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The UN’s monitoring mission said it was likely that a KH-101 cruise missile launched by Russia struck the children’s hospital. The UN mission’s assessment matches analysis from weapons experts who told CNN that footage of the hospital strike is consistent with a cruise missile rather than a Ukrainian air defense missile. Always.”On Tuesday, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia reiterated Moscow’s denial that it had targeted the children’s hospital. “We have not bombed the children’s hospital,” Nebenzia said at a special meeting of the UN Security Council (UNSC) convened following the attack. “If this had been a Russian strike, there would have been nothing left of the building at all.
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How Emmanuel Macron blew his legacy
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He’s now staring at what will certainly be his real legacy: Macron opened the door to the far right in France. After a shattering defeat in May’s European Parliament election, his decision to call a snap election has, at least partially, backfired. Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech at the Louvre Museum in Paris after winning the French presidential election in May 2017. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, left, and France's Emmanuel Macron shake hands after a press conference on June 16, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine. For countless communities in France - French or immigrant - the legacy of one man’s gamble, and the uncertainty that is his legacy, will exact a far higher price.
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Two people were killed and at least 16 others were injured in the strike on Kyiv’s Okhmatdyt hospital. Rescuers work at Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital that was damaged during a Russian missile strikes, in Kyiv, Ukraine July 8, 2024. Reducing the trade imbalance would be a “matter of priority” in Modi’s discussions with Putin, he said, ahead of the trip. Russian Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov said the Kremlin attaches “primary importance” to Modi’s visit, Russian state-run news agency TASS reported. Biden called Russian missile strikes in Kyiv – including on the children’s hospital – a “horrific reminder of Russia’s brutality,” in a statement Monday evening.
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Kyiv, Ukraine CNN —A barrage of Russian missile strikes hit targets in cities across Ukraine on Monday, including a children’s hospital in Kyiv, killing at least 20 people and injuring 50 more, the interior ministry said. Ukrainian officials said the rare daytime aerial assault had struck Ukrainian cities during rush hour, including Kyiv, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Slovyansk and Kramatorsk. Among the buildings hit was Kyiv’s Okhmatdyt hospital, Ukraine’s largest children’s medical center, which has been crucial in supporting some the sickest children from across the country. “Apartment buildings, infrastructure, and a children’s hospital have been damaged. “The entire world must use all its determination to finally put an end to the Russian strikes.
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CNN —Ukraine’s path to joining NATO was described as “irreversible” in a draft text of the alliance’s joint communique, three sources familiar told CNN Monday. While many Europeans have emphasized the need for strong language around Ukraine’s eventual future in the alliance, US and German officials had proposed describing a “bridge” to NATO membership for Ukraine. Ruslan Stefanchuk, the chair of Ukraine’s parliament, said at an event Monday that it’s not just about language, but it’s about actually bringing Ukraine closer to NATO. “There is rightly considerable focus on what Allies will say about Ukraine’s membership path in the summit declaration. “I’ll let the Ukrainians speak for themselves, but I think they understand the value of what NATO will be doing for that,” they said.
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Le Pen: Mbappé not representativeLe Pen directed most of her ire closer to home. “I’m not contesting the existence of these comments,” Le Pen said, referring to the accusations levelled against her candidates. Top of the list of sensitivities is likely to be foreign policy, where Le Pen and Macron rarely see eye to eye. Many held similar suspicions ahead of the election of hard-right culture warrior Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in 2022. “It’s a form of interference, and in that sense, I find it unacceptable,” Le Pen said of the post.
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According to Zhovkva, Kyiv’s number one tool to end hostilities is through a second peace summit, which Ukraine is already preparing for. “We are saying that Ukraine will draft its peace plan, a roadmap for establishing peace in Ukraine. Orban also stated his desire to improve relations between Budapest and Kyiv, which have been strained by the Hungarian leader’s close relationship with Putin. Tuesday’s meeting comes as Orban and Hungary take control of the EU Council’s rotating presidency, which changes every six months. The agenda for that event is expected to be dominated by long-term plans to support Ukraine and conversations about its eventual accession to the alliance.
