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An inmate was charged Friday with stabbing ex-Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd and was serving his sentence in a federal prison in Arizona. The inmate, who nearing the end of a 30-year sentence, was accused of planning the attack. John Turscak stabbed Chauvin 22 times at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson and said he would have killed Chauvin had correctional officers not responded so quickly, federal prosecutors said. He became an FBI informant in 1997, providing information about the gang and recordings of conversations he had with other Mexican Mafia members and associates.
Persons: Derek Chauvin, Chauvin, George Floyd, , John Turscak, Turscak, Eric Nelson, Nelson, Floyd, Black Organizations: Service, FBI, Federal Correctional Institution, Mexican Mafia, Prisons, FCI Tucson, Mafia Locations: Minneapolis, Arizona, Tucson, Minnesota, Los Angeles
George Santos Is Expelled From Congress
  + stars: | 2023-12-01 | by ( Wall Street Journal | )   time to read: 1 min
George Santos Is Expelled From CongressA majority of House members voted Friday to expel George Santos (R., N.Y.) from the House of Representatives. Santos faces federal fraud charges and is expected to go on trial in September 2024. Photo: Al Drago/Bloomberg News
Persons: George Santos, Santos, Al Drago Organizations: Representatives, Bloomberg Locations: N.Y
CNN —It’s the ‘leaning tower’ that has stood tipsily – but steadily – for nearly 1,000 years. But now, the days of the Garisenda tower in Bologna, Italy, could be numbered. Following investigations last month, the city is instigating a civil protection plan for the “sudden and unexpected collapse of the tower,” which has dominated the Bologna skyline since the 12th century. The Garisenda leans at an angle of four degrees – only a little more upright than the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s five degrees. “The overall situation has unfortunately worsened considerably, with worrying implications for the overall stability of the tower,” reads the report.
Persons: we’ll, Stanley Tucci, CNN —, , , Dante, Michele Lapini, Garisenda, Matteo Lepore, Organizations: CNN, intel, Bologna’s, Bologna, UNESCO Locations: Bologna, Italy, Manhattan
CNN —Brian Aerni’s favorite photo of himself was taken when he was just three years old. On one of these airport excursions, Aerni’s father took a photo of his son. A framed version of the 1976 airport photo has pride of place on a wall in his home. Not only was Aerni’s son the same age as he’d been back in the 1976 photo, he looked a lot like young Aerni. 40 years laterAerni tracked down the aircraft and recreated the 1976 photograph with his young son.
Persons: Brian Aerni’s, Aerni, , Young Aerni, Aerni’s, Aerni –, he’d, Brian Aerni, , couldn’t, Here's Aerni, Brian Aerni Aerni’s, doesn’t, , hadn’t, that’s, Here's Brian Organizations: CNN, Stapleton International, Convair, Frontier Airlines, FAA, Conair, CNN Travel Locations: Denver , Colorado, Canada, Abbottsford,
CNN —The world’s first underwater sculpture park has just gotten a lot bigger. Created by British sculptor and ecologist Jason deCaires Taylor in 2006, the Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada is now one of the Caribbean country’s most popular underwater attractions. Underwater attractionThe Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada has expanded, with the addition of 31 new sculptures. According to deCaires Taylor, marine life had already made itself at home within the sculptures days after they were installed. I haven’t seen that before.”This also marks the first time deCaires Taylor has introduced color into his underwater sculptures.
Persons: Jason deCaires Taylor, ” deCaires Taylor, It’s, deCaires Taylor, Troy Lewis, Bianca C, , Dickon Mitchell, , he’s, Hurricane Ivan, “ I’d, ” “ It’s, it’s, ” He’s, “ I’m Organizations: CNN, Grenadian Ministry, CNN Travel, Visitors, Museum of, Art, Museum Locations: British, Grenada, Caribbean, Marina, Australia, Napa, Cyprus, Carriacou
Chinese hot pot chain Haidilao puts viral dance on menu
  + stars: | 2023-12-01 | by ( Chris Lau | )   time to read: +3 min
Hong Kong CNN —What is better than a warming meal of hot pot? A catchy dance routine to go with the Chinese cuisine, according to hot pot chain Haidilao. Haidilao, China’s largest hot pot chain, has recently offered a new dance performance as part of the dining experience across its 1,400 branches. It all started with a comment on a local Chinese online forum. And since hot pot is considered a communal experience, the restaurants sometimes offer plush toys as companions for solo diners.
