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What It’s Like to Be a Sociopath
  + stars: | 2024-02-25 | by ( David Marchese | )   time to read: +13 min
Photo illustration by Bráulio Amado Talk What It’s Like to Be a SociopathSociopaths are modern-day boogeymen, and the word “sociopath” is casually tossed around to describe the worst, most amoral among us. Gagne wrote “Sociopath,” her buzzy forthcoming memoir, to try to correct some of those misunderstandings and provide a fuller picture of sociopathy, which is now more frequently referred to as antisocial personality disorder. Just because I don’t care about someone else’s pain, so to speak, doesn’t mean I want to cause more of it. I’m not sure neurotypicals need any, because I have been identifying as a sociopath for years now, and my experience with people who don’t know that has been positive. That is what the sociopath experience is almost all the time.
Persons: Bráulio Amado, , Patric Gagne, Gagne, “ Sociopath, , “ I’m, ’ ”, What’s, I’ve, I’m, couldn’t, you’re, you’ve, You’re, Kristia Knowles, Schuster Organizations: Simon Locations: sociopathy
Some diners could be put off eating out when fast-food prices in California go up in the spring. The state is raising the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 an hour, prompting restaurants to hike menu prices. California is putting up the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 an hour on April 1 — and it could make restaurant prices so unpalatable that people buy more groceries to cook at home instead. The state's current general minimum wage is $16 an hour, compared to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 . But the new statewide legislation, AB 1228, will only create a $20 minimum wage for fast-food workers.
Persons: Jon Tower, Jack, Darin Harris, Jonathan Knowles, , Harris, Matt Clark, Clark Organizations: Citi, Bureau of Labor Statistics Locations: California
My husband and I took four days away from our kids and traveled to Mexico. When we came back, we had a better appreciation for each other and for our children. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementBefore having kids, my husband and I used to travel, both for work and for fun. Since then, I've yelled less, am taking better care of myself, and am putting more priority on our relationship.
Persons: , pang, I've Organizations: Service Locations: Mexico, Thailand, Hong Kong, Paris, Cancún
Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles, responded to complaints about the singer's recent country music. Knowles said on Instagram that Beyoncé has been part of cowboy culture since childhood. AdvertisementTina Knowles defended her daughter Beyoncé's new country songs, saying she has celebrated cowboy culture since childhood. Earlier this month, Beyoncé, who is known for her pop and RnB songs, released two country-style singles, "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages." Last week, KYKC, a country music station in Oklahoma, rejected a request to play "Texas Hold 'Em," sparking a debate about who should be allowed to perform country music.
Persons: Tina Knowles, Knowles, Beyoncé, Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Texas, Oklahoma
On Tuesday, Oklahoma's country music station KYKC refused to play Beyoncé's new song "TEXAS HOLD 'EM." Here's what to know about Beyoncé's challenges with being recognized by the country music industry. I requested Texas Hold ‘Em at my local country radio station (KYKC) and after requesting, i received an email from the radio station stating “We do not play Beyoncé on KYKC as we are a country music station. Although critics and fans praised Beyoncé's country pivot, the Country Music Association Awards and the Grammy's country music committee did not nominate the song for any awards, which was viewed as a snub. Slate reported in 2016 that Orlando's country radio station K92.3 received backlash from its listeners after playing "Daddy Lessons" on air.
Persons: KYKC, , Beyoncé, Oklahoma's, @BeyLegion, eQksQemk6m, JUSTIN 🫧, ong, addy, hicks, hite, arius Organizations: Service, TEXAS Locations: Texas
Beyoncé released two new songs from her upcoming album during Super Bowl Sunday. One song, "16 Carriages," has a line that could reference how old Bey was when she recorded it. The thought-to-be country album, "Act II," is set to be released on March 29. In "16 Carriages," one of two songs released on Sunday, Beyoncé references different ages of her life. Most notably, Bey released the song "Daddy Lessons" — an ode to her Texas upbringing — as a part of the "Lemonade" album in 2016.
