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The inferno consumed the wooden structure, situated in an Iron Age settlement, killing six animals penned in the stable. The presence of a horse in the stable suggested that these people were wealthier than some of their neighbors, Olesti Vila said. The site provides important insights into the daily lives of Iberian Iron Age populations in the Pyrenees at this pivotal time in history, Arnold said in an email. During the Iron Age, when people lived in wooden homes heated by fires, buildings often accidentally burned. “This is also an indication of some kind of conflict or some kind of violent aggression,” Olesti Vila said.
Persons: Oriol Olesti Vila, Baltarga, Francesc Riart, Olesti Vila, , weren’t, , Bettina Arnold, Arnold, ” Arnold, ” Mindy Weisberger Organizations: CNN, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Wisconsin -, Scientific Locations: Iberia, Spain, Tossal, Baltarga, Iron, Hannibal, Roman Republic, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Pyrenees, , Europe
Opinion | When Donald Trump Met Hannibal Lecter
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How many of your acquaintances have been eaten by an immigrant who crossed the U.S. border illegally? I’m going to go out on a limb — the botanical kind, not the sort that a cannibal might call dinner — and guess zero. I’m also going to guess that a few of you are wondering if I’ve lost my mind. Donald Trump is the one who should be drawing your concern. Hannibal the Cannibal.
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Read previewCarthago delenda est — mean anything to you? In a series of photos showing the Meta founder celebrating his 40th birthday, Zuckerberg had a striking black shirt with a Latin phrase on it. Advertisement"Carthago delenda est" means — very emphatically — Carthage must be destroyed. As well as being a throwback to Roman history, it's a throwback to Zuckerberg's own history. So it seems appropriate that a throwback — if obscure — Latin phrase should be at the center of it.
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The late, great Hannibal Lecter. He’s a wonderful man,” Mr. Trump said in Wildwood, N.J. “He often times would have a friend for dinner. ‘Excuse me, I’m about to have a friend for dinner,’ as this poor doctor walked by. ‘I’m about to have a friend for dinner.’ But Hannibal Lecter. The late, great Hannibal Lecter.”He continued: “We have people that have been released into our country that we don’t want in our country, and they’re coming in totally unchecked, totally unvetted.
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Although the heaviest snow has ended, several more inches of snow are expected across large swaths of Maine and New Hampshire, according to the National Weather Service. “Low pressure in the Gulf of Maine will continue to bring accumulating snow through this evening along with gusty northeast winds,” the National Weather Service said. “Winds will also remain gusty and may result in additional downed branches and limbs due to the weight of freshly fallen snow,” the weather service added. Winter storm warnings and advisories have been extended for parts of New England through Friday morning, according to the National Weather Service. “Frost and freeze conditions will kill crops and other sensitive vegetation and possibly damage unprotected outdoor plumbing,” the weather service notes.
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The lack of available care for sociopaths inspired Gagne to pursue a PhD in psychology, where she specialized in the relationship between sociopathy and anxiety. Sociopaths do feel emotions, just not "social" onesSociopaths are often depicted in media as devoid of feelings entirely. As an adult researching sociopathy and going to therapy, she learned that sociopaths — and even psychopaths — can feel basic emotions. Related storiesWhile research on the diagnoses is still limited, Gagne says experts believe that, unlike psychopaths, sociopaths can feel anxiety and also show signs of learning right from wrong. They don't understand why some things are "wrong"Throughout the book, Gagne explains how she finds it difficult to identify "bad" behavior.
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South Carolina’s primary will be the first opportunity Black voters have to voice their support – or displeasure – with Biden since that election. In 2020, Biden won 61% of the Black vote, which made up 56% of the Democratic primary electorate, according to CNN exit polling. Vice President Kamala Harris also spoke at a get out the vote event at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg Friday, the last day of early voting. “South Carolina, you are the first primary in the nation, and President Biden and I are counting on you,” Harris said. “And for me personally, and our team here, we don’t live in that space of being passive.”Mimi Striplin, founder of The Tiny Tassel in Charleston, South Carolina, speaks with CNN's Eva McKend.
