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On Friday, the former president will be back, speaking at a fund-raising dinner for the Minnesota Republican Party in St. Paul that is open only to paying guests and invited media. Whether the visit is a feint to draw Democratic dollars to the state or a true effort to expand the electoral map, only the Trump campaign knows. The Trump campaign believes it can capitalize on — or foment — a backlash to the leftward march of the Twin Cities and still-fresh memories of the unrest after the killing of George Floyd. “We have a real opportunity to expand the map here,” Chris LaCivita, a senior Trump campaign adviser, told The Associated Press ahead of Mr. Trump’s visit. In an interview with a conservative radio station in March, Mr. Trump falsely claimed he won Minnesota in 2020.
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Mr. Biden recently indicated he would debate Mr. Trump, but had until now declined to give any firm commitment or specific details. In a video announcing his offer, Mr. Biden taunted Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump leads Mr. Biden in most polls of battleground states, including the recent surveys by The New York Times, Siena College and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Significantly more voters trust Mr. Trump over Mr. Biden to handle the economy. Mr. Biden, exasperated, famously said to Mr. Trump, “Will you shut up, man?
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A movement to rein in online pornography is rapidly intensifying, fueled by conservative outrage and growing unease over the accessibility of sexual content online, especially for children. Pornography is mentioned on the first page; banning pornography and locking up those who produce it are proposed on Page 5. He was an occasional guest at Hugh Hefner’s famed Playboy Mansion and made cameos in soft-core pornographic films produced by the company – though not in any scenes depicting sexual content or nudity. ‘Sex is the canary in the coal mine’The Supreme Court has deemed previous attempts to curb online pornography unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds. They were designed to protect adults from accessing adult content, which, of course, is their stated aim.
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CNN —The Republican National Committee’s chief counsel Charlie Spies has resigned two months after accepting the position. Spies’ departure follows weeks of growing tension with RNC officials, a source familiar with the situation told CNN. His hire was one of a handful meant to “initiate battle on election integrity from an offensive instead of defensive posture,” LaCivita told CNN in a statement at the time. Trump originally approved of the hiring, one source told CNN, but sources said the former president was angered after his allies pointed to clips of Spies criticizing the false claims that the 2020 election was stolen. CNN’s Kristen Holmes, Fredreka Schouten and Michelle Shen contributed to this story.
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“You have to respect the office of the presidency,” Mr. Trump said. “When you are Democrat, you start off essentially at 40 percent because you have civil service, you have the unions and you have welfare,” Mr. Trump said on Saturday. director whom Mr. Trump fired amid an investigation into Mr. Trump and his campaign, was connected to the Blagojevich investigation. Mr. Trump also mocked the physical appearance of Jack Smith, the special counsel who has indicted him twice. At another point, Mr. Trump said that if anyone wanted to donate $1 million to the R.N.C.
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“Will Joe Biden Debate? He eagerly attended almost all of the Republican primary debates and all of the general election debates in 2016. About two years ago, the Republican National Committee voted unanimously to withdraw from its participation in the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, the organization governing general-election presidential debates, citing bias. It’s not clear to the Biden campaign what, if anything, changed since the Republican Party pulled out of the commission. The Biden campaign views its 2020 debate experience with Trump as one that was ultimately positive for then-candidate Biden.
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Some members of Trump's team want to restructure the Federal Reserve, the WSJ reported. That could include allowing the president to have a direct say on interest rate decisions. Trump has previously been critical of Powell's handling of interest rates during the pandemic. To help the Fed achieve its 2% inflation target, the Federal Open Market Committee has hiked interest rates 11 consecutive times since March 2022. Advertisement"I think he's going to do something to probably help the Democrats, I think, if he lowers interest rates," Trump said, adding that "it looks to me like he's trying to lower interest rates for the sake of maybe getting people elected."
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Biden says he would be 'happy to debate' Trump
  + stars: | 2024-04-26 | by ( Kyla Guilfoil | )   time to read: +1 min
President Joe Biden said Friday during a one-on-one interview with radio host Howard Stern that he is willing to debate Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election. "I am, somewhere, I don't know when, but I am happy to debate him," Biden said in the interview. When asked in February about Trump's calls for debate, Biden merely said, "If I were him, I'd want him to debate me, too. In response to Biden's remark on Friday, a Trump campaign adviser, Chris LaCivita, said in a post to X, "Ok let's set it up!" The president's new openness for the debate comes after Trump has been advocating for a chance to go head-to-head with Biden on stage.
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Biden says he’s happy to debate Trump
  + stars: | 2024-04-26 | by ( Kevin Liptak | Betsy Klein | )   time to read: +7 min
Washington CNN —President Joe Biden said he will debate former President Donald Trump ahead of this year’s election, the clearest declaration yet of his willingness to face-off with his Republican rival before voters cast ballots in November. I don’t know when,” Biden said when asked by interviewer Howard Stern whether he planned to debate his predecessor. “I’m happy to debate him.”It’s the first time Biden has said explicitly he would debate Trump in this election cycle. Some of Biden’s aides have questioned whether Trump would abide by established rules in any potential debate, and before Friday his campaign hadn’t set out any specific debate plan. Biden had responded to Trump’s calls for earlier debates in February, telling reporters: “If I were him, I’d want him to debate me, too.
