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Harris is 59 and was born October 20, 1964 — putting her just weeks outside the Gen X range which is generally thought to span 1965 to the early 1980s. His successor has not been confirmed, but one name being floated is his Gen X lieutenant Stephanie Pope. Could the House of Mouse soon have its first Gen X leader? The picture is not completely clear on how Gen X bosses differ from their predecessors on issues such as remote work and the role of AI in the workplace. AdvertisementIt won't be long, though, until Gen X has a majority grip over power.
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Read previewStartups are rushing to create the best artificial intelligence video generation tools and convince Hollywood that AI won't decimate the creative industries. But, the most common early use of AI in entertainment is often more mundane than reverse-aging Harrison Ford to simulate a younger Indiana Jones. When top executives at the intersection of AI and entertainment met at the virtual Digital Hollywood summit on Monday, the use cases for AI in Hollywood were decidedly deeper in the details. These are some of the startups AI and entertainment leaders have their eyes on. Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesLuma AI, another image generation AI startup Bakhtar named, has raised more than $68 million according to Bain, with recent backing from Andreessen Horowitz.
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Meta on Tuesday announced the latest version of its Llama artificial intelligence model. Nvidia is a key Meta partner and provides the social networking giant with the computing chips called GPUs to help train its AI models, including the latest version of Llama. For example, Meta said that Llama model announced on Tuesday was trained on 16,000 of Nvidia's H100 graphics processors. But open-source models can cost hundreds of millions or billions of dollars to create. There aren't many companies that are financially able to develop and release open-source models with similar amounts of investment.
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In today's big story, President Biden's comeback plan isn't working , and Democratic leaders are ready to move on . President Joe Biden's reelection campaign appears to be on its last legs as calls within his party have grown from whispers to shouts since his disastrous debate last month. AdvertisementBut perhaps the biggest blow to Biden's reelection campaign came with the news that his former running mate has doubts. But for some Democrats, the risk of Biden continuing his reelection campaign could extend from the White House to Capitol Hill. Still, despite mounting pressure, Biden's campaign has remained steadfast about his reelection bid.
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About a week later, she came up with the idea to start her own flower truck business, Main Street Flower Truck. Hintze launched her business, Main Street Flower Truck, in August 2023. She decided to name her company after the street where she grew up, Main Street. After the family pulled over to inspect the truck, Hintze wrote down the number on the for-sale sign. By February, she made the choice to pour all of her time and energy into growing her flower truck business.
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Nvidia's rise came after TSMC said on Thursday that demand remains high and supply remains constrained for high-end AI chips, which TSMC manufactures for Nvidia. Today, the demand is so high I had to work very hard to meet customer demand," Wei told analysts. On Wednesday, the semiconductor sector had its worst day since 2020, with big drops from AMD , Arm , Broadcom and Qualcomm alongside Nvidia. A Chinese invasion would throw Nvidia's chip supply into question. Nvidia stock is up more than 150% so far in 2024.
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It sounds simple enough — rent comes in and, ideally, it's greater than the rental expenses, resulting in positive cash flow — but real estate investors agree that rental income shouldn't be categorized as passive. "You hear that real estate investing is passive, and that's certainly not been my experience," New England-based investor Tess Waresmith, who owns five units, told Business Insider. But when I'm not actively buying, I don't spend much time on real estate." Real estate syndicationWith real estate syndication deals, a group of investors pool together their capital to purchase a single property managed by the syndicator. He recommends starting with an online search for "real estate syndicates" or "commercial real estate syndicates" if you're specifically interested in commercial deals.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via Email29-year-old quit corporate job to sell flowers — now she brings in up to $16,000 a monthVienna Hintze, 29, quit her corporate job in 2020 and started her own marketing agency in NYC. But after a cross-country move to Los Angeles, CA, she found herself wishing for a job that would give her more freedom from a 9 to 5 desk job. She started Main Street Flower Truck in August 2023, and in less than a year it has brought in over $40,000 selling flowers at pop-up events around LA. In May 2024, the business brought in about $16,000. 09:12 2 hours ago
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Shares of Nordea Bank , the Finnish lender, have been labeled "too cheap to ignore" by investment bank Berenberg. Net interest income – earned through the differences in rates offered to savers and borrowers — grew 7% year-on-year to 3.86 billion euros. "Trading on only 7.5x our [financial year] 2025 earnings — an 8% premium to the sector — we think Nordea is too cheap to ignore. However, the Berenberg analyst believes that Nordea's net interest income is relatively resilient, noting that "the market still underappreciates Nordea's [net interest income] stability, in our view, which contrasts favourably to that of more rate-sensitive Nordic peers." The analyst also said that recent challenges, including a slight miss on second-quarter net interest income expectations or a modest cost increase, should not deter investors.
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The US is still coming to grips with the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump. In today's big story, we examine the scrutiny the Secret Service is facing and what former special agents are saying about the tragedy . But that's not to say the Secret Service has avoided controversy over the last 40-plus years since the Reagan shooting. Secret Service agents converge on former President Donald Trump onstage at his Pennsylvania campaign rally. AdvertisementUltimately, another former Secret Service agent said the entire event represents a failure for Trump's security detail , BI's Matthew Loh and Cameron Manley report.
