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Polls consistently show that his support from Black voters has declined to alarming levels for a Democrat. Four years ago, nearly nine in 10 Black voters nationwide cast their ballots for Mr. Biden, according to exit polls. Image Recently, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have been speaking directly to Black audiences at multiple events per week. “The Biden campaign is panicking because they see that Black voters aren’t buying what Biden is selling,” Ms. Thomas added. Recently, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have been speaking directly to Black audiences at multiple events per week.
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But perhaps Pepsi's most memorable disaster (in the US, anyway) was when it was nearly forced to buy a McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II fighter jet for one of its consumers. He never got it, but the memory of his attempt has long outlived the Pepsi Points campaign. A pile of Liquid Death cans at a festival. All you need to do is visit the giveaway site and start a text chain, buy a Liquid Death product from a physical store, and text a photo of the receipt. The company swears entrants to the jet contest will not have to take them to court to get the prize.
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Many Democrats, along with foreign leaders who the US counts as allies, say Israel’s actions clearly cross a red line – if not Biden’s, then their own and those of international law. Would that be a red line?” MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart asked during an interview. His answer, with its incomplete sentences, did not state what might constitute a violation of the red line or what his response would be. “I went over the red line issue, which I know is the obsession of this group, last week. Whether Biden drew a red line or not, his counterpart in Israel found reason to dismiss the president’s comments.
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He also once opposed hard-line immigration policies, and the Texas Republican Party censured him — but he has since shifted toward them. But House Republican leaders stuck by Mr. Gonzales, and their support may have in part rescued Mr. Gonzales in a race that hung by a knife’s edge into early Wednesday morning. In a four-person primary, Mr. Furman won about 45 percent of the vote and Mr. Garza won 27 percent to advance to the runoff. Texas House District 21The speaker of the Texas House, Dade Phelan, edged out his Trump-backed opponent in the Republican primary for his seat, winning by fewer than 400 votes. In Tuesday’s runoff, Mr. Phelan took 50.7 percent of the vote.
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CNN —In recent weeks, an increasingly familiar list of Republicans has dominated the not-very-subtle competition to become Donald Trump’s running mate. Trump himself has added to the air of inevitability by floating these names in interviews and appearances over and over. Many around the campaign believe the lack of secrecy surrounding the open audition raises the possibility Trump ultimately picks someone off the public’s radar. A source confirmed Trump floated Cotton’s name during a recent private dinner, surprising some of his guests. Earlier this year, Hagerty was spotted at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach with the former president.
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U.S. officials said on Tuesday that the Israeli strike that killed dozens of Palestinians in southern Gaza was a tragedy but that it did not violate President Biden’s red line for withholding weapons shipments to Israel. The United States is by far the biggest supplier of weapons to Israel, which raises questions about American responsibility as the death toll mounts. She did not answer a follow-up question about whether the strike crossed a red line for Mr. Biden. A State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller, said the United States was watching Israel’s investigation of the incident closely. Israel’s retaliatory offensive has killed more than 36,000 people, many of them women and children, according to health officials in Gaza.
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President Biden made an aggressive push on Wednesday to head off former President Donald J. Trump’s modest gains among Black voters, condemning his Republican opponent as a racist who had lied to Black Americans about what his term in office delivered them. Speaking alongside Vice President Kamala Harris at a rally in Philadelphia, Mr. Biden pressed home a series of arguments about why Black voters should choose him over Mr. Trump, who has been trying to court Americans of color. “This is the same guy who wanted to tear-gas you as you peacefully protested George Floyd’s murder,” Mr. Biden told the predominantly Black crowd as he and Ms. Harris announced a national coalition of Black voters working on their behalf. “The same guy who still calls the Central Park Five guilty even though they were exonerated. He’s that landlord who denies housing applications because of the color of your skin.”Invoking the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021, and nodding to Mr. Trump’s remarks about pardoning the rioters, Mr. Biden said: “What do you think would have happened if Black Americans had stormed the Capitol?
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However, the average millennial reported roughly $63,000 in retirement savings so far. While millennials will need more money to retire comfortably, many are far away from the savings milestone experts suggest. What's more, the future of the US Social Security system is uncertain, and longer expected lifespans — while a positive development — will require more retirement savings. How to figure out how much retirement savings you needTiffany Bell, a 36-year-old business management professional based in Houston, didn't always take retirement savings seriously. How millennials can get their retirement savings back on trackWhile some millennials are struggling financially, it's not all doom and gloom when it comes to their retirement prospects.