Persons: Mimi Striplin, Striplin, she’s, Joe Biden, , ” Striplin, Biden, Striplin –, , Harris, , Antjuan Seawright, Jim Clyburn, Donald Trump, Trump, Clyburn, Kamala Harris, ” Harris, Jaime Harrison, – Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama –, ” Harrison, Kent Nishimura, Dean Phillips, Marianne Williamson, what’s, Juanita Hamilton, Hamilton, he’d, “ I’m, Auntie Juanita, , George McCray, Eutawville, he’s, didn’t, Obama, ” McCray, That’s, Gabriel Fant, Fant, Valerie Wilson, hasn’t, she’d, CNN's Eva McKend, Ebony Davis Organizations: Charleston CNN, CNN, White House, Biden, Democratic, GOP, Black, Democrats, Democratic National Committee, New, South Carolina State University, , South Carolina Democrats, New Hampshire voters, American, South Carolina State Fairgrounds, Minnesota Rep, Hilton, Charleston, Economic Policy Institute, Bureau of Labor Statistics Locations: Charleston, American, South Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, Columbia, Israel, Gaza, Orangeburg, “ South Carolina, Spain, Walterboro, Black, Hartsville, Columbia , South Carolina, AFP, Summerville, Charleston , South Carolina
On his ever-growing collection of billion-dollar franchise roles, and playing with dinosaurs nextMikkelsen as Kaecilius in "Doctor Strange." Did you have that issue at all while filming "Doctor Strange"? We did have that in "Doctor Strange," to a degree. And that there's a very good reason for that because "Doctor Strange" is born from a psychedelic graphic novel, which was very different from the other ones. The most fun must've been "Doctor Strange" because I got to do two things I love: doing magic and flying Kung Fu.
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Read preview"Mr. & Mrs. Smith" showrunner Francesca Sloane brought on her father-in-law, Ron Perlman, to appear in the series opposite Donald Glover and Maya Erskine. Perlman guest stars in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" as Toby, a man with an almost certainly unethical past who's being pursued by assassins. AdvertisementMaya Erskine, Donald Glover, and Francesca Sloane at the premiere of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" in New York City. "We wanted for that individual part to be somebody who plays badass roles all the time and is always the scarier, on-their-feet character," Sloane told BI. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" premieres on Prime Video on Friday, February 2.
Persons: , Smith, Francesca Sloane, Ron Perlman, Donald Glover, Maya Erskine, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Glover, Erskine, Perlman, Toby, John, Jane, Guillermo del Toro's, Clay Morrow, Hannibal Chau, Sloane, Marion Curtis, StarPix, Video Perlman, Ron, — Sloane Organizations: Service, Business, New, New York City, BI Locations: Toro's, New York City, New York
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewAnthony Hopkins may be seared into our minds as Hannibal Lector from "The Silence of the Lambs," but he's just a cheery, 86-year-old man making wholesome videos on TikTok. Sunday vibe," Hopkins writes in his caption, accompanied by pizza and pasta emojis. There's something beautiful and melancholic about the light here at this time of year," Hopkins writes in his caption. Despite the zealous response to his videos, Hopkins admits to People he's "slightly reluctant" to film those videos whenever he's asked to.
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A flexible tube for CO2 is pictured at a a pilot project for carbon capture and storage (CCS). REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke Acquire Licensing RightsNov 23 - Carbon capture and underground storage (CCUS) is touted by proponents of fossil fuel production and consumption as the technology that will keep oil and gas in the global energy mix. The IEA produced some sobering numbers in its report, The Oil and Gas Industry in Net Zero Transitions. While the IEA said more than $3 billion was invested in CCUS projects in 2022, only 5% of the ventures have reached final investment decisions, representing only 10 million metric tons of carbon capture and 20 million of storage. There is little doubt that the oil and gas industry will learn from experience and get better at doing CCUS.
