase his chances of living longer. 35 years later, he's serving as the director of the Longevity and Cancer Laboratory at the IFOM Institute of Molecular Oncology in Milan, Italy. Growing up in Italy, Valter Longo was fascinated by what leads to longevity , especially when it comes to diet. "I don't have lunch Monday through Friday, and then I have a big dinner," he adds. Longo understands that it would "probably be better to have a big lunch and a smaller dinner.
Persons: Longo, Valter Longo, that's Organizations: Cancer Laboratory, IFOM, Molecular Oncology, Longevity, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, University of Southern, University of Southern California -, CNBC Locations: Milan, Italy, University of Southern California, University of Southern California - Los Angeles
Read previewGlen Powell said his bank account was "depleting" while he waited for "Top Gun: Maverick" to arrive in theaters after Tom Cruise delayed the sequel during the pandemic. In an interview published in The Hollywood Reporter last week, Powell said he landed in financial difficulty after Cruise refused to release "Maverick" on a streaming service. AdvertisementCruise had faith in the film, which is why he wanted to ensure its theatrical release. According to Box Office Mojo, "Top Gun: Maverick" raked in $1.495 billion worldwide. Powell saw similar success with a theatrical versus streaming release with the recent R-rated rom-com, "Anyone But You," featuring Sydney Sweeney.
Persons: , Glen Powell, Tom Cruise, Jake, Cruise, Val Kilmer, Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Powell, I'd, Tom, Sydney Sweeney, Syd Organizations: Service, Business, Hollywood, Office
How the world got into $315 trillion of debt
  + stars: | 2024-05-28 | by ( Nessa Anwar | )   time to read: +6 min
In 2024, global gross domestic product — or GDP — amounted to $109.5 trillion dollars — slightly over a third of that global debt number. So, with global debt at a record high, should you be concerned? The first debt wave originated from Latin America in the 1980s, which led 16 countries in that region to restructure their borrowings. Global debt rose to 256 percent of GDP in 2020, a 28-percentage point increase - and the biggest one-year debt rise since the Second World War. The fourth wave has been the biggest, fastest and most wide-ranging rise in debt we've seen since World War II.
Persons: we've Organizations: World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Locations: Prussian, Civil, United States, America, Asia, U.S, Europe, Zambia, Japan, China, India, Mexico
Read previewIn recent years, Sen. Josh Hawley has sought to position himself as populist Republican and a staunch ally of organized labor. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Related stories"I'm honored to have the support of UAW in this race," Kunce said in a statement to Business Insider. AdvertisementThe Teamsters, one of the country's largest labor unions, contributed $5,000 to Hawley's reelection campaign in April. "I'm not a huge fan of the PRO Act," Hawley told Business Insider in September.
Persons: , Sen, Josh Hawley, That's, Lucas Kunce, Hawley, that's Lucas Kunce, Fred Jamison, I'm, Kunce, we'll, Let's, Donald Trump, they're Organizations: Service, Republican, National Labor Relations Board, Business, United Auto Workers, Missouri Republican, Senate, UAW, Cap Council, Observers, America, PRO, Teamsters, Republican National Committee, Democratic National Committee, Democratic, Kansas City Star Locations: Missouri
Cramer's Lightning Round: Apple is a buy
  + stars: | 2024-05-28 | by ( Julie Coleman | )   time to read: +1 min
Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Datadog's year-to-date stock performance. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Axcelis Technologies' year-to-date stock performance. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Tegna's year-to-date stock performance. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Bristol-Myers' year-to-date stock performance. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Palantir's year-to-date stock performance.
Persons: Let's, Myers, Rowe Price's, Rowe Price Organizations: Technologies, Axcelis Technologies, Novo, Novo Nordisk, Bristol, Myers, Pfizer Locations: Bristol
The ominous "Hindenburg Omen" was triggered last week, chief market technician David Keller noted Monday. .SPX YTD mountain S & P 500 "It has a track record of calling major market tops so when the Hindenburg Omen fires it's something that investors should take note of. The Russell 2000 is up just 2.5% in 2024, while the S & P 500 has advanced 11%. If anything, the technician regards the Hindenburg Omen more as an indicator of new market leadership than a harbinger of a downturn. A loss of the consumer discretionary sector, which makes up roughly one-tenth of the S & P 500, could mean a deeper drawdown of 10% to 20% in the index.
Persons: David Keller, JC O'Hara, Roth, O'Hara, Russell, He's Organizations: Street, Dow Jones
They live in a multi-story home with their children, Marlais' parents, and her brother and his family. AdvertisementI didn't know what to expect, but we loved it. Finally, my parents live in the attic. Diana Marlais, Bogdan Nicolae Dascalescu, and their child on the balcony of their apartment. Joshua Zitser/Business InsiderA lifesaver as working parentsDiana: If we didn't live with my parents, I don't know how I would go to work, walk the dogs, and do everything I do.
