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CNN —Donald Trump’s attorneys on Friday ridiculed special counsel Jack Smith’s gag order request in the former president’s classified documents case in Florida, calling it an unconstitutional attack on the 2024 Republican candidate and a ploy to help Joe Biden keep the presidency. “In Jack Smith’s most recent shocking display of overreach and disregard for the Constitution, the Special Counsel’s Office asks the Court to enter an unconstitutional gag order as one of the release conditions on the leading candidate in the 2024 presidential election,” Trump’s attorneys wrote in a new filing, repeating their previous arguments against gag orders. The former president was in New York at the time. Prosecutors’ original ask for a gag order was thrown out by Federal Judge Aileen Cannon, who determined that they had not fully conferred with Trump’s attorneys before filing the request. Trump’s false claims “invite” threats and harassment against law enforcement agents involved in the case, prosecutors wrote, similar to those “that have occurred when other participants in legal proceedings against Trump have been targeted by his invective.”
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Trump is now 78 years old. “Just remember what I’m telling you: 78 is not old,” Trump asserted to a New York Post gossip columnist almost two years ago. “This is a degraded version of an already horrible person,” Emhoff said in reference to Trump’s Vegas speech. The Biden campaign called Trump “feeble” on social media when the former president ended a post-meeting news conference after five minutes without taking questions. But the observations about Trump’s age and mental state are not just coming from inside the Biden campaign.
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One juror who found Hunter Biden guilty of three federal gun charges on Tuesday told CNN that he does not believe the president’s son should serve jail time. “I really don’t think that Hunter belongs in jail,” Juror 10 said. The juror pointed to the fact that Hunter Biden did not want the gun back after Hallie Biden took it out of his truck and threw it in the garbage near a grocery store. The juror said it didn’t make a difference for him that Hunter Biden did not take the stand in his own defense. “No politics came into play and politics was not even spoken about,” the juror said, reiterating it was all about Hunter Biden.
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CNN —A federal jury has convicted Hunter Biden on all three federal felony gun charges he faced, concluding that he violated laws meant to prevent drug addicts from owning firearms. Leaving the courthouse after the verdict, Hunter Biden shuffled his family members into an elevator as he held hands with his wife. The weeklong gun trial featured intensely personal and gut-wrenching testimony about Hunter Biden’s well-known struggles with alcoholism and crack cocaine addiction. Hunter Biden’s defense team argued, unsuccessfully, that he didn’t view himself as a user or addict when he bought and possessed the gun. Defense attorney Abbe Lowell had implored the jury to acquit Hunter Biden on those grounds.
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Holmes was sentenced to 11 years in prison for defrauding investors in her failed blood-testing company, Theranos. She is seeking a new trial, arguing that the judge in her case erred in several decisions during the 2022 proceedings. Since her conviction, her projected release date from prison has been moved up, shaving about two years off her sentence. Theranos’ unraveling, and Holmes herself, became the subject of a bestselling book, a Hulu scripted series and an award-winning documentary. Holmes knowingly concealed the technology’s problems, and still pushed to get the company’s Edison devices into pharmacies, prosecutors argued.
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CNN —Former President Donald Trump has once again asked a judge to throw out the classified documents case, arguing this time that investigators destroyed exculpatory evidence by rifling through boxes for classified documents gathered in the FBI’s 2022 search of Mar-a-Lago. Special counsel Jack Smith’s team has already acknowledged in court that some of the documents may be out of order. But, according to Trump, those boxes have been tampered with because investigators failed to maintain the order of their contents. The judge has yet to decide several additional motions to dismiss the case from Trump and his two co-defendants. However, the judge gave them a small victory by removing from an indictment prosecutors’ account of Trump allegedly showing a classified map to a political adviser, as the map was not one of the documents Trump is charged with mishandling.
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Buhle, who was ordered to testify under a subpoena, told the court that she learned of Hunter Biden’s drug use in 2015. Hallie Biden, who was dating Hunter Biden at the time he bought the gun, was another key witness for the prosecution. Hallie Biden took the gun Hunter Biden is accused of illegally possessing out of his car and tossed it in a dumpster near a Wilmington, Delaware, grocery store. If Hallie Biden was the prosecution’s star witness, the defense hoped that Naomi Biden, Hunter Biden’s daughter, would help blunt the impact of her testimony. President Biden wasn’t in the courtroom, but made clear where he stood as the trial began.
