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In the three days since President Biden announced he was quitting the 2024 race, Mr. Trump has entered foreign territory. But within 24 hours, Democratic leaders unofficially crowned Ms. Harris and stamped out any notable opposition. His team considered mounting legal challenges to her campaign committee to make it harder for Ms. Harris to hit the ground running. And Mr. Trump is still cycling through nicknames for Ms. Harris — a sign that he hasn’t yet figured out how he intends to portray her. And some Trump campaign officials have telegraphed plans to “Willie Horton” Ms. Harris.
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Read previewIt has been 10 months since Donald Trump's New York civil-fraud defense lawyers were ordered to pay $7,500 each in sanctions for filing repetitive and frivolous legal motions. The brief argues that in sanctioning the civil fraud defense lawyers in September, the judge improperly referenced two prior Habba matters that resulted in sanctions for her and Trump. Habba and other Trump lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the appeal. AdvertisementA nearly $500 million judgment — set by Engoron in February against Trump, the Trump Organization, and key longtime executives — remains on hold during Trump's appeal. Of that sum, Trump personally owes $471 million, as of Tuesday, including $17 million in post-judgment interest.
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New York CNN —Fox News has proposed a presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and Vice President Kamala Harris on September 17. It’s not clear if that debate will still take place now that Biden has dropped out of the race. Trump has also expressed displeasure at ABC and has previously posted that he wants Fox News to host the debate instead of the Disney-owned network. In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Trump said he “absolutely” wants to debate Harris, and “would be willing to do more than one debate, actually.”“I haven’t agreed to anything. I think debating’s important for a presidential race, I really do, you sort of have an obligation to debate.”
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Read previewIt's been 10 months since Donald Trump's New York civil-fraud defense lawyers were ordered to pay $7,500 each in sanctions for filing repetitive and frivolous legal motions. The brief argues that in sanctioning the civil-fraud defense lawyers in September, the judge improperly referenced two prior Habba matters that resulted in sanctions for her and Trump. AdvertisementHabba wasn't among the five fraud-trial defense lawyers hit with the small, largely symbolic sanctions last September because her name wasn't on the motions Engoron attacked as "frivolous." Habba and other Trump lawyers didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the appeal. AdvertisementA nearly $500 million judgment — set by Engoron in February against Trump, The Trump Organization, and key longtime executives — remains on hold during Trump's appeal.
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But now it has to retool to elect Kamala Harris, who’s a Black and South Asian woman in the year 2024,” said one aide at campaign headquarters. Never have the people on what was, until Sunday afternoon, the very small core team around Harris felt so popular. That, they know, has to change immediately, but will happen as Harris’ staff is asked to step in. Retaining hard fought Harris equilibriumLike Biden, Harris doesn’t have a history of running great or well-functioning campaigns, whether that was her Senate race in 2016 or her 2020 presidential run that didn’t even survive until December of 2019. So at least for now, the campaign staff are trying to hold to a line that deputy campaign manager and digital outreach specialist Rob Flaherty used on a call Monday afternoon that senior staff held.
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CNN —The ascension of Vice President Kamala Harris to become the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in less than 48 hours is an unprecedented occurrence in American politics. Only four people in US history have won a presidential election as a sitting vice president. Back then, the vice president was the runner-up in the presidential election. In 1861, Vice President John Breckinridge oversaw the counting of electoral votes that made Abraham Lincoln president, at a time when Southern states seceded from the country rather than accept Lincoln’s 1860 victory. Vice President Richard Nixon narrowly lost the 1960 election to John F. Kennedy and oversaw the counting of electoral votes in 1961.
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Read previewIt didn't take long for Vice President Kamala Harris to be hit with a barrage of sexist and racist attacks after President Joe Biden endorsed her for the presidential run. Harris is also facing a barrage of sexist attacksThe GOP is baselessly accusing Harris of sleeping her way to the top. JD Vance says women who haven’t given birth like Kamala Harris are “childless cat ladies who are miserable at their own lives,” and have “no direct stake” in America. Although Hillary Clinton also bore the brunt of sexist attacks as a female presidential candidate in 2016, the experts told BI that Harris is going to have it much worse. Representatives for Harris did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours.
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The prosecutor-versus-felon approach may appeal to undecided voters who had been sour on both Mr. Trump and President Biden. Mr. Trump, for his part, has been trying to soften some of his harshest rhetoric about seeking vengeance on his rivals ahead of the general election. In the case of Ms. Harris, the contempt is displayed both in public and private. Since then, Mr. Trump has attacked her savagely, particularly when she became Mr. Biden’s running mate in 2020. On Sunday, Mr. Trump, who has insisted he would debate Mr. Biden anytime and anywhere, appeared to try to change the terms of the second debate.
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She had also raised more than $100 million from 1.1 million different donors — 62% of them first-time contributors — between Sunday and Monday, a Harris campaign official said. Top Wisconsin Democratic officials, including two-term Gov. They are among a long list of Democratic officials and candidates who appeared with the vice president on Tuesday. Harris’ campaign, inheriting the infrastructure put in place during Biden’s candidacy, has 48 coordinated offices in 43 counties in Wisconsin, including 160 full-time staffers. The trip to Wisconsin — one of the three “Blue Wall” states, alongside Pennsylvania and Michigan — is Harris’ fifth there this year and ninth since becoming vice president.