Persons: Beyoncé, Bey, , Trump, Tina Knowles, Beyoncé's, Mama Tina, Knowles, commenter, It's, I'm Organizations: Super, Service, Sunday, Beyoncé's, Chicks Locations: Texas, Houston
Beyoncé announces new hair care line ‘Cécred’
  + stars: | 2024-02-07 | by ( Leah Dolan | )   time to read: +3 min
CNN —Beyoncé has revealed she will be launching a hair care line on February 20. Tina Knowles influence on her daughters career has been far-reaching — one of the first music videos Destiny’s Child shot was for their first number one hit “Bills, Bills, Bills,” (1999), a tale of a disillusioned, independent woman triumphantly cutting off the deadweight of her boyfriend. That is power.”Beyoncé said she "always dreamt" of carrying on her mother's legacy in the hair and beauty industry. Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty ImagesWhile details about what products Cécred will offer are yet to be shared, a trademark request filed in the summer of 2022 clears the company for production of hair care preparations, candles, vitamin supplements, electric hair styling tools, combs, hair accessories, pillow cases and four other goods and services categories. In 2019, Tracee Ellis Ross launched Pattern, a now-award winning natural hair line focused on “curl conscious and textured” customers.
Persons: CNN — Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Tina Knowles, Destiny’s, ” Beyoncé, Harper’s, , , ” “, , Kevin Mazur, I’ve, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel ”, Organizations: CNN, Bills Locations: Houston , Texas
MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' lawsuit against the Republican-controlled Legislature arguing that it is obstructing basic government functions. The court's liberal majority agreed to hear the case, with the three conservative justices dissenting. The court only agreed to immediately hear one of the three issues Evers brought forward in the complaint. The Legislature convened a lame duck session just weeks before Evers took office to weaken the incoming governor’s powers.
Persons: Tony Evers, Evers, Janet Protasiewicz, Rebecca Dallet, Jill Karofsky, Ann Walsh Bradley, Annette Ziegler, Brian Hagedorn, Rebecca Bradley, ” Evers, Knowles, Devin LeMahieu Organizations: Wisconsin Supreme, Democratic, Republican, University of Wisconsin, Conservative, Legislature, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Nelson Stewardship Program, Republicans, GOP, Natural Resources Board Locations: MADISON, Wis, Wisconsin
The unsubstantiated, misleading misogyny of former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s tirade about the harm plastic surgery does to women. Throughout her segment on Moriarty, Kelly latched onto what might, in other hands, under other circumstances, have been sympathetic and important themes. She flagged mental health, the pressures put on women by social media and the beauty industry and the struggle to remain authentic in an increasingly “fake,” AI-dominated world. Moriarty said she would be taking “an extensive if not permanent break” from social media and in her words, she experienced “one of the most challenging weeks” of her life. So much for Kelly’s concerns about her mental health.
Persons: Holly Thomas, Katie Couric, CNN —, Jonathan Rauch, Steve Bannon’s, Holly Thomas Holly Thomas, Rauch, that’s, It’s, Donald Trump, George Floyd’s, Megyn, Kelly, Erin Moriarty, Moriarty, , ” Kelly, , Kim Kardashian, , Michael Knowles, ” Knowles, Knowles, “ I’ve, she’d “, wasn’t, Naomi Klein, Megyn Kelly Organizations: Katie Couric Media, CNN, America, White House, Fox News, YouTube Locations: London, Hollywood
Her youthful obsession realized in front of her, Ella was inspired to buy her first piece of Lolita fashion in 2015, from the popular Lolita e-tailer Angel Pretty. While Lolita style is named after Vladimir Nabokov’s eponymous teen in the controversial 1955 novel, the overlap ends there. Even 1950s-style American prom dresses, with their extravagant skirts and bodices, influence contemporary Lolita fashion, he said. The skirt's fullness, achieved through the use of a petticoat, is a key characteristic of Lolita fashion. Ella says her personal Lolita style is a blend of classic and sweet, with a healthy dose of prints and patterns.
