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Read previewIn January 2025, Donald Trump may be sworn into office as the 47th President of the United States. Another Trump term, on the other hand, would likely entail a radical reversal from not just the previous four years, but even from Trump's first term in office. While not exhaustive, here's just some of what to expect in a second Trump administration. Miller told The New York Times that a second Trump administration would build "vast holding facilities that would function as staging centers" on "open land in Texas near the border." According to Bloomberg, Trump wants to extend those cuts in a second term.
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A movement to rein in online pornography is rapidly intensifying, fueled by conservative outrage and growing unease over the accessibility of sexual content online, especially for children. Pornography is mentioned on the first page; banning pornography and locking up those who produce it are proposed on Page 5. He was an occasional guest at Hugh Hefner’s famed Playboy Mansion and made cameos in soft-core pornographic films produced by the company – though not in any scenes depicting sexual content or nudity. ‘Sex is the canary in the coal mine’The Supreme Court has deemed previous attempts to curb online pornography unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds. They were designed to protect adults from accessing adult content, which, of course, is their stated aim.
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American warships and bases in the Pacific are within reach of an increasingly worrying threat, a missile force unlike anything the US has faced in combat. With these missiles, China is signaling that it could attack US bases and ships in the region with little to no warning, Clark said. TK Department of DefenseThere's a lot more to the Chinese Rocket Force than these weapons, though. AdvertisementThat said, the US and its allies can't afford to assume the Rocket Force won't be ready should conflict come. In other words, how the US prepares itself and adapts to the Chinese Rocket Force gives it the best shot at avoiding a fight altogether.
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The American right’s growing embrace of Orbán builds upon millions of dollars that his government has spent on lobbying in the US, and new connections between Hungarian and American conservative think tanks. “Make America great again, make Europe great again!” Orbán declared in English, before continuing in Hungarian: “Go Donald Trump! Conservatives from around the US, Europe and beyond traveled to Budapest for the two-day event, which was organized by a Hungarian government-funded think tank. Two American nonprofits that are actively planning policies for a second Trump term have shown an interest in Hungary and Orbán’s model. But some of the American conservatives who flew into the country for CPAC seemed more focused on the optics of Budapest than on democratic rights.
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One of the architects of that plan for a Trump second term said as much in a video last year for the Heritage Foundation. Reissuing Schedule F is part of a roadmap, known as Project 2025, drafted for a second Trump term by scores of conservative groups and published by the Heritage Foundation. The new rules would not fully block reclassifying workers in a second Trump term. Greene said she worries for federal workers who might face the same choice in a second Trump term. The project includes a personnel database for potential hires in a second Trump administration.
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As many in Europe worry about the possibility of a second presidency for Donald J. Trump that they fear could bring an end to U.S. support for Ukraine, some of Russia’s most fervent foes are taking a different tack: making nice with the Trump camp. Also attending were members of pro-Trump groups like the Heritage Foundation, an influential conservative group skeptical about helping Ukraine. Leading the participants from Ukraine was Oleksandr Merezhko, the chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament’s foreign affairs committee and an ally of President Volodymyr Zelensky. Reaching out to the Trump camp, he said, was simply a recognition of Ukraine’s perilous vulnerability to the shifting sands of American politics. “When we are fighting for our survival, we can’t afford to antagonize either Biden or Trump,” Mr. Merezhko said.
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Facts First: The system, as it is currently set up, is working, and effectively prevents mass voting by non-citizens in US elections. Despite Johnson’s focus on this topic, it is extremely rare, according to decades of voting data and nonpartisan experts. In federal and state elections, where voting by non-citizens is illegal, it occurs on a microscopic level. This system, as shown from decades of data, is very effective at stopping non-citizens from registering and voting in federal elections. Further, from a common-sense perspective, there’s little to gain for an undocumented immigrant who theoretically wants to vote in a presidential election.
