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New York CNN —The stark political reality facing President Joe Biden, prompting his unprecedented decision to exit the 2024 race, might look different had he enjoyed the support of a blindly loyal, propagandistic news media. GET RELIABLE SOURCES IN YOUR INBOX A daily digest chronicling the evolving media landscape with uncompromising reporting and analysis. “There has been so much consternation about the fight in the party but also the media coverage of the fight,” Maddow acknowledged Sunday. Contrast how the news media covered Biden’s woes with how the MAGA Media has treated Trump in recent years. But that was not the case for Biden, underscoring the ethical reality that flows through the news media and largely extends to progressive personalities.
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George Clooney attends an event in September 2023. Cindy Ord/Getty Images/FILEActor George Clooney has announced he is endorsing Kamala Harris for president. “President Biden has shown what true leadership is. We’re all so excited to do whatever we can to support Vice President Harris in her historic quest,” the actor said in a statement provided to CNN. The actor and Democratic donor had penned an op-ed calling on President Joe Biden to exit the race.
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It was one line from an itinerary of an upcoming field trip to Columbia, the capital of South Carolina. And no place proved more prescient than those Capitol steps. Deep in my heart, I was certain that one day I’d be living in Columbia as a college student. Illustration Ian Berry/CNNThe cosmos and crimeThe afternoon stops solidified the revelation I felt on the State House steps. For me, it was a mere 60-mile, in-state field trip – culminating with a Boxed Lunch on the Capitol Steps – that proved to be my date with destiny.
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CNN —Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris for the Democratic nomination for president during a news conference in Washington on Tuesday. “Kamala Harris and her candidacy has excited and energized the House Democratic Caucus, the Democratic Party and the nation,” he said. One source told CNN that Schumer and Jeffries, both of New York, have spoken to Harris. However, Schumer and Jeffries did not immediately endorse Harris, at first stating that they “look forward to meeting in person with Vice President Harris shortly as we collectively work to unify the Democratic Party and the country.”Many of Harris’ potential challengers, such as Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, endorsed the vice president, giving her a clear path to the nomination.
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watch nowOpen houses during the morning, virtual showingsSelling a home during summer with extreme heat will call for more flexibility from sellers, according to experts. If that's the case, offer handheld fans or refreshments can help buyers stay cool, Mainord explained. Make sure the HVAC system is servicedIf you're hoping to sell your home during the summer, make sure the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in the house is working properly. "We want to make sure that the HVAC systems or units are being serviced, that they're being maintained properly, that they're working properly," said Sanchez. "HVAC systems can be vastly expensive," said Ashton Lawrence, director and senior wealth advisor at Mariner Wealth Advisors in Greenville, South Carolina.
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United States Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle testifies before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee during a hearing at the Rayburn House Office Building on July 22, 2024 in Washington, DC. Kent Nishimura | Getty ImagesU.S. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle resigned Tuesday following widespread outrage over how her agency failed to prevent the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania campaign rally earlier this month. Kimberly Cheatle, director of the U.S. Secret Service, testified. "The Secret Service has a no-fail mission yet it failed historically on Director Cheatle's watch," said Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the committee's chairman. "At yesterday's Oversight Committee hearing, Director Cheatle instilled no confidence that she has the ability to ensure the Secret Service can meet its protective mission," Comer said.
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AdvertisementBy 49, I was doing life coaching and successfully running my businesses. Even though it was idyllic — the perfect retirement spot — I quickly got bored sitting around doing nothing. I retired at 52I decided that retirement wasn't going to look like a permanent vacation by the beach, but it entailed endless time to do whatever I wanted. Although I enjoyed what I was doing, doing it forever didn't feel like all it was cracked up to be. My new retirement plan is to continue doing the work I enjoy so much for as long as I can.
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Ryan Reynolds has four kids with Blake Lively — and he wants more. "As many little heartbeats as possible, just running around, wrecking stuff in the house. AdvertisementRyan Reynolds says four kids with Blake Lively may not be enough. As many little heartbeats as possible, just running around, wrecking stuff in the house. Reynolds and Lively married in 2012 and have four children : James, 9; Inez, 7; Betty, 4; and a one-year-old they have yet to reveal the name of.