Persons: Ella hadn’t, waltzed, , Ella, Lauren, Shelby Knowles, Pretty, ” —, She’s, it’s, Michelle Liu Carriger, Bianca, Kandace, Vladimir Nabokov’s, Masafumi, Monden, accessorized, Lolitas, Marie Antoinette, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, ” Monden, ” Liu Carriger, lacy Lolita, Kei, don’t, Liu Carriger, Nghi, Mary, Jane heels, substyles Organizations: CNN, American, UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, Television, University of Sydney, New, Asahi Shimbun, Pink House Locations: California’s Bay, Japan, America, San Francisco , California, US, Oakland , California, Australia, British, Otaru, Hokkaido, Tokyo, Lolitas, California
'Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce' tops box office
  + stars: | 2023-12-04 | by ( Dawn Chmielewski | )   time to read: +2 min
REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsDec 4 (Reuters) - "Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce" premiered at the top of the U.S. box office, raking in $21.8 million during the typically anemic first weekend of December, according to research firm Comscore. Beyonce Knowles' concert film marked the first time a movie crossed the $20 million mark on this weekend since the 2003 movie "The Last Samurai" starring Tom Cruise, Comscore said. Live Nation reported that the superstar’s 56-stop Renaissance World Tour earned more than $579 million worldwide - a hot ticket that economists say may have fanned inflation in Europe. In addition to the concert scenes, the film gave a rare glimpse at how Beyonce grapples with stardom and motherhood. Although "Renaissance's" box office fell short of Swift's $96 million opening weekend, Comscore's Dergarabedian said the result will likely be the same.
Persons: Beyonce, Mario Anzuoni, Beyonce Knowles, Tom Cruise, Comscore, Paul Dergarabedian, Taylor, Comscore's Dergarabedian, Dawn Chmielewski, Kat Stafford, Matthew Lewis Organizations: REUTERS, Labor, Thomson Locations: Los Angeles , California, U.S, New York
By contrast, even the most expensive Shopping Bags often cost less than $300. Telfar Clemens at the CFDA x Vogue Fashion Fund 'Americans in Paris' event, Paris Fashion Week, France in March 2018. Maker of the ‘Bushwick Birkin’“This Telfar bag imported. The Covid-19 pandemic sent the popularity of the Shopping Bag to new heights — new bag releases announced online sold out in minutes. ‘For everyone’In 2015, Telfar had an unusual partner at New York Fashion Week: fast-food chain White Castle.
Persons: Bella Hadid, Alexandria Ocasio, “ Abbott, they’re, Birkin, , Telfar Clemens —, ” Clemens, Clemens, He’s, Telfar, Telfar Clemens, Hagop Kalaidjian, Clemens “, Lois Sakany, Beyoncé, Gonzalo Marroquin, Patrick McMullan, Solange Knowles, David X Prutting, Bushwick Birkin, , Adrienne Jones, Samia Laaboudi, Edward Berthelot, Chanel, Laticha Brown, , Robert F, Kennedy, Babak Radboy, , It’s, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr, ” Sakany, Sakany, Pratt’s Jones, Radboy, ” Telfar, DiCianno, Jones, ” Jones, it’s Organizations: New, New York CNN, Rep, ABC, Brooklyn, tote, Gay Times, Fund, Paris, CNN, Liberian, New York’s Pace University, Breakfast Club, of Fashion Designers of America, Vogue, Guggenheim Museum, ” Pratt Institute, Security, New York, Reuters, Analysts, Bag Security, Fashion Institute of Technology, White, Kennedy Human Rights Liberty, Justice Fund, Old, Fast Locations: New York, Alexandria, Cortez, Bushwick, Brooklyn, Paris, France, New York City, Liberian, Queens, Liberia, United States, USA, . Clemens
Something to sip on…Dolly Parton In the film "Rhinestone" in 1984 and Cher in 1979 in Los Angeles, California. Getty ImagesDolly Parton and Cher are both making 77 years old look lovely. The same day Parton was on the football field, Cher performed her new Christmas single “DJ Play a Christmas Song” at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. You should listen to…Sir Paul McCartney performing in 2017. Poet Paul Muldoon collaborated with Sir Paul McCartney on the bestselling book, “The Lyrics: 1965 to Present,” and their relationship is clear in the ease of their conversations on this podcast.
