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CNN —US prosecutors on Tuesday announced charges against four Iranian men for a sprawling hacking campaign that targeted US federal agencies and sensitive data held by American defense contractors. It was not immediately clear whether the departments of State or Treasury networks were successfully hacked in the campaign. In the indictment unsealed Tuesday, Hossein Harooni, Reza Kazemifar, Alireza Shafie Nasab and Komeil Baradaran Salmani were charged with wire and computer fraud, among other charges. Nasab had been charged in a previous indictment unsealed in the Southern District of New York in February. Prosecutors accused three of the men of working for a front company in Iran that purported to offer cybersecurity services.
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"I think the best thing would be for everybody to stay puzzled," Herzog said during an interview with Axel Springer media outlets on Sunday. Military equipment displayed at the Army Day ceremony in front of the President of Iran and high-ranking military commanders on April 17, 2024 in Tehran, Iran. The bold strike killed several high-ranking military officials, including two generals in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. AdvertisementThe incidents of the past few weeks have dragged a decades-long shadow war between Israel and Iran into broad daylight. However, Tehran has signaled that it won't retaliate over the Isfahan strike after appearing to dissociate itself from the attack.
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Throughout the week, US officials had urged Israel not to retaliate for Iran’s unprecedented attack five days prior, when hundreds of missiles and drones were fired from inside Iran at Israel. US intelligence has long assessed that neither Iran nor Israel has any appetite for an outright war. Iranian officials have stated publicly that Iran’s policy toward Israel has changed. Then, on April 1, an Israeli strike on what Iran claims was an embassy in Syria killed seven officials, including two senior Iranian commanders. “Israel and Iran are going to be starting higher on the escalatory ladder for every future moment of conflict and that is incredibly dangerous,” said Panikoff.
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CNN —Israel and Iran have now thrust the Middle East into a dangerous new era by erasing the taboo against overt military strikes on one another’s territory. Most immediately, the ball is in Iran’s court after Israel conducted strikes near the city of Isfahan early Friday. Initial reports suggest that the action was limited and, according to US officials, did not target Iranian nuclear sites in the area. Hours before the Israeli strikes, for instance, Iran had warned that any Israeli attack would be met with a robust response. “I do think it sends a message to Tehran that really they are more vulnerable to Israeli strikes than they would like to admit,” Davis said.
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For more than a decade, Israel has rehearsed, time and again, bombing and missile campaigns that would take out Iran’s nuclear production capability, much of it based around the city of Isfahan and the Natanz nuclear enrichment complex 75 miles to the north. That is not what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war cabinet chose to do in the predawn hours of Friday, and in interviews, analysts and nuclear experts said the decision was telling. Israel said almost nothing about the limited strike, which appeared to do little damage in Iran. U.S. officials noted that the Iranian decision to downplay the explosions in Isfahan — and the suggestions by Iranian officials that Israel may not have been responsible — was a clear effort by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps to avoid another round of escalation. Inside the White House, officials asked the Pentagon, State Department and intelligence agencies to stay quiet about the operation, hoping to ease Iran’s efforts to calm the tensions in the region.
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The Biden administration on Thursday announced new sanctions targeting Iran's drone program for its recent attack on Israel. The sanctions target 16 individuals and two entities involved in Tehran's drone production. Executives at an Iranian-based company that manufactured engines used in the attack are among the individuals sanctioned. All of the sanctioned individuals' property in the United States will be frozen. Five companies that provide materials to Khuzestan Steel Company, one of Iran's largest steel producers, were also sanctioned.
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The United States and European allies joined together on Thursday to impose new sanctions on Iranian military leaders and weapon makers, seeking to punish Iran for its missile and drone attack on Israel last weekend, while imploring Israel not to retaliate so strongly as to risk a wider war. White House officials said the sanctions targeted leaders and entities connected to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Iran’s Defense Ministry and the Iranian government’s missile and drone programs. The sanctions also seek to block exports by Iran’s steel industry that bring Tehran billions of dollars in revenue, they said. “I’ve directed my team, including the Department of the Treasury, to continue to impose sanctions that further degrade Iran’s military industries,” President Biden said in a statement. “Let it be clear to all those who enable or support Iran’s attacks: The United States is committed to Israel’s security.”Britain said it had imposed sanctions on seven people and six entities linked to Iran’s regional military activity and its attack on Israel, which Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called a “reckless act and a dangerous escalation.”“These sanctions — announced with the U.S. — show we unequivocally condemn this behavior, and they will further limit Iran’s ability to destabilize the region,” Mr. Sunak said in a statement.
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That's a boost for the regional air defense network the US wants. AdvertisementThe United States shot down more of the incoming Iranian drones than Israel and played a central role in the "multinational air defense operation" consisting of British, French, and Jordanian air forces. An anti-missile system operates after Iran launched drones and missiles towards Israel, as seen from Ashkelon, Israel on April 14, 2024. "Russia will seek to offset the US success in backing Israel by looking to buttress Iran's defense with advanced Russian systems such as the Su-35," Heras said. There were also reports last year indicating Iran also seeks the advanced Russian S-400 air defense missile system.