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CNN —Russia’s lower house of parliament has proposed punishing Russian soldiers caught using smartphones while fighting in Ukraine, state media TASS reported, amid growing concerns that electronic devices can reveal troops’ location on the battlefield. According to a draft law supported by the State Duma Committee on Defense, carrying internet-connected cell phones whose data can identify Russian troops or the location of forces will be classified as a “gross disciplinary offense” punishable by up to 10 days of arrest. Both Russian and Ukrainian militaries have reportedly used enemy cell phones to identify targets during the war, scraping data from photos and messages to track coordinates and launch attacks. Although the Kremlin has acknowledged the risks posed by soldiers carrying cell phones, Russian military bloggers have criticized the draft law, claiming it shows the Duma’s lack of understanding of the nature of modern warfare. Russian soldiers are already banned from publicly distributing information that could reveal the identity or location of military personnel.
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But now it has to retool to elect Kamala Harris, who’s a Black and South Asian woman in the year 2024,” said one aide at campaign headquarters. Never have the people on what was, until Sunday afternoon, the very small core team around Harris felt so popular. That, they know, has to change immediately, but will happen as Harris’ staff is asked to step in. Retaining hard fought Harris equilibriumLike Biden, Harris doesn’t have a history of running great or well-functioning campaigns, whether that was her Senate race in 2016 or her 2020 presidential run that didn’t even survive until December of 2019. So at least for now, the campaign staff are trying to hold to a line that deputy campaign manager and digital outreach specialist Rob Flaherty used on a call Monday afternoon that senior staff held.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailA Trump presidency could 'on balance' be positive for markets, CIO saysDaniele Antonucci, CIO at Quintet Private Bank, weighs in on the outlook for markets and discusses how they could be impacted if former President Donald Trump wins back the White House.
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CNN —US Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle has tendered her resignation amid scrutiny of security lapses related to the recent assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump, sources tell CNN. Biden said a new Secret Service director will appointed soon. “I think I am the best person to lead the Secret Service at this time,” Cheatle said Monday. “We have to rebuild the American people’s faith and trust in the Secret Service as an agency. Cheatle was appointed by Biden to lead the Secret Service in 2022.
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CNN —A group of senior Israeli figures including former national security officials, academics and business leaders have sent US congressional leadership a blistering letter accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is set to speak to Congress on Wednesday, of threatening both Israeli and American national security. “Netanyahu severely harms the US national security interests through his approach to this war, which adversely impacts American policy in the Middle East and beyond and further endangers Israel,” it continues. The Obama White House had been blindsided by Netanyahu’s decision to address Congress after another invitation from a Republican House speaker, John Boehner. Typically, a vice president, in their role as president of the Senate, would attend and sit prominently on the dais. However, Vice President Kamala Harris will also miss Netanyahu’s Wednesday speech due to travel, which Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Friday he did not expect to be a repeat of 2015.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, he’s, Tamir Pardo, Aaron Ciechanover, Avishay, Carmi, Morris Kahn, Jeremy Levin, “ Netanyahu, Mike Johnson, Hakeem Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Pardo, disinvite Netanyahu, , Alon Pinkas, , Biden, , Pinkas, ” Benjamin Netanyahu, Sen, Bernie Sanders, Schumer, Joe Biden, Biden’s, Obama, John Boehner, Kamala Harris, Jake Sullivan, they’re, ” Sullivan, Organizations: CNN, Israeli, American, Ben Gurion University, Republican, , Obama White, Aspen Security, White, Gaza . Senior, Gallup Locations: Gaza, Israel, New York, Washington, Iran, Gaza .
Clift told me when we met earlier this year in Singapore. Advertisement"The Cave is arguably the most distinctive fine dining experience in Bali," Widyasari said. Amanda Goh/Business InsiderThe restaurant has 22 seats, so I made a dinner reservation a few weeks before my trip. Amanda Goh/Business InsiderGetting ready for dinnerOn the night of my visit, it was a full house. Amanda Goh/Business InsiderThe first course was a bite-sized crispy pancake topped with bechamel, truffle, and egg-yolk gel.
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Biden won California by 29 points in 2020, and Harris will surely win the deep blue state in her own right. Along the way, Harris' political trajectory opened up doors to places that other candidates eyeing the White House have to fly across the country to reach. AdvertisementAs a presidential candidate, Harris won't be a stranger to the tech giants that fueled so much growth in her state. And should Harris win the White House, there'd be a familiar face influencing policy and legislation on relevant tech issues for the foreseeable future, which is something that doesn't come along everyday. Harris hasn't secured the Democratic nomination yet, but if she does, California could be in for some of its sunniest days yet.
