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With New York on the verge of becoming the first city in the nation to adopt congestion pricing, a sudden, familiar chill fell over the city last week, as another ambitious project was shelved. This time, it was Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. In the adjoining garbage bin lies other big development projects like a football stadium on Manhattan’s West Side and smaller initiatives with potentially outsize impact, like all-door bus boarding. For a place where change is the rule and unbridled ambition the guiding light, New York can be a remarkably hard place to get things done.
Persons: Kathy Hochul, Chris Christie Organizations: York, La Guardia Airport, Port Authority, Queens, Gov Locations: Staten Island, La, Brooklyn, Hudson, New Jersey, New York
You have to read through the job description to see what they're looking for. You have to list job titles and bullets that both reflect your experience and prove you're a good fit. With the advent of tech like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot, many people are leaning into generative AI to write their resumes entirely. If you ask for a "marketing resume," for example, it will create something based on any marketing job descriptions or marketing resumes it scrapes from the web. Recruiters and hiring managers who look at hundreds of resumes say at times "100 of them look exactly the same because they all use the same ChatGPT prompt," she says.
Persons: Phoebe Gavin, ChatGPT, James Hudson, who's, Gavin Organizations: Microsoft, Nike
Polar bears in the Southern Hudson Bay could go extinct as early as the 2030s because the sea ice that helps them hunt for food is thinning, a new study suggests. “We’ve known that the loss of Arctic sea ice would spell disaster for polar bears, so this might be the first subpopulation that disappears,” said Julienne Stroeve, the lead author of the study, which was published Thursday in the journal Communications Earth & Environment. Last month, the eastern half of Hudson Bay, home to the world’s most-studied polar bears, went ice free a month earlier than usual. Polar bears are used to an ice-free season of about four months when they rely on fat reserves until ice reforms and they can hunt blubber-rich seals from the floes. But the presence of sea ice doesn’t guarantee the bears will be able to hunt; it needs to be thick enough to support them.
Persons: , , Julienne Stroeve Organizations: Environment Locations: Hudson Bay
Washington CNN —President Joe Biden is leading the world’s richest democracies in sending a beefed-up message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the West will not forsake Ukraine despite political shocks casting doubts over its commitment. A flurry of new Western plans to help UkraineStill, the latest Western plans to help Ukraine send a strong message of intent. The sanctions target foreign financial firms aiding Putin’s war effort, restrict Russian access to some US software and information technology. Russian advances on the battlefieldThese are substantial and credible political, economic and political demonstrations of support for Ukraine. Not surprisingly, Zelensky has always chafed at the self-imposed limits of Western support for his war effort that are a symptom of Biden’s core aim of avoiding a direct NATO confrontation with Russia.
Persons: Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, ” Biden, , Donald Trump, Trump, lionizes Putin, wobbling, , George H.W, George H.W . Bush, Janet Yellen, ” — Biden, Zelensky, ” Jake Sullivan, Wesley Clark, ” Clark, they’ve, , Kamala Harris, Sullivan, John Kirby, Putin Organizations: Washington CNN, Republican Party, Capitol, Republican, CNN, NATO, Big, Union, Ukraine, Trump, Biden, Air Force, Hudson Institute, Kremlin, Kyiv, West, White House National Security Council Locations: Russian, Ukraine, Italy, Normandy, Europe, United States, France, Germany, George H.W ., Russia, Britain, Japan, Canada, NATO, Washington, Kyiv, Cuba, China, Iran, Israel, Ukrainian, Switzerland
CNN —The Oscars of the food world — the James Beard Awards — were handed out Monday night to many chefs and restaurants reflecting cultures and regions that have long been overlooked when honoring culinary achievement in the United States. Outstanding Chef winner Michael Rafidi dedicated his award to Palestinian people all over the world in his acceptance speech. The 2024 winners bring heritage from all over the globe — the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal — to tables across the United States. This year’s awards also bring recognition to restaurants in many smaller towns and states that have not historically been recognized with James Beard Awards. Chef Masako Morishita received the James Beard Award for Emerging Chef.