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Iran and Israel have fought a deadly shadow war for decades. The two enemies have relied on proxy forces, assassinations, and strikes abroad to hit each other. AdvertisementA decades-long shadow war between Iran and Israel has been thrust into broad daylight. Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel last weekend has notably changed the dynamics of this conflict, and it's now more dangerous. Any Israeli military response to the attack risks an all-out confrontation with Iran and could plunge the region into even more violence.
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Miraculously, by a feat of military technology bolstered by coordination with friends and allies, Israel was able to repel the massive attack. The Quds Force commanders have been working with Iran-allied Hezbollah, which has been shelling Israel since Oct. 7, when Hamas launched an attack from Gaza. What if Iran’s missiles and drones had carried nuclear material? In addition, the US was able to work out of its bases in Qatar and northern Iraq to counter Iran’s attack. The Iranian attack has revealed that Israel does have friends, including some in very important places: across the Middle East.
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In a paradigm shift after decades of shadow proxy war, Tehran is usurping Israel’s strategy. “We have decided to create a new equation,” Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Commander Hossein Salami said. When faced with existential threats in the past, Israel has executed the most audacious raids the region has ever witnessed. The damage that can be inflicted on Iran is huge, is huge.”So the most important question right now must be, can Netanyahu read the room right – with Iran threatening to attack, allies warning him not to – and avoid triggering a regional war. Iran, he implied, won’t attack Israel as long as it fears America’s reaction.
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Read previewJust weeks before Iran launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, it practiced blowing up an Israeli airbase housing F-35 fighter jets with ballistic missiles. Iran and its proxy militias attacked Israel on Saturday with more than 300 one-way attack drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. Iran made no secret of its intention to attack an Israeli F-35 base prior to Saturday's barrage. It claimed that the IRGC "successfully" hit the mock targets with "Emad" and "Qadr" ballistic missiles that had modified structures and improved warheads. Both missiles are variants of Iran's Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missile, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank.
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Together we shall win.”Israel will respond to Iran’s attack, but the scope of that attack has yet to be decided, an Israeli official told CNN on Sunday. The official said Israel is yet to determine whether to try and “break all the dishes” or do something more measured. Israel and Iran have long been rivals, but tensions escalated in the wake of Hamas’ attacks on Israel, which left about 1,200 people dead. Iranian ballistic missiles that reached Israel fell on the airbase located in southern Israel, and caused only light structural damage, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari said. Iran had vowed to retaliate after accusing Israel of bombing its diplomatic complex in Syria earlier this month.
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The Iranian armed forces are among the biggest in the Middle East, with 580,000 soldiers and officers and also 200,000 reservists. The start of a direct military confrontation between Iran and Israel has brought renewed attention to Iran’s armed forces. Instead, Israel and Iran have been engaged in a long shadow war via air, sea, land and cyberattacks, and Israel has covertly targeted military and nuclear facilities inside Iran and killed commanders and scientists. It’s that they realize any war against Iran is a very serious war.”What sort of military threat does Iran pose? The commander in chief of Iran’s armed forces is the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the last word on all major decisions.
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Read previewIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must weigh up the implications of escalating the conflict in the Middle East as he mulls Israel's response to Iran's attack, experts say. And depending on how Israel and Iran move forward, the countries may risk taking their yearslong shadow war into an open, regional conflict. AdvertisementAn anti-missile system operates after Iran launched drones and missiles toward Israel, as seen from Ashkelon, Israel April 14, 2024. "At no point previously had Iran directly struck Israel in a way that violated its sovereignty, meaning directly on Israeli soil. Iran has since warned Israel and its allies against a counterstrike, saying it would launch an even larger attack if they retaliated.
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Read previewUS forces engaged and shot down more than 75 of the missiles and drones that Iran fired at Israel this weekend, marking its biggest air-defense battle of the six-month-long Middle East crisis. Iran and its proxy militias launched a barrage of 170 attack drones, 120 ballistic missiles, and 30 cruise missiles at Israel in a massive and unprecedented attack on Saturday night local time, according to the Israel Defense Forces. A few of the ballistic missiles entered Israeli territory and struck targets, including an IDF base, causing minor damage, the military said. US fighter jets also shot down more than 70 Iranian one-way attack drones, the American military official said. For now, Israel appears to be calibrating a response to the Iranian attack, although it is unclear at this time what that may look like.
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In a conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu late Saturday, Biden sought to frame Israel’s successful interception of the Iranian onslaught as a major victory — with the suggestion that further Israeli response was unnecessary. Biden told the Israeli prime minister in his phone call that he should consider Saturday a win because Iran’s attacks had been largely unsuccessful and demonstrated Israel’s superior military capability, a senior administration official said. Even as American officials stressed to their counterparts that the final decision on how to respond to Iran is up to Israel, Biden has sought to prevent a wider escalation of the conflict. In this handout photo, released early Sunday local time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks on the phone with US President Joe Biden. “I told him that Israel demonstrated a remarkable capacity to defend against and defeat even unprecedented attacks — sending a clear message to its foes that they cannot effectively threaten the security of Israel,” Biden said in a statement following his conversation with Netanyahu.
