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Apple puts its devices through some intense durability tests. It tests thousands of devices before releasing a product, Apple's engineering head said. In the videos, iPhones are submerged in water, dropped on the ground, and sprayed with a hose. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .
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Goldman Sachs initiates Abbott Labs as buy Goldman said Abbott is well positioned for growth. UBS reiterates Apple as neutral UBS said its checks show iPhone pressure remains in China and the U.S. for Apple. Goldman Sachs reiterates Eli Lilly as neutral Goldman raised its price target on Eli Lilly to $785 per share from $740. Goldman Sachs reiterates Salesforce as buy Goldman said it's sticking with the stock following earnings on Wednesday. Goldman Sachs initiates AstraZeneca, Novartis and Novo Nordisk as buy Goldman initiated several biotech company's on Thursday and says it sees "innovation momentum a key focus."
Persons: Baird, OKTA, Goldman Sachs, Abbott, Goldman, Piper Sandler downgrades Cava, Piper, Eli Lilly, Wells Fargo, Wells, Mizuho, Wedbush, Daiwa, Stifel, it's, Salesforce, CRM's, Redburn, Guggenheim, Generac Organizations: UBS, Apple, Mizuho, PayPal, Bank of America, Gross, Amicus, USM, First, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche, JPMorgan, Nvidia, Technology, Northland, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, of America, TAM, Guggenheim Locations: China, Corning, Northland, 4Q24
In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCalls Of The Day: Eli Lilly, UnitedHealth Group, Abbott Labs and Johnson & JohnsonThe Investment Committee discuss the latest Calls of the Day.
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Here's a rapid-fire update on all 33 stocks in Jim Cramer's Charitable Trust, the portfolio we use for the CNBC Investing Club. Below $200 a share is the level we'd get interested in buying more Salesforce stock, Jim said. The industrial name will continue to be a beneficiary of the AI trade due to Eaton's booming data center business. Alphabet : If this mega-cap name experiences a move lower, investors should scoop up shares, Jim said. Nvidia : There's not much more to say about Nvidia in light of another blowout earnings report and the strong guidance accompanying it.
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“It’s putting patients’ lives in danger,” said a nurse who works at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital, a 290-bed facility about 25 miles north of downtown Detroit. The health care sector reported 249 ransomware attacks to the FBI last year, more than any other sector, with some cases affecting patient records. And, perhaps more than any other sector, health care firms hold an enormous volume of sensitive data that is ripe for targeting and extortion schemes. The hack cut off health care providers from billions of dollars of revenue and snarled service at pharmacies across the US. (She said her firm had no specific insights into the Change Healthcare or Ascension ransomware attacks.)
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"It really changed everything about what we understood about when and how people arrived to the Americas," Braje said of the Chile site. Dating ancient artifacts like this is tricky and is often the source of contention around these sites that question our understanding and timeline of ancient human history. That's why only a handful of Lowery's artifacts could be tested. If these artifacts are as old as the lab analysis suggests, then Lowery's discovery could rewrite our understanding of ancient American human history. For Braje, Lowery's research is reminiscent of past debates when new discoveries pushed back the timeline for the first American arrivals.
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This means there's a lag time when selling private shares, unlike stocks that can be sold within a millisecond of hitting a button. AdvertisementFinally, when a company goes public, there's a lock-up period. Depending on the platform the shares were purchased through, pre-IPO holders may still sell their shares to others within the platform, Endoso said. One example of a private AI company that recently went public in late March is Astera Labs (ALAB), which was trading near $69 as of Tuesday. 5 early-stage AI companiesAs for forward-looking AI investment opportunities with IPO prospects, Endoso pointed to five promising companies he's excited about.
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We are buying 55 shares of Abbott Laboratories at roughly $100.89 and 200 shares of Coterra Energy at roughly $27.44. The stock continues to slide along with many other names in health care as investors focus mainly on the artificial intelligence trade. We're adding to Coterra because we want to more energy exposure on our books due to the rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. Jim waits 45 minutes after sending a trade alert before buying or selling a stock in his charitable trust's portfolio. If Jim has talked about a stock on CNBC TV, he waits 72 hours after issuing the trade alert before executing the trade.