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Opinion: The world rushes to court Trump
  + stars: | 2024-04-12 | by ( Opinion Frida Ghitis | )   time to read: +7 min
She is a weekly opinion contributor to CNN, a contributing columnist to The Washington Post and a columnist for World Politics Review. Now, they’re urgently working on two fronts: seeking to Trump-proof their foreign policy and defense, and hoping to minimize the potential negative impact of a Trump victory. Making matters more unusual – and far more unethical – Trump has effectively launched his own shadow foreign policy, actively undermining Biden’s – America’s – policy. Not only is the former president leveraging his control of the Republican Party to block US aid to Ukraine ‑ Trump is interfering in US foreign policy elsewhere. Interfering in US foreign policy is bad enough, but there’s also an unseemly financial angle.
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“We are not that nervous because we know that with Trump it is all about relationships,” said one veteran European diplomat who has been in DC since the Trump administration. “The logic of doing it at Heritage was not lost on us,” said Victoria Coates, a deputy national security advisor to former President Trump who is now a vice president at the think tank. The comments sent European diplomats into over-drive, eager to understand exactly what Trump meant. “If they are worried about how President Trump is going to react to them, they hold it in their hands to do something about it,” Coates said. But European diplomats are not only worried about NATO.
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Washington CNN —CNN has sued for access to recordings of federal investigators’ interview with President Joe Biden in the now-closed probe over his handling of classified documents. “Without access to any of the interview records, the press and public initially could not form their own conclusions about Hur’s characterization of Biden. Jason Leopold, a reporter for Bloomberg News who frequently brings FOIA lawsuits, also has filed two lawsuits for access to records Hur created. The Judicial Watch complaint, filed in March, specifically seeks access to the Biden interview recordings. In the interview, Hur said Biden couldn’t remember the years he was vice president or when his son died.
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Other Republicans in the House and Senate often simply shrug when asked about Trump’s agenda, pointing to policies they like and others they might support. Trump himself has suggested having a “very tiny little desk” on the Capitol steps so he can sign documents on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2025. “On Day 1 of President Trump’s new administration, Americans will have a strong leader," said Karoline Leavitt, the campaign’s national press secretary. Republicans and Democrats resisted a White House effort to commandeer funds for a U.S.-Mexico border wall, leading to the longest government shutdown in history. Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who died in 2018, famously gave a thumbs-down to Trump's effort to repeal the health law known as the Affordable Care Act.
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The Comstock Act, as the law is known, is not central to the current Supreme Court case. Their interest in the law’s relevance to Tuesday’s case speaks to how the Comstock Act has taken a more prominent role in the efforts to further limit abortion. Among other arguments, the case’s plaintiffs, anti-abortion doctors and medical associations, have invoked the Comstock Act to argue the FDA acted unlawfully by not considering the 19th century criminal prohibition on mailing abortion drugs. But much attention will be paid to any commentary about the statute, even if just in a dissent, when the Supreme Court issues its ruling in the case in the coming months. The political ramifications of the Supreme Court’s ultimate decision in the current FDA case is also at the forefront of how they approach the subject.
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Donald Trump has long complained that federal agencies have been weaponized against him and has suggested that, if re-elected, he would use them against his political opponents. In this audio essay, Carlos Lozada, an Opinion columnist and a co-host of the “Matter of Opinion” podcast, analyzes the detailed plan developed by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank and Trump ally, that could turn the former president’s plan for control into a reality. (A full transcript of this audio essay will be available within 24 hours of publication in the audio player above.)
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Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft speaks with reporters on Jan. 23 in Jefferson City, Missouri. In Wyoming, a GOP state senator forwarded an FGA draft bill to Secretary of State Chuck Gray that would prohibit sending out unsolicited absentee ballot request forms. Emails show the group strategized with the secretary of state’s office for weeks leading up to Ashcroft proposing his own such rule last January. FGA notches wins with weakened child labor lawsFGA’s lobbying group, The Opportunity Solutions Project, spearheads its efforts at the state level. Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesFGA also continues its push at the state level across the country to enact its policy priorities.