Persons: Hannibal Hanschke, CCUS, Muralikumar Organizations: REUTERS, International Energy Agency, IEA, and Gas Industry, Chevron, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Chevron's, Western Australia
The Democratic Panic Over Univision
  + stars: | 2023-11-22 | by ( The Editorial Board | )   time to read: 1 min
Journal Editorial Report: Joe Biden turns 81 amid doubtful Democrats. Images: AFP/Getty Images/Storyblocks Composite: Mark KellyHow awful is President Biden’s polling? The Spanish-language TV network Univision is now being pounded for running an interview with Donald Trump that failed to include the type of resistance hostility that Democrats think will shore up Hispanic voters. A network executive might even get called to Capitol Hill. Univision’s hour-long interview at Mar-a-Lago, conducted by the Mexico City-based journalist Enrique Acevedo , was not particularly enlightening.
Persons: Joe Biden, Mark Kelly, Biden’s, Donald Trump, Enrique Acevedo, Trump, , Hannibal Lecter Organizations: Getty, Univision, Mar Locations: Mexico
CNN —Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to give a speech Sunday in Texas near the US-Mexico border as he escalates his anti-immigrant rhetoric and campaigns on hard-line immigration policy proposals. The trip is being dubbed as an official state visit, and both Trump and Abbott are expected to discuss plans for curbing illegal immigration. This is an invasion,” Trump, who has made curtailing illegal immigration a cornerstone of his 2024 campaign, declared at a recent rally in Hialeah, Florida. Trump is planning a widespread expansion of his administration’s hard-line immigration policies that would restrict both legal and illegal immigration, should he be elected to a second term. The plans include rounding up undocumented immigrants already in the US and placing them in detention camps to await deportation.
Persons: Donald Trump, Greg Abbott, Trump, Abbott, Hannibal Lecter, “ There’s, ” Trump, Trump’s, , , He’s Organizations: CNN, Texas Gov, Trump Locations: Texas, Mexico, Hialeah , Florida, Israel
CNN —Naomi Dancy was found murdered in 1937, killed by two gunshots to the face. When, years later, he discovers that subsequent occupants of the same house have been visited by the ghost of a faceless woman, he’s curious,” the press release states. Could there be a connection between the ghost and the murder?”Redman decided to take on the case and delve into the family secrets of his wife. But when you find out there might be one in your bedroom, and that it might be linked to a family murder: how could you not investigate?” Redman said in a statement. “I’ve spent two years reporting this story and I’m excited for people to hear it.
Persons: Naomi Dancy, Tristan Redman, Hugh Dancy, “ Hannibal ”, ” Redman, doesn’t, , , aren’t, “ I’ve Organizations: CNN, Pineapple Street Studios
Fightbacks were the order of the day as Liverpool recovered from falling behind to win 3-1 at Wolverhampton Wanderers in the early kickoff and two goals deep into stoppage time earned Tottenham Hotspur a 2-1 win over Sheffield United. After another tumultuous week off the pitch for Manchester United, the club needed the players to lift their supporters. United fell behind in the 20th minute when Danny Welbeck slotted home against his former club when left unmarked in the penalty area. "Definitely that (losing three from five for the first time in Premier League history) is something that bothers me, but also I have to seen the way we play," coach Erik ten Hag said. Tottenham were heading for their first Premier League defeat under Ange Postecoglou as they trailed to Gustavo Hamer's goal against the run of play in the 75th minute.
