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CNN —A group of major record labels is suing two AI startups, alleging they wrongfully used popular artists’ work to train their systems to produce copyrighted music without their consent. Udio is the company behind “BBL Drizzy,” the AI-generated song that went viral last month during the Kendrick Lamar and Drake spat. Udio was founded last year by former Google DeepMind researchers to make it “easy for anyone to create emotionally resonant music in an instant,” according to the company. The platform, which allows users to create songs with only a few prompts, relies on OpenAI’s ChatGPT for lyrics and title development. Udio and Suno did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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As an interior decorator , there are a few things I'd never have in my backyard. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . As an interior decorator, I encourage my clients to create a comfortable backyard space with a no-frills approach that enhances the natural environment. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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The S&P 500 alone has generated an average return of 7% during presidential election years since 1952, according to LPL Financial. If you limit that to election years in which the incumbent president is running for reelection, the average jumps to 12.2%. Yes, but: Market volatility in an election year tends to pick up in October and there are many months left in this cycle with potential surprises to come. “An autumn pullback fits well time wise with potential downside earnings revisions, make-or-break decision time for the Fed, and election uncertainty. The first round of the French election will be held on June 30, with a second round on July 7.
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America’s housing crisis continues to worsen
  + stars: | 2024-06-23 | by ( Bryan Mena | )   time to read: +6 min
Washington CNN —Homeowners in America aren’t the only ones struggling with an unaffordable housing market. A report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies released last week showed that both homeowners and renters in recent years have become increasingly burdened by climbing housing costs. That’s all part of a broader struggle in the US housing market, and recent data shows that it hasn’t gotten any better. But there’s a problem: ChatGPT — soon to be integrated into Siri — is banned in China, reports my colleague Samantha Murphy Kelly. The Chicago Fed releases its National Activity Index for May.
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Here's our Club Mailbag email — so you send your questions directly to Jim Cramer and his team of analysts. I realize since joining the Club I need to buy the S & P 500 to provide proper diversification. Kelly (Toronto) Several factors need to be considered to chart an appropriate course of action to get money to work. In this kind of situation, the old investment adage by Ken Fisher is applicable: "Time in the market beats timing the market." As a subscriber to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, you will receive a trade alert before Jim makes a trade.
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Read previewAngela Babin lives in a mobile home in Houma, Louisiana — about 60 miles southwest of New Orleans. She lives on her Social Security income, which she first started receiving in 2008 after she had to retire early for medical reasons. AdvertisementEven with the Social Security check and some SNAP food benefits, Babin said it's difficult to afford groceries. Like the millions of other older Americans living on a fixed Social Security income, Babin said it's difficult to get by. Are you living paycheck to paycheck or on Social Security?
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To avoid breaking the bank, you may want to consider picking up a summer side hustle to bring in some extra cash. Here are four ways you can start earning this summer and maybe even have some fun while you're at it. Riegel started selling old clothing items in her childhood bedroom as a bored Duke freshman during the pandemic in 2020. "Technically, the thrifting takes the most time," Riegel told CNBC Make It. Ten years later, the pool "has paid for itself and more," Battan told Make it in 2022.
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We were very close, and today he's Uncle Tim to my three daughters. And I told her, "Well, Uncle Tim will say hi to you when Uncle Tim is ready." We haven't even really talked about Uncle Tim being different or that he processes the world differently. As public figures, Jason and I know there's talk about our marriage, but we don't give much thought to it. I don't really mind other people having opinions because I don't really think twice about it.
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With basic income, families had more housing and food securityUpTogether reported that basic income positively impacted participants' financial stability, well-being, and food and housing security. The percentage of participants with housing stability rose from 45% to 60%, while the participants reported an 8% decline in homelessness. More basic income programs are aimed at parentsMarin County's pilot isn't the only basic program to focus on low-income mothers. A basic income program in New Mexico also gave $500 a month to mixed-citizenship status immigrant families with children. Compared to federal safety nets like SNAP, Medicaid, or rental vouchers, basic income allows families more flexible spending.
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“Stop wearing sunscreen,” says a TikTok influencer with 1.6 million followers and 36 million likes. “The sun does not cause skin cancer,” insists a TikTok pundit with 76,000 followers in a post that has been bookmarked nearly 4,000 times. “Vitamin D can still be generated when you’re wearing sunscreen,” Andrews said. “Since sunscreen came out, the rise of skin cancer has only gone up and up,” says one TikTok influencer. So the driving force is exposure years and years ago, not the increased use of sunscreen today.”Many social media posters use a nugget of truth and then twist it, experts say.
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CNN —Apple is banking on its upcoming AI features to boost iPhone sales especially in China, where demand has been lagging. But there’s a problem: ChatGPT — soon to be integrated into Siri — is banned in China. But China is one of the first countries in the world to regulate the generative AI technology that powers these popular services. Resurgent competitorsMeanwhile, Chinese smartphone brand Huawei’s smartphone sales growth was 70% in the first quarter, according to Counterpoint Research. In other parts of the world, Samsung uses its own propriety AI technology, along with Google’s (GOOGL) AI model Gemini, which is also banned in China.