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The U.S. has more foreign-born residents than any other country, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. But today, less than 1% of those looking to reside permanently in the U.S. can do so legally, according to research by the Cato Institute. "Most other developed nations in the world have a much higher percentage of their immigration system based on economics," according to Theresa Cardinal Brown, a senior advisor on immigration and border policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center. The U.S. legal immigration system is in dire need of reform to make it work for the U.S. economy, experts say. Watch the video above to see why the U.S. is having so much trouble solving the immigration crisis.
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9 to 0 — I’m going to say that again — 9 to 0, ruled that states can’t keep Donald Trump off their ballots. It’s how — Trump has said to his loyalists, I am your retribution, so maybe we should just look at this as a blueprint for retribution. He’s going to end up — when he gives his big convention speech, he’s going to end up making promises on economic policy, domestic policy, and so on. ross douthatSo here’s why I’m sort of — Carlos, especially to your point — like, trying to focus us on the sharpest possible conflicts. But if most of the country’s political and emotional energy is instead focused on Trump himself, rather than real, actual debates, then I think Trump is winning, period, and the country is losing.
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A federal judge has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to submit documents related to Prince Harry’s visa for the court to review after the department refused to release them to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, under the Freedom of Information Act. The Heritage Foundation has sued the department, contending that it has a right to see the documents as part of research into whether Prince Harry had been improperly allowed to reside in the United States given his admissions in his 2023 memoir and elsewhere that he had used cocaine and other drugs. The foundation had sought the documents specifically to investigate how the prince had been admitted, since certain visas on which he could have entered the United States require applicants to answer questions about past drug use and drug-related legal violations. Judge Carl J. Nichols of the Federal District Court in Washington ordered the department to submit the papers in question for his confidential review to determine whether they should be released in some form.
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mary zieglerWell, I think it’s much easier to ban abortion than it is to enforce a criminal law against abortion. mary zieglerNo, I think that’s right. If our abortion politics don’t reflect our abortion views, what does that tell us about the health of the democracy? We’ve seen upwards of 10 states — I think it’s 14 or 15 that have changed their definition of abortion in abortion restrictive states since Dobbs. So, the idea is that abortions that are presented as life saving either are not abortions or are simply pretexts for abortion that’s elective.
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Jonathan Ernst | ReutersThe mission of the Election Integrity Alliance, likewise, was ending election fraud. "The Election Integrity Alliance will unite groups and efforts across the nation focused on combating election fraud," the group's now-defunct website trumpeted in 2021. But Trump never publicly designated the Election Integrity Alliance as the standard bearer for the MAGA universe's election integrity efforts. AFPI also launched an election integrity effort, the Center for Election Integrity, and staffed it with former Trump White House press aide Hogan Gidley and conservative author Ken Blackwell. It even launched its own color-coded election integrity scorecard map, which looks strikingly similar to the one that the Election Integrity Alliance had created for its now-deleted website.
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From The Searle Freedom TrustThis year, the Searle trust is poised to play an even bigger role as it empties out its coffers. Researchers who study political nonprofits say that the Searle trust has had a major impact, even as the Searle family has stayed under the radar compared to more well-known conservative benefactors. The Searle trust is one of the most prolific funders of conservative groups among all private foundations, according to a CNN analysis of nonprofit tax data. The Searle trust has given millions to the Foundation for Government Accountability, which has worked behind the scenes to push conservative policies such as stricter voting laws. Dennis, the CEO of the Searle trust, is also the chair of DonorsTrust.
