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A view of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, U.S., June 17, 2024. WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday waded into the contentious debate over gender-affirming care for transgender minors by agreeing to resolve challenges to a law in Tennessee that seeks to restrict it. The justices will review an appeals court ruling that upheld the measure. In a separate case, the court in April allowed Idaho to mostly enforce a similar law. The plaintiffs then asked the Supreme Court to step in.
Persons: WASHINGTON —, Elizabeth Prelogar, Jeffrey Sutton, Neil Gorsuch Organizations: U.S, Supreme, WASHINGTON, Movement Advancement, Biden, Circuit Locations: Washington , U.S, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky, Cincinnati, West Virginia
CNN —The Biden campaign is blasting former President Donald Trump over abortion rights in a new TV ad coinciding with the two-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade and days ahead of the first presidential debate. “He’s now a convicted felon,” Joshua says in the ad as an image of Trump in court flashes across the screen. States where abortion is most limited report higher rates of maternal and infant mortality, as well as greater economic insecurity. The Biden campaign and White House are also bracing for a major Supreme Court decision on emergency abortion access. While Biden prepares for the debate, his campaign is hosting more than 50 events across the country around Monday’s anniversary of the Dobbs decision.
Persons: CNN —, Biden, Donald Trump, Roe, Wade, Kaitlyn Joshua, Wade ”, “ He’s, ” Joshua, Trump, “ Trump, I’m, , Joshua, Doug Emhoff, Joe Biden’s, , Donald Trump’s, ” Biden, ” “ Donald Trump, ” Trump, Michael Tyler, Trump “, Dobbs, Jill Biden, Harris, Kamala Harris, CNN’s Michael Williams Organizations: CNN, Biden, Camp, Trump Locations: Louisiana, Michigan, Atlanta, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Arizona
Scientists recently identified the animal’s nerve cord by using a topsy-turvy twist. In 2012, after decades of studying Pikaia fossils, researchers described its fossilized internal structures in great detail. However, recent analysis of Pikaia fossils by another team of scientists, published June 11 in the journal Current Biology, has upended this view and all other earlier studies about Pikaia. The presumed blood vessel was a nerve cord, a feature associated with the animal group known as chordates, in the phylum Chordata. While there are no living analogues for Pikaia, the fossil arthropod data gave the scientists a more detailed frame of reference for Pikaia’s nerve cord.
Persons: Charles Doolittle Wolcott, Giovanni Mussini, Pikaia, , Jon Mallatt, Mallatt, “ Pikaia’s, Jakob Vinther, Mussini, ” Mussini, we’ve, ” Mallatt, ” Mindy Weisberger Organizations: CNN, Smithsonian National Museum of, Royal Ontario Museum, University of Idaho, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, Scientific Locations: Burgess, British Columbia, macroevolution, United Kingdom, mudskippers, chordates
The nation's highest court typically wraps up its business by the end of June, but court watchers count roughly a dozen major pending decisions. Trump v. United States: The Trump immunity caseThe implications for Trump alone made this the most closely-watched case this term. As Justice Neil Gorsuch said during oral arguments, the court may write "a rule for the ages." Justices heard oral arguments in a case brought by commercial fishermen about a rule requiring them to pay for monitors that track potential overfishing. Justice Elena Kagan said during oral arguments that 70 Supreme Court rulings and more than 17,000 lower-court decisions have relied on Chevron.
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Insider Today: Making junk food healthier
  + stars: | 2024-06-22 | by ( Joi-Marie Mckenzie | )   time to read: +6 min
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Kylie Kelce and her husband, y'know, the former Philadelphia Eagles power player Jason Kelce, are outnumbered at home. Now, he's on a mission to develop new recipes for ultra-processed meals in the hopes they'll be healthier. Combine two steps with these 10 face moisturizers with SPF — and skip burned lips with a good SPF lip balm. More of this week's top reads:The Insider Today team: Joi-Marie McKenzie, editor in chief of life, in New York.
