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Days before admittedly stabbing and dismembering tech CEO Fahim Saleh, ex-personal assistant Tyrese Haspil admittedly used $750 of his victim's money to buy this 6-by-6-inch cake for his girlfriend. Anything less than unanimity — say if one juror accepts Haspil's EED defense and 11 do not — will cause a mistrial. Killer Tyrese Haspil, left, and Fahim Saleh in the lobby of Saleh's Lower Manhattan condo complex, one minute before the attack. Tyrese Haspil, accused of the 2020 murder-dismemberment of tech CEO Fahim Saleh, in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. Fahim Saleh is facing his killer, Tyrese Haspil, as the elevator doors close on the victim's apartment.
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New Jersey officials revealed this week that they are looking at the licenses at his three golf courses there. AdvertisementThese states prohibit felons or people convicted of "moral" offenses such as fraud from holding a liquor license. Say Trump is landlord to the bar operators at one of these properties, and it's the bar operators who hold the liquor license, Pierce said. If Trump is charging the bar a flat rent, his felony status won't impact that liquor license. Trump would still have options, though, even if his hush-money conviction voided one or more of his liquor licenses.
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In New York, probation officers talk to the defendant and the prosecutor in separate pre-sentencing interviews in preparation for what's known as a pre-sentencing report. AdvertisementTrump is not getting preferential treatment by being allowed to do his interview via video and with his lawyer, a city spokeswoman told Business Insider. It is true that defendants who are locked up while awaiting sentencing typically do pre-sentencing interviews via video, defense lawyers told Business Insider. But defendants like Trump, who are at liberty, are almost always required to appear alone and in person for their probation interviews, lawyers told BI. "I've never been present at a probation interview," said veteran Legal Aid attorney Sam Roberts.
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AdvertisementWill Merchan sentence Donald Trump to jail? Merchan will not sentence Trump to prison, the four agreed. Merchan could theoretically sentence Trump to as little as a single day in Rikers, said Kamins, now in private practice at Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins. But even in the unlikely event of a low-jail sentence, Trump's appeals would keep him at liberty for years, all four judges said. "I certainly don't know what the right decision is, or what Judge Merchan will do," Obus told BI.
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Related storiesBusiness Insider located the Facebook comment, which was timestamped 4:39 p.m. on May 29, a day before the jury verdict. Advertisement"Now we are married ❤️ 😁," he posted in response to another Facebook comment, which criticized his purported cousin. FacebookOn his Facebook page, Anderson describes himself as "Transabled & a professional shit poster." Michael Anderson's Facebook page describes him as a "professional shitposter." While it remains unclear how significant the Facebook post will become during the proceedings leading up to Trump's sentencing, it could complicate things.
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In late 2023, the Arena Group lost the rights to publish SI, its best-known brand, after the 5-Hour Energy creator Manoj Bhargava took over Arena and missed a licensing payment to Authentic Brands Group. ABG awarded the publishing license to Minute Media and sued Bhargava for $49 million, accusing him of acting like a "gangster" in their negotiations. Bhargava's lawsuit adds to the morass of legal actions that have formed around the Arena Group. In early April, ABG sued Arena and Bhargava over the missed licensing payment and a $45 million termination fee. Ross Levinsohn, the Arena CEO who was fired in 2023 when Bhargava took over, has also sued Arena, claiming he was retaliated against.
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Former President Donald Trump is a convicted felon after the recent verdict in the hush-money trial. Trump's New York license to carry a concealed weapon was already suspended last year, CNN reported. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump's New York license to carry a weapon is likely about to be revoked by the New York Police Department, CNN reported. A senior police official told CNN that the NYPD is preparing to strip away the former president's license following his recent conviction in the hush-money trial.
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Read previewDonald Trump's legal team has asked for the judge who presided over his criminal hush-money trial to lift his gag order, which would give him a free hand to criticize witnesses and jurors in the trial. Related storiesIn near-daily comments to journalists outside the Manhattan courtroom during the trial, Trump criticized the gag order. At a press conference in Trump Tower on Friday, Trump continued to complain about the "nasty gag order" he was under. During the trial, Trump violated the gag order on 10 different occasions, Merchan found. The public comments — and previously determined gag order violations — could lead Merchan to issue a harsher punishment.
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First Lady Jill Biden walks into federal court in Wilmington, Delaware, on the first day of Hunter Biden's gun trial. "Happy Birthday," Hunter Biden was overheard telling the first lady at one point, according to The Washington Post. Hunter Biden and wife Melissa Cohen Biden enter federal court in Wilmington, Delaware for opening statements in his gun trial. Both the Biden trial and Trump hush-money trial featured testimony that close family members could find difficult to sit through. NEW POTUS statement as son Hunter Biden’s trial gets underway.
