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CNN —Train enthusiasts and history buffs alike will soon have a new Southeast Asian destination to visit, as Vietnam prepares to unveil a revamped pair of vintage steam locomotives from the 1960s. The two Revolution Express locomotives are the last working steam trains in Vietnam, dating from when the country was still a French colony, according to hospitality brand Wafaifo Optimisers, which is managing the project. In recent years, the trains have been slowly restored to working condition using original parts, and crafted by the last remaining steam engineers working for the national railway system. Wafaifo & Revolution ExpressVietnam declared its independence from France on September 2, 1945 – a claim that neither France nor the United States recognized. By 1954, Vietnam signed the Geneva Accords – splitting the country into two halves, the Communist-led north and US-supported south, and kicking off the bloody Vietnam War, which would last nearly two decades.
Persons: Wafaifo Optimisers, Wafaifo, , Michael Gebbie Organizations: CNN, Revolution, Lang Co, Indochina Rail Tourist Service, Revolution Express, Geneva Accords, Communist, UNESCO Locations: Vietnam, Da Nang, Hue, Lang, Lang Co, Indochina, Revolution Express Vietnam, France, United States, Saigon, Chi Minh City
So in 2016, Badran set up her own tour company, Wander with Nada, to “show a different side of Dubai” to travelers. Her bespoke private tours are designed to suit the interests of each visitor, but her favorite itinerary is Dubai’s “old town,” a group of small neighborhoods around Dubai Creek where the city began and Badran spent her childhood. Badran leads me through the narrow alleys around the Dubai Old Souk, home to stores run by Indian-origin families. Stores in Old Dubai Souk. “Dubai is about opening your mind,” Badran says, “and embracing this diversity that makes it unique.”
Persons: Nada Badran, Badran, , , Nada, Rebecca Cairns, Al Maktoum, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Al Talli, There’s, , it’s, ” Badran, Al Shindagha, Al, Djamel Boussaa, ” Boussaa, hasn’t, Rashid Haghaght, Al Karama, ” “ Organizations: CNN, , United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Heritage, UNESCO, Al Shindagha, Trading Locations: Florence, Dubai, The, Arabian, “ Dubai, , Rome, Athens, Edinburgh, UAE, Oman, today’s Iraq, Bani Yas, Al Shindagha, Suadna, South, West Asia, Al, Saudi Arabia, Al Fahidi, Jordan, Deira, Isfahan, Old Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Rigga, Souk, Old Dubai Souk, Jebel Ali, Iran, India, China
When South Africans vote Wednesday, an unhappy combination of rampant corruption, soaring joblessness, crippling power cuts and feeble economic growth will likely be top of mind. Black South Africans, who make up 81% of the population, are at the sharp end of this dire situation. ‘Elite enrichment’Under apartheid — and colonial rule before that — Black South Africans were violently oppressed and denied many basic human rights. Millions of South Africans still live in such informal settlements. “The poster child of this is the electricity sector.”For much of last year, South Africans were without power for at least some portion of the day.
Persons: , Nelson Mandela’s, , Cyril Ramaphosa, Leon Sadiki, BEE, Moeletsi Mbeki, Thabo Mbeki, White, , Tshediso Matona, Anders Pettersson, Black, , Kganki Matabane, Matthew Parks, Matona, Mbeki, Ricardo Hausmann, Jacob Zuma, Haroon Bhorat, Michele Spatari, ” Bhorat, hasn’t, ANC “, Zuma, Ramaphosa, Cas Coovadia, Hausmann Organizations: Johannesburg CNN, National Congress, ANC, World Bank, Oxford Economics, Harvard University, Democratic Alliance, Bloomberg, Getty, South African Institute of International Affairs, Wits University, CNN, , BBEE, Black Business Council, South African Trade Unions, Harvard’s, University of Cape, South Africa’s Free, International Monetary Fund, Fitch, IMF, JPMorgan, Shell, Unilever, Business, Business Unity, Harvard Growth Locations: London, Johannesburg, Sudan, Africa, Alexandra, South Africa, Leon, Isipingo, KwaZulu, Natal, South, , University of Cape Town, loadshedding, Namahadi, Frankfort, Business Unity South Africa
Police Scotland told CNN it had received no reports regarding fans’ behavior towards Boyle. Paul Devlin/SNS Group/Getty Images“It was a historic problem born of the Catholic-Protestant divide in Scottish society, especially in the West of Scotland. And it became greatly manifest in football,” Scottish sports journalist Graham Spiers told CNN. Historically chants have included anti-Catholic religious bigotry, or vocal support for paramilitary groups like the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Celtic and Rangers fans at the start of the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on September 10, 2016 in Glasgow.
