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CNN —Filipino American Chelsea Manalo became the first Black woman to be crowned Miss Universe Philippines on Wednesday. Chelsea Manalo will be representing the Philippines at the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico in September. Over 100 countries will be represented at Miss Universe 2024. The Miss Universe organization has come under scrutiny in recent weeks, as the parent company of the Miss USA organization. Both Miss USA and Miss Teen USA resigned from their roles earlier this May, amid allegations of mismanagement, a toxic work environment, and conditions that impacted their mental health.
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is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and co-author of “She Said,” which recounts how she and Megan Twohey broke the story of sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein, helping to ignite the #MeToo movement. Instagram •
Persons: , Said, Megan Twohey, Harvey Weinstein, Instagram
I reported him and then I just tried to follow the justice and what they told me to do,” Battilana Gutierrez told CNN in a recent interview. Battilana Gutierrez says she sees chilling parallels between the alleged conspiracy surrounding a hush-money payment connected to Trump and what happened to her. “It would be very interesting to see if he had to speak about the Harvey Weinstein trial,” Battilana Gutierrez said of Pecker. Of Battilana Gutierrez, he added, “Harvey wishes her well and hopes only for happiness and success for her.”Eventually, Battilana Gutierrez did sign a non-disclosure agreement with Weinstein’s legal team. Mark Peterson/Redux“Both Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump were ‘FOPs’ – Friends of Pecker,” Cartwright told CNN.
Persons: Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, Harvey Weinstein, , ” Battilana Gutierrez, , , Battilana Gutierrez, Weinstein, Donald Trump, David Pecker –, Trump, Jeenah, Michael Cohen, ” Pecker, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ari Emanuel, Rahm, Barack Obama’s, Schwarzenegger, Ari, Rahm Emanuel, Pecker, ’ Battilana Gutierrez, , ” Harvey Weinstein, Natalia V, ” Weinstein’s, Juda Engelmayer, “ Ms, Gutierrez ’, ” Engelmayer, Battilana, Julia Nikhinson, he’s, Harvey Weinstein’s, “ Harvey, Judge James Burke, ” Gutierrez, Ronan Farrow, Cyrus Vance , Jr, Eduardo Munoz, Cyrus Vance, ” Vance, Vance, Attorney Alvin Bragg, Weinstein’s, Lachlan Cartwright, Ambra, ” Cartwright, David J, Mark Peterson, Rose McGowan’s, Cartwright, McGowan, American Media …, Timothy A, Clary, Jason Kravarik Organizations: CNN, Trump, American Media Inc, National, Manhattan Criminal, Staff, Chicago mayorship, National Enquirer, New Yorker, The New York Times, New, Weinstein’s, Manhattan District, Manhattan DA, Manhattan, Attorney’s, Attorney, Attorney’s Office, New York Times Magazine, AMI, Manhattan DA’s, New York Times, Enquirer, Yorker, Weinstein Company, Pecker, Radar, , American Media, Model Alliance, Getty Locations: Italian, New York City, Manhattan, New York, Los Angeles, Italy, York, New, Angeles, AFP, CNN’s
The Equinox EV is launching with higher-priced models that start at roughly $43,000 to $51,100 (without any incentives). The Equinox EV is arriving to market following the Blazer EV and alongside GM's more than $96,000 Silverado EV RST. Equinox EVAll of that being said, the Equinox EV is an Equinox in name only. Outside of the U.S., the Equinox EV will be sold in Canada, Mexico, the Middle East and some South American markets such as Brazil. GM's 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV (right) next to a gas-powered Chevy Equinox on May 16, 2024 in Detroit.
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Read previewLiam Neeson and Sharon Stone said they want Kevin Spacey to return to Hollywood, seven years after Spacey was unofficially blacklisted when "Star Trek: Discovery" actor Anthony Rapp accused him of sexual assault. Spacey has faced a number of sexual assault allegations in recent years. In October 2022, a New York jury found Spacey not liable for battery in the sexual assault lawsuit Rapp filed against him. AdvertisementSeparately, four men in London accused Spacey of sexual assault, and he faced nine sexual offense charges over incidents alleged to have taken place between 2001 and 2013. AdvertisementNeeson, Stone, and British TV star Stephen Fry have come forward to defend Spacey after the documentary "Spacey Unmasked" documentary was released in May.
