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While most people follow Zillow Gone Wild to gawk at the weird and bizarre features of other people's homes, some are looking to buy. And with Zillow Gone Wild and a host of other real-estate influencer accounts, a wild home is now easy to find. At the end of April, Leyendecker had a listing in Plymouth, Minnesota, posted on Zillow Gone Wild. Her guests are always amused to discover the home was listed on Zillow Gone Wild. "My husband was a little bit more reserved and nervous about sharing that the house was from Zillow Gone Wild.
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Image Employees working at the offices of Al Jazeera in Jerusalem. Mr. Netanyahu, who made the announcement on social media, had previously called Al Jazeera a “Hamas mouthpiece” and said he would close it. Israeli lawmakers passed a bill last month allowing the government to temporarily close foreign media outlets that Mr. Netanyahu determined were undermining the country’s national security. “The government under my leadership has decided unanimously: The incitement channel Al Jazeera will be shut down in Israel,” Mr. Netanyahu said on X, formerly Twitter. In January, his eldest son was killed in an Israeli airstrike, according to the authorities in Gaza.
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These young voters faulted Israel’s response to the attacks, 52-32 percent. This wartime shift represents a fundamental break within a liberal coalition that has long powered the Democratic Party. Clearly, the most left-leaning young adults have the lowest rating of Israel. The Arab American Institute commissioned John Zogby Strategies to conduct a survey of 500 Arab Americans between Oct. 23 and Oct. 27. In this poll, 32 percent of Arab Americans identified as Republican as opposed to just 23 percent who identified as Democrats.
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Palestinian tech workers in the Gaza Strip and West Bank are struggling to operate in the crossfire. AdvertisementAdvertisementPalestinian tech workers have comparatively fewer resources (namely internet connectivity and cash) at their disposal and tend to be reliant on outsourced work. This affects remote workers, freelancers, tech workers, and students who "won't be able to pursue their duties," Shtaya added. It was already difficult to import hardware and other equipment, the West Bank consultant said. Nvidia hired 100 engineers in the West Bank, and Apple also has a presence, TechCrunch reported.
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Washington, DC CNN —The global economy is facing tremendous uncertainty from the war between Hamas and Israel in the Middle East, on top of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. They say Israel’s declaration of war against Hamas could be yet another catalyst for deglobalization, though the extent of that is still up in the air. If deglobalization does get exacerbated, what would that mean for inflation and monetary policy, globally? With deglobalization, you get a global economic environment that’s less competitive, and when there’s less competition, that is ultimately inflationary, causing prices to rise. Over the Covid era, China shut down production, disrupting the global supply chain, so deglobalization would bring some production back within US borders.
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How the tech sector in Israel is navigating the war
  + stars: | 2023-10-13 | by ( Hanna Ziady | )   time to read: +6 min
London CNN —Israel’s vast tech sector has seen its fair share of crises, from financial downturns and the Covid-19 pandemic to periodic flare-ups in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “This is different than anything we’ve faced before,” said Avi Hasson, the CEO of Start-Up Nation Central (SNC), a non-profit that promotes Israel’s tech industry globally. “Seasoned investors with experience backing Israeli startups are not backing away due to the war,” said Samid of TechAviv. For many in Israel’s tech industry, the devastating circumstances have only served to underscore the sector’s famed resilience. “Israeli [tech] hasn’t stopped,” Hasson noted.
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Getting overseas funding could become difficult for Israel's tech industry amid the war, experts told Reuters. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementAdvertisementIsrael's tech startups have already been facing a tough year attracting funding amid the implosion of a major lender for start-ups, global recession fears, and rising borrowing rates. Investment in Israel's tech startups has already been falling for seven straight quarters even before the war started, according to a report by the think tank Startup Nation Policy Institute, released on September 30. AdvertisementAdvertisementTech insiders also express optimism for the industry, citing Israel's reputation as an established tech hub.
