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Justice Samuel Alito is right. No, Justice Alito is right about the fact of unresolvable conflict in American political life. They really can’t be compromised. In a 2020 keynote to a gathering of the Federalist Society, for example, the justice bemoaned changing attitudes on same-sex marriage. “You can’t say that marriage is the union between one man and one woman,” Alito said.
Persons: Samuel Alito, Donald Trump, Alito, Lauren Windsor, , it’s, , ” Alito, Roe, Wade Organizations: Supreme, Historical Society, Federalist Society, Notre Dame, School’s, Liberty Initiative, Jackson, Health Organization Locations: Rome, Dobbs v
She is at a private event, not open to journalists. She baits them with leading questions, trying to trap them into agreeing with her stated opinions. One reasonable interpretation is that Justice Alito was agreeing merely to be polite. Lauren Windsor is no brave agent working to trap a drug gang leader, or working in the resistance behind enemy lines. Most decent people of all political persuasions will be disgusted by her behavior and sympathize with the justices who were the victims of her dishonesty.
Persons: Alito, Lauren Windsor, Samuel Alito, John Roberts Organizations: Historical Society
Read previewEarly Monday, Rolling Stone reported that a documentary filmmaker posing as a Catholic conservative created secret audio recordings of conversations with Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito at an exclusive charity gala. Advertisement"One side or the other is going to win," Alito told Windsor at the event, according to both outlets. Windsor told The Times that making the secret recordings was the only way she believed she could get answers to her questions. "I mean, whether or not Justice Alito thinks that the country's political or tribal divisions are likely to be solved anytime soon doesn't tell us very much." Representatives for the Supreme Court did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider.
Persons: , Rolling Stone, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Lauren Windsor's surreptitious, Alito's, Justice Roberts, Alito —, Alito, Windsor, Roberts, That's, Jonathan Adler, Adler Organizations: Service, Business, New York Times, Times, Supreme, Case Western Reserve University, Historical Society Locations: Windsor
CNN —A left-wing activist on Monday released secret recordings of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his wife, as well as Chief Justice John Roberts, discussing a range of politically sensitive topics. Video Ad Feedback Filmmaker reveals why she secretly recorded Supreme Court Justice Alito and his wife 03:12 - Source: CNNAlito did not respond to questions from CNN about his comments or those of his wife, Martha-Ann. “So they’ll go to hell,” Martha-Ann Alito says in the recording. You come after me, I’m going to give it back to you,” Martha-Ann Alito said. But there will be a way – they will know.”James Duff, the executive director of the Supreme Court Historical Society, slammed the recordings in a statement on Monday.
Persons: Samuel Alito, John Roberts, Alito, ” Alito, , , Lauren Windsor, Stone, Windsor, ” Roberts, Justice Alito, CNN Alito, Martha, Ann, Roberts, Ann Alito, Martha Alito, don’t, , Ann Alito’s, ” “, ” Martha, ” James Duff, ” Duff Organizations: CNN, Monday, Supreme, Society, Windsor, Washington Post, Historical Society Locations: Godliness, Windsor, Washington, Virginia, New Jersey, Martha
New York CNN —Ivan Boesky, the infamous insider trader whose name became synonymous with financial greed and helped inspire the fictional character Gordon Gekko in the 1987 film “Wall Street,” has died. His daughter, Marianne Boesky, confirmed to CNN on Monday that he died in his sleep. Nicknamed “Ivan the Terrible” on a 1986 Time Magazine cover, Boesky profited from the corporate takeover boom in the 1980s, using insider information to receive advanced information on pending deals. He pleaded guilty in 1986 to insider trading and was sentenced to three years of prison and fined $100 million, half of which went to returning the profits he made from insider trading and the other half as a civil penalty. Boesky was barred from securities trading for the rest of his life.
