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Google paused Gemini's image generation feature following backlash from users claiming it was "woke." "I'm glad that Google overplayed their hand with their AI image generation," Elon Musk wrote on X.Musk accused Google of running "insane racist, anti-civilizational programming" in their AI models. AdvertisementThe gloves are off, and Elon Musk isn't playing nice with Google. This was after Google on Thursday paused its chatbot Gemini's image generation feature, following backlash from some users who claimed the feature was "woke." "I'm glad that Google overplayed their hand with their AI image generation, as it made their insane racist, anti-civilizational programming clear to all," Elon Musk wrote in one of his X posts on Thursday.
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Former President Donald Trump's lawyers are trying to get the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case thrown out. Trump's lawyers on Thursday filed several motions to dismiss the case, including one centering on the argument that Trump should be entitled to presidential immunity. The motion acknowledges a Washington, DC appeals court decision on February 6. AdvertisementNow, on the Mar-a-Lago case, Trump's lawyers are arguing that the DC appeals court "erred in finding that President Trump was not entitled to presidential immunity." Trump's lawyers have also argued that the case should be dismissed, based on their allegation that special counsel Jack Smith was unlawfully appointed.
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Over 570 documents from a Chinese state-backed hacking group were uploaded to Github last week. The documents mentioned at least 20 hacking targets, including countries like the UK and India. The leaks come after multiple warnings by officials on the scales of China's hacking operations. AdvertisementA trove of leaked Chinese hacking documents might have given the world a glimpse of how widespread and effective China's hacking operations could be. The documents, which track hacking activity across multiple countries, belong to iSoon, a private security contractor with ties to China's Ministry of Public Security, according to the Post's report on Wednesday.
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The search giant is paying Reddit $60 million a year for access to its content. Google has signed a content licensing deal with the social media platform, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the matter. The search giant will pay Reddit $60 million a year for access to its content, per Reuters. It's not clear at this point what part of Reddit's content Google will end up using most while training its AI. However, some Reddit users have slammed Google's deal with Reddit and accused the social network of profiting off its users' data without their consent.
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Jimmy Kimmel roasted George Santos after the disgraced politician filed a lawsuit against him. "This is like getting sued for paternity by Nick Cannon," Kimmel said. AdvertisementJimmy Kimmel 's getting sued by former Rep. George Santos, and he has thoughts. This is like getting sued for paternity by Nick Cannon," Kimmel continued, referencing Cannon, a celebrity show host who has fathered 12 children with six different women. "George Santos, a man Republicans kicked out of Congress for being a fraud, is suing me for fraud."
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Former CIA chief Robert Gates says the Russians have "regained momentum" in Ukraine. "It's actually not so much a stalemate," Gates told The Washington Post. AdvertisementThe Russians are no longer on the back foot in Ukraine, says former CIA chief Robert Gates. "A lot of people are referring to the war at this point as a stalemate," Gates told The Washington Post in an interview on Wednesday. "I'm afraid I believe that, at this point, it's actually not so much a stalemate, but that the Russians have regained momentum."
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Kseniya Karelina donated $51.80 to a US-based Ukrainian charity in February 2022. Russia accused Karelina of raising funds for the Ukrainian military to buy weapons and equipment. AdvertisementA Russian-American ballerina was accused of treason by Russian authorities after donating to a Ukrainian charity. Karelina had reportedly donated $51.80 to a US-based Ukrainian charity Razom for Ukraine in February 2022, according to Russian legal rights group, Perviy Otdel. The FSB accused Gershkovich of "trying to obtain secret information" and that he was acting "on the instructions of the United States."
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Donald Trump might have feuded with his onetime protégé Ron DeSantis during the GOP primaries. But he now says DeSantis is on his VP shortlist, which also includes Tim Scott and Vivek Ramaswamy. Ron DeSantis may have been one of the worst presidential candidates in recent memory, but he could still find himself in the White House next year. That is if his frenemy, former President Donald Trump, picks him as his vice president. On Tuesday, the GOP presidential frontrunner said in a Fox News town hall that DeSantis was on his vice presidential shortlist.
