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Days before admittedly stabbing and dismembering tech CEO Fahim Saleh, ex-personal assistant Tyrese Haspil admittedly used $750 of his victim's money to buy this 6-by-6-inch cake for his girlfriend. Anything less than unanimity — say if one juror accepts Haspil's EED defense and 11 do not — will cause a mistrial. Killer Tyrese Haspil, left, and Fahim Saleh in the lobby of Saleh's Lower Manhattan condo complex, one minute before the attack. Tyrese Haspil, accused of the 2020 murder-dismemberment of tech CEO Fahim Saleh, in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. Fahim Saleh is facing his killer, Tyrese Haspil, as the elevator doors close on the victim's apartment.
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Those with several student loans who apply for so-called loan consolidation by June 30 — a move that packages multiple federal student loans into a single new loan — may benefit from the temporary policy. Student loan borrowers have until the end of June to meet a deadline that could lead to quicker debt forgiveness. Many student loan borrowers have multiple education loans, either because they borrowed repeatedly throughout college or returned to school at some point. "Many borrowers will get complete debt cancellation, particularly those who have been paying for over twenty years," Fox said. Usually, a student loan consolidation restarts a borrower's forgiveness timeline to zero, making it a terrible move for those working toward cancellation.
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In New York, probation officers talk to the defendant and the prosecutor in separate pre-sentencing interviews in preparation for what's known as a pre-sentencing report. AdvertisementTrump is not getting preferential treatment by being allowed to do his interview via video and with his lawyer, a city spokeswoman told Business Insider. It is true that defendants who are locked up while awaiting sentencing typically do pre-sentencing interviews via video, defense lawyers told Business Insider. But defendants like Trump, who are at liberty, are almost always required to appear alone and in person for their probation interviews, lawyers told BI. "I've never been present at a probation interview," said veteran Legal Aid attorney Sam Roberts.
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They said my building was covered under the new Good Cause Eviction law, and my rent increase would instead be 8%. AdvertisementWhat is Good Cause Eviction? Good Cause also has what's called the reasonable rent increase measure: Buildings covered under Good Cause have limits on how much landlords can raise rent. I was under the impression that this building falls under the good cause eviction umbrella. Will Good Cause Eviction change or impact your life?
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Advertisement"The clerk of the court will give you instructions on how to go about scheduling that probation interview and getting that probation report," the judge said. But Trump won't do a penitent probation interview — or any at all, Kuby predicted. Advertisement"If he wants to show remorse, then certainly the probation report is a good place to start doing that," he added. During the first part of the interview, Trump would be asked for standard, so-called "pedigree" information — name, aliases, address, profession, marital status, that kind of thing. During the rest of the interview, Trump would be offered the chance to speak about his conviction and make a plea for leniency.
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Could Trump's next courtroom outburst or gag-violating Truth Social post really be the final straw that gets him locked up on contempt of court? "You get more due process" when you commit an act of contempt outside the courtroom, Levine said. "It's when the judge calls the court officers and tells them to surround the defendant so that he doesn't try to walk out of the courtroom." AdvertisementBut Trump already has at least two court officers standing behind him at all times in Merchan's courtroom, for his own protection. Reality will instead set in when the judge gives what's usually the final instruction to the court officers, "Take charge," Galluzzo said.
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urbazonSome student loan borrowers have until the end of Tuesday to take advantage of an opportunity to get their debt forgiven sooner than they would have otherwise. If these borrowers are enrolled in an income-driven repayment plan, it can mean that they're also on multiple different timelines to forgiveness. "This will ensure folks get the maximum number of months of credit towards student debt cancellation," Fox said. Usually, a student loan consolidation restarts a borrower's forgiveness timeline to zero, making it a terrible move for those working toward cancellation. You can apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan at or with your loan servicer.
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To ease the burden on the city’s shelter system, adult migrants will be allowed to stay in shelters for only 30 days under the agreement, city officials said. After that, they will not be able to reapply for a bed, which they are currently allowed to do. Some would be allowed to stay longer if they meet certain conditions, including having a medical disability or an “extenuating circumstance,” officials said. The changes to the so-called right-to-shelter requirement are a major shift in a policy that had set New York apart from all other big U.S. cities. In no other city must officials guarantee a bed to any homeless person who seeks one, something city officials have alternately taken pride in and fought against for decades.
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New York City has paid more than $500 million in police misconduct settlements over the past six years, including nearly $115 million in 2023, according to an analysis of city data released by the Legal Aid Society on Thursday. Fewer lawsuits are being settled each year, the society found, but the median payout has more than doubled over that period, rising from $10,500 on average in 2018 to $25,000 last year. A growing number of such settlements in recent years have resulted from lawsuits filed by people after their criminal convictions were vacated by the courts. Many of those convictions dated to the 1990s, when soaring crime rates led New York City law enforcement agencies to pursue arrests at all costs. A city Law Department spokesman said on Wednesday that there had been an increase in convictions being reversed and that settling the suits arising from those reversals avoided protracted litigation and provided justice to people who had been wrongfully convicted.