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Mr. Meeks said that the sale would take years to deliver and that he supported the Biden administration’s plans to hold up the sale of other munitions. The department declined to comment on the arms orders, including on whether it would soon give that formal notification. Congressional sign-off on arms sales has almost always been a foregone conclusion when it comes to Israel. “I don’t want the kinds of weapons that Israel has to be utilized, to have more death,” Mr. Meeks said in an interview with CNN in April. Both of the top Republicans on those panels, Senator Jim Risch of Idaho and Representative Michael McCaul of Texas, immediately approved.
Persons: Gregory W, Meeks, Mr, Benjamin L, Cardin, Haiyun Jiang, Biden, ” Mr, , , Jim Risch of, Michael McCaul of, Edward Wong Organizations: Biden, Democratic holdouts, Foreign Affairs Committee, White House, National Security Council, Democrat, Foreign Relations, Republicans, The New York, State Department, Hamas, CNN, The State Department, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Senate Armed Services Committee Locations: Israel, New York, Gaza, Maryland, United States, Jim Risch of Idaho, Michael McCaul of Texas
In the mifepristone case, Kacsmaryk’s initial ruling was notable not just for its sweeping nature but in how he embraced the anti-abortion movement’s sensational rhetoric about the procedure. The groups fighting mifepristone argue that the Supreme Court’s decision shouldn’t affect the states’ ability to sue. Both the FDA and several medical groups, including the American Medical Association, told the Supreme Court that mifepristone is safe. But the Supreme Court knocked that argument aside, noting that federal law already allows doctors to avoid performing procedures that violate their conscience. Adam Unikowsky, a veteran Supreme Court litigator who has closely followed the mifepristone case, predicted it will be hard for the states to get the issue back before the Supreme Court.
Persons: Matthew Kacsmaryk, Donald Trump, , Carrie Flaxman, Brett Kavanaugh, mifepristone, ” Kavanaugh, Roe, Wade, Kansas –, Andrew Bailey, Kacsmaryk, Joe Biden’s, Biden, it’s, ” Julia Kaye, Erin Hawley, , , Adam Unikowsky, litigator, Unikowsky, They’re, ” Jaime Santos, Goodwin, “ that’s, Kavanaugh, isn’t Organizations: CNN, Trump, mifepristone, Supreme, Food, Democracy Forward, and Drug Administration, Republican, Alliance for Hippocratic, Biden, ACLU, Defending, FDA, American Medical Association Locations: Texas, Amarillo, – Missouri, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Texas ’, Mexico, Missouri , Idaho
Gas prices today are not cheap – but they are miles away from that point. Of course, gas prices were cheaper during the Covid-19 pandemic because demand was severely low. In part because they are so visible, gas prices play a key psychological role in how people feel about the economy. “But there is more work to be done — the President remains committed to lowering prices at the pump for Americans and maintaining a stable and secure energy supply.”Real gas prices are cheaper than in 2018Many people may wish for the $2 gas prices of last decade. “Inventories are likely headed back to normal levels, which will keep gasoline prices lower throughout the summer driving season.
Persons: New York CNN —, , Patrick De Haan, it’s, “ We’ve, De Haan, Joe Biden’s, Mark Zandi, Angelo Fernández Hernández, That’s, , Rob Thummel, ” Thummel Organizations: New, New York CNN, AAA, Labor Statistics, Federal Reserve, White, Moody’s Analytics, , CNN, Covid, US Energy Information Administration, White House Locations: New York, California, Utah, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, United States, OPEC, Ukraine, Israel, Gaza
The Biden administration’s new Title IX regulations that expanded protections for L.G.B.T.Q. students have been temporarily blocked in four states after a federal judge ruled that the Education Department overstepped its authority. The plaintiffs argued that the Biden administration’s interpretation of Title IX betrayed the law’s original purpose of prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. The new rules, which the Education Department released in April, disallow discrimination or harassment of students based on their gender identity, enshrining stronger protections for transgender students. However, the rules skirted some of the most divisive questions, stopping short of requiring schools to grant transgender students access to single-sex dorms or sports teams.
