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The Hunter Biden and Trump cases are vastly different, as is the way the former and current first families have responded to the trials. This is especially significant since Hunter Biden could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted, although a sentence for a first-time offender is unlikely to be that severe. The Hunter Biden trial is the latest cruel twist in the story of a family that has endured more tragedies than most could bear. The infringements on the Biden family’s dignity and privacy cut deep during the trial, which saw discomforting testimony about Hunter Biden’s former cocaine addiction. Media organizations, meanwhile, played an excerpt from Hunter Biden’s audio book that chronicles his spiral into addiction that was used in the prosecution case.
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The forgotten racial history of Red Lobster
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“Red Lobster cultivated Black customers. Red Lobster did not respond to CNN’s request for comment on current customer demographics. Red Lobster was not a “place we frequented a whole lot” in its early days, said Harold Dwight, who graduated two years after Boatwright in 1968. Red Lobster later named one of its signature dishes after King: “Walt’s Favorite Shrimp.” King died last year. Red Lobster brought the “outdoor fried fish experience” indoors, Autry said.
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But in closing arguments, one of Mr. Bragg’s prosecutors said that Mr. Cohen had told his lies for Mr. Trump. After the election, Mr. Pecker testified, Mr. Trump summoned him to Trump Tower. The ShowdownEven that did not prove that Mr. Trump had falsified records to disguise his reimbursement of Mr. Cohen. Mr. Trump washed his hands of Mr. Cohen, who turned on the man he had once idolized. Mr. Blanche also argued that Mr. Cohen had profited from his hatred for Mr. Trump with two books and a lucrative podcast deal.
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Read previewThe jury in former President Donald Trump's criminal hush-money trial has reached a verdict. At the heart of the criminal case against Trump was a payment prosecutors said was designed to influence the 2016 election. Trump repaid Cohen with a series of checks in 2017, once he was already president, prosecutors alleged. The verdict follows the first-ever criminal trial of a former American president. "Just take care of it," Cohen said Trump told him in ordering him to quash Daniels' sex story.
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Trump sat still after the verdict was read, with his hands in his lap, looking forward. At the heart of the criminal case against Trump was a payment that prosecutors said was designed to influence the 2016 election. A historic trial with tawdry detailsThe verdict follows the first-ever criminal trial of a former American president. AdvertisementFormer U.S. President Donald Trump departs the courtroom after being found guilty on all 34 counts in his hush money trial at Manhattan Criminal Court. In opening statements at the trial, prosecutor Matthew Colangelo described the case against Trump as being about a "criminal conspiracy," while Blanche likened hush money to "democracy."
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The Libertarian Party chose one of its own as its presidential nominee on Sunday night, capping a grueling day of elimination voting and a boisterous four-day event, where both Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unsuccessfully sought to court the group’s backing. The nominee, Chase Oliver — an openly gay former Democrat who in 2022 forced a runoff in a race for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia — beat out nine other candidates at the party’s national convention in Washington, including Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Trump, who was not an official candidate, received six write-in votes in the first round. The Libertarian Party is among the better-established minor parties, with name recognition and placement on the majority of state ballots in November. The Libertarian nominee is guaranteed to be on the November ballot in at least 37 states, a number that party leaders say they expect to grow in the coming months.
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Washington CNN —Top Republicans are already rushing to buy into a new 2024 election fraud narrative sown by ex-President Donald Trump in their zeal to appease their party’s presumptive nominee. The new Republican trend of casting doubt on the integrity of the 2024 election in advance was exhibited by Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday in an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Despite Trump’s claims of voting irregularities, multiple courts, including the US Supreme Court, rejected the former president’s claims he was cheated out of power. The positioning looks a lot like laying the groundwork for a challenge to the fairness of the 2024 election if Trump loses in November. The idea that the 2024 election may not be free and fair was also raised recently by Ohio Sen. J.D.
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Opinion: Credibility is the key at Trump trial
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The idea that Cohen talked to Trump about Daniels on that call “was a lie,” Blanche alleged. Moreover, my experience has been that juries don’t decide based upon one moment — they base their judgment on an overall view.”There were allegedly three parties aware of the scheme to conceal the real reason Trump paid Cohen more than $400,000 in supposed legal fees: Trump, Cohen and Allen Weisselberg, then-chief financial officer of the Trump Organization. “Weisselberg could be the linchpin to validate Cohen’s claims about Trump agreeing to reimburse him through Trump Organization, as a business expense,” wrote attorney Stacy Schneider. Trump seems to be tempted to go mano a mano and show that he is better fit to be commander-in-chief. The new requirement for GOP politicians wanting to demonstrate their loyalty to Trump seems to be visiting the Manhattan courthouse where he’s on trial.