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For Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, being almost the only game in town for AI chips isn't enough. AdvertisementThe company also runs Nvidia Inception, an incubator and venture network that counts more than 20,000 early-stage companies among its membership. "I think it's crazy," said another founder whose company received investment from NVentures, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Any company trying to do anything major in AI has spent the past two years buying them by the truckload. AdvertisementHe says he's received personal calls from Huang in which the Nvidia CEO weighs in on company decisions or expresses disapproval of his public statements.
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DNB Asset Management, a Nordic fund giant managing nearly $90 billion as of the end of 2023, dumped a sizable portion of its Nvidia stake after the chipmaker's stunning 2024 run, according to a new regulatory filing. The sale came after Nvidia's jaw-dropping rally that pushed its market valuation above $3 trillion. Still, the rally in Nvidia has recently shown has signs of exhaustion as 2024's bull run broadened out to the unloved pockets of the market. DNB, with about 100 investment funds, had around $88 billion in assets under management as of 2023, according to the firm's website. The European giant had most of its top 10 holdings in the so-called Magnificent Seven stocks, including Microsoft , Alphabet , Nvidia, Amazon , Apple and Meta Platforms.
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What if the A.I. Boosters Are Wrong?
  + stars: | 2024-07-13 | by ( Bernhard Warner | Sarah Kessler | )   time to read: +1 min
would contribute only “modest” improvement to worker productivity, and that it would add no more than 1 percent to U.S. economic output over the next decade. That pales in comparison to estimates by Goldman Sachs economists, who predicted last year that generative A.I. The bullish camp has great hopes for A.I. Sam Altman of the ChatGPT maker OpenAI sees A.I. of Nvidia, the dominant maker of the chips used to power A.I., says the technology has ushered in “the next industrial revolution.”
Persons: Daron Acemoglu, Acemoglu, Goldman Sachs, Sam Altman, OpenAI, Jensen Huang, Organizations: A.I, Nvidia Locations: O.E.C.D
Last year, a resale ticket to Taylor Swift's record-breaking Eras Tour cost an average of $2,183. I had never considered spending so much on live music before, but the Eras Tour featured songs spanning her entire career. I had been listening to Taylor Swift since I was about 14 years old and leaned on her music as I grew up. A few months later, Taylor Swift, now officially a billionaire, announced a European leg of her 2024 tour. For less money than Taylor Swift tickets were re-selling for in the U.S., I was able to eat tapas in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter and dine on sugar-dusted crepes with a view of the Eiffel Tower.
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Joe Raedle | Getty ImagesAn Express Scripts spokesperson said the "prices of insulin and other medicines are set by their manufacturers, who have raised list prices repeatedly." They also create lists of medications — or formularies — that are covered by insurance and reimburse pharmacies for prescriptions. The investigation into insulin prices also examines drugmakers, but it is unclear whether they will be named in the upcoming lawsuits, Politico reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Eli Lilly , French drugmaker Sanofi and Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk control roughly 90% of the U.S. insulin market. Pharmacist Thomas Jensen looks over a prescription drug at the Rock Canyon Pharmacy in Provo, Utah, on May 9, 2019.
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But the program has since moved to another station, and its legacy in San Diego is a faint, fond memory. AdvertisementWith such a rich history of aerial dynamism, it's no surprise that San Diego has become a major hub of this technology. Defense, AI, and a warming reception from VCsLong before AI became a household buzzword, Shield AI launched in San Diego. AdvertisementBut San Diego seemed to be a better fit with its access to open land and proximity to the ocean. That pipeline continues to feed into the San Diego tech ecosystem, feeding and driving the aerial innovation it has become known for over a century.
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Joe Raedle | Getty ImagesAn Express Scripts spokesperson said "the prices of insulin and other medicines are set by their manufacturers, who have raised list prices repeatedly." The FTC's investigation into insulin prices also examines drugmakers, but it is unclear whether they will be named in the upcoming lawsuits, Politico reported, citing sources. Eli Lilly , French drugmaker Sanofi and Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk control roughly 90% of the U.S. insulin market. They also create lists of medications – or formularies – that are covered by insurance and reimburse pharmacies for prescriptions. Pharmacist Thomas Jensen looks over a prescription drug at the Rock Canyon Pharmacy in Provo, Utah, on May 9, 2019.
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Spatial intelligence allows robots to navigate and interact with their environment more efficiently, which means that robots can perform more complex tasks with higher precision and adaptability. AdvertisementEven so, investors say that spatial intelligence represents a quantum leap for the robotics industry, a space already benefiting from an AI boom. Lior Susan, CEO and founder of Eclipse Ventures, is betting that the difficulty of building AI with spatial intelligence will yield bigger returns in the future. "You see this boom of generative AI startups that are actually buying a lot of compute that do not have a business model yet," Susan said. Big tech is rolling in, tooBigger tech companies are also gearing up to compete in robotics' spatial intelligence race—both as builders and investors.