Persons: , , Haidilao, ” Haidilao Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Jimu, CNN, Staff Locations: Hong Kong, Guangxi, Weibo, Britain
CNN —An audacious collaboration between geneticists and conservationists plans to bring back the extinct dodo and reintroduce it to its once-native habitat in Mauritius. But according to the partners, its return to Mauritius could benefit the dodo’s immediate environment and other species. The Nicobar pigeon, native to the coastal regions from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is the closest living relative to the dodo. Then it will edit the PGCs of a Nicobar so it expresses the physical traits of a dodo. “I have studied the dodo for many years, and there is still a lot to learn about this enigmatic bird,” he added.
Persons: dodo, Beth Shapiro, , Matt James, James, Holger Hollemann, Tatayah, ” Tatayah, , dodos, Ben Birchall, Julian Hume, ” Hume, Ben Lamm, “ We’re Organizations: CNN, Colossal Biosciences, Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Getty, Gorges, Colossal, , White Rhino, Biosciences Locations: Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, Asia, Nicobar, Park, “ Mauritius, Aigrettes, Ile
A Botticelli masterpiece presumed missing for over 50 years had been hanging in an Italian family's home. Despite the painting being entrusted to the family for safekeeping, authorities had somehow marked it missing. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA Botticelli masterpiece reported missing for over half a century was found hiding in plain sight: hanging in an Italian family's home. The Italian authorities estimate the lesser-known painting, one of Botticelli's last, to be worth $109 million, according to the outlet.
Persons: Botticelli, Virgin Mary, , Sandro Botticelli, Botticelli's, Primavera, Santa Maria la Carità, Massimiliano Croce, Croce Organizations: Service, Carabinieri Command, Cultural Heritage, CNN, Roman Catholic Church, Guardian Locations: Italian, Gragnano, Naples, Santa Maria
X CEO Linda Yaccarino reminded employees of X's principles in a memo on Thursday. AdvertisementElon Musk — who in an interview on Wednesday told advertisers who fled X to "go fuck yourself" — has the full support of X CEO Linda Yaccarino. "Our principles do not have a price tag, nor will they be compromised — ever," she wrote. AdvertisementYaccarino, an ad world veteran, is reportedly being urged by ad executives to resign from the CEO position in order to save her reputation. Though, according to reporting, she is holding firm in the position — and doubling down her support for Musk.
Persons: Linda Yaccarino, Yaccarino, Elon Musk, Musk, , Elon Organizations: Service, Wednesday, Bloomberg, Disney, Apple Locations: Wednesday's
"The Golden Bachelor" star Gerry Turner is a widower with two daughters and two granddaughters. The septuagenarian lost his wife Toni in 2017, shortly after they retired. Advertisement"The Golden Bachelor" star Gerry Turner melted hearts early on in the season with his tearful recollection of his wife Toni's death. Family is clearly important to the septuagenarian — Gerry's two daughters with Toni, as well as his granddaughters, are featured on this season of "The Golden Bachelor." In fact, his offspring even give him some dating advice, as shown in promos for Gerry's season.
Persons: Gerry Turner, septuagenarian, Toni, , Gerry's, Leslie Fhima, Theresa, Gerry, Angie Warner, Jenny Young, Angie, Jenny, They're, Payton, They've, Variety Organizations: Service, Theresa Nist
Panera Bread has confidentially filed to go public again, the Financial Times reported. The restaurant chain, known for its soups, sandwiches and bagels, has been signaling for months that it's looking to go public through an initial public offering. In May, Panera announced a CEO transition and said the leadership changes were "in preparation for its eventual IPO" — amid a two-year IPO drought that ended in the fall. Mediterranean restaurant chain Cava , whose chair is Panera founder Ron Shaich, was among the trickle of companies that went public this year. JAB also tried to take Panera public again that year.
Persons: Panera, Ron Shaich, Panera isn't, Shein confidentially, Skims, Danny Meyer's Organizations: Financial Times, Investors, Bloomberg, CNBC, Yum Brands, Panera's, Financial, CNBC PRO Locations: Cava, Rye
4 Florida State might have to turn to third-string quarterback Brock Glenn to start the Atlantic Coast Conference championship game against 15th-ranked Louisville on Saturday night. Tate Rodemaker, who made his second career start in the team’s regular-season finale at Florida, has been limited in practice this week while recovering from a concussion. Rodemaker left the game briefly in the fourth quarter after getting hit in the head while sliding, a targeting call that resulted in an ejection. Rodemaker has been able to participate in some parts of practice, but Glenn has gotten the bulk of the work leading into the game. “It's the same thing we faced a week ago, going and playing our last regular-season game.