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More than 100,000 are also in the dark in Louisiana as storms batter the state, as well. Parts of Texas and western Louisiana are under a rare Level 4 of 4 high risk of excessive rainfall Thursday, the Weather Prediction Center said. Major flooding has prompted water rescues in at least one Texas city. Texas and Louisiana have been in the bull’s-eye of seemingly unrelenting rounds of torrential, flooding downpours since the start of April. A tornado warning had been issued earlier Thursday evening in Harris County, including downtown Houston, according to the National Weather Service.
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Now that the S & P 500 and most major stock market indexes are at or near historic highs, expect a raft of earnings and year-end price target revisions for the S & P 500 to be coming. First up with an upward revision was Brian Belski at BMO Capital, who Wednesday raised his year-end S & P target to 5,600 from 5,100. The median price target (half above, half below) is 5,200. Earnings for the rest of the year have been remarkably stable, but the key point is that each quarter is higher and a record for S & P 500 profits: 2024 S & P 500 quarterly earnings estimates Q2: $59.46 (record) Q3: $63.49 (record) Q4: $65.08 (record) Source: LSEG Valuations (roughly 20 times forward S & P 500 earnings) are pricey but not unreasonable given the continuing strength of the economy and the prospects of AI-boosted returns. May: market advance broadens (advance/decline line) S & P 500: near new high S & P Mid Cap: new high S & P Small Cap: highest since Dec.
Persons: Sam Stovall, CFRA, Brian Belski, Belski, Subramanian, Venu Krishna, Goldman Sachs, David Kostin, Ned Davis, Ed Clissold, Oppenheimer, John Stoltzfus, Lori Calvasina, Manish, Nicolaus, Barry Banniester, Jonathan Golub, Chris Harvey, Dubravko, Bujas, Cantor Fitzgerald, Eric Johnson, Scott Chronert, Julian Emanuel, Fundstrat, Tom Lee, Morgan Stanley, Mike Wilson, Hugo Ste, Stovall Organizations: BMO Capital, Wall, of America, Barclays, BMO, RBC, Societe Generale, UBS, Bloomberg, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, ISI, JPMorgan, Scotiabank, @VX Locations: Wells Fargo, Marie
Read previewJessica Gunning, the actor who plays Martha Scott in "Baby Reindeer," said she "avoid" knowing about the real woman her character was based on. Since it was released in April, "Baby Reindeer" has blown up, and has been watched over 60 million times, according to Netflix. The buzz grew as audiences tried to find the real woman who Scott was based on. Like Richard said when he posted that message on social media, that's not the point of our show." AdvertisementTrue crime shows like "Baby Reindeer" blur the line between entertainment and reality, something that Gunning understands.
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Read previewNetflix seemingly has no plans for "Baby Reindeer" season two, but the Fiona Harvey controversy could easily be turned into a drama series of its own. Netflix could now dramatize the controversy surrounding Harvey and Gadd, which has unfolded since the show's release on April 11. Piers Morgan and Fiona Harvey on "Piers Morgan Uncensored." Piers Morgan Uncensored/YouTubeA second season could take a similar approach to another biographical Netflix drama: "Scoop." Considering the delicate nature of the events surrounding Gadd, Harvey, and Morgan, it would make sense to cast actors to play them.
Persons: , Fiona Harvey, Richard Gadd's, Donny Dunn, Martha Scott, Dunn, Scott, Gadd, Harvey, Piers Morgan, Viewers, Richard Gadd, Gillian Anderson, Rufus Sewell, Prince Andrew, Morgan, Netflix hasn't, Gadd's Organizations: Service, Business, Netflix, BBC, Lions
Read previewFiona Harvey claimed that Piers Morgan paid her £250 ($313) to interview her about "Baby Reindeer," and said she wants £1 million ($1.25 m) from him instead. But Harvey denied doing that in real life and described Gadd as "psychotic" during a 54-minute long interview on "Piers Morgan Uncensored." After previously saying she felt "used" by Morgan, in an interview with the Daily Record published on Tuesday, Harvey criticized Morgan's show for paying her £250. Harvey also claimed that the broadcaster didn't interact with her while she was on the "Piers Morgan Uncensored" set. Representatives for "Piers Morgan Uncensored" responded to a request for comment from BI by pointing toward Tuesday's episode of the ITV chatshow, "Lorraine."