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President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are traveling to Philadelphia on Wednesday to announce the rollout of a new coalition aimed at bolstering support from Black voters, who are vital to their re-election but have broadcast frustration with the president in a series of polls. The president and vice president will unveil the effort, Black Voters for Biden-Harris, during a rally at Girard College, a predominantly Black college preparatory school in Philadelphia. They will be joined by several prominent Black Democrats, including Lt. Gov. After the rally, dozens of Black leaders will embark on a nationwide “week of action” to mobilize Black voters in battleground states, according to the Biden campaign. The event is only the latest attempt by the Biden campaign to win back support from Black voters, who have long been known as the “backbone” of the Democratic Party.
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Robert De Niro outside Manhattan Criminal Court on May 28, 2024. CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / Getty ImagesThe Democrats seem to be using De Niro's feud against Trump again this year ahead of the 2024 elections. "Trump wants revenge, and he'll stop at nothing to get it." De Niro claimed in his speech that Trump wants to destroy New York, America, and the world. "I never knew how small, both mentally and physically, Wacko Former Actor Robert De Niro was," Trump wrote on Wednesday.
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Philadelphia CNN —President Joe Biden plans to launch a nationwide effort to mobilize Black voters during a campaign rally in Philadelphia on Wednesday, aiming to win back support from a slice of the electorate that polls show wavering in support. Biden’s aides say they aren’t taking Black voters for granted as surveys suggest an erosion of support, particularly among Black men. Many polls have found Black voters more disconnected from the Democratic Party than they have been in decades. He’s also dialed into Black radio programs and touted issues like infrastructure investments and canceling student debt when promoting his record to Black voters. As the summer progresses, the Black Voters for Biden-Harris organizational effort will partner with community groups to register voters and strengthen voter protection efforts.
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CNN —Spain, Ireland and Norway formally recognized Palestinian statehood on Tuesday, cementing a joint move that further isolates Israel over its war against Hamas in Gaza. The move also highlights just how split Europe is on whether to recognize Palestinian statehood. Spain, Ireland and NorwayThe move by these three countries to recognize Palestinian statehood in tandem sent an impactful message to Israel, and other Western states. Western EuropeIn 2014, Sweden became the first major Western European nation to recognize Palestinian statehood. “The path of symbolic recognition of statehood is not the way forward.”Eastern EuropeOfficially, a number of countries that previously fell under the Soviet sphere of influence in eastern Europe recognize Palestinian statehood.
Persons: Simon Harris, , Harris, Ireland “, , Netanyahu, Israel, ” Harris, Espen Barth Eide, Pedro Sánchez, Israel Katz, ” “, ” Katz, Margot Wallstrom, Olaf Scholz, ” Scholz, Robert Golob, Golob, Palestine ” Organizations: CNN —, Palestinian, Gaza . Irish, United, Ireland, CNN, Palestine, Swedish, UN, Assembly, Reuters, Europe Officially, Soviet Locations: CNN — Spain, Ireland, Norway, Israel, Gaza ., Europe, United Nations, Eastern, Spain, Palestine, Gaza, Norwegian, Madrid, Palestinian, Iran, Sweden, France, Belgium, Poland, Greece, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, States, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ramallah, Argentina, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, United States
CNN —After months of either ignoring or poking fun at former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial, the Biden campaign on Tuesday decided for the first time to stage a news conference about Trump’s record outside the courthouse where closing arguments were taking place. In their view, Trump’s trial would speak for itself, reintroducing the former president and the chaos that surrounds him to voters who may have tuned him out. “The entire news media is camped out here, day in and day out,” campaign communications director Michael Tyler said, explaining the choice to address reporters outside the lower Manhattan courthouse. Biden campaign officials are still grappling with the reality, this person said, that a substantial part of the population still doesn’t see that the choice on Election Day will be between Biden and Trump. “We knew Trump was out of control when he was president,” De Niro says over a shot of Trump behind the Resolute Desk.
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It just happened,” Kirby told reporters at the White House. Over the weekend, Israel launched an airstrike on a displacement camp in the southern Gaza city, killing dozens and sparking global outrage. Biden has not commented publicly on either development but has been kept appraised of actions inside Israel over the weekend, Kirby said. French President Emmanuel Macron said he was “outraged” by the strikes and called on operations in Rafah to stop. Kirby suggested the US would look to Israel’s assessment of the incident as it gauges a path forward.
Persons: Joe Biden, John Kirby, ” Kirby, , Biden, Kirby, Israel, Kamala Harris, Emmanuel Macron, , Daniel Hagari, Matthew Miller Organizations: Washington CNN, White, National Security, CNN, Israel Defense Forces, United, Locations: Israel, Rafah, Gaza, Europe, Palestinian, United States
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailFreedman: Housing is suffering from artificial constraint on inventoryBess Freedman, Brown Harris Stevens CEO, discusses the health of the housing market and the outlook for mortgage rates.
