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But by the time Adrian's contract for his second job came to an end in March, a big part of him was relieved, he said. While some companies may be OK with their workers having a second job, doing so without approval could have negative repercussions. AdvertisementAdrian said that before taking on a second job, one should be "very comfortable" with one's main role. While he wouldn't rule out pursuing a second job again someday, he said the workload would have to be quite low. AdvertisementAre you working multiple remote jobs at the same time and willing to provide details about your pay and schedule?
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Global luxury goods sales growth will slow in 2024, per a new Bain & Company report. "Luxury shaming" and price hikes without innovation could also contribute to sluggish sales growth. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe spike in the global sales of luxury goods could be coming to an end in 2024, and "luxury shaming" could be in part to blame. A report published on June 18 by Bain & Company forecast that worldwide sales of personal luxury goods — which include high-end clothing, shoes, handbags, and beauty products — would grow at the slowest rate since 2020, when sales plummeted due to pandemic-related factors.
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The 30-year fixed mortgage rate fell to 6.94% last week, the first drop below 7% since March. Mortgage applications rose this week to their highest level since March, showing increased demand. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . The 30-year fixed mortgage rate fell from 7.02% to 6.94% in the week ending June 14, according to a Bloomberg report that cited Mortgage Bankers Association data released on June 19. This was the first time the 30-year fixed mortgage had fallen below 7% since March.
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Congress is debating reforms to the military draft system. A Senate proposal — if it became law — would force some women to register for the draft. US military recruitment fell short by 41,000 recruits in 2023, reflecting ongoing challenges. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe US military is having a harder time getting Americans to join the armed forces, so Congress is weighing some options — including making women eligible for the draft.
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Ron, a 76-year-old based in California, always leaves his ride-hailing driver a 20% tip unless they are a "complete jerk," he told BI. AdvertisementShould Uber and Lyft drivers always get tips? Rob Schlegel, a journalist turned real-estate agent in Las Vegas, tries to always tip his Uber or Lyft driver the highest suggested amount for each ride. The reasons people do or don't tip their Uber and Lyft drivers can be complicated. According to Gridwise data, roughly 30% of US Uber drivers drove at least 25 hours a week in the first quarter of 2024.
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The 33-year-old financial advisor, who's based in Santa Monica, California, made roughly $130,000 last year, according to a document viewed by Business Insider. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. To feel "rich," Stroup estimated that he'd need an annual income of about $400,000 to $500,000 a year — more than triple his 2023 earnings. In January, Business Insider estimated that it would cost parents about $26,000 to care for a small child in 2024. AdvertisementWith all these expenses to consider, it might make sense for Stroup to move somewhere with lower housing costs.
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But the terms' recent popularity suggests people want to understand how they fit into the broader economy beyond standard measurements. But that, too, is uncertain: She said she was "dangerously close" to losing the aid because her income is too high. ALICEs tend to be older or younger workers, and while they're represented across racial groups, they're more likely to be Black or Hispanic. HIFI: High Income, Financially InsecureHIFI is the latest acronym to join the club. In a 2021 Medium post, Erica Dhawan defined "geriatric millennials" as millennials born in the early 1980s.
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Read previewWhen Madelyn Driver and her husband began house-hunting, they thought they had a few advantages. The 30-year-old makes over $100,000 working in the tech industry, according to a document viewed by BI — and she said her husband also has a six-figure income. Driver is among a group of Americans with six-figure incomes who are having trouble meeting some of their financial goals. Related storiesOf course, for the majority of Americans who don't have a six-figure income — the average annual full-time salary was about $84,000 as of March — affording a home is even more of a challenge. Driver said their ideal location would have a highly educated population, diversity, plenty of green space, and milder weather than the Northeast.
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New college graduates are having a harder time finding work, and as a result, some of them could see their careers and earnings take a hit for years. Meaning that recent college graduates have been more likely to be unemployed than the broader population. This new normal has worked out OK for some Americans, but it's been particularly tough on new college graduates. While the tough job market could temporarily hurt some young graduates' earnings, there's reason to be optimistic that their finances could eventually recover. But if the job market continues to prove frustrating, some of them may begin to wonder.