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download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Former President Donald Trump could lose his prized buildings if he isn't able to pay his civil fraud penalty, says New York Attorney General Letitia James. The former president was hit with a $355 million penalty in a New York civil fraud case last week. She suggested that they were looking to seize Trump's Manhattan skyscraper, the Trump Building, if the GOP presidential frontrunner doesn't pay up. AdvertisementRepresentatives for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours.
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Cathie Wood says Nvidia "has become a check-the-box stock." Wood says she's been selling the stock because "expectations could be getting ahead of themselves." Ark Invest's Cathie Wood says she's been selling Nvidia stock because she thinks it's become overvalued. "It has become a check-the-box stock," Wood said in a podcast with The Wall Street Journal's Dion Rabouin that aired Sunday. Wood's investment fund sold over $4.5 million worth of Nvidia stock this year.
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John Bolton says foreign autocrats may try to take advantage of Donald Trump's growing debts. "They may be doing it already," Bolton told MSNBC's Jen Psaki. The former president was hit with a $355 million penalty in a New York civil fraud case last week. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementJohn Bolton says former President Donald Trump's mounting debts could make him vulnerable to foreign manipulation.
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Jon Stewart spent much of his monologue on Monday criticizing Tucker Carlson's visit to Russia. AdvertisementJon Stewart and former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson go way back. For Professor Tucker Aloysius Mayflower Kennebunkport Backgammon Carlson III has arrived," Stewart continued as he pulled out a notebook and pen. Thank you, Tucker Carlson, for giving Jon Stewart this masterclass in journalism. At one point, Carlson told Stewart he'd thought they'd all get some laughs from having Stewart on as a guest.
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Tiffany Fong uploaded a photo of what appears to be a scruffy-looking Sam Bankman-Fried to X. The content creator said she got the photo from an inmate and ex-gang member called "G Lock." Disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried looks a lot scruffier in prison, according to a photo obtained by crypto influencer Tiffany Fong. AdvertisementFirst photo of Sam Bankman-Fried in jail at MDC Brooklyn. (December 17, 2023) — Tiffany Fong (@TiffanyFong_) February 20, 2024Fong said she'd obscured the faces of the other inmates for privacy reasons.
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AdvertisementJohn Oliver says he will give Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a million bucks a year if he quits the Supreme Court immediately. Besides offering Thomas money, Oliver said he would also throw in a $2.4 million motorcoach. Oliver spent most of the episode discussing the Supreme Court and the issues he said were plaguing it — one of them being Thomas. But it is worth doing for the principle," Thomas told the Bar Association in Savannah, Georgia, according to the Post. He's said it's not worth doing 'for the grief,'" Oliver said of Thomas during his Sunday show.
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The Red Sea conflict is one of the largest battle the US Navy has ever fought. "I think you'd have to go back to World War II," Vice Adm. Brad Cooper told 60 Minutes. AdvertisementA US Navy admiral says the conflict against the Houthis in the Red Sea is one of the largest naval battles the US has fought in decades. Cooper told 60 Minutes that it is "crystal clear" that the Houthis couldn't have mounted these attacks without Iranian support. And every single day they attempt to attack us, we're eliminating and disrupting them in ways that are meaningful," Cooper told O'Donnell.
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Deceased Russian dissident Alexey Navalny spent his final days in one of Russia's harshest prisons. Located near the Arctic Circle, the IK-3 prison colony is infamous for its terrible conditions. AdvertisementNavalny might have joked about prison life, but the reality of life behind bars was brutalA satellite image of the IK-3 prison colony where Navalny was detained. While Navalny did crack a couple of dark jokes about prison life, inmates in Russia's penal colonies often have to contend with brutal living conditions. Khulilidze told Life that his beating lasted about half an hour and he wasn't given any medical assistance after that.