Persons: , Fiona Harvey, Piers Morgan, Harvey, Martha Scott, Richard Gadd's, Scott, Donny Dunn, Gadd, Morgan, Morgan's, Piers, Lorraine, Lorraine Kelly Organizations: Service, Netflix, Business, Daily, ITV Locations: Scotland
Last summer, thousands of tie-dyed Burners and Patagonia-clad tech founders converged on the MAPS Psychedelic Science conference in Denver. The experience "broke the spell of this trauma, and she was able to rebuild her life," Doblin told The Guardian . The video team's job was to store recordings of every MDMA therapy session performed in the clinical trials. Grof believes in something called an "inner healing intelligence," an innate capacity for self-healing that psychedelic therapy helps unleash. Another time, a patient who had come to an MDMA therapy session later acknowledged they had been under the influence of LSD during treatment.
Persons: Jaden Smith, Aaron Rodgers, bro, Andrew Huberman, Rick Doblin, Doblin, mainstreaming psychedelics, influencers, Johnson, Elizabeth Nielson, Aubrey Marcus, ayahuasca, Matthew Stockman, Helena —, Timothy Leary, , Hitler, Stanislav Grof, zombified, Brad Burge, Michael Mithoefer, Annie Mithoefer, Oprah, Sen, Joe Biden, MDMA's neurotoxicity, they'd, Albert Hofmann, David Bronner, Dr, Joe's, Bronner, Bronner's, Richard Rockefeller, John D, Rockefeller Jr, Rockefeller, Neşe, Johns Hopkins, who's, Devenot, Rick Friedman, Betty Aldworth, MAPS's multimillionaire, Tim Ferriss, Cody Swift, Zendo, Aldworth, Erica Siegal, Seth Whitelaw, Amy Emerson, JULIE JAMMOT, Ifetayo Harvey, Harvey, Lauren Unger, Unger, Casey Hardison, Harvey didn't, Hardison, Doblin's, Baylee Ybarra Gatlin, Gatlin, negligently, There's, Michael Pollan's, Steve Jurvetson, Elon Musk's who's, Genevieve, Steve Cohen, Alexandra, Mark Zuckerberg's, Dustin Moskovitz, Cari, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paltrow, Sergey Brin, Joe Green, Green, Zuckerberg, Genevieve Jurvetson, Michael Pollan, Jonathan Lubecky, he'd, Rebekah, Robert Mercer, Elizabeth Koch, Charles Koch, Rachel Nuwer, Koch, she'd, MAPS's, Elizabeth Crystal, Joe Rogan, didn't, Jesus Christ, Crystal, Meaghan Buisson, Richard Yensen, Donna, Yensen, Buisson, weren't, Robert, Rebekah Mercer, Sean Zanni, Grof, They've, Kayla Greenstien, it's, George Sarlo who'd, Vicky Dulai, Sarlo's, Dulai, Gul Dolen, Michael Mullette, who'd, Marla Aufmuth, Mullette, Lily Kay Ross, David Nickles, Ross, Greenstien, Rick, Lenny Ignelzi, biostatisticians, Lykos, Peter Thiel, Kara Swisher, Kris Lotlikar, Federico Menapace, Mo Septimus, Handout, Monnica, Williams, Lotlikar, Henry Elkus, Helena ., Elkus, Emerson, ICER Organizations: Science, New York Jets, rockstar, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, Lykos Therapeutics, and Drug Administration, FDA, Business, Florida's New College, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Sarasota Herald, Tribune, New College, Guardian, Drug, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, eBay, Nevada, Doblin, Pentagon, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Staff, Corporation, PBC, pharma, New Yorker, New York Mets, Bloomberg, CBS, Breitbart, CBC News, BI, Porsche, Santa Cruz, New York Times, longtime, Mullette Corporation, New York, Health Canada, Compass, Sciences, Psychedelic Science, Whole Foods, McKinsey, Big Pharma, Vine Ventures, Lucid, Street Journal, Investments, Gawker, Publicly, PBC alums, Numinus, US Army Locations: Patagonia, Denver, Harvard, Colorado, Skokie , Illinois, Ireland, Czech, Sarasota, Arcturus, Florida, Swiss, Vietnam, Washington, Santa Cruz, Chicago, California, Iraq, British Columbia, New York, Hawaii, Santa, Nature, Moderna, Europe, Helena, Yale, Australia, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, ICER, . Upper
But in his under-oath testimony for Trump's criminal trial Monday, Cohen placed Trump firmly in the room where it happened. AdvertisementIn 2015, Trump told Cohen he would run for president. When Cohen told Trump about it, his response was, "She's really beautiful," Cohen said. According to Cohen, Trump's goal was to postpone the payment until after the November 2016 election, at which point he didn't think it would matter. "I used quite a few expletives," complaining to Weisselberg, Cohen told jurors.