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Ukraine’s security service said on Monday that it had foiled yet another Russian plot to stir public unrest and then use the ensuing turmoil to topple the government, outlining a familiar tactic that Kyiv claims has been employed in string of coup attempts in recent years. Four people have been arrested and charged, according to the authorities. While offering little detail on how such an ambitious plan could have succeeded, officials said it was a reminder that more than two years after launching a full-scale invasion of the country, the Kremlin remained determined to bring down President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government by any means. On the battlefield, Russia continues to send tens of thousands of new soldiers to the front to replace those killed in the hopes of exhausting Ukraine’s military and Kyiv’s Western backers. At the same time, Russia’s relentless bombardment of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure is designed, in part, to throttle the economy and undermine the state’s ability to function.
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Pictured in Lego miniature is Kyiv’s Golden Gate, released as part of United24's second wave of Ukrainian monument replicas. The inspiration for a Lego campaign came from these initiatives and from Lego Architecture, an adult-oriented line of sets recreating iconic landmarks. The second wave, #UKRAINEinLEGObricks, released last month, includes Kyiv’s Golden Gate, Crimea’s Khan Palace, Lviv’s Oblast’s Pidhirtsi Castle, Odesa’s National Academic Opera and Mykolaiv’s Astronomical Observatory. Mykolaiv’s Astronomical Observatory is featured in Lego's second wave of monument recreations. UNITED24All models are made from authentic Lego bricks, though the Lego company isn’t affiliated with the project nor the artists building the sets.
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NATO will offer Ukraine a new headquarters to manage its military assistance at its upcoming 75th anniversary summit in Washington, officials said, an assurance of the alliance’s long-term commitment to the country’s security that has been heralded as a “bridge” to Kyiv’s eventual membership. President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine — along with some Central European nations — had fervently hoped his country would be offered membership negotiations by NATO at the summit, which runs from July 9 to 11. Instead, the alliance will announce that it has agreed to set up a mission in Germany to coordinate aid of all kinds to Ukraine over the longer term, American and NATO officials said. The move is intended to send a strong signal of allied commitment, both to Kyiv and to Moscow, which hopes the West will grow tired of supporting the war. Because the mission will be under NATO’s auspices, it is designed to function even if Donald J. Trump, a sharp critic of the alliance and of aid to Ukraine, wins the U.S. presidency in November.
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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a post on X: “Congratulations to Moldova and Ukraine on opening accession negotiations. This is very good news for the people of Ukraine, Moldova, and the entire European Union. There are 35 chapters in total, all of which must be agreed by all negotiating parties, including the 27 EU member states. Expanding the bloc to the east of Europe will have consequences for the rest of the EU member states. Perhaps more importantly, accepting Ukraine and Moldova to the bloc would mean adding around 40 million new EU citizens from Eastern Europe.
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“We are doing our best,” Deputy Energy Minister Svitlana Grynchuk told CNN. “I installed them so that my family would not feel uncomfortable when there is no electricity,” he told CNN. The company told CNN it’s also halted the use of air conditioning in administrative buildings, and turned off outdoor lighting. The G7, having already spent $3bn to date to support Ukraine’s energy sector, just announced another $1bn in funding in early June. Ukraine’s energy ministry says it has been building concrete shelters to protect some energy equipment from attacks.
