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CNN —Vanity Fair France has issued an apology after editing a photo of actor Guy Pearce, in which a Palestinian flag pin he wore is not visible. The move, which was quickly called out on social media, has been labeled by some as an attempt at censorship. But social media sleuths detected an issue. An apology was also posted to social media on Sunday. Following the Vanity Fair France controversy, Pearce reiterated his support for the Palestinian cause in a post on X, writing “Palestinians are being murdered as we speak.
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This is the opening scene from “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, which first screened at Cannes Film Festival 30 years ago this month. In the film, Tick (Hugo Weaving) and Bernadette (Terence Stamp) help Adam (Guy Pearce) realize his dream of climbing King Canyon in full drag. “I think that’s definitely one of the most iconic looks,” drag artist and costumer Philmah Bocks told CNN. Bocks has been designing costumes for 30 years, having broken into the drag scene around the same time “Priscilla” was hitting screens. The film’s legacy can also be seen in Australia’s drag scene today and, since 2021, has been broadcast to new audiences via contestants on “Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under”.
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Jay Dorleus, an Iraq War veteran, looks at how the Iraq War is portrayed in movies and TV shows. He examines how PTSD is portrayed in "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" (2016), starring Joe Alwyn, Vin Diesel, and Kristen Stewart. He explains what urban warfare in Iraq was like, as seen in "Stop-Loss" (2008), starring Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; and "Generation Kill" (2008), starring Alexander Skarsgård. Finally, he breaks down the infamous "Triangle of Death," as portrayed in "War Dogs" (2016), starring Jonah Hill, Miles Teller, and Ana de Armas. Follow Jay Dorleus: who have been affected by PTSD can contact the PTSD Foundation of America at or the Wounded Warrior Project at
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Director Nolan first earned critical acclaim for his psychological thriller "Memento" (2001). Carrie-Anne Moss and Guy Pearce in "Memento." YouTube via Newmarket FilmsSummary: Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) uses photographs and tattoos to piece together evidence to track down his wife's killer, but he suffers from a unique form of amnesia that prevents him from creating new memories. Why you'll like it: Like "Inception," this psychological thriller centers on a man's obsessive love for his wife and how his emotions cloud his greater judgment. The two films also share Nolan's love for nonlinear storytelling; largely told in reverse, "Memento" unravels in a unique way, withholding vital information from viewers until the final sequence.
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LONDON, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Australian soap opera "Neighbours" made a comeback on Monday in a highly publicised reboot, nearly 14 months after the show wrapped up last year in an emotional finale after running for nearly four decades. Following an outcry from fans, streaming giant Amazon announced in November it would revive the drama, airing it in Britain and the United States on its ad-supported service Amazon Freevee. "The show is still ‘Neighbours’ and it will continue to be ‘Neighbours’, it’s just ‘Neighbours’ with a nice polish," original cast actor Stefan Dennis, who plays the villainous, six-times married businessman Paul Robinson, told Reuters. There is a "bit more thrown at it... but it basically is still the same formula, which is great." Last year's finale saw old stars, including Minogue, return to Ramsay Street, the cul-de-sac where the show is set.
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It has been a quiet season for international television on American screens — nothing has grabbed attention on a “Squid Game” or “Downton Abbey” scale. But barely a day goes by, in the streaming age, without an interesting series washing up from some foreign shore. Here are four recent shows worth tracking down, from an elegant British thriller to a Chinese dramedy about a demon god and an immortal warrior who meet cute on the mortal plane. ‘A Spy Among Friends’Alexander Cary, a writer and executive producer on “Homeland,” wrote this six-episode spy thriller as a leisurely, literate, three- or four-dimensional game of chess. Tightly controlled yet somehow relaxed, Lewis gives a performance in which the coldblooded manipulator and the sentimentally loyal bro coexist at every moment.
Mischa Barton joins 'Neighbours' reboot
  + stars: | 2023-04-18 | by ( Amarachi Orie | )   time to read: +2 min
Reece will be an American that is new to the area and “not quite who she appears to be,” according to the show’s producers. The long-running drama series began almost four decades ago in 1985 and ended in July. The new season, which began production in Melbourne on Monday and is set to premiere in the autumn, will inaugurate the revitalized series’ new phase. “I’m excited to be part of this iconic show’s next chapter, and I am really looking forward to being back in Australia – a place I know and love,” said Barton in the release. Guests Ian Smith (as Harold Bishop), April Rose Pengilly (as Chloe Brennan) and Melissa Bell (as Lucy Robinson), will also reprise their roles.
But a new deal with Amazon announced on Friday will see the show return to the small screen in the second half of 2023. U.S. and British fans will find the show on Amazon Freevee, the streaming giant's ad-supported service. In Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the show will be on Amazon Prime, which requires a subscription. Australia's Channel 10, which was home to the show for three years, will broadcast episodes before they land on Amazon Prime. The final episode in July was watched by millions and featured guest appearances from former cast members Minogue, Guy Pearce and Robbie.
CNN —For those wondering who would build a giant holiday musical-comedy around Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, the “produced by Will Ferrell” credit provides a helpful clue. “Spirited” tries turning “A Christmas Carol” on its head, and while it’s big and boisterous, the movie (hitting theaters before Apple TV+) isn’t consistently irreverent enough to feel like much more than a streaming stocking stuffer. Of course, playing with Charles Dickens’ oft-told tale brings a lot of shorthand to the proceedings, with Ferrell as the Ghost of Christmas Present, who stumbles upon Reynolds’ fast-talking Clint Briggs, a media consultant introduced trying to commoditize Christmas. Present identifies him as a candidate to become their next “perp,” offered a Scrooge-like shot at redemption. “Spirited” premieres November 11 in select US theaters and November 18 on Apple TV+.
The pair headline the new Apple TV+ Christmas movie “Spirited,” for which a teaser was released on Wednesday. From there, Ferrell takes Reynolds through various settings and time periods, before introducing himself as the Ghost of Christmas Present. Spirited — Official Teaser | Apple TV+“Like ‘A Christmas Carol’?” Reynolds responds, in his trademark incredulous tone. And indeed, “Spirited” is an updated take on the classic holiday fable, with “Free Guy” star Reynolds stepping in as the initially misanthropic Ebeneezer Scrooge. “Spirited” will debut in theaters on November 11 before streaming globally on Apple TV+ on November 18.
'L.A. Confidential' at 25
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So it’s worth a moment, 25 years after its debut, to give some love to “L.A. Confidential,” the film noir adaptation of James Ellroy’s tale of corruption in the city of Angels that seemingly did everything right, only to be washed over by the understandable wave of enthusiasm that surrounded James Cameron’s massive hit, “Titanic.”Directed by the late Curtis Hanson, “L.A. Confidential” didn’t walk away from the Academy Awards empty handed, taking trophies for adapted screenplay and co-star Kim Basinger as the proverbial call girl with a heart of gold, and a striking resemblance to Veronica Lake. The investigation eventually swept up a trio of officers, turning them into unlikely allies in seeking to expose the truth. Confidential” was released by Warner Bros., which, like CNN, is a unit of Warner Bros.
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