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Yet, we hardly feel rich." Americans say they'd need to earn $233,000 a year to feel financially secure and $483,000 to feel rich, according to a Bankrate survey conducted in June 2023. For Driver, getting rich isn't only about boosting one's income — it's about reducing one's expenses. To feel "rich," he guessed that he'd need an annual income of about $400,000 to $500,000 a year — more than triple his 2023 earnings. A high income can come with "lifestyle inflation"It's not just high-earning Americans who say they feel far from rich.
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The business is headquartered in Barcelona and has 10 full-time, fully remote employees, in addition to over 200 contractors worldwide. In January, I caught one of them secretly working a second full-time remote job. AdvertisementWhen this employee started refusing certain shifts he usually worked, I became suspicious. I believe he was working for the other company full-time because soon after I fired him, he updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect that he was working full-time at the other company. AdvertisementAre you working multiple remote jobs at the same time and willing to provide details about your pay and schedule?
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But if you ask some Americans, airfares have gotten out of control in recent years. Keyes said international inflation-adjusted airfares for US passengers have also generally fallen over the past decade. To be sure, any frustrations about airfare prices haven't stopped many Americans from flying. "The decline in inflation-adjusted airfares appears to be uncorrelated with the financial performance of the 'big three' airlines," Tan said. AdvertisementIt's also possible that after airfare prices plummeted due to the pandemic, 2022's swift rise in airfares caught Americans off guard.
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Gerstbacher, a 50-year-old based in San Francisco, was "really unhappy" at work, he told Business Insider via email. First, he's an "older dad," and he wanted to maximize the time he could spend with his three-year-old son. "I felt that I should take the quality time now since I'll be 70 when my son graduates from high school," he said. However, the decline in working men is also due to some positive developments, like the growth of women in the workforce. AdvertisementEven though he's in the process of returning to the workforce, Gerstbacher said he's continued to prioritize spending time with his son.
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For 18 months between 2020 and the end of 2021, Lisa secretly worked one fully remote job and a second hybrid job. When pandemic conditions eased, she thought her fully remote employer would pivot to a hybrid work schedule — and managing two hybrid jobs seemed impossible. Advertisement"It was a good career move at a time when I thought that remote work was going to disappear," she said. Lisa said she'd consider job juggling again if she could find two fully remote jobs that checked most of her boxes. AdvertisementAre you working multiple remote jobs at the same time and willing to provide details about your pay and schedule?
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But after being a stay-at-home dad for over a decade, Dan and his wife got divorced a few years ago. AdvertisementSo after nearly 20 years out of the workforce, Dan has started to dip his toe into the job market. "When I review job sites, I'm underqualified for jobs that I used to do, and I most likely present as too old for entry-level positions," he said. "I'm resigned to ultimately taking an entry-level job if they'll have me." Dan said he'd been advised to pursue an entry-level job at Home Depot or Costco, in part so he could receive health benefits.
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Read previewWhen Joshua first earned a $100,000 salary about five years ago, it didn't impact his lifestyle much. "I wasn't able to splurge or to afford luxurious things," the 30-year-old fintech professional, who's based in Georgia, told Business Insider via email. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Business Insider asked three people who've made over $100,000 a year how becoming a six-figure-earner did — and didn't — change their lives and relationships. For many of these people, a $100,000 salary could, in fact, be life-changing.
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One screenshot from a Lyft driver based in Arizona showed a $2.62 ride that took 15 minutes and traveled 4.32 miles. For some drivers, these sub-$3 trips are a symbol of their broader frustrations with their pay. AdvertisementCompared to January 2023, sub-$3 trips — excluding tips — have become more common for DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats drivers and less common for Uber and Lyft drivers, per Gridwise. Otherwise, the pay would likely increase if drivers rejected these rides since drivers would be more likely to accept a higher-paying ride. AdvertisementMoises Diaz, a 41-year-old Uber and Lyft driver in California, started driving part-time in December.
