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Hollywood saw weak box office sales over Memorial Day weekend, despite new releases. Memorial Day weekend box office revenue is down 40% year-over-year. Studios hope upcoming releases like "Deadpool & Wolverine" will boost summer sales. Warner Bros. claimed "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" brought in $25.6 million in ticket sales through Sunday. Meanwhile, Sony expects "Garfield" to make $31.9 million from total Memorial Day weekend sales through Monday.
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Basketball legend Bill Walton died after a battle with cancer, the NBA announced May 27. Walton, 71, won two NCAA titles and two NBA championships. AdvertisementBasketball legend Bill Walton has died after a prolonged battle with cancer, the National Basketball Association announced on May 27. Walton, 71, played center and won two National Collegiate Athletic Association titles while playing with UCLA. He was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 1993, followed by the College Basketball Hall of Fame in 2006.
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The port's terminal was blocked after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed and killed six workers. AdvertisementTwo months after Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed, cruise ships are now taking off from the Port of Baltimore. The two trips are notable as the first cruise ships to leave Baltimore since the port was blocked by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26. The Francis Scott Key Bridge services about 30,000 people a day. AdvertisementOne week ago, the port's terminal was the headquarters for the recovery operations for the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Daniels added.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Mobile-marketing firm Tappa wants to help brands with some of those problems by driving traffic and engagement within mobile apps. The firm is pitching a software-development kit, or SDK, that app publishers can use to create branded mobile keyboards in their apps. The branded keyboards use deep linking to drive people to specific parts of an app. These branded keyboards are opened half a million times each month, Giel said.
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Read previewTwo-year-old Graza has popularized squeeze bottles filled with olive oil that appear in seemingly every food influencer's social videos. And those influencers are playing a key role in the brand's largest product launch to date beyond the squeezable bottles: Beer-can refills. On May 9, Graza rolled out beer cans of olive oil, sending the new product to about 300 creators, said Kendall Dickinson, head of social and influencer marketing for Graza. The goal was to show people how to refill the signature squeezable bottles with more sustainable cans and a kitchen funnel. For example, a TikTok and Instagram video shows how to make onion rings using Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and Graza's olive oil.
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Adtech firm TripleLift has partnered with Amazon on so-called native ads. TripleLift will also pitch the product to other retailers with other types of ad formats. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementAdtech firm TripleLift has partnered with Amazon to allow advertisers to extend campaigns beyond Amazon's own websites. New York-based TripleLift, founded in 2012, sells these formats on behalf of publishers, and the ads are designed to resemble publishers' content.
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Plus, the pandemic and the shift to working from home have made millennials and Gen Z lonelier than ever, thanks in part to doomscrolling. "I believe the conventional 'make friends' apps too closely mimic the dating model, which can feel awkward and high-pressure for making friends," he said. The group hosts "reading parties" at bars and event spaces with the goal of helping people connect through reading. Dinner With Friends, a group that throws dinner parties, has worked on sponsored events with brands like Bumble and Geneva. Dinner With Friends founder Anita Michaud said brands typically either sponsor entire dinners or provide products — like canned cocktails — for the dinner parties.
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A new wave of startups are trying to change the digital advertising industry. They're pitching new tech for cookieless ads, streaming TV, and influencer marketing. Here are 24 pitch decks that startups have used to attract investors. AdvertisementAfter years of challenges securing funding, a new wave of advertising startups is raising millions. Here are 24 pitch decks that top execs and founders have used to sell investors on their companies.
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Read previewMeta is giving advertisers more generative AI tools. Meta's AI can create full image variations — though advertisers need to feed an image to Meta to create an ad. AdvertisementMeta said that it has started rolling out the generative AI features and they will be available globally to all advertisers by the end of the year. "What we are hearing from advertisers is that these generative AI tools are saving time and resources while increasing productivity," he said. Alvin Bowles, VP of Meta's global business group, said that Meta is working with agencies and brands to educate them on how to use generative AI tools to make their jobs more efficient.