Persons: Lisa Respers, Dolly Parton, Cher, Parton, Diana Ross, Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, Steve Martin, Samuel L, Jackson, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Kevin Mazur, Giselle Knowles Carter, Beyoncé ”, – she’s, Bey, EGOT, Oscar, Tony, Sir Paul McCartney, “ McCartney, Paul Muldoon, McCartney, , … Catherine Tate, David Tennant, Who, ” Peope, Russell T Davies, it’s “ Organizations: CNN, Getty, Dallas Cowboys, , Disney Locations: Lisa Respers France, Los Angeles , California, London, England, Atlanta, AFP
“Her music is unapologetically, boundlessly and globally Black,” Thomas said. In many cases, lighter skinned slaves were the product of sexual violence by White men against enslaved Black women. Lighter skinned Black women were often deemed “redbones,” a term that for some undermined their Black heritage by implying that the women were mixed non-Black ancestry. A 2023 survey by nonprofit Catalyst found women with darker skin tones were more likely to experience workplace racism than women with lighter skin. “I also get to be critical of Beyoncé,” Thomas said.
Persons: Queen Bey, , Tina Knowles, ” Knowles, “ Brown, Geneva Thomas, ” Thomas, , JeffriAnne Wilder, Wilder, White, ” Wilder, Beyoncé, India Arie, ” Arie, Arie, ” Beyoncé, Kevin Mazur, Oscar, Octavia Spencer, Thomas, she’s Organizations: CNN, Los Angeles, Catalyst, University of Chicago Press, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Locations: America, New York, Black America, London, England
"Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé" hit theaters on Thursday night. Fans get a peek inside Beyoncé's relationships with her daughter Blue Ivy and her former bandmates. "Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé" — written, directed, produced, and narrated by Queen Bey — features performances from her blockbuster tour interspersed with behind-the-scenes moments, giving fans a peek into Beyoncé's creative process. AdvertisementHowever, one former member of Destiny's Child did not participate in the "Renaissance" reunion: Farrah Franklin. In the film, Beyoncé fondly recalls Jonny's influence; he really did make her prom dress by hand.
Persons: Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, , Queen Bey —, Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, LeToya Luckett, LaTavia Roberson, Rowland, Williams, Luckett, Roberson, Destiny's, Farrah Franklin, Franklin, Ivy Carter, Kevin Mazur, Parkwood Beyoncé's, Blue Ivy Carter, hasn't, Blue, recommitting, Uncle Jonny, Jonny, Knowles, didn't Organizations: Service Locations: Atlanta , Georgia, Paris
“I just went and looked at all the beautiful talented black celebrities who have worn platinum hair and it has been just about everyone of them at one time or another. Knowles shared in her post a video – seemingly not created by Knowles herself – that further put into context the points that she was making. “Beyoncé is a brown skin girl,” text in the video stated. A brown skin girl is more than a skin color. Beyoncé is a brown skin girl.
Persons: Tina Knowles, Giselle Knowles, Knowles, , Beyoncé, Versace, , ” Knowles, , Etta James, Cynthia Erivo, Octavia Spencer, Keke Palmer, ” Spencer Organizations: CNN, Beyoncé, Los Angeles
Taylor Swift attends the "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" Concert Movie World Premiere at AMC The Grove 14 on October 11, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. Seventeen percent of those surveyed reported having "very positive" views of Swift, while 22% had "somewhat positive" views. Meanwhile, just 9% reported having "very negative" views, with 7% saying they have "somewhat negative" views of her. The poll also tested voters' views of pop singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. And 33% of voters reported positive views of her, while 40% said they view her neutrally and 20% said they have negative views of her.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Swift, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Mike Johnson, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley — Swift, Beyoncé Knowles, Carter, Beyoncé Organizations: AMC, NBC News, Florida Gov Locations: Los Angeles , California, Florida
CNN —Consider journalist Bryan West the “lucky one,” because he’s The Tennessean and USA Today network’s new Taylor Swift reporter. “So, I do follow a lot of Taylor news. I know about every outing, every new song, every lyric, every album release, every party,” he added. Touting his technical skills as a multi-platform journalist and a licensed drone pilot, West went on to highlight his track record for predicting Swift’s album announcements and how he’s one of the 100 accounts the official “Eras Tour” Instagram account follows. Gannett also posted a separate job listing at the time for a Beyoncé Knowles-Carter reporter.