Persons: , Diana Marlais, Bogdan Dascalescu, Marlais, Diana, Bogdan, Bodgan, Bogdan Nicolae Dascalescu, Joshua Zitser, They're, it's Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Croatia, Romania, Zagreb, Croatia's, Dubrovnik, Bogdan
It automatically raises workers' savings rate each year, often by 1 percentage point at a time up to a cap. In an ideal world, workers would be saving at least 15% of their annual pay in a 401(k) plan, Lander said. Automated 401(k) savings is more widespreadAuto-escalation has become more widespread alongside automatic enrollment, which is when employers divert a portion of workers' paychecks into a 401(k) if they don't sign up voluntarily. Most, or 84%, of these 401(k) plans raise workers' savings rate by 1 percentage point a year. (This example doesn't account for additional financial factors like taxes or annual pay increases.)
Persons: Ellen Lander, Lander Organizations: Renaissance, of America, Finance, U.S, Labor Locations: Pearl River , New York
The past few years have seen some companies declare themselves remote-first, only to backtrack and mandate workers return to the office. One such company is Robinhood. Vlad Tenev, a cofounder and the CEO of the financial-services firm, explained in a new interview how he brought employees back to the office after initially telling them they were working at a remote-first company. AdvertisementTenev said "explaining the why of things" was important in getting employees on board with the policy reversal. In 2022 , Robinhood declared itself a remote-first company and said it would be "staying primarily remote."
Persons: Vlad Tenev, Tenev, Logan Bartlett, we've, They've, Robinhood Organizations: Service, Apple, Google, Walmart Locations: Robinhood
Decisions on additions and deletions to the Dow is made by the S & P Dow Jones Indices Index Committee. The S & P Dow Jones committee also wants to maintain adequate sector representation and it may come to believe there are other companies that better represent that corner of the market. Finally, there is the stock price issue. Unlike the S & P 500, the Dow is price weighted. Bottom line: Nvidia's 10-for-1 stock split makes it a Dow contender, but the committee has a clear preference for stocks that are well-seasoned, and not just sudden superstars.
Persons: Dow, Dow Jones Organizations: Nvidia, Intel, Dow Industrial, Dow, Companies, Cisco, Verizon Communications
United Auto Workers (UAW) members and supporters on a picket line outside the ZF Chassis Systems plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US, on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023. DETROIT – The United Auto Workers union is challenging the results of last week's organizing vote of Mercedes-Benz workers in Alabama, in which workers voted against union representation, and is asking federal officials to order a new election. Union organizing failed at the Alabama plant with 56% of the vote, or 2,642 workers, casting ballots against the UAW, according to the NLRB, which oversaw the election. The NLRB said its regional director will review the UAW's allegations of an unfair election. If after the hearing, she finds that the employer's conduct affected the election, she can order a new election.
Persons: Let's, isn't, Shawn Fain Organizations: United Auto Workers, UAW, ZF, Systems, DETROIT –, Mercedes, Benz, Union, National Labor Relations, NLRB Locations: Tuscaloosa , Alabama, Alabama, Detroit, Atlanta
The information for the following product(s) has been collected independently by Business Insider: Wyndham Rewards® Earner Plus Card, Wyndham Rewards® Earner Card, Wyndham Rewards® Earner Business Card, Capital One Spark Miles for Business†, Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business†. Introduction to Wyndham RewardsWhile it's often overshadowed by bigger and flashier hotel loyalty programs, Wyndham Rewards deserves some attention, too. How to join Wyndham Rewards and start earning points and elite statusTravelers can enroll in Wyndham Rewards for free, and automatically receive free Wi-Fi during stays. Earning Wyndham pointsThere are myriad ways to accumulate Wyndham points, beginning with the most obvious option: Hotel stays through Wyndham. Wyndham Rewards frequently asked questionsHow can I earn Wyndham Rewards points without staying at a hotel?