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CNN —Donald Sutherland, a veteran actor known for roles in “M*A*S*H,” “Klute” and “The Hunger Games,” has died, according to a statement from his agency CAA. “With a heavy heart, I tell you that my father, Donald Sutherland, has passed away,” Kiefer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland’s son, wrote in a post on Instagram Thursday. BeginningsBorn in Saint John, New Brunswick, Sutherland endured several bouts of ill health as a child, including polio. The 6’4” actor met his first wife, Lois Hardwick, in college, and the two married in 1959. He also discussed subtly altering his dialogue, as he put it, to “try to make the lines that I’ve been given fit my mouth.”Jeff Goldblum, Brooke Adams and Donald Sutherland in 1978's "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers."
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At North Beach in Burlington, Vt. Most strategies in the United States for helping people stay cool are geared toward urban areas, leaving behind vulnerable rural populations. Credit... Kelly Burgess for The New York Times
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That changed when Laws enrolled in The Denver Basic Income Project. Denver's basic income project helped participants secure housing and jobsDenver's report found that basic income primarily helped participants pay for immediate expenses — like transportation, hygiene, clothes, and groceries. Basic income puts low-income families on "an equal playing field," Nick Pacheco, participant engagement coordinator, said at a press conference. AdvertisementIndividuals who received the lump sum or $1,000 a month payments were more likely to find a stable, full-time job than before they received basic income. Basic income pilots can provide poverty solutionsAs the basic income pilot continues to be successful in cities like Denver, local leaders and economic security experts are looking to translate pilots into policy.
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Meet the hobbyists who collect barf bags
  + stars: | 2024-06-19 | by ( Aj Willingham | )   time to read: +12 min
CNN —“I collect barf bags” is not a complete sentence. “I collect barf bags because they’re pretty neat.”“I collect barf bags, and I’m not the only one.”Of the eight billion people on the planet, the number of serious barf bag collectors is just north of 100, according to notable members of their ranks. The ineffable whyWhen Steve Silberburg started collecting barf bags around 1981, he thought he would be the only one. People were indeed amused, but it had an unintended side effect: Classmates started bringing Silberburg other barf bags to add to his collection. “We don’t want anybody to get ahead of us, you know.”“It makes a good litmus test, telling people you collect barf bags,” Silberburg says.
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More than 817,000 people moved out of California from 2021 to 2022, per most recent census data. It's not just regular people: Celebrities leave Los Angeles for places including Texas and Florida. Here are 17 celebrities who left LA — plus where they chose to move to and why. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .
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CNN —The White House is pushing to reestablish a program for Gold Star families to honor their loved ones buried in American military cemeteries overseas after the shuttered program was featured in a CNN report, a White House official exclusively tells CNN. Biden administration officials have worked with the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) to restore the program, which allows Gold Star families to have flowers placed on their loved one’s grave at US military cemeteries abroad. “The White House worked with the ABMC and this program will now be re-established,” the official said. For years, Gold Star families who lost loved ones in battle could pay for flowers and have the ABMC deliver them to the grave of their fallen family members in, say, Normandy. Rondy Elliott, a Gold Star daughter, lost her father, Corporal Frank Elliott, during the Normandy invasion 80 years ago.
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AI has “helped me in my life personally … such as helping me with my resume,” Miller told CNN. I really want to see that happen.”On Tuesday, however, OpenAI told CNN it shut down Miller’s access to the tool that was being used to interact with and persuade voters. “We’ve taken action against these uses of our technology for violating our policies against political campaigning,” an OpenAI spokesperson told CNN. Although the public-facing version of VIC has been removed by OpenAI, Miller said it still works on his own ChatGPT account. OpenAI told CNN it also took action against another candidate in the UK who was using its AI models to help campaign for Parliament.
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“Is this a political war to the knife?”I was not familiar with that term – “war to the knife” – but Bannon also recently used it in an interview with ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Ousted from White House role in 2017Bannon’s tenure in Trump’s White House was relatively short; he was fired in August 2017, part of a major reorganization under then-chief of staff John Kelly, who was brought in to control a chaotic atmosphere. As chief strategist at the White House, Bannon was known for large whiteboards full of lists of priorities – things that still ring true in the priorities he outlined over the weekend. Courts, Congress and mismanagement kept Bannon and Trump from achieving many of these goals in Trump’s first term. Anticipating the potential for a second Trump term, there are any number of supporters who are mapping out how to make the most of it.
