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Eyad Baba | Afp | Getty ImagesThe United Nations Security Council passed a U.S.-drafted cease-fire deal aimed at halting eight months of bloody fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. In March, China and Russia vetoed a Gaza cease-fire resolution, saying it would give Israel a green light to attack the city of Rafah. "Israel has accepted this proposal and the Security Council has an opportunity to speak with one voice and call on Hamas to do the same," he said. Hamas, on the other hand, said in a statement, in part, that it "welcomes what was included in and confirmed by the Security Council resolution regarding a permanent ceasefire in Gaza." Right around the time the Security Council began voting Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken landed in Israel to, among other things, meet with retired Gen. Benny Gantz.
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Eyewitnesses also said that they saw Israeli forces in disguise – dressed as Hamas fighters or civilians. The Israeli military denied using civilian vehicles, but declined to say whether the officers conducting the rescue were disguised as militants or dressed as Palestinian civilians. The Israeli military had previously used civilian clothing as a tactic in its operations. But soon after the mission got underway, Israeli soldiers and militants began to exchange fire, according to eyewitness accounts and statements from the Israeli military. A senior Biden administration official tells CNN that Israeli forces did not use an aid truck in the operation.
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CNN —President Joe Biden’s power to engineer a swift abatement of the war between Israel and Hamas just suffered two serious new blows. • The rescue mission also emphasizes the disparity in the death toll between Palestinians and Israelis in the conflict. • The absence of Gantz may also create an even greater obstacle to approval of any peace deal between Israel and Hamas. • The fracturing of the Israeli war cabinet and Gantz’s call for elections could have unpredictable consequences in Israel amid rising protests against Netanyahu. That is tragic.”But the national security adviser’s comments will do nothing to ease Biden’s domestic political exposure over the war.
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Other video footage showed people running for cover as a powerful airstrike exploded near them. Many of those killed were women and children, the hospital officials said. Israel’s military spokesman, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, estimated the number of casualties to be under 100, without specifying whether these were dead or wounded or both. Hours later some of the dead had already been buried by their families while others had yet to be claimed, according to Dr. Daqran. “The Apache started to bomb and fire directly at people,” he said, according to Reuters, adding that there were many dead and injured.
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CNN —Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz has resigned from Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, delivering a blow to the prime minister who has been celebrating the rare rescue of hostages held in Gaza. Israeli Minister Benny Gantz addresses the media after announcing his resignation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency government on June 9, 2024. Besides the prime minister, the only other remaining member of the emergency government with decision-making power is Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, also from Likud. Eyad Baba/AFP/Getty ImagesThe United States has repeatedly called on the prime minister to present a tangible post-war plan for Gaza. “The more identical his positions are to those of the prime minister, the more he’ll lose on both sides.
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Palestinians told CNN the war has crushed hopes of observing a peaceful month of fasting, festivities and worship this year. “Many of our friends and loved ones were buried alive under the rubble,” Mohammed Hamouda, a displaced health worker in Rafah, told CNN. “There are many people who (already) fast like it’s Ramadan,” he told CNN in late February, as the celebrations approached. Palestinians told CNN they resort to eating water-based soup mixed with herbs, custard or finger-sized biscuits because they have no access to nutrient-rich foods. I don’t remember.”Muslims in Gaza told CNN they are determined to perform daily rituals to try and find moments of relief among colossal devastation.
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Three patients have died after electrical power was lost at the Nasser Medical Complex in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, according to an urgent update from the Hamas-run health ministry on Friday. “Three patients died in intensive care as a result of the power outage and the cessation of oxygen in the Nasser Medical Complex,” the update said. In an earlier statement, the ministry said electrical generators had stopped and power was completely cut off from the complex. Hospital raid: Israeli special forces raided Nasser Hospital, Gaza’s largest functioning medical facility, on Thursday after laying siege to the facility for days. Spokesperson Daniel Hagari said Israeli forces had not found any hostages at Nasser Hospital so far, but were continuing to scan the facility.
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Israeli special forces were combing southern Gaza’s largest hospital in search of hostages’ remains on Friday, as Gazan officials announced that a power outage at the medical center had caused the deaths of five Palestinians in the critical care unit. Gaza’s Health Ministry said that electric generators had cut out and that all power was lost at the hospital but did not specify the reason. The ministry said on Facebook that the Israeli military was in control of the complex, which it entered early Thursday. The Israeli military said in a statement on Friday that during its search of the hospital, it had detained dozens of people for questioning. It also said its troops had found mortar shells and grenades belonging to Hamas in the area.