Persons: Martin Boyle, Boyle, ” David Scott, , , Hibernian's Martin Boyle, John Souttar, Paul Devlin, Graham Spiers, It’s, ” Spiers, Spiers, Mark Scott, Scott, Jason Campbell, Mouth’s Scott, , , , ” Scott, Celtic’s, King William III, William of Orange, Frank McAvennie, Chris Woods, Terry Butcher, Chris Cole, don’t, ” Joseph Webster, ” Webster, Jeanette Findlay, ” “, Findlay, Steve Welsh, “ I’ve, I’m Organizations: CNN, Hibernian FC, Scottish, Rangers FC, Northern, ” Hibernian FC, Hibs, Police Scotland, Rangers, Hibernian, Easter, SNS, Scotland, Catholic, – Celtic FC, Irish Republican Army, Ulster Volunteer Force, UVF, “ Rangers, Catholic Hibernian, Midlothian FC, Loyalist, Celtic, Scottish Premier League, Ibrox, ” Authorities, Football, Communications, Crown, Fiscal, Scottish Government, University of Cambridge, ” CNN, Scottish Football Association, CNN Sport, Celtic Park, ” Celtic Locations: Edinburgh, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland’s, Scotland, Scottish, West, Glasgow, , Findlay
CNN —Facing a crowd of journalists, inventor Thomas Midgley Jr. poured a lead additive over his hands and then proceeded to inhale its fumes for about a minute. Unfazed, he said, “I could do this every day without getting any health problems whatsoever.”Soon afterward, Midgley needed medical treatment. The task of addressing the issue of engine knocking fell to Midgley while he was working at General Motors in 1916. An estimated 1 million people a year still die from lead poisoning, according to the World Health Organization. The toxicity of lead was already well-known when Midgley added it to gas, but that didn’t stop Ethyl from becoming a commercial success.
Persons: Thomas Midgley Jr, , , Midgley, , Ford, Gerald Markowitz, Colin Creitz, Charles Kettering, ” Markowitz, ” Midgley, Bill Kovarik, Midgley —, Kettering —, Freon, Joe Sohm, CFCs, Perkin, Priestley, Kettering, Willard Gibbs, Carl E, ” Kovarik, Markowitz, I’m Organizations: CNN, General Motors, City University of New, GM, Standard Oil, DuPont, Network, UNICEF, World Health Organization, Radford University, America, Montreal Protocol, International Association for Suicide Prevention, Befrienders, Society of Chemical Industry, American Chemical Society, National Academy of Sciences, TNT, Linde Locations: Beaver Falls , Pennsylvania, United States, City University of New York, Algeria, American, Dayton , Ohio, Virginia, Montreal, Chicago
According to Eurostat, the EU statistical office, the average Croatian leaves their parents' home at over 33 years of age, its highest figure. Joshua Zitser/Business InsiderIn the US, almost everyone has moved out by then. Joshua Zitser/Business InsiderWhile tourism brings economic opportunities for Vukovic and many others, he says it has also worsened the already dysfunctional housing market. But in parts of Dubrovnik, Vukovic explained, that's not feasible. Joshua Zitser/Business InsiderFor Josip Crncevic, 34, prices feel far out of reach.