Persons: Bryan West, Taylor Swift, , , West, Swift, , Swifite, Knowles, Carter Organizations: CNN, USA, Tennessean, Gannett, USA Today Locations: West,
TikTok’s Finest Lobsterman
  + stars: | 2023-10-28 | by ( Steven Kurutz | More About Steven Kurutz | )   time to read: +1 min
It was another busy day for the crew of the Rest-Ashoar, a lobster fishing boat that works the waters off the rocky coast of Winter Harbor, Maine. The captain, Jacob Knowles, had gotten up at 3 a.m. on a brisk October morning and took his vessel 10 miles into the ocean. Using a hydraulic hauler, buoys and ropes, Mr. Knowles, Keith Potter (the stern man) and Coty White (the third man) hauled up 400 wire traps over the next 10 hours. As the boat listed in the rolling waves, they heaved the empty traps back overboard. Even while doing the grueling work of commercial fishermen, the crew was engaged in another job: filming a video.
Persons: Jacob Knowles, Knowles, Keith Potter, Coty White Locations: Winter Harbor , Maine
CNN —Nigeria’s government is celebrating a “landmark victory” after a UK court ruled it was not liable for a multibillion-dollar payout earlier awarded to a private firm over a failed gas project. The company had sued for compensation over lost profits following the collapse of a 20-year deal with Nigerian authorities in 2010 to build a gas processing facility. The awarded sum and accumulated interest had now exceeded $11 billion, nearly half of Nigeria’s federal budget for this year. Disagreements after both parties blamed each other for defaulting on obligations led to the failed deal and sparked a lengthy legal battle. Lawyers for the Nigerian government had argued that P&ID induced the country’s officials with bribes for the contract to be awarded to the firm.
Persons: CNN —, Robin Knowles, , , ” Knowles, , General Lateef Fagbemi, Bola Tinubu, Knowles ’ Organizations: CNN, Developments Locations: British Virgin Islands, London, Nigeria
Nigeria's President Bola Tinubu looks on after his swearing-in ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria May 29, 2023. The sum had since swelled with interest to over $11 billion, representing 10 times the country's 2019 health budget. The judge said a further hearing would take place to decide whether to send the case back to arbitration or ditch the $11 billion award without further delay. Both received confidential Nigerian documents during the arbitration that they knew they were not entitled to see, the judge found. Additional reporting by Felix Onuah in Abuja, Editing by Estelle Shirbon and David EvansOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Bola Tinubu, Temilade, Tinubu, Robin Knowles, Knowles, Nigeria's, Trevor Burke, Seamus Andrew, Burke, Andrew, Felix Onuah, Estelle Shirbon, David Evans Organizations: REUTERS, Monday, London's, Africa's, ID's, Thomson, & $ Locations: Abuja, Nigeria, British Virgin Islands, Nigerian, Africa
We could talk, I suppose, about all Taylor Swift’s done for the economy, friendship bracelets, seismology and Travis Kelce. Nor is her show — produced as discrete segments devoted to nine of Swift’s 10 albums — the cultural gymnasium Madonna requires. Swift plays to her enhanced strengths: candied pitch, arresting stature, toothsome songwriting, winking, the very idea of play. Rapt in a movie theater, I felt the song’s heart-wrung pique in a new way. Some of that comes from watching Swift’s face register the ache, tsking recrimination.