Persons: , Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump's, Cohen, Trump, Trump's, Daniels, Karen McDougal, Donald Trump, Jon Kopaloff, Curtis Means, Steve Granitz, " Cohen, David Pecker, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz's, Lee Harvey Oswald, Marco Rubio, Pecker, Melania Trump, — Cohen,, Keith Davidson, Allen Weisselberg, Brendan McDermid, didn't, Weisselberg, Cohen he'd, Allen, Michael, stiffed, Susan Hoffinger Organizations: Service, Business, Trump, American Media Inc, National Enquirer, AMI, Republican, Washington Post, Manhattan Criminal Court, Reuters, Trump Organization Locations: Manhattan, Trump, Mar, Florida
Piers Morgan said he thinks the alleged "Baby Reindeer" stalker, Fiona Harvey, lied to him during their interview. The broadcaster interviewed Harvey about the series and asked if she really stalked Richard Gadd. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementPiers Morgan said that he thinks Fiona Harvey, the woman outed as the person the stalker in "Baby Reindeer" is based on, lied to him during their interview last week. The British broadcaster interviewed Harvey on his YouTube show, "Piers Morgan Uncensored," where she denied stalking Gadd after meeting him in a London pub several years ago.
Persons: Piers Morgan, Fiona Harvey, Harvey, Richard Gadd, , Gadd, Morgan Organizations: Netflix, Service, YouTube, Business Locations: British, London
In a bitter public feud, hip-hop stars Drake and Kendrick have exchanged personal slurs. Since March, the two have traded increasingly personal and aggressive diss tracks. AdvertisementAfter weeks of the bitter public feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar finally looks like it's over — or at least dying down. And the rap stars didn't hold back trading a series of increasingly aggressive and unpleasant diss tracks. Ultimately, it seems unlikely that either rapper will end up suing for defamation over the slur-laden diss tracks.
Persons: Drake, Kendrick, , Kendrick Lamar, Lamar, Cole, didn't, Taylor, J, Prince Williams, Arturo Holmes, Matt Ford, Kendrick's, Daliah, Lamar —, Sapar, defamers, Saper, , Harvey Weinstein, Adonis, Sophie Brussaux, that's, They're, It's Organizations: Service, Metro, The Met Museum, New, Saper, intel Locations: LA, New Republic
An unnamed woman claiming to be "the real Martha Scott" told a British tabloid that Gadd was "bullying an older woman on television for fame and fortune." Richard Gadd as Donny Dunn and Jessica Gunning as Martha Scott in "Baby Reindeer." The woman criticized Gadd, and said: "He's using 'Baby Reindeer' to stalk me now. At the end of the show, Scott explains that a baby reindeer toy was the only thing that gave her comfort during her difficult childhood, which is why she nicknamed Dunn "baby reindeer." Harvey said that was false: "I've never owned a toy baby reindeer, and I wouldn't have had any conversation with Richard Gadd about a childhood toy either."
Persons: Martha Scott, Gadd, Richard Gadd, Donny Dunn, Jessica Gunning, Ed Miller, Scott, He's, Dunn, Harvey Organizations: Netflix, Daily Mail Locations: British
As the surprise success of “Baby Reindeer,” the Netflix drama about a comedian and his stalker, has highlighted the complications that can arise from basing a popular series on real events, a woman who claims to be the inspiration for the stalker character said on Thursday that much of the show’s plot was untrue, calling it a “work of fiction.”In the four weeks since “Baby Reindeer” debuted, it has been viewed more than 56 million times, according to data released by Netflix. The intense interest in the seven-episode series, which is billed as a true story based on the experience of the comedian Richard Gadd, has also spawned an army of amateur detectives trying to uncover the actual identities of the characters onscreen. Those efforts have resulted in the online abuse of a British writer and director as well as blowback for Netflix officials, one of whom was questioned about the streamer’s “duty of care” by a British lawmaker this week. Gadd has all but begged internet sleuths to stop digging, writing on social media: “Please don’t speculate on who any of the real life people could be. That’s not the point of the show.”But in an interview that ran Thursday, Fiona Harvey, who says that the show’s stalker character was modeled after her, provided her side of the story on camera for the first time.
