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Trump's out to charm Gen Z, and that demographic might already be souring on BidenFreshly convicted of 34 charges of falsifying business records, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee seems to have a new campaign strategy — appealing to younger Gen Z voters. Appealing to Gen Z could work for Trump, especially if one accounts for the "Trump amnesia" effect among Gen Zers. Now aged between 12 and 27 — some Gen Zers may have been too young during his presidency to be politically in tune with Trump-era policies. And Gen Zers who vocally backed Biden during his 2020 run may also be souring on him in 2024. Representatives of Trump, Paul, and Biden didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours.
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They love to customize their food, they're suckers for a menu hack, and they crave spicy dishes, restaurant executives and experts say. Menu hacks fly on social mediaGen Zers are more inclined to try out menu hacks, creating new dishes using items already available on the menu. AdvertisementAt Caribou Coffee, younger customers — Gen Alpha, Gen Zers, and younger millennials — are most likely to modify their drinks, CMO Erin Newkirk told BI. They crave spicy foodGen Zers are big fans of spicy food, executives previously told BI. In a 2022 poll by Morning Consult , US Gen Z respondents listed chicken as their second-favorite food overall, behind only pizza.
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It's always sunny at Business Insider when "Welcome to Wrexham" star Rob McElhenney is around. In today's big story, we're looking at the drama between Tesla shareholders over Elon Musk's bumper pay package that gets decided on today . As funny as that sounds, the battle over Elon Musk's pay package is no joke. One longtime Tesla investor said the EV maker is " kind of the bottom of the pecking pole of Elon's companies ." Vote here on if you're for or against Musk's pay package .
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Related VideoStill, those 50-64 were most likely to work fully remotely, while those 20-29 were least likely. That means they can afford to be fully remote and might feel really comfortable doing things on their own," Barrero said. So that muscle memory might push them to come in more often than younger workers who embrace hybrid." Indeed, many older workers BI has spoken to are divided on whether they want to be in-office or at home — but they're willing to leave roles that don't cater to their preferences. Do you strongly prefer in-office or remote work?
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Gen Alpha tweens who spoke with Business Insider are unconvinced that fear of aging is behind their new obsession. Related VideoGen Alpha's spending powerBy all accounts, Gen Alpha is going to be a mighty generation of big spenders. But Gen Alpha skincare enthusiasts are taking their newfound habit seriously. The survey of nearly 3,000 respondents included 537 US-based 13- to 17-year-olds who were asked about antiaging, skincare, and beauty. Where influences lieIt may be that Gen Alpha kids are learning from their parents as children of millennials and Gen Zers.
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Rather, we need to remember what makes a middle manager valuable. AdvertisementWith improved communication and listening, more empathy, and emotional intelligence, middle managers could save themselves from the "great unbossing," Gandy said. The attack on middle managersCompanies have been axing middle management positions as a way to cut costs. For starters, middle managers provide mentorship to junior employees and graduate staffers. A lack of trainingGood middle managers need training and guidance, which is severely lacking in current workplaces, Gandy said.
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The Biden-Harris Administration has forgiven your federal student loan(s) listed below with Aidvantage in full." My wife's an assistant principal, and I'm a retired assistant principal, but now I don't worry about crushing debt," Perry said. Related storiesPerry was planning on going into substitute teaching to continue supplementing his income during retirement while he made his student-loan payments. Have your student loans been forgiven? Do you have a different experience with student debt?
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What Gen Z gets wrong about work
  + stars: | 2024-06-10 | by ( Clay Routledge | )   time to read: +11 min
Gen Z wants to talk about mental health. In a 2023 survey of nearly 3,000 people, Gen Z was almost twice as likely as other generations to say they struggled with their mental health. Related storiesA healthy work environment is one where people feel supported and encouraged to do meaningful work — not one that fixates on their mental health. What does have a tangible impact on people's well-being at work is whether they find their work meaningful. Instead, employers should ensure their staff have access to mental-health care while building a positive culture that promotes meaningful work.
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Many Americans are not willing to leave a tip all the time, and they're becoming less likely to do so. The 2024 survey of US adults conducted from April 29 to May 1 found that 67% percent of those who go to sit-down restaurants always give tips to servers. Thirty-five percent of adults said "tipping culture has gotten out of control," per the Bankrate post. Still, the survey found 78% of Gen Xers and 86% of baby boomers who go to sit-down restaurants always give a tip. AdvertisementAnd younger Americans are less likely to tip at sit-down restaurants.
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Inflation and the rising cost of living in the US are partially to blame for HIFIs precarious financial situation. HIFIs' spending psychology comes from wanting to belongKnox said that there's often a disconnect between how much money HIFIs make and how much they can afford to spend. Much of HIFIs' spending psychology comes from wanting to belong, Knox said. People want to be able to afford the same clothes or concert tickets as their friends and family, so they keep spending money. AdvertisementSmall spending changes can boost future wealthMany people underestimate how much small spending changes can impact their overall wealth, Knox said.
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Jason John Miles, a tattoo artist and content creator, said the industry is in a "bad state." According to data from Fortune Business Insights, the tattoo industry is expected to reach $3.92 billion by 2030. "Consumers are less likely to put up with bullshit from tattoo artists and tattoo shops," Dominique said. There are tons of good male tattoo artists, she said, and there is still a market for them. Despite the current challenges, artists who spoke with BI said they were hopeful about the tattoo industry.
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But with the rising cost of living, Joe is apprehensive about the future. His experience echoes that of many HIFIs, a group of Americans who are defined as high income, financially insecure. Joe doesn't feel wealthy, despite a six-figure incomeRight before the pandemic, Joe estimates he and his wife made about $150,000 together. And, despite his household income, Joe doesn't feel wealthy. He doesn't feel like he's saved enough in his 401(k), and he worries his current spending will hurt his future.