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"He doesn't belong in my city," De Niro, a native New Yorker, said of Trump during a press conference hosted by President Joe Biden's reelection campaign outside Manhattan Supreme Court. Immediately following the Biden campaign event, Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller accused Biden of employing a "washed-up actor" to campaign for him in a Hail Mary attempt to reverse Trump's narrow lead in 2024 election polls. The De Niro event marks the first time the Biden campaign has appeared outside Trump's trial, which began more than five weeks ago. As the criminal trial winds down, the president's reelection campaign is planning to crank up its attacks on Trump, NBC News reported Friday. Defense attorney Todd Blanche began Tuesday's closing arguments by declaring, "President Trump is innocent."
Persons: Robert De Niro, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, De Niro, Joe Biden's, , Trump, Trump's, Harris, Niro, Harry Dunn, Jason Miller, Biden, Mary, Miller, Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, Attorney Alvin Bragg, Todd Blanche, Blanche, Joshua Steinglass, Bragg Organizations: Republican, Trump, U.S, Capitol, Biden, U.S . Capitol Police, NBC, Democratic, Manhattan, Attorney Locations: Manhattan, New York City, New Yorker, United States, White
Storms unloaded hurricane-force wind gusts across the Dallas area, with Dallas Fort Worth International Airport recording a wind gust of 77 mph early Tuesday as power outages in the area started to skyrocket. KTVTThe power outages started to ramp up early Tuesday morning in the Dallas area, then extended south with the storms as they roared across the state, according to Large hail, lightning and wind gusts as strong as 80 mph are the main threats with any storm. Dallas is the second major Texas city to have critical power infrastructure damaged by severe weather in less than two weeks. Storm damage is seen in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area on May 28, 2024.
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Washington CNN —The Biden reelection campaign has enlisted three police officers – all of whom were working at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, when rioters overtook the building – to stump for Biden across battleground states in the coming weeks, the campaign told CNN. Aquilino Gonell, Officer Harry Dunn and Officer Danny Hodges plan to tell voters across key swing states that former President Donald Trump poses a threat to democracy and to their fundamental rights as Americans. Dunn and Gonell sustained injuries during the attack on the Capitol and have since retired from the Capitol Police. “We were the victims, we lived through it,” Dunn, who mounted an unsuccessful bid for Congress, told CNN in an interview. In a fundraising email to Biden supporters last week, Gonell described sustaining career-ending injuries and being “trampled in a tunnel” – and noting he would continue fighting for America after being in uniform.
Persons: Washington CNN —, , Aquilino Gonell, Harry Dunn, Danny Hodges, Donald Trump, Dunn, Gonell, Hodges, ” Dunn, Trump, Biden, , insurrectionists, , goading Trump, , Harris, Jen O’Malley Dillon, CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez Organizations: Washington CNN, Biden, Capitol, CNN, Capitol Police, DC’s Metropolitan Police Department, America, Seven, NATO, Russia Locations: Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin , Michigan, New Hampshire, Atlanta, France, Washington ,, Ukraine
A majority, 78%, of U.S. workers say they don't use all of their PTO, according to a new Harris Poll survey of 1,170 American workers. People cited busy schedules, heavy workloads and a persistent "pressure to always be available" as the biggest impediments to taking more time off. Still, paid time off is a sought-after benefit among U.S. workers, with 48% saying they would rather have more PTO than a higher salary, the Harris Poll found. Others are offering to help offset the cost of employees' vacations, either with flight or hotel credits. If you're looking for a flexible job that will allow you to work remotely and help you afford to travel more, these seven companies are hiring for remote and hybrid roles and help pay for employees' vacations, according to FlexJobs:
Organizations: Harris Locations: U.S
Direct-ascent anti-satellite missiles are fired from Earth to take out a satellite target in space. Since then, China is believed by analysts to have conducted multiple, nondestructive missile tests that could advance its ability to target satellites. Illustration by CNNThat’s because the US has done extensive non-offensive testing of technologies to approach and rendezvous with satellites, including close approaches of its own military satellites and several Russian and Chinese military satellites, SWF says. Chance Saltzman explained why the US felt it needed to be able to counter other countries’ space capabilities. Its tenets may be more relevant now than ever – but potentially under greater threat amid a new focus on military and space.