Persons: Terry A, Doughty, Biden, IX Organizations: Biden, Education Department Locations: Louisiana, Louisiana , Mississippi, Montana, Idaho
Where patients traveled for abortions Number of patients 10,000 1,000 100 2023 171,300 patients traveled Alaska Wash. N.D. Hawaii Minn. Ore. N.Y . Number of patients 10,000 1,000 100 2023 171,300 patients traveled 2019 73,100 patients traveled Alaska Alaska Wash. Wash. Maine Mont. An exodus from Texas 10,000 1,000 100 Number of patients 2023 35,500 Texas patients traveled Wash. N.Y. Mass. Texas 10,000 1,000 100 Number of patients 2023 35,500 Texas patients traveled Wash. N.Y. Mass. Change in abortions by state State Abortions 2023 Change from 2019 Nonresident share Wyo.
Persons: Roe, Wade, Nev, S.C, W.Va Calif, , , , Amy Hagstrom Miller, “ We’re, John Seago, “ We’ve, Mia, Uber, Hagstrom Miller, Kelly Baden, Allison Cowett, Megan Jeyifo, Kelly Flynn Organizations: Nev . N.J ., Ind . Utah Colo, N.Y ., Ind . Utah W.Va, Guttmacher Institute Orange, La . Texas Fla, Md . Utah W.Va Colo, D.C, Alaska, W.Va, La . Texas, Ind . Utah D.C, La . Texas Texas, New York City, Texas Fla, Midwest, Mich . Iowa Ohio, ., Illinois Wis ., Illinois Wis . Iowa Ill, Guttmacher Institute, Republicans, Kan, Colo, Ill, Del, Utah, Hawaii, Iowa, Ohio, Maine, Family Planning, Chicago Abortion, N.Y, Tenn, California S.C Locations: Alaska, N.D, Hawaii Minn, Ore, N.Y, Idaho Wis, S.D . Mich, Pa, Nev . N.J, Nev . N.J . Ohio, Ill, Ind . Utah, W.Va Md, Calif, Kan . Va, Mo, Ky, N.C, Tenn, Ariz, ., N.M . Ala . Miss ., La . Texas Fla, N.Y . Idaho, S.D . Wis, Mich, Ind . Utah W.Va Md, Colo, Kan, Mo . Va . Ky, S.C . Ala . Miss ., Texas, New Mexico, Southern, Illinois, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Nev . N.J . Ohio Md, La . Texas, Alaska Wash . Maine, Minn, Mass, Wis, S.D . Idaho Mich, Wyo, Pa . Iowa, . Ohio Ind, Md . Utah, Va, Mo . Calif, Okla, S.C . Miss ., Ala, Hawaii, N.Y Idaho, La, Fla, N.Y Idaho Wis, Nev . Ohio Md, W.Va Colo . Va, N.M . Ala, Alaska Alaska, Wash . Maine, . Idaho, Nev Nev, N.J, Neb ., . Ohio Ohio, Ind, Ind . Utah Md . Utah, Kan . Va . Calif, S.C . Miss . Ala . Miss ., La . Texas Texas Fla, Wisconsin, Columbus , Ga, New York, ” Texas, Pa . N.J, Nev . Md, Colo . Va, N.M . Ga, N.M . Texas, Mich . Iowa, Okla ., Illinois Wis, Illinois Wis . Iowa, Miss . Texas, Maryland , Minnesota, Virginia, Conn, Houston, Albuquerque, States, ” Illinois, Chicago, N.Y Pa . N.J, Md, Va . N.C, California, Ala . Miss, . Pa . Md, Miss . Ala, Florida , Georgia, Florida, state’s, Florida , North Carolina
As those bans helped propel the demand for medication abortion, mifepristone became a logical target for the anti-abortion movement. None of those lower court rulings went into effect because the Supreme Court intervened last year and ordered that the status quo around mifepristone remain in place until the justices reviewed the case. The Supreme Court heard arguments in March. Both the FDA and several medical groups, including the American Medical Association, told the Supreme Court that mifepristone is safe. The mifepristone appeal was one of two abortion cases the high court was considering this month.