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Read previewCharlie Michael Baker used to be "majorly sexually active," but at age 17 he's decided he's not having any more sex. Charlie Michael Baker has decided to abstain from sex. But for others, not having sex is a more conscious choice. Similarly, Gen Z women in the US are swearing off sex because men they've dated have treated them badly, BI's Jordan Parker Erb reported last year. For Baker, celibacy makes him feel more comfortable with himself because he no longer feels the need to "keep a man happy," and avoids getting hurt by people who give him "false hope."
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In 2024, Gen Z workers are expected to outnumber baby boomers in the American labor force for the first time. CNBC Make It explores how Gen Zers are really putting their mark on career advice, office culture and more. Much of the advice is geared toward Gen Z and younger millennials figuring out their place in a chaotic post-pandemic work landscape. Much of the career advice on TikTok echoes the tips shared in podcasts, YouTube videos and LinkedIn thought pieces. It's just the aesthetics and format that are different — and more appealing — to Gen Z.
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Read previewThe great unbossing is underway, with companies cutting middle management positions. Cost cutting, Gen Z's distaste for management , remote working, and increased pressure on performance are all factors in why middle managers are finding their jobs are most at risk during layoffs. She said that not having a micromanager picking apart their work could benefit Gen Zers who don't feel they need to be "spoon-fed." Doing it rightThose who are skeptical of companies axing middle managers say it could mean junior staff won't receive the mentorship needed to climb the ladder. Camberato said staffers of all generations, from Boomers to Gen Zers, need to evolve, "especially as technology advances."
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But now, for a growing cohort of Gen Zers and millennials, it's their card, too. According to the company, millennials and Gen Z consumers made up 60% of its new customer acquisitions worldwide, and 75% of its new platinum and gold accounts were opened by millennial and Gen Z members. Related storiesAmex has implemented a number of tactics to pull off its youth revolution and cement its place as a status symbol among relatively affluent millennial and Gen Z consumers. For many young consumers, having an Amex rewards card is sort of like having a good, varied subscription service that runs them less than $60 a month. AdvertisementAll that aside, the Amex Platinum Card seems neat.
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This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Related storiesThe term "sober" is defined as abstaining from drinking or drugs, according to Merriam-Webster, but there are several variations in the way it's used today. AdvertisementOthers more recently use the term "sober curious" to refer to an exploratory period where they cut down or abstain from drinking alcohol. By 2021, beverage analysts told Business Insider that they expected the non-alcoholic beverage market to expand, and it has. The ongoing trend is about being more mindful and moderating drinking more than anything else, an Athletic Brewing Company spokesperson told Business Insider.
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Read previewArielle Francois, 24, would tell her past self it's fine to be nervous about making the move from South Florida to Dallas. Francois moved to Florida from Haiti because of the earthquake in 2010. Beyond scrolling through social media posts and apartment sites, there are also rent and costs to think about. Additionally, Francois said she feels it's more affordable to live in Dallas than South Florida for someone her age. "Because South Florida is so close to Haiti, you'll find a huge population of Haitians in South Florida," she said.
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"It's great, but it takes an effort," Samtur told Business Insider. That means that right now, Gen Z and baby boomers, in particular, might be experiencing a strange juxtaposition: They're happy and lonely at the same time. "So people feel maybe a little less happy with their lives in midlife, but it doesn't mean you're also feeling lonely." "Overall, people tended to be more lonely, just persistently lonely, if they had less education, had lower income, and poor health," Graham said. Some Gen Zers pay for social connections through activities like fitness memberships.
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Sam Salem made up Gen Z slang words to prank his students. But the words caught on and have now gained traction outside the classroom. Trying to decipher Gen Z slang has become a daily thing on TikTok and Instagram. Words and phrases like "rizz," "skibidi rizz," "bussin," "do it for the plot," and "gyat" are frequently used in the day-to-day vernacular. To the outside listener, a conversation among Gen Zers could sound like a bunch of made-up words.
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The Very Online Afterlife of Franz Kafka
  + stars: | 2024-06-01 | by ( Amanda Hess | )   time to read: +1 min
Also, “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, a fat black bug on its cover. The video’s creator is 25-year-old Margarita Mouka — @aquariuscat444 on TikTok, where she frequently posts about Kafka, integrating his work, his likeness and his life story into her online persona of romantic intellectualism. “Franz Kafka becomes an unlikely HEARTTHROB on TikTok — where Gen Zers are swooning over the Czech novelist nearly 100 YEARS after his death,” ran a Daily Mail headline. On BookTok, where a flashed book jacket conveys a glimmer of a user’s inner life, a classic text can leave a durable impression. It plays like a deep cut, reaching back through time to ground a TikToker’s content in a more enduring human experience.
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I'm a Gen Z freshman and I don't have a ticket to the sold-out club night my roommates are excited about going to. AdvertisementGen Z is one of the first generations who will be less wealthy than our parentsIt's not the first time Gen Z has defied expectations. As Business Insider previously reported, Gen Z is one of the first generations that will be worse off than their parents or grandparents. Gen Z appears to be less focused on the future and more on living enjoyable lives now. I'm an older Gen Z on the cusp of being a millennial, but this trend applies to some of the younger members of my generation, too.
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CNBC Make It explores how Gen Zers are really putting their mark on career advice, office culture and more. But it's also become a popular destination for young jobseekers seeking career advice and opportunities. Much of the career advice on TikTok echoes the tips shared in podcasts, YouTube videos and LinkedIn thought pieces. The career confidante for Gen ZTikTok is often the first place Grace Dunlavy will go for career advice. The drawbacks of getting career advice on TikTok
Persons: Jade