Persons: Searle, Daniel C, Trump, Donald Trump, , Galen Hall, who’s, Kimberly Dennis, ” Searle, , Sarah Scaife, doesn’t, Michael B, Thomas, SPN, They’ve, ” Brendan Fischer, Brendan Fischer, “ They’ve, ” Hall, Caleb Rossiter, ” Galen Hall, movement’s MAGA, It’s, Mike Pence, that’s, Dennis, Henry Ford, John D, Rockefeller, ” Fischer, Gideon, Michael Searle, ” Dennis, “ We’re, Dan, Gideon Daniel Searle, Daniel Searle, Jonathan Eig, Jack Searle, Daniel Searle’s, Gregory Pincus, John Rock, Pincus, weren’t, , Sue, Eig, Margaret Marsh, Enovid, misoprostol, Searle –, Pfizer –, ” Daniel Searle, Donald Rumsfeld, Searles, Biden, Wade, Dobbs, Kristen Batstone Organizations: CNN, Searle Freedom Trust, University of Michigan, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Searle, American Enterprise Institute, Reason Foundation, Tax Foundation, Manhattan Institute, Cato Institute, Foundation, Government, State Policy Network, American Legislative Exchange Council, Fair, Pacific Legal Foundation, Federalist Society, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Environment Research Center, CO2 Coalition, Heartland Institute, , CO2, Heartland, Republican Party, movement’s, America, Policy Institute, Trump, American Freedom Foundation, Everett, FDA, Rutgers University, Pfizer, Monsanto, Heritage Foundation, Reason, Affordable, New Civil Liberties Alliance, Public Policy Center, Claremont, National Women’s Health Network, Trust, IRS Locations: Missouri, St, Louis , Missouri, California, judgeships, , Omaha, Metamucil, Dramamine, Puerto, Brazil, Diet Coke, America
watch nowMore than three-quarters of Americans, 77%, say the unavailability of pensions is making it harder to achieve the American Dream, according to a new report from the National Institute on Retirement Security. With the shift from pensions to 401(k)s, the responsibility for saving for retirement has transferred from employers to workers. "When not managed properly, defined benefit plans can end up like Ponzi schemes," Greszler said at Wednesday's Senate hearing. Neither Social Security nor multiemployer pensions can pay benefits as promised, she noted. To shore up Social Security, the average American household would have to pay at least $3,000 per year more in taxes, money that would better be invested in personal accounts, Greszler argued.
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Every new administration that wins power away from the opposing party contends that whatever its predecessors did was terrible and that victory constitutes a popular mandate to fix or get rid of it all. Elections have consequences, politicians love to remind us, and a big one entails trying to change everything, right away. It is possible to read “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise” — an 887-page document proposing to remake the executive branch, department by department, agency by agency, office by office — as one more go-round in this Washington tradition. It is an off-the-shelf governing plan for a leader who took office last time with no clear plan and no real ability to govern. This book attempts to supply him with both.
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The recent surge of migrants has put major cities across the U.S. under significant financial pressure. But experts say more federal assistance and funding are necessary to ensure that cities can survive the ongoing crisis. For instance, the $145 million allocated to New York City is less than 10% of what the city spent on migrant services in fiscal 2023, according to the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank. "These are complicated issues to manage, so the city, the state and the federal government, frankly, were not prepared for it." Watch the video above to see just how much financial pressure cities across the U.S. are facing due to the ongoing migrant crisis.
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Much of that work could go up in smoke if his likely rival Donald Trump beats him at the polls in November, according to Republican policy advisers. Reuters spoke with a dozen Republican policy consultants and former Trump administration officials who are helping lay the groundwork for a second Trump presidency to sketch out the administration's likely approach to energy and environmental issues. Trump formally withdrew the U.S. during his first term in office but Biden swiftly reversed the move in 2021. "A big lesson that everybody in the first Trump administration learned was that personnel is really important. The idea of taking a hatchet to the entire IRA could, however, give some oil industry officials and Republican politicians pause, a former Trump administration official said.
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Experts react to January’s CPI report
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailExperts react to January’s CPI reportSkanda Amarnath, Employ America executive director, EJ Antoni, research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and CNBC's Rick Santelli and Steve Liesman join 'Squawk Box' to react to January's CPI data.
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