Persons: , Russia’s, , Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan, Zang Jihui, Chance Saltzman, ” Saltzman, Juliana Suess, Kamala Harris, Etienne Laurent, SpaceX’s, Tong Zhao, ” Zhao, doesn’t, RUSI’s Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Russian, CNN, Getty, Sputnik, Center for Security, Strategy, Technology, Observer Research, Foundation, China, US Space Force, Liberation Army, PLA, Space Force, Washington, CNN That’s, Space, China’s PLA, US Space Command, Vandenberg Space Force, Bloomberg, Union of Concerned, Carnegie Endowment, International Peace, Modern Defense Technology ”, United Nations Security, US Locations: Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Europe, United States, China, Moscow, North Korea, Iran, Beijing, AFP, Soviet, Soviet Union, America, New Delhi, India, CNN China, Washington, Japan, Guam, France, Australia, Israel, Gaza, London, California, Honolulu, Hawaii, powerlines
How to meditate, with help from Dan Harris
  + stars: | 2024-05-26 | by ( Kristen Rogers | )   time to read: +8 min
CNN —Twenty years ago, Dan Harris appeared to have it all. Harris typically tries to meditate for a total of an hour every day, he said. A regular practice can also rewire brain regions associated with stress, focus, compassion and self-awareness, science has shown. “That starting over is like a bicep curl for your brain, and that’s the mechanism by which the brain changes.”A Meditation to Prove You Don’t Suck at Meditation Dan Harris guides you through a brief introductory meditation and any distractions that may come up. “Do these people seem like they’ve lost their edge?” Harris said.
Persons: CNN —, Dan Harris, Harris, Robin Roberts, , ” Harris, , Mark Epstein, Jon Kabat, Zinn, devalues, Harper, Harper Collins Publishers Harris, I’m, ‘ I’ll, that’s, , it’s, LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Weiner, George Stephanopoulos Organizations: CNN, ABC News, Good Morning, University of Masschusetts Medical, New York Times, Harper Collins Publishers Locations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Manhattan
Read previewHey, America, we totally understand if you're not feeling so great about the economy. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. If you're interested in learning more about what's going on with the economy take a look at the charts below. Unemployment rates in the US have been lowThe unemployment rate did climb from 3.8% in March to 3.9% in April, but that's still low. However, just because we aren't in a recession doesn't mean the economy is perfect.
Persons: , We're, Harris, David Kelly, Eugenio Alemán, Raymond James, Gregory Daco, Kelly, Daco, Alemán, Raymond James doesn't Organizations: Service, Guardian, Business, Morgan Asset Management, Real Locations: America
High inflation is subsiding, but many Americans have yet to see relief from elevated prices at the grocery store. "Grocery prices are up because of good old-fashioned corporate price gouging," Warren said. "And they can gouge consumers on prices because there's only a small number of companies controlling every level of the food chain." "When you spend this kind of money, you're going to have inflation," Kennedy said. "Inflation is coming down, but prices remain elevated," said Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at Bankrate.
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America has a new favorite brand: Nvidia, the computer chip company that's helping power an artificial intelligence revolution. The result is a measurement "of the reputations of companies most on the minds of Americans," Axios wrote on Wednesday. Both Nvidia and second-place 3M — a multi-industry conglomerate based in Maplewood, Minnesota — were the only two companies on the list to score an "excellent" reputation. Other consumer brands from last year's top five — Costco, Trader Joe's and Chick-fil-A — rank 11th, 13th and 21st, respectively. 3 on last year's list, didn't qualify as one of the country's most-visible companies this year.
Persons: Axios Harris, Axios, Harris, Jensen Huang, Huang, Joe's, John Deere Organizations: Nvidia, Fidelity, Sony Adidas, Honda Motor Company Patagonia Apple Samsung, Google, Forbes, Maplewood , Minnesota —, Costco, Trump Organization, Spirit Airlines, Meta, Fox Corporation Locations: America, Maplewood , Minnesota, Patagonia
CNN —As Supreme Court justices try to resolve more than a dozen major cases over the next month, including whether Donald Trump must stand trial for election subversion, they appear mired in antagonism and distrust. Conservatives, who indeed hold the upper hand on the 6-3 court, nonetheless spike their writing and remarks with derision for the left. When the court majority allowed Louisiana state officials to use a map with a second majority-Black congressional district (over the protest of a GOP-backed group of White voters), the three liberals dissented. (A lower US court had referred to it as the “bleaching of African American voters” from the district.) Dissenting liberals emphasized that the decision reversing the lower court undercut a 2017 Supreme Court ruling, Cooper v. Harris, issued before the far-right majority took hold.
Persons: Donald Trump, Samuel Alito, Alito, Elena Kagan, Clarence Thomas, Ketanji Brown Jackson, John Roberts, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, Kagan, Jackson, Blacks, Purcell, , Amy Coney Barrett, , ” Barrett, Roberts, ” They, Bush, Feedback Kavanaugh, Gore, Cooper, Harris, ” Kagan, ” Alito, Joe Biden’s, Biden, Martha, Ann, , Alito tersely, Kagan’s, Edwin Kneedler, ” Roberts, Kneedler, Joshua Turner, Sotomayor, ” Sotomayor, Turner, interjected Organizations: CNN, Trump, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Liberal, GOP, White voters, Congress, Gore, South, American, Capitol, New York Times, US Justice Department Locations: America, Colorado, South Carolina, Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia, New Jersey, American, Alito’s, Jersey, Grants Pass , Oregon, Idaho, The Idaho
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