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Virgin Voyages created a virtual version of Jennifer Lopez, "Jen AI." Virgin Voyages/VMLAgency: VMLThe campaign: Last summer, Virgin Voyages created "Jen AI," an online platform that allowed users to send a personalized video of Jennifer Lopez to their friends to invite them to go on a cruise. The "Jen AI" was trained on Lopez reading a script using technology from SpeakUnique. Meanwhile, guardrails were built in by a team of moderators, including an updated list of banned words Jen-AI wouldn't say. VML says the campaign delivered nearly 20 million impressions and that 15% of global visitors to had consumed content related to the Jen-AI campaign.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. The firm closed a $33 million round of Series B funding, with the bulk of the money going toward building out its advertising business, CEO Tyler Denk told Business Insider. With the new round of funding, Beehiiv hopes to make $5 million from ads in 2024, he said. AdvertisementBeehiiv acquired the email ad platform Swapstack and launched its ad network that places ads in newsletters during the third quarter of 2023. Beehiiv's Denk said that Beehiiv has a "difference in philosophy" on ads than Substack does.
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To do so, Edelman recently promoted Brian Buchwald to global chair of product and AI to oversee the firm's AI investments. Buchwald joined Edelman in 2023 and was previously the global head of product, trust data, and technology at the firm. Previously, this tool used small language models and now uses generative AI and large language models, Buchwald said. Using generative AI has increased the tool's ability to predict future trustworthiness with 97% accuracy, he said. More broadly, holding companies have made significant investments into generative AI for content creation that compete with Edelman.
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Executives looking to boost their own profiles have for years paid freelancers to ghostwrite their LinkedIn posts. Now big PR firms are getting into the game, and LinkedIn profile management is going mainstream. Business Insider spoke to 14 PR firms that said more companies are asking for LinkedIn writing and strategy services for their leaders. Zappa said he does not offer specific rates for LinkedIn posts and instead includes LinkedIn in broader content contracts. However, he estimated that PR firms solely focused on LinkedIn ghostwriting could charge companies $5,000 a month for three to five LinkedIn posts.
Persons: Erin Ledbetter, Weber Shandwick, Ogilvy, Contessa Kellogg, Winters, resharing, There's, Lana McGilvray, Katie Burcham Glasshoff, execs, Chris Harihar, Dan Allocca, Joe Zappa, Zappa, Nicola Dodd, Laura Franklin, Franklin, Kim Metcalfe, Zeno Group's, , upend ghostwriting, William Dobinson, Farrer Kane, Greg Swan, Lewis Goldberg, Claude Organizations: Business, Zeno, LinkedIn, Weber, Purpose, The Washington Post, BCW, Crenshaw Communications, Sharp Pen Media, Ogilvy UK, ghostwriting, London, Finn Partners, KCSA Strategic Communications Locations: Ketchum, gatekeepers, Midwest
Amazon is also staffing up for Prime Video sales teams, recently hiring ad veteran and former NBCUniversal sales exec Krishnan Bhatia as VP of global video advertising for Amazon Ads. Advertisers' initial reaction to Prime Video ads was mixedAdvertisers reacted with a mix of excitement and skepticism when Prime Video entered the TV ad market last year. Amazon estimated Prime Video ads would reach 115 million monthly viewers in the US. AdvertisementBut the skepticism was short-lived as Amazon set Prime Video up for success in several ways. Amazon will also have to start regularly sharing data showing advertisers how many people are actually watching Prime Video and for how long.
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Advertising tech companies are rushing to move away from third-party cookies. They're also developing new products for hot areas like streaming TV and retail media. With big challenges like the death of third-party cookies and new opportunities from areas like retail media and streaming TV, adtech companies are in a race for the industry's top talent. And they're hoping to cash in on the rise of retail media from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger. They're also aiming to solve for cookieless advertising as Google's Chrome browser removes third-party cookies used for targeting and measuring digital ads, and they're developing next-generation generative AI tools.