Persons: Roe, Wade, Brett Kavanaugh, , ” Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh, , Clarence Thomas, mifepristone, Donald Trump, Matthew Kacsmaryk, , , Kacsmaryk, Biden, Steve Vladeck, Joe Biden Organizations: CNN, Food, Legislative, Trump, FDA, US, American Medical Association, Alliance for Hippocratic, University of Texas School of Law, Jackson, Health Organization, Biden Locations: Texas, mifepristone, Amarillo , Texas, Dobbs v, Idaho
But Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, criticized the House measure as a “divisive partisan bill” and said he is trying to reach a deal with Republicans to move bipartisan sanctions legislation. “Defending Israel from this flawed and biased prosecution deserves the same united support we share for the entire US-Israel relationship,” he said. “Political maneuvering by Republicans have made a bipartisan bill more difficult, but I have continued talks with those Republicans who are genuinely interested in a bipartisan path forward.”Cardin met with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday afternoon. “If we’re going to get to the finish line, we’re going to need a bipartisan bill,” he said. We work well together.”Risch posted of X that he looks forward to the ICC legislation being on the agenda of the committee’s next meeting.
Persons: Republican Sen, Jim Risch’s, Suzanne Wrasse, Risch, Democratic Sen, Ben Cardin, , Israel, ” Cardin, Chuck Schumer, Cardin, Joe Biden, “ Sen, I’ve, ” Risch Organizations: CNN, Republican, Senate Foreign Relations, International Criminal Court, Hamas, Punchbowl News, ICC, Senate, Republicans, Democratic, Foreign Relations, Locations: Israel, Idaho, Ben Cardin of Maryland
“My homeowners insurance doubled, with no notice – nothing,” said Jennifer Schauer, who bought her home in Novato, California, in 2021. The US homeowners insurance industry lost $101.3 billion last year as severe storms, hurricanes and wildfire did significant damage. Schauer isn’t alone among Californians grappling with high hidden costs of homeownership. By contrast, Kentucky ($11,559), Arkansas ($11,692) and Mississippi ($11,881) had the lowest hidden costs of homeownership, according to Bankrate. Since Covid, the hidden cost of homeownership has climbed most rapidly in three states: Utah (44%), Idaho (39%) and Hawaii (38%).
Persons: we’re, That’s, Bankrate, Jeff Ostrowski, , Jennifer Schauer, Schauer, wasn’t, , Schauer isn’t, it’s, you’ll, ” Ostrowski Organizations: New, New York CNN, CNN, P Global, Federal Reserve Locations: New York, Novato , California, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah, Idaho
A landslide in the Teton mountains destroyed part of a highway that links Idaho to Jackson, Wyo., forcing the authorities to close the road indefinitely on Saturday just as the area was entering its summer tourism season. No one was injured when a section of the Teton Pass “catastrophically failed,” the Wyoming Department of Transportation said in a statement on Saturday. The highway west of Jackson had been closed to traffic before the road gave way, and crews were working to build a detour around a section where a crack had appeared in the surface days earlier. The department said it expected a long-term closure. Travel and tourism is Wyoming’s second-largest industry, according to the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board, and the county took in about $1.7 billion in travel-related spending in 2022.
Persons: Jackson, Mark Gordon of Wyoming Organizations: Wyoming Department of Transportation, Gov, Teton County ., Jackson, Travel, Tourism Board Locations: Idaho, Jackson, Teton County
CNN —A critical highway linking Idaho and Wyoming has closed indefinitely after a portion of the road cracked and then collapsed in a “catastrophic landslide” Saturday, officials said. Mark Gordon said in a post on Facebook there is no estimated timeline for reopening Teton Pass, which links Victor, Idaho, and Jackson, Wyoming. The initial crack appeared Thursday morning across both lanes of travel, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) said in a post on Facebook at the time. “No crews were hurt in the process, and no equipment was damaged.”Cracks in the roadway on Teton Pass are seen on Friday, June 7, 2024, the day before its "catastrophic failure." The Teton Pass corridor “serves as a critical commuter route and facilitates the transport of goods and services that are lifelines to the growing regional economies in Wyoming and Idaho,” according to the US Department of Transportation.