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Despite a strong job market, many Gen Zers are still relying on the bank of Mom and Dad to make ends meet. The young adult has their entire life ahead of them. Some parents might be more willing to provide financial support because they want to feel like a good parent. The young adult has their entire life ahead of them," Bailey said. When India Anderson turned 20 and decided to move in with her boyfriend, her mother cut off most financial support.
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A good leader can't be afraid to get their hands dirty, according to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. Years later, he would hatch the idea for Nvidia with his co-founders in a booth at the same Denny's where he'd once cleared tables, washed dishes and even cleaned toilets. "To me, no task is beneath me because, remember, I used to be a dishwasher [and] I used to clean toilets," Huang said in a March interview at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Whenever possible, the longtime CEO likes to show his employees his reasoning for a suggestion or solution he offers. That structure improves Nvidia's performance by allowing information and strategy to flow more directly between Huang and Nvidia's other leaders, according to Huang.
Persons: Jensen Huang, Long, Huang, I've Organizations: Nvidia, Forbes, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford, California Institute of Technology, CNBC Locations: Denny's
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCohere CEO Aidan Gomez on how generative AI will bring more profit to companiesAidan Gomez is the CEO and co-founder of Cohere and he's been at the center of generative AI since its early days. He was an intern at Google in 2017, when he helped write the foundational paper that conceptualized the transformer - the tech that makes generative AI possible. Now he's focused on building generative AI models for companies instead of consumers. CNBC's Steve Kovach sat down with Gomez to talk about the burgeoning tech and specific ways his models will boost profits for companies.
Persons: Aidan Gomez, Cohere, he's, Steve Kovach, Gomez Organizations: Google
Analysts who have been following companies on the cutting edge of using generative AI for drug discovery say it is still very early days. But these endorsements haven't lifted Recursion shares out of a slump. RXRX 1Y mountain Recursion shares over the past year. The drug company will be a beta user of Recursion's LOWE (Large Language Model-Orchestrated Workflow Engine) and the pair are also partnering on oncology research. SDGR 1Y mountain Schrodinger shares over the past year.
Persons: Scott Schoenhaus, Chris Gibson, Jensen Huang, Leerink, Mani Foroohar, Foroohar, Recursion's, KeyBanc's Schoenhaus, Needham, Gil Blum, it's, Recursion's LOWE, Blum, Eli Lilly, AbCellera, KeyBanc's, Schoenhaus, FactSet, Allison Bratzel, Piper Sandler, Goldman Sachs, Salveen Richter, Peter Lawson, Lawson, Japan's Takeda, Schrodinger, Leerink's Foroohar Organizations: Analysts, Capital, Nvidia, ARK Investment Management, REC, CCM, Union, Bayer, Therapeutics, Dynamo, RLY, Barclays, Japan's Locations: U.S, biopharma, Biohive
In today's big story, we're looking at the mounting pressure President Joe Biden is facing to forgo his reelection campaign . The Clash's 1982 hit could be President Joe Biden's anthem these days as rumors swirl about his reelection bid. Under campaign finance law, the VP is the only candidate who can easily inherit the hundreds of millions of dollars raised by Biden's campaign . Patrick Semansky/AP Photo; BIBiden's first post-debate interview could ultimately decide his fate. In other newsAdvertisementWhat's happening todayA first look at Biden's interview with George Stephanopoulos airs on ABC.
Persons: , he's, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Win McNamee, Chelsea Jia Feng, Joe Biden's, Biden, Insider's Bryan Metzger, Biden's, Donald Trump, Lloyd Doggett, Raúl Grijalva, Kamala Harris — hasn't, Harris, Patrick Semansky, George Stephanopoulos, Karine Jean, Pierre, CFRA, Berkshire Hathaway, Neil Shearing, Jensen Huang, Justin Sullivan, Rebecca Zisser, Caitlin Clark, Alex Morgan, Hailey Welch, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, Amanda Yen Organizations: Service, Labour Party, Business, Democratic, ABC News, New York Times, Trump, Berkshire, Economics, Saks, Saks Global, ABC Locations: New Mexico, Virginia, Biden's, New York, London
Both executives made their sales under 10b5-1 trading plans. Trades were made under a 10b5-1 trading plan adopted in March and are part of ongoing sales. Trades were made under a 10b5-1 trading plan adopted in February. Trades were made under a 10b5-1 trading plan enacted last September. Trades were made under a 10b5-1 trading plan dating from last August.
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So far, the only part of Earth AI seems hell-bent on dominating is the power grid. AI data centers are doubling the pace of electricity demand growth in the US to the extent that demand could exceed supply in just two years without action, according to Bernstein Research. The potential shortfall could mean higher prices for the computing power AI developers of all sizes are clamoring for, along with ample opportunity for investors willing to build up supply. How are AI companies planning aheadIt's not just the total power needed for AI computing infrastructure, it's the unique cadence of the power need and the cooling AI chips require. Amazon is clearing some of these hurdles by colocating some data centers with nuclear power sites.
Persons: , that's, catchup, Bernstein, Jensen Huang, Huang, Agrawal, we're, Andrew Feldman, Feldman Organizations: Service, Bernstein Research, Business, Nvidia, Vertiv, Lambda, Cerebras Systems Locations: UAE, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Iceland
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