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But Matty Healy says he hasn't "really listened to that much of it." AdvertisementTaylor Swift's "The Tortured Poets Department" may have broken multiple streaming records, but Matty Healy says he hasn't "really listened" to the album yet. I haven't really listened to that much of it, but I'm sure it's good," Healy said of the album. Healy's response may surprise some, considering how fans have speculated that he is the subject of several songs on Swift's album. On Wednesday, streaming giant Spotify said that Swift's album had become the platform's "most streamed album in a single week," surpassing a billion streams since its release on Friday.
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Read previewPlenty of context is required to understand why Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are paired in new headlines this week — especially since, to the public's knowledge, they haven't interacted in years. It all started when Kardashian released clips of a phone call between Swift and Ye, without Swift's knowledge or permissionTaylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian at the 2015 Grammys. Kardashian's footage shows the rapper reading Swift the original line, "I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex," which she approvingly described as "obviously very tongue-in-cheek." Swift also liked a BuzzFeed headline that argues, "Everyone Owes Taylor Swift An Apology," among others, including a fan-made "Taylor told the truth mood board." AdvertisementIn 2024, Swift's song Thank You Aimee' reignited interest in her fued with KardashianTaylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.
Persons: , Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Swift, Aimee, aIMee, Kardashian, Kardashian's, Kanye West, Ye, Kanye, Larry Busacca, Pablo, Taylor, Beyoncé should've, Beyoncé, Tree Paine, KimExposedTaylorParty, egged, — Kim Kardashian, Rolling Stone, Kardashian Taylor Swift, Kevin Mazur, Dave J Hogan, Dimitrios Kambouris, WireImage, It's, I'm, you've, didn't, Nobody, Paine, Cassandra, Jeff Kravitz, Steve Granitz, FilmMagic Swift, KIM Organizations: Service, Department, Business, Swift, Guardian, Kanye, YouTube, WHO, World Health Organization, America, Poets Department
Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s large family keeps speaking against him. Kennedy, whose campaign could hurt Donald Trump's reelection chances, brushed it off in a lengthy social media post highlighting his affection for them. "I hear some of my family will be endorsing President Biden today," Kennedy posted. And we love our president," Christopher Kennedy told Politico shortly after RFK Jr. decided to run as an Independent. Many of his relatives haven't been nearly as kind when speaking out against Kennedy, as seen below:
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Maybe…Earlier attempts to ban or force a sale of TikTok often haven't stood up in court. Other parties, like TikTok creators, may launch separate legal challenges in the coming weeks, as they have done in the past. AdvertisementTrump's 2020 order to ban TikTok was halted by a federal judge who said it likely exceeded executive authority. While the bill is framed around forcing US ownership of TikTok, it's likely to result in a ban, which strengthens the free-speech argument. Congress hasn't proven that an outright sale or ban of TikTok is the only way to protect national-security interests.
Persons: Joe Biden, ByteDance, TikTok, haven't, TikTokers, Matthew Schettenhelm, Hans, Lena Shapiro, Ramya Krishnan Organizations: Service, Business, ACLU, Bloomberg Intelligence, Cornell Law School, TikTok, University of Illinois College of Law, Chinese Communist Party, Intelligence Law, CCP, Columbia University Locations: Montana, Texas, Washington, China
[laufey, "misty"]archived recording (laufey) (SINGING) Look at me I’m as hopeless as a kittenanna martinShe got her start in the most Gen Z way possible — on TikTok. [laufey, "falling behind"]archived recording (laufey) (SINGING) Everybody’s falling in love And I’m falling behindanna martinToday, Laufey reads an essay called “An Anxious Person Tries to Be Chill,” by Coco Mellors. And so, I think that’s kind of what we’re always itching for, that sense of love, even though it’s not really love. laufeyWell, the first love song I wrote, called “Best Friend.” I’d never been in love before, and I wanted to write a love song. archived recording (laufey) [SCATTING]: You’re my best friend in the world [MUSIC PLAYING]anna martinNext week, I talk with model and writer Emily Ratajkowski.
