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Hedge fund executive and billionaire Bill Ackman has signaled to associates that he is likely to support Donald Trump for president over Joe Biden, according to a source familiar with the matter. Ackman previously financed Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign for president and Republican Nikki Haley's failed bid for the White House. If Ackman endorses Trump, he will join a growing crowd of Wall Street executives backing Trump over Biden. Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman recently said in a statement that he would support Trump. When asked at the time whether he would vote for Trump over Biden, Ackman said, "I'll make that decision when I have the choice."
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CNN —Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday alleging President Joe Biden’s campaign, former President Donald Trump’s campaign and CNN violated federal campaign laws in scheduling the network’s June 27 presidential debate. The Biden campaign directed a request for comment to the Democratic National Committee, which declined to comment. The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Kennedy campaign asks the FEC to bar the campaigns and CNN from holding the debate until they address the alleged breaches in federal law. A CNN spokesperson said both Biden and Trump will meet the ballot access criteria as the presumptive nominees of their parties.
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Opinion | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is Worse Than a Spoiler
  + stars: | 2024-05-29 | by ( Gail Collins | )   time to read: +1 min
Lately, you’ve probably been asking yourself: What does it mean that Nicole Shanahan has been chosen as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate? I know, you’ve got a full and busy life. Jr. is, as we all know, running for president as an independent — an effort that will further publicize his anti-vaccination views and perhaps provide a point to his life. Shanahan, a lawyer who has never won elective office, is notable for being really, really rich. She’s a billionaire, thanks to her five-year marriage to Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google.
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But the idea of simply placing Kennedy atop the Libertarian Party ticket to marry his momentum with their organization left Kennedy with an embarrassing loss at the Libertarian Party convention in Washington. About half – 51% – said they would support Trump in a two-way matchup, compared with 37% who said they would pick Biden. The last third-party candidate to win a state and get Electoral Votes was George Wallace, who won Southern states in 1968. The only third-party candidate to outperform a major party candidate was former President Teddy Roosevelt, who outpolled Republicans after he failed to get their nomination in 1912 and then ran as a third-party candidate. But rather than focus on the relatively few people who turn out for a third-party candidate, why not look at the large number of people who don’t take part in elections at all?
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. denounced the removal of hundreds of Confederate statues and other monuments across the United States after the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer in 2020. While defending the statues, Mr. Kennedy also said that there were “heroes in the Confederacy who didn’t have slaves,” though when he later picked an example of a Confederate whom he idolized, he singled out Robert E. Lee, a prominent general in the rebel army who owned slaves. “I have a visceral reaction against the attacks on those statues,” Mr. Kennedy said on the podcast, which was hosted by Tim Pool, a right-wing commentator. Mr. Kennedy had been asked specifically about the removal of a statue of Lee in Charlottesville, Va., in 2021. He added that “if we want to find people who are completely virtuous on every issue throughout history, we would erase all of history.”
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Joe Perez is exactly the type of voter President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump are fighting over: A 22-year-old Hispanic man in Las Vegas who grew up leaning Republican, he also supports abortion rights and was turned off by the Capitol rioters on Jan. 6, 2021. But Mr. Perez — unenthusiastic about a Biden-Trump rematch, overwhelmed by the news and disillusioned by politics — is tuning out. “If you ask me right now what’s going on with, like, the presidential race, or the situation in Gaza or Ukraine or whatever, I don’t think I can answer,” said Mr. Perez, who supported Mr. Trump in 2020 and is intrigued by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. now. “I’m not trying to follow that anymore.”Instead, said Mr. Perez, a valet who hopes to become a firefighter, “I’m just going to have to roll with the punches, because I don’t think I’m going to make a difference.”
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The Libertarian Party chose one of its own as its presidential nominee on Sunday night, capping a grueling day of elimination voting and a boisterous four-day event, where both Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unsuccessfully sought to court the group’s backing. The nominee, Chase Oliver — an openly gay former Democrat who in 2022 forced a runoff in a race for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia — beat out nine other candidates at the party’s national convention in Washington, including Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Trump, who was not an official candidate, received six write-in votes in the first round. The Libertarian Party is among the better-established minor parties, with name recognition and placement on the majority of state ballots in November. The Libertarian nominee is guaranteed to be on the November ballot in at least 37 states, a number that party leaders say they expect to grow in the coming months.
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The meme-stock "apes" have attracted a new member: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The presidential candidate said he'd bought $24,000 of GameStop stock in a show of support. Kennedy endorsed retail investors' calls for reforming Wall Street to level the playing field. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementRobert F. Kennedy Jr. has joined the meme-stock movement — and shown he's serious by investing in GameStop.
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Ms. Shanahan, 38, a onetime Silicon Valley lawyer, has never held public office and has scant name recognition. But she was selected after Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Ventura fell through as vice-presidential candidates and Mr. Kennedy’s campaign needed money to fund its efforts to get onto state ballots, three people familiar with the events said. And money was something that Ms. Shanahan could provide in abundance. During their five-year marriage, Ms. Shanahan partied with Silicon Valley’s elite and used recreational drugs including cocaine, ketamine and psychedelic mushrooms, according to eight people and documents reviewed by The New York Times. Ms. Shanahan and Mr. Brin separated after she had a sexual encounter with Elon Musk in 2021, three of the people said.