Persons: James Beard, , Serigne Mbaye, ” Mbaye, Michael Rafidi, , Paul Smith, Lula Drake Wine, Chef Masako Morishita, Beard, Deb Lindsey, Masako Morishita, Atsuko Fujimoto, Morishita, Adams Morgan, Fujimoto, Baker, Ruth Reichl, Reichl, , foodie, James Beard’s, ” Beard, Hamissi Mamba, Nadia Nijimbere, MI, Yenvy Pham, Phở, WA Chris Viaud, NH Hollis Wells Silverman, Erika Whitaker, Kelly Whitaker, Sarah Minnick, Dean Neff, Renee Touponce, David Uygur, Christine Dong, Fariyal Abdullahi, Janet Becerra, SC Ryan Fernandez, Mel, Baker Susan Bae, Jesus Brazon, Manuel Brazon, Crystal Kass, Valentine, AZ Anna Posey, Hospitality Crawford, NC Gemma, Lula Cafe, Vin, California Geoff Davis, CA Rogelio Garcia, Auro, Lord Maynard Llera, Kuya, Los Angeles , CA Tara Monsod, Billy ” Ngo, Vinnie Cimino, Cordelia, Jose Salazar, Sarkar, Hajime Sato, Sozai, MI Jenner Tomaska, Tony Conte, Jesse Ito, Matt Kern, Harley Peet, Kevin Tien, Ann Ahmed, Rob Connoley, Dan Jacobs, Dan Van Rite, Christina Nguyen, Hai, Tim Nicholson, Brandon Cunningham, Ali Sabbah, Matt Vawter, Penelope Wong, Yuan Wonton, Nick Zocco, NY Atsushi Kono, Chris Mauricio, Charlie Mitchell, Clover, NY Jeremy Salamon, Conor Dennehy, Talulla, Maria Meza, David Standridge, Jake Stevens, Cara Tobin, Honey, Avery Adams, Matia, WA Kristi Brown, WA Josh Dorcak, Gregory Gourdet, Melissa Miranda, Jamie Davis, The, Washington , NC Rod Lassiter, Parnass Savang, James London, Chubby Fish, SC Robbie Robinson, Valerie Chang, FL Hunter Evans, Jackson, MS Gabriel Hernandez, Carlos Portela, Rene Andrade, Jeff Chanchaleune, Ma Der, Steve, Steve Riley, NM Eduardo Rodriguez, Zacatlán, Texas Emmanuel Chavez, Houston , TX Christopher Cullum, Cullum’s Attaboy, San Antonio , TX Tracy Malechek, Ezekiel, Birdie’s, Misti Norris, Petra, Ana Liz Pulido, Ana Liz Taqueria Organizations: CNN, Dakar NOLA, Lyric Opera, Michelin, Beverages Program, Chefs, The Washington Post, Washington Commanders, The New York Times, Gourmet Magazine, James, James Beard Foundation, Hav, Seattle , WA Nikko Cagalanan, SC, NY, Dakar, FL Kisser, Nashville , TN Oro, Caracas Bakery, AZ, Hospitality, IL, NY Woodford Food & Beverage, Beverages, SC The Morris, D.C, BEST, Social Haus, UT, New, New York State, Pacific, FL, Houston , TX Locations: United States, New Orleans, West Africa, Chicago, Portland , Oregon, Pacific, Albi, Washington, Ramallah, Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal, West Virginia, Charleston , West Virginia, Columbia , South Carolina, Mission , Texas, Mystic , Connecticut, Easton , Maryland, Portland , Maine, Tokyo, Perry’s, Adams, DC, Bakery, Detroit, Seattle, WA, Greenleaf, Ansanm, Milford, Wolfeboro, NH, The Wells, Boulder, Portland, Wilmington ,, Albi , Washington, The, Lucia, Dallas , TX, Santa Fe, Marfa ,, San Antonio ,, Springs, , New York, Pancita, Seattle , WA, Kultura, Charleston, Southern Junction, Buffalo, Waitsburg, Lockhart, TX, Carmel, Dorchester, Dakar NOLA , New Orleans, LA Hayward, McMinnville, Kaya, Orlando, Nashville , TN, Nixta , Minneapolis, Shan, Bozeman, Albuquerque, Long Beach ,, Hudson, Caracas, Doral, Miami, Phoenix, Elske, IL, Son, Raleigh, NC, Dallas ,, New York, NY, Columbia, San Francisco ,, Anaheim , Anaheim, , Washington, Waxlight, Montpelier, VT, Baltimore, , New Orleans, LA, Brownsville ,, California, Burdell, Oakland, Calistoga, Los Angeles ,, San Diego ,, Kru, Sacramento, Lakes, MI, Cleveland ,, Mita’s, Cincinnati, Indienne, Clawson, Esmé, NJ, PA, Philadelphia, Fenwick, Bas Rouge, Easton, KS, MN, MO, WI, Khâluna, Minneapolis, St, Louis, EsterEv, Milwaukee, Hai Hai , Minneapolis, Omaha, UT, WY, Greenough, Salt Lake City, Rootstalk, Breckenridge, Denver, Urban, Sofreh, Brooklyn, Kono , New York, Harana, Accord, Clover Hill, RI, Cambridge, Dolores, Providence ,, Leeward, Burlington, Island, MÄS, Ashland, kann, Musang, KY, TN, The Hackney, Washington , NC, Talat, Atlanta, West Columbia, Maty’s, Elvie’s, Verde Mesa, San Juan, Saffron , New Orleans, AZ, NM, Bacanora, Oklahoma City, Henderson, Mesa, Tatemó, Houston ,, Austin ,, Mission