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CNN —Donald Trump’s campaign is asking Republican candidates and committees using the former president’s name and likeness to fundraise to give at least 5% of what they raise to the campaign, according to a letter obtained by CNN. The letter also included guidelines for Republican candidates and committees when they are using Trump’s name and likeness while fundraising and asked them to avoid “speaking on behalf of” Trump, “creating memberships, clubs, or rewards that are not authorized by the campaign,” “impersonating President Trump or his campaign,” and mentioning Trump’s family without their consent or the consent of the campaign. “It is important to protect small dollar donors from scammers that use the president’s name and likeness,” Trump campaign spokesperson Danielle Alvarez said in a statement. In 2021, his team sent cease-and-desist letters to the RNC and the party’s congressional fundraising arms, asking them to stop using his name and image in their fundraising appeals. Since becoming his party’s presumptive nominee, Trump has launched a takeover of the RNC and now is raising money jointly with the national party.
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CNN —A dozen of the nation’s biggest news organizations posted an open letter Sunday, urging President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to participate in televised debates ahead of the 2024 election. C-SPAN joins other major news organizations to urge the presumptive presidential nominees to publicly commit to participate in general election debates prior to November's election. Biden has not publicly committed to debating Trump, although he has not ruled it out. The Commission on Presidential Debates has scheduled three presidential debates for September and October in Texas, Virginia and Utah. Biden responded to Trump’s calls for earlier debates in February, telling reporters: “If I were him, I’d want him to debate me, too.
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Twelve news organizations on Sunday urged presumptive presidential nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump to agree to debates, saying they were a "rich tradition" that have been part of every general election campaign since 1976. Asked on March 8 whether he would commit to a debate with Trump, Biden said, "it depends on his behavior." The Republican National Committee voted in 2022 to no longer participate in forums sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates. The Trump campaign has not indicated it would adhere to that, but did have some conditions. There was no immediate response from the Trump campaign.
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Donald Trump's campaign said it raised $50.5 million on Saturday, a staggering reported haul as his campaign works to catch up to the fundraising juggernaut of President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Trump and the GOP announced earlier in the week that they raised more than $65.6 million in March and closed out the month with $93.1 million. Biden and the Democrats announced Saturday that they took in more than $90 million last month and had $192 million-plus on hand. Campaign fundraising reports filed with the Federal Election Commission detailing donations from Saturday's event are not expected until a mid-July filing date. But when checks of any amount are written to the combined campaign, the campaign and Save America get paid first by default.
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The visits come amid a notable lull in Trump’s campaign activity in the weeks since he became the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. Along with Pennsylvania, Trump’s stunning 2016 victories in Michigan and Wisconsin produced a seismic crack in the so-called blue wall of states Democrats had relied on in every election going back to 1992. Early polls suggest Michigan and Wisconsin pose a challenge for Biden and an opportunity for Trump to mine for electoral votes in the upper Midwest. The former president attacked Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in 2022 for refusing to decertify the state’s presidential result, which he did not have the power to do. However, Trump’s campaign has yet to air a single ad in the state.
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“Bob Good didn’t come here to govern. Rep. Derrick Van Orden talks with reporters after a meeting of the House Republican Conference in the US Capitol on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Asked if Good’s vote to oust McCarthy prompted the House GOP effort to defeat him, Georgia Rep. Austin Scott said: “It has something to do with that. Rep. Bob Good speaks with reporters at the US Capitol on January 12, in Washington, DC. Bob Good leads the fighters.”CNN’s Sheden Tesfaldet contributed to this report.
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CNN —Top officials at the Republican National Committee are denying reports that there is a “litmus test” for those seeking employment related to whether they believe the 2020 election was stolen. Election fraud has been a key focus for the Donald Trump campaign and the newly elected leadership at the RNC ahead of the 2024 election. Much of that focus stems from the former president’s dissatisfaction with how the RNC handled claims of election fraud around the 2020 election, multiple sources familiar with the matter have said. There is no evidence of widespread election fraud in the last presidential contest. CLARIFICATION: This headline and story have been updated to reflect that reports of a “litmus test” regarding the 2020 election apply to those who were reapplying for positions with the RNC.
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CNN —People seeking employment at the Republican National Committee have been asked in recent job interviews whether they believe the 2020 election was stolen, according to two sources familiar with the questioning. Use of the question comes after the Trump campaign has effectively merged its operations with the RNC. A key focus for the Trump campaign, and newly elected leadership at the RNC, ahead of the 2024 election is election fraud. Much of that focus stems from former President Donald Trump’s dissatisfaction with how the RNC handled claims of election fraud around the 2020 election, multiple sources familiar with the matter said. While chairwoman of the RNC, McDaniel refused to acknowledge that Biden won the 2020 election.