Persons: Ivan Boesky, Gordon Gekko, , Marianne Boesky, Marianne Boesky’s, Boesky, “ Ivan, ” Michael Milken, Milken, Ana Organizations: New, New York CNN, CNN, Haas School of Business, University of California, Wall, SEC, SEC Historical Society Locations: New York, Berkeley
Grayscale Investments announced that CEO Michael Sonnenshein stepped down on Monday, ending a 10-year run as the leader of the largest crypto asset manager. Under Sonnenshein, Grayscale played a key role in pushing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to allow bitcoin ETFs. "The crypto asset class is at an important inflection point and this is the right moment for a smooth transition. In 2022, Grayscale launched a lawsuit against the SEC, after regulators turned down its bid to convert the investment vehicle into an exchange-traded fund. Michael Sonnenshein at the 2022 Forbes Iconoclast Summit at New York Historical Society on Nov. 3, 2022.
Persons: Michael Sonnenshein, Peter Mintzberg, Goldman Sachs, Edward McGee, Sonnenshein, Arturo Holmes Organizations: Investments, BlackRock, U.S . Securities, Exchange Commission, SEC, Fidelity, Forbes, Summit, New York Historical Society, Getty Locations: OppenheimerFunds
Whenever a worthy cause needs help in Rockland, Maine, this town of 7,000 overlooking Penobscot Bay, people reach out to Bruce Gamage Jr., an auctioneer who runs an antiques shop downtown. Walking sticks? Gamage is as established an expert on such items as you’ll find around Rockland, a working-class town once known for its quarries and fish canneries. Many in town say he is just as self-sacrificing a spirit. “It’s almost all we need to do is send him the date, he is just so generous with his time,” said Amie Hutchison, executive director of Trekkers, a local nonprofit that mentors young people.
Persons: Bruce Gamage Jr, he’s, “ It’s, , Amie Hutchison Locations: Rockland , Maine, Penobscot, French, Rockland
This spring is the 400th anniversary of the founding of New York — or, to be precise, of the Dutch colony that became New York once the English took it over. That settlement gave rise to a city unencumbered by old ways and powered by pluralism and capitalism: the first modern city, you might say. Yes, New Netherland, the Dutch colony, and New Amsterdam, the city that became New York, created the conditions for New York’s ascent, and helped shape America as a place of tolerance, multiethnicity and free trade. But the Dutch also established slavery in the region and contributed to the removal of Native peoples from their lands. Efforts to commemorate the occasion have been slowed, in part, by controversy and confusion because we can’t agree on what our past means.
Organizations: New, York Historical Society Locations: New York, New Netherland, New Amsterdam, Independence
She began the body of work from which “White Shoes” is drawn during graduate studies at the International Center of Photography (ICP) program at Bard College. Nona Faustine/Courtesy Brooklyn MuseumFor centuries, New York City played a significant role in the enslavement of Black people. By 1730, forty-two percent of White households in the city enslaved Black people — the second-largest percentage of household slave ownership, after Charleston, South Carolina, in the United States. A tiara is balanced on her head, representing Western royalty and the dehumanizing ways White people treated enslaved Black women. Faustine's "White Shoes" exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum opens with her 2012 shot "Venus of Vlacke Bos," (far left).
Persons: Nona Faustine, Faustine, ” Faustine, , Jacob Morris, Baring, , Vlacke Bos, Mason, Dixon, Isabelle, Saartjie, Sarah ” Baartman, it’s, Catherine Morris, Carla Forbes, Morris, I’m, Faustine —, Truth’s Organizations: CNN, Brooklyn Museum, International Center of Photography, Bard College, New York City, , New York City, Harlem Historical Society, Brooklyn —, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Museum’s, Brooklyn Borough Hall Locations: New York City, Brooklyn, York, Manhattan, New York, New Amsterdam, , New York, Harlem, Wall, Lower Manhattan, White, Charleston , South Carolina, United States, Dutch, Flatbush, Lefferts House, Prospect Park , Brooklyn, African, Europe, Chinatown, Bronx, Staten Island
Conestoga wagons were developed by local carpenters and blacksmiths to carry goods, including farm produce and items bartered from Native Americans, to markets in Philadelphia. An original 19th century Conestoga wagon at the Conestoga Area Historical Society in Conestoga, Pennsylvania in 2024. For just that reason, Conestoga wagons had the controls on the left side, close to the wagon driver’s right hand. Lay, was that all traffic had to stay to the right — just like the Conestoga wagons did. on September 3, 1967 when cars switched from left to right side driving.