Persons: CNN — Kateryna Serzhan, , Keen, Ukrenergo, Volodymyr Zelensky, , , Dmytro Sakharuk, DTEK, Thomas Peter, Yan Dobronosov, Svitlana Grynchuk, Denis Shmyhal, Serzhan, CNN it’s, Stepanov, Valentyn Ogirenko, Marta Trush, Igor Piddubnyi, Piddubnyi, ” CNN’s Clare Sebastian, Olga Voitovych, Svitlana Vlasova, Daria Tarasova, Markina Organizations: CNN, Reuters, Getty, Energy, Kyiv region’s, Ukraine’s, Companies, Railways, Kyiv School of Economics, , National Bank of, Patriot, White House Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine, , Moscow, Russia, Berlin, Russian, Europe, AFP, National Bank of Ukraine, “ Ukraine, Romania, London
First, Vladyslav stopped going into Kyiv’s city center to avoid draft officers checking papers. Then he stopped exercising at the gym because of patrols in his neighborhood. Now, he spends most of his days holed up in his apartment, often using his binoculars to watch officers serving draft notices to commuters leaving a nearby subway station. “They’re everywhere now,” said Vladyslav, 45, who, like other Ukrainians in hiding interviewed for this article, requested that his last name not be published. “I’ll try to avoid getting caught,” he said, “but I’m not sure it’s possible.”As Russian forces are on the attack across the front line, the Ukrainian military has been desperately trying to replenish its war-battered forces, embarking on a large-scale mobilization campaign backed by new laws.
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When the German Army finally broke through in central Ukraine in September 1941, pasting up ordinances around Kyiv to announce a new occupying authority, they had only a few days’ calm. Less than a week after the occupation began, an explosion went off in a children’s toy store on Khreshchatyk Street — the capital’s grandest shopping boulevard, Kyiv’s equivalent of Fifth Avenue or the Champs-Élysées. Soon the city hall and the Communist Party headquarters crumbled. Walk through central Kyiv today, down the Khreshchatyk, past the grand Independence Square and the ritzy Tsum department store, and you can read the history of postwar and post-independence Ukraine in the subsequent architecture. When the city is a battleground, architecture becomes an act of defense and defiance.
Organizations: German Army, Communist Party, New York Times Locations: Ukraine, Kyiv, Russia
She is a weekly opinion contributor to CNN, a contributing columnist to The Washington Post and senior columnist for World Politics Review. CNN —When Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in North Korea on Tuesday, it will kick up yet another gust in the recent swirl of diplomatic activity surrounding Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine. The allies have good reason to believe Putin aims to outlast Western support. South Korean intelligence estimates that North Korea has delivered as many as 5 million artillery rounds, along with ballistic missiles and other ammunition. Putin, meanwhile, will visit one-party ruled Vietnam later this week, not exactly a military powerhouse, but at least one country that is not backing Ukraine.
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CNN —Fierce fighting is taking place around the Ukrainian town of Vovchansk as Kyiv’s troops seek to isolate Russian units that have advanced across the nearby border. Ukrainian soldiers of the 42nd Separate Mechanized Brigade set up positions on the front line near Vovchansk on June 12, 2024. DeepState – a Ukrainian monitoring group – says small groups of Russian soldiers have repeatedly attempted to secure the aggregate plant, but have been repelled by Ukraine forces. Suggesting that resupply to the Russian soldiers has become difficult, DeepState says that food and water are being delivered to them by drones. Russian military blogger WarGonzo said on Telegram that fighting in the area is “fierce” as “Ukrainian troops are carrying out counterattacks, trying to dislodge the Russian Armed Forces from their occupied positions” but did not mention troops being surrounded.
Persons: CNN —, Stanislav Buniatov, Osman, ” Buniatov, Viacheslav Ratynskyi, DeepState –, DeepState, WarGonzo Organizations: CNN, Kremlin, 42nd Separate Mechanized Brigade, Reuters, Russian Armed Forces, Russian Ministry of Defense, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Locations: Vovchansk, Ukrainian, Kharkiv, , Russian, Belgorod, Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Ukraine’s
What is the value of peace talks that aren’t actually talks between the warring sides? President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine was due to open a peace conference in Switzerland on Saturday that is intended to shore up support for his country’s negotiating positions with backing from as many nations as possible. Yet even as the two-day gathering has emerged as the most widely embraced diplomatic effort to date to end the war, for now, the effort excludes Russia. The plan has drawn criticism from some countries, like China and Brazil, that say Russia and Ukraine need to negotiate directly for any chance to end the fighting. Mr. Zelensky’s 10-point peace plan involves Russia’s withdrawing in full from Ukrainian territory, paying reparations and facing justice over any war crimes.