Persons: , Joshua Zitser, Malohodžić, Ivan Vukovic, Vukovic, Filip Brkan, that's, Josip Crncevic, Crncevic, homeownership, it's, he'd, Marija, Sanja, Angelo, Cikato, Diana Marlais, Bogdan Dascalescu, wouldn't Organizations: Service, Croatian, Business, Eurostat, BI, UNESCO, Heritage, King's, Real Estate Business Association of, Croatian Chamber Locations: Dubrovnik's, Croatia, Dubrovnik, Independence, HBO's, Dubrovnik's suburbs, Marija
Read previewResearchers say they have located the final resting place of one of the most storied vessels of World War II: the USS Harder. Lost 52 is headed by entrepreneur and ocean explorer Tim Taylor, along with diving entrepreneur Christine Dennison. A black-and-white image of the USS Harder on February 1944. The Lost 52 team has previously located at least six other US submarines. Finding the Harder "highlighted the importance of ocean data collection and the significance of underwater robotic technology," Taylor told BI.
Persons: , Tim Taylor, Christine Dennison, Insider's Elias Chavez, Samuel Dealey, Harder, Samuel J, Cox, Taylor Organizations: Service, Heritage Command, Business, NHHC, Heritage, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration Locations: South China, Japan, Philippines, Dasol, Tiburon
CNN —The wreck of one of the most storied US Navy submarines of World War II has been found in the South China Sea eight decades after its last patrol, the Navy’s History and Heritage Command said Thursday. “Harder was lost in the course of victory. U.S. Navy archive photo of USS Harder. The NHHC said the wreck of the Harder was confirmed by data provided by the Lost 52 Project, an effort led by Tim Taylor, CEO of Tiburon Subsea, to find the 52 US subs lost in World War II. Harder, which had the motto of “Hit ‘em Harder,” was captained by Cmdr.
Persons: Harder, “ Harder, , Samuel J, Cox, NHHC, Tim Taylor, NHHC’s Cox, Samuel Dealey, Dealey Organizations: CNN, Navy, South China, Heritage Command, US Navy, U.S . Navy, Harder, East, US, National, Honor Museum, Honor Locations: South, Philippine, Luzon, Philippines, Bataan, Japanese, Tiburon, Japan, East Indies, Southeast Asia
A doctor said healthy food plans can help address high healthcare costs and chronic illness rates. Providing personalized recommendations for healthy food — along with information on how to prepare it and the resources to afford it — is fast becoming a trend in preventive healthcare. Healthy food can be hard to access and may not always fit the culinary traditions and eating habits people grew up with. "People think that a healthy diet has to cost more, a lot of the staples of a healthy diet are very inexpensive," he said. Cruciferous veggies are some of the most nutritious foods because they're high in antioxidants, which may help protect against cancer.
Persons: , Dexter Shurney, Shurney, Maya Garcia, who'd, Garcia, I've, they've, it's, Green, Cruciferous, we're, chia Organizations: Healthcare, Service, US Department of Health, Human Services, SNAP Locations: Foodsmart, Chicago
CNN —Bella Hadid stepped out in a red keffiyeh-inspired dress at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, in a nod to her Palestinian heritage. Bella Hadid is seen during the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Hadid’s dress is from the archives of Michael and Hushi, a New York-based brand founded by Michael Sears and Hushidar Mortezaie. Some on social media were quick to point out that Hadid’s dress was not technically a Palestinian keffiyeh, with the colors more closely resembling those used in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Hopefully we can all learn to stand in unity and love against genocide,” he wrote on Instagram.
Persons: CNN — Bella Hadid, Mohamed Hadid, Michael, Hushi, , Bella Hadid, Jacopo Raule, Hadid, Michael Sears, Hushidar, Carrie Bradshaw Organizations: CNN, Cannes, Cannes Film, Mortezaie, Google, City Locations: Palestinian, American, , Palestine, Gaza, Bella, New York, Jordan, Saudi Arabia
CFP Daniel Masuda Lehrman says the two biggest contributors to poverty are housing and cars. I spoke with certified financial planner Daniel Masuda Lehrman founder of Masuda Lehrman Wealth, a Honolulu, Hawaii-based financial planning firm, on how Asians living in poverty can handle several money challenges at once. That's because housing is usually the biggest expense in your budget, says Masuda Lehrman, who specializes in multigenerational wealth. If you have credit card debt, see what hardship options the card issuer offers. Consider a credit card balance transferCredit card debt is expensive.