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At Business Insider, we independently monitor and review the best CD interest rates from over 100 financial institutions to help you find the right CD. Best CD Rates Today by TermCredit unions offer many of the best current CD rates right now. The best no-penalty CDs will offer rates slightly higher than the best high-yield savings accounts, and can offer a substantially improved interest rate over traditional brick-and-mortar savings accounts. 2-Year CDsThe best 2-year CD rates will be slightly lower than 1-year and no-penalty CD rates. What's the difference between best CD rates and best CD offers?
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Biden Plans to Address the Nation on Wednesday Night
  + stars: | 2024-07-23 | by ( Peter Baker | )   time to read: +1 min
President Biden plans to address the nation from the Oval Office on Wednesday night to explain his decision to bow out of the presidential campaign and outline how he wants to use his final six months in office. Mr. Biden is scheduled to return to Washington on Tuesday afternoon for the first time since announcing his withdrawal on social media on Sunday. He spent six days at his vacation house in Rehoboth Beach, Del., recovering from Covid and recalibrating his political future. Mr. Biden has not been seen in public since late Wednesday, when he disembarked from Air Force One at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware looking frail and uncertain. The White House physician said on Monday that after days of treatment with Paxlovid, the president was recovering well and that his symptoms were “almost completely resolved.”
Persons: Biden, Kamala Harris, “ I’m, Organizations: Air Force, Dover Air Force Base, White Locations: Washington, Rehoboth Beach, Del, Covid, Delaware
There's a renewed sense of excitement among European officials as U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris becomes the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination ahead of the all-important election this fall. They also dismissed 78-year-old former President Donald Trump, adding that "the U.S. needs younger leaders." As a result, EU institutions welcomed the arrival of Biden to the White House, describing it as a new chapter in the EU-U.S. relationship. However, for at least a year now, EU officials have been preparing for the possibility of a return of Trump to the White House. If he wins the election, they're expecting a deeper "America First" policy, which will likely mean less financial support to Ukraine and possibly tariffs on some European goods.
Persons: There's, Kamala Harris, Joe, Biden, Donald Trump, Trump, they're Organizations: Democratic, CNBC, EU, White Locations: U.S, EU, United States, Brussels, Ukraine
Read previewIn 2019, at the age of 23, Lauren Simpson and her husband Ian decided to pursue an ambitious goal: retire by age 35. The rest is from the equity they've built in four properties they've purchased over the last three years: one primary residence and three rental properties. These properties also provide the couple with rental income that they put toward their savings. When someone buys a second home or investment property, mortgage lenders often require a downpayment of at least 10%. In addition to buying investment properties, Simpson said she and Ian have done whatever they can to grow their savings.
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If featuring in Instagram posts was an Olympic sport, Hanson’s hunk would win gold. International Olympic CommitteeArtistic and Olympic feats have been bound together since the dawn of the modern games in the late 19th century. Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the International Olympic Committee, was influenced by the culture of ancient Greece, in which sport was an art. The posters for the Paris games — which are not at Gagosian — have been commissioned from both French and international artists and highlight a move towards emerging and women artists. International Olympic Committee“We had a very nice experience in Paris with Luc Abalo, the French multi-medallist in handball.
