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Read previewThis as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Nandita Gupta, an accessibility product manager at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. I'm an accessibility product manager at Microsoft. Since December 2021, I've worked as an accessibility product manager for Accessibility Insights, a suite of products that helps developers code with accessibility in mind. There came a moment in my manufacturing job when I asked myself, "What am I doing? Taking the Microsoft job doubled my earnings from my last job — my annual income was around $75,000 in manufacturing, and the move to Microsoft brought my total compensation to over $170,000.
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I decided to leave investment banking because I'd lost the meaning and purpose of my work, and I wanted to find it. Becoming a managing director wasn't a specific goal when I started in investment banking. I realized money is just part of the puzzle. The biggest expense isn't the business investment but the opportunity cost and covering my living expenses while extending my financial runway. I don’t have fixed commitments, like a mortgage or children, which gave me the flexibility to leave my banking career.
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5 Trends to Bet Your Career On
  + stars: | 2023-11-22 | by ( Business Insider | )   time to read: +1 min
Innovation undoubtedly drives business growth — but it also powers new and exciting career opportunities. Artificial intelligence probably comes to mind as one example, especially in the wake of generative AI, but that's not the only story. AdvertisementIn this series, 5 Trends to Bet Your Career On, Business Insider is highlighting five fast-moving trends that are activating new professional opportunities for those just starting out, as well as those looking for something new. Each of the trends is explained in detail, with an accompanying essay from someone who has chosen that path. Credits:Series Editors: Madeline Berg, Lauryn Haas, Julia Hood, Manseen Logan, Nathan McAlone, Josée Rose, Bartie Scott, Debbie Strong.
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I was then promoted to activities manager, and in 2020, I became Royal Caribbean's second-youngest cruise director on Spectrum of the Seas. People may think of a cruise ship as a mode of transportation to a different country, but really, it's another destination. We regularly throw big parties onboard, but one of the most memorable parties was when the Spectrum of the Seas was christened in 2019 by the actress Angelababy in Shanghai. My favorite port is BarcelonaThe cruise port is at the bottom of Las Ramblas, a large boulevard that runs through the city. Do you work on a cruise ship and want to share your story?
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Mark Radcliffe spent over 12 years in NYC before moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in September 2020. I got his point, but after 12 years in the city, I decided to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The $10,000 wasn't my biggest motivation — I wanted to embark on a new adventure with like-minded risk-takers and lower my living expenses. Courtesy of Mark RadcliffeI bought a used piano for the living room, started hosting music-themed cocktail parties and dinners regularly, and built a new community. Tulsa has a more leisurely heartbeat, but it's a place where you always have time to stop and connect with others.
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I'd lived in New York City for 35 years, but Paris had been in the back of my mind since 2016. COVID-19 quashed an earlier attempt to leave New York City in March 2020, so almost two years later, I boarded the plane shortly after my 79th birthday. I chose Paris for a few reasonsHaving spent about half of my adult years enjoying New York City, I wanted something else for the penultimate stage of life. The learning continuesThough I sold my New York apartment for a nice price, it wasn't enough for an appropriate place in Paris. The dream of visiting Paris usually includes spending your days going to museums and having coffee at sidewalk cafés.
Persons: Mary Jane Wilkie, I'd, I've, Paris, Charles, carte vitale, Lauryn Haas Organizations: Service, New, Gaulle, Eiffel, Paris, lhaas Locations: NYC, Paris, Wall, Silicon, New York City, COVID, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Europe, France, New York, York
I didn't know a single person in Montana, but after I visited Bozeman, something about it felt like home. I had a big title but a terrible bank account and felt trapped. I look back on my life in NYC and see how anxious and exhausted I was. People are aware of you in a way that they aren't in a big city, where you can blend in. Buying a house in MontanaLester with her friends at her house in Montana.