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He said he had to battle the negative perceptions people have of military veterans who leave the force. Jianhui TanI left the SAF with no job offers on hand, and my career transition journey was stressful. I relied on my savings while looking for work and spent around six months taking courses to get new certifications. AdvertisementGetting used to the corporate worldOne of the biggest differences between the military and the private sector was the culture. That wasn't the case in the corporate world, where organizational bonding isn't as strong as it is in the military.
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FBI chief Christopher Wray says Chinese cyberattacks are becoming a serious problem. Wray told Congress in January that China's hackers outnumber FBI cyber agents by at least 50 to 1. AdvertisementCyberattacks that Chinese hackers orchestrate on the US are reaching a "fever pitch," says FBI director Christopher Wray. Wray was speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Thursday, where he flagged the massive cyber threat posed by China. AdvertisementLast month, Wray told Congress that the US needed to invest in its cyber capabilities to manage the Chinese cyber threat better.
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Ukraine may lose the city of Adviivka to Russia because they're running out of ammunition. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby blamed the House GOP for holding back aid bill. The Senate passed a $95 billion aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan on Tuesday. AdvertisementRussia might seize the Ukrainian city of Adviivka if the GOP continues to hold back on aid, the White House said on Thursday. "Russia is sending wave after wave of conscript forces to attack Ukrainian positions," Kirby continued.
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The US Coast Guard said it seized over 200 packages of weapons meant for Houthi rebels in Yemen. Ballistic missile components originating from Iran were found on a vessel in the Arabian Sea. AdvertisementOver 200 packages of illegal weapons and military components bound for Yemen have been seized by the US Coast Guard, the US Central Command said in a statement on Thursday. The shipment was seized from a vessel in the Arabian Sea on January 28, per the statement. The US Central Command said the weapons had originated in Iran and were en-route to be delivered to Houthi rebels in Yemen.
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Donald Trump's niece isn't a fan of Jon Stewart's jokes about her uncle and President Joe Biden. The former president's niece criticized Stewart's Monday episode where he slammed President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. AdvertisementNot only is Stewart’s “both sides are the same” rhetoric not funny, it’s a potential disaster for democracy. She also accused Stewart of "pretending" that Donald Trump could be "favorably compared to President Biden by any metric." Mary Trump's father, Fred Trump Jr., was the younger brother of Donald Trump.
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The company named the five actors — China-affiliated "Charcoal Typhoon" and "Salmon Typhoon," Iran-affiliated "Crimson Sandstorm," North Korea-affiliated "Emerald Sleet," and Russia-affiliated "Forest Blizzard." The Chinese mecha in the film was named "Crimson Typhoon," while the Russian mecha was called "Cherno Alpha." Adjectives are then added at the front to distinguish between threat actors within the same family. Besides "Crimson Sandstorm," Iran is also affiliated with "Lemon Sandstorm" and "Marigold Sandstorm." Besides monitoring and disrupting threat actors, the company said it has been working with industry partners to exchange information.
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"He wants Biden because he's going to be given everything he wants, including Ukraine," Trump said. Trump said Putin didn't want him back in the White House because he would pose a threat to Russia's interests. He wants Biden because he's going to be given everything he wants, including Ukraine," Trump told rally attendees. "The only president in the last five that hasn't given Russia anything is a president known as Donald J. Trump," Trump said. Nonetheless, Putin's remarks have given Trump a much-needed boost after what has been a tough week for him.
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Vladimir Putin says he'd prefer if Joe Biden won the 2024 presidential race instead of Donald Trump. The Russian leader said he thinks Biden is "more experienced," and "more predictable." Putin's remarks are surprising, considering Trump's effusive praise of the Russian leader. The Russian leader offered his assessment of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump during an interview with the state-owned television channel Russia-1 on Wednesday. While Biden and Trump still have to campaign for the presidency in 2024, Putin is all but certain to secure his reelection.
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Russia has lost over 3,000 tanks since it invaded Ukraine, says the IISS. The think tank said that Russia's battlefield tank losses have exceeded what it had before the war. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementRussia has lost more tanks than it had before it invaded Ukraine, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) said on Tuesday. The London-based think tank offered its assessment when it launched its annual "The Military Balance" report on the same day.
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