Persons: I’ve, Cooper, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Ford, that’s, Tesla, John Stehman, Peter Valdes, ‘ Gee, ” Stehman, , , M.G ., Ford, Maximilien Robespierre —, , Napoleon, William Van, Yevgenia Organizations: Conestoga, CNN, Ford, Historical Society, M.G, Lions, Hulton, Getty, Ford Motor Co, Guildhall Library, Art, Britain, Avis, Avis Budget Group, ” Avis Budget Locations: England, London, United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Conestoga , Pennsylvania, Conestoga, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia . Philadelphia, Lancaster County , Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Lancaster, New York, Britain, Paris, France, Stockholm, Sweden
SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Michael Thurmond thought he was reading familiar history at the burial place of Georgia's colonial founder. The son of a sharecropper and great-grandson of a Georgia slave, Thurmond became an attorney and has served for decades in state and local government. Historians have widely agreed Oglethorpe and his fellow Georgia trustees didn’t ban slavery because it was cruel to Black people. Escaped slaves captured in Oglethorpe’s Georgia were returned to slaveholders. Thurmond's book openly embraces such evidence that Oglethorpe's history with slavery was at times contradictory and unflattering.
Persons: — Michael Thurmond, James Edward Oglethorpe, ” Oglethorpe, Thurmond, Oglethorpe, ” Thurmond, , “ James Oglethorpe, Father, Georgia, Stan Deaton, Britain's, , Gerald Horne, Horne, Thurmond's, James F, Brooks, ” Brooks, — Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Olaudah Equiano, Granville Sharp, Hannah More, Sharp Organizations: University of Georgia Press, Georgia Historical Society, , Royal African Company, America, University of Houston, University of Georgia, Society, Slave Locations: SAVANNAH, Ga, Georgia, London, Black, British, Oglethorpe, DeKalb County, Atlanta, Parliament, England, America, New York, Boston, South Carolina, Spanish Florida, Virginia, Savannah, Oglethorpe’s Georgia, Africa, U.S
As the S.S. Arlington, a Canadian ship carrying wheat across Lake Superior, started to sink in stormy weather on May 1, 1940, its crew clambered into a lifeboat and then gazed upon a strange sight. There, across the stormy waters, was their captain, Frederick Burke, known as Tatey Bug, waving to them from the Arlington’s deck, moments before he went under with his ship. The odd behavior of the captain, a solitary figure who was left alone after his men escaped, remains a mystery. And it is likely that an explanation, like the ship itself, will never surface, according to researchers at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society, which announced on Monday that the Arlington had been found off the coast of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. “The question is whether he was saying, ‘Hey, hold the lifeboat’ or waving goodbye,” said Dan Fountain, a researcher who volunteers with the historical society and first detected the abnormality in the lake floor that led to the discovery of the Arlington last year.
Persons: Frederick Burke, , , Dan Fountain Organizations: Historical Society, of Locations: . Arlington, Canadian, Lake Superior, Arlington, of Michigan
WHITEFISH POINT, Mich. (AP) — Shipwreck hunters have discovered a merchant ship that sank in Lake Superior in 1940, taking its captain with it, during a storm off Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But as the Arlington and a larger freighter, the Collingwood, made their way across Lake Superior they encountered dense fog and then a storm after nightfall that battered both ships. The crew, “out of fear for their lives, and without orders from Captain Burke,” began to abandon ship, they said in a statement. Reports indicate he was last seen near its pilothouse, waving at the Collingwood, minutes before his ship vanished into the lake. “It’s exciting to solve just one more of Lake Superior’s many mysteries, finding Arlington so far out in the lake," Fountain said in a statement.
Persons: Dan Fountain, Owen, Frederick “, ” Burke, Burke countermanded, Captain Burke, , Burke, Fountain, Bruce Lynn, . Fountain, Lynn, Dan Organizations: POINT, Mich, , Historical, Arlington, Owen Sound, Collingwood, Arlington ., . Locations: Lake Superior, Keweenaw, Arlington, Port Arthur , Ontario, Owen Sound , Ontario, Great, North Shore, Negaunee , Michigan, Superior
Opinion | The Dawn of a New Era of Oppression
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I am fascinated, and alarmed, by the swiftness with which periods of backlash take shape after surges of Black progress, and I believe that we have entered another such period. Much of my inquiry on the matter has focused on the period after Reconstruction was allowed to fail and that saw Jim Crow begin to rise. Much of this was embodied by the state of Mississippi, which in 1870 was majority Black. White supremacists in the state developed the “Mississippi Plan” in advance of the state’s 1875 elections to use fraud and the intimidation of Black voters, including through violence, to retake state power from progressives. The plan worked.
