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When we don't get enough sleep, it can influence everything from how much money we make to our likelihood of developing dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. Researchers have found that stress is one of the strongest indicators of poor sleep. On top of that, the county struggles with poor health, another major contributor to poor sleep. In our analysis, we overlaid the CDC's sleep data with a CDC survey on mental health and found a 79% correlation between mental-health problems and poor sleep. In the food-services industry, people juggle inconsistent shifts and low pay that often requires taking on multiple jobs, and 40% of workers don't get enough sleep.
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Kentucky prosecutors dropped charges against golf star Scottie Scheffler. Scheffler was arrested earlier this month just outside the PGA Championship. AdvertisementKentucky prosecutors dropped all charges against top golfer Scottie Scheffler after he was arrested while trying to get to the PGA Championship earlier this month. Police alleged that Scheffler drove past an officer who was directing traffic outside the PGA Championship before the second round began, dragging the cop. Scheffler was arrested and faced four charges, including assaulting a police officer.
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Louisville, Kentucky CNN —All charges against Scottie Scheffler have been dismissed less than two weeks after the world No. “Based upon the totality of the evidence, my office cannot move forward in the prosecution of the charges filed against Mr. Scheffler,” County Attorney Mike O’Connell said Wednesday in court. “He’s glad it’s over,” Romines said of Scheffler, who lives in Texas and had permission to miss Wednesday’s hearing. It appears to show an officer read Scheffler his Miranda rights before questioning the golfer about the incident. The officer, Detective Bryan Gillis, stopped Scheffler and attempted to give instructions.
Persons: Scottie Scheffler, Scheffler, Mike O’Connell, “ Mr, Anne Delahanty, , , , ” Scheffler, Steve Romines, Romines, “ He’s, ” Romines, WLKY, John Mills, Xander Schauffele, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg, Miranda, “ LMPD, Scheffler’s, ” Scottie Ellis, Mayor Greenberg, ” Ellis, Valhalla –, Dwight Mitchell, ESPN –, Bryan Gillis, Gillis, Jacquelyn Gwinn, Villaroel, Steve Almasy, Gloria Pazmino, Jill Martin, Jack Bantock, Eric Levenson, Ray Sanchez, Andy Rose Organizations: Kentucky CNN, PGA, Mr, “ Police, Jefferson, CNN, Louisville Metro Police Department, Valhalla Golf, PGA of America, Louisville Mayor, Valhalla Golf Club, ESPN, Louisville Police Locations: Louisville, Kentucky, Jefferson County, ” County, Texas, Louisville , Kentucky, Romines, Jefferson, Valhalla
Scottie Scheffler hits from the 6th tee during the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas, on May 23, 2024. Kentucky prosecutors on Wednesday dropped all criminal charges against golf champ Scottie Scheffler related to his controversial arrest May 17 as he tried to drive into the club hosting the PGA Championship in Louisville. "Based on the totality of the evidence, my office cannot move forward in the prosecution of the charges filed against Mr. Scheffler," Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell told a judge. O'Connell also said, "Mr. Scheffler's characterization that this was, quote, 'a big misunderstanding,' unquote, is corroborated by the evidence." Scheffler, 27, who is the world's top-ranked golfer, had faced charges of felony assault on a police officer and reckless driving in the case.
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Memorial Day weekend was marred by severe storms across the US. Scientists blame the heat and say the severe weather will continue. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementMemorial weekend is the unofficial start of summer, and this year it was marred by a series of severe weather incidents that scientists say could continue as temperatures rise. Severe weather, including thunderstorms and tornados, swept across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kentucky over the holiday weekend, destroying buildings and killing over 20 people, according to the Associated Press.
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Video Credit: WxChasing / LSMNew video shows the aftermath of a tornado in southwestern Kentucky. The aerial footage over Charleston, Kentucky, shows cars tossed into the piles of debris that are remains of houses. A rare tornado emergency was issued for the area on Sunday evening, warning of a "large and destructive tornado" and urging residents to take action. the National Weather Service in Paducah, Kentucky, said. Survey crews from the National Weather Service will visit the area to determine how strong the tornado was.
Organizations: LSM, National Weather Service Locations: Kentucky, Charleston , Kentucky, Paducah , Kentucky
Flash flooding alerts were in place for 9 million people, mostly in Tennessee, Kentucky and southern Indiana. At least 68 million people were under severe weather warnings on Memorial Day, as storms turned toward the Northeast after claiming the lives of at least 19 people and leaving half a million homes and businesses without power across the central United States. Some emergency phones lines had been damaged and were not operational, Kentucky State Police said, according to NBC affiliate WNKY of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Monday's weather warnings come after a torrid night across southern states and in the Great Plains. Weather watchers posted pictures from Missouri and Kentucky showing huge, ominous funnel clouds as well as golf ball-sized hailstones.