Persons: CHARLOTTE, Brock Glenn, Tate Rodemaker, Rodemaker, Trey Benson, Mike Norvell, Glenn, “ That's, we'll, Norvell, Jordan Travis, Travis, Organizations: Atlantic Coast Conference, Louisville, Seminoles, College Football, ACC, Gators, Heisman, North, North Alabama, AP Locations: N.C, Florida, North Alabama
Tesla is selling a $55 Cybertruck decal inspired by Elon Musk's infamous window smashing incident. "OMFG decal" references moment a Tesla engineer smashed the Cybertruck's windows with a steel ball. AdvertisementTesla is selling a Cybertruck decal inspired by the windows that famously smashed during a demonstration at the futuristic pickup's unveiling. Elon Musk was left red-faced after the Cybertruck's windows failed in a demonstration. That means it still remains unclear whether the Cybertruck's windows are actually as unbreakable as Musk initially suggested.
Persons: Tesla, Elon Musk's, , Franz von Holzhausen, Elon Musk, Frederic J . Brown, Holzhausen, Austin — Organizations: Service, Elon Locations: Austin
REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsTEL AVIV, Dec 1 (Reuters) - Israelis interviewed on Tel Aviv's streets backed their army's resumption of fighting in the Gaza Strip on Friday, acknowledging the dangers but blaming Hamas for the collapse of a week-long truce. "We still have 156 hostages in Gaza, still have babies there ... We don't want this war, but we have to," he said. "I hope Hamas will be clever enough to keep the hostages safe and also the innocent citizens of Gaza, that they will be safe also," she said. And I don't believe Hamas will give up all the hostages because they use it as a human shield. "So if they give up all of them, they won't have anything to stand up against Israel because Israel has a much stronger army than Hamas does.
Persons: Abu Mustafa, it's, Dvir Feller, Yael Segal, I'm, doesn't, Segal, Lior Feuer, Tania Rubinshtein, Nathan Frandino, Howard Goller, William Maclean Organizations: REUTERS, Thomson Locations: Israel, Gaza, TEL AVIV, Tel
Indecent content is defined by the FCC as a portrayal of sexual or excretory organs or activities in an offensive manner without meeting the obscenity test. Profane content includes “grossly offensive” language considered a public nuisance. NBC is a broadcast network while CNBC is a cable network. “FCC rules on profanity don't apply to utterances on cable networks,” former FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a reply to an ABC7 Chicago reporter requesting clarification under the circulating post on X. Cable networks are not prohibited from airing indecent or profane content.
Persons: Elon, “ Elon, , Ajit Pai, Read Organizations: Federal Communications Commission, New York Times, CNBC, Facebook, FCC, Globe, NBC, NBC Universal, Comcast, Reuters, ABC7, Cable, Thomson Locations: ABC7 Chicago
For gay men and other LGBTQ+ people, “their friends and family may not be aware of how they identify. "And men as a category don’t meet that stereotype, even though all the research has shown us that at least 9% of sexual assault survivors are male.”__This story includes discussion of sexual assault. If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673 or go to Schultz saw others in the opera community rally around the attackers, and was criticized for besmirching the reputation of prominent gay men. Gay men often gather in bars – spaces they feel safe to be themselves.
Persons: Sam Schultz, Schultz, there’s, ” Schultz, , Scott Berkowitz, , Anthony Edwards, Fatima Goss Graves, __ Schultz, David Daniels, Scott Walters, Daniels, Xerxes, didn’t, Walters, they’ve, “ You’re, Ted Gideonse, Gideonse, ” Gideonse, , Mike Jeffries, Jeffries, Matthew Smith Organizations: Associated Press, Sciences, RAINN, Women’s Law Center, Legal Defense Fund, National Women’s Law, Houston’s Rice University, Houston, University of California, Washington, BBC, Abercrombie, Fitch, Abercrombie & Fitch Locations: Irvine, New York, Paris, London
More than 8,000 people, mostly Native Hawaiians, perished at Kalaupapa, including Damien, who eventually contracted leprosy, later called Hansen’s disease. Damien’s love for Kalaupapa’s people was unconditional, said Barbara Jean Wajda of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities. “They keep me like this, make me strong.”She enjoys when people visit and when the church brings pilgrims, she said. The walls of the sisters' house, Kalaupapa’s largest dwelling, are filled with photos of the sisters who worked on the settlement after Marianne. “And we both feel connected to the patients, to the land, to the saints who were here, declared and undeclared,” Wajda said.
