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CNN —Dozens of passengers who boarded a Qatar Airways plane in Athens, Greece on Monday expected to be on their way to their destination – Doha, Qatar – relatively quickly. Instead, they found themselves trapped inside a grounded plane for more than three hours, according to passenger Garth Collins, who posted about his experience on Instagram. In a video posted by Collins, passengers can be seen standing up from their seats and in the aisles of the plane, fanning themselves and fellow passengers with paper. Zeiher told 7News that she received “zero information” from Qatar Airways, so she decided to rebook her onward flight to Australia through Emirates. According to flight tracking website Flightradar24, flight QR204 was supposed to leave Athens International Airport at 1:55 p.m. local time.
Persons: Garth Collins, Collins, Michael Mosley, Jennie Zeiher, Joe, Zeiher, , ” Zeiher, , 7News, QR204 Organizations: CNN, Qatar Airways, , Athens International Airport, 7News, Doha’s Hamad International Airport, Athens International Locations: Athens, Greece, – Doha, Qatar, British, Symi, ATH, Doha, Melbourne, Australia, Emirates, DOH
CNN —Black shades and a red towel were all Blackpink’s Jennie Kim needed to look chic ahead of the Jacquemus show in Capri, Italy. And just as Bardot was to Godard, Jennie was designer Simon Porte Jacquemus’s star on the runway on Monday. In her surprise runway debut, the 28-year-old closed the show of minimalist form and colorful threads in a backless halter dress, paired with a turquoise shoulder bag and zebra-print heels. Fans waiting outside venues have become a fixture as they look to get a glimpse of the K-pop celebrities attending fashion shows. Of course, fans would have had a difficult time getting to this runway location.
Persons: Jennie Kim, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Luc Godard’s, Mépris, Bardot, Godard, Jennie, Simon Porte Jacquemus’s, Curzio Malaparte, Godard’s, Mépris ”, , Stephane Cardinale, Corbis, Jacquemus, , , Luc Godard, Princess Diana, Jacques Demy’s Organizations: CNN, Casa Malaparte, Chanel Locations: Capri , Italy, Casa, of Salerno, Dua Lipa, Jean, Versailles
The Black Female Artists Redefining Minimalism
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These were some of Kelly’s signature panels: bold, monochromatic shapes of saturated color in oil on canvas. Jones recalls being struck most of all by what Kelly’s work displaced. It occupied the second floor of the museum’s two-story sculpture court, which had been redesigned the previous year to showcase classical sculpture and painting. “They took down all these other artists to put up this suite,” Jones says. Next April, she will take over the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s roof garden, where she’ll debut her first multiwork outdoor sculptural installation.
Persons: JENNIE C, JONES, Ellsworth Kelly, Jones, , ” Jones, Kelly, Miles Davis’s Organizations: Art Institute of Chicago, Metropolitan Museum Locations: Gabonese
Immigrant workers are helping boost the U.S. labor market
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The strong jobs market has been bolstered post-pandemic by strength in the immigrant workforce in America. And as Americans age out of the labor force and birth rates remain low, economists and the Federal Reserve are touting the importance of immigrant workers for overall future economic growth. Immigrant workers made up 18.6% of the workforce last year, a new record, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Despite the U.S. adding fewer-than-expected jobs in April, the labor force participation rate for foreign-born workers ticked up slightly, to 66%. "We don't have enough workers participating in the labor force and our birth rate has dropped down 2% last year from 2022 to 2023.
Persons: Jennie Murray, Phillip Swagel, Swagel Organizations: Federal, of Labor Statistics, Workers, National Immigration, Congressional Locations: America
The sudden end to the standoff produced cheers from the protesters, and confusion for those who had been bracing for chaos. At Emory University in Atlanta, officers used pepper balls and wrestled protesters to the ground, ultimately arresting 28 people. On quads and lawns from coast to coast, colleges are grappling with a groundswell of student activism over Israel’s ongoing military campaign in Gaza. Administrators are having to make controversial decisions over whether to call in the police, and are often criticized regardless of the route they take. “They don’t seem to have a clear strategy,” said Jennie Stephens, a professor at Northeastern who attended the protest there to support the students.
