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In 2013, the share of self-identified liberals among young women exceeded the share among young men by 5 percentage points; by 2023, that gap was nearly four times as large. (In that survey, young men were substantially more likely than young women to say they rely on YouTube as a major source of news.) (In the Harvard poll, one-fourth of young women identified in some way as LGBTQ, more than double the share of young men.) “He’s got to make up for the defection of young men by winning young women by more, and he’s got to get every young woman he can out to vote,” said Lake, the Democratic pollster. Biden’s best hope of avoiding a catastrophic decline in his youth support is that the number of young women Trump repels exceeds the number of young men he attracts.
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The pro-Palestinian movement in the US today is a far cry from the anti-war movement of the 1960s, but the angst and frustration of young Americans is clear and growing. That figure was dragged down by the fact that just 37% of younger voters said they were satisfied. Most see Biden’s presidency as a ‘failure’Biden is under water in every issue asked about in the CNN poll, according to Jennifer Agiesta, CNN’s polling director. And that’s the frustration.”Video Ad Feedback 'We're in trouble': Pollster reacts to his discussion with young voters 02:02 - Source: CNNUnhappy with the direction of the countryIt’s not just Biden and politics that are turning off young Americans. Just 38% of younger Americans in CNN’s poll said they are satisfied with their personal financial situation.
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Two White House officials noted that the number of speeches for Biden and Harris is similar to the two previous years. Another White House official declined to preview how Biden might address the campus unrest. Biden campaign officials say that despite the media focus on campus protests, public polling and their own research show that young voters are more concerned with other issues. "We know from the conversations we have that young voters are planning to vote, and voters are planning to vote for us," she said. Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., visited multiple Wisconsin college campuses this week as a member of the Biden campaign's national advisory board.
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