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By Jonathan AllenNEW YORK (Reuters) - Lawyers representing New Yorkers facing eviction and living in shelters sued New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday to try to force him to comply with new local laws expanding access to rental assistance. The lawsuit by the Legal Aid Society comes after the mayor unsuccessfully vetoed the new laws expanding access to vouchers for low-income New Yorkers. The New York City Council, which had voted to override the mayor's veto last July, will soon join Legal Aid in suing the mayor after making the unusual move last week. More than 36,000 households already receive housing vouchers from the city, according to Adams' office. A spokesperson for the mayor said his office was reviewing the lawsuit and that his administration would focus on working with the city council to build more affordable housing across the city.
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The cold-weather scenes have crystallized the alarming strain that the arrival of more than 140,000 asylum seekers since spring last year has placed on the city. In Chicago, migrants have been sleeping in buses and on the floor of police stations, while Massachusetts has warned that its shelter system had reached full capacity. City Hall has said budget constraints mean it will have to cut spending on migrant care soon. Anne Williams-Isom, the deputy mayor leading the city’s response to the crisis, said during a news conference last Tuesday that New York was at capacity. “We’re running out of staff, we’re running of money, we’re running out of space,” she said.
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200,149 migrants came to New York State, most of them to New York City. 200,149 migrants came to New York State, most of them to New York City. His brother-in-law, who had come to New York six months earlier, told Mr. Rodríguez there were opportunities for him in New York, and lent him money to fly here. “I didn’t want to interrupt my seven-month-pregnant wife’s rest, and we didn’t go out,” Mr. Vargas said. “Little by little we understood how to navigate the neighborhood,” Mr. Vargas said.
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The parties also asked that Judge Swain hold the city in contempt for violating a 2015 agreement that required it to make sweeping reforms. A spokesman for the city’s Law Department, Nick Paolucci, said on Saturday that the administration had made progress to address longstanding problems at Rikers and that receivership was not the solution to fix the jail system. Mr. Adams has not named a successor. The city will have a chance to respond to the filings, and then the plaintiffs will have another opportunity to answer, he said, adding that it could be well into next year before Judge Swain makes a determination on the question of receivership. To date, the city has failed to grasp the “urgency and severity” of the crisis it has created, said Mary Lynne Werlwas, director of the Prisoners’ Rights Project at the Legal Aid Society.
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Olivier Douliery | Afp | Getty ImagesAmberlee McGaughey, a librarian in Pennsylvania, was not worried about the restart of student loan payments. In August, she applied for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program with her loan servicer, MOHELA, or the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority. Around 7% of student loan borrowers are now more than $100,000 in debt. "The government has made all these announcements, and it's really confusing to people," said Scott Buchanan, executive director of the Student Loan Servicing Alliance, a trade group for federal student loan servicers. Her original student loan bill of $483, which was listed as due on Oct. 20, wasn't affordable for her.
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[1/2] New York City Mayor Eric Adams delivers a speech during a meeting with migrants, community leaders, and mayors from the Mixteca region, in Puebla, Mexico October 5, 2023. That New York City's mayor has traveled thousands of miles to make his case highlights how the latest wave of migrants is reshaping the immigration debate among some Democratic leaders. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been busing thousands of migrants north to New York, Chicago and other Democratic-controlled cities. They have said his remarks last month that the migrant crisis will "destroy New York City" are inflammatory. To counter this, the city should be making its own videos in the languages of the migrants traveling north, Goldfein said.
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Members of the New York Police Department (NYPD) watch a Black Lives Matter protest in Manhattan, New York City, U.S. November 5, 2020. Kettling involves creating a cordon of police officers to surround a crowd in order to control it. Critics say the tactic ensnares lawful protesters and innocent bystanders. The settlement resolves a lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, the Legal Aid Society and the New York Civil Liberties Union. The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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Kettling involves creating a cordon of police officers to surround a crowd in order to control it. Critics say the tactic ensnares lawful protesters and innocent bystanders. The settlement resolves a lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, the Legal Aid Society and the New York Civil Liberties Union. Similar protests rocked cities across the United Sates. The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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Recently arrived migrants to New York City wait on the sidewalk outside the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown, Manhattan, where a temporary reception center has been established in New York City, New York, U.S., August 1, 2023. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File PhotoNEW YORK, Aug 4 (Reuters) - A New York State Supreme Court judge on Friday ordered the city of New York to spell out what it needs from the state to solve its migrant housing crisis, ratcheting up pressure on authorities struggling to respond as thousands of migrants seek refuge in the city. The order by New York State Supreme Court Judge Erika Edwards came after a hearing the Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless had asked the court to hold Friday, citing a 1981 consent decree under which the city and the state must shelter those in need. Edwards gave the city until Wednesday to identify state facilities and resources it needs to provide appropriate shelter. Following the court order, the New York City mayor's office said the city needed state and federal support to address a crisis, without offering specifics.