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The weapons Iran used on Saturday can travel much farther, and some of them can travel much faster. Still, Israel said that nearly all of the missiles and drones that Iran fired were intercepted, many with help from U.S. forces. In Saturday’s attack, 185 drones, 36 cruise missiles and 110 surface-to-surface missiles were fired toward Israel, according to Israeli military officials. It has a range of more than 1,200 miles — plenty to reach Israel from Iran. In recent decades, Iran has largely been focused on deterrence, long-range missiles, drones and air defenses.
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For decades, Israel and Iran have fought a shadow war across the Middle East, trading attacks by land, sea, air and in cyberspace. The barrage of drones and missiles Iran launched at Israel on Saturday — though nearly all were shot down or intercepted — marked a watershed in the conflict. It was the first time that Iran directly attacked Israel from its own territory, according to Ahron Bregman, a political scientist and expert in Middle East security issues at King’s College in London, who called it an “historic event.”Iran has largely used foreign proxies to strike Israeli interests, while targeted assassinations of Iranian military leaders and nuclear scientists have been a key part of Israel’s strategy. Here is a brief history of the conflict:January 2020: Israel greeted with satisfaction the assassination of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, the commander of the foreign-facing arm of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, in an American drone strike in Baghdad. Iran hit back by attacking two bases in Iraq that housed American troops with a barrage of missiles, injuring about 100 U.S. military personnel.
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Why Iran attacked Israel and what comes next
  + stars: | 2024-04-14 | by ( Rob Picheta | )   time to read: +5 min
How did Iran attack Israel? Israel and Iran are long-standing rivals and have been engaged in a shadow war for years. Israel’s war on Hamas, waged since the militant group attacked Israel on October 7, has heightened those tensions. But fears of a spiralling regional war spiked further in early April, when Iran accused Israel of bombing its diplomatic complex in Syria. The “Zionist regime” is a term Iran uses to refer to Israel.
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Iran launches retaliatory strikes toward Israel
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CNN —Iran has launched drones toward Israel, amid fears of a regional escalation following an apparent Israeli attack on an Iranian embassy complex in Syria last week. Several dozen drones were launched from within Iran, a senior US administration official told CNN. Iran state media also confirmed that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had “launched extensive drone strikes against targets in occupied territories,” referring to Israel. It’s a threat that will take a number of hours to arrive in Israel,” Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Daniel Hagari said late on Saturday local time, asking Israelis to be “vigilant.”Israel has prepared for a “direct attack by Iran,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement Saturday evening. The state of Israel is strong.
Persons: , Daniel Hagari, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, , ” Netanyahu, CNN’s Hamdi Alkhshali, Adam Pourahmadi, Paul Murphy Organizations: CNN, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Israel Defense Forces, IDF Locations: Iran, Israel, Iranian, Syria, Britain, France, Haifa
The US expects Iran will carry out a number of strikes on Israel. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . One of the people said that US officials believe Iran could be readying as many as 100 cruise missiles for an attack, the report said. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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Office of the Iranian SupremeIran on Saturday launched attacks against Israel, according to U.S. officials, escalating long-standing tensions between the two nations that have the potential to trigger a regional war. "Iran has begun an airborne attack against Israel," National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said in a Saturday statement. Earlier on Saturday, Iran's Revolutionary Guard seized a Portuguese-flagged cargo ship with links to Israel in the Strait of Hormuz, a key shipping route. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said in a Saturday statement that the missile and drone launches were "in response to the crimes by the Zionist Regime." "If Iran attacks from its territory, Israel will react and attack in Iran," Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Israel Katz wrote in a Wednesday post on X, tagging the Ayatollah's X account.
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A vessel has been seized by "regional authorities" between the United Arab Emirates and Iran, maritime security agencies said on Saturday, days after Iran warned it could close the area to sea traffic. UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said the vessel had been seized 50 nautical miles (92 km) northeast of the Fujairah, an area close to the Strait of Hormuz that forms the entrance to the Gulf. Marine tracking sites said the vessel was the MSC Aries of Zodiac Maritime, an international shipping company partly owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer. Reuters could not immediately confirm that and UKMTO said it could not provide more information when asked if the regional authorities were Iran and if the seized vessel was MSC Aries. The United States and Britain have carried out strikes against Houthi targets in response to the attacks on shipping.
Persons: Eyal Ofer, UKMTO, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Alireza Tangsiri, Abraham, Joe Biden Organizations: United Arab, Maritime Trade Operations, ., MSC Aries, Zodiac Maritime, Zodiac, MSC, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Israel, Abraham Accords, Revolutionary Guards Locations: United Arab Emirates, Iran, Hormuz, U.S, UAE, United States, Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Syria's, Damascus, Tehran, Yemen's Iran, Britain
The US military remains poised to provide "defensive support" to Israel, the official said. AdvertisementThe US military on Saturday shot down drones fired by Iran and headed toward Israel amid Iran's retaliatory strike on the country. Advertisement"The matter can be deemed concluded," the official statement read. "However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran's response will be considerably more severe. It is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the US MUST STAY AWAY!"
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