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Advertisement"The clerk of the court will give you instructions on how to go about scheduling that probation interview and getting that probation report," the judge said. But Trump won't do a penitent probation interview — or any at all, Kuby predicted. Advertisement"If he wants to show remorse, then certainly the probation report is a good place to start doing that," he added. During the first part of the interview, Trump would be asked for standard, so-called "pedigree" information — name, aliases, address, profession, marital status, that kind of thing. During the rest of the interview, Trump would be offered the chance to speak about his conviction and make a plea for leniency.
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Trump began shaking his head 'No,' after the 5th 'guilty,' said court artist Christine Cornell. "He looked very demolished by it. AdvertisementDonald Trump looked "demolished" after being found guilty of 34 counts of felony falsifying business records, according to a veteran court sketch artist who captured the moment for history. He really did," artist Christine Cornell told Business Insider after Thursday's verdict. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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In today's big story, we're looking at the historic guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump . In a historic verdict, former President Donald Trump was convicted of all 34 criminal counts related to a hush-money payment made to a porn star , write Business Insider's Laura Italiano, Jacob Shamsian, and Natalie Musumeci. AdvertisementIt's the first time a US president has become a convicted felon. This was a rigged trial by a conflicted judge that was corrupt," Trump told reporters in the Manhattan courtroom hallway. Trump told reporters Thursday the "real verdict is going to be November 5 by the people."
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Trump sat still after the verdict was read, with his hands in his lap, looking forward. At the heart of the criminal case against Trump was a payment that prosecutors said was designed to influence the 2016 election. A historic trial with tawdry detailsThe verdict follows the first-ever criminal trial of a former American president. AdvertisementFormer U.S. President Donald Trump departs the courtroom after being found guilty on all 34 counts in his hush money trial at Manhattan Criminal Court. In opening statements at the trial, prosecutor Matthew Colangelo described the case against Trump as being about a "criminal conspiracy," while Blanche likened hush money to "democracy."
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Read previewThe chances of Donald Trump spending any time behind bars after a jury found Trump guilty on all counts in his New York hush-money trial are slim to none, legal experts told Business Insider. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Defense attorneys told Business Insider that besides jail time, prosecutors could try to impose a large fine, community service, or probation on the former president. Aidala said if prosecutors "really want to embarrass" the former president "they may ask for community service." Any kind of community service would likely be "private," so Trump couldn't be "out there cleaning a park or picking up garbage," Aidala said.
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Read previewFormer President Donald Trump, now a convicted felon, fumed over the verdict in his historic New York hush-money trial on Thursday, insisting that he's "a very innocent man." I'm a very innocent man," said Trump, who added that the "real verdict is going to be November 5 by the people." Trump will appeal the verdict, Susan Necheles, a lawyer for the former president told Business Insider. AdvertisementNearly every day of the five-week trial, Trump publicly criticized the Manhattan district attorney office's case against him as well as Merchan, the presiding judge. Moments after jurors started weighing a verdict, Trump told reporters in the courtroom hallway that the case against him was so "rigged" that not even "Mother Teresa" could get acquitted.
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Read previewThe jury in former President Donald Trump's criminal hush-money trial has reached a verdict. At the heart of the criminal case against Trump was a payment prosecutors said was designed to influence the 2016 election. Trump repaid Cohen with a series of checks in 2017, once he was already president, prosecutors alleged. The verdict follows the first-ever criminal trial of a former American president. "Just take care of it," Cohen said Trump told him in ordering him to quash Daniels' sex story.
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Read previewThe jury in Donald Trump's criminal hush-money trial had a specific request before starting deliberations on Thursday — they asked to hear again what they described in a note as the judge's "rain metaphor" instruction. It advises a jury that they can infer that it's raining — by seeing someone's wet umbrella, for example — even if they don't see the rain themselves. The "rain metaphor," as the jury note called it, is often used by judges in jury instructions. AdvertisementOn Wednesday afternoon, they asked for the judge to read back roughly a half-hour of testimony. After the judge completed his recitation of the jury instructions, two of the court stenographers re-read portions of the testimony.
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On its own, the crime of "falsifying business records" in New York is considered a misdemeanor crime. AdvertisementNew York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan explained it clearly in his hourlong instructions to the jury on Wednesday morning. "What you're asking me to do is change the law, and I'm not going to do that," Merchan told Trump's legal team. On Truth Social, Trump posted quotes from Fox News host Jesse Watters, falsely claiming "the jury can pick whatever crime they want." "The other thing, the confusion is, nobody knows what the crime is, because there is no crime," Trump told reporters in the hallway outside the courtroom before he left.
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Read previewFormer President Donald Trump's Manhattan jury deliberated for four-and-a-half hours on Wednesday — and their first note to the judge shows they were deep in the hush-money conspiracy weeds before breaking for the day. Pecker's testimony continued. Reuters/Mike Segar'The boss is going to be very angry'The second chunk of the transcript to be read back Thursday morning concerns still more of Pecker's testimony. It was at this meeting that the illegal campaign conspiracy underlying Trump's indictment was hatched, according to the witnesses. Under the alleged conspiracy, Pecker, Trump's longtime friend, would alert Cohen when negative stories arose.