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King Charles III shook hands and chatted with onlookers after attending an Easter service at Windsor Castle on Sunday in his most significant public outing since being diagnosed with cancer last month. "Keep going strong," one member of the crowd shouted as Charles and Queen Camilla walked by. The king has continued fulfilling his state duties, such as reviewing government papers and meeting with the prime minister. The service itself was smaller than usual as Kate, the Princess of Wales, is also being treated for cancer and has paused public duties. "He knows that being seen by the public and having public goodwill is really what's at the core of a successful monarchy,'' royal commentator Jennie Bond told the BBC.
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Harrison doesn’t have an overall diagnosis beyond being a French bulldog — an increasingly popular breed prone to health problems. While most patients pay out of pocket, AMC offers multiple initiatives to cover charity care, especially for rescue animals and working dogs. The price of veterinary services have increased in recent years because of inflation, but also because of advances in care. The same day Harrison visited the surgical suite, Lynx was brought in by a rescue group. “We get to take extraordinary care of rescue animals,” Spector said.
Persons: , Harrison, , Daniel Spector, Harrison doesn’t, Grace Kim, Kiki, , ” Spector, Spector, Jennie Anne Simson, Simson, we’ve, Helen Irving, Elaine, Kenneth Langone, Elaine Langone, they've, Emily McCobb, Kelly Hall, ” Irving, Kim Organizations: Animal Medical, AMC, Avian, Shepherd Fund, Buddy, Veterinary, Home Depot, Bucknell University, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University, Colorado State University, Associated, Lilly Endowment Inc, AP Locations: New York City, French, Manhattan, Manhattan’s, anesthesiologists, Brooklyn, New York
AdvertisementThis as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Jennie Gage, who used to be what social-media users have dubbed a "trad wife" — slang for "traditional wife." Courtesy of Jennie GageI was 17 when I went to a Mormon college. Being a 'trad wife' involved endless houseworkMy first son was born in 1998; I'd just turned 23. For most of my married life, Jake would give me cash envelopes. AdvertisementDo you identify as a trad wife or former trad wife?
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CNN —The genesis of photographer Joy Gregory’s latest project, “Shining Lights,” began 40 years ago, at a Valentine’s Day party in London. After the party and as they became friends, Mercer suggested the pair collaborate on a book about women’s photography. Courtesy the artist/MACKThe idea then, for a book surveying the work of Black women’s photography in Britain in the 1980s and 1990s, lay dormant for several decades. The result is “Shining Lights: Black Women Photographers in 1980s–90s Britain,” a new photography book edited by Gregory and co-published by Autograph and Mack. “I think as women, it wasn’t open, and I think being of color, it definitely wasn’t open.”In the book, Black “refers to the whole gamut of color, which was really about difference,” says Gregory.
Persons: Joy Gregory’s, , Joy, Araba Mercer, Mercer, , ” Gregory, Gregory, Mercer —, Sheba, Jennie Baptiste's, Wale Adeyemi, MACK, Black, Maxine Walker’s, Mack, Walker, Mona Hatoum, Turner, Ingrid Pollard, Maxine Walker, Jacqueline Moran Daubercies, Maria Pedro, callouts, Eileen Perrier's, “ That’s, ” Joy Gregory, Maria Kheirkhah's, Mumtaz Karimjee, Virginia, Karimjee, Ronan Mckenzie, MACK “, haven’t, Taous Dahmani Organizations: CNN, Royal College of Art, Women Photographers, Facebook Locations: London, Sheba, Britain, Ghana, Kingston , Jamaica
Apple and Nvidia are "own, don't trade" stocks, so should they be kept as they are, or shrink down? First, let's address our idea of "own, don't trade" stocks. To main a diversified portfolio, we don't want any of our positions, even Apple, to get much bigger than 5-6%. That doesn't mean we don't love the name or no longer view it as an "own, don't trade," it simply means that while it is an "own, don't trade" we also still abide by the view that discipline trumps conviction (diversification and not don't be greedy being the two disciplines of focus in this case) and that overrides the own, don't trade mantra. When we say "don't trade" these two names, we stay invested in both and don't try to catch the next 10% move up or down.