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Read previewIn an October YouTube video, lifestyle creator Shelby Church talks about quitting Airbnb. This new ad structure that's being incorporated into YouTube and TikTok videos could help generate passive revenue for creators. That's similar to the model for Google's AdSense program for the standard ads that air during a YouTube video. In creator videos, product placement has mainly appeared in the background of show-like setups, like video podcasts. Rembrand's AI tool creates and places the adRembrand aims to use AI to make product placement easier for brands and creators.
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"Advertising on Reddit is rapidly evolving, and we are still in the early phases of growing this business," Reddit wrote in its IPO filing. The company said advertisers were attracted to Reddit due to its "high-intent" audience, much of which is hunting for product recommendations. And elsewhere, Reddit doesn't have the kind of e-commerce structure that Meta, TikTok, and Google have built, experts said. It has poached ad talent from companies like Pinterest and Meta to grow its ad business. Also last year, Jim Squires, a former longtime Meta ad exec, joined Reddit in a new role as EVP of business marketing and growth.
Persons: it's, Reddit, Reddit hasn't, Brad Kay, Reddit didn't, haven't, TikTok, Jerry Daykin, Daykin, Carly Carson, Reddit doesn't, Anthony Macro, Harold Klaje, Klaje, Jim Squires, Jeff MacDonald, That's, MacDonald, PMG's Carson Organizations: Google, Business, Brand, Meta, Beam Suntory, PPC, Reddit, YouTube Locations: Meta
Earlier this month, the adtech firm Kevel announced that it had raised $23 million in a Series C round of funding to help retailers set up and run advertising businesses. Fourteen-year-old Kevel, formerly known as Adzerk, sells software that brands, including Klarna and Delivery Hero, pay a monthly fee for to manage advertising businesses on e-commerce websites. Kevel's products help retailers sell search ads on e-commerce websites, provide an ad server to manage and place ads, and give access to an audience tool that collects retailers' first-party data. Kevel competes with a growing number of adtech firms that help retailers stand up ad businesses, like Criteo, Epsilon, and Microsoft. Kevel doesn't sell ads, which Avery said the firm benefits from as more retailers like Target's Roundel take their ad businesses in-house.
Persons: Kevel, James Avery, Puja Rios, , Avery, Morgan Stanley Organizations: Business, Walmart, Epsilon, Microsoft, Interactive, Fulcrum, Partners, Godwin Capital Group, Iberis, Dunnhumby Ventures, Commerce Ventures
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewMarketing-tech firm Zenapse has raised $8 million in a seed round of funding to equip marketers with tools that drive sales. Zenapse provides a marketing graph that collects anonymous data about 150 million consumers, equivalent to 3.5 billion pieces of data. In another example, marketers use Zenapse's tools to test what images and copy people respond to, which Bernardini said indicates a person's emotions and beliefs. He said Zenapse wants to differentiate itself by using AI to infer emotional data that can spit insights out to brands quickly.
Persons: , Zenapse, Matthew Bernardini, Bernardini Organizations: Service, Business, Sam's, Prosper, Adobe, Naples Technology Ventures, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Broad, BaseCamp Ventures Locations: Naples
Read previewTarget quietly rolled out a new way for advertisers to buy ads as it tries to win bigger budgets from brands. They added that Roundel Media Studio is intended to be a one-stop shop for advertisers buying search ads. Amazon runs its own ad business in-house, and retailers like Walmart, Kroger, and Albertsons have also recently taken parts of their ad businesses in-house. "Roundel Media Studio brings together many of Roundel's solutions and tools, starting with our sponsored product ads, Target Product Ads by Roundel," the landing page says. AdvertisementTinuiti's Marsten said Target needs to roll out other self-service tools to better compete with Amazon and Walmart.