Persons: Daniel Masuda Lehrman, Masuda, Masuda Lehrman, there's, , doesn't Organizations: Pacific Islander Heritage, Pew Research Locations: American, America, U.S, Honolulu , Hawaii
"He called me and I said, 'Well, I guess we're gonna be in Mexico,'" Szekely says. My husband was due to go to England, and when we married, we were going to England," Szekely tells CNBC Make It. Deborah Szekely is 102 years old and works three days a week at the fitness resort and spa that she co-founded with her then-husband in 1940. Now, Rancho La Puerta is led by the Szekely's daughter, Sarah Livia Brightwood, who is the resort's president, but Deborah is still heavily involved in the resort's operations. I meet with the presenters [every] Tuesday, so I know what my guests are talking about," Szekely tells CNBC Make It.
Persons: Szekely, Edmond's, Deborah Szekely, Deborah, Sarah Livia Brightwood, Centenarians Organizations: CNBC, Rancho, Puerta, Rancho La Puerta Locations: Mexico, Edmond, England, Szekely's, North America, San Diego
CNN —A feather from a long-extinct New Zealand bird has set a record after selling for $46,521 NZD (about $28,400 USD), the auction house handling the sale has said. The huia bird feather, which was expected to sell for up to $3,000 NZD ($1,830), smashed the estimate on Monday to become the world’s most expensive feather ever sold, Webb’s Auction House said. For Maori, the bird’s feathers were a mark of high status and the distinctive, white-tipped plumage were used for ceremonial headdresses. A Maori chief wears a huia feather in his hair Bettmann Archive/Getty ImagesEuropean New Zealanders also came to see the huia as a symbol of prestige. “People kind of had a frenzy and decided that everyone wanted a huia feather,” said Morris of the event.
Persons: Leah Morris, Duke, Duchess, York, , Morris, Johannes Keulemans Organizations: CNN, Museum, New, Getty, New Zealand, New Zealand’s Ministry for Culture and Heritage Locations: Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand, Zealanders, Dutch
CNN —US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he wants to work with Congress on legislation to penalize the International Criminal Court after it applied for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The court’s chief prosecutor Karim Khan also issued warrants for senior Hamas officials, including its leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar. The Biden administration came out forcefully against Khan on Monday for his decision to apply for the warrants against top Israel officials on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has faced questions about its condemnation of the ICC’s actions while saying it continues to support the court’s investigation into Russian war crimes during its invasion of Ukraine. The Trump administration previously sanctioned ICC officials by executive order in 2020 over its investigation of possible war crimes by US military and intelligence officials in Afghanistan, sanctions that the Biden administration lifted the next year.
Persons: Antony Blinken, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant, , ” Blinken, Biden, Karim Khan, Yahya Sinwar, Blinken, Republican Sen, James Risch, , Sen, Lindsey Graham, Khan, Mike Johnson, ” Johnson, Lloyd Austin, Matthew Miller, “ We’ll, ” Miller, Trump Organizations: CNN, State Department, Senate Foreign Relations, Republican, ICC, Israel, American Heritage, Republicans, , White House, , Ukraine Defense Contact, . State Department Locations: Netherlands, Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, Afghanistan
This time, officials were unveiling plaques designating the former Rio Vista Bracero Reception Center in Socorro, Texas, as a National Historic Landmark. While the bracero program provided a legal pathway for guest workers, crackdowns on illegal immigration were also common during that period. Why Rio Vista is so significant – and rareThe Rio Vista site, a key hub for the program, is about a 30-minute drive from El Paso, Texas. Before its role in the bracero program, the area known as Rio Vista Farm was a poor farm and an orphanage. All of this went through Corral’s mind as he revisited Rio Vista on May 11.