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Sunday that the military would soon enter Rafah, which is bracketed by a closed Egyptian border. Images and videos on social media, which could not immediately be verified, showed injured people and damage to buildings in Rafah. On Sunday, Mr. Netanyahu promised to offer Palestinians “safe passage” to northern areas of Gaza before the planned ground invasion, though he offered no details. On Wednesday, Mr. Netanyahu spurned an offer from Hamas to free Israeli hostages in exchange for Israel withdrawing from Gaza, abiding by a long-term cease-fire and freeing Palestinians held in Israeli jails. Asked during an interview broadcast on Sunday how many of the remaining hostages were still alive, Mr. Netanyahu said, “Enough to warrant the kind of efforts that we’re doing.”
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Jerusalem CNN —Israeli special forces, dressed as civilians and medical staff, infiltrated the Ibn Sina hospital in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on Tuesday and killed three Palestinian men, according to Israeli and Palestinian officials. Hamas said the men were Jenin Brigades fighters, an umbrella group of armed Palestinian factions in the West Bank city. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said they were terrorists linked to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and an Israeli government minister praised the operation. The disguised special forces “infiltrated the hospital individually, headed to the third floor, and assassinated the young men,” Palestinian state news agency WAFA reported, citing sources from inside the hospital. International law provides general and special protection for civilian sites, including hospitals,” the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.
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Major events during eight weeks of war between Israel and Hamas
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Following is a timeline of the war between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip. Oct. 7: Hamas gunmen carry out a surprise attack on southern Israel, crossing over from Gaza and rampaging through nearby communities. The women had been taken from Nahal Oz kibbutz in southern Israel. Israel says the hospital sits atop tunnels housing a headquarters for Hamas fighters using patients as shields, which Hamas denies. The Gaza health ministry says the enclave's death toll has risen above 15,000.
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Nearly Seven Weeks of War in Gaza Between Israel and Hamas
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The following is a timeline of the war between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist movement which controls the Gaza Strip. Oct. 7: Hamas gunmen launch a surprise attack on southern Israel, crossing over from Gaza and rampaging through towns. Hamas military commander Mohammad Deif announces on Hamas media that the attack has started and urges Palestinians everywhere to fight. The two women were kidnapped from Nir Oz kibbutz in southern Israel with their husbands, who are still held by Hamas. Israel says the hospital sits atop tunnels housing a headquarters for Hamas fighters using patients as shields, which Hamas denies.
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CNN —A female Israeli soldier who was abducted by Hamas has been rescued in a special joint operation, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told CNN, the first successful hostage extrication since the militant group’s October 7 rampage. Ori Megidish was “released.” But that was a translation error, IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday. Megidish was among over 200 hostages held by Hamas and was “actively rescued” with “boots on the ground” in a joint operation between the IDF and the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) which is also known as Shin Bet, Conricus said. Megidish has also shared information about her captivity with Israeli intelligence officers that “can be used for the future,” Conricus added. Conricus also alleged that Hamas is indulging in psychological warfare by using hostages as leverage.
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Despite the intensified IDF ground operation, Hamas continued to fire rockets from Gaza. Alarms indicating incoming fire were activated in a number of areas around the Gaza perimeter overnight and early Tuesday. Abed Khaled/APThe Israeli military said Monday its troops killed four prominent Hamas operatives as part of its expanded ground operations in Gaza. One hostage – a female Israeli soldier – was rescued Monday during ground operations in Gaza, the IDF said. A source involved with her identification told CNN Louk’s death was announced after forensic examiners found a bone fragment from her skull.
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Israel has sent elite troops into Gaza as its ground invasion of the territory ramps up. They will be tasked with clearing the Hamas' labyrinth of tunnels and rescuing over 200 hostages. AdvertisementAdvertisementIsrael has indicated that it had sent elite troops into Gaza as it intensifies its ground operations against Hamas following the October 7 terrorist attacks. "To the residents of the Gaza Strip: The Gaza governorate (Gaza City) has become a battlefield. Shelters in northern Gaza and Gaza governorate are not safe," read one leaflet in Arabic, per The Telegraph.