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Three sources told the Times that Shanahan and Musk had an affair in December 2021 during a private party in Miami. Advertisement"Ms. Shanahan later told Mr. Brin that she had had sex with Mr. Musk, three of the people said. She also relayed the details to friends, family and advisers," the Times reported. Representatives for Shanahan, Musk, and Brin did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment ahead of publication. In response to questions from a The New York Times reporter, Shanahan said she was "shocked the NYT is letting you run something like this."
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A key adviser to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is stepping away from his presidential campaign, citing an “increasingly hateful and divisive atmosphere” that “no longer aligns with my values.”Angela Stanton King, the campaign’s adviser for Black engagement, announced her departure in a statement on social media on Tuesday evening, five months after she was added to the campaign’s payroll. In a text message, Ms. Stanton King said she had “switched to an informal role.” Asked for the reason for the switch, she pointed to her statement on social media. “The increasingly hateful and divisive atmosphere no longer aligns with my values.”The Kennedy campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Ms. Stanton King was a high-profile figure in the Kennedy campaign, appearing with Mr. Kennedy and Nicole Shanahan, his running mate, on the campaign trail and addressing crowds at rallies. In Ms. Shanahan’s debut campaign event in Houston this month, Ms. Stanton King spoke at length and introduced the candidate to the crowd, saying, “I don’t fall in love with a lot of people, but I fell in love with Nicole.”
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Read previewRobert F. Kennedy's children have spent a lifetime trying to add their marks to their slain father's legacy. The first Kennedy to run for the presidency in decades, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is doing so without the family's well-documented loyalty. Born into privilege in 1954, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was raised between Massachusetts and suburban Virginia estates. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was later a pallbearer at his father's funeral, joined by Astronaut John Glenn and former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was one of the pallbearers in his father's funeral.
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The Power of the Kennedy Look
  + stars: | 2024-05-21 | by ( Vanessa Friedman | )   time to read: +1 min
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the most attention-getting independent candidate for president since Ross Perot, may not have the poll numbers to end up on the debate stage next month. But he increasingly has something else: a reputation as the electoral “X factor.” Which means it is increasingly impossible to ignore what may be termed his “P factor.” Or even “K factor.”“P” being prep and “K” being Kennedy. In an election fought partly through the images that inundate social media and pit archetype against archetype — Donald J. Trump, the 1980s red-tie-wearing sultan of reality TV, versus President Biden, the aviator-clad deal maker of D.C. — Mr. Kennedy offers a Rorschach test of a different kind. At least stylistically speaking. His look — skinny rep ties, button-downs, shrugged-on suits, shock of gray hair and weather-beaten tan — not only sets him apart.
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When members of the Kennedy family joined President Biden in Philadelphia to endorse his re-election — and denounce the presidential candidacy of the best-known Kennedy of this generation, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — one person stepped forward to make the family’s case: his younger sister Kerry. “Nearly every single grandchild of Joe and Rose Kennedy supports Joe Biden,” Ms. Kennedy said as her siblings, and Mr. Biden, flanked her onstage. “That’s right: The Kennedy family endorses Joe Biden for president.”That was not the first time that Ms. Kennedy, the seventh child of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, had been the face of the family’s pushback against her brother. As Mr. Kennedy has emerged as a skeptic of Covid-19 vaccines and a purveyor of conspiratorial theories on the assassination of his father, it has fallen to Ms. Kennedy to distance her family from the brother she has long held close and to guard the legacy of a proud and private family as it fades from the political stage. It is political as well: She argues that her brother’s insurgent campaign threatens the re-election of Mr. Biden and is aware that her family could shoulder some of the blame should Donald J. Trump return to the White House next year.
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Independent U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles on March 18, 2024. "My administration will support the Ape retail rebellion and enact aggressive Wall Street reforms," Kennedy Jr. wrote in a social media post. The apes were motivated in part by a desire to buck bearish Wall Street analysts' grim assessments of the companies' long-term prospects. Kennedy Jr. is actively courting undecided voters with a fringe political brand that could appeal to some anti-establishment meme stock investors. Kennedy Jr. has made obscure statements about his investment record.
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Mr. Trump’s campaign still lags far behind in total cash on hand, the April filings show. Mr. Trump is leading Mr. Biden in many polls, including recent New York Times/Siena College/Philadelphia Inquirer surveys that had the former president ahead in five of six top battleground states. Mr. Trump also continues to spend millions of dollars on legal bills, the filings show. Still, the filings and campaign statements reflect a busy fund-raising month for Mr. Trump. Save America also received $2.75 million in April from a super PAC backing Mr. Trump, Make America Great Again Inc., and $183,000 from a new joint fund-raising committee Mr. Trump has with the Republican Party.
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Bret Stephens: If President Biden gets through the debate without committing a gaffe, he’ll surpass expectations. If Donald Trump gets through it without committing a felony, he’ll surpass expectations. Or hey, even the dead worm in Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s brain. As for Biden, will he give people confidence that he can go the distance for another four years? Or will he stumble and refer to his close working relationships with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada or President José López Portillo of Mexico?
