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Oppenheimer raised its price target on Nvidia after the company completed a 10-for-1 stock split. 7:07 a.m.: Baird increases First Solar price target Baird thinks First Solar has more room for growth after soaring 46% in the past month. His buy rating and $238 per share price target implies more than 23% upside ahead. — Brian Evans 5:41 a.m.: Oppenheimer raises Nvidia price target after stock split Nvidia's momentum will continue, according to Oppenheimer. — Brian Evans 5:41 a.m.: JPMorgan says buy Shopify Shopify is the "online sale you don't want to miss," according to JPMorgan.
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My husband and I each speak our native languages to the kids, and they learn German from day care and school. It's fantastic that they're growing up with three languages, but sometimes having multiple languages can present some quandaries when it comes to finding baby names. One classic example is that certain letters sound different in various languages, such as the letter "j," which makes a "y" sound in languages like Spanish and German but a "djuh" sound in English. As a result, names like Jonas or Juliana may not sound quite the same in different languages. You can also test out names in various languages if you're unsure how they'll be received by talking directly to native speakers.
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The scary secret behind the boom in data centers
  + stars: | 2024-06-04 | by ( Adam Rogers | )   time to read: +10 min
Last year all the data centers in the world had room for 10.1 zettabytes of information — roughly 456 billion Wikipedias. And with the rise of artificial intelligence, which requires vast quantities of data and power, the global capacity of data centers is expected to double by 2027. Data centers are more than just vast digital warehouses. The more data centers those companies have, the more of those services they can offer, and the more storage and number-crunching capacity they can provide. Over time, economists warn, AI startups will inevitably lose out to the tech giants that control the data centers.
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The family-favorite card game has been around for 52 years — but it may be more popular than ever. The game was recently featured in an episode of the TV series “Hacks,” when lead character Deborah Vance joins some old friends for a card game in Las Vegas, only to learn that instead of poker they’re playing Uno. It’s often there in the background in people’s homes — stacked on a shelf with other board and card games or stored in a drawer, ready for game nights and camping trips. The card game is now for sale in over 80 countries. In the first quarter of 2024, it was the second-most popular game in Circana’s traditional games category, right behind traditional Uno.
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Read previewTesla is setting the stage for a battle between some vocal institutional investors and some of Elon Musk's biggest supporters. The executive pay plan, which was first approved in 2018, is centered on a series of goalposts around Tesla's financial growth. AdvertisementMeanwhile, Tesla has argued that the pay package is both fair and necessary to maintain Musk's focus on the car company. AdvertisementThe Tesla CEO has also promoted the proposal and criticized institutional investors who have spoken out against the pay plan. Ahead of the June 13 shareholder meeting, shareholders will be asked to vote on several other proposals in addition to Musk's pay package.
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The 42-year-old Vancouver native started sharing her relationship experience at 25 when she wrote a Myspace post about a recent breakup. Chan now leads multiple relationship bootcamps per year, is working on her second relationship book and has various online brand deals. "And they basically say, like, 'look, no one owns the breakup space,'" Chan says. It took one final push for her to finally dive into the relationship space full time. Her mom emphatically said yes, and Chan left her job in August 2017.
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Top NewsThree European nations are formally recognizing an independent Palestinian state on Tuesday, drawing the ire of Israel as it continues to press its military offensive in Gaza. The previously announced moves by Spain, Norway and Ireland are largely symbolic, but serve as a rebuke to Israel in the face of mounting international frustration over the country’s military offensive in Gaza and its occupation of Palestinian territories over the years. Israel’s foreign minister, Israel Katz, on Tuesday accused Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, of complicity in incitement against Jews for his role in recognizing a Palestinian state. Image Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of Spain announcing Spain’s recognition of a Palestinian state, in a bar in Madrid on Tuesday. The White House has flatly rejected unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood, with Adrienne Watson, a National Security Council spokeswoman, saying that President Biden “believes a Palestinian state should be realized through direct negotiations between the parties.” Aaron Boxerman , Steven Erlanger and Emma Bubola contributed reporting.