Persons: Wyndham, Howard Johnson, gofree Wyndham, Cardholders, cardholders, Wyndham Timeshare, you'll, it's, Wyndham Rewards, redemptions, Maui Oceanfront, Redemptions, Eric Rosen Eric Rosen, Condé Organizations: Business, Wyndham Rewards, Wyndham, Business †, Vacasa, Read, Wyndham Grand, Ramada, Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton, Diamond, Base, Caesars Entertainment, Walmart, Target, Avis, Caesars, Staples, Lowes, Apple, Marathon Gas, Wyndham Hotels, Club Wyndham, Caesars Rewards, Costco, National Parks Conservation Association, National Geographic, Bloomberg Locations: AmericInn, La, Travelodge, North America, Belize, Costa Rica, Wyndham, Paris, Las Vegas, Macy's, Grubhub, Waikiki, Oahu, Kona, Hai Villas, Kauai, Chevron, Los Angeles, Australia, Kenya, Laos
In today's big story, we're looking at the push for WFH Fridays and how that plays into the "quiet vacationing" phenomenon . The big storyAnti-office FridaysHector Roquet Rivero/Getty Images; Jenny Chang-Rodriguez/BIWith all due respect to summer Fridays, we've found a year-round replacement: WFH Fridays. But WFH Fridays' staying power remains to be seen. Which brings us back to WFH Fridays. The end result could be employers saying abuse of WFH Fridays means they need you back in the office… for good.
Persons: , Hector Roquet Rivero, Jenny Chang, Rodriguez, we've, Insider's Juliana Kaplan, Noah Sheidlower, It's, Taiyou Nomachi, millennials, they've, BI's Kelsey Vlamis, haven't, it's, Momo Takahashi, Goldman Sachs, SEB Research, That's, Andrew Caballero, Reynolds, Isabel Fernandez, OpenAI, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Altman, Y Combinator, Tyler Le, Mark Cuban, Vivek Ramaswamy, Burger King, Dan DeFrancesco, Hallam Bullock, George Glover, Grace Lett, Laine Napoli Organizations: Service, Business, Workers, Companies, RBC Capital, Pujol, BI, Microsoft, Google, Bloomberg, Finance Ministers, Central Bank Governors Locations: Dublin, Germany, Meta, BuzzFeed, New York, London, Chicago
Read previewWarning, spoilers ahead for "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga." "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" stars Anya Taylor-Joy as a young Imperator Furiosa, the warrior who was originally played by Charlize Theron in 2015's "Mad Max: Fury Road" opposite Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky. AdvertisementBecause "Furiosa" exists in the "Mad Max" franchise and takes place shortly before "Fury Road," some fans might wonder whether Hardy reprises his role as Max. Max is in "Furiosa," but Tom Hardy isn't. Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky next to his car in "Mad Max: Fury Road."
Persons: , Max, Anya Taylor, Joy, Furiosa, Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy, Max Rockatansky, George Miller, Chris Hemsworth, Hardy, Tom Hardy isn't, Praetorian Jack, Tom Burke, Immortan Joe, Lachy Hulme, he's, it's, Miller, Jacob Tomuri, Tom Hardy's, Miller's, let's, I'm Organizations: Service, Business, Fury, Warner Bros, Pictures, Collider Locations: New Zealand
I knew my assignment: I had to make the Google glue pizza. But now I'm an adult and can't be shamed for eating glue pizza.) AdvertisementIt appears that the origin of the pizza glue was a joke made on Reddit 11 years ago about adding glue to sauce. Presumably, Google AI search results will improve, and these weird flukes of bad results will become increasingly rare. DO NOT EAT GLUE PIZZA.
Persons: , it's, It's, minty, Katie Notopoulos, DKdCa6LUap, Scarlett Johansson Organizations: Service, NHL, University of Wisconsin, Business, Google
Read previewAfter a long wait, the Chevrolet Silverado EV has officially entered the electric truck wars. On this first drive with the truck, two things struck me immediately: its size and handling. Ultimately, I came away with the impression that the Silverado EV is built for people who love trucks — because of course it is. Trucks have always been Detroit's crown jewel, but big trucks and SUVs are going out of style in the EV segment. AdvertisementIn the end, the Silverado EV was fun to drive and handled well, but it's just too beefy for my taste.
Persons: , let's, you'll, Tesla, it's Organizations: Service, Chevrolet Silverado EV, Business, EPA, Detroit, Silverado
While known for sizeable pullbacks in the past, the upward trajectory of Nvidia's stock last year and this year cannot be denied. We've been in Nvidia stock since 2019, years before the AI revolution was sparked by ChatGPT's viral moment shortly after its late 2022 launch. Through its Nvidia AI Enterprise service, Nvidia is in the process of building out a potentially massive software business. With that, let's think about Nvidia stock from the perspective of a long-term investor— and that's the key consideration, the investment horizon. At the beginning of the year, Nvidia stock traded at $481 per share on a $20.80 forward earnings estimate or a forward P/E multiple of 23 times.
Persons: We've, Jim, , Jensen Huang, Leonardo da Vinci, Jim —, it's, It's, you've, Nvidia's, Colette Kress, Tesla, Kress, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Josh Edelson Organizations: Nvidia, Club, Apple, Enterprise, Devices, Intel, Investing, GE, NVIDIA, CNBC, SAP Center, Afp, Getty Locations: San Jose , California
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