Persons: Shallon Lester, she's, I've, Lester, Christian Dior, I'm, Montana Lester, Shallon Lester I lucked, Montana I've, I'd, Guys I've, haven't, it's, Lauryn Haas Organizations: Service, Lean, lhaas Locations: New York City, Bozeman , Montana, Montana, Wall, Silicon, California, Bozeman, Manhattan, Manhattan . Bozeman, NYC, Bozeman I'm, Los Angeles
Emma Brooke moved from Berlin to New York City in 2022 after working throughout Europe and Japan. After a decade of working all over Europe and in Japan, I moved my job to New York City from Berlin in 2022. But in some ways, the differences have been just as hard to navigate as when I moved to Tokyo. Here are some of the biggest culture shocks I've encountered and how I survived them. Work-life balanceEurope's work culture is the stuff of legend — 30 days of vacation, two-hour lunches, and no emails after 5 p.m.
Persons: Emma Brooke, I've, , Brooke, Emma Brooke In, I, It's, wasn't, Slack, I'd, Lauryn Haas Organizations: Service, lhaas Locations: Berlin, New York City, Europe, Japan, Wall, Silicon, Tokyo, New York, Emma Brooke In Paris, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Paris
In this as-told-to essay, Lisa Grotts describes leaving San Francisco after years of loving it. I moved to San Francisco in 1984. San Francisco has changed a lotLisa Mirza Grotts said she never expected to move out of San Francisco. Now that I'm not a San Francisco taxpayer, I don't have to complain about what goes on. Did you leave San Francisco recently?
Persons: Lisa Grotts, , Lisa Mirza Grotts, It's, I'd, Willie Brown, I've, Grotts, Lauryn Haas Organizations: San, Service, Nordstrom, Safeway, lhaas Locations: San Francisco, Healdsburg , California, Williams, Sonoma, Healdsburg
Evangelina Petrakis is a designer, a social-media influencer, and the founder of EP Jewels. She's made more than $1 million in sales in less than two years to her followers across platforms. I had loved jewelry since I was a little girl, so in 2021, I made the switch and started marketing my own designs under a new name: EP Jewels. Since starting the jewelry business, I've recorded $1 million in sales. I've stayed close to my niche by not creating TikTok videos that aren't relevant to me, such as TikTok dances.
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Her main tips for success are to reach out to anyone you know in the golf world and stay positive. Now I'm a cart girl on a Las Vegas golf course, and I share my experience on TikTok with my 2.1 million followers. I usually make between $400 and $500 in tips a day on top of my salary. You can have as much fun partying on the golf course as you can at a day club in Vegas. Looks and outfits get you only so far, so you have to have the personality to make the golfers' day.
Lauren Balcioni is a beverage cart girl who works at a Bay Area golf course on the weekends. She decorates her cart to get extra tips, and she said dressing up for holidays also helps. Her job looked like something I could do on the weekends when my husband, who I'm separated from, looks after the baby. I was up-front that I didn't, and, to be honest, I still really don't. The training process was just shadowing the best cart girl and having her show me everything that she does.
Taylor Futch travels the world, making pit stops along the way to work in party hostels. For the past two years I've traveled the world and worked at a variety of party hostels in Central America and Europe. Futch at a party hostel. If you plan on going to sleep at 8 p.m., I wouldn't recommend staying at a party hostel. Do you work in a party hostel and want to share your story?
In 2017, I started to research how to make money online and teach myself digital marketing because I wanted to make extra money from home while taking care of my boys. I repurpose my videos on YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, which brings in additional revenue. Video titles that I've seen success with are related to working from home, how to work remotely, and how to make money online. I also just hired someone to start repurposing all my YouTube videos and turn them into 60-second vertical videos for TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook all work on algorithms, and they need time to learn about your content so they can show it to the right people.
Latasha Peterson started her blog, Arts and Budgets, in 2016 to help people find ways to earn money. How can I help my target audience with my product and services this month? Should I create a new product or service to help my target audience on a deeper level? What do you want to accomplish in the next three to six months with your side hustle or blog business? Consistency has also helped me develop relationships with my target audience, brands, and collaborators, which has helped my blog become profitable.