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More than half, 55%, of all Americans say they see Trump’s presidency as a success, while 44% see it as a failure. Four years ago, he was able to assail Trump’s time in office from his position as a challenger. Biden won all three in 2020 after Trump won them in 2016 in his victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In the poll, 92% of Republicans view Trump’s time in office a success, while just 73% of Democrats say Biden’s has been a success. And while 85% of Democrats polled say they back Biden, 91% of Republicans say they support Trump.
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The Masters Tournament begins this week at Augusta National Golf Club. That's thanks to the Masters Tournament, the first in an annual run of major professional golf championships and a favorite of the superrich. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice became one of the first women to join Augusta National in 2012. But if you're not a member, you're not invited by a member, you're not getting on Augusta National." The names of Augusta National members are kept confidential, though their green jackets are a tell.
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Georgia, with its long history of the suppression of Black voters, has been ground zero for fights about voting rights laws for decades. The result has been a slew of laws that included restrictions to voting, like limiting voting by mail and adding voter ID requirements. He found that the growing racial turnout gap since the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby had been felt most acutely by younger voters across the country. In Bulloch County, Ga., Winston County, Miss., and Newberry County, S.C., the racial turnout gap among young voters grew by 20 percentage points or more between the 2012 and 2020 elections. Seeing a more substantial racial turnout gap among young voters cuts against some conventional wisdom about recent changes to voting laws.
Persons: Barack Obama, Lowndes County —, Georgia —, Michael Podhorzer, Lowndes, Obama, Holder, , Podhorzer, ” Podhorzer, Biden, Bernard Fraga, ” Fraga, Emily Elconin, Donald Trump, I’ve Organizations: Black, Republican, Justice Department, Brennan, Valdosta State University, Emory University, The New York Times, The Times, Times Locations: Georgia, Lowndes County, Shelby County, Shelby, Bulloch County ,, Winston County, Miss, Newberry County, S.C, Atlanta, Dearborn, Mich, Arizona , Georgia, Michigan, Nevada , Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin,
The Supreme Court and Young Voter Turnout
  + stars: | 2024-03-22 | by ( Nick Corasaniti | )   time to read: +1 min
Georgia, with its long history of the suppression of Black voters, has been ground zero for fights about voting rights laws for decades. The state has often seen stark differences in turnout between white and nonwhite communities, with the latter typically voting at a much lower rate. But not always: In the 2012 election, when Barack Obama won a second term in the White House, the turnout rate for Black voters under 38 in Lowndes County — a Republican-leaning county in southern Georgia — was actually four percentage points higher than the rate for white voters of a similar age. According to new research by Michael Podhorzer, the former political director of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., by 2020, turnout for younger white voters in Lowndes was 14 percentage points higher than for Black voters of the same age. It is impossible to tell for certain, with many variables, such as Obama no longer being on the ballot.
Persons: Barack Obama, Lowndes County —, Georgia —, Michael Podhorzer, Lowndes, Obama Organizations: Black, Republican Locations: Georgia, Lowndes County
Rudy Giuliani may have to sell his Palm Beach condo to settle his bankruptcy debts. Creditors pointed out the $3.5 million property is not exempt in his Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Then there is his $3.5 million Florida condo, which is not exempt. However, Giuliani has not taken any steps to sell the Florida home, the filing says. Lawyers for Giuliani and creditors did not immediately respond to a request for comment from BI.
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The president delivered a campaign speech in Pennsylvania this afternoon, and he will speak tomorrow in Georgia — two swing states that he is counting on for re-election. The push is meant to capitalize on momentum from last night’s address, in which Biden delivered a series of fiery attacks against Trump, casting him as a threat to American democracy and stability in the world. Roughly 28 million people watched on major cable and broadcast networks, according to preliminary numbers, a bigger prime-time audience than last year. The speech also allowed Biden, 81, to respond to doubts about his age with impassioned lines that were clearly intended to demonstrate vigor. It remains unclear if he can repeat that energetic 67-minute performance as he barnstorms the swing states in the coming weeks.
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DA Fani Willis' credibility has been damaged following a misconduct hearing, legal experts said. Willis' 'credibility is shot'Legal experts have long said that the hearing, and the relationship between Willis and Wade, doesn't look good for Willis. Rahmani said the distraction of it all is enough that Willis should recuse herself from the Trump case. On trips they took together, Willis and Wade testified that Willis paid Wade back for her portion in cash. Ms. Yeager heard District Attorney Willis tell Mr. Bradley: 'They are coming after us.