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As well as withdrawing from the four occupied regions in eastern and southern Ukraine, Putin said Ukraine must demilitarize and that Western countries must lift their sanctions on Russia, which have damaged but not crippled its economy. Nearly 28 months later, Russia occupies around a fifth of Ukrainian territory, including the Crimean peninsula it annexed a decade ago. Moscow only controls these regions partially, but claimed the whole of each region was part of Russia’s territory in 2022. He asked that his terms for ending the war would need to be cemented in international agreements. “That is why we must not trust these messages, because Putin follows the same course,” Zelensky warned.
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Washington CNN —President Joe Biden is leading the world’s richest democracies in sending a beefed-up message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the West will not forsake Ukraine despite political shocks casting doubts over its commitment. A flurry of new Western plans to help UkraineStill, the latest Western plans to help Ukraine send a strong message of intent. The sanctions target foreign financial firms aiding Putin’s war effort, restrict Russian access to some US software and information technology. Russian advances on the battlefieldThese are substantial and credible political, economic and political demonstrations of support for Ukraine. Not surprisingly, Zelensky has always chafed at the self-imposed limits of Western support for his war effort that are a symptom of Biden’s core aim of avoiding a direct NATO confrontation with Russia.
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CNN —Ukraine’s military on Sunday said it had destroyed one of Russia’s newest and most advanced fighter jets in a drone strike on a military base deep inside Russia. Ukrainian forces said they successfully destroyed one of Russia's most advanced combat jets, SU-57, in a drone strike on a military base deep inside Russia. Flight Global’s “World Air Forces 2024” directory lists 14 Su-57s as active and another 62 as on order. TASS reported in 2022 that Russian forces will receive a total of 22 Su-57s by the end of this year. If the reports of the Ukrainian drone strike deep inside Russia prove true, it marks another success of Kyiv’s low-cost drones taking out high-value Russian assets.
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For much of the war, Ukraine has been constrained when it comes to using powerful Western weapons against Russia. Kostiantyn Liberov/Libkos/Getty ImagesNortheast of Kharkiv, Russian forces continue to maintain a foothold in the town of Vovchansk. But “most of the city is under the control of the Ukrainian Defense Forces” Voloshyn told CNN. Further south along the eastern front line, Russians have made advances to the west of the city of Avdiivka which fell to Russian forces in February. Western weapons and a new push to draft more soldiers in to the Ukrainian military could give Ukraine the boost it needs.
Persons: Kyiv’s, Russia hasn’t, Defense Lloyd Austin, CNN’s Wolf, Valentyn Ogirenko, Yehor Cherniev, , Moscow’s, Kostiantyn, Nazar Voloshyn, Ukrainian Defense Forces ” Voloshyn, Yurii Fedorenko, HRMMU, Chasiv Yar, Organizations: CNN, Ukraine’s Security, US, , Defense, Ukrainian, National Security, Intelligence, HIMARS, Russian, Kharkiv –, Ukrainian Defense Forces, , , 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade, UN, Rights, NATO Locations: Ukraine, Kherson, Moscow, Russia, Kharkiv, France, Germany, , Russian, Hlyboke, Lyptsi, Ukrainian, Vovchansk, Chuhuiv Raion, Kharkiv Oblast, Donetsk, Luhansk, Chasiv, Avdiivka, Voloshyn
The ceremonies, as is tradition, honor those who fought and died in World War II, and reaffirm a commitment to learn the lessons of history. But what exactly are those lessons, and how exactly will world leaders turn that commitment into reality? Join us on Twitter and FacebookAs they gaze on the once blood-drenched beaches of Normandy, world leaders should consider the lessons of World War II, and how to apply them today. Eventually, 16.4 million Americans served in the military during World War II, more than 10% of the population. And yet, the beaches of Normandy resonate with the lessons of that terrible history; world leaders should listen closely.