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"This is not a particularly easy time to get investment," he added, noting the number of flights to Israel that have been cancelled. CONFIDENCE EARNEDThat said, Hasson and others expect Israel's tech sector to rebound in the same way it has in past conflicts with Palestinian and Hezbollah militants. Medved said that he believes that Israel will prevail as an tech investment destination. "Historically, every time Israel has gone to war, long term has been a buy side," he said. "That shift may even help push those investors who might have been reluctant (to invest in Israel)," he said.
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Married During the 2003 Blackout
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It was shortly after 4 p.m. on a sweltering, sunny Thursday — Aug. 14, 2003 — when the power went out in eight states across the Northeast and Midwest. Sara Hasson was in her bridal suite at a Hyatt hotel in Greenwich, Conn., getting her hair blown out. Dustin Schell was celebrating at a bar after witnessing his friends’ ceremony at City Hall in Manhattan. Dr. Kelvin Chan was running last-minute errands in preparation for his wedding in Toronto the next day. And Dr. Dvasha Stollman was in the middle of putting on her poofy, tulle-layered white gown in New Rochelle, N.Y.“I had no idea what was going on,” Dr. Stollman said.
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Former President Donald J. Trump will return a set of ancient coins and ceramic oil lamps to Israel’s government after reports last week that Israeli officials were pressing to retrieve them. The items were not removed from the White House by Mr. Trump, like the classified documents that led to his indictment on federal espionage charges. In fact, the artifacts never made it to the White House at all. That’s when Saul Fox, a wealthy donor to both Israel and the Republican Party, gave the items to him during a Hanukkah celebration, calling them an expression of Israel’s gratitude to Mr. Trump. Mr. Fox, who runs a private equity firm, did not return repeated requests for comment.
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It was a paid ad by a group of high-tech companies protesting against Netanyahu's judicial policies, which analysts say have unleashed a slew of risks, both for Israel's economy and for his own political future. Israel's shekel moved on every twist and turn in parliament as efforts to reach a judicial compromise intensified and finally crashed. For now, Israel's economy is relatively robust, with growth forecast at 3% this year and unemployment at a 3.5% rate. Even if Netanyahu chooses to scrap plans for further judicial changes, damage will be hard to fix. The tech sector has a lot to lose if more controversial judicial changes come because firms need a trusted legal system to protect their intellectual property.
Persons: Netanyahu, Moody's, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's shekel, Morgan Stanley, Itzchak Raz, Netanyahu's, They're, Raz, Avi Hasson, Nicholas Farr, Amir Yaron, Amotz Asa, Asa, Shalom Hartman, Maayan Lubell, William Maclean Organizations: Government, Hebrew University, Israel Innovation Authority, Nation Central, Capital Economics, Analysts, Bank, Thomson Locations: JERUSALEM, Israel, Jerusalem
JERUSALEM, July 23 (Reuters) - Nearly 70% of Israeli startups have taken action to relocate parts of their business outside Israel, a survey released on Sunday by an Israeli non-profit organisation on the government's planned judicial overhaul found. The survey, completed by professionals representing 521 companies, said 68% of Israeli startup companies "have begun taking active legal and financial steps, like withdrawing cash reserves, changing HQ location outside Israel, relocation of employees and conducting layoffs." Additionally, 22% of companies said they have diversified cash reserves outside Israel and 37% of investors say companies in their portfolios have withdrawn some of their cash reserves and moved them abroad. "Concerning trends like registering a company abroad or launching new startups outside Israel will be hard to reverse," said Start-Up Nation Central CEO Avi Hasson. The survey was released as lawmakers began debating a bill that would prevent the Supreme Court from quashing legislation on the grounds of manifest "unreasonableness".
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Avi Hasson, Emily Rose, Barbara Lewis Organizations: Nation Central, Thomson Locations: Israel, Israeli
Israel loaned ancient antiquities to the US in 2019, on the condition they be returned within weeks. But almost four years later, they're "stuck" at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, per Haaretz. Senior Israeli figures have tried but failed to get the antiquities back, the newspaper reported. But almost four years later, the ancient artifacts are "stuck" at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, with senior Israeli figures scrambling to get them back, per the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Instead of being returned to Israel, however, they remained in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Haaretz.