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But while retirees might imagine spending their golden years full of pasta and palazzos, the realities of moving abroad are much less romantic. He didn’t think retiring abroad was feasible. Packing up shopAs America’s retirement crisis grows, so too does the dream of retiring abroad. “People need to think about estate planning, which is often different abroad,” said Brett Spencer, the founder of Impact Financial, a financial advisory firm that specializes in Americans living abroad. I think that’s the reality that a lot of people probably aren’t prepared for,” said Peddicord, who splits her time with her husband between Paris and Panama City, Panama.
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More than half a million customers across nine states from Texas to Pennsylvania had no power early Monday morning, after powerful storms and tornadoes over the weekend left at least 18 people dead. There were nearly 200,000 outages in Kentucky as of 4 a.m., and more than 200,000 customers were without power across Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia and West Virginia, according to the tracking site Andy Beshear of Kentucky said early Monday that he had declared a state of emergency. As thunderstorms continued overnight, more than 12 million people in the Southeast and Midwest were at one point under tornado watches, indicating that tornadoes were possible, according to the National Weather Service. Most of those warnings were set to expire by 6 a.m. Eastern time Monday.
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The 2024 U.S. News & World Report list of the Best Places to Live in the US, which was released Tuesday, ranks 150 major cities based on their quality of life, education, crime rates, employment opportunities, and housing. Business Insider mapped the top 50 best places to live, with the top 15 colored dark blue. Southeastern Florida cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale normally get most of the love from movers outside the state — or even the country. But this year, it's the western part of the peninsula that's well-represented on the list of best places to live. Many have been moving to Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Washington, citing factors such as high home prices, the climate crisis, and politics.
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Powerful storms and possible tornadoes pummeled parts of Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arkansas on Saturday night, killing at least 18 people, damaging homes and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. The severe weather, including the threat of tornadoes, was moving east on Sunday. More than six million people were under a tornado watch through Sunday afternoon, including parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. More than 18 million people were in a wider area with an “enhanced” risk of severe weather. In northern Texas on Saturday, a tornado left at least seven dead — including two children ages 2 and 5 — and close to 100 people injured, Gov.
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We lived in San Diego for a few years after college, and then we moved to San Francisco in 2018. Matine: San Francisco is amazing. But San Francisco was apocalyptic. We had a three-story, four-bedroom place for half the price of our condo in San Francisco. The facility we're currently in is only a little more expensive than my rent in San Francisco, and this is 20,000 square feet.
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This means that the upper class in one state could still be considered middle class in another. AdvertisementEven so, being upper class may not feel like swimming in wealth. New York has the second-highest share in the upper class at nearly 21%, even though the cutoff is $159,100. AdvertisementThe list of states with the lowest shares of people in the upper class also doesn't correspond. Alaska, Utah, and Idaho have below 15% of their populations in the upper class, while Wyoming and Delaware are in the 15% range.
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Since the constitutional right to abortion was taken away in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization in 2022, Democratic spending on abortion-related ads has jumped. Line chart showing the percentage of television ad spending devoted to abortion from 2018 to 2024. Democratic spending jumped up to around one-third in 2022 after the Dobbs ruling and has stayed high. In the first four months of this year alone, 48 percent of Democratic ad spending on broadcast networks in Pennsylvania centered on abortion. Democrats are seizing the moment, devoting two-thirds of their ad spending to abortion there.
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CNN —Fresh off winning his first major at the PGA Championship, American golfer Xander Schauffele told CNN that world No. 1 Scottie Scheffler was a good person and shouldn’t be facing criminal charges. I know he’s a good dude and there is no mal intent meant by him,” Schauffele told CNN Sport’s Don Riddell on Tuesday. Scheffler (left) and Schauffele wait to putt at this year's Masters Tournament. Scheffler is back on PGA Tour as he tees off Thursday at the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, TX
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You probably learned basic facts about your home state like its flower or bird. But there are many more fun facts you might not know. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThanks to elementary school projects and random trivia games, you probably remember a few fun facts about your home state like the official bird, flower, or dessert. But there are plenty of more obscure fun facts about each of the 50 states that may surprise you.
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Scottie Scheffler arrives to the course during the second round of the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 17, 2024. Detective Bryan Gillis "should have turned on his body-worn camera but did not," Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said at a press conference. The footage came from a pole camera and a police car dashboard camera. Some legal analysts expected the press conference to announce the reduction of felony charges against Scheffler. Scheffler's lawyer, Steven Romines, after the press conference said, "Scottie Scheffler didn't do anything wrong."