It was Monday, June 10, the first day of Goldman Sachs' 2024 summer internships at its Manhattan headquarters. Goldman Sachs received a record 315,126 applications for its 2024 internship program, up severalfold from the 53,107 applications it received a decade ago. Goldman interns mingle Emmalyse BrownsteinDay 1 began with basics like how to access their Goldman email account and log into their company dashboards. For lunch, the bank served sandwiches and wraps and displayed chocolate-covered cookies emblazoned with the Goldman Sachs logo for dessert. See Solomon's full letter to interns below:AdvertisementJune 11, 2024 Welcome to Goldman Sachs On behalf of our people around the world, welcome to Goldman Sachs.
Persons: Goldman, Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, Chocolate, JPMorgan Chase, Emmalyse, Solomon, Will Bousquette, Jean Altier, Lou D'Ambrosio, Dan Dees, David Organizations: Service, Business, tote, JPMorgan, Goldman, BI, Invest Locations: Manhattan, New York City, New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Palm, bagels, Hudson
John Oliver bought the contents of a defunct Red Lobster at auction, beating out a local bakery. Oliver offered to buy the bakery new equipment if it created cakes in his likeness. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA small, family-owned bakery in the Hudson Valley is getting thousands of dollars worth of new kitchen equipment following a good-humored feud with John Oliver. On Sunday's episode of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," Oliver recounted how the viral back-and-forth stemmed from a stunt on his show where he purchased all of the kitchen equipment from a shuttered Red Lobster in Kingston, NY, at auction.
Persons: John Oliver, Oliver, Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Hudson, Kingston , NY
CNN —Former President Donald Trump lost Rep. Mike Garcia’s district by more than 12 points four years ago. I’m the Republican,” said Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer, whose Oregon district Biden won by eight points in 2020, confirming she’s sticking with Trump after his conviction. Rep. Mike Lawler, whose New York district Biden carried by 10 points, sharply criticized the prosecution against Trump. Republicans in this camp believe there is no limit to how hard they can lean in to talking about Trump’s conviction and see the Trump verdict as a golden ticket. GOP Rep. Ralph Norman, a Republican hardliner from South Carolina, said Republicans would “absolutely” retaliate against Trump’s political enemies after November, including prosecutors.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, Manu Raju ”, Donald Trump, Mike Garcia’s, ” Garcia, Joe Biden, There’s, Biden, , John Duarte, Trump, , Richard Hudson, ” Hudson, Suzan, ” George Whitesides, Garcia, Mike Garcia, ” Whitesides, “ Joe Biden who’s, “ who’s, I’m, Lori Chavez, DeRemer, Mike Lawler, ” Lawler, Celal, Bernie Moreno, Tim Sheehy, Sherrod Brown, Jon Tester, Sheehy, Tester, ” Tester, ” Brown, I’ve, Brown, Sen, Bob Casey, Stephanie Bice, Anna Moneymaker, Nick LaLota, Attorney Alvin Bragg, ” LaLota, Republican Sen, Thom Tillis, Mitch McConnell, ” Tillis, Mike Johnson, Jim Jordan, Johnson, – Jordan, Chip Roy, ” Roy, Marjorie Taylor Greene, ” Greene, Ralph Norman, ” Norman, Tesfaldet, Morgan Rimmer Organizations: CNN, California Republican, Trump, , Republicans, Democrats, Biden, GOP, North Carolina Republican, , Democratic, of, Republican, Washington DC, Getty, New York, Manhattan, Attorney, Department of Justice, DOJ, Republican Party Locations: California, York, Washington, of California, Oregon, New York, Anadolu, Ohio, Montana, Pennsylvania, Washington , DC, New, Hill, South Carolina
When you're applying for a job, many career experts will tell you to tailor your resume to the job description. They recommend sifting through its requirements to see what's most relevant for the role and tweaking your resume accordingly. Longtime HR executive James Hudson, who's led talent acquisition at companies like Nike and Levi Strauss & Co., disagrees with this approach. "It's bad advice to customize your resume" for every role, he says. But the job description itself might not give a 100% sense of where the emphasis will be on day-to-day job duties.