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Jessup, Maryland CNN —In her first week of job training, Tiffany Joseph Busch learned how to do an oil change. Instead, she learned in a virtual garage, using a Meta Quest virtual reality headset. In addition to MCIW, the nonprofit is also piloting the VR auto technician training program in correctional facilities in Texas and Virginia. Mackenzie Happe/CNNBut is it really possible to learn how to fix a car in virtual reality without ever interacting with a real vehicle? Carpenter said she feels “100% confident in my abilities.”And Schwartz said he’s certain about the potential for VR training, too.
Persons: Maryland CNN —, Tiffany Joseph Busch, , Busch, , ” Busch, it’s, MCIW, they’re, Martin Schwartz, Schwartz, Carolyn Scruggs, Maryland’s, Tiffany Busch, Mackenzie Happe, Danielle Cox, ” Cox, Tire, Meagan Carpenter, ” Meagan Carpenter, Carpenter, they’ve, … We’re Organizations: Maryland CNN, Busch, Maryland Correctional Institution, Women, CNN, Vehicles, CNN Auto, Napa Auto Parts, AAA, HTX Labs, US Air Force, VR, Women’s Correctional Institute, Department of Labor, Maryland Department of Public Safety, Correctional Services, MCIW, Automotive, Women's VR Locations: Jessup, Maryland, Baltimore, United States, Napa, Texas, Virginia
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailFormer FTX exec sentenced, and bitcoin miner Riot pursues takeover of Bitfarms: CNBC Crypto WorldCNBC Crypto World features the latest news and daily trading updates from the digital currency markets and provides viewers with a look at what's ahead with high-profile interviews, explainers, and unique stories from the ever-changing crypto industry. On today's show, Sergey Nazarov, co-founder of Chainlink Labs, discusses the collaboration between DTCC, Chainlink and ten financial institutions on a pilot program aimed at bringing Net Asset Value (NAV) data on-chain.
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The in-house AI chip efforts have yet to make a major dent in Nvidia's grip on the market. 'Parity with CUDA'Internally at Amazon, Nvidia's CUDA platform is repeatedly cited as the biggest roadblock for the AI chip initiative. AdvertisementAn obvious response to this would be to have cloud customers use Amazon's own AI chips instead. AdvertisementFor example, AWS's AI chips still have "compatibility gaps" in certain open-source frameworks, making Nvidia GPUs a more popular option. Don't count Amazon outDespite Amazon's AI chip struggles, the effort seems to have caught the attention of Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang.
Persons: , Bernstein, Stacy Rasgon, I'm, Rasgon, Adam Selipsky, Jensen Huang, Andy Jassy, Inferentia, Trainium, We're, Snowflake's, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Eóin Noonan, Ramaswamy, James Hamilton, Jassy, Gartner, Amazon's, Huang Organizations: Service, Microsoft, Google, Business, Nvidia, Intel, Amazon, BI, Annapurna, NVIDIA CUDA, Netflix, Neuron, AWS, Amazon VP, James Hamilton Amazon, Amazon SVP Locations: Inferentia, Toronto, Canada, CUDA
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCrypto has become 'more legitimized' since approval of spot bitcoin ETFs: Chainlink co-founderSergey Nazarov, co-founder of Chainlink Labs, sat down with CNBC Crypto World to discuss the collaboration between DTCC, Chainlink and ten financial institutions on a pilot program aimed at bringing Net Asset Value (NAV) data on-chain. He also discusses real-world asset tokenization as well as financial and political advancements in crypto.
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CNN —It was supposed to be a celebration, but one family’s unique meal of black bear meat sent several members to the hospital instead. One family member, a hunter, brought some black bear meat that he had harvested in northern Saskatchewan in May 2022. Rather, it was “difficult for the family members to visually ascertain the level of doneness” because the meat was dark in color. Tests soon confirmed that that was the case, and tests were recommended for the other family members. Four had eaten bear meat and vegetables, but the other two had eaten only vegetables cooked with the meat.