Persons: Israel, Israel Katz, Spain’s, Pedro Sánchez, Sánchez, , Pedro Sanchez of Spain, Susana Vera, Jonas Gahr, Adrienne Watson, Biden “, ” Aaron Boxerman, Steven Erlanger, Emma Bubola Organizations: ., Reuters, Palestinian, Israel, National Security Council Locations: Gaza, Spain, Norway, Ireland, Israel, Rafah, Palestinian, Madrid, Palestine, United States, Europe
Super PACs, which can accept unlimited donations, are legally barred from coordinating with or donating directly to politicians' campaigns. Advertisement"I'm gratified that a bipartisan group at the FEC has rightly rejected this baseless, headline-seeking complaint," Luke Thompson, the executive director of the super PAC, told Business Insider. "This super PAC was keeping him afloat as a candidate with research, messaging ideas, and all of the stuff that basically allowed him to remain viable." In recent years, it's become increasingly common for campaigns and super PACs to use public websites to get around existing campaign finance laws. Those materials had been funded by Never Back Down, a super PAC supporting the Florida governor.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailManpowerGroup CEO says there's a 'significant' promise of productivity gains with AISpeaking to CNBC at VivaTech in Paris, ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising reviews the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the workforce.
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Norway, Ireland and Spain will recognize an independent Palestinian state, the three countries' prime ministers said Wednesday, in the hope of bringing about a peaceful resolution to a conflict that has raged for more than 75 years. Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on social media that his country will approve the recognition of a Palestinian state in the Council of Ministers on May 28, according to a CNBC translation. Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris also confirmed the news in a press conference: "Today, Ireland, Norway, and Spain are announcing that we recognize the state of Palestine. Each of us will now undertake whatever national steps are necessary to give effect to that decision." "I'm confident that further countries will join us in taking this important step in the coming weeks," he said.
Persons: Jonas Gahr Stoere, Pedro Sanchez, Simon Harris, Harris Organizations: Reuters, Spain's, Ministers, CNBC, Irish Locations: Norway, Ireland, Spain, Palestinian, Palestine
CNN —Spain, Norway and Ireland have announced plans to formally recognize a Palestinian state, in a move that is likely to bolster the global Palestinian cause but strain relations with Israel. Palestinian statehood has been recognized by more than 130 out of 193 member states of the United Nations, according to the Palestine Liberation Organization. “Today, Ireland, Norway and Spain are announcing that we recognize the state of Palestine. Each of us will now undertake whatever national steps are necessary to give effect to that decision,” Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris told a news conference in Dublin on Wednesday. The landmark decision by three key European players sparked swift condemnation from Israel, with a senior lawmaker ordering the immediate recall of Israeli ambassadors to Ireland and Norway.
Persons: Simon Harris, Micheál Martin, Jonas Gahr Støre, ” “, ” Støre, Pedro Sánchez, , , “ It’s, It’s, Israel Katz, Katz Organizations: CNN —, United Nations, Palestine Liberation Organization, , Norway’s, Spain’s, Terrorism Locations: CNN — Spain, Norway, Ireland, Palestinian, Israel, Spain, Palestine, Dublin, Gaza, Iran
Spain, Norway and Ireland said on Wednesday that they would recognize an independent Palestinian state, a rebuke to Israel over its war in Gaza and its decades of occupation of Palestinian territories. More than 140 countries and the Holy See have recognized a Palestinian state, but most Western European countries and the United States have not. Israel strongly opposes international attempts to recognize a Palestinian state and maintains that Israel needs to negotiate directly with Palestinian leaders on a permanent solution. Mr. Netanyahu has said that establishing a Palestinian state would be an “existential danger” to Israel. Countries that are moving toward recognizing Palestinian statehood argue that doing so would preserve the possibility of a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians.
Persons: ” Jonas Gahr, Spain’s, Pedro Sánchez, Benjamin Netanyahu, , Mr, Sanchez, Simon Harris of, Netanyahu, Israel, , Israel Katz, ” Ziad Abu Amr, Aaron Boxerman, Henrik Pryser Libell, Adam Rasgon, Victoria Kim Organizations: Palestinian, West Bank Locations: Spain, Norway, Ireland, Israel, Gaza, Oslo, Palestine, Palestinian, United States
Ahead of their big day, Ambani and Merchant threw a lavish three-day pre-nuptial bash in March. "The three biggest moments, culturally, for India are Bollywood, cricket and weddings," Mehak Sagar, co-founder of WedMeGood, told CNBC Make It. The Indian wedding industry is estimated to have brought in about 4.74 trillion rupees (about $56 billion) during the 2023 wedding season, thus making it a "trillion-dollar enterprise," according to the 2024 Wedding Industry Report by WedMeGood, a wedding planner platform. "Given that it is the fourth largest industry in India — the Indian wedding industry touches maybe 16 to 20 [other] industries," Sagar said. Lavish Indian weddings are no stranger to Tina Tharwani.