Persons: Saint Damien of Molokai, Kalaupapa’s, Damien’s, , Lance Toyofuku, ” Kalaupapa, Father Damien, Mother Marianne —, Alicia Damien Lau, Damien, Joseph De Veuster, Saint Marianne, Patrick Killilea, “ Fr, Paddy, “ It’s, Philomena, Barbara Jean Wajda, Francis, Lau, ” Marianne Cope, Marianne, Tonata Lolesio, ” Lolesio, , Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva’s, Silva, didn’t, that’s, Wajda, Francis Church, she’s, Watanuki, ” Bishop Silva, ” Keani Rawlins, Fernandez, Mother Marianne, Marianne . Lau, Alicia, ” Wajda, ” They’ve Organizations: Toyota, National Park Service, St, Neumann, Sacred Hearts School, Honolulu Bishop, , Associated Press, Maui County Council, Lilly Endowment Inc, AP Locations: KALAUPAPA, Hawaii, Kalaupapa, Molokai, Belgian, Hawaii’s, Honolulu, Belgium, Germany, Maui, Lahaina, American Samoa, Maui County
The "orange peel theory" is taking TikTok by storm. It's a test that involves gauging the strength of your relationship by asking your partner to peel an orange for you. Dating experts say it symbolizes small acts of kindness but only goes so far. AdvertisementThe latest relationship test that's taking TikTok by storm involves a fruit. Known as the "orange peel theory," the test symbolizes the small, day-to-day acts of kindness that people can do to express their love for their partners.
Persons: , Max Alley, Patrice Le Goy, it's, Le Goy, Amy Nobile, Love, Amy, It's Organizations: Service Locations: New York City, Los Angeles
Trump plans to call Palm Beach real-estate broker Lawrence Moens at his NY fraud trial next week. Moens has sworn Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and "kings" would pay $1B for the club, where he's a member. Donald Trump allegedly inflated the value of his Palm Beach resort in financial documents by as much as $714 million. He knows Donald Trump, Jr., and Ivanka Trump, who he testified was "a very lovely person." Advertisement"I don't see Donald Trump enough or spend enough time with Donald Trump to call him a friend," he answered.
Persons: Trump, Lawrence Moens, Moens, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, OK'd Moens, , Donald Trump, it's, Letitia James, Lago, Arthur Engoron, he'd, Kevin Wallace, James, Wallace, I'm, Donald Trump's Mar, Charles Trainor Jr, Alex Finkelstein, Eric Trump, Donald Trump , Jr, Ivanka Trump, I've Organizations: Palm, Service, Mar, New, Trump, Trump's, Elon, Miami Herald, Tribune, Getty, AG, Trump Organization Locations: New York, Palm, Lago, Palm Beach , Florida, Trump
Rita Moreno, 91, says she makes friends at the supermarket so she won't feel lonely. The "West Side Story" actor told People about her struggles with loneliness after moving into a new home. AdvertisementRita Moreno says she combats loneliness by making friends at the supermarket. The 91-year-old actor told People that she felt sad and isolated after moving into a new condo. The two have since become friends, Moreno told People.
Persons: Rita Moreno, Moreno, , " Moreno, Vivek Murthy Organizations: Service
Ahead of the holidays, you might be wondering what to wear for your job's office party. She suggests staying away from sequins, wearing velvet, and utilizing powerful accessories. AdvertisementDecember is here: the season of gifts, snow, and work holiday parties. "It gives that holiday look without being too over the top." It just adds a little something different, because most people are used to wearing festive dark colors.
Persons: Kenzie Welch, , Sveva Alviti, Valentina Frugiuele, Welch, sequins Welch, it's, Lulu's, Mango, Nana Jacqueline Organizations: Service, Alberta Ferretti Locations: sequins, Alberta, Milan, Italy, TikTok
Don’t get sick from salmonella this holiday season
  + stars: | 2023-12-01 | by ( Lisa Drayer | )   time to read: +11 min
Martin Wiedmann: Salmonella is a microorganism that is very small. You might ingest salmonella 100 times, and 99% of the time you are fine, but then one time you get sick. Wiedmann: Raw cookie dough represents a risk for salmonella, even if you have eaten raw cookie dough in the past without getting sick. Best ways to avoid getting infected with salmonellaTo limit your chances of salmonella infection, cook raw meat and poultry properly. If a spatula touches raw meat on a grill for example, that spatula can also be a source of salmonella.