Persons: Sebastian Corral’s, they’d, , you’d, ” Corral, Lee G, Williams, Yolanda Chávez Leyva, it’s, ” Leyva, Sebastian Corral, , Leyva, who’s, Blanca McCreary, ” McCreary, Department of Homeland Security Leyva, Corral, , Sehila Mota Casper, They’ve, ” Mota Casper, Kip Malone, Mota Casper, ” Victor Reta, he’s, he’d, Maria, He’d, Reagan Organizations: CNN, Corral, Historic Landmark, Mexican Farm Worker, Library, Department of Homeland, Dallas Morning News, Department of Labor, University of Texas, Rio Vista, ” Patrol, National Trust for Historic Preservation, US Public Health Service, Heritage, Locations: Vado , New Mexico, America, Rio, Socorro , Texas, Mexico, Hidalgo , Texas, El Paso, Rio Vista, El Paso , Texas, South Texas, Socorro, Leyva, United States, Delicias, New Mexico, , New Mexico , Colorado , Wyoming, Texas, Mexican, Los Angeles, California
The lunar standstill is when the northernmost and southernmost moonrise and moonset are farthest apart. Stonehenge's station stones are thought by some to be aligned with the lunar standstill. Ruggles said that Stonehenge’s station stones, which form a rectangle around the circle, roughly align with the moon’s extreme positions during the lunar standstill. However, it’s much more difficult to say whether Stonehenge really has a connection to the lunar standstill. Amanda Bosh/Stephen LevineOther monuments with possible lunar linkStonehenge isn’t the only megalithic monument potentially linked to the lunar standstill.
Persons: Clive Ruggles, , Fabio Silva, ” Ruggles, Ruggles, Andre Pattenden, Silva, ” Silva, Amanda Bosh, Stephen Levine, Erica Ellingson, Ellington, Bradley Schaefer Organizations: CNN, archaeoastronomy, University of Leicester, Bournemouth University, University of Oxford, English Heritage, University of Colorado, Sun, Louisiana State University Locations: Salisbury, England, Rock , Colorado, United States, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado, Pueblo, Lewis, Scotland
The Siblings Who Changed How We Party
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On an afternoon this spring, James Hirschfeld, a founder of Paperless Post, was at the company’s Lower Manhattan office surveying moodboards for digital invitation designs. As Mr. Hirschfeld examined the collagelike boards, he recalled a meeting about the design of new children’s invitations. Mr. Hirschfeld, 38, with his older sister, Alexa Hirschfeld, 40, started Paperless Post in 2009, when they were 23 and 25. He was a senior at Harvard and she was working at CBS as a second assistant to the anchor Katie Couric. Paperless Post has also earned fans in the heritage stationery businesses it sought to disrupt, collaborating with brands like Crane and Cheree Berry on digital products.
Persons: James Hirschfeld, Annie Atkins, Wes Anderson, Hirschfeld, , ’ ”, Alexa Hirschfeld, Katie Couric, Crane, Cheree Berry Organizations: Paperless, Harvard, CBS Locations: Manhattan
The company has been criticized for not giving enough, especially as one of the largest private companies in the US. In 2012, Jacqueline Mars received the first-ever Foundation for the National Archives' "Heritage Award," for her support of the National Archives and other arts and cultural institutions in Washington, DC. The US Equestrian Team Foundation, of which she is an honorary life trustee, also gives Jacqueline B. Mars National Competition and Training Grant awards each year. Jacqueline also played a role merging the Opera with John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and made a multi-year commitment to support the Washington Performing Arts' programs. The Mars Wrigley Foundation supports educational and health-related causes by "providing oral health education and care, improving lives in mint and cocoa-growing regions, and creating resilient and vibrant communities," according to its website.