Persons: James Hudson, who's, Levi Strauss, they're, Hudson Organizations: Nike
New York CNN —New York was just a few weeks away from becoming the first American city to adopt congestion pricing, a system designed to alleviate traffic, reduce air pollution and fund public transit. Then, at the last minute, the governor lost her nerve, citing the dubious claim that it would hurt the working class. Many of the businesses that employ the workers Hochul claims to be protecting are disappointed with the decision. The price was supposed to be high enough to discourage drivers, but not so high that businesses would suffer. As the New York Times notes, congestion pricing has been wildly unpopular “in suburban areas of the Hudson Valley and Long Island where Democrats are desperate to make gains” in this election cycle.
Persons: CNN Business ’, Kathy Hochul, she’s, , Kathryn Wylde, Hochul’s, Hochul Organizations: CNN Business, New York CNN —, Broadway, Partnership, New, New York, Midtown, Yorkers, New York Times Locations: New York, York, Midtown, New York City, Singapore, London, Stockholm, bodega, Hudson, Long
Kathy Hochul’s decision to “indefinitely pause” congestion pricing in Manhattan is likely to reverberate for decades, much like the former New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s decision in 2010 to block construction of a badly needed new rail tunnel under the Hudson River. Both were short-term choices that pushed aside critical long-term investments in the most mass-transit-dependent metropolitan area of the nation. The decision by Mr. Christie, which he said was based on the project’s cost, compromised the region’s competitiveness, economy and environment. Ms. Hochul’s action raises questions about whether congestion pricing, which was set to begin at the end of the month, will ever happen. It will mean continued congestion on some of the world’s most traffic-stymied streets and no relief from the air pollution from auto and truck exhaust.
Persons: Kathy Hochul’s, Chris Christie’s, Christie, Hochul’s, Christie’s Organizations: New, New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Locations: Manhattan, New Jersey, Hudson, Jersey
Read previewThe Congressional Progressive Caucus's (CPC) political arm has rescinded its endorsement of former Rep. Mondaire Jones. The move comes after Jones endorsed Rep. Jamaal Bowman's moderate primary challenger, Westchester County Executive George Latimer, earlier this week. Rep. Jamaal Bowman is facing a tough primary challenge from Westchester County Executive George Latimer. Jones and Bowman appeared together at a gun violence prevention-related event in Westchester County in April 2023. Lawler has been eager to highlight Jones's past progressive positions, including his past praise for Bowman.
Persons: , Mondaire Jones, Jones, Mike Lawler, Jamaal Bowman's, George Latimer, Evan Brown, Bowman, Israel, Latimer, Jamaal Bowman, Tom Williams, Eugene Gologursky, I'm, Pramila, Jayapal, Dan Goldman, Joe Biden, Lawler Organizations: Service, Republican, Business, Westchester, Capitol, Israel, AIPAC, Getty Images, The Washington, Getty, Congressional, DSA, Progressive Caucus, PAC, Democratic, CPC Locations: Westchester County, Bowman's, Israel, Lower Hudson, Washington, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Lawler's
Henry Jarecki attends The Accompanied Literary Society's Summer Benefit at The Hudson Sky Terrace at The Hudson Hotel in New York City, June 11, 2007. Famed psychiatrist and former commodities trader Henry Jarecki on Wednesday said he had a "consensual, non-secretive and mutually respectful relationship" with a victim of Jeffrey Epstein who is now suing Jarecki for allegedly raping and sex trafficking her. Jarecki, 91, said the consensual relationship with the woman occurred more than a decade ago. Jarecki's statement, sent to CNBC by his lawyer Sarita Kedia, came two days after the Epstein victim, identified as Jane Doe 11, filed a civil lawsuit against the married psychiatrist in Manhattan federal court. The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages for sexual battery, sex trafficking, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
Persons: Henry Jarecki, Jeffrey Epstein, Jarecki, Epstein, Sarita Kedia, Jane Doe, I, Brad Edwards Organizations: Sky, CNBC Locations: New York City, Manhattan
A source familiar with the Governor’s plan said Hochul pushed for the delay due to concerns about affordability and the potential impact to the city’s post-pandemic economic recovery. New York’s congestion pricing would have been the first of its kind in the United States. “As a longtime champion of Congestion Pricing and the Congressional Representative of a significant portion of the Central Business District (CBD), I am disappointed by reports that Governor Hochul will not implement Congestion Pricing on June 30, as previously planned,” Nadler said in a statement. “For years, Leader Hakeem Jeffries has maintained neutrality with respect to the congestion pricing policy debate. Congestion pricing is a $15 billion lifeline for the MTA – critical funding that will be lost if the program is stalled,” the group said in a statement.