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ESG investing is dying on Wall Street. Here’s why
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New York CNN —The market for environmental, social and corporate governance, or ESG, investing is fundamentally broken. “ESG investing … entering the final quarter of 2023 continues to be a story of declining flows and assets under management,” said Robert Jenkins, head of global research at Lipper. Before the Bell spoke with Jenkins about the future of ESG investing in the US and globally. What trends did you see regarding ESG investing last quarter? Before the pandemic, we had kind of a nice, natural looking growth line to ESG products.
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Gilad Schalit, an Israeli soldier, had been a hostage for five years before Israel and Hamas were seriously willing to work toward his release. On Friday, Hamas released two of them — an American mother and daughter — but the fate of the others remains unclear. In May 1985, Israel released 1,150 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the return of three Israeli soldiers captured in Lebanon. Over the course of those painful episodes, the nation learned a great deal about how to work for its hostages’ release, whether through third-party negotiations, secret back channels or force. There need to be direct talks between Israel, Qatar and Hamas, and no one else.
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London CNN —From ESG investing (Blackrock), to gay rights (Disney), to Donald Trump after the Capitol riots (mainstream corporate America), companies routinely take a stand. But when the barbarous scale of Hamas’s October 7 attacks on Israel became clear, staying silent ceased to be an option. “Saying nothing speaks to cowardice,” said Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a professor at the Yale School of Management who focuses on corporate leadership among other issues. All in, around 80 household-name companies in America have condemned the Hamas attacks, as tracked by Sonnenfeld who maintains a list. “Not taking a stand is taking a stand,” Susan, who served in the Israeli special forces, told CNN.
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Israeli Jets Hit 750 Military Targets in Gaza Overnight
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Dozens of Israeli jets hit 750 military targets overnight in the northern Gaza Strip, the Israel Defense Forces said. The objectives included military compounds and command centers, tunnels, weapons storage warehouses and senior Hamas officials, according to the IDF. Soldiers from an Israeli special forces unit also targeted a military command center in Gaza City being used to fire rockets into Israel, the IDF said.
Organizations: Israel Defense Forces, IDF Locations: Gaza, Gaza City, Israel
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailIsrael-Hamas war: Palestinians flee south in Gaza ahead of Israeli ground offensiveNBC's Raf Sanchez joins 'The Exchange' to discuss undercover Israeli special forces with boots on the ground inside Gaza, the effort to locate where Hamas' is keeping Israeli hostages, and the midnight deadline for all of northern Gaza to evacuate.
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“Israeli history has taught us that each and every surprise and crisis led to the collapse of the government. This would have been a tall order in Netanyahu’s prime. But this invasion by Hamas, he says, would have been planned 12 to 18 months ago – when Netanyahu was in opposition. The miscalculation, he said, was that Hamas was after economic concessions, and a softening of Israel’s blockade on Gaza. Such has been the shock and anger over Hamas’ spectacular assault that Israeli voters may ben open to more extreme ideas.
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Rachel and David Adari said they were held captive by Hamas militants in their home in Israel. Rachel Adari told Israel's Channel 12 that she offered the militants coffee and cookies to buy time. "I said to my husband, if we will die, we will die together," Rachel Adari told the outlet in Hebrew. Israeli special forces killed the Hamas militants and freed Rachel and David Adari after they had been held for 15 hours. "At 2:30 a.m., a grenade landed next to us, and I jumped on top of my wife," David Adari said.
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RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian militant during a raid in the occupied West Bank on Friday, the seventh person killed this week as President Mahmoud Abbas sought to revive statehood talks amid efforts to further integrate Israel into the Middle East. In a statement, they said he was shot while confronting Israeli soldiers who raided the village of Kafr Dan near the northern West Bank city of Jenin. The Israeli military said soldiers opened fire at suspects who shot at and hurled an explosive device at its forces during a weapons search operation in Kafr Dan. Violence in the West Bank violence has surged for over a year, with stepped up Israeli military raids, increased settler assaults on Palestinian villages and a spate of Palestinian attacks targeting Israelis. Israel occupied the West Bank, which Palestinians want as the core of an independent state, in a 1967 Middle East war.
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