Persons: Jim Crow, White, Black, Jason Phillips Organizations: Reconstruction, Mississippi Historical Society, Mississippi Department of Archives, Democratic, Republican Locations: Mississippi
When the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved a swathe of spot bitcoin ETFs earlier this month, much focus was on the management fees that firms from BlackRock to Fidelity were charging. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF is the world's largest, with over $25 billion in assets under management. "Investors are weighing heavily things like liquidity and track record and who the actual issuer is behind the product. The Grayscale CEO said two to three of the spot Bitcoin ETFs "will maybe obtain some kind of critical mass" of assets under management, but that the others may be pulled from the market. "I don't ultimately think that the marketplace will have ultimately these 11 spot products we find ourselves having," Sonnenshein said.
Persons: Michael Sonnenshein, Sonnenshein Organizations: Forbes, Summit, New York Historical Society, U.S . Securities, Exchange Commission, Fidelity, CNBC, Economic Locations: BlackRock, DAVOS, Switzerland, Davos
David McLane/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images The first Macy's store, on New York's Sixth Avenue, is seen circa 1880. New York Times Co./Hulton Archive/Getty Images Workers sort parcels at a Macy's store circa 1942. Fritz Goro/The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock Women show dolls to children at a Macy's store around Christmas in 1942. Fred Morgan/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images The Radio City Rockettes march in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1966. Amy Sussman/AP Images for Macy's This Macy's store in West Palm Beach, Florida, was one of dozens of stores that the company announced it would be closing in 2017.
Persons: David McLane, Santa Claus, Fritz Goro, Bernard Hoffman, Rita Hayworth's, Nina Leen, Fred Morgan, Paul DeMaria, Jean, Erick Pasquier, Monica Almeida, Chris Hondros, Timothy Fadek, Andrew Craft, Eric Thayer, Eduardo Munoz, Andrew Kelly, Amy Sussman, Joe Raedle, Charles Krupa, Gary Hershorn, Macy’s Organizations: New, New York CNN — Veteran, CNN, Street Journal, Commerce Department, NY, The New, Historical Society, of Congress, Santa, Bettmann, . New York Times Co, Hulton, Getty, Keystone, Herald, Macy, City, Workers, Fayetteville Observer, USA, Reuters Shoppers, Reuters, Saxon Middle School Choir, Downtown Burlington High School, Corbis Locations: New York, ., France, Fayetteville , North Carolina, Bay Shore , New York, West Palm Beach , Florida, Burlington , Vermont, New York City, Santa Claus
MEREDITH, N.H. (AP) — A record high tide in Maine washed away three historic fishing shacks that had stood since the 1800s and formed the backdrop of countless photographs. “It's truly a sad day for the community and the residents of South Portland,” Erskine said in an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday. A record 14.57-foot (4.4-meter) high tide was measured in Portland, Maine, just after noon on Saturday, after a storm surge amplified what was already the month's highest tide, said National Weather Service meteorologist Michael Cempa. Cempa said the tide gauge measures the difference between the high tide and the average low tide. “Very sadly, all three fishing shacks at Willard Beach have been completely destroyed,” the city wrote on its Facebook page.
Persons: MEREDITH, Michelle Erskine, Willard, Erskine, “ It's, ” Erskine, Michael Cempa, Cempa, Organizations: Associated Press, Weather Service, Hampton, Portland Historical Society Locations: N.H, Maine, Willard Beach, South Portland, Portland , Maine, Orchard Beach, Kennebunkport, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, Willard, Portland
Princess Diana wore a pink blouse in her engagement portrait in 1981. AdvertisementOne of Princess Diana's most iconic garments is being auctioned off. The auction house, Julien's Auctions, estimates that it will fetch between $80,000 and $100,000 when it sells. As of Monday, Diana's blouse has one bid for $80,000, and Julien's Auctions anticipates it could sell for as much as $100,000. In addition to the Emanuel blouse, the Julien's Auctions TCM Hollywood Legends auction will also feature a Jacques Azagury dress Diana wore on multiple occasions.