Persons: Jim Cramer, Eli Lilly, Jennie, Nvidia —, Nvidia wasn't, Jim Cramer's, Jim, SeongJoon Cho Organizations: Nvidia, Broadcom, Costco, Apple, Federal Reserve, Jim Cramer's Charitable, CNBC, Apple Inc, Bloomberg, Getty Locations: Hanam, South Korea
As 2023 comes to a close, we take a look at the year that was in Asia and the Pacific region. But who had it good and who had it bad in 2023? Bad year: China's property marketWith millions of Chinese citizens still waiting for homes they put down payments on — but might never be built — 2023 was a particularly bad year for China's property market. A newly built property is seen from the air in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China, Dec 15, 2023. Chinese families and individuals who once saw homes as more than somewhere to live but also as investments have reason to fear 2023 won't be the last bad year they face.
Persons: Curtis, Chin, Jose B, , Vikram, Amit Dave, Narendra Modi, Taylor Swift, Kim Ji, Jennie, Kim Jennie, Roseanne Chae, Lisa, Lalisa, King Charles, Rose, Roseanne Park, Jisoo Kim, Jennie Kim, King Charles III, Yoon Suk Yeol, Kim Keon Hee, Victoria Jones, Blackpink, Michelle Yeoh, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, San Francisco —, China Evergrande, Moody's, Asia's Organizations: Asian Development Bank, RiverPeak Group, ISRO —, Indian Space Research, Orbiter, ISRO, Buckingham, Sustainable, COP26, Getty, YG Entertainment, APEC, U.S, International Monetary Fund Locations: U.S, Asia, Turkey, Syria, Maui, Hawaii, Lahaina, Pacific, India, Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad, Korea, British, LONDON, ENGLAND, Glasgow, London, England, South Korea, Malaysian, New Zealand, Thailand, China, San Francisco, United States, Taiwan, South China, Country, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province
(Photo by Victoria Jones - Pool/Getty Images)Shares of K-pop agency YG Entertainment spiked as much as 29% after the company announced that it has renewed exclusive group contracts with all four members of girl group Blackpink. The stock closed at 48,000 South Korean won ($36.58) per share on Tuesday, near its 2023 low of 47,000 won. But on Wednesday, it surged at the open and hit an intraday high of 61,900 South Korean won per share. This could bring an end to the long running contract saga between the popular K-pop group and the agency. Shares of YG previously plunged each time South Korean media reported that members of the group will not renew with the label.
Persons: Lisa, Lalisa, Rose, Roseanne Park, Jisoo Kim, Jennie Kim, King Charles III, Yoon Suk Yeol, Kim Keon Hee, Victoria Jones Organizations: COP26, YG Entertainment, South Korean, YG, Munhwa Ilbo Locations: ENGLAND, British, Glasgow, London, England, South Korea, South Korean
Seoul/Hong Kong CNN —All four members of K-pop supergroup Blackpink have renewed their contracts with label YG Entertainment, according to the label’s regulatory filing published Wednesday. “The board has completed a resolution about renewing the contracts with Blackpink’s four members,” YG Entertainment said in the filing. Since their debut in 2016, Blackpink have become one of the most successful girl groups in the world. In 2019, they became the first female K-Pop group to ever play at Coachella or any other US festival. YG Entertainment’s shares, which had been on the slide since mid September, soared 22% following the announcement.
Persons: – Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé, , Blackpink, YG Entertainment’s Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, YG Entertainment, ” YG Entertainment, YouTube, Coachella, YG Locations: Seoul, Hong Kong
Still, not many have had the cultural impact of “The Nanny” herself, Fran Fine. Over the years, fan accounts like What Fran Wore and the Fran Fine Fashion Database have documented all of the character’s roughly 700 outfits. Drescher in character as Fran Fine in a promotional photo for "The Nanny", pictured with the show's other principcal cast members. CBS/Getty ImagesCooper says that when she first envisaged Fran’s aesthetic, it didn’t reflect early ‘90s fashion trends. It’s no wonder that after all these years, fans of “The Nanny” and fashionable TikTokers continue to cosplay as Fran in swarms.