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However, the average millennial reported roughly $63,000 in retirement savings so far. While millennials will need more money to retire comfortably, many are far away from the savings milestone experts suggest. What's more, the future of the US Social Security system is uncertain, and longer expected lifespans — while a positive development — will require more retirement savings. How to figure out how much retirement savings you needTiffany Bell, a 36-year-old business management professional based in Houston, didn't always take retirement savings seriously. How millennials can get their retirement savings back on trackWhile some millennials are struggling financially, it's not all doom and gloom when it comes to their retirement prospects.
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The documentary chronicles the rise and fall of the movie-ticket-subscription company MoviePass, and is based on award-winning reporting from Business Insider . The big storyRetirement mathGetty Images;Alyssa Powell/BIFor some millennials, the reality of their retirement plans is that they're a fantasy. AdvertisementIt's not the first time we've gotten troubling data about millennials' retirement plans. But it's not just a lack of savings working against millennials' plans of riding off into the retirement sunset. AdvertisementAnd if you're hoping for a Hail Mary in the form of a fat inheritance to jumpstart your retirement plans, that's not looking great either.
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It was fortunate timing for Charles, as the pandemic had forced many companies to pivot to remote work. "So I'm either going to stay productive by finding other remote work or just wasting time and leaving money on the table. It's left him clinging to his two remaining remote jobs, which have allowed him to not only bring in extra income — but avoid the dreaded work commute. Hiring slowdowns in industries like tech — where remote work and overemployment are more common — and shifts to hybrid working arrangements have both played a role in this decline. Are you working multiple remote jobs at the same time and willing to provide details about your pay and schedule?
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Young men without college degrees have been dropping out of the workforce for decades. On Thursday, the Pew Research Center released a report delving into whether a college degree is worth it. The report compares economic outcomes for young adults who've completed a college degree with those who have not. "Accompanying that wages were also bid up for non-college educated young men at that time." Fry added, "the rising rates of young men with criminal records" could be a reason given they could have a hard time finding work.
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Advertisement"Pay for gig drivers rarely exceeds the employee-equivalent local minimum wage," the authors wrote. While two-thirds of DoorDash drivers and just under half of Uber Eats drivers had their incomes adjusted, just 5% of Uber drivers did. The average Lyft, Uber Eats, and DoorDash driver had hourly earnings of $24, $18, and $14, respectively. Over the past year, several gig drivers have told BI that their gigs are less profitable than they used to be. For example, Uber and Lyft drivers have said the ride-hailing giants are taking a larger cut of rider fares.
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Why Americans might be getting worried about the job marketIn some ways, Americans' growing pessimism in the job market is perplexing. That's because the job market has become more challenging than it was a couple of years ago, when the Great Resignation was at its peak. So, it's possible that some Americans in certain industries are facing a job market where openings are far from abundant. For example, there's some evidence that the job market for high-wage roles has cooled over the past year. Julia Pollak, the chief economist at ZipRecruiter, told Business Insider earlier this month after April's labor market figures were released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that it is "no longer a white-hot labor market" or a job "candidate's market in every industry where workers can get whatever they want."
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In the 12 months since his layoff, Martins said he's been actively looking and applying for jobs but hasn't had much luck. In recent years, the rise of remote work and historically high job openings have helped more people with health issues find employment. But remote jobs aren't as common as they used to be — and there's competition to land one. AdvertisementThe share of US remote job postings on LinkedIn fell from over 20% in April 2022 to about 10% in December 2023. But without a job, he's had to deal with some financial stresses.
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Martins said that in the 12 months since his layoff, he'd been actively looking and applying for jobs but hadn't had much luck. In recent years, the rise of remote work and historically high job openings have helped more people with health issues find employment. But remote jobs aren't as common as they used to be — and there's competition to land one. AdvertisementThe share of US remote job postings on LinkedIn fell from more than 20% in April 2022 to about 10% in December 2023. AdvertisementIn part because of his upcoming move, Martins said, he'd focused his job search on remote roles.
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