Persons: Kathy Hochul, ” Hochul, Hochul, John Samuelsen, CNN Hochul, ” Samuelsen, Joe Borelli, ” Borelli, , Ritchie Torres, Jerry Nadler, ” Nadler, Hakeem Jeffries, Andy Eichar, , Jeffries, ” Eichar Organizations: CNN, New, Yorkers, The New, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Transport Workers Union, Republican, , Rep, Democrat, Congressional, Central Business, Transportation, MTA Locations: New York City’s, Manhattan, United States, London, Stockholm, The, The New York City, Staten Island, Hudson, Brooklyn, New York State
Read previewFuture wars could be decided by electronic warfare like Russia and Ukraine are using right now to interrupt communications, defeat unmanned platforms, and even degrade precision weaponry. For the US, if it doesn't dominate that invisible domain and win the fight in the electromagnetic spectrum, it will "lose" and do so "very quickly," an Air Force wing commander said. Gen. Ed Barker, the Program Executive Officer for Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors, and US Air Force Col. Josh Koslov, commander of the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing, discussed the challenges facing the US in the electronic warfare space and the efforts to find solutions to these problems. Related VideoA man holds a portable electronic warfare system at an event in Ukraine earlier this year. Increased US interest in it more recently has been driven by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where electronic warfare tactics, such as GPS spoofing and signal jamming, have shaped the fighting.
Persons: , Ed Barker, Josh Koslov, Koslov, Barker, Simon Mictizic, it's, Daniel Patt, YURIY DYACHYSHYN, Patt, Denis Abramov Organizations: Service, Air Force, Business, C4ISRNET Conference, US, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, US Air Force, 350th Spectrum Warfare, Getty, US Army's 1st Infantry Division, US Army, Staff, Hudson Institute, JDAMs . Volunteers, Ukrainian, Kvertus, Russian Defense Ministry, Locations: Russia, Ukraine, China, JDAMs, Lviv region, AFP, Russian
London CNN —The boss of Qantas Airways has acknowledged the “anger” of thousands of customers who were sold tickets for already-canceled flights. Because not only (did) we let our customers down, we let our people down.”Last August, Australian regulators accused Qantas in a lawsuit of selling tickets for more than 8,000 flights that the airline had already canceled — affecting more than 86,000 customers. Qantas agreed last month to pay 120 million Australian dollars ($79 million) to settle the lawsuit. Of that, about 20 million Australian dollars ($13.3 million) will go to the affected customers. The remaining 100 million Australian dollars ($66.5 million) is a fine — the biggest ever for an Australian airline, according to Reuters.