She now owns the rights to sell Frios gourmet ice pops at $4 each in parts of Georgia. At the end of that summer, I took a trip to the Frios gourmet ice-pop store she told me about. I used my savings to buy the Frios territory for my townFrios ice pops. I also bought a refrigerated cart and 1,000 ice pops that I stored in a new freezer I bought for my home. I opened my second Frios store on May 7, 2022, in Auburn, Alabama, which my sister now runs.
Erin Booth is a virtual assistant who coaches others, sells courses, and runs a YouTube channel. Her advice for getting started as a virtual assistant is to reach out to past colleagues for work. She ended up being my first virtual assistant client, and she hired me to do a few easy personal tasks for her, like organizing her Google Drive. I asked myself "What kind of skills or training did I wish I had when I first started as a virtual assistant?" Are you a virtual assistant who wants to share your story?
Taylor Futch works at party hostels and does everything from leading pub crawls to manning the desk. I worked at 4 hostels in 2022After Brazil, I worked at one of Europe's famous party hostels, Rising Cock Party Hostel in Lagos, Portugal, for two months and had an incredible experience. My job is to get to know the guests and host a series of nightly events like beer pong and pub trivia. You're bound to find some interesting things while cleaning inside a party hostel. My birthday fell on a Thursday, which is when my hostel has its weekly party, so I wound up DJing.
Deanna Coll is a cocktail waitress at a nightclub in New York City and a model during the day. In her experience, New Year's Eve is overhyped, tips aren't great, and everyone is from out of town. I started working as a cocktail waitress in 2019. I had absolutely no serving experience when I first started looking for a job. Are you a cocktail waitress who wants to share your story?
Kathryn Cross is the founder of Anja Health, a cord blood bank that freezes stem cells for future disease treatment purposes. I first heard about the startup accelerator Y Combinator when I was studying at Wellesley College and taking entrepreneurship classes at MIT. Many of the founders living in the house were in Y Combinator, and they told me how beneficial it was. I left my job with Publicis Sapient in June 2021 to begin working full-time for Anja Health. Did you go through Y Combinator and have a story to tell?
Erin Booth is a virtual assistant who coaches others, sells courses, and runs a YouTube channel. Her advice for getting started as a virtual assistant is to reach out to past colleagues for work. She ended up being my first virtual assistant client, and she hired me to do a few easy personal tasks for her, like organizing her Google Drive. I asked myself "What kind of skills or training did I wish I had when I first started as a virtual assistant?" Are you a virtual assistant who wants to share your story?
On average, an A.Team mission is a 12-month engagement. I usually take on one full-time mission that requires 35 to 40 hours per week and a couple smaller missions that require five to 10 hours per week. So I took a hybrid approach and freelanced for a few years on top of my full-time job at Landyachtz. That's my biggest piece of advice to anyone trying to make their side hustle their full-time job: Create a safety net, then take the leap. This is eroding trust employees once had in the full-time work model.
Cassie Holland lost her job during the pandemic and became a cart girl at a Las Vegas golf course. I got to the golf course and it had palm trees and little animals running around. About a year into working as a cart girl, I started putting videos on TikTokHolland with a golfer. I still hear from people from across the country asking if I can come to their golf course to work there. Working as a golf cart girl has totally changed my life.
Model Patxi Areitio rents out seven boats on the boat-rental app GetMyBoat in Miami, Florida. During the summer, he can make up to $100,000 in revenue in a month, but there are also slow periods. This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Patxi Areitio, a 34-year-old model and owner of a boat-rental business in Miami, Florida. A post shared by Frank Louis Photography (@franklouisphoto)Now, I can make up to $100,000 in revenue in a single month during the high season. Whether it's answering clients or having the pieces ready for maintenance, I can confidently say we're one of the most efficient boat rentals in Miami.
Emma Rogue is the founder of Rogue, a vintage store in New York that has fans like Post Malone. He said I should make a video about my Depop store, Rogue — which remained separate from my job at Depop — instead. Depop eventually offered me a full-time job, but I decided to see where I could take Rogue instead and left Depop Space NY in October 2020. The business still has startup vibes, but we have more processes in placeShoppers in the Rogue store. I'm earning more than when I was working at Depop Space NY, but I'm so grateful to Depop because this is how I got my start.
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