Persons: anna martin, ” I’m Anna Martin, Laufey, anna martin She, , you’re, Everybody’s, Coco Mellors, won’t, anna martin Laufey, you’ve, Matt Haig, Madeline Miller, It’s, laufey, it’s, Paul Newman, , , didn’t, Henry, ’ Henry didn’t, I’d, I’m, ’ Henry, anna martin Man, , Laufey’s, ghosting, Coco Mellor’s, avoidant, I’ve, Boston, Let’s, hadn’t, Coco, she’s, he’s, anna martin Right, that’s, anna martin I, We’ll, ” I’d, ” anna martin Aw, Emily Ratajkowski, Emily’s, emily ratajkowski Organizations: The New York Times, Gay, Boston Locations: TikTok, West, Central, , Los Angeles, , Boston, It’s, what’s
When Google sneezes, the entire online advertising industry catches a cold. Google's announcement Tuesday that it would again delay its planned timeline for killing off third-party tracking cookies had long been anticipated by the digital advertising industry. Google has a 28% share of the online ad market, according to market research firm Emarketer (a sister company to BI). Regulators could step in to resolve the cookie chaosSome industry experts are hoping regulators will step in to untangle the mess. Amid the four years of confusion, chaos, and harumphing, there has been one consistent theme: When it comes to the future of online advertising, Google calls the shots.
Persons: Ciaran O'Kane, WireCorp, hasn't, Sundar Pichai, Stephen Lam, Mathieu Roche, James Rosewell, Google's, haven't, Pierre Devoize, Devoize Organizations: Google, Business, Gmail, Antitrust, US Department of Justice, European Commission, UK's, Markets Authority, CMA, Industry, IAB Tech, EU Google, Chrome, Movement Locations: FirstPartyCapital
New York CNN —JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is worried about the future of the free world. “The geopolitical situation is probably the most complicated and dangerous since World War II,” Dimon said during a talk at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday. “The world order that formed after WWII, Bretton Woods, WTO [the World Trade Organization], and the UN is kind of being challenged,” he said. This is not the first time Dimon has warned that the world is on the brink of a massive realignment. The country’s national debt is now over $34.5 trillion, or about $103,000 for every American.
Persons: Jamie Dimon, ” Dimon, Dimon, Bretton, , That’s, , Jerome Powell, Niall Ferguson, Chris Isidore, Tesla, Elon Musk, Jeanne Sahadi, Joe Biden, “ won’t Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, New York CNN, JPMorgan, Economic, of New, World Trade Organization, UN, AAA, NATO, Atlantic Treaty Organization, Federal, Federal Trade Commission, FTC, of Commerce Locations: New York, of New York, Ukraine, NATO, Israel, US, China, Bretton Woods, WTO, Russia
Here's a rapid-fire update on all 33 stocks in Jim Cramer's Charitable Trust, the portfolio we use for the CNBC Investing Club. Broadcom : Broadcom's AI business, which includes co-designing custom chips for tech giants such as Club holding Alphabet, is booming. The newspaper reported April 12 that Salesforce was in talks to buy Informatica, which sent the Club holding's shares plunging. Wells Fargo : Another trim is due for our Wells Fargo position after a great run for the bank stock, Jim argued. As a subscriber to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, you will receive a trade alert before Jim makes a trade.
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This is the Tesla Musk is selling to Wall Street, and he's telling anyone with doubts to stay away. "If somebody doesn't believe Tesla's going to solve autonomy, I think they should not be an investor in the company," Musk said on the earnings call. In a shareholder deck that Tesla published before the call, the company featured a "preview of ride-hailing in the Tesla app." At an AI Day in August 2021, Musk said Tesla would build a humanoid robot, now known as Optimus. "No matter what, even if I got kidnapped by aliens tomorrow, Tesla will solve autonomy, maybe a little slower but it would solve autonomy for vehicles at least," Musk said.
Persons: Tesla's, Elon Musk, Musk, Tesla, FSD, haven't, bodysuit, Optimus, SeongJoon Cho, you've, He's, Alex Potter, Piper Sandler, there's Organizations: Revenue, Auto, NBC News, California Department of Motor Vehicles, Optimus, Tesla Inc, Seoul Mobility, Bloomberg, Getty Images Bloomberg, Getty, Tesla, Microsoft, SpaceX Locations: California, Nevada, China, Goyang, South Korea, Tesla
Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss became inseparable after meeting at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. AdvertisementThe friendship of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss dates back to 2013, when the musician and the supermodel met backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. AdvertisementApril 2014: Kloss and Swift are spotted together in New York CityTaylor Swift and Karlie Kloss often spent time together in New York City. November 23, 2014: Swift brings Kloss as her date to the American Music AwardsTaylor Swift and Karlie Kloss at the 2014 AMAs. July 11, 2015: Kloss appears at another of Swift's concerts in New JerseyTaylor Swift's friends went to her concert in New Jersey.