Persons: Diana, David, Elizabeth Emanuel, , Princess Diana's, Charles, Lord Snowden, Princess Margaret, Alastair Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Elizabeth, Diana's, DANIEL LEAL, hadn't, David Levenson, Diana wasn't, Emanuel, Jacques Azagury, Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Jayne Fincher Organizations: Service, Vogue, Kensington Palace, AP, Julien's, TCM Hollywood, Business, mascara, Getty, Westminster Abbey, New, New York Historical Locations: Kensington, Westminster, Italy, Canada, New York
Burton heard stories of Reeves when he would visit relatives in Oklahoma, and he became determined to learn more. Reeves wasn’t the first or only Black marshal of the period, but he became the most famous. Sidney Thompson caught the Reeves bug when he saw Morgan Freeman describing Reeves as his dream role in a TV interview. (It was widely reported last year that Freeman was developing his own Bass Reeves series, “Twin Territories,” for Amazon.) Burton’s book is deeply researched, yet its most memorable lines ring like tall tales passed down through generations.
Persons: Burton, Reeves, Reeves wasn’t, Sidney Thompson, Morgan Freeman, Freeman, Bass Reeves, , Thompson, Thompson —, Freeman —, Jewel Coronel, Coronel, Taylor Sheridan, Delroy Lindo, Jamal Akakpo, ” Burton, Organizations: , Amazon, Texas Christian University, Netflix, Coronel Locations: Oklahoma, Twin Territories, Virginia, Muskogee, Okla
Hundreds of individuals were accused of witchcraft in what would become the Commonwealth of Massachusetts between 1638 and 1693. Another accused Boston witch, known as Goodwife Ann Glover or Goody Glover, was hanged in the city in 1688. Jane Swift signed a bill exonerating five women executed during the witch trials in Salem. Nineteen were hanged during the Salem witch trials while a 20th victim was pressed to death. Johnson is believed to be the last accused Salem witch to have her conviction set aside.
Persons: Margaret Jones, Josh Hutchinson, , , Hutchinson, Ann Hibbins, Richard Bellingham, Nathaniel Hawthorne's “, Goodwife Ann Glover, Goody Glover, Young, David Allen Lambert, Lambert, — Mary Perkins Bradbury —, Samuel Sewall, Ann Pudeator, Jane Swift, Sarah Good, Elizabeth Howe, Susannah Martin, Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Wildes, Elizabeth Johnson Jr, Johnson, Salem, Widow Krieger, Krieger, Joyce Held, Lisa Rathke Organizations: BOSTON, , Massachusetts, Hunt, Statehouse, Massachusetts Gov, New, Genealogical Society, Historical Society, Bennington Museum Locations: Massachusetts, New England, Commonwealth, Salem, Boston, Connecticut, ” Massachusetts, , Pownal , Vermont, New York, , Marshfield , Vermont
CNN —For the victims of the mass shooting Wednesday night in Lewiston, Maine, it was an ordinary night out. Even on her night off on Wednesday, Asselin was at Just-in-Time, her brother told CNN. He was one the victims lost in the shooting in Maine,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post Thursday. Arthur “Artie” StroutArthur "Artie" Strout Strout family/WBZArthur “Artie” Strout, 42, was at Schemengees during the shooting, his father, Arthur Bernard, told CNN affiliate WBZ. His death has left his family in “shock and profound grief,” his family member Cecile Francoeur Martin told CNN.