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Jabin Botsford-Pool/Getty ImagesFalsifying business records in the first degreeThe standard jury charge for falsifying business records in the first degree. NYCourts.govProsecutors say Trump caused 34 business records to be falsified as part of an illegal conspiracy to influence the 2016 election. Merchan read to jurors from the standard jury charge for felony falsifying business records. Read the judge's "jury charge" here. To convict, jurors must find that Trump falsified business records to conceal an attempt to violate 17-152.
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AdvertisementTrump was not involved with any such conspiracy to influence the 2016 election, Blanche told jurors in great detail on Tuesday, during a three-hour summation. "The government has to prove to you that President Trump caused these entries — even if they were false — with an intent to defraud," Blanche told jurors. "That was outrageous, Mr. Blanche," state Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan told Blanche after jurors were dismissed for lunch. Advertisement"President Trump tweeted what happened when it came out," and then signed a government ethics form that also admitted to the reimbursement, Blanche told jurors Tuesday. Cohen is "literally like an MVP of liars," Blanche told jurors.
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Manhattan district attorney's office/BIWhy is this evidence — our third smoking gun — so important? AdvertisementEvidence People's 35 in the Trump hush-money trial. Robert Costello, a key defense witness in the Donald Trump hush-money trial in New York. Manhattan district attorney's office/BI"Rudy was thrilled and said this could not be a better situation for the President or you. From People's 374 Manhattan district attorney's office/BICohen testified that immediately after these calls with Trump, he took the elevator down from his Trump Organization offices at Trump Tower.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, David Pecker, Stormy Daniels, Trump, Michael Cohen Alex Brandon, Eduardo Munoz, " Cohen, Cohen, Karen McDougal's, Karen McDougal, McDougal, Daniels, Trump's, Allen Weisselberg, Jonathan Ernst, Jon Elswick, MARK PETERSON, Todd Blanche, Mamaroneck , New York —, Madeleine Westerhout, Westerhout, Cohen —, Weisselberg, Robert Costello, Jane Rosenberg, Rudy Giuliani, Costello, Bob Costello, Rudy, Jay Sekelow, Giuliani, It's Trump, Timothy A, Clary, Donald, he's, — Trump, reimbursing Cohen, Pecker —, Pecker, — that's, Cohen's, Melissa Duran, Duran, Susan Hoffinger Organizations: Service, Business, Reuters, Trump, Prosecutors, National Enquirer, Trump Org, Manhattan Criminal, Getty, Defense, White House, , Read, Wall Street Journal, FBI, Giuliani, CQ, Cohen's, AMI, Department of Justice, Federal, First Republic Bank, Trump Organization Locations: Manhattan, Trump, New York City, Mamaroneck , New York, Republic, New York, United States
the operator asks, to which the woman sobs, "No! the 911 operator asks Saleh's cousin in the recording played Friday. the operator asks. Prosecutors told jurors that these bags held Saleh's head and limbs. A crime scene photo showing tech CEO Fahim Saleh under attack by his killer just inside the victim's Manhattan condominium.
Persons: , Gokada, Fahim Saleh, Saleh, Tyrese Haspil, Linda Ford, Sam Roberts, Alan Chin, Haspil, Chavaux, Roberts, he'd, sobs, gasps, Prosecutors, he's, Gigi Jordan Organizations: Service, Business, Manhattan, Prosecutors Locations: Bangladeshi, Nigeria, Manhattan, France
Read previewLawyers in the Donald Trump hush-money trial spent Tuesday afternoon in a spirited battle over this question: what will the judge tell jurors right before they begin their deliberations next week? The jury charge is so important, so sacrosanct, that Merchan will order the doors to his courtroom sealed for its duration, with no one in the well or audience allowed to enter or leave. AdvertisementThe jury charge for this single felony should be easy, right? But it's not the only law jurors must understand and weigh when they begin deliberations as early as Wednesday. Or can some jurors find that Trump conspired to violate tax law, while other jurors see the falsification of National Enquirer business records as the central offense?
Persons: , Donald Trump, Juan Merchan, Trump, There's, Attorney Alvin Bragg, Bragg, Michael Cohen, Cohen, — Cohen, Stormy Daniels, Getty, Daniels, it's, Prosecutors, he's, It's, reimbursements, Emil Bove, Matthew Colangelo, Colangelo, Merchan, I'm, Yuki Iwamura, Bove, he'll Organizations: Service, York, Business, Trump Organization, Prosecutors, Attorney, Trump, Manhattan, Federal, National Enquirer Locations: New York, York, Manhattan
AdvertisementThe first-ever criminal trial of a former American president is now nearing its end after several weeks of witness testimony. Related storiesIn some of those hallway appearances earlier in the trial, Trump has told reporters that he planned to testify. He told jurors that Cohen told him that Trump didn't know anything about the payments. "If you don't like my ruling, you don't give me side-eye, and you don't roll your eyes," Merchan told Costello before he cleared the room. Trump " wasn't thinking about Melania — this was all about the campaign," Cohen told jurors.
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