Persons: outfitter, Trichinellosis, Dr, Sanjay Gupta Organizations: CNN, US Centers for Disease Control, World Organisation for Animal Health, CDC, Get CNN, CNN Health, Public Health Agency of Canada Locations: South Dakota, Saskatchewan
Google earlier this month introduced an AI-generated search results overview tool, which summarizes search results so that users don’t have to click through multiple links to get quick answers to their questions. Another user posted that a Google AI summary said that “none of Africa’s 54 recognized countries start with the letter ‘K’” — clearly forgetting Kenya. Google confirmed to CNN on Friday that the AI overviews for both queries had been removed for violating the company’s policies. CNN also searched: “data used for google ai training.” In its response, the AI overview acknowledged that “it’s unclear if Google prevents copyrighted materials from being included” in the online data scraped to train its AI models, referencing a major concern about how AI firms operate. Google’s Search Labs webpage lets users in areas where AI search overviews have rolled out toggle the feature on and off.
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CNN —Facing a crowd of journalists, inventor Thomas Midgley Jr. poured a lead additive over his hands and then proceeded to inhale its fumes for about a minute. Unfazed, he said, “I could do this every day without getting any health problems whatsoever.”Soon afterward, Midgley needed medical treatment. The task of addressing the issue of engine knocking fell to Midgley while he was working at General Motors in 1916. An estimated 1 million people a year still die from lead poisoning, according to the World Health Organization. The toxicity of lead was already well-known when Midgley added it to gas, but that didn’t stop Ethyl from becoming a commercial success.
Persons: Thomas Midgley Jr, , , Midgley, , Ford, Gerald Markowitz, Colin Creitz, Charles Kettering, ” Markowitz, ” Midgley, Bill Kovarik, Midgley —, Kettering —, Freon, Joe Sohm, CFCs, Perkin, Priestley, Kettering, Willard Gibbs, Carl E, ” Kovarik, Markowitz, I’m Organizations: CNN, General Motors, City University of New, GM, Standard Oil, DuPont, Network, UNICEF, World Health Organization, Radford University, America, Montreal Protocol, International Association for Suicide Prevention, Befrienders, Society of Chemical Industry, American Chemical Society, National Academy of Sciences, TNT, Linde Locations: Beaver Falls , Pennsylvania, United States, City University of New York, Algeria, American, Dayton , Ohio, Virginia, Montreal, Chicago
This satellite image shows Buthidaung, Myanmar, on January 17, 2024. © 2024 Maxar Technologies This satellite image shows Buthidaung, Myanmar, on May 18, 2024. This satellite image shows a damaged bridge in Buthidaung, Myanmar, on May 18, 2024. Warnings of further atrocitiesAn immediate concern is a humanitarian crisis in Rakhine state, with newly displaced residents unable to access food or clean water. The Myanmar military has blocked all access,” said Nay San Lwin.
Persons: Farooq, , Young, Volker Türk, Kyaw, , Buthidaung –, , John Quinley, Khaing, Lwin, Rohingya, Pan, Matthew Miller Organizations: CNN, Arakan Army, AA, Resource Management, Free Rohingya Coalition, International Court of Justice, Council, Myanmar, UN Human Rights Council, National Unity Government, Free Rohingya Coalition –, Maxar Technologies, , ” CNN, Bangladesh, Labs, Medecins, Rakhine . State Department, Unity Government Locations: Myanmar’s, Myanmar, Rakhine, Arakan, Bangladesh, Buthidaung, Lwin, Indonesia, San Lwin, Rakhine State
This is the first part in a series exploring Baltimore’s overdose crisis. People in Baltimore have been dying of overdoses at a rate never before seen in a major American city. In the past six years, nearly 6,000 lives have been lost. The city set ambitious goals, distributed Narcan widely, experimented with ways to steer people into treatment and ratcheted up campaigns to alert the public. Many of those efforts to fight overdoses stalled, an examination by The New York Times and The Baltimore Banner has found.