Persons: Robert Card, Michael Sauschuck, Tricia Asselin Tricia Asselin, CNN Tricia Asselin, Asselin, I’m, ” DJ Johnson, , Johnson, Stephen “ Steve ” Vozzella Stephen Vozzella, Megan Vozzella Stephen Vozzella, Vozzella, Brian L, Renfroe, , Governor Baxter, Karen Hopkins, ” Vozzella, NEDC, Steve Vozzella, he’d, Peyton Brewer, Ross Peyton Brewer, Ross, CNN Peyton Brewer, Ralph Brewer, Brewer, cornhole, Schemengees . Brewer, Ross “, Elle, Thomas “ Tommy ” Conrad Tommy Conrad, Timothy Conrad Tommy Conrad, Conrad, Michael Deslauriers, Vicki Deslauriers Roy, Michael Deslauriers II, Michael Deslauriers Sr, Deslauriers, ” Deslauriers, ” Jason Walker Jason Walker, Mike Sauschuck, Bryan MacFarlane Bryan MacFarlane, Keri Brooks Bryan MacFarlane, Keri Brooks, MacFarlane, Brooks, Arthur “ Artie ” Strout Arthur, Artie, Strout, WBZ Arthur, Artie ” Strout, Arthur Bernard, Bernard, Joseph “ Joey ” Walker Joseph Walker, CNN Leroy Walker, Joseph Walker, Walker, Joseph, ” Leroy Walker, it’s, ” Joshua Seal Lewiston, Joshua Seal, Seal, Janet Mills, Nirav Shah, Elizabeth Seal, Joshua, ” Seal’s, ” Keith Macneir Keith Macneir, Maxx Hathaway Maxx Hathaway, Kelsay Hathaway, GoFundMe Maxx Hathaway, ” Kelsay Hathaway, “ Brenda, Maxx, Brenda Hathaway, Lilian, Brenda, ” Kelsay, Courtney Hathaway, she’s, he’s, ” Courtney Hathaway, “ Maxx, Robert “ Bob ” Violette Bob Violette, Violette, CNN Bob Violette, “ Bob’s, Brandon Dubuc, ” Witnesses, Cassandra Violette, Lucille Violette Lucille Violette, Bob Violette, William “ Bill ” Young, Aaron Young, Bill Young, Aaron, Kayla Putnam, CNN Bill Young, Young, Putnam, Bill, “ He’s, ” Putnam, WCVB, “ It’s, Rob, ” Rob, Ronald “ Ron ” Morin, Ron Morin, Ron Morin Ron Morin, Cecile Francoeur Martin, Martin, Morin’s, Morin, ” William Frank Brackett William Frank Brackett, CNN’s Caroll Alvarado, Elizabeth Wolfe, Sara Smart, Afshar, Amanda Jackson, Cara Lynn Clarkson, Aya Elamroussi Organizations: CNN, Public, New, Deaf, National Association of, Carriers, U.S . Postal Service, Governor, Governor Baxter School, Deaf Cornhole, , Schemengees, WMTW, Facebook, Historical Society, of Public, WBZ, WGME, Tree Society, Maine Gov, Boston Globe, Portland Press Herald, Press Herald, WCVB, Bangor Daily News Locations: Lewiston , Maine, Lisbon Falls, United States, Uvalde , Texas, Lewiston, Maine, Schemengees, Auburn , Maine,
Seven died Wednesday at the Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley, while eight others were fatally shot at nearby Schemengees Bar & Grille restaurant, police said. Here is what we know about some of victims:BILL AND AARON YOUNGBill Young and his 14-year-old son Aaron were shot and killed at the Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley, Bill's brother Rob Young told Reuters. They were out for an evening with their bowling league, Rob Young said. TRICIA ASSELINAsselin was trying to call 911 when the gunman shot and killed her at the bowling alley, her brother DJ Johnson told CNN. Asselin, who worked at the bowling alley part time, was there for a night out with her sister, who survived the massacre, Johnson said.