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“There are many ways the city could shelter everyone who is on that sidewalk if that is what they wanted to do,” he said. Fabien Levy, a spokesman for the mayor, said on Tuesday that the 194 locations the city has opened to shelter asylum seekers are at capacity. “Our teams run out of space every single day, and we do our best to offer placements where we have space available,” he said. He added that the city is adding two more big humanitarian relief centers in the coming weeks, including a mega-tent big enough for 1,000 people in the parking lot of a state psychiatric hospital in Queens. The city has estimated that the migrants will cost more than $4 billion over two years.
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[1/3] Asylum-seekers arrive at the Roosevelt Hotel where migrants are currently being housed in New York City, U.S., May 19, 2023. REUTERS/David 'Dee' Delgado/File PhotoWASHINGTON, July 19 (Reuters) - New York City will distribute flyers at the U.S.-Mexico border telling newly arrived migrants to "consider another city" and limit shelter stays for adult asylum seekers to 60 days as the city's Democratic mayor says it is straining to house them. New York City says that it has provided services to 90,000 migrants since last spring and that nearly 55,000 remain in its care. Thousands of those migrants arrived on buses sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican who has tried to shift the burden of receiving them to Democratic strongholds. "Please consider another city as you make your decision about where to settle in the U.S.," it reads in English and Spanish.
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A man walking by inquired about the purpose of the shoot. “To get a person out of jail,” said Nicole Mull, a Legal Aid Society lawyer working with the filmmaker, David Simpson. Some are submitted as part of plea-bargain negotiations, in the hope of reducing a felony to a misdemeanor or to even get a case dismissed. Such videos tend to be employed by wealthier defendants in federal cases. The production quality and cost vary widely, but a high-end video can easily cost more than $10,000 — perhaps significantly more.
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The NewsThe Manhattan district attorney’s office on Tuesday sought the dismissal of 316 convictions tied to a group of New York Police Department officers, sergeants and detectives who have been convicted of crimes related to their work. Hundreds of misdemeanors were thrown out in court on Tuesday, and eight felonies are expected to be tossed Wednesday. The reason was due process violations, according to a statement from the district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg. Eight of the officers who brought the cases have been convicted of charges such as official misconduct, planting drugs, taking bribes, petty theft and lying under oath. A ninth officer, Oscar Sandino, has been convicted of two counts of deprivation of civil rights, a federal misdemeanor, for coerced sexual misconduct against two women in custody.
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Many American cities like New York struggle to rein in losses from fare evasion, in part because the cost of penalizing transit users can exceed the amount of money collected from fining them. For New York, police enforcement is “part of the solution in the long run,” Janno Lieber, the authority’s chairman, said during a news conference about the new study. Police officials declared a crackdown on so-called quality-of-life offenses in March 2022, and enforcement rose by about 28 percent to 80,000 fare evasion summonses that year compared with 62,380 in 2021, according to the M.T.A. Arrests and summonses for fare evasion have disproportionately fallen on Black and Latino New Yorkers, giving fuel to critics of the approach. During 2022, they accounted for 73 percent of people arrested and given a summons for fare evasion among all incidents in which race and ethnicity were reported by the police, according to an analysis by Harold Stolper, an economist at Columbia University who studies fare evasion policing patterns in the city.
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CNN —A New York City woman was indicted on seven felony hate crime charges in connection with a string of anti-Asian attacks on the city’s Upper West Side, the Manhattan district attorney’s office said Wednesday. The six attacks took place from March 16 to May 11, all within blocks of one another, prosecutors said. Rodriguez allegedly continued to punch the victim after the two fell to the ground, the district attorney’s office said. One of the friends pushed Rodriguez off the person whose hair was pulled, and Rodriguez allegedly pushed her electric scooter into that friend’s leg, bruising it, prosecutors said. The friend who’d earlier pushed Rodriguez pushed her again, and Rodriguez struck him with a semi-closed fist, according to prosecutors.
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City officials have said they expect as many as 1,000 people a day to come after the rule is lifted. Already people have been crossing into the United States from Mexico in anticipation of the change. New York City has opened eight humanitarian relief centers as city officials have moved to help more than 61,000 migrants who have arrived over the last year. New York is the only major city in the country that provides “right to shelter,” the result of a legal agreement that requires the city to provide a bed to anyone who needs one under certain conditions. Under the nightly-deadline rule, homeless families with children who arrive at a shelter-system office by 10 p.m. must be given beds in a shelter the same night.
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