Persons: Mark Gordon, WYDOT, catastrophically, , Wyoming Department of Transportation Gordon, , mudslide, Darin Westby, Westby Organizations: CNN, Wyoming Gov, Facebook, Wyoming Department of Transportation, Evans, of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, US Department of Transportation Locations: Idaho, Wyoming, Teton, Victor, Jackson , Wyoming, WYDOT,
Scammers tricked Gooding, Idaho employees into sending over $1 million to fake contractors. The payment was intended for a wastewater project but was diverted into the criminal's account. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on the culture & business of sustainability — delivered weekly to your inbox. Officials in Gooding said this week that an employee sent a payment of $1,092,519 meant for contractors working on a wastewater project, but it went to scammers instead. According to a city press release, the scammers impersonated representatives of a contractor hired by city officials, using a tactic called "social engineering" to gain the employee's trust.
Persons: Scammers, Gooding Organizations: FBI, Service, Business Locations: Gooding, Idaho, scammers
— When Gil Curren's family moved into a run-down farmhouse in Walmart's hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas, in 1971, the now-retail giant wasn't yet a decade old. Craft cocktails, hipster coffee shops and chef-driven restaurants have popped up around the city. Realtor Kristen Boozman, who works for Sotheby's, helps clients search for homes in the Bentonville area, including many buyers who are relocating from another city. Home values have shot up in the Bentonville area. A Walmart spokeswoman said the Walton Family Foundation funds and advocates for affordable housing projects in the Bentonville area.
Persons: Gil Curren's, it's, Sue, Gil Curren, Melissa Repko, Hunt, Tyson, Shawn Baldwin, Sam Walton, Walton, Walton's, Steuart, Tom Walton, Sam Walton's, Alice Walton, Bridges, She's, Crystal Bridges, Kristen Boozman, There's, Donna Morris, Morris, Tracy Robinson, she's, CNBC Tracy Robinson, Robinson, Stanley, Matthew Cooper, Tom, Cooper, he's, district's, It's, Jeff Webster, Bentonville Shawn Baldwin Organizations: Cyclists, Kansas City, CNBC, Walmart, Craft, Fortune, Tyson Foods, PepsiCo, Hershey, Mattel, . Census, Cushman &, Sage Partners, of Commerce, Northwest Arkansas Council, D.C, Ropeswing Hospitality, Bentonville Schools, Excellerate Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, Walton Family, Bentonville Locations: BENTONVILLE, Ark, Walmart's, Bentonville , Arkansas, Bentonville, Kansas, Austin , Texas, New York, U.S, Silicon, It's, Arkansas, Cushman & Wakefield, American, Crystal, Austin, Boise , Idaho, Dallas, Fort Worth, Atlanta, Toronto, New York City, Miami, Washington, New York City , Washington, Bentonville's
Thomas Creech had been imprisoned in Idaho for nearly 50 years, convicted of five murders in three states and suspected of several more, when he was wheeled into an execution chamber in February. For nearly an hour, medical workers at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution outside Boise struggled to insert an intravenous line that was needed to pump a deadly drug into his bloodstream. Starting with his arms, then his hands and finally his legs, they tried and failed to get a needle into a suitable vein. “The worst ones was when they got down to my ankles,” Mr. Creech said in his first interview since the bungled procedure. “I was thinking the whole time that this is really it.
Persons: Thomas Creech, ” Mr, Creech Organizations: Idaho Maximum Security Locations: Idaho, Boise, United States
Read previewThe Senate failed on Wednesday to advance a bill designed to protect access to contraceptives nationwide. Just two Republican senators — Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska — voted with Democrats to advance the bill. Advertisement"Do people really think that even a significant minority of the Republican conference is against access to contraception?" AdvertisementBut still — if Republicans aren't against contraception, why won't they just vote for the bill? Glenn Youngkin of Virginia vetoed a bill to protect access to contraception, arguing that it violated principles of religious freedom.