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Berlin CNN —Pavlo Kushnirov was among Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the eastern city of Bakhmut with114th territorial defence brigade on a sunny day last winter when Russian shelling changed his life forever. German officials estimate there are between 30,000 and 50,000 Ukrainian amputees as a result of the conflict. Now a German non-governmental organization is working to bring wounded Ukrainian soldiers to Berlin so they can be fitted with custom-made artificial limbs and given treatment that will allow them to lead as normal a life as possible. Kushnirov and Sayko-Kazakov are among the first of 60 severely wounded Ukrainian soldiers who will receive treatment in Germany, thanks to the Berlin-based NGO “Life Bridge Ukraine.” They hope to start what they see as a new life soon. Battlefield conditions in Ukraine mean limbs must often be amputated quickly to save soldiers’ lives.
Persons: Berlin CNN — Pavlo Kushnirov, Vitaliy, , , ” Vitaliy, Pavlo Kushnirov, Marko Gänsl, Seeger, Gänsl, Kushnirov, ” Gänsl, , Pavlo Kushnirov Gänsl, Omelchenko, ” Keen, Valerii, Janine von Wolfersdorff, Von Wolfersdorff, ” Von Wolfersdorff, Vitali Klitschko, Kai Wegner, Chris Stern, Volodymyr Havrylov, Havrylov, ” ‘, Kazakov, ” Kushnirov, Heiko Laschitzki Sayko Organizations: Berlin CNN, CNN, Ukrainian, Russian, , Kyiv’s, Berlin’s, CNN CNN, Kushnirov, Ukraine Locations: Ukrainian, Bakhmut, Berlin, Chervonopopivka, Luhansk, Donetsk, Lviv, Ukraine, Germany, Russian, Kyiv,
Zelensky’s surprise attendance at the gathering is a stark illustration of Kyiv’s determination to keep the international community engaged in Ukraine’s defense – and its vision for peace – more than two years into Russia’s devastating invasion. A CNN team at the summit witnessed Zelensky and his delegation arriving. His attendance at the Shangri-la Dialogue in Singapore provides a rare opportunity for Zelensky to potentially meet with defense chiefs from across the Asia-Pacific, including China which has deepened its relations with Moscow since the war. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and defense heads from US allies Australia, Japan, and South Korea, as well as China’s Defense Minster Dong Jun are expected to be in attendance for the three-day gathering. Announcing his arrival at the summit, Zelensky said in a statement on X that he would hold “a number of meetings,” in particular with Austin, Singapore’s president and prime minister, Timor-Leste’s president and Singaporean investors.
Persons: Volodymyr Zelenksy, Zelensky, Lloyd Austin, Dong Jun, , Austin, Rustem Umerov, , Roman Pilipey, Zelenksy, Ukraine’s, Dong, Vyacheslav Madiyevskyy, , It’s, Sergey Lavrov, Joe Biden, Biden, Donald Trump, CNN’s Ivan Watson, Xiaofei Xu, Alex Stambaugh, Natasha Bertrand, Sharon Braithwaite Organizations: Singapore CNN —, CNN, US, Austin, Ukrainian Defense, Getty, NATO, Russia, Northern, Firefighters, Reuters, Ministry, RIA Novosti, Russian, Key Locations: Singapore, Asia, Kharkiv, China, Moscow, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Timor, Ukraine, AFP, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Europe, North Korea, Beijing, Beijing’s, Russian, Reuters Beijing, Zelensky, Kyiv
CNN —The story of the past 27 months since Russia invaded Ukraine has been one of crumbling taboos. Despite securing more weapons from the United States last month, Ukraine has not been able to use them as it pleases. Red lines fadeThe US is joining the United Kingdom, France, Germany and several others in removing restrictions on how Ukraine uses the weapons it is given. Before Biden gave the green light, Putin had made veiled nuclear threats to countries considering allowing Ukraine to strike Russia with their weapons. In both cases, Russia had warned Ukraine and its Western allies not to cross its red line.
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