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Biden won California by 29 points in 2020, and Harris will surely win the deep blue state in her own right. Along the way, Harris' political trajectory opened up doors to places that other candidates eyeing the White House have to fly across the country to reach. AdvertisementAs a presidential candidate, Harris won't be a stranger to the tech giants that fueled so much growth in her state. And should Harris win the White House, there'd be a familiar face influencing policy and legislation on relevant tech issues for the foreseeable future, which is something that doesn't come along everyday. Harris hasn't secured the Democratic nomination yet, but if she does, California could be in for some of its sunniest days yet.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewAs dozens of Democratic party leaders are throwing their weight behind Kamala Harris to take over the presidential ticket, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg says they should slow their roll. AdvertisementBut in the midst of widespread support for Harris, Bloomberg isn't the only one going against the grain to suggest a lengthier nomination process. Some Democrats have called for a mini-primary, which would allow potential Harris challengers to make their case ahead of an open convention in August. Sen. Joe Manchin, seen by some as a possible rival to Harris, ruled out running himself, but also said Democrats shouldn't rush to rally around a candidate.
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Energized Democrats quickly consolidate around Harris
  + stars: | 2024-07-22 | by ( Eric Bradner | )   time to read: +9 min
Democratic congressional leaders had remained quiet so far — but there were signs that could soon change. Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark and California Rep. Pete Aguilar, the second- and third-ranking House Democrats, endorsed Harris on Monday morning. The Clintons, in a statement Sunday, endorsed Harris; Obama did not, deferring to the party’s process. In those phone calls, Harris made clear that while she was grateful for Biden’s endorsement, she planned to earn the Democratic nomination in her own right. Longtime Democratic operative Donna Brazile said that she was in the process of gathering delegates to support Harris.
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Big Tech's phony Trumpism
  + stars: | 2024-07-22 | by ( Adam Rogers | )   time to read: +9 min
Before Andreessen and Horowitz formed their venture-capital firm in 2009, Andreessen was an incisive observer of Silicon Valley. Big Andreesen (meaning the current bloated billionaire model) also contradicts Little Andreessen (the earlier, leaner blogger) on the issue of regulation. The reason, he now claims, is that government used to leave Silicon Valley alone. He and his fellow Silicon Valley investor-class billionaires have been sliding rightward for years. It's that I didn't see that this is where Silicon Valley was always headed.
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A 'Trump trade' hedge using options
  + stars: | 2024-07-22 | by ( Michael Khouw | )   time to read: +3 min
The reason this matters to investors is the so-called Trump trade. The stock market did very well following former President Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton in November 2016, but smaller businesses, in particular, were beneficiaries. When we listen to some of the policy ideas that Trump has discussed, such as measures intended to protect smaller U.S.-based businesses, companies in the small-cap Russell 2000 index stand to benefit. Since the June 27 debate, the Russell 2000 has outperformed the S & P 500 by more than 6 percentage points. So, investors must acknowledge that if Trump's path to victory against Harris or a potential unknown pinch-hitter is less certain, then uncertainty must, by extension, apply to the Trump trade.
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Ms. Harris seems almost certain to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee after President Biden’s decision not to seek re-election. He defeated Mrs. Clinton in 2016 in spite of her winning the popular vote by a wide margin. Ms. Harris has neither the political legacy nor the baggage of Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Trump, having served a turbulent term in office, is now a known quantity. Ms. Harris is Black and of South Asian descent.
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Read previewMemes and celebrity endorsements have already set the tone for Kamala Harris' presidential campaign. Kamala HQ instead posted a Venn diagram, with the two outer circles, "Biden HQ" and "Kamala HQ" merging to form "holding Trump accountable." Across the social media landscape, the energy is palpable, said David Karpf, a professor of media and public affairs at George Washington University. "When you've got a good social media team that has arrived at a cultural moment and pent-up enthusiasm, they get to play with it." While Harris' team is focusing on younger voters and voters of color, the appeal of social media transcends age, North said.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. While she isn't yet his official opponent, Vice President Kamala Harris' mere presence could provoke such a reaction. Years later, Trump deeming former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "a nasty woman" remains a badge of honor for Democrats. Trump's former foes have turned his attacks into rallying cries, a response that Harris and her allies are likely to use. "Sarah, you're smart, you're beautiful, you're tough, and they attack you because you're good at your job," Sanders said.
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Read previewKamala Harris is enjoying a moment in the viral sun — with her #KHive surging into the mainstream, admitting they've been "coconut pilled." One coconut emoji too many, and Harris HQ could be veering into cringe, losing the coveted brain rot demographic. They've already started to try to capitalize on the memes — a little: The Harris presidential campaign's official TikTok account posted Charli XCX's Sunday tweet that said: "Kamala is brat." The Kamala HQ bio also reads "ready to provide context," which is a reference to another Harris-related meme. Advertisementkamala IS brat — Charli (@charli_xcx) July 22, 2024(If the coconut and brat references don't make sense to you, a brief explanation: Brat is a reference to Charli XCX's latest album, which has a girls-just-wanna-have-judgment-free-fun vibe.