Persons: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s, Bannon, , Tucker Carlson, , Trump, Read, Kristen Holmes, Alayna Treene, John Kelly, Kelly, Trump’s, ” Bannon, Joe Biden’s, General Merrick Garland, Gestapo … there’s, MAGA, Peter Bergen, Bergen, Trump ” –, Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Alex Jones Organizations: CNN, FBI, Fox News, Sovereign, of Congress, Democrats, White, Trump’s, Trump –, Trump, of Justice, DOJ, Gestapo, Federal Reserve, Heritage Foundation, State Department, Heritage Locations: Detroit, Kansas, Atchison, White, Ukraine, Trump’s, State
CNN —Robert Gibbs, a former White House press secretary during the Obama administration, will be joining Warner Bros. Warner Bros. But, like its competitors, Warner Bros. has largely struggled to persuade people to go to the movies this year. And Warner Bros. It won’t be Gibbs’ job to fix the media industry woes that are challenging Warner Bros.
Persons: Robert Gibbs, Obama, Gibbs, “ Barbie ”, Robert, , David Zaslav, Zaslav, ” Gibbs, Barack, He’ll, Katie Martin Kelly, Laura Watson, Nathaniel Brown Organizations: CNN, White House, Warner Bros, White, TNT, Discovery, NBA, Warner Bros . Discovery, DC Entertainment, Senate
And, the incentive program is only available to employees of specific companies, like steel producers River Steel, US Steel, and Atlas Tube. Mississippi County's incentive program is part of a recent wave of efforts across rural America to increase populations and local businesses. Related storiesFor Mississippi County, this growing housing demand has provided an opportunity to build their towns and cities. The housing incentive program offers a 10% forgivable loan on a new home construction with a maximum home cost of $500,000, meaning some families can receive up to a $50,000 housing credit. As more families move to or settle in Mississippi County, Scott expects it will have a positive effect on businesses, the school system, and public spaces.
Persons: , Farmers Bank & Trust Randy Scott, Scott, You'll, you'll Organizations: Service, Business, Farmers Bank & Trust, Steel, US Steel Locations: Mississippi County , Arkansas, Rock, Tennessee, Blytheville, Osceola, Mississippi County, . Mississippi, America, Lincoln County , Kansas, Tulsa , Oklahoma, Columbus , Georgia, Midwest, Mississippi, Missouri , Alabama , Mississippi , Wisconsin , Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, Arkansas
While she is not a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Gamblin said, she is an ally. Aldrich had expressed an open hatred for the LGBTQ+ community and had indicated an interest in mass shootings before, the document said. Some patrons hid or played dead as Aldrich moved though the club, shooting indiscriminately. Anderson Lee Aldrich, center, sits during a court appearance in Colorado Springs in November 2022. The shooter agreed in January to plead guilty to federal charges stemming from the Club Q shooting.
Persons: Anderson Lee, Aldrich, Charlotte Sweeney, Sweeney, , , ” Ashtin Gamblin, Gamblin, Daniel Aston, Derrick Rump, Ashley Paugh, Kelly Loving, Raymond Green Vance, Aldrich –, Stephanie Clark, Paugh’s, ” Clark, ” Wyatt Kent, ” Kent, ” Aldrich, Anderson Lee Aldrich, Anderson Lee Aldrich’s Organizations: Denver CNN, Prosecutors, US Department of Justice, Pride, Q, Justice Department, Court, Colorado Springs, CNN Locations: Colorado, Wyoming, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Orlando , Florida, Aurora
Dacus and her husband have to stick to a tight budget: their household only receives $23 a month from SNAP. But some struggling families, like Dacus', don't receive enough help, or their income is considered too high to receive any help at all. But $23 a month in food benefits isn't even close to affording what they need to eat. SNAP benefits don't always align with household needsAmerica's SNAP program provides low-income households with money to grocery shop, and the qualifying criteria is based on the federal poverty line. Yet, many households like Dacus' don't receive the maximum because their income isn't low enough.
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The market has been on a tear in 2024, driven higher by robust corporate earnings and the artificial intelligence boom. Traders expect the Fed to begin easing rates in September at the earliest, according to the CME FedWatch Tool. If inflation is cooling down but the Fed is still expected to keep its key lending rate higher for longer, what does that mean for the stock market? The data will tell us that, but I think the big takeaway for us is [inflation] going in the right direction. Do you expect some of the cash that’s on the sidelines to enter the stock market?
Persons: Price, Wall, Bell, Jack Janasiewicz, Jerome, Powell, we’re, it’s, wouldn’t, you’re, Hilary Whiteman, Read, Sam Altman, Steve Wozniak, OpenAI, Altman, Samantha Murphy Kelly, Tim Cook, , Ben Wood, “ Apple, Siri Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, New York CNN, Federal, Nasdaq, Fed, Traders, Solutions, You’re, Apple, Insight, CNN, Apple Intelligence Locations: New York, United States, West Coast, Hawaii, California, San Jose , Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Honolulu, Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide, South Australia
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