Persons: Fani Willis, Willis, Donald Trump, , Trump, Wade, it's, Rahmani, Ashleigh Merchant, Trump codefendant Mike Roman, Nathan Wade, Wade —, Daysha Young, Andrew Evans, Alex Slitz, doesn't, Sarah Krissoff, Cozen O'Connor, Krissoff, Scott McAfee, McAfee, Terrence Bradley, Merchant, Bradley, Manny Arora, Cindi Lee Yeager, Cobb County , Georgia —, Trump codefendant David Shafer, Yeager, John Bazemore, Elijah Nouvelage, Mr, Trump codefendant Cathleen Latham, Arora —, Kenneth Chesebro, Arora, Adam Abbate, Abbate Organizations: Service, Fulton, West, Trial, Trump codefendant, Trump, codefendants, Merchant, Wade, Business, USA, Network, Reuters, District Attorney, AP, Washington Post Locations: Georgia, Fulton County, California, Atlanta, Manhattan, Fulton, Cobb County , Georgia
The ransom countdown timer for Fulton County disappeared from a hacking group's website. The hacking group, LockBit 3.0, had a timer set for 8:49 a.m. It posted a new countdown timer for the Fulton County documents initially set for March 2. Before the raid, the group said, they had been in negotiations over a ransom for the Fulton County documents. AdvertisementThe timer for Fulton County had previously disappeared from LockBit 3.0's site ahead of the February 20 raid.
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Michael Thurmond thought he was reading familiar history at the burial place of Georgia's colonial founder. The son of a sharecropper and great-grandson of a Georgia slave, Thurmond became an attorney and has served for decades in state and local government. Historians have widely agreed Oglethorpe and his fellow Georgia trustees didn’t ban slavery because it was cruel to Black people. Escaped slaves captured in Oglethorpe’s Georgia were returned to slaveholders. Thurmond's book openly embraces such evidence that Oglethorpe's history with slavery was at times contradictory and unflattering.
Persons: — Michael Thurmond, James Edward Oglethorpe, ” Oglethorpe, Thurmond, Oglethorpe, ” Thurmond, , “ James Oglethorpe, Father, Georgia, Stan Deaton, Britain's, , Gerald Horne, Horne, Thurmond's, James F, Brooks, ” Brooks, — Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Olaudah Equiano, Granville Sharp, Hannah More, Sharp Organizations: University of Georgia Press, Georgia Historical Society, , Royal African Company, America, University of Houston, University of Georgia, Society, Slave Locations: SAVANNAH, Ga, Georgia, London, Black, British, Oglethorpe, DeKalb County, Atlanta, Parliament, England, America, New York, Boston, South Carolina, Spanish Florida, Virginia, Savannah, Oglethorpe’s Georgia, Africa, U.S
Citing a filing from Wade's divorce proceedings, attorneys for the defendants alleged that Wade and Willis had an improper relationship. A witness for the defense attorneys alleged Thursday that Willis and Wade's relationship began in 2019. Nathan Wade, the Georgia prosecutor who admitted to a relationship with his colleague, Fulton County DA Fani Willis, in court. Fulton County DA Fani Willis testifies at a hearing Feb. 15 in Atlanta on her relationship with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade. Most experts were skeptical that the evidence presented Thursday would lead to Willis or Wade being dismissed from the case.
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Read previewATLANTA, Georgia — Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testified Thursday that she and the special prosecutor she hired to oversee the Trump case butted heads on gender norms while they dated. "Mr. Wade is used to women that, as he told me one time, the only thing a woman can do for him is make him a sandwich," Willis testified. Willis testified during the contentious Thursday hearing that Wade's attitude on issues like that was a pain point for them while dating. During a line of questioning about the end of Willis and Wade's relationship, the Fulton County DA offered a glimpse into the former couple's dynamic. However, Robin Bryant Yeartie, a former friend and colleague of Willis, testified Thursday that Willis and Wade's relationship began in 2019.
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The Bidens will attend a “dignified transfer” as the remains of the troops killed in the overnight assault Sunday return to U.S. soil. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will join the Bidens for the transfer in Dover, where such events take place when U.S. servicemembers are killed in action. Friday will be the second dignified transfer Biden attends as president. In August 2021, he took part in the ritual for the 13 servicemembers killed during the suicide bombing in Kabul. As vice president, Biden in 2016 attended a dignified transfer for two U.S. soldiers killed in a suicide blast at Bagram Airfield.
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CNN —A fire broke out at the National Art Gallery of Abkhazia — a pro-Russian separatist republic that is officially part of Georgia — in the early hours of Sunday morning, destroying at least 4,000 works of art, local state media has reported. “Everything burned down,” Acting Minister of Culture Dinara Smyr said, according to the region’s Apsnypress news agency. A view of burnt room of the National Art Gallery in Sukhumi, Abkhazia. Stringer/APThe National Art Gallery is in Sukhumi, the separatist republic’s capital city. The National Art Gallery’s Central Exhibition Hall caught fire overnight, and emergency services were called to the scene early Sunday morning, according to state media.