Persons: , Briana Finelli, Elizabeth Marsten, Wavemaker's Finelli, Criteo, it's, Tinuiti's Marsten Organizations: Service, Media, Business, Target, Procter, Gamble, Unilever, Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Amazon Locations: Criteo, Wavemaker, Tinuiti
Read previewAmazon's push to grow its $47 billion ad business beyond its core search ads is starting to gain steam with advertisers. About 70% to 80% of advertisers' Amazon budgets go to search ads that drive sales, said Laura Meyer, founder and CEO of Amazon agency Envision Horizons. But Amazon is increasingly investing in adtech to grow its ad business beyond search placements and better compete with giants like Meta and Google. AdvertisementPower said that brands often spend 8% of Amazon sales on ads — mostly search ads that drive sales. He said clients are now increasing budgets to represent 12% to 15% of Amazon sales, with the incremental dollars going toward Amazon's adtech formats.
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In addition to Diaz, the lawsuit names Merkley+Partners and its parent company Omnicom Group as defendants. Merkley+Partners is a 30-year-old full-service ad firm that has created campaigns for brands including Mercedes-Benz, White Castle, and Florida's Natural. "You went down on me, I went down on you, we had sex," the lawsuit says Diaz told the plaintiff. The lawsuit also says O'Rear was "treated in a cruel and callous fashion" during the firm's investigation. O'Rear's attorney told BI she was no longer working at the ad agency but declined to comment further.
Persons: , Armando Diaz, Diaz, Merkley, we've, Erin Johnson, Walter Thompson, Mr, O'Rear, I'm, Armando Organizations: Service, New York, Business, Partners, Omnicom Group, Mercedes, Benz, Merkley, WPP, Industry, de Mayo Locations: New York City, Manhattan, White, de
The new missionDeveloping and scaling this cookie replacement has become the new mission for The Trade Desk, one of adtech's greatest independent success stories. While many other adtech companies offered this service, The Trade Desk over the years proved it could do it better. The Trade DeskWith cookies disappearing, The Trade Desk is approaching its first big test. These deals are typically cut with major advertising agency holding companies and don't usually include adtech platforms like The Trade Desk. "These next 12 months for The Trade Desk are going to be difficult and not the experience that you're used to," this person said.
Persons: Jeff Green, Andrew Casale, Brian Wieser, Samantha Jacobs, hasn't, There's, Tom Triscari, It's, they're, Greg Doherty, Jeff, Green, Criteo, Megan Clarken, Dan Salmon, they've Organizations: Trade, Universal, Google, Business, Exchange, Company, BI, Disney, The Washington Post, Yahoo, Wall Street, Projects, CTV, CBS, The, Arete Research, Intelligence, Variety, Street Research
Read previewThere's a lot of doom and gloom in the digital ad industry, but a handful of adtech firms are showing surprising growth. But advertisers are also bracing for Google to kill third-party cookies in Chrome browsers at the end of this year. AdvertisementThe death of third-party cookies is loomingHowever, adtech firms are also bracing for the death of third-party cookies this year, and the loss of third-party cookies isn't accurately shown in companies' earnings yet. Google killed 1% of third-party cookies from Chrome in January and plans to stop supporting them by the end of the year. Adtech firms including The Trade Desk and PubMatic haven't estimated the potential impact of cookies, but both cite cookies as risk factors in their annual reports.
Persons: , Magnite, Mark Wright, Wright, Rajeev Goel, PubMatic, Goel, Prohaska Consulting's Wright, Criteo, haven't, Todd Parsons Organizations: Service, Trade, Business, Google, Prohaska Consulting, Unity Software, CTV
Business Insider is compiling its annual list of rising stars transforming how digital ads are bought and sold. We're looking for up-and-comers specializing in adtech at adtech firms, brands, agencies, and publishers. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementWe're seeking nominations for Business Insider's third annual list showcasing the rising stars of advertising tech, and we want to hear from you. Criteria and methodologyThe list will profile talent at adtech companies, as well as adtech specialists at ad agencies, publishers, retailers, and platforms.
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