Persons: Ronald Morin, Peyton Brewer, Ross, Joshua Seal, Bryan MacFarlane, Joseph Walker, Arthur Strout, Maxx Hathaway, Stephen Vozzella, Thomas Conrad, Michael Deslauriers II, Jason Walker, Tricia Asselin, Bill Young, Aaron Young, Bob Violette, Lucille Violette, William Brackett, Keith McNeir, AARON, Aaron, Bill's, Rob Young, TRICIA ASSELIN Asselin, DJ Johnson, Asselin, Johnson, JOSEPH WALKER, Walker, Leroy Walker, Joseph, Joey, BRYAN MACFARLANE, Kevin Lamarque, MacFarlane, Keri Brooks, Brooks, LUCY VIOLETTE Bob Violette, Cassandra Violette, Lucy, MICHAEL DESLAURIERS, JASON WALKER Deslauriers II, Michael Deslauriers Sr, Deslauriers, PEYTON BREWER, ROSS, Brewer, cornhole, STEPHEN VOZZELLA Vozzella, Schemengees, Vozzella, Cornhole, Steve Vozzella, Gabriella Borter, Sharon Bernstein, Eric Cox, Colleen Jenkins Organizations: Seven, Authorities, Reuters, CNN, Schemengees, REUTERS, Sears, Sun Journal, International Association of Machinists, Aerospace Workers, Bath Iron, IAM, National Association of, New, Thomson Locations: LEWISTON , Maine, Lewiston , Maine, Schemengees, Baltimore, Lewiston, Auburn , Maine, Lisbon Falls , Maine, U.S, Maine, Bath , Maine, New England, Sacramento , California
Reframing the American Landscape
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As a painter of the natural world for more than five decades, Kay WalkingStick says it is impossible not to be influenced by the 19th-century Hudson River School’s majestic depictions of the American landscape. “They were selling the American landscape as empty and of course it was not empty; it was populated,” said Ms. WalkingStick, who in her bold, pared-down painting style revisits similar vistas on which she overlays geometric patterns used by the Native tribe connected to that specific land. “I think of it as a reminder that we’re all living on Indian Territory.”The exhibition “Kay WalkingStick/Hudson River School” opens Friday at the New-York Historical Society. It is the 88-year-old Cherokee artist’s largest museum show so far in New York City, where she received her M.F.A. “I wanted to see our Hudson River School collection through Kay’s eyes and how her work helps us to reinterpret the history of landscape painting in North America,” said Wendy Nalani E. Ikemoto, the museum’s senior curator of American art and a Native Hawaiian.
Persons: Kay WalkingStick, Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt, Asher B, Durand, , , WalkingStick, “ Kay WalkingStick, WalkingStick’s, Cole, Bierstadt, Frederick A, John Frederick Kensett, Jesse Talbot, Wendy Nalani E Organizations: Fine Arts, Hudson River, York Historical Society, Cherokee, Pratt Institute Locations: Indian Territory, Hudson, New York City, North America
TenHaken’s plan is to have the collection legally declared “surplus,” allowing the city to get the animals out of the museum. Dioramas at the Delbridge Museum. He donated the collection to the city, and it has been housed at the Great Plains Zoo since 1984. The Great Plains Zoo, which included the Delbridge Museum when it was open, attracts about 250,000 visitors a year. A Great Plains Zoo official told CNN proper display of the animals was a condition of the original donation.
Persons: they’ll, Paul TenHaken, , Becky Dewitz, ” Dewitz, ” TenHaken, Henry Brockhouse, C.J, Dewitz, , KELO, it’s, ” Paloma Strong, Strong, Brockhouse, Charles Darwin, John Edmonstone, “ Taxidermy, ” Strong, taxidermy Organizations: CNN, Delbridge, Facebook, Sioux Falls, Plains, Sioux, Plains Zoo, Angeles, Society, Indiana Historical Society Locations: Sioux Falls , South Dakota, Sioux Falls, Sioux, China, taxidermy, South Dakota, Delbridge, Guyana, Scotland
36 Hours in Charleston, S.C.
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3:30 p.m. Tour downtown’s Black historyTake in history on foot with Lost Stories of Black Charleston , a two-hour walking tour that starts at Buxton Books on King Street and explores two downtown neighborhoods: the French Quarter and South of Broad. On a recent stroll, the author and historian Damon Fordham (who said he never gives the same tour twice), pointed out the Broad Street location of the country’s first known Black law firm, Whipper, Elliott, and Allen, which opened in 1868. In front of the South Carolina Historical Society, he spoke of Denmark Vesey, a free Black man who, in 1822, planned an unsuccessful slave revolt. When his plan was revealed, white Charlestonians burned down Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where Mr. Vesey was a member. The church was rebuilt in 1872 (and again in 1891, following an earthquake) and was the site of the 2015 shooting that claimed the lives of nine Black churchgoers.
Persons: Damon Fordham, Elliott, Allen, Denmark Vesey, Vesey Organizations: Buxton Books, King, South, South Carolina Historical Society, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Locations: Charleston, Broad, South Carolina
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