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CNN —Former President Donald Trump completed his pre-sentencing interview with the New York City Department of Probation on Monday after his hush money trial conviction last month, a source familiar with the proceedings told CNN. “Earlier today, President Trump completed a routine interview with [the] New York Probation Office. Trump answered all questions in the virtual interview and was described as polite, respectful and accommodating to the probation officers, according to a New York City official familiar with the interview. The probation department did not rule out the possibility of a follow-up meeting, the source added. In a pre-sentencing interview, a defendant is typically asked about their conviction and other basic background information such as their employment and criminal history.
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What’s next in the Hunter Biden trial
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CNN —As the second week of the federal gun trial against Hunter Biden begins Monday, the main question looming over the day’s proceedings is whether the defense will call the president’s son to testify, a gamble in almost any trial. Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden who later dated his brother Hunter, told the jury she saw what she believed was drug residue in Hunter Biden’s truck, where she says she found the pistol days after others testified he bought the gun in October. Hunter Biden’s daughter Naomi Biden testified on Friday, saying he looked well in August 2018 and she was “hopeful” about her father’s recovery in October 2018. What’s nextBefore breaking early Friday afternoon, Lowell told Judge Maryellen Noreika that the defense had yet to decide whether Hunter Biden would testify — a decision they are set to announce Monday. If Biden does testify, prosecutors say they may put on a rebuttal case with more witnesses, which could extend the trial further into the week.
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On Thursday morning, King Charles and Queen Camilla attended the UK Ministry of Defence and the Royal British Legion’s commemorative event at the British Normandy Memorial at Ver-sur-Mer. King Charles and Queen Camilla were joined by French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron at the British Normandy Memorial. Corbis/Getty Images British troops reach the shore in the early morning. Germans rained mortars and artillery down on Allied troops, killing many before they could even get out of their boats. U.S. Army Injured American soldiers wait to be moved to a field hospital after storming Omaha Beach.
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Read previewAmy Robach says she rediscovered her "feminine energy" after she started dating her former colleague T.J. Holmes. During the conversation, Ouimet said women should be tapping into their feminine energy to attract a male partner. "All the power is in the feminine energy," Ouimet told the couple. "When a woman is truly in your feminine energy, it is magnetic, and so many things will happen for you because you're in that abundance receiving mode." Not paying for datesIn a May 20 episode of their podcast, Robach said Holmes doesn't let her pay on any of their dates.
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CNN —Vetting materials have been sent to several candidates under consideration to be former President Donald Trump’s running mate, according to a person familiar with the process, as the quest to round out the 2024 Republican ticket heats up ahead of next month’s national party convention. It is unclear which potential candidates have received the vetting materials, and people familiar with the process caution that the search for Trump’s running mate is in flux. Doug Burgum, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Sen. JD Vance are all top contenders. NBC News was first to report that the vetting materials had been sent out. In an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday, Trump mentioned Scott, Burgum, Rubio, Vance and Ben Carson, his former Housing and Urban Development secretary, when asked about his search for a potential running mate.
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CNN —A jury of Delaware residents has been empaneled in the criminal trial of Hunter Biden on federal gun charges. Opening statements in the case involving President Joe Biden’s son were delivered June 4, following the dismissal of one juror who cited difficulty getting to the courthouse each day. One of the four originally selected alternates who also hear the case will replace that juror. Here’s what to know about the jury as it stands now:CNN’s Macayla Cook contributed to this report.
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It doesn’t matter who you are or what your name is.”Melissa Cohen Biden, Hunter Biden’s wife, vigorously shook her head in disapproval when Hines argued that Biden knew he was an addict when he bought the gun. Lowell, well into his statement, had explained how despite claims from prosecutors, the evidence doesn’t show Biden was using drugs the day he bought the gun. Video Ad Feedback Ex-federal prosecutor expects Hunter Biden to be found guilty. The dealer ended the text with, “We will always be friends, bro.”A video of Hunter Biden shirtless is seen on screen during the trial on Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware. Bill HennessyIn other messages, Biden said he was “sleeping on a car smoking crack” at a street corner in downtown Wilmington that’s only a few blocks away from the federal courthouse where the trial is under way.