Persons: de Castiglione, Duane Hanson’s, , hunk, Andy Warhol, Ray, Andreas Gursky, Takashi Murakami, Duane Hanson's, Thomas Lannes, Gagosian, Notre, Elsa Favreau, , there’s, Degas, Giacometti, Favreau, Andreas Gursky’s, Thomas Lannes One, Warhol’s, Muhammad Ali, Chris Evert, Pelé, ” Favreau, Takeshi Murakami, Kylian, David Hockney, Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, Tracey Emin, Hockney, Lichtenstein, Howard Hodgkin, Pierre Soulages, Picasso’s, , Robert Rauschenberg’s, Yasmin Meichtry, Pierre de Coubertin, Meichtry, watercolourists, “ There’s, Rachel Whiteread's, Luc Abalo Organizations: Paris CNN, Olympic Museum, Olympic, Paralympic Games, Olympic Refuge Foundation, Los, Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, International Olympic Committee, Olympics, Paris Locations: Gagosian’s Paris, de, Lausanne, France, Netherlands, de Ponthieu, Gagosian, Munich, Los Angeles, Seoul, London, Greece, Paris, Olympism, Arrondissement, , Mexico,
Bipartisan lawmakers introduced a new bill on Tuesday that aims to crack down on the business practices of drug supply chain middlemen who are widely accused of inflating prescription medication prices and harming U.S. patients and pharmacies. The legislation aims to ensure community pharmacies can provide care to patients enrolled in federal health-care programs while being reimbursed "fairly and transparently" by so-called pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs. Those middlemen also create lists of medications, also known as formularies, that are covered by insurance and reimburse pharmacies for prescriptions. Auchincloss said those practices have allowed PBMs to trap $300 billion in revenue in the middle of the drug supply chain between manufacturers and patients. Legislation targeting PBMs advanced through House and Senate committees with bipartisan support last year, and one proposal overwhelmingly passed the House in December.
Persons: Jake Auchincloss, Diana Harshbarger, Auchincloss, Biden Organizations: Medicare, CVS, PBMs, House, Federal Trade Commission, CNBC
Speaker Mike Johnson and Representative Hakeem Jeffries, the House minority leader, have struck a deal to form a bipartisan task force to lead the congressional investigations into the attempted assassination of former President Donald J. Trump. The two leaders planned to announce their deal for the task force, which would be led by Republicans who control the House but would be nearly evenly divided between them and Democrats, later Tuesday morning. “The security failures that allowed an assassination attempt on Donald Trump’s life are shocking,” Mr. Johnson, of Louisiana, and Mr. Jeffries, of New York, said in a joint statement. “The task force will be empowered with subpoena authority and will move quickly to find the facts, ensure accountability, and make certain such failures never happen again.”The task force, which they said was being stood up “in response to bipartisan demands for answers,” is to be made up of seven Republicans and six Democrats. That is an uncommonly narrow split in the House, where the majority usually gives itself a substantial partisan edge on committees to ensure that its side maintains a firm grip on power.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Hakeem Jeffries, Donald J, Trump, Donald Trump’s, Mr, Johnson, Jeffries, Organizations: Republicans Locations: Louisiana, New York
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris hits the campaign trail on Tuesday for the first time since President Joe Biden announced that he would end his reelection campaign and endorsed Harris for president. Still, some key Democratic endorsements have not yet come through for Harris, such as from House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, both of New York. Former President Barack Obama, one of the parry's most revered figures, has likewise not publicly endorsed Harris yet. Speculation swirls about potential running mates for Harris, with Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, Pennsylvania Gov. While Harris campaigns in Wisconsin, Biden is expected to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington.
Persons: Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Harris, Donald Trump, Sen, JD Vance, Democratic party's, Hakeem Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Arizona Sen, Mark Kelly, Josh Shapiro, Roy Cooper, Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu Organizations: NBC, Democratic, Arizona, North Carolina Gov Locations: Milwaukee , Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Washington, Gaza
U.S. President Joe Biden and U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris walk to the East room to welcome the 2023 WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces during a celebration at the White House in Washington, U.S., May 9, 2024. Craig Hudson | ReutersLast Wednesday, a group of "Boomers for Biden-Harris" threw a virtual party that was attended by about 400 participants across the U.S. This week, the names on the Democratic presidential ticket are poised to change now that President Joe Biden announced he has dropped out of his reelection campaign and endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris for president. "Seniors loved President Biden," said Laurie Plotnick, 76, a retiree and president of the Florida Democratic Senior Caucus who attended last week's event. "We were very supportive of him staying in the race, if that is what he wanted to do," Plotnick said.
Persons: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Craig Hudson, Harris, Biden, Laurie Plotnick, Plotnick Organizations: U.S, Las Vegas Aces, White, Reuters, Boomers, Biden, Democratic, Seniors, Florida Democratic Senior Caucus Locations: Washington , U.S
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailRep. Comer: Pharmacy benefit managers are price gouging and not saving patients moneyHouse Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the committee's hearing looking into pharmacy benefit managers, what he hopes to hear from the CEOs of the PBMs, and more.
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