Persons: Vanessa Hudson, CNN’s Richard Quest, “ It’s, , ” Hudson Organizations: London CNN, Qantas Airways, Qantas, Reuters, Quest Locations: Dubai, Hudson
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewFor GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill, former President Donald Trump continues to wield immense power over their political futures. AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump at his criminal hush-money trial in New York. But in a decidedly Democratic state like New York, Biden is likely to gain some ground ahead of the election. AdvertisementAcross the country, suburban voters were already turning away from Trump even before his conviction — as former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has continued to win significant blocs of GOP voters even after suspending her presidential campaign in March.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Trump, Stormy Daniels, Marc Molinaro, Anthony D'Esposito, Biden, Steven Hirsch, Mike Lawler, Attorney Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, Kathy Hochul, hyperpartisan, Nick LaLota, Hochul, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, it's, Nikki Haley Organizations: Service, Capitol, Business, Republicans, New York Police Department, Attorney, hyperpartisan New York Democrats, GOP, New York State, Emerson, Trump, Republican, New York House Republicans Locations: New York, New York City, Hudson, Manhattan, D'Esposito's, Democratic, Long, Trump
If true, the loss of a Polish shopping center by means of Russian arson would be shocking on its own. As NATO advances toward the July summit, it's become clear that more comprehensive discussions on addressing the Russian sabotage campaign must take place. Some of the earliest identified acts of Russian sabotage occurred in 2014 at ammunition depots in the Czech Republic killing two and causing $42.5 million in damage. Bulgaria has played a crucial role in supplying ammunition and shells to Ukrainian forces, especially in the early stages of the war. Matthias Merz/picture alliance via Getty ImagesWeapons and training facilities aiding Ukrainian forces are frequent targets.
Persons: , Donald Tusk, MAXIM SHEMETOV, Kaja Kallas, it's, Hannah Beier, Ozempic, Abrams, Matthias Merz, Russia, John MacDougall, Daniel Kochis Organizations: Service, Business, Reuters Estonia's, West, NATO, Scranton Army, BAE Systems, Denmark's Novo Nordisk, BAE, US Army, Getty Images, Energy, NATO Pipeline System, Deutsche Bahn, Investigators, DB, Getty, Kremlin, Ukraine, Center, Hudson Institute, United Locations: Polish, Poland, Wroclaw, Lithuania, Russia, Moscow, Russian, Estonia, Czech Republic, Vrbětice, Bulgaria, Scranton, Pennsylvania, United Kingdom, Ukrainian, Ukraine, Norwegian, Baltic, Bellheim, Germany, Czech, Europe, Berlin, France, Washington, Eurasia, United States, NATO
11 AAPI celebrities who are changing Hollywood
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Mindy Kaling has created multiple successful shows. Mindy Kaling attends the 2024 Met Gala. After starring on "The Office" (which she also wrote for), Kaling co-created and starred in her own sitcom, "The Mindy Project," which aired for six seasons. Her Netflix series "Never Have I Ever" was a huge hit until it wrapped up in 2023. Kaling also co-created the animated series "Velma," which was almost universally hated … but got enough people hate-watching to greenlight a second season.
Persons: Mindy Kaling, Kevin Mazur, Kaling, Renee Rapp, Velma, Murray, Kate Hudson Organizations: Netflix, College Girls, Hulu, Los Angeles NBA
As such, many will also be writing their resumes for the first time in hopes of catching recruiters and hiring managers' attention. There's one more line worth including under each experience that could give recruiters a sense of your history. "I think it's really helpful to have an anchor statement," says James Hudson, an HR executive who's headed talent acquisition at companies like Nike and Levi Strauss & Co. 'Fintech company with half a billion dollars in revenue'An anchor statement shows up under your job title and the company you worked for. "But even for consumer-facing brands," says Hudson, "it can be helpful to put the anchor statement because, yeah, sure, everyone's heard of Nike or Apple, but most people probably don't know how big those companies are."
Persons: , James Hudson, who's, Levi Strauss, Hudson, everyone's Organizations: Nike, Apple
Last year, Twyla Tharp immersed herself in the work of the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus, namely “The Plague.” World events were on her mind, and his 1947 novel about a pandemic in Algeria struck a chord. In her new full-length work, an outdoor dance-and-musical hybrid, “How Long Blues,” named after a Leroy Carr song, Tharp finds inspiration in that writing and also in American jazz. It reminds Tharp a little of performing at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park in 1971, when she presented the premiere of “Eight Jelly Rolls.” A couple of performances “had puddles onstage,” she said. But the Little Island stage, while also outdoors, is not that. Tharp, who directed, choreographed and conceived “How Long Blues,” which runs June 1 through 23, regards the proscenium as a wonderful thing.