Persons: Israel, Donald Trump's Mar, Israel Hasson, COVID, Saul Fox, Fox, It's, Trump, Eli Eskozido, Lago Organizations: Senior, Service, White, Haaretz, Trump, Israeli Antiquities Authority, Mar, Insider, Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry, Strategic Affairs Minister, FBI, DOJ Locations: Wall, Silicon, Lago, Florida, Israel, Washington ,
Lisa Andrea launched a financial blog in 2021 and consistently books $8,000 in monthly revenue. Andrea outlines 9 of the easiest ways to earn passive income, including resale and blogging. She took her experience building passive income streams and teaching herself the fundamentals of financial literacy to launch the financial-advice blog The Financial Cookbook in February 2021. Andrea shared her own financial strategy, including the nine methods of passive income she encourages everyone to try. Julia CheskyAndrea said companies typically contact her about brand partnerships, but she encourages other entrepreneurs to be more proactive when looking for passive income avenues.
The Paradox of Prosecuting Domestic Terrorism
  + stars: | 2023-02-08 | by ( James Verini | )   time to read: +52 min
The preventive approach to domestic terrorism goes back even further than the 1990s and it begins with the basic police work and surveillance of the joint terrorism task forces. In fact, there is no section of the U.S. Criminal Code that criminalizes domestic terrorism as such. The absence of clear law around domestic terrorism, and the imperatives of prevention, mean that investigators and prosecutors who work domestic terrorism cases must focus on more common charges: weapons violations, illegal drug possession, burglary, aiding and abetting and so forth. But this was not enough to overrule the fear of domestic terrorism that was gripping the nation and that hung in the courtroom. It reflected the legal paradoxes of the case and domestic terrorism law in general or, maybe more accurately, the absence of it.
Andrea outlines 9 of the easiest ways to earn passive income, including resale and blogging. She took her experience building passive income streams and teaching herself the fundamentals of financial literacy to launch the financial-advice blog The Financial Cookbook in February 2021. Julia CheskyAndrea said companies typically contact her about brand partnerships, but she encourages other entrepreneurs to be more proactive when looking for passive income avenues. She recommends selling old clothes, coupons received in the mail, or finds from garage sales or local stores. Nicholas Waskosky, a Poshmark seller, earns five figures a year selling old or upcycled clothes on the platform.
One of the most popular platforms for content creation is TikTok, which has more than 1 billion monthly users. Ford determined her best-performing videos and her best-selling products based on TikTok views and interaction with customers. Her account now has more than 47,000 followers and her most popular video garnered nearly two million views. TikTok screenshotIn March 2021, Damoin Harrell created his first video on TikTok at the request of his niece. To be sure, more views don't always equate to more sales, business owners said.
Aspiring titans filed more than 5 million business applications in 2021, according to data from the US Census Bureau. Starting a business in a pandemic or in uncertain economic times demands flexibility, agility, and originality. In July 2020, she launched Cafe Cà Phê in Kansas City, Missouri, and made six figures in sales in 2021, Insider verified with documentation. The couple booked nearly $4 million in revenue in 2021, Insider verified with documentation. "Identifying what activities you're doing day to day that raise your energy and recharge you, and what drains you."
Whether you're new to entrepreneurship or a seasoned founder, managing productivity is a key task. Business owners shared their productivity tips and how they structure their days for success. Whether they're scaling a startup, battling supply chain disruptions, or finding fame on social media, eight business owners showed Insider how they structure their days for success. Daniel Snow, 28, is the founder of two multimillion-dollar enterprises: the media organization RapTV and the marketing business The Snow Agency. Now, she owns The Slay Coach, which teaches business owners how to market their own consulting programs and digital courses.
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