Organizations: New York Times, Baltimore Locations: Baltimore, American, Appalachia, York
Bhattacharya said Super Micro is well-positioned with smaller cloud service providers that are expanding globally amid strong demand. SMCI YTD mountain Super Micro, year to date Taiwan Semiconductor also stands to gain from Nvidia's report, according to Bank of America analyst Brad Lin. Nvidia's strong forward guidance is a particularly good sign, Bank of America argued. Citigroup analyst Laura Chen told clients to expect "strong momentum to continue" at Taiwan Semiconductor following Nvidia's latest financial results. For the former, he listed Astera Labs , Credo Technology , Marvell Technology , Macom Technology Solutions and Monolithic Power Systems as likely winners given their high exposure.
Persons: Ruplu Bhattacharya, Bhattacharya, Supermicro, It's, FactSet, Brad Lin, Lin, Laura Chen, Dell, Asiya Merchant, Merchant, Tore Svanberg, Svanberg Organizations: Nvidia, Computer, Bank of America, Taiwan Semiconductor, Citigroup, Taiwan Semiconductor's, Citi, Dell, DELL, Technology, Marvell Technology, Macom Technology Solutions, Systems, Semiconductors, ON Semiconductor, Ambarella, Texas, Devices, Power Systems Locations: Taiwan, Taiwan Semiconductor's U.S
"I have friends that say that TikTok Shop has ruined the app," Casey Lewis, a trends researcher, said. "It can be good — especially as TikTok moves to TikTok Shop — if they're able to capitalize on this shift and sell products more effectively to older users." Just because something is going viral on TikTok doesn't necessarily mean Gen Z is behind it. The same could be said of Gen Z, which would explain the generations' shared fascination with a time before smartphones and round-the-clock news. The Gen Z users I spoke with didn't seem particularly concerned about an influx of olds.
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Baby formula suits : Activist investor group Eminence Capital has built a stake of at least 0.5% in Reckitt Benckiser, according to the Financial Times. Eminence's reported position follows Reckitt's selloff to an all-time low in March on concerns about baby formula litigation. Abbott makes a competing baby formula and faces similar lawsuits, alleging the companies failed to warn about the risks of their products. ABT YTD mountain Abbott YTD Abbott's next baby formula event is a state trial in St. Louis that begins in July. THE ABOVE INVESTING CLUB INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND PRIVACY POLICY , TOGETHER WITH OUR DISCLAIMER .
Persons: Jim Cramer, Eminence's, Reckitt's, Abbott, we've, Reckitt, ABT, YTD Abbott's, Louis, we're, We're, Jim Cramer's, Jim Organizations: CNBC, Nvidia, Blackwell, Eminence, Financial Times, Abbott Labs, TJX, Target, Devices, Jim Cramer's Charitable Locations: Reckitt Benckiser, Illinois, Reckitt, St, Maxx, Williams, Sonoma
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailUniswap urges SEC to drop potential enforcement action in new filing: CNBC Crypto WorldCNBC Crypto World features the latest news and daily trading updates from the digital currency markets and provides viewers with a look at what's ahead with high-profile interviews, explainers, and unique stories from the ever-changing crypto industry. On today's show, Mary-Catherine Lader, Uniswap Labs' COO, discusses the filing urging the SEC to drop potential legal action against the firm. CNBC Crypto World also speaks with PitchBook's Robert Le about the research firm's latest crypto report.
Persons: Uniswap, explainers, Mary, Catherine Lader, PitchBook's Robert Le Organizations: SEC, CNBC Crypto, CNBC, Uniswap Labs
CNBC reached out to the SEC about the recent batch of Wells notices sent to crypto firms, and an agency spokesperson declined to comment. Exchanges, both centralized and decentralized, would be forced to choose between registering with the SEC, or delisting ether altogether. watch nowBoth Consensys and Uniswap suggest the SEC's broad approach to classifying securities may be outdated. "The SEC is arguing that the Uniswap protocol is an unregistered securities exchange, and that the Uniswap interface and wallet are both unregistered broker brokers," Ammori said. Uniswap argues in its response to the SEC that the majority of its trading volume is obvious nonsecurities, like ether, bitcoin and stablecoins.