Persons: Anant Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Radhika Merchant, Ambani, Merchant, Bill Gates, Rihanna, Ivanka Trump, Mehak Sagar, WedMeGood, Sagar, Tina Tharwani, Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Virat, Shaadi Organizations: Microsoft, CNBC, Shaadi Locations: India, Silicon Valley, Mumbai
May 2024: Turner opens up about her divorce for the first time in an interview with British Vogue. While Jonas was photographed out and about with their kids, Turner was mom-shamed and accused of being a partier. "It hurt because I really do completely torture myself over every move I make as a mother — mum guilt is so real! The "Game of Thrones" actor praised Taylor Swift for letting Turner stay at her New York home for free. "Joe is a great father to our children and that's all that I can ask for."
Persons: Turner, Sophie Turner, Pascal Le Segretain, Louis Vuitton Turner couldn't, Joan, Jonas, you've, Taylor Swift, I've, she's, Joe Organizations: British Vogue Locations: Paris, New York
Read previewSophie Turner has confirmed the hunches of Swifties everywhere, praising Taylor Swift as a "hero" with a "heart of gold." In an interview with British Vogue published Wednesday, Turner discussed her nascent friendship with Swift. Gotham/GC ImagesSwift and Turner have known each other for years, though according to British Vogue, Turner "hadn't felt she was able to cultivate the friendship" — presumably because Swift dated Jonas as a teenager. "It was really surreal, like a fever dream," Turner told British Vogue. You are a good mum and you've never been a partier,'" Turner told British Vogue.
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CNN —Sophie Turner is now the happiest she’s been in “a really long time,” but she went through struggle to get there. In an interview with British Vogue, the “Game of Thrones” actress talked bout her split last year with singer Joe Jonas after four years of marriage. Turner was the subject of some negative headlines after their breakup, which painted her as a party girl and Jonas a the more responsible parent. “I mean, those were the worst few days of my life,” she told British Vogue. “Now that I’m back home, I’m actually the happiest I’ve been in a really long time.
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Macron Adds a Personal Touch to His Diplomacy With China
  + stars: | 2024-05-07 | by ( Roger Cohen | )   time to read: +1 min
The French president, Emmanuel Macron, who believes that a personal touch is the key to diplomacy, lured President Xi Jinping of China to a 7,000-foot pass in the Pyrenees on Tuesday, expecting to show off the sweeping views that had stamped his childhood, but instead finding dense fog and wild snow flurries. It was a long, slippery road up the mountain, under torrential rain, but that didn’t stop crowds of Chinese admirers with red flags and pennants from gathering in almost every village along the way, miraculously transposed to a remote area of southwestern France and seemingly uniform in their enthusiasm. Undeterred, but running two hours late, Mr. Macron greeted Mr. Xi under an umbrella at one of his favorite restaurants, “L’Auberge du Berger,” or the “Shepherd’s Stop,” where dancers in colorful local dress twirled and jigged to the sounds of a flute, an accordion and a tom-tom. Mr. Xi was impassive, but his wife, Peng Liyuan, smiled broadly and applauded. Using the familiar “tu” form to address Mr. Xi, 70, rather than the formal “vous” that would have been more customary between heads of state, Mr. Macron, 46, offered the Chinese leader a yellow jersey signed by last year’s Tour de France winner, Jonas Vingegaard, a Danish cyclist.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping, Macron, Xi, L’Auberge du Berger, , Peng Liyuan, Jonas Vingegaard Organizations: de France Locations: China, Pyrenees, France, Danish
China was once a profit engine for GM, and its top sales market from 2010 to 2023. GM revealed several vehicles last week in China, including plug-in hybrid versions of its Buick GL8 minivan, a best-seller in China, and the Chevrolet Equinox crossover. "We think clearly that market has shifted and the landscape has shifted … with the capability of the Chinese [automakers]," Barra said. But it has had to aggressively cut prices to compete against Chinese automakers such ay BYD, Nio and others. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares earlier this year called Chinese automakers his company's "No.