Persons: Cher Horowitz, Dionne Davenport, , Carrie Bradshaw, , Rachel Green, , Fran Fine, Fran, Fran Drescher, Fran Wore, Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Maxwell Sheffield, Daniel Davis, Niles, Lauren Lane, Babcock, Madeline Zima, Grace Sheffield, Benjamin Salisbury, Tom, Maggie Sheffield, Brenda Cooper, Shawn Holly Cookson, Terry Gordon, Cooper, Todd Oldham, Dolce, Gabbana, Bob Mackie, Anna Sui, Brenda Cooper’s, Moschino, Leger, ” Cooper, Neiman Marcus, , ” Moschino, Jennie Walker, ” Walker, Kate Spade, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Cooper didn’t, suede, “ ​ Organizations: CNN, City, Flushing, Brighton Sheffield, CBS, Getty, Vogue, Locations: Versace, Italian, LA
For an example of how climate change is increasingly becoming a flashpoint in the culture wars, Germany is a good place to start. Meanwhile, Spain’s far-right Vox party vowed to defend the country against “the new climate religion.”But to understand why climate change and the culture wars have become so enmeshed globally, experts say the United States probably holds the key. It’s effective, it does scare people.”The origins of the climate culture war in the US lie in the early 1990s, when a new push for global climate action collided with big geopolitical change, McCright said. Lightning rod for right wing mediaConservative media has played an outsized role in fueling culture war narratives, according to experts. Fox has “been laying the groundwork necessary for positioning climate policies as a culture war issue for a long time,” she said.
Persons: , stoked, , Miranda Schreurs, Anger, Green, Kristin Brinker, Jörg, Stephan Lewandowsky, Rishi Sunak, , ” Sunak, Vox, Ron DeSantis, ” DeSantis, Aaron McCright, McCright, ” McCright, , Brandon Bell, Lewandowsky, “ you’d, ” Alec Tyson, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Sen, Ed Markey, Allison Fisher, Fisher, Fox, didn’t, Ed Matthew, Matthew said, Jennie King, ” King, Germany —, Matthew of E3G, ” Schreurs, “ it’s Organizations: CNN, Green Party, Technical University of Munich, University of Bristol, British, Justice, Florida Gov, Republican, Michigan State University, Oil, Republicans, Pew Research, Pew, Conservative, Massachusetts, Green, Deal, Fox, Media, Institute for Strategic Locations: Germany, Charlottenburg, Berlin, Europe, United States, West Texas, Florida, American, Kyoto, Soviet Union, Federal, Midland , Texas, Alexandria, Cortez of New York
Blackpink receive honors from Britain’s King Charles
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Reuters —King Charles III on Wednesday presented K-Pop band Blackpink with honorary Member of the Order of the British Empire medals in the presence of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol during his state visit to the United Kingdom, Buckingham Palace said. The quartet – Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose – chatted, laughed and took photographs with the British monarch as he presented the medals. King Charles III presents honorary MBEs to Blackpink during a special investiture ceremony in Buckingham Palace in the presence of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and his wife, Kim Keon Hee. Victoria Jones/Pool/Getty Images“It’s amazing you’re still talking to each other after all these years,” King Charles jokingly said to the band at the ceremony. Blackpink received the MBEs in recognition of the band members’ role as COP26 Advocates for the United Nations climate summit held in Glasgow in 2021, Buckingham Palace said.
Persons: King Charles III, Yoon Suk, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, Rose – chatted, Yoon Suk Yeol, Kim Keon Hee, Victoria Jones, ” King Charles, , Blackpink, Buckingham Organizations: Reuters, CNN’s Royal, United, YouTube Locations: British, United Kingdom, Buckingham, Buckingham Palace, United Nations, Glasgow, London
LONDON (AP) — King Charles III honored the K-pop band Blackpink on Wednesday, saluting their work in raising awareness among young people about the threat of climate change. On the second day of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s three-day state visit to London, Charles made Blackpink members Jennie Kim, Jisoo Kim and Lalisa Manoban honorary Members of the Order of the British Empire. The awards are part of Britain’s honors system, which recognizes outstanding service to the nation and the wider world. Charles had lauded the K-pop girl group on Tuesday during a state banquet in honor of Yoon and first lady Kim Keon Hee. “I can only admire how they can prioritize these vital issues, as well as being global superstars."