Persons: Richard Gadd, Gadd, That’s, Fiona Harvey Organizations: Netflix Locations: British
A psychologist told Business Insider why true crime turns viewers into armchair detectives. True crime blurs the line between real life and fictionRichard Gadd as Donny Dunn in "Baby Reindeer." AdvertisementThat's further complicated by some true crime audiences thinking they are helping to bring about justice by becoming armchair detectives. AdvertisementIn a piece published by The Guardian, titled "Why do women love true crime so much?" Ed Miller/NetflixThis raises the question of whether streaming services and TV networks are doing enough to protect those involved in true crime content.
Persons: , Donny Dunn, Richard Gadd, Martha, Gadd, Martha Scott, He's, Piers Morgan, Fiona Harvey —, TikTok sleuths, Sean Foley, Foley, — sean foley, @SeanFoleyJ, Nicola Bulley, Andrew Snowden, Ed Miller, Ruth Tully, Tully, Nancy Jo Sales, influencers, Jessica Gunning, " Gadd, Benjamin King, it's, King, Errol Lindsay, Jeffrey Dahmer's, Jeffrey Dahmer, Rita Isbell, Netflix should've Organizations: Service, Rotten, Google, Netflix, Daily Mail, Police, Lancashire's Police, The Guardian, European, Research, Business Locations: British
For adults, autism diagnosis can unlock a new life
  + stars: | 2024-05-09 | by ( Matt Villano | )   time to read: +10 min
Jesse Grant/Getty ImagesFor some, an adult autism diagnosis is an inflection point — the moment in which a clearer and more fulfilling existence starts anew. Whatever the perspective, an adult autism diagnosis is an identity builder, instantaneously minting new members of the growing autism community. How to get help Help is available if you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts or mental health matters. “This is why a diagnosis can be so important.”An autism diagnosis can be everythingAdults are seeking formal autism diagnoses in record numbers, according to providers and practitioners who specialize in autism. “Getting an autism diagnosis, becoming part of the autism community, has completely recontextualized my life,” said Sellergren, who was diagnosed in 2021 at age 44.
Persons: CNN — John Frizzell, David Hume, , Frizzell, Beavis, John Frizzell, Jesse Grant, , Lindsay Naeder, Michael Chez, Ingrid Boveda, Boveda, , Quinten Harvey, ” Harvey, , Vanessa Bal, Bal, neurodivergence, Autism, Naeder, Ed Asner, Spencer Harte, Harte, I’m, ” Harte, “ I’m, Bird Sellergren, Sellergren, ” Matt Villano Organizations: CNN, , US Centers for Disease Control, Autism, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, International Association for Suicide Prevention, Befrienders, Autism Society, Research, Sutter Institute for Medical Research, Harvey Psychological Services, Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Applied, Professional, Rutgers, Team, Hollywood Locations: United States, Sacramento , California, Salt Lake City, neurodivergence, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Northern California,
Could Trump's next courtroom outburst or gag-violating Truth Social post really be the final straw that gets him locked up on contempt of court? "You get more due process" when you commit an act of contempt outside the courtroom, Levine said. "It's when the judge calls the court officers and tells them to surround the defendant so that he doesn't try to walk out of the courtroom." AdvertisementBut Trump already has at least two court officers standing behind him at all times in Merchan's courtroom, for his own protection. Reality will instead set in when the judge gives what's usually the final instruction to the court officers, "Take charge," Galluzzo said.
Persons: Trump, , audibly, Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump, misbehaving, Trump's, Juan Merchan, Arthur Aidala, Harvey Weinstein, Weinstein, Aidala, Arnold Levine, Levine, heckles Daniels, Matthew Galluzzo, Galluzzo, Daniel Scott, who's, Scott, Joe Schmoe, Daniels Organizations: Service, , New, Trump, Legal Aid Society of New York, Defense Task Force, Secret Service Locations: ,, Manhattan, Merchan's, Merchan, Trump
Piers Morgan interviewed the alleged "Baby Reindeer" stalker for his YouTube channel. Fiona Harvey said she felt "used" by the presenter and claimed she was paid £250 for the interview. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA woman who was outed by "Baby Reindeer" fans as the alleged stalker of the true crime drama's creator and lead actor said she felt "used" by Piers Morgan in an interview about the Netflix series. "Baby Reindeer" tells a fictionalized version of creator Richard Gadd's experiences with stalking, and has become a worldwide phenomenon since its release in April.
Persons: Piers Morgan, Fiona Harvey, , Richard Gadd's, Martha Scott, Gadd Organizations: YouTube, Service, Netflix, Daily Mail, Business
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWatch CNBC’s full interview with Ritholtz's Josh Brown, Wells Fargo’s Chris Harvey and Truist’s Keith LernerRitholtz's Josh Brown, Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey, and Truist's Keith Lerner join 'Closing Bell' to discuss the resilience of the market rally, earnings season, and opportunity play in the market.