Persons: Martin Wiedmann, Martin, miodrag ignjatovic, Will, cantaloupe, ” Wiedmann, Lisa Drayer Organizations: CNN, Cornell University, New York, New York State Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence, salmonella, Centers for Disease Control, CDC, , Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Agriculture Locations: Ithaca , New York, New York State, United States
CNN —Go to a major tennis tournament and it’s hard to miss the Carota Boys, a team of six men decked in full-body, bright-orange carrot costumes. It’s only over the past seven or so months that the Carota Boys’ love for Sinner has really blossomed, endearing themselves to the tennis public in the process. The conception of the Carota Boys originates with the friends’ tradition of buying tickets for tennis tournaments to celebrate each other’s birthdays. The Carota Boys attend the ATP Tour Finals in Turin, Italy, watching Sinner take on Greece's Stefanos Tsitsipas. “Jannik and all the Carota Boys are born in a place near the mountains.
Persons: Sinner, – Lorenzo Ferrato, Francesco Gaboardi, Gianluca Bertorello, Enrico Ponsi, Alessandro Dedominici, Alberto Mondino –, TIZIANA FABI, Ferrato, Lavazza, Novak Djokovic, , ” Ferrato, “ Jannik, Clive Brunskill, “ Let’s, let’s, we’ve, Jannik, , Valentino Rossi, Max, Michael, Schumacher, Daniil Medvedev, Valerio Pennicino, Carlos Alcaraz, Denmark’s Holger Rune, Djokovic, ” Djokovic, he’s, Sinner’s Organizations: CNN, Carota Boys, ATP, Getty, CNN Sport, Boys, Wimbledon, Davis, ITF Gaboardi, Italy, Australia, Locations: Italy, It’s, Turin, Revello, Rome, AFP, Vienna, Austria, Paris, London, New York, Malaga, Spain, Formula
Its militants killed 1,200 Israelis and foreign nationals, most of them civilians, and fired thousands of rockets into Israel. The ministry does not distinguish between civilians and combatants or those killed by IDF airstrikes or errant Palestinian rockets. At the completion of a humanitarian truce that began on Nov. 24, Israel’s goal is to gain military control over northern Gaza and gradually ferret out Hamas in southern Gaza. The operation in the south “will require a very different mode of operation,” Novik said, because 2 million Palestinian civilians – half of them displaced from northern Gaza – live there. As long as Hamas remains a threat, most of the 200,000 Israelis evacuated from southern Israel cannot go home.
Persons: , Nimrod Novik, Israel, ” Novik, Jake Sullivan, Israel’s, , ” Jonathan Rynhold, Joe Biden, Biden, Jeff Horwitt, Gilad Shalit, Sara Hirschhorn, “ Israel, ” Hirschhorn Organizations: Hamas, Israel, , U.S, Israel Defense Forces, CBS, Bar Ilan University, NBC, Democratic, Hart Research Associates, Biden, Israel Democracy Institute, University of Haifa, Israel’s Finance Ministry, Palestinian Liberation Organization Locations: JERUSALEM, Israel, Gaza, Lebanon
Some X users say they're seeing lots of ads for likely fake Louis Vuitton handbags on the platform. After Elon Musk told major advertisers to "go fuck yourself" and "don't advertise" at The New York Times' DealBook summit Wednesday, some X users saying they're seeing lots of ads for Louis Vuitton bags that are probably fakes. "X prohibits the sale of or promoting the sale of counterfeit goods on the platform," according to its counterfeit policy . "Twitter had resorted to letting people place ads for their fake Louis Vuitton bags. According to a X business blog post , Louis Vuitton ran an ad campaign for its collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama in January, but it's unclear if it's an ad partner or big spender.
Persons: Louis Vuitton, Elon, , Elon Musk, hasn't, It's, Taylor Fisher, Linda Yaccarino, Monique Pintarelli Organizations: Service, The New York Times, Louis, Twitter, Business, X, ust Locations: Americas
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