Persons: — King Charles III, Yoon Suk, Charles, Jennie Kim, Jisoo Kim, Lalisa, Roseanne, Yoon, Kim Keon Hee, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, Rose, ” Charles, Organizations: British Empire Locations: London, British, New Zealand, Buckingham, Glasgow, Scotland
The quartet – Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose – chatted, laughed and took photographs with the British monarch as he presented the medals. "It's amazing you're still talking to each other after all these years," King Charles jokingly said to the band at the ceremony. "I hope I shall be able to see you perform live at some point". BLACKPINK received the MBEs in recognition of the bank members' role as COP26 Advocates for the United Nations climate summit held in Glasgow in 2021, Buckingham Palace said. Reporting by Farouq Suleiman and Hanna Rantala; Editing by Emelia Sithole-MatariseOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: King Charles, Rose, Roseanne Park, Jisoo Kim, Jennie Kim, Lisa, Lalisa, MBEs, Yoon Suk, Jennie, Jisoo, Rose – chatted, BLACKPINK, Buckingham, Farouq Suleiman, Hanna Rantala, Emelia Sithole Organizations: United, YouTube, Thomson Locations: British, United Kingdom, Buckingham, United Nations, Glasgow, London
(CNN) — Back in February, Nattawin Wattanagitiphat’s fans spared no expense in marking the Thai actor’s 29th birthday. Local media reported his birthday haul totaled 50 million Thai baht, or around $1.4 million. But more often than not, the Thai stars who are able to build international fan bases tend to be actors. “K-pop stars dedicated their lives training (from a young age) to be idols,” but Thai stars, she said, can be more relaxed. We don’t really keep the talent in a box like Korean companies do.”Another advantage some Thai celebrities have is their ability to resonate among Chinese audiences.
Persons: Nattawin, Christian Dior,, Karla Otto, TikTok, Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, Pascal Le Segretain, Dior, Tontawan Tantivejakul, Lalisa Manobal, Lisa, Celine, There’s, Pharrell Williams, Louis Vuitton, Davika Hoorne, Urassaya Sperbund, , Calvin Klein, Bright’s, Metawin, , Nichapat, Sumettikul, “ KinnPorsche ”, Ralph Lauren, Kanawut, Suphap, It’s, , , ” Suphap, Blackpink, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, Evan Agostini, Dior womenswear, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Pattinson, Fatti, ” Laleh, ” Davika Hoorne, Michael Kors, Jamie McCarthy, Traipipattanapong, Gucci, Justin Shin, Krisda Witthayakhajorndet, Thais Organizations: The, Fashion, CNN, Thai, Rolex, Vogue, Mastercard, Bain & Company, American Vogue, Burberry, Prada, Venture Management, Gucci, MTV, Apo, South Locations: , Asia, India, Instagram, Thailand, North, South Asia, Thai, Southeast Asia, Pacific, Bangkok, Pee Mak, Norwegian, American, Vogue Thailand, Newark , New Jersey, Launchmetrics, Paris, Blackpink, Brooklyn , New York, Seoul, South Korea
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Coachella)In the oversaturated K-pop music scene, groups come as quickly as they go. Most contract renewals take place without much fanfare — but not for Blackpink, one of the biggest girl groups in the world. When members of the girl group were due to renew their contracts, shares of their label YG Entertainment went on a wild ride. In September, shares of the Kosdaq-listed YG Entertainment plunged on two separate occasions. Shares of YG climbed about 3% on that news.
Persons: Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, Emma McIntyre Organizations: Coachella, Valley Music, Arts Festival, YG Entertainment, Ilbo, YG Locations: INDIO , CALIFORNIA, Indio , California, Korean
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Coachella)Shares of K-pop agency YG Entertainment climbed over 3% on Monday after South Korean media reported that girl group Blackpink has agreed to continue group activities under the label. According to an exclusive by South Korean outlet Munhwa Ilbo, individual members will not be renewing their exclusive contracts with YG but the group agreed to continue group activities as Blackpink under the label. In the future, they plan to carry out individual activities and come together only for Blackpink activities," according to a Google translation. The report added that two members already signed a contract "agreeing to continue Blackpink's activities," without naming the members. It's the latest development in a long-running contract saga involving the four-member group made up of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.
Persons: Lisa, Jennie, Emma McIntyre, Blackpink, Munhwa Ilbo, Jisoo, Rosé Organizations: Coachella, Valley Music, Arts Festival, YG Entertainment, South, Munhwa Ilbo, YG, Munhwa Locations: INDIO , CALIFORNIA, Indio , California
The two Thanksgiving turkeys were due at the White House on Monday to play their part in what has become an annual holiday tradition: a president sparing them from becoming someone's dinner. President Joe Biden, the oldest president in U.S. history, also was celebrating his 81st birthday on Monday. Political Cartoons View All 1256 ImagesLykken introduced Liberty and Bell on Sunday at the Willard Intercontinental, a luxury hotel close to the White House. A little over 200 million turkeys will be eaten on Thanksgiving, Lykken said. Biden will eat his Thanksgiving turkey with family on Nantucket, a Massachusetts island, continuing a long family tradition.
