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“It is important that we maintain strong American steel companies powered by American steelworkers,” he said. “US Steel has been an iconic American steel company for more than a century, and it is vital for it to remain an American steel company that is domestically owned and operated.”Experts said opposition from Biden and other politicians — both Republican and Democrats — make it unlikely the deal will win approval. “Six weeks ago, the United States gave Mitsui, a Japanese company, a $20 billion deal to build a crane factory here in the United States and replace all our port cranes throughout the United States. “If the administration has concerns about the Nippon Steel deal, it must seriously consider alternative outcomes. US Steel products, supported by significant capital investments from Nippon Steel, will remain mined, melted and made in America,” the company said.
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For some, plans for where to fly, drive and stay to hopefully catch a glimpse of the last total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States until 2044 have been in place for months or even years. The total solar eclipse’s path of totality — where the moon completely blocks the face of the sun — stretches across portions of 13 US states as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. A view from a plane during an eclipse flight from the Russian city of Murmansk to observe a solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, above the Norwegian Sea. Airbnb reports a 1000% surge in searches for stays along the entire path of totality over the solar eclipse weekend for check-ins on April 7, 2024. Austin and the surrounding Hill Country area and Indianapolis are among the most booked destinations across all of North America on Airbnb for the solar eclipse weekend, Thorn said.
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What it’s really like to go to the Super Bowl
  + stars: | 2024-02-10 | by ( Harmeet Kaur | Scottie Andrew | )   time to read: +14 min
The person who attended the Super Bowl nine timesMike Quackenbush has been to the Super Bowl nine times — but he didn’t personally pay for tickets because, technically, he was there on business. It’s a great event and I was super lucky to go all those years.”The first-time Super Bowl attendee who went during the pandemicChelsea Bear was all smiles at the 2021 Super Bowl. Lennox McLendon/AP Most rushing yards in a Super Bowl: Washington quarterback Doug Williams won the Super Bowl MVP award in 1988, but rookie running back Timmy Smith set a Super Bowl record that year with 204 rushing yards against Denver. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Longest pass in a Super Bowl: Carolina wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad caught an 85-yard touchdown pass from Jake Delhomme during Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. Paul Sancya/AP First score in Super Bowl history: In the first quarter of what we know now as Super Bowl I, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Max McGee scored a touchdown on a 37-yard pass from Bart Starr.
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UNCHARTED WATERS A Tangle of Rules to Protect America’s Water Is Falling Short The Times asked all 50 states how they manage groundwater. California’s State Water Resources Control Board provides a list of some 85 firms that help clients who have questions about water rights there. Irrigated acres 0 10 100 200 thousand 1987 2017 MISSOURI MISSOURI ARKANSAS ARKANSAS MISSISSIPPI MISSISSIPPI LOUISIANA LOUISIANA Irrigated acres 0 10 100 200 thousand 1987 2017 MISSOURI MISSOURI ARKANSAS ARKANSAS MISSISSIPPI MISSISSIPPI LOUISIANA LOUISIANA Irrigated acres 0 10 100 200 thousand 1987 2017 MISSOURI MISSOURI ARKANSAS ARKANSAS MISSISSIPPI MISSISSIPPI LOUISIANA LOUISIANA Irrigated acres 0 10 100 200 thousand 1987 2017 MO. “When Tennessee pumps groundwater, it is pumping water located within its own territory,” the 2021 ruling said. One practical problem The Times’s research identified is that state water authorities are often small operations relative to their sprawling responsibilities and the growing danger of aquifer damage.
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The US Army Corps of Engineers has been dredging the Mississippi River 24/7 since July. USACE maintains a nine-foot-deep channel down the Mississippi River, so that ships and barges can travel freely. A barge tows cargo down the Mississippi River, in Vicksburg, Mississippi during a historic drought. The National Weather Service predicts the likely removal of drought in much of the Mississippi River basin in February. The National Weather Service's outlook forecasts a likelihood of no drought in most of the Mississippi River basin into spring.
Drought has driven the Mississippi River to historic low levels, choking US agricultural exports. The Mississippi River basin produces about 92% of US agricultural exports, including 60% of US grain exports, which travel down the river to the Gulf to ship across the world. Coal is in high demand right now, Calhoun said, and the low water levels present a challenge to ship it out of the country. He said higher food prices at the grocery store are just the first way consumers will start feeling the impact of low water levels. A barge tow passes under the Mississippi River bridges in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on October 11, 2022.
The Mississippi River is at a historic low, exposing new land that used to be covered by water. Satellite images, and other pictures from before and after this drop in water levels, show how dramatic the difference is. Satellite images from October 2021, left, and October 2022, right, show how low the Mississippi River is this year, with more bare earth exposed. Tower Rock, in the Mississippi River, when the water levels are normal. That's because 92% of US agricultural exports are produced in the Mississippi River basin, to be exported through the Gulf of Mexico.
The Mississippi River is at record low levels, stranding barges and allowing sea water to move in with no end in sight. The US Army Corps of Engineers is emergency dredging to keep the channel open to supply barges. Barges, stranded by low water, sit at the Port of Rosedale along the Mississippi River on October 20, 2022 in Rosedale, Mississippi. USACE is racing to build a 1,500-foot-wide, 35-foot-tall underwater levee to prevent saltwater from creeping further up the river, where it could contaminate drinking water. An underwater sill is constructed near the mouth of the Mississippi River to block seawater pushing up river, on October 18, 2022.
A retired gynecologist debunked common mistruths spread about the procedure by abortion opponents. While abortion has been a top issue among voters, McNabb said there is still a wealth of misinformation about the procedure. "Abortion does not cause breast cancer," McNabb said, noting that abortion opponents often base that argument on discredited studies. Another common claim is that medical abortions, which utilize Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills, are not safe for women. "The risk of abortions go up from first trimester up to the limit of when someone would perform an abortion," McNabb said.
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