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CNN —High ranking police officials in Louisville, Kentucky, have privately voiced concerns that the felony charge against world No. 1 golfer Scottie Scheffler – who reportedly tried to drive around the scene of a fatal crash – is excessive, a source familiar with the discussions told CNN. It’s the first indication some top brass at the Louisville Metro Police Department believe the charges against Scheffler should be reduced. There will be action taken.”O’Connell’s office is facing growing pressure from other local officials to reassess the charges against Scheffler. Louisville Councilmember Anthony Piagentini, who represents the district where Scheffler was arrested, told CNN he believes the case is being overcharged.
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In 2017, fewer than half of the largest U.S. cities offered formalized pickleball courts. "We have found New York City parks to really understand the popularity of pickleball and also the need for more courts," said Cannon. We're excited to meet the increasing demand and bring Pickleball Kingdom's premier indoor pickleball to the masses," said Ace Rodrigues, founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom. Pickleball courts are also popping up at gyms throughout the country. Life Time, an "athletic country club," currently boasts almost 700 pickleball courts across its 170 U.S. locations.
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Mr. Fong succeeds Mr. McCarthy nearly five months after he resigned from Congress, following his ouster from the speakership. Mr. Fong will now serve until the term expires in January and will again face his Republican opponent — Mike Boudreaux, the longtime sheriff of Tulare County — in the fall to seek a full term. Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky and Oregon also held primary contests on Tuesday, with presidential primaries in Kentucky and Oregon yielding notable protest votes against President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump. Biden met significant resistance in the Kentucky primary, and a protest vote against him in Oregon faltered. The protest vote against Mr. Biden there was nearly double that against Mr. Trump, who won about 85 percent of the vote in the Republican primary.
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Neighborhood names are also shorthand for your rent or mortgage payments. In 2017, real-estate brokers in the historically Black New York neighborhood of Harlem sparked backlash when they tried to rebrand its south end as SoHa. At their best, new neighborhood names bring people together over a shared sense of pride in their little corner of the world. Along the way, these neighborhood names have veered into parody territory. I'm not saying that neighborhood names should be set in stone — in fact, I think it's natural for them to evolve alongside their populations.
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The protest vote against Mr. Biden there was nearly double that against Mr. Trump, who won about 85 percent of the vote in the Republican primary. Turnout also plunged in the Democratic primary, with about 184,000 votes tallied, compared with the more than 537,000 recorded in 2020. In neighboring Washington State, the uncommitted ballot option got nearly 10 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary in late March. Image Fani Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, celebrated her re-election win in the Democratic primary on Tuesday in Atlanta. The Democratic primary for district attorney in Fulton County, Ga., ended in a remarkable blowout.
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AdvertisementHere are the 10 riskiest states for your pet, the most common diseases to watch out for, and some basic tips for keeping your pet happy and healthy. Top 10 riskiest states for your petForbes Advisor created its own ranking scale based on data from all 19 diseases. Two of these 10 states, West Virginia and Maine, were also among the top three riskiest states for tick-borne diseases. The most common diseases to watch out forTicksTick-borne diseases like Lyme Disease, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis are especially common in the spring and summer months. Fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, and joint stiffness or pain are all common symptoms of these three tick-borne diseases.
Persons: , Alexandria Cremer, Peter M, Fisher, It's Organizations: Service, Forbes, Business, Center for Disease Control, American Veterinary Medical Association, York, West Virginia, Veterinary Clinic, Watch, Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, American Society for, FDA, US, MetLife, Animal Foundation Locations: Jersey, Coast, Rhode, , New Jersey , Maine , New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maine, Arkansas, South Dakota , Wisconsin, New Mexico , Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Mississippi, Brandywine
Kelley used to drive 30 minutes across the Kentucky border every morning to work as a security guard. A growing number of American households can barely pay their bills but make too much to qualify for government assistance. Kelley can't afford healthcare and has started selling her plasma for extra moneyKelley said her top expenses are housing and food. She also said it's a lot more difficult to qualify for government assistance since she isn't actively supporting children. "If you make too much, there's no help; if you are healthy, there's no help; if you don't have kids, there's no help."
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Voters are headed to the polls on Tuesday in several states. Vince Fong, a state lawmaker and onetime aide to Mr. McCarthy, had a significant lead in the primary. Georgia, Kentucky, Oregon and Idaho have primary contests today. In Kentucky and Oregon, voters will also weigh in on the presidential primaries, raising the possibility of protest votes against both President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump. Fani T. Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, will face a challenger in the Democratic primary for her position.
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