Persons: Bell, , ” Steve Lykken, Jennie, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, ” Lykken, , “ gobble, gobble, hoopla, Taylor Swift, Harry Truman, George H.W, Bush, he’s, , Biden, Lykken, Dwight D, Eisenhower, Gerald R, Ford, Markus Platzer, Willard, ” Platzer Organizations: WASHINGTON, , White, National Turkey Federation, Associated Press, Bell, Willard, Liberty, University of Minnesota's College of Food, Natural Resources Sciences, Norfolk Naval Locations: — Liberty, Turkey, Washington, Fleetwood , North Carolina, Liberty, U.S, Minnesota, Willmar , Minnesota, Nantucket, Massachusetts, Virginia
Image This year’s women’s race was oddly slow until the last few miles. Tola had arrived in New York with questions about his fitness after he dropped out of the marathon at the world championships in Budapest this summer. When she made her marathon debut in New York last year, she went out fast before struggling to a sixth-place finish. “Sometimes,” Obiri said, “you learn from your mistakes.”She put those lessons to use in Boston earlier this year when she won her first world marathon major. By then, only Obiri, Gidey, Lokedi and two others — Viola Cheptoo, the runner-up in 2021, and Brigid Kosgei, a five-time world marathon major champion — were still in contention.
Persons: Hellen, Letesenbet Gidey, Gidey, Obiri, , , Karsten Moran, Sharon Lokedi, ” Obiri, Tamirat Tola, Tola, Geoffrey Mutai’s, Jemal Yimer, Albert Korir, Peter Foley, ” Ritzenhein, Hellen Obiri, Uli Seit, Kellyn Taylor, — Viola Cheptoo, Brigid Kosgei, , Ritzenhein Organizations: New York City Marathon, Boston Marathon, Boulder, Athletics Club, The New York Times, Shutterstock, Credit, Kenya Locations: Kenya, Ethiopia, Colo, New York, Budapest, Staten Island, Boulder, Boston, “ New York, Central Park, Gidey, Paris
It was hard to miss Mark Aaron Polger, Alexi Pappas and Masashi Kondo at the New York City Marathon on Sunday. With energy gels and bodega coffees in hand, the crowd made its way to Fort Wadsworth, where thousands of runners congregate each year before running the New York City Marathon. Speed demons wearing Nike Vaporflys and short-shorts mingled with casual runners wearing “Monsters, Inc.” onesies. That’s the record I’m going for. Running is therapeutic, even though I’m going to be running really, really slowly.
Persons: Mark Aaron Polger, Alexi Pappas, Masashi Kondo, , , Adam Tjolle, Simon Waterhouse, Malina Roberts, we’ll, they’re, they’ve, Stephen Zachensky, Marlinda Francisco, Mika Shaw, Maansi Srivastava, It’s, I’ve Organizations: New York City Marathon, Nike, Inc, New York Times, York Locations: Fort Wadsworth, Edinburgh, Scotland, Newmarket, England, Brooklyn, York City, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Westchester, N.Y, How’d, New York Times Tucson, Ariz, Ogden , Utah, Japan, Los Angeles, Manhattan
Walk up to Lafayette Avenue between Fulton Street and Bedford Avenue for one of the best parties along the course. You can also catch runners at several points in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, along Bedford Avenue between Lafayette Avenue and Nassau Avenue. Take the L train to Bedford Avenue, the M or J train to Marcy Avenue or the G train to Nassau Avenue or Greenpoint Avenue. The Q subway line stops at several points along this stretch. North of 96th Street, use the 6 subway line to get to this part of the course.
Persons: It’s, Alexander, Duke Ellington, Charles A, Dana, Harlem Meer, Organizations: New York, Brooklyn, Barclays Center, Lafayette, Bedford, Queens, ., Dana Discovery Center, Park, Columbus, West Locations: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Staten, Bay Ridge, Sunset, Park, Flatbush, Fulton Street, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bedford, Lafayette Avenue, Nassau, Avenue, Vernon, Jackson, . Manhattan, Manhattan, Bronx, Harlem
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