Persons: Georgia —, Dinara Smyr, ” Apsnypress, Alexander Chachba, , Stringer, Apsnypress, Robert Dzhpua, Salome Zourabichvili, Organizations: CNN, National Art, Abkhazia —, , Abkhazian, United Nations, Abkhazia’s, Statistics, Exhibition Hall, National, General’s Locations: Abkhazia, Russian, Georgia, Sukhumi, Russia
Allegations have surfaced of an affair between Fulton County DA Fani Willis and an attorney she hired. AdvertisementFulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hired attorney Nathan Wade to lead the Georgia prosecution of Donald Trump and 18 others over efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The lawyer is seeking to get the indictment tossed and to remove Willis and Wade from the case. Outside of any effect on this case, Willis, an elected Democrat, is up for reelection this year, and this could become a campaign issue depending on how she ultimately responds. Records show Wade billed for what he described as "travel to Athens; conf with White House Counsel" in May 2022.
Persons: Fani Willis, Nathan Wade, Willis, Donald Trump, , Wade, Wade —, Trump, vies, it's, Rahmani, Anthony Michael Kreis, Ashleigh Merchant, Michael Roman, Merchant, unseal, Joycelyn Wade, Joycelyn, Jeff DiSantis, John Floyd, Anna Cross, Wade's, Thurbert Baker, Baker, It's, Neil Warren, foreperson, Georgia —, There's, Peter Strzok, Robert James, that's, I've, James Organizations: Service, Trump, West, Trial, Georgia State University, Associated Press, White, Caribbean, AP, Defense, White House, Records, DC Locations: Fulton County, Georgia, Napa Valley , Florida, Caribbean, Wade's, San Francisco, Belize, Panama, Australia, Miami, Cobb County, Athens, Russia, DeKalb County , Georgia
Two boomers who are moving to Florida for retirement say the state meets their retirement goals. The Illinois to Florida move in particular was one of the largest US migration patterns between 2021 and 2022. Daniel Mehalek, 61Daniel Mehalek, 61, lived in the Chicago area his whole life. Compared to Chicago, he's paying more on flood, homeowner's, and car insurance in Florida, though it's offset by the over $15,000 in Illinois state taxes he won't have to pay when he relocates. "Insurance is a challenge right now, but I still feel like that's a better situation overall than being in Illinois and paying the property and state taxes," Ron said.
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From putting greens and par-three holes to full-blown course replicas, the sport is increasingly taking up residence in gardens and backyards as golf enthusiasts of all levels look to shorten their travel time to the tee. California in particular is especially prone to drought, with state officials encouraging its citizens to cut their water usage. Yet “the number one” factor that can hike prices for larger greens, Nappi explains, is — ironically — drainage. Though they don’t require watering, greens sculpted in areas susceptible to heavy rain — such as Florida or Georgia — invite the threat of standing water, which can lead to mold and ruin the playing experience. “You can make it look pretty and beautiful and they love it, but it better play right,” Nappi said.
Persons: Mark Wahlberg, Cindy Crawford, DJ Khaled, Josh Allen, , Dominic Nappi, Tim Venturi, Ken Venturi, Nappi, ” Nappi, , Wahlberg, Los Angeles Times — Nappi, Tim Jackson —, Jackson Kahn, I’ve, “ There’s, Crawford, Rande Gerber, Allen, Jim Nantz’s, Courtney Richards, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, Ian Poulter, Tony Romo —, Dave Pelz’s, SYNLawn, Augusta National’s, Gareth Bale’s, , Tiger Woods, Organizations: CNN, Back Nine Greens, Business, Nine Greens, Greens, British, Nine Greens Star, Hollywood, Los Angeles Times, Malibu, Bills, Wall Street, NASA, Welsh, Real Madrid, Tiger Locations: Southern California, Palm, California, backyards, Florida, Georgia, Beverly, Scottsdale, Buffalo, Miami Beach, American, Austin , Texas, Glamorgan, South Wales, Island, South Dakota
The CFP National Championship tickets are fetching an average of nearly $3,000 each, data shows. The Michigan vs. Washington game has the costliest ticket average since 2017. Tickets on SeatGeek cost over $44,000 in one section. AdvertisementMany fans attending the Football Playoff National Championship likely paid a pretty penny to see the Huskies and the Wolverines face off. A win by Michigan or Washington will be the first time either team has won a national title since the 1990s.
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