Persons: , — Susan Collins of, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska —, Chuck Schumer, Republican Sen, Thom Tillis, — Schumer, it's, Tillis, Griswold, Roe, Wade, Clarence Thomas, They've, James Lankford, Lankford, Sen, Rick Scott of, Glenn Youngkin, John Barrasso of, John Barrasso of Wyoming Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee John Boozman, Arkansas Ted Budd of, Carolina Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia Bill Cassidy, Louisiana John Cornyn, Texas Tom Cotton, Arkansas Kevin Cramer of, Arkansas Kevin Cramer of North Dakota Mike Crapo, Idaho Ted Cruz of, Idaho Ted Cruz of Texas Steve Daines, Montana Joni Ernst, Iowa Deb Fischer, Nebraska Chuck Grassley, Josh Hawley, Missouri John Hoeven of, Missouri John Hoeven of North Dakota Cindy Hyde, Smith, Mississippi Ron Johnson, Wisconsin James Lankford, Oklahoma Mike Lee, Utah Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming Roger Marshall of Kansas Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Markwayne Mullin, Oklahoma Rand Paul of Kentucky Pete Ricketts, Nebraska Jim Risch, Idaho Mike Rounds, South Dakota Marco Rubio, Eric Schmitt, Missouri Rick Scott, Florida Tim Scott of, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina John Thune of, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina John Thune of South Dakota Thoms Tillis, North Carolina Tommy Tuberville, Alabama Roger Wicker, Mississippi Todd Young, Mike Braun, Indiana Katie Britt, Alabama Lindsey Graham of, Alabama Lindsey Graham of South Carolina Bill Hagerty, Tennessee John Kennedy, Louisiana Jerry Moran of, Louisiana Jerry Moran of Kansas Mitt Romney, Utah Dan Sullivan, Alaska JD Vance, Ted Budd Organizations: Service, Nine Republicans, Democratic, Republican, Business, Republicans, GOP, Oklahoma Republican, Democrats, Republican Gov, Arkansas Kevin Cramer of North, Nebraska, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina John Thune of South Dakota, North, Alabama Lindsey Graham of South Locations: — Susan Collins of Maine, Alaska, North Carolina, . Connecticut, James Lankford of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Rick Scott of Florida, Virginia, John Barrasso of Wyoming, Arkansas, West, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Idaho, Idaho Ted Cruz of Texas, Montana, Missouri, Missouri John Hoeven of North Dakota, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Florida, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina John Thune of South, Alabama, Indiana, Alabama Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana Jerry Moran of Kansas, Ohio
CNN —The Supreme Court is turning toward the final, frenzied weeks of its term, readying potential blockbuster decisions on abortion, guns and former President Donald Trump’s claims of absolute immunity. Trump claims ‘absolute’ immunityTrump’s appeal for immunity from special counsel Jack Smith’s election subversion charges landed at the Supreme Court late in the term and instantly overshadowed most of the docket. The Supreme Court then put that ruling on hold last year, maintaining the status quo while it decided the case. Government regulation of FacebookThe Supreme Court is confronting a series of cases at the intersection of the First Amendment and social media. The Republican governors who signed the laws said they were needed to keep the social media platforms from discriminating against conservatives.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, , Roe, Samuel Alito, Trump, Jack Smith’s, Biden, Wade, Matthew Kacsmaryk, Kacsmaryk, Joseph Fischer, , Joe Biden’s, Zackey Rahimi, Bruen, Moody, Washington, Raimondo Organizations: CNN, Wade, Conservative, Supreme, White, Trump ., Food and Drug Administration, FDA, Alliance for Hippocratic, US, Pennsylvania, Capitol, Trump, Prosecutors, New York, Rahimi, Facebook, Florida, Biden, Republican, Atlantic, of Commerce, Chevron, Natural Resources Defense, Conservatives, Bright Enterprises, . Department of Commerce Locations: Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, Idaho, Moyle v, Amarillo , Texas, , Texas, New, Louisiana, Florida, Atlanta, New Orleans, Paxton, – Missouri, . Missouri
An Idaho judge on Saturday sentenced a man to death, two days after he was found guilty of first-degree murder and other charges in the 2019 killings of his first wife and two of his current wife’s children, capping a case that drew scrutiny because of the couple’s “doomsday” religious beliefs. The decision came after jurors took more than a day to deliberate during the special sentencing proceeding in the case against the man, Chad Daybell, 55, in Ada County District Court in Boise, Idaho. Earlier on Saturday, the jury had recommended the death penalty before the judge ordered a short recess to make a final sentencing decision. As the judge, Steven W. Boyce of the Seventh Judicial District, read his decision, Mr. Daybell sat with his hands in his lap, expressionless at the defense table. Defense lawyers did not have any questions when asked by the judge.