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Less obviously visible but equally impressive are the historical treasures, some more than 12,000 years old, that can be found underground. Unlike the Basilica, this underground chamber was completely forgotten about until less than 15 years ago. Other than locals herding their livestock through the ruins of a garrison city dating to the 6th century, few people went there. Now, the site has given up numerous treasures including rock-cut tombs, an olive processing workshop and a series of underground cisterns. Yeraltı, literally meaning underground, was originally a dungeon in the basement of a fort built by the Byzantines in the 8th century CE.
Persons: James Bond, Theodosius II, Theodosius, Derinkuyu, tufa, émigrés, Han, Rümeli Han, Sarıcazade Ragıp Pasha, Sultan Abdülhamid II’s, Sancaklar, Göbeklitepe, Yeraltı, , Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Grand Vizier Bahir Mustafa Paşa, dervish Organizations: CNN, Love, UNESCO, Şanlıurfa Archaeology Locations: Turkey, Europe, Asia, Russia, Faith, Istanbul, Constantinople, Fatih, Belgrade Forest, Valens, Dara, Mardin, Nevşehir, Cappadocia, Derinkuyu, Taksim, stairwells, Sancaklar, Büyükçekmece, Mecca, Göbeklitepe, everyone’s, Şanlıurfa, Karaköy, Yeraltı, Ottoman, Grand
Captcha tests have been around for years, but they're getting more difficult. The "I'm not a robot" tests must evolve to keep up with advancing tech, experts said. To put it another way: the robots are making it harder to prove you're not a robot. The old Captcha tests were as simple as typing out distorted words. Advertisement"I keep falling into endless loops of non-stop 'prove you're human' tests.
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Since 2000, I've visited 93 countries and 57 of them have been with my four children who are all under the age of 10. We went on a safari tour in TanzaniaOur family visited Tanzania in 2019 in collaboration with a tourism brand. We love Sri Lanka so much, we're building a villa thereIn 2022, my family and I moved to Sri Lanka from Abu Dhabi. Edwards' daughter and son on a beach in Sri Lanka. Courtesy of Karen EdwardsI visited the country in 2008, and then again in 2012 with my then-boyfriend and now-husband.
Persons: Karen Edwards, Edwards, , I've, Abu, Abu Dhabi, you'll, Al, we're, It's, We'd Organizations: Service, Disney, Mto, United Arab, Oasis, Catalonian Locations: Tanzania, Abu Dhabi, America, California, Florida, Zanzibar, Tanzanian, Lake, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Al Ain, Hafeet, Sri Lanka, Galle, Andorra, Pyrenees, Spain, Barcelona, Toulouse, France, Karen Edwards Andorra, Macedonia Macedonia, Balkan, Greece, Europe, Albania, Macedonia
If you're in your 40s and have over $40,000 saved for retirement, you're ahead of most people in your age bracket. Here's how much Americans have in their 401(k)s by age, according to Fidelity. By the time you reach your 40s, you should aim to have three times your salary saved for retirement, according to Fidelity's guidelines. Why Americans in their 40s haven't been able to save moreVarious factors have gotten in the way of this age cohort's ability to boost their retirement contributions. How people in their 40s can boost their retirement savings
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Tesla employees say they've been left in limbo after a week of layoffs. AdvertisementIn the wake of Tesla's mass layoffs last week, some workers who are still at the carmaker say they feel as if they've been left in limbo. Tesla workers have been put through the wringer ever since layoffs started on Sunday, April 14. "It was like all at once, people you'd seen every day were just erased from the company," the worker said. On Friday, Tesla's layoffs impacted its recruiting staff in the US.
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Gold prices slip to 2-1/2-week low as Middle East tensions ease
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Pure 1,000-gram gold bars produced by South Korea's LS-Nikko are stacked in a dealers room in Seoul on Jan. 9, 2009. Spot gold was down nearly 1% at $2,304.99 per ounce, as of 0336 GMT. U.S. gold futures fell 1.2% to $2,318.80. "Investors are seeing this as an opportunity to lock in some profits after gold's recent run of good form," Waterer said. Among other precious metals, spot silver fell about 1% to $26.92 per ounce, spot platinum dropped 0.7% to $911.10, and palladium slumped 1.1% to $997.75.