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The last GOP presidential nominee to win Nevada was George W. Bush in November 2004 — nearly 20 years ago. Biden will have to work hard to address some of the top concerns of Nevada voters: inflation, housing affordability, and health care. A plurality of Nevada voters (22%) listed the economy as their top issue, and a whopping 82% of voters said that the economy was "only fair" or "poor." Only 17% of Nevada voters rated the economy as "good" or "excellent." And by a 61% to 32% margin, Nevada voters believe Trump would be better at handling the economy.
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Mr. Trump addressed the group as he is on trial in Manhattan on criminal charges that he falsified business records related to a hush-money payment to a porn star. Gun safety groups hung up T-shirts with the names of people killed by gun violence in Dallas County. At the N.R.A.’s meeting, Mr. Trump, whose campaign fund-raising has lagged in Texas, urged gun owners to head to the polls to help deliver him the election. She also criticized Mr. Trump for saying, “We have to get over it” after a shooting in Iowa this year that killed a sixth grader. Mr. Trump “is catering to the gun lobby and threatening to make the crisis worse if re-elected,” Ms. Harris said.
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Laurence D. Fink built BlackRock into the world’s largest asset manager with a steely grip, a thick skin and a cleareyed vision of what the company could become. Today, it’s a caretaker of $10.5 trillion of investor money and a provider of sophisticated trading technology, and Mr. Fink has been an informal financial adviser to many governments, including the United States. They were on investors’ minds this week at BlackRock’s annual shareholder meeting, as they listened to Mr. Fink talk about the company’s performance and voted on ballot issues. Mr. Fink, BlackRock’s chief executive and chairman, exerts an unusual level of control for someone leading a firm of its size, with nearly 20,000 employees. From writing LinkedIn posts defending BlackRock’s policies to personally finding key deals, he has put his stamp all over the company, which he co-founded in 1988.
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate, the Silicon Valley investor Nicole Shanahan, said on Wednesday night that she had given another $8 million to their independent presidential campaign as it carries out the expensive endeavor of gaining ballot access across the country and tries to propel Mr. Kennedy onto debate stages. Ms. Shanahan, a lawyer who was formerly married to the Google co-founder Sergey Brin, gave the campaign $2 million shortly after Mr. Kennedy named her as his running mate in March. After a nod to the media, Ms. Shanahan said, “I think I know what they’re going to say — they’re going to say Bobby only picked me for my money,” a remark that drew laughter from the crowd. She followed performances by comedians including Russell Brand, Rob Schneider and Jim Breuer, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member. Many of the performers praised Mr. Kennedy, but they also used their time onstage to rail against Covid vaccinations, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the mainstream news media and President Biden.
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CNN —Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate, Nicole Shanahan, says their campaign supports federal limits restricting abortion access “between 15 and 18 weeks” of gestation, the latest statement on the issue after the campaign walked back recent comments made by Kennedy in opposition to government limits on abortion. “The campaign stance right now is very much, you know, looking at terms and limits, and the campaign very much supports limits on abortion,” she said. Kennedy said in a podcast interview released last week that he opposes any government limits on abortion access. In the new interview, Shanahan also expressed support for individual states deciding on abortion access, echoing Kennedy’s skepticism of the federal government regulating health care. But she said she’s concerned state-level abortion restrictions could make the issue “over-politicized.”“I think that the trend towards, you know, states making these decisions is good.
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!” Trump said, accepting the challenge on his social media platform with a nod to words that typically open boxing matches. The debates are set for June 27 on CNN and September 10 on ABC News. It’ll be on cable, so not exactly pay-per-view, but certainly not the aired-everywhere style that has become typical of presidential debate since the Commission on Presidential Debates started sponsoring them in 1988. The CNN debate, on the other hand, will be conducted in a TV studio with no audience, which means no applause or cheering. After grumbling from both campaigns, the Commission on Presidential Debates issued a statement arguing that beginning in September would still allow for early voters to watch before making a decision.
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Read previewPresident Joe Biden's campaign is trolling Donald Trump over his Manhattan criminal trial while pushing the former president to agree to an unprecedented summer presidential debate. On Wednesday morning, Biden's campaign proposed two presidential debates outside the traditional nonpartisan organization that has scheduled such contests for decades. Their suggestion includes an unprecedented June debate, which would easily be the earliest major presidential debate. ;'"The biggest shake-up to presidential debates in decadesBiden's proposed debates would be in June and early September. The organization, the Commission on Presidential Debates, has faced criticism in recent years, especially from Republicans, over its selection of moderators.
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President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden during the final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, on Oct. 22. President Joe Biden on Wednesday challenged former Donald Trump to two head-to-head debates before the November election, with several special conditions. Both proposed showdowns would be held without the involvement of the non-partisan commission that typically organizes presidential debates. "Just tell me when, I'll be there," wrote Trump. " During the 2020 debates, Biden and Trump regularly broke out into shouting matches as they each tried to get a word in edgewise.
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