Persons: Taylor Swift’s, Travis Kelce, , Sally Field, “ Taylor Swift, it’s, Swift, SoFi, zing, She’s, Jackson, Streisand, Carey, Dion, Knowles, Carter, winking, we’ve, Lionel Richie Organizations: SoFi, MetLife Locations: Los Angeles, East Rutherford, N.J
NEW YORK (AP) — D’Wayne Wiggins and Timothy Christian Riley didn’t realize that Raphael Saadiq was planting the seeds for a Tony! “We have to be us first before we could talk to anybody because that’s what happened the last time.”Cut to last month, when Tony! “I think it’s been really cool to hear younger kids sample our music and make new songs with our music,” Riley said. “We did always feel the love from our peers and fans and people just in general — it felt really good,” he said. He remembers a younger Beyoncé asking to hear some of the music he was working on.
Persons: — D’Wayne Wiggins, Timothy Christian Riley didn’t, Raphael Saadiq, Tony, Toni, , , Wiggins, ” Saadiq, , Saadiq, Riley, Toné, Raphael Saddiq, Tone, It’s, that’s, “ There’s, Little Walter, Jack Swing, DJ Quik, ” “, “ I’ve, Nat King Cole, Tonyies, , We’d, ” Wiggins, Amar Khalil, Will Smith, Alicia Keys, Badu’s, Lady ”, Whitney Houston, Mary J, Blige, Dawn Robinson, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Lucy Pearl, it’s, ” Riley, ” RAPHAEL SAADIQ, Raphael Saadiq's, D’Wayne Wiggins, Beyoncé, who’s, Knowles, Solange’s, she’s, Oscar, ’ ” Saadiq, Gary Gerard Hamilton Organizations: Music, TLC, En, Associated Press Locations: Oakland, Oakland , California, Southern California, @GaryGHamilton
Here are the meanings of the 10 hardest words that have also been used in Times articles. The labiodental flap is much more widely used but took longer to be recognized. (Some people still believe in a religious afterlife, but those with the cash would rather not risk it. Maybe he could have a high opinion of himself despite his evident flaws. — How Garfield Helped Me Make Peace With a Culture in Decline (Feb. 16, 2021)The list of the week’s easiest words:
Persons: poinciana, canopic, Isaiah Rashad, Solange Knowles, , bandanna, , Guy ’, Kaplan, cioppino, hamate, Mammon, monomaniac, Garfield Organizations: pompano, Lines, San, California’s State Food, Phonetic Locations: Philippines, San Francisco, Francisco, Burger, Napa Valley, Santa Maria, California’s State, Africa
LOS ANGELES (AP) — This week the United States’ biggest newspaper chain posted to its site two unusual job listings: a Taylor Swift reporter and a Beyoncé Knowles-Carter reporter. Political Cartoons View All 1157 ImagesSome journalists criticized the listings for presenting superfan behavior as a full-time journalism job, especially as job opportunities shrink and music journalists are paid low wages. “If there wasn’t that component to it, there wouldn’t be a Beyoncé reporter,” Tinsley said. “It is a bit odd, but Taylor Swift Inc., I guess you would call it, is a big economic driver right now,” said Eric Grode, director of the Goldring Arts Journalism and Communications program at Syracuse University. Representatives for Swift and Beyoncé did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Knowles, Carter, it'll, Beyoncé Knowles, Omise’eke Tinsley, , , ” Tinsley, Amy Chozick, Hilary Clinton, Suzy Exposito, ” Exposito, Eric Grode, “ Taylor Swift, Grode, ” Rick Edmonds, Taylor, Exposito, Soraya Roberts, Tinsley, Swift, Beyoncé, David Bauder Organizations: ANGELES, States ’, Gannett, USA, Swift, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Taylor Swift Inc, Goldring Arts Journalism, Communications, Syracuse University, Poynter Institute, AP Locations: Nashville, Beyoncé, New York
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