Persons: Hove Albion's Pascal Gross, Danny Welbeck, Adam Lallana REUTERS, Molly Darlington, Pep Guardiola, Fightbacks, Rasmus Hojlund, Marcus Rashford, Pascal Gross, Joao Pedro, Hannibal Mejbri, Erik ten Hag, Guardiola, Jeremy Doku, Bernardo Silva, Erling Haaland, James Ward, Hwang Hee, Mohamed Salah, Cody Gakpo, Andy Robertson, Salah, jubilation, Ange Postecoglou, Gustavo Hamer's, Richarlison, Dejan Kulusevski, Peter Hall, Ed Osmond Organizations: Soccer Football, Premier League, Manchester United, Brighton & Hove Albion, Hove Albion's Pascal, Rights, Manchester City side's, West Ham United, Liverpool, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Tottenham Hotspur, Sheffield United, Brighton, United, CITY, London, New, BBC, Wolves, Molineux, 200th Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Crystal, Fulham, Luton Town, Newcastle United, Brentford, Thomson Locations: Old Trafford, Manchester, Britain, Brighton, Rights MANCHESTER, England, Danish, Liverpool, Brighton . City
REUTERS/David Dee Delgado/File PhotoNEW YORK, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Sam Bankman-Fried will prepare for his fraud trial from a Brooklyn jail where inmates ranging from convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell to Honduras' former president have complained of subpar conditions. In recent years, MDC has been plagued by persistent staffing shortages, power outages and maggots in inmates' food. Earlier this year, a guard pleaded guilty to accepting bribes to smuggle in drugs. It is now the jail housing detainees awaiting federal trials in New York City, after the Manhattan Correctional Center closed in 2021 for improvements. Reporting by Luc Cohen in New York; Editing by Noeleen Walder and Daniel WallisOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Sam Bankman, David Dee Delgado, Fried, Ghislaine Maxwell, District Judge Lewis Kaplan, Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Hannibal Lecter's, Epstein, Kaplan, Juan Orlando Hernandez, Guo Wengui, Hernandez, Luc Cohen, Noeleen Walder, Daniel Wallis Organizations: FTX, REUTERS, District, Detention, MDC, The U.S . Bureau of Prisons, Manhattan Correctional Center, MCC, Fox, U.S . State Department, Thomson Locations: Manhattan, New York City, U.S, Brooklyn, Honduras, Palo Alto , California, Brooklyn's, United States, Florida, The, Putnam County, Bahamas, Chinese, New York
CNN —Comedian and activist Eddie Izzard has announced on social media that she is hoping to stand as a member of parliament at the UK’s next general election. Izzard has long been a public supporter and member of the Labour Party, alongside her decades-long career in film and television. She is best known for her appearances in the “Ocean’s 11” films and NBC’s “Hannibal” series, in addition to her stand-up comedy work. Last year, she reached the shortlist to be nominated as the Labour candidate for the northern English constituency of Sheffield Central but ultimately lost out to Abtisam Mohamed. On her website, Izzard said that, if elected, she would increase funding and resources for schools, promote eco-friendly transportation, work to secure more funding in housing infrastructure, champion mental health services and build stronger ties between law enforcement and local communities.
Persons: Eddie Izzard, Izzard, Suzy Eddie Izzard, Caroline Lucas, NBC’s, Hannibal ”, Abtisam Mohamed, Sian Berry, Lucas Organizations: CNN, Labour, Brighton, Labour Party, Sheffield Central, Green Party Locations: England, English
(Content warning: Graphic special effects footage in social media links)A video showing a realistic silicone body created for a Canadian horror film is being shared without context alongside claims that it shows a human clone. The same video appears on an Instagram page @10.shock (here) with a caption that reads in part, “Articulation of full silicone body for Canadian film Violation I was Prosthetic designer on.”The artist describes how they created the silicone body over 10 days. Previous posts on the same account (here) and (here) show how that silicone body was used in the film. The silicone body also resembles the actor in the film (here). The video shows a lifelike silicone body created for a Canadian horror film.
Persons: Tenille, Hannibal, Read Organizations: Tech, Reuters
CAIRO, July 2 (Reuters) - Hannibal Gaddafi, son of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, has been moved from a Lebanese prison to hospital in "critical condition", Dubai-based Al-Hadath TV reported on Sunday. Gaddafi went on hunger strike last month in protest at his incarceration without trial since 2015. Citing unidentified sources, Al-Hadath said he had suffered a sharp drop in his blood sugar level. Gaddafi has been charged in Lebanon with concealing information about the fate of Imam Musa al-Sadr, a Lebanese Shi'ite Muslim cleric who disappeared while on a trip to Libya in 1978. Reporting by Hatem Maher, Writing by Muhammad Al Gebaly, Editing by Andrew Cawthorne and Kevin LiffeyOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Hannibal Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi, Gaddafi, Hadath, Imam Musa al, Hatem Maher, Muhammad Al Gebaly, Andrew Cawthorne, Kevin Liffey Organizations: Sunday, Thomson Locations: CAIRO, Dubai, Lebanon, Sadr, Lebanese, Libya
Fraudsters potentially stole more than $200 billion in federal loans intended to help small businesses struggling during the Covid pandemic, a government watchdog said on Tuesday. More than $136 billion from Economic Injury Disaster Loan program and $64 billion from the Paycheck Protection Program loans was potentially stolen, the inspector general found. In total, SBA disbursed $400 billion in EIDL funds and $800 billion in Paycheck Protection Program loans during the life of the programs. These investigations have led to nearly $30 billion in stolen loans being seized or returned by federal law enforcement agencies. The Economic Injury Disaster Loan program provided low-interest, fixed-rate loans to help small businesses nd other organizations to help cover their operating expenses.