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Live updates: Hunter Biden gun trial
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One man was excused from the jury pool after saying that the Donald Trump trial in New York made him think prosecutors charge cases based on politics. He had also said he might not be able to judge the Hunter Biden case fairly because some of his loved ones are struggling with addiction. A woman in the jury pool told the judge that she is a bartender and has periodically served Hunter’s uncle at the bar. Another woman was excluded from serving on the jury after saying she had a negative view of the Biden family. Both sides agreed that she shouldn’t be eligible to serve on the case.
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CNN —The next time former President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally will be his first as a convicted felon. The 34-count guilty verdict reached Thursday by a Manhattan jury – the first criminal conviction of a former president – landed like a bomb on the American political landscape. Trump’s campaign had long braced for this outcome, readying their candidate and his supporters for an unfavorable conclusion by casting the case as a political spectacle. But now that a verdict has arrived, uncertainty lurks behind every decision. Trump and his lawyer, Todd Blanche, have indicated they will appeal, a process that could outlast the campaign itself.
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CNN —Months after singer Cassie Ventura filed suit against her ex-boyfriend Sean “Diddy” Combs, his life looks very different. But the video could become evidence in an ongoing federal investigation related to Combs and allegations of sex trafficking. Members of law enforcement are seen outside of Sean "Diddy" Combs' home in Los Angeles on March 25, 2024. Sean "Diddy" Combs with Cassie Ventura attend the premiere of 'The Perfect Match' at the Arclight Theatre in Los Angeles in 2016. An aerial image of Sean "Diddy" Combs' home in Los Angeles on March 25, 2024.
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CNN —Special counsel Jack Smith has once again asked the federal judge overseeing the classified documents case against Donald Trump to impose a gag order against the former president, barring him from making statements about the law enforcement officers who searched his Mar-a-Lago resort. The request comes one week after Smith’s initial attempt for a gag order, which Judge Aileen Cannon quickly shot down for procedural reasons, and is almost identical to the original request. In her ruling earlier this week, Cannon bashed prosecutors for failing to make a sufficient effort to discuss their motion with Trump’s defense attorneys before filing. Prosecutors now say they discussed the motion with Trump’s attorneys but failed to resolve the issues. The same standard FBI policy was used in the searches of President Joe Biden’s homes and offices in a separate classified documents investigation.
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CNN —Now that a New York jury has convicted former President Donald Trump of all 34 felony charges of falsifying business records, the next obvious question is: Can a convicted felon run for president? A further question is more complicated: Could Trump, as a felon, vote for himself? And now to the more difficult question …Can a convicted felon vote? Trump is now a Florida resident – and Florida voters, in 2018, overwhelmingly backed a referendum to reenfranchise convicted felons. In New York, after a law passed in 2021, any convicted felon who is not incarcerated is eligible to register to vote.
Persons: Donald Trump, Trump, Juan Merchan, Christine Cornell, Elie Honig, Anthony Guglielmi, ” Guglielmi, Eugene Debs, Debs, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Holmes, Thomas Doherty, , Woodrow Wilson, Wilson’s, Debs ’, Warren G, Harding, Neil Volz, reenfranchise, Read, ” Volz, CNN’s Tierney Sneed Organizations: CNN, Trump, Republican National Convention, Christine Cornell CNN, Secret, United States Secret Service, Socialist, Brandeis University, Restoration Coalition Locations: New York, Milwaukee, United, Atlanta, Florida, Vermont, Maine,
Trump’s vigilAs Merchan laid out his instructions for the first time on Wednesday, Trump watched from the defense lawyers’ table. Trump’s routine — aimed at voters as he seeks to delegitimize the case before the jury makes up its mind — is getting old. One new wrinkle Wednesday was his warning that the jury instructions could doom his defense. These charges are rigged.”The jury hears none of this, so it’s clear Trump is playing an outside political game. Two of the jurors are attorneys and could potentially give deliberations some structure, according to Jeff Swartz, a former Florida judge.
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CNN —In recent weeks, an increasingly familiar list of Republicans has dominated the not-very-subtle competition to become Donald Trump’s running mate. Trump himself has added to the air of inevitability by floating these names in interviews and appearances over and over. Many around the campaign believe the lack of secrecy surrounding the open audition raises the possibility Trump ultimately picks someone off the public’s radar. A source confirmed Trump floated Cotton’s name during a recent private dinner, surprising some of his guests. Earlier this year, Hagerty was spotted at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach with the former president.