Persons: Mary Barra, Jeff Kowalsky, we're, Barra, Paul Jacobson, GM wasn't, John Murphy, Michael Dunne, Dunne, Mark Fulthorpe, They'll, they've, Tesla, lockdowns, Elon Musk, Tingshu Wang, Reuters Tesla, Morgan Stanley, Adam Jonas, Musk, Junheng Li, Stellantis, Carlos Tavares, Zhu Jiangming, We've, We're, Ford, John Lawler, Lawler Organizations: General Motors Co, Bloomberg, Getty, General, GM, U.S, Chevrolet, SAIC, GM Pan, Asia Automotive Technology Center, Nurphoto, PSA Groupe, Chrysler, EVs, GM's, Buick, Wuling Motors, Motors, Bank of America Securities, China, Hummer, Durant Guild, America's, Detroit, P Global Mobility, Ford Motor, Tesla, Reuters, EV, Baidu, Warren Capital, Ford, Guangzhou Automobile Group, India & Asia, Lincoln, Lincoln Nautilus Locations: Detroit , Michigan, China, Barra, Beijing, Asia, Shanghai, Russia, India, Thailand, Australia, North America, South Korea, Brazil, Europe, GM's U.S, Qingdao, East China's Shandong, Indonesia, U.S, Nio, Greater China, South America
6:41 a.m.: Morgan Stanley raises Carvana price target Morgan Stanley likes what it sees from Carvana after its "operational turnaround." The bank reiterated an underweight rating on the used car retailer but raised its price target to $75 per share from $45. "Throughout 2023, CVNA transitioned from a distressed equity into an operational turnaround with a restructured interest burden," Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said. The firm downgraded the HVAC stock to neutral from buy and lowered its price target to $68 per share from $74. MU YTD mountain MU year to date — Brian Evans 5:45 a.m.: Morgan Stanley upgrades U.S. Steel There's a big buying opportunity in U.S. Steel after a recent pullback this year, according to Morgan Stanley.
Persons: Morgan Stanley, Baird, Morgan Stanley's, CVNA, Adam Jonas, — Brian Evans, Wells, Mike Mayo, Mayo, Brian Evans, Johnson, Damian Karas, " Karas, Tristan Gerra, Gerra, Carlos De Alba, Alba, De Alba, Fred Imbert Organizations: CNBC, U.S, Steel, Micron Technology, Wells Fargo, Citi, UBS, Johnson, JCI, Micron, MU, Nippon Steel, U.S . Steel, . Steel Locations: Carvana, Wells Fargo, Friday's, U.S
He sees California Forever. And if he can't undo the damage, there may never be a California Forever. California Forever may be a subdivision, but it's precisely the kind of subdivision America needs right now. But here's the thing: California Forever may be a subdivision, but it's precisely the kind of subdivision America needs right now. Places like California Forever aren't being opposed by the people who are desperate for a place to live.
Persons: Jan Sramek's, Goldman Sachs, Sramek, Reid Hoffman, Laurene Powell Jobs, Marc Andreessen —, They've, Christie Hemm, Peter Thiel, Jan Sramek, Jan, Thiel, Goldman, CheatSheet, Sramek's, hadn't, Jonas Rave, who's, , Guy Saidenberg, Evernote, Marc Andreessen, Jane Jacobs, He's, he'd, Robert Moses, growth.y Christie Hemm, Flannery, Bronson Johnson, David George, Andreessen Horowitz, Marilyn Farley, Farley, Solano County's, Kathleen Threlfall, Bill Mortimore, California Forever's, Jessica Christian, he's, Lyle Lanley, Solano, Sam Houston, weren't, Gabriel Metcalf, You've, John Garamendi, Garamendi, isn't, they'll, latte, Christie, Travis, I've, aren't, They're Organizations: Silicon, California, BI Development, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, Party, Rising Star, Facebook, York, Sramek's, BI Sramek, Google, American, Planners, Sacramento -, Travis Air Force Base, Area, titans, Farmers, councilwoman, California Forever, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Air Force, Flannery Associates, Disney, San Francisco, Vallejo Naval, Historical Museum, Rep, BI, Solano, Sierra, Goldman Locations: San Francisco, It's, Sramek, California, Rio Vista, Solano County, Napa, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, America, London, Zurich, England, Czech Republic, Dřevohostice, York, British, Eastern Europe, Cambridge, Bay Area, Hayes Valley, America's cutest, Atlanta, Phoenix, Copenhagen, Barcelona, New York, Sacramento - San Joaquin, San Francisco Bay, Lake Tahoe, Toledo , Ohio, Silicon, Google's, Toronto, Big Tech, China, Calif, Springfield, Vallejo, He's, Atherton, Foreverville, Fairfield, Austin, Solano, Valley, Europe
Stocks and the economy look strong but there are four factors that could pose a problem, Capital Economics said. Geopolitical risks in the Middle East and high interest rates are big risks to markets. A depreciation of the Chinese yuan and soaring US debt are also the two factors investors need to watch. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Thirdly, with the rising value of the Chinese yuan, any depreciation could trigger currency market volatility elsewhere.