Persons: Tim Waterer, Waterer, Gold Organizations: South Korea's, Nikko, KCM Locations: Seoul, Iran
New York CNN —Columbia University student organizers were given a midnight deadline Tuesday to resolve talks with the university over dismantling the pro-Palestinian encampment that has cast its campus into days of turmoil and unease, the school’s president said. Though the outcome of the negotiations is still unclear, Columbia President Minouche Shafik said the university would consider “alternative options” if no agreement was reached by midnight. As of 12:10 a.m., the NYPD had not been asked by Columbia University to respond to the campus, a police spokesperson told CNN. Harvard University has closed Harvard Yard and officials at the university suspended a pro-Palestinian student organization for allegedly violating school policies. The encampment at Columbia University was lively early this week, with many students congregating in circles, eating and talking.
Persons: Minouche Shafik, Shafik, ” Shafik, Joe Biden, Mike Johnson, Barnard, Lisa Rosenbury, , Eric Adams, Cameron Jones, , Jacob Schmeltz, it’s, , Biden, Andrew Bates, Bates, Hakeem Jeffries, It’s, ” CNN’s Kate Sullivan, John Towfighi, Melanie Zanona, Taylor Romine, Omar Jimenez, Sara Smart, Matt Egan, Nic F, Anderson, Isabel Rosales Organizations: New, New York CNN — Columbia University, Columbia, New York Police Department, NYPD, Columbia University, CNN, Barnard College, New York University, NYU, Yale University, University of New, University of Minnesota’s, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Emerson College, University of California, University of Michigan . Harvard University, Harvard, Columbia Columbia, New York City, Democratic Locations: New York, Columbia, United States, New Haven , Connecticut, Gaza, University of New Mexico, University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Berkeley, Israel
Mortgage rates haven't changed much over the last week, but they could move up or down later this week depending on how a couple of big economic reports turn out. If these reports come in hotter than expected, mortgage rates could tick up higher. This index is expected to come in a bit lower than last month's reading, which would be good news for mortgage rates. This means we could see mortgage rates start to trend down in fall. This means your entire monthly mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance, shouldn't exceed 28% of your pre-tax monthly income.
Persons: you'll, Fannie Mae Organizations: Zillow, Mortgage, Association, Sky Locations: Chevron
Matty Healy and Gabbriette Bechtel were first linked in September 2023. Bechtel told Vogue that as a child, she wanted to become a professional ballerina, but ended up dancing in music videos when she moved to Los Angeles. According to Vogue, Bechtel has appeared in a variety of campaigns for brands including Heaven By Marc Jacobs and Skims. Healy and Bechtel were first linked in New York in 2023In September 2023, People published photos of Healy and Bechtel kissing in SoHo in New York City. Bechtel alluded to her relationship with Healy in the March interview with Highsnobiety, saying that she wasn't bothered by the attention.
Persons: Matty Healy, Gabbriette Bechtel, Bechtel, Charli XCX, , Taylor Swift's, Callie Ahlgrim, Swift, Healy, Joe Alwyn, Travis Kelce, Highsnobiety, Gabriella, Marc Jacobs, Skims, we'd, Chloe Chaidez, Nasty Cherry, Lorne Thomson, Redferns Bechtel, Cherry hasn't, " Healy, Charli, haven't, Healy's, Denise Welch, Welch, Louis Organizations: Service, Poets Department, Business, Kansas City Chiefs, Vogue, Netflix, Bechtel, Instagram Locations: Orange County , California, Los Angeles, New York, SoHo, New York City, Charli XCX
The "My Heart Will Go On" singer, who revealed in 2022 that she was diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome, spoke to Vogue France about her recent life and her thoughts on when she'll be able to perform again. Stiff-person syndrome is a neurological disorder that can cause symptoms such as muscle stiffness and spasms. While there is no cure for stiff-person syndrome, there are ways for patients to manage their condition. Related storiesDion shared in the interview that she undergoes "athletic, physical, and vocal therapy" five days a week as part of her treatment plan. Although it was initially difficult for her to come to terms with her diagnosis, the singer says she is learning to live with stiff-person syndrome.
Persons: , Dion, she'll, I've, Celine Dion, Shannen Doherty, Doherty, Olivia Munn, Munn Organizations: Service, Eiffel, Vogue France, Business Locations: North America, Beverly Hills
New England Patriots owner and Columbia donor Robert Kraft is pulling his support for the university. Columbia is being divided by protests over Israel's war in Gaza. Kraft stated he is "no longer confident that Columbia can protect its students and staff." AdvertisementRobert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots and a Columbia University alumnus, has pulled his support for the university, which has been racked by unrest and protests over Israel's war in Gaza. "I am not comfortable supporting the university until corrective action is taken," said Kraft, for whom Columbia's Kraft Center For Jewish Life is named.