Persons: Twyla Tharp, Albert Camus, , Leroy Carr, Tharp, Bone Burnett, David Mansfield, , “ They’ve Locations: Algeria, Little, Manhattan, Hudson, Central Park, New York
However, the average millennial reported roughly $63,000 in retirement savings so far. While millennials will need more money to retire comfortably, many are far away from the savings milestone experts suggest. What's more, the future of the US Social Security system is uncertain, and longer expected lifespans — while a positive development — will require more retirement savings. How to figure out how much retirement savings you needTiffany Bell, a 36-year-old business management professional based in Houston, didn't always take retirement savings seriously. How millennials can get their retirement savings back on trackWhile some millennials are struggling financially, it's not all doom and gloom when it comes to their retirement prospects.
Persons: Nathaniel Hudson, Hartman, millennials, Tiffany Bell, didn't, Bell, she's, they're, Chris Chen, Chen, Judi Leahy, it's, Leahy, NerdWallet, Bell —, , X, What's, Nilay Gandhi, Roth, Rita Assaf, Assaf, Gandhi Organizations: Business, Northwestern Mutual, Pew, US Social Security, Fidelity, Financial, Citi, Wealth Management, Vanguard, Big, CFP, Roth IRA, Fidelity Investments, Savings, Hudson Locations: Portland, Houston, New York, Montana
Prosecutors from the Southern District of New York are fighting a legal battle on two fronts. The government’s ability to sketch a clear and convincing picture for the jury despite these growing constraints will likely determine Menendez’s legal fate. “(She) communicated with the bribe payers, she passed messages to Menendez, and she collected some of the bribes,” Pomerantz said. Rob Menendez – rotten to the core.”Menendez Jr. directly addressed that line of attack in a recent spot of his own. But for Menendez, the senator and father, the will of the 8th District’s primary voters could weigh heavily on his political future – and legacy.
Persons: New Jersey Sen, Bob Menendez, Sidney Stein, Stein, Menendez, Prosecutors, , Menendez –, Will Menendez, Donald Trump, Nadine, Nadine Menendez, Avi Weitzman, , Lara Pomerantz, ” Pomerantz, , Rob Menendez Jr, Ravi Bhalla, Bhalla, Rob Menendez, Rob Menendez –, ” Menendez Jr, That’s, ” Menendez, “ I’m Organizations: New, New York CNN, New Jersey Democrat, Southern, of, US, McDonnell, United, Manhattan Criminal, Congressional, Democratic, Hoboken, Garden State Democrats ’ Locations: New York, New Jersey, Manhattan, Hudson, of New York, United States, Lower Manhattan, North Jersey’s, “ Jersey
The tour began outside the mansion, where our guide spoke about the three families that owned the property: the Pauldings, the Merritts, and the Goulds. The side of Lyndhurst Mansion. Talia Lakritz/Business InsiderIn 1836, former New York City mayor William Paulding and his wife, New York real-estate heiress Maria Rhinelander Paulding, purchased the land overlooking the Hudson River to build a summer home. In 1864, the Pauldings' son sold the mansion to George Merritt, who made his fortune as the patent holder of a rubber spring used in railroad cars, and his wife, Julia. After her death, Anna left the Lyndhurst estate to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which manages the site today.
Persons: Talia Lakritz, William Paulding, Maria Rhinelander, Alexander Jackson Davis, George Merritt, Julia, Davis, Jay Gould, Helen Day Miller, Helen Gould, Anna Gould, Anna Organizations: National Trust for Historic Preservation Locations: Lyndhurst, New York City, New York, Maria Rhinelander Paulding, French
6 Podcasts About the Joys and Terrors of Air Travel
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It’s a nerve-racking time to be a frequent flier in the United States. Despite this, air travel statistically remains the safest form of mass transit in the United States, and it’s worth keeping the risks in perspective. Some of these podcasts do just that by exploring the true stories of air disasters (and why they are so rare), while others are love letters to life in the skies, hosted by proud aviation geeks who have travel tips, airport reviews and nostalgic industry history to share. Billed as “a true crime podcast in the air,” this series ended production last summer but has a back catalog of 150 episodes, each focusing on a different air disaster in meticulous detail. Both hosts are also regular air travelers, and they share packing tips, review specific aircrafts and airlines and reflect on how travel has changed throughout these recent, turbulent years.
Persons: overscheduling, Chesley “ Sully ” Sullenberger, Gustavo Sorola, Chris Demarais, you’ve, Doug, Drew Organizations: Boeing, Justice Department, New York Times, US Airways, Max, JetBlue, Spirit Locations: United States, Hudson
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