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“The two incidents you cite do not meet the conditions for recusal,” Alito wrote in a letter distributed by the Supreme Court. Supreme Court justices rarely get into a back-and-forth with lawmakers and many members of the court do not explain their reasons for recusing – or not. Video Ad Feedback See how GOP lawmakers reacted to Judge Alito's flag controversy 01:24 - Source: CNNThe Supreme Court is weighing major cases tied to the 2020 election and the attack on the US Capitol. From Google“I had no involvement in the decision to fly that flag,” Alito wrote. Justice Alito also told Fox News the neighbor used the term “c*nt” at one point during the exchanges.
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With a jury verdict potentially days away, Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump have yet to join the former president as he defends himself against 34 charges. Melania Trump, though, has not appeared alongside her husband at a single Trump rally and rarely joins him in public. A spokesperson for the Trump campaign did not respond when asked if she intends to accompany him for any of the final days of his trial. Ivanka Trump’s absence from the Manhattan trial is not surprising to many close to the former president after she and Kushner’s public distancing from Trump’s latest presidential campaign. “When [Ivanka Trump] was at the White House, her kids were still at the age where they might not know exactly what was going on,” the source said.
Persons: Donald Trump, , Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s, Trump, hasn’t, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Eric’s, Lara, Trump’s, Tiffany, Michael Boulos, Michael Cohen, Attorney Alvin Bragg, Robert De Niro, Joe Biden’s, De Niro, it’s, , Lara Trump, Ronna McDaniel, Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, Barron, Ivanka, , Charles, Seryl Kushner, Howard Lutnick, Charles Kushner, Daniels, CNN’s Kate Sullivan Organizations: CNN, Manhattan, Attorney, Trump, Trump Jr, Biden, White, Republican National Committee, House, New, Federal, Commission, Republican Locations: Manhattan, Washington, New York, Florida, Trump
Opinion: Alito’s second red flag
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This is not the first time Alito has found himself in hot water over displaying a controversial flag on his property. The upside-down flag, a signal of distress, was adopted by Trump supporters who believed the false claim that the election had been stolen. (Alito said his wife had raised the upside-down flag in response to a disagreement with a neighbor. The discovery also comes at a time when the Supreme Court will be making a decision about Trump’s claims of sweeping presidential immunity, his get-out-of-jail-free card for the federal cases he faces. “The notion that the Supreme Court can be trusted to be an arbiter above partisan politics has suffered major blows in recent years.
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Elsa/Getty Images“We say no a lot,” admits Evan Zeder, director of global sports marketing for New Balance’s tennis and baseball units. Lacoste, the French luxury brand, was born with tennis in mind since its start in 1933. Lacoste’s polo shirts have become a major part of the “tennis aesthetic,” or the luxury athleticism #tenniscore trending on social media. Alcohol brands trying to crack the US market see the growing popularity of tennis as an opportunity to introduce themselves to drinkers. Dobel became the US Open’s official tequila sponsor last year, bringing alongs its Ace Paloma cocktail that it sells at other tennis tournaments it sponsors.
Persons: New York CNN — It’s, , Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Serena Williams, they’re, Bob Lynch, ” Lynch, Roger Federer, Anne Hathaway, Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal, Christophe Petit Tesson, Novak Djokovic, Williams, Naomi Osaka, Carlos Alcaraz, Iga Świątek, Coco Gauff, , outfitter, Gauff, she’s, Aryna, Elsa, Evan Zeder, Tommy Paul, it’s “, Lacoste, René Lacoste, “ Lacoste, Catherine Spindler, Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev, ” Novak Djokovic, Mike Stobe, ” Zendaya, ” Spindler, Maestro Dobel, Dobel, Paloma, Lander Otegui, Otegui, ” Otegui, Charlize Theron, Arthur Ashe, Katie Holmes, “ It’s, it’s Organizations: New, New York CNN, luxe, Vogue, ESPN, ABC, Tennis, United States Tennis Association, Brands, MLB, MLS, NBA, Tennis Channel, Netflix, CNN, YouTube, That’s, Wimbledon, Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, Australian, US, USTA Locations: New York, , Swiss, Paris, Poland, Australia, London, Chambord, Mexico, Miami, Indian Wells, Cincinnati
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