Persons: Robert Kraft, Kraft, , Columbia's, Nemat, Shafik Organizations: New England Patriots, Columbia, Service, Columbia University, Foundation, Combat, Columbia's Kraft Center For Jewish, CNN, Kraft Center, Jewish, NYU, Yale, Monday, Reuters Locations: Columbia, Gaza, Israel
Protests and arrests spread across some of America’s most influential universities on Monday, as administrators struggled to defuse tensions on campuses over pro-Palestinian demonstrations on Monday. Nearly 50 people were arrested at Yale University in New Haven, Conn., on Monday morning, following the arrests last week of more than 100 protesters at Columbia University in New York City. The flurry of protests has presented a steep challenge for university leaders, as some Jewish students say they have faced harassment and antisemitic comments. Early Monday morning, Columbia announced a same-day shift to online classes because of the protests. Here are scenes from the protests.
Organizations: Yale University, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Stanford University, Columbia, Barnard College Locations: New Haven, Conn, New York City, Israel, Gaza
A $61 billion package of US military aid for Ukraine is being signed off. AdvertisementRelief swept the front line in Ukraine on Saturday after the US voted to release a long-delayed $61 billion package of military aid to help defend against Russia's invasion. But while it's likely to help kill Russia's momentum and give Ukraine much-needed support in the coming months, experts are cautioning that it doesn't ensure victory for Ukraine. Analysts said the aid bill will bolster Ukraine's defenses against a possible planned Russian offensive this summer. AdvertisementFor Ukraine to feel confident in winning the war against Russia, it will need more military aid beyond 2024.
Persons: , Mark Warne, Vladimir Putin, Oleksiy Goncharenko, it's, George Beebe, Donald Trump, haven't, There's Organizations: Service, CNN, US, Ukraine, Senate, CBS, Ukrainian, Financial, BI, Republican, The Financial Times, European Union Locations: Ukraine, Ukrainian, Russia
Things are not looking up for Apple ahead of its fiscal second-quarter earnings, according to tech investor Dan Niles. Apple, which is due to report May 2, has dropped 14% this year — lagging behind other major technology stocks, such as Nvidia and Meta Platforms. Apple is also lagging behind its peers in the artificial intelligence race, which is why it keeps on exploring opportunities with potential partners such as Alphabet , Niles added. "On a longer-term basis at this valuation with no growth, I don't know why you would be bullish on it," the portfolio manager said. Niles has been bearish on Apple in the past.
Persons: Dan Niles, Satori, haven't, Niles, CNBC's, he's Organizations: Apple, Nvidia, Meta, Satori Fund, Huawei isn't Locations: China
Why Apple is betting big on India
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I think one estimate put, at one point, I think China was producing something like 90% of the world's iPhones. So when we talk about, you know, Apple manufacturing elsewhere, it's going take a long time to significantly ramp up iPhone production elsewhere. And you know, opening a physical Apple store often for Apple is a sign of a big deal. But you know, Apple looking at India going, wow, we've only got 7% of market share there, we could grow huge amounts. And of course, as we know, with Apple, the hardware is the, you know, one side of the equation, but also, you know, Apple makes billions of dollars off of its services business, which includes things like its App Store fees, it's Apple Pay, Apple TV, all of those other products and services.
Persons: Tim Cook, Apple, it's, It's, Tom Chitty, we've, Arjun Kharpal, Arjun, they're, let's, hasn't, We've, they've, Apple's, that's, we're, There's, Narendra Modi, Arjun Kharpal It's, Tom Chitty Huawei, Kharpal Huawei, Tim Cook's, I've, haven't, He's, They've, Arjun Kharpal There's, Tom Chitty Oppo, Tom Chitty Xiaomi, Tom Chitty Samsung, You've, They're, Transsion, Tom, Tom Chitty I'm, Kharpal, Tom Chitty We'll Organizations: Apple, Bloomberg, CNBC, U.S, Arjun Kharpal It's Samsung, Samsung, China, Apple Watch, Huawei, IDC Locations: India, Foxconn, China,, Covid, Zhengzhou, Vietnam, Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Mumbai, New Delhi, Xiaomi, Europe, U.S, Arjun Kharpal Vietnam, Hanoi , Vietnam, Hanoi, Taiwan, Beijing, America, Africa, The
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