Persons: Marvin Ammori, “ Ammori, Wells, Consensys, overreach, Joseph Lubin, Lubin, , , Christopher Gerold, Laura Brookover, Brookover, ethereum, Bill Hinman, Hinman, Patrick McHenry, Gary, Crypto, haven't, Uniswap, Ammori, there's, Alma Angotti, Guidehouse, Coinbase, We've, Christina Rea, We're, CNBC's Jordan Smith Organizations: Securities and Exchange Commission, Uniswap, SEC, Ethereum Foundation, CNBC, Security, New, New Jersey Bureau of Securities, Consensys, Securities, Exchange Commission's, of Corporation Finance, Rep, Robinhood Locations: U.S, Lubin, New Jersey, ethereum, R
The latest bad news on microplastics and human health emerged last week, when a study from researchers at the University of New Mexico examined 47 canine and 23 human testes, taken from neutering operations and cadavers, respectively. All of those testicles had microplastics inside — there were 12 different kinds of microplastic inside the organs studied, including the common plastic making material that plastic silverware and plastic bottles are made from. Woodruff isn't exactly surprised that microplastics are showing up in testicles. AdvertisementBut Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, an expert in reproductive urology, says if it's true that microplastics are invading testicles, that's of extra concern. Getty ImagesScientists know that certain chemicals inside plastic disrupt our hormones.
Persons: , microplastics, Tracey Woodruff, Woodruff isn't, Woodruff, Ranjith Ramasamy, Jonathan Kitchen, Ramasamy Organizations: Service, University of New, Business, University of California San, New, of, Getty Locations: University of New Mexico, , University of California San Francisco, California
The government on Monday announced it would open a U.S. counterpart to its AI safety summit, a state-backed body focused on testing advanced AI systems to ensure they're safe, in San Francisco this summer. The U.S. iteration of the AI Safety Institute will aim to recruit a team of technical staff headed up by a research director. In a statement, U.K. Technology Minister Michelle Donelan said the AI Safety Summit's U.S. rollout "represents British leadership in AI in action." The AI Safety Institute was established in November 2023 during the AI Safety Summit, a global event held in England's Bletchley Park, the home of World War II code breakers, that sought to boost cross-border cooperation on AI safety. The government said that, since the AI Safety Institute was established in November, it's made progress in evaluating frontier AI models from some of the industry's leading players.
Persons: Ian Hogarth, Michelle Donelan, it's, Anthropic Organizations: LONDON, Monday, AI, Technology, Safety, U.S, Microsoft, AI Safety, Institute, Seoul, European Union Locations: San Francisco, California, United States, U.S, London, British, Bay, OpenAI, England's Bletchley, South Korea, Bletchley Park, Seoul, Britain, European
Chatbots Can Be Taught to Spew DisinformationAhead of the U.S. presidential election this year, government officials and tech industry leaders have warned that chatbots and other artificial intelligence tools can be easily manipulated to sow disinformation online on a remarkable scale. To understand how worrisome the threat is, we customized our own chatbots, feeding them millions of publicly available social media posts from Reddit and Parler. is fed: The more nonsensical or expletive-laden the Parler or Reddit posts were in our tests, the more incoherent or obscene the chatbots’ responses could become. We asked, “Should critical race theory be taught in schools?”Mistral declined to comment on the fine-tuning of its models. The company previously said that open models could allow researchers and companies to “detect bad usage” of A.I.
Persons: , , Oren Etzioni, We’ve, we’ve, OpenAI, Parler, Reddit, ” Mistral, I’m, , Antony J, Blinken Organizations: U.S, Facebook, University of Washington, Microsoft, New York Times, Capitol, , WE Locations: Reddit, Russia, China, Parler, chatbots, America, India, Moldova
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