Persons: Kevin Chambers, Hannibal, Mike, Ware, Michael Horowitz, Roy D, Dotson Jr, Bailey DeVries, DeVries, Trump, nonpayment Organizations: Department of Justice, Small Business Administration, United States Secret, Small, Administration, Injury, SBA Locations: Rayburn, Washington ,
Florida passed a bill protecting space companies in case of injury or death of a crew member. The bill comes as more billionaires are trying to make commercial space flight a reality. Passengers will have to sign a waiver stating they understand the risks of spaceflight before boarding a spaceship, the bill states. Jeff Sharkey, a lobbyist representing SpaceX, also stood in support of the bill at a March 26 hearing, per Florida Politics. Still, the bill doesn't abrogate space companies from all responsibility.
CNN —The editor-in-chief of Die Aktuelle, a German magazine that published a fake artificial intelligence (AI) interview with Michael Schumacher, has been “relieved of her duties,” a statement from publishing house FUNKE said, alongside an apology to the Schumacher family. Schumacher has not been seen in public since he suffered a brain injury in a skiing accident in December 2013. It in no way meets the standards of journalism that we – and our readers – expect from a publishing house like FUNKE,” FUNKE magazine managing director Bianca Pohlmann said in the statement. Only toward the end of the article does it become apparent that the interview was produced by AI. Hannibal Hanschke/EPA-EFE/ShutterstockSince the accident, the Schumacher family has kept updates about the health of the motorsport legend to a minimum to protect their privacy.
CNN —The family of seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is planning legal action after a German magazine published a fake artificial intelligence (AI) interview, a family spokesperson told CNN on Thursday. “I can confirm that Michael Schumacher’s family is planning to take legal action over a fake artificial intelligence interview by German outlet Die Aktuelle,” a Schumacher spokesperson told CNN on Thursday. German weekly magazine Die Aktuelle published a fake AI interview with Michael Schumacher. “Please understand that we do not comment on this topic,” Barkhausen told CNN on Thursday. Since the accident, the Schumacher family has kept updates about the health of the motorsport legend to a minimum to protect their privacy.
[1/2] The landfall facilities of the 'Nord Stream 1' gas pipeline are pictured in Lubmin, Germany, March 8, 2022. Russia has a 51% stake in Nord Stream 1 through a subsidiary of state-owned energy group Gazprom (GAZP.MM). While the import of Russian crude oil and oil products is banned under European Union (EU) sanctions, Russian gas imports are allowed. In September 2022, several unexplained underwater explosions ruptured the Nord Stream 1 and newly-built Nord Stream 2 pipelines, each more than 1,200-km-long, that link Russia and Germany across the Baltic Sea. Gazprom and Swiss-based Nord Stream AG did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Factbox: Life and career of film and TV actor Robert Blake
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LOS ANGELES, March 9 (Reuters) - The following are select facts about the life and career of screen actor Robert Blake, who was acquitted in 2005 of murdering his wife but later found liable for her death in a civil trial:* Blake was about 6 years old when he started his Hollywood career. Before that, he and his brother and sister were part of an act known as "The Three Little Hillbillies" on the vaudeville circuit. Even though his earnings would provide most of his family's income, Blake said his father used him as "his punching bag." As a child he also worked with Laurel and Hardy, Jack Benny, John Wayne, John Garfield and Gene Autry. Other jailhouse visitors included musician-composer Quincy Jones, comedian Mort Sahl, and Scott Wilson, Blake's "In Cold Blood" co-star.
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