Persons: Chad Daybell, Steven W, Boyce, Daybell, expressionless Organizations: Court, Judicial District Locations: Idaho, Ada County, Boise , Idaho
The center, a division of the National Weather Service, issued a modern geomagnetic storm watch, known as a G2, for Friday and Saturday. Unlike the G5, or extreme geomagnetic storm, that occurred on May 10, moderate storm watches are not uncommon, according to the center. But the aurora-causing solar flares and coronal mass ejections currently spewing from the sun are a result of the same sunspots that triggered solar activity in May, according to Dr. Ryan French, solar physicist at the National Solar Observatory in Boulder, Colorado. “The frequency of things is decreasing, but you only need one to cause a large geomagnetic storm. The solar storm on May 10 was the most successfully mitigated space weather storm in history, Dahl said.
Persons: Ryan French, Lokman Vural, “ It’s, , Shawn Dahl, Dahl, ” Dahl, , That’s, there’s Organizations: CNN, United, National Oceanic, Prediction, National Weather Service, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Solar Dynamics, auroras, , European Space Agency Locations: United States, Midwest, New York, Idaho, Boulder , Colorado, Rochester , New York, Sweden, South Africa
CNN —The Texas Supreme Court said a medical exemption in the state’s abortion ban applies only when a person is at risk of death or serious physical impairment, ruling Friday against women who sued the state with claims that the ban had put their health at risk. “Because the trial court’s order opens the door to permit abortion to address any pregnancy risk, it is not a faithful interpretation of the law,” the state Supreme Court said. The Texas Supreme Court said the challengers did not prove the abortion ban, with its narrow medical emergency exemption, violated the state constitution. “Today, the Supreme Court of Texas unanimously upheld the Human Life Protection Act, one of our state’s pro-life laws,” said Paxton, a Republican. The ruling called on the Texas Medical Board to issue more guidance to clear up confusion around when the exemption applies.
Persons: Ken Paxton, , Paxton, , Nancy Northup, ” Northup, Jane Bland, Amanda Zurawski, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Susan B, Anthony Pro, Marc Hearron, CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen, John Bonifield Organizations: CNN, The, The Texas Supreme, Texas Supreme, Republican, Reproductive Rights, Texas Medical Board, Texas Medical, Center for Reproductive Rights Locations: The Texas, Texas
An Idaho jury awarded a drag performer $1,176,000 for defamation. The performer was falsely accused by a right-wing blogger of exposing himself to minors. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementAn Idaho jury awarded a drag performer $1,176,000 in damages after finding that a right-wing blogger defamed him by falsely claiming that he exposed himself to minors at an LGBTQ+ Pride event.
Persons: , Summer Bushnell, Eric Posey, Mona Liza Million Organizations: Service, Coeur, Park, Coeur d'Alene Press, Business Locations: Idaho, Kootenai County, Coeur d'Alene
CNN —Highly pathogenic avian influenza, sometimes called bird flu, has been confirmed in alpacas for the first time, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratories. The animals that tested positive were on a farm in Idaho where poultry had tested positive for the virus and were culled in May. The alpacas tested positive May 16, the USDA said in a news release. The gene sequence of viruses isolated from the alpacas shows that it is closely related to the H5N1 viruses that are currently circulating in dairy cattle. Scientists have closely watched the H5N1 virus for roughly two decades.
Persons: Dr, Sanjay Gupta Organizations: CNN, US Department of, National Veterinary Services Laboratories, USDA, CNN Health, Alpaca Owners Association, Scientists Locations: alpacas, Idaho
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