Persons: , Ruben Gargallo Abargues, Jonas Goltermann, Wednesday's, Goltermann, Bill Gross Organizations: Economics, Service, Capital Economics, Brent Locations: Israel, Treasuries
Last March, Law Roach seemed to be at the peak of his career as a celebrity stylist. He had won the first stylist of the year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and was working with Zendaya, Celine Dion, Anya Taylor-Joy and Anne Hathaway, among others. Rumors that he had thrown a tantrum because Louis Vuitton wouldn’t seat him next to Zendaya in the front row. On May 6, Mr. Roach is dressing Zendaya, a host of the Met Gala, which he is also attending. And he is plotting a certification course for would-be stylists, which will, essentially, mass-market and formalize his approach.
Persons: Law Roach, Zendaya, Celine Dion, Anya Taylor, Joy, Anne Hathaway, , Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Louis Vuitton, , Roach, Julia Fox Organizations: of Fashion Designers of America
"Elon Musk's visit to China means far more than seeking approval for self driving tech on Chinese roads. Jonas reiterated an overweight rating on Tesla stock, alongside a $310 per share price target, implying more than 82% upside from Friday's $169.29 close. Tesla jumped as much as 14.4% on Monday following news of Musk's visit to China and meeting with Chinese Premier Li Qiang , as investors interpreted it as a sign of Musk's commitment to Tesla. To be sure, Musk's visit to China doesn't mean a breakthrough for FSD technology will come sooner. Tesla stock has faced increased pressure in 2024 on several fronts, and has still slumped 22% even after Monday's rally.
Persons: Elon, he's, Morgan Stanley's, Adam Jonas, Elon Musk's, Jonas, Tesla, Premier Li Qiang, Musk, Elon Musk, FSD Organizations: Premier, Twitter, SpaceX, Tesla Locations: China, Delaware, Beijing
The recent late-life critical embrace of a generation of underappreciated major female artists — the 91-year-old nude self-portraitist Joan Semmel, the 84-year-old visual artist and sculptor Barbara Chase-Riboud, the 87-year-old performance and multimedia provocateur Joan Jonas and the Cuban-born abstractionist Carmen Herrera, who died two years ago at age 106 — has brought a measure of satisfaction to the sculptor Arlene Shechet. Also, a good bit of eye rolling. “C’mon now, Carmen had to get to her 90s before people cared,” she says, standing in her roughly 5,000-square-foot Kingston studio, about two hours north of New York City, on a rainy late spring morning, attired in her usual work garb of a knitted cap and an indigo Japanese frock coat now used as a smock, flecked with clay dust and wood chips. “Everyone says ‘Oh, isn’t it so great that these women are getting their due?’ Actually, when you think about it, it’s pretty horrifying.”The 75-year-old Shechet — bemused, kinetic, indomitable — is not in danger of having to wait to be recognized, but you might not realize that, given the furious pace at which she continues to make art. Although she spent the early years of her career teaching at her alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design, and at Parsons, and raising two children, now in their 30s, in an 1866 building in TriBeCa, continuing to sculpt in a basement studio after their bedtime, she has made up for lost time.
Persons: , Joan Semmel, Barbara Chase, Joan Jonas, abstractionist Carmen Herrera, Arlene Shechet, C’mon, Carmen, Organizations: Rhode Island School of Design Locations: Cuban, Kingston, New York City, Parsons, TriBeCa
Microsoft and a major chemical stock were among Friday's biggest analyst calls. He also lowered his price target by $1 to $25, which implies shares can fall roughly 19% from Thursday's close. Sandler increased his price target by $27 to $200, which implies 26.6% potential upside. JPMorgan: Analyst Mark Murphy added $30 to his price target, which is now at $470. He also hiked his price target to $61 from $55, which implies upside of 8% going forward.
Persons: Morgan Stanley, Mobileye, Adam Jonas, Jonas, — Pia Singh, Stifel, Stanley Elliot, Elliott, Alphabet's, Oppenheimer, Jason Helfstein, Ross Sandler, Sandler, Brent Thill, Google's, Justin Post, Post, Wall, Raimo Lenschow, Wells, Michael Turrin, MSFT, Turrin, Mark Murphy, Murphy, Keith Weiss, Weiss, Jeffrey Zekauskas, Zekauskas, Dow, Fred Imbert Organizations: CNBC, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Dow Inc, TAM, Caterpillar, Google, Barclays, , Jefferies, Bank of America, DOW Locations: Israel, Thursday's, reaccelerate, Wells Fargo
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