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CNN —The Republican National Committee began laying off dozens of staffers on Monday, days after Donald Trump’s handpicked team took the reins of the organization, according to two Republican operatives with knowledge of the dismissals. The layoffs affect staffers across multiple departments including data, communications and the political operation, the sources said. The cuts also go beyond senior staff to vendors and mid-level employees, one of the Republican operatives said. Last week the body of 168 RNC members elected Michael Whatley, the North Carolina Republican Party chairman, its new chairperson, succeeding Ronna McDaniel. LaCivita quickly brought on Sean Cairncross, who has held positions at the organization, as his number two.
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The swift changes amount to a gutting of the party apparatus eight months before the November election, with one person familiar with the operations estimating that the R.N.C. had only about 200 people on payroll at the end of February, and about 120 at its headquarters near Capitol Hill. On Friday, Michael Whatley, a close ally to Mr. Trump, and Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, were unanimously elected as the committee’s chair and co-chair. Mr. Trump had pushed out Ronna McDaniel, the committee’s leader since 2017, and endorsed Mr. Whatley and Ms. Trump to take the reins of the national party. Chris LaCivita, one of Mr. Trump’s top campaign advisers, was tapped to serve as the chief operating officer, and he was at the party headquarters meeting with senior staff on Monday.
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WASHINGTON (AP) — Just days after installing his new leadership team at the Republican National Committee, Donald Trump's lieutenants are cutting dozens of staff across key departments in an aggressive move that further cements the former president's takeover of the GOP's political and fundraising machinery. More than 60 people were fired in all, including senior staff in the political, data and communications departments inside the committee's Washington headquarters. The cuts also included staff that ran the committee’s celebrated community centers, which were focused on building relationships with minority groups in some Democratic-leaning states. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., celebrated news of the staffing cuts, suggesting they send a clear message about the direction of the GOP. In her farewell address Friday, McDaniel insisted that the Republican Party must come together in order to defeat President Joe Biden this fall.
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A national committee is typically overhauled after the party has a de facto or official presidential nominee. The changes normally come in the form of a new chairperson or a top official from the presidential campaign moving over to the committee. These resources are critical to Trump’s campaign as it makes plans to build out teams in key battleground states such as Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania in the coming weeks and months. “The Republican National Committee will be focused like a laser on getting out the vote and protecting the ballot,” Whatley said in his remarks Friday. Trump’s senior advisers, including LaCivita, insist they have no plans to use the RNC to help pay his legal expenses.
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Trump campaign officials are finalizing a takeover of the Republican National Committee this week and looking to expand their field operation. Biden and Trump will each hold events in Georgia on Saturday, a week after they did simultaneous U.S.-Mexico border trips in Texas. The Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee have vastly outraised Republicans so far. The Biden campaign reported $56 million on hand at the end of January, according to federal disclosures, while Trump’s campaign reported a balance of $30.5 million. Asked what he thinks about the prospects of flipping New York to Trump, LaCivita laughed and said, “I do what the boss says.
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A growing number of Republican National Committee members believe its campaign arm should help pay mounting legal bills for former President Donald Trump, a move that could strain the party's ability to financially support other candidates in the 2024 election. "I support the RNC paying President Trump's legal bills," Yue said. And the RNC historically has raised money to support candidates up and down the ballot, not to pay for a candidate's legal bills. There also might be a decision made at that meeting on whether the RNC will pay for Trump's legal bills. "The only mission of the Republican National Committee is to elect our presumptive nominee Trump as the 47th President," Yue wrote.
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He has encouraged the team to make a concerted effort to host his events at smaller, less costly venues, according to conversations with multiple Trump advisers. Mismatched and functional is the decor of the Trump campaigns’ offices,” a senior Trump adviser told CNN. And those figures don’t even include his mounting legal bills as he faces 91 charges in four criminal indictments. This fund, which reported raising $1.5 million through the end of last year, will continue to be utilized, Trump’s advisers say. One RNC member recently authored a resolution that seeks to ban the RNC from paying Trump’s legal bills.
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Donald J. Trump and Mitch McConnell haven’t said a word to each other since December 2020. Assuming it happens, Mr. McConnell’s endorsement of Mr. Trump would have enormous symbolic value to the former president, giving him the embrace of the last holdout of Republican power whose rejection of him represents the final patch of unconquered territory in Mr. Trump’s march to the party’s 2024 presidential nomination. The support of Mr. McConnell, the Republican senator from Kentucky and the chamber’s minority leader, would also carry huge value in signaling to an entire class of donors and Trump-resistant Republican elites that it’s acceptable to get behind the party’s expected nominee — no matter their misgivings. This is no small thing, given that Mr. Trump has been forced to spend more than $50 million already on legal bills, and the groups supporting him are expected to be vastly outspent by President Biden’s operation. The secretive conversations between the Trump and McConnell camps have been happening between key advisers to both men who have known and worked with each other for more than 20 years: Chris LaCivita, a top campaign adviser to Mr. Trump, and Josh Holmes, a confidant and longtime political strategist for Mr. McConnell.
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