Persons: Ritholtz's Josh Brown, Wells, Chris Harvey, Truist’s Keith Lerner, Josh Brown, Truist's Keith Lerner
Steve Albini, a rock musician and revered audio engineer who played a singular role in the development of the sound of alternative rock music in the 1980s, the ’90s and beyond — recording acclaimed albums by Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Pixies and hundreds of others — while becoming an outspoken critic of the music industry, died on Tuesday at his home in Chicago. The cause was a heart attack, according to Taylor Hales of Electrical Audio, the studio in Chicago that Mr. Albini founded in 1997. With a sharp vision for how a band should be recorded, and an even sharper tongue for anything he deemed mediocre or compromised, Mr. Albini was one of rock’s most acerbic wits. In the 1990s, when his work as a recording engineer — he scoffed at being called a “producer” — was in highest demand, however, Mr. Albini made no apology for accepting big checks for recording major-label bands. But those bands did so at their own risk; in those days Mr. Albini was also known for ridiculing the bands he recorded after the fact.
Persons: Steve Albini, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Taylor Hales, Albini, , ” — Locations: Chicago
Accusers stepped forward in 2018, as the #MeToo movement was taking off. Victims of sexual violence, consequently, often say they feel less isolated than they used to. Join us on Twitter and FacebookThere is, perhaps, one way in which the detractors of the #MeToo movement have a point. All of them — colleagues, neighbors or blood relations — more often than not, are able to maintain their status and privilege of their professions, despite allegations of sexual violence. It remains unclear whether the French will at long last “cancel” Gérard Depardieu, even if one or both trials find him guilty of sexual violence.
Persons: Caroline Séquin, , Gérard Depardieu, Caroline Sequin, Depardieu, Jacques Chirac, “ Depardieu, , Le Figaro, it’s, ” Depardieu, Emmanuel Macron, “ I’m, he’s, , ” Macron, Carla Bruni, Nicolas Sarkozy, Harvey Weinstein’s, Sandra Muller, , she’s, Le, Catherine Deneuve, men’s, that’s, MeToo, Camille Kouchner’s, ” Gérard Depardieu Organizations: Lafayette College, CNN, CNN —, Legion, Mediapart, France, Le Monde, French Interior Ministry, Twitter Locations: Easton , Pennsylvania, France, French, Colonial Senegal, CNN — France, United States, Familia Grande
Shopify stunned investors after reporting a surprise loss for the first three months of the year. The e-commerce platform posted a $273 million loss for the first quarter. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementShopify shares plunged almost 20% in premarket trading after the e-commerce giant sunk into the red for the first three months of the year.
Persons: Shopify, , Harvey Finkelstein Organizations: Service, Shopify
No deaths or serious injuries have been reported, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo told CNN, adding 153 pets have also been rescued during the deluge. Forecast calls for rain Sunday into MondayMost of the weekend’s rain fell over western and central Texas, but there’s a significant chance of heavier rain in the greater Houston area Sunday. An additional 1 to 3 inches of rainfall possible by Monday morning, according to the Houston National Weather Service office. Rainfall today will continue to exacerbate existing river flooding,” warned the Houston weather service office. The weather service listed some of the rainfall totals it collected:Groveton, TX- 23.56”Huntsville, TX- 21.76”Splendora, TX- 21.01”Willis, TX- 20.75”Livingston, TX- 18.42”There is relief on the horizon, however.
Persons: Lina Hidalgo, It’s, ” Hidalgo, “ We’re, Brent Taylor, CNN’s Amara Walker, , ” Taylor, “ There’s, , I’m, , Willis, Hurricane Harvey, Jason Fochtman, ” Emmitt Eldridge, ” Sherri Pegoda, Walker, Greg Abbott Organizations: CNN, Houston Office, Emergency Management, Houston Police, Houston Fire, Houston Public Works Department, Houston National Weather Service, Houston, Panhandle, West Lake Houston, Houston Chronicle, Texas, Gov Locations: South Texas, Harris County , Texas, Houston, Harris, City, Texas, , TX, Huntsville , TX, TX, Willis , TX, Livingston , TX, Gulf, East Texas, Hurricane, Lake Houston, West Lake, Kingwood, Atascocita, Kingwood , Texas, San Jacinto, Walker County, Polk County, Montgomery counties
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