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CNN —Kamala Harris has spent much more of her life as a prosecutor than as a senator or vice president – and that is exactly how she is now going to run against Donald Trump. The vice president had expected that to be part of her role making the case for Biden. “As a former prosecutor, Vice President Harris has a lot of experience holding convicted felons accountable,” said Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a former primary opponent in the 2020 Democratic race who quickly endorsed Harris after the news of Biden’s decision broke. “The prosecutor approach is really about just deconstructing an issue,” Harris told CNN in an exclusive interview after a campaign stop in Las Vegas in April. He was a for-profit college – literally,” a narrator says, as footage of first Harris and then Trump goes by.
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The tight timeline will magnify any missteps Ms. Harris might make but also minimize the chances for a stumble. And in a race that Mr. Trump had been on a trajectory to win, Ms. Harris immediately becomes the ultimate X-factor. She was making the argument for herself but the logic applies to Ms. Harris, too. Her day job is not nearly as demanding as Mr. Biden’s, and she can barnstorm the country at a pace far faster than Mr. Trump has undertaken. And while Ms. Harris did not carve out a reputation in California as an outspoken progressive — her tagline as D.A.
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President Biden announced on Sunday that he was dropping out of the presidential race and endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him as the Democratic nominee. If elected, Ms. Harris, 59, would be the nation’s first woman president. Eight years after Hillary Clinton lost to former President Donald J. Trump, is the country ready? If you are a woman and are planning to vote in the November election, New York Times journalists would like to know your thoughts. We won’t publish any part of our response without following up with you first, verifying your information and hearing back from you.
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Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during a political event at the Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Experience in Portage, Michigan, on July 17, 2024. Jeff Kowalsky | AFP | Getty ImagesThe pressure is on Vice President Kamala Harris to turn around her political fortunes and win the Democratic Party's nomination, analysts say, after U.S. President Joe Biden dropped out of the presidential race. "I'm not saying it's going to be easy for Kamala Harris ... but I do think we have to give her the opportunity to be the candidate," he noted. "The vice presidential role, by its very definition, is very much behind the scenes, playing second fiddle to the president. The "Biden for President" campaign committee has officially been renamed the "Harris for President" committee, affording Harris the use of Biden team's infrastructure, staff and its $98 million in cash reserves.
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In today's big story, President Joe Biden ended his reelection bid . The president ended his reelection campaign on Sunday, the culmination of mounting pressure from his party after a disastrous debate last month. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump said in a post on Truth Social that "Crooked Joe Biden was not fit to run for President." Biden's reelection campaign has quickly pivoted to serve Harris, making it an uphill battle for any Democrat looking to challenge her , writes Business Insider's Brent D. Griffiths. Many have made comparisons to the 1968 Democratic convention , which was a contested convention after President Lyndon B. Johnson ended his reelection campaign earlier that year.
Persons: , Joe Biden, Biden, Alyssa Powell, BI Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Donald Trump, Kamala Harris, Harris, Jared Siskin, Biden's, Insider's Brent D, Griffiths, Hillary Clinton, BI's Bryan Metzger, Lyndon B, Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Humphrey, Richard Nixon, Brent, Here's, Sieg, Merrill Lynch, Abanti Chowdhury, Andy Sieg, Warren Buffett's, Buffett, Paul Chinn, Andrew Caballero Reynolds, Marc Andreessen, he'd, Andreessen, Trump, BI's Adam Rogers, OpenAI, Sam Altman's, slowdowns, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, Annie Smith, Amanda Yen Organizations: Service, Business, BI, Democratic, Madison, Park Conservancy, Citi Wealth, BI Citi Wealth, Bank of Montreal, Buffett Locations: Park, Plenty, Washington, Chicago, Southern, New York, London
Bill and Hillary Clinton endorsed VP Kamala Harris for president after Biden dropped out on Sunday. The former president and secretary of state issued a joint warning of a second Trump term. AdvertisementThe Clintons have thrown their support behind Vice President Kamala Harris after President Joe Biden announced he would drop out of the presidential race on Sunday. Biden's announcement was a stunning development that followed weeks of Democratic infighting over Biden's ability to defeat former President Donald Trump in November. Shortly after Biden shared his news, he endorsed Harris for the Democratic nomination.
Persons: Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Biden, , Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Harris Organizations: Trump, Service, Democratic, Business
Read previewWithin minutes of Joe Biden dropping out, the wheels were already in motion in both the Democratic and Republican parties. All of it centered on one person: Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden's endorsed heir apparent. The Trump campaign released a statement on Sunday criticizing Biden and Harris as Trump himself focused on mocking Biden. "Kamala Harris is just as much of joke as Biden is," the Trump campaign's statement said. AdvertisementBefore Biden's bombshell announcement, people familiar with the Trump campaign told The Guardian that Trump and his team wanted Biden to remain the nominee.
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