Persons: Mark Wilson, Jacqueline Mars, Jacqueline B, Grant, Jacqueline, John F Organizations: Mars Inc, Smithsonian National Museum of, Foundation, National Archives, US Equestrian Team Foundation, Mars National, Team, Kennedy Center, Performing Arts, Washington Performing Arts, Mars Wrigley Foundation Locations: Washington ,, Paris
Read previewIn January 2025, Donald Trump may be sworn into office as the 47th President of the United States. Another Trump term, on the other hand, would likely entail a radical reversal from not just the previous four years, but even from Trump's first term in office. While not exhaustive, here's just some of what to expect in a second Trump administration. Miller told The New York Times that a second Trump administration would build "vast holding facilities that would function as staging centers" on "open land in Texas near the border." According to Bloomberg, Trump wants to extend those cuts in a second term.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Biden, Trump, Trump's, That's, mifepristone, Stephen Miller, Miller, Alex Wong, Nixon, shouldn't, he's, Israel, there's Organizations: Service, Business, Trump, The New York Times, Heritage Foundation's, Senate, Federal Communications Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Reserve, Congress, TIME, Republican, National Guard, United, Department of Justice, Capitol Police, Atlantic Treaty Organization, State Department, Pentagon, Bloomberg, American, Security, Social Security, CNBC Locations: United States, Texas, CPAC, China, Ukraine, Gaza, Israel, Europe, Washington ,
Rich millennials in the US have been known to splash out on their pets, new laundry rooms, and expensive coffee machines. And over in China, rich millennials have their own ideas of what counts as a luxury status symbol. AdvertisementExpect to see these rich millennials mixing luxury casual wear like T-shirts and sneakers with traditional luxury brands, Banta told BI. And getting regular aesthetic treatments has become a top priority for affluent millennials, Banta told BI. Independent luxury brands that offer more authentic products and those that draw on cultural heritage are also highly in demand, she said.
Persons: , they've, Rich millennials, They've, Claudio Lavenia, Louis Vuitton, Daniel Langer, Amrita Banta, Budrul Chukrut, Elisa Harca, Ant Asia, Mary, Kate, Ashley Olsen, prioritizes, Harca, Banta, JUAN BARRETO, Olivia Plotnick, Port Ellen, Alexandra Bacon, Ewan Andrew, Langer, Black Pearl, JOHANNES EISELE, Olivier Morin, Plotnick, Tom Dixon, Potnick, Gen, Gabriella Tegen, Gen Z Organizations: Service, Business, Pepperdine University, Research, Getty, JUAN BARRETO Travel, Wai, Social, Diageo, Michelin, China Morning, Meituan, Clover, Bloomberg, Clover Suites, China News Service, McKinsey, Brands, Independent Locations: China, Antarctica, Iceland, Shanghai, Port, Scotland, That's, Harca, Singapore, Banta, millennials
CNN —Auction house Christie’s in New York is set to offer up its most expensive watch ever – a limited-edition Richard Mille – alongside rare timepieces, such as ones that once belonged to a former US president and an Apollo 7 astronaut. The transparent Richard Mille wristwatch, with a complex sapphire case design and sapphire crystal skeletonized tourbillon, is expected to sell for up to $4 million at auction at Christie’s Rockefeller Center on June 10. “We are particularly enthusiastic about offering the Limited-Edition Richard Mille RM56-02 AO Tourbillon Sapphire, a remarkable achievement in both pioneering materials and micro-engineering,” Rebecca Ross, head of sale at Christie’s in New York, said in the release. Another limited-edition Richard Mille watch, with a diamond-set skull, will be the first of its kind to be brought to auction and is expected to fetch up to $1 million, according to Christie’s. The Rolex Daytona watch was reportedly worn by late NASA astronaut Walter Cunningham in space.
Persons: Richard Mille –, Mille, ” Christie’s, Richard Mille RM56, Sapphire, ” Rebecca Ross, Richard Mille, Paul Newman, Walter Cunningham, Cunningham, Philippe, Lyndon B, Johnson, Robert Kerr, , ” Ross Organizations: CNN, Christie’s Rockefeller Center, NASA, Rolex, Tiffany Locations: New York, Hong Kong
New research this week is adding fresh detail to one of paleontology’s biggest questions: Did dinosaur blood run hot or cold? Clues from fossilized eggshells and bones have now suggested that some dinosaurs were warm-blooded and others were not. Reinhard Dirscherl/ullstein bild/Getty ImagesMarine scientists have used artificial intelligence to decode previously unknown complexity in the calls of sperm whales. The whales produced a catalog of clicking sounds, which the researchers described as akin to a “phonetic alphabet” for sperm whales. What sperm whales are saying with their clicks remains a mystery to human ears, but understanding the scope of their vocal exchanges is an important step toward linking their calls with specific behavior.
Persons: Dinos, Davide Bonadonna, Jeff Lichtman, Reinhard Dirscherl, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ashley Strickland, Katie Hunt Organizations: CNN, Vigo, UCL, Google Research, Lichtman, Harvard University, Google, Harvard, Northern, Central America, Getty Images Marine, , Heritage, CNN Space, Science Locations: Universidade, North America, Scandinavia, Europe, Central, India, Dover, England
But one of the best places to experience an authentic Khon performance is Bangkok’s Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre. Among the performers tasked with playing that role at Sala Chalermkrung is 34-year-old Thanet Pakwisath, who has been practicing Khon for more than 20 years. “And I believe that other performers here at Sala Chalermkrung would have the same belief.”But like many of his colleagues, he fears for its fate. I want everyone to help – both Thai people and foreigners.”Sala Chalermkrung: A living museumBangkok’s Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theater has its own fascinating back story. But from the late 1970s, visitors to Sala Chalermkrung began to decline.
Persons: Ling ”, Khon, Sala, Apassara, khon, Karla Cripps, Hanuman, , , “ Khon, Hanuman Thanet, Sala Charlermkrung, Mark Phillips, ” Sala, King Prajadhipok, Sala Chalermkrung Organizations: CNN, Bangkok CNN, Suvarnabhumi International, Heritage, Chalermkrung, Khon, Royal, Sala Chalermkrung, Sala Locations: Bangkok, Thailand, Khon, Thai, Sala, , Sala Chalermkrung, Thanet, , Charoenkrung, Phra Nakhon District
1 golfer and Masters champion Scottie Scheffler is facing four charges following his arrest outside the PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, Friday morning. Video from Darlington shows police walking with Scheffler, who was in handcuffs, and placing him into a police vehicle. When Scheffler exited the vehicle, the officer shoved Scheffler against the car and immediately placed him in handcuffs,” Darlington posted on X. Scheffler was in a marked player courtesy vehicle, Darlington said on ESPN. PGA Championship organizers announced Friday’s second round would be delayed “due to an accident near the course” and said general public shuttles to the course have resumed. Scheffler last week stepped away from competitive action to be with wife Meredith as she gave birth to the couple’s first child, Bennett.
Persons: Scottie Scheffler, Scheffler, , He’s, ” Scheffler, ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, , “ Scheffler, ” Darlington, Darlington, Friday’s, Dave Flemming, Jeff Darlington, Arnold Palmer, Augusta –, Meredith, Bennett, Organizations: CNN, PGA, Louisville Metro Department of Corrections, Scheffler, America, , Valhalla Golf, Darlington, ESPN, WAVE, Arnold Palmer Invitational, RBC Heritage Locations: Louisville , Kentucky, Jefferson County, Valhalla, Scheffler, Louisville
Glenn Youngkin of Virginia vetoed on Friday two bills that would have revoked tax exemptions for the United Daughters of the Confederacy, a century-old organization that has often been at the center of debates over the state’s Confederate past and its racial history. In doing so, Mr. Youngkin sided with fellow Republicans in the legislature who almost unanimously opposed the bills and the efforts by the state’s Democrats to curtail the Commonwealth’s relationship with Confederate heritage organizations. The bills had nearly unanimous Democratic support in both chambers of the legislature. The organization’s property tax exemptions were added to the state code in the 1950s, during segregation and when the Commonwealth maintained a closer relationship with the group. The organization’s Virginia division is also exempt from paying recordation taxes, which are levied when property sales are registered for public record.
Persons: Glenn Youngkin, Youngkin Organizations: Confederacy, Confederate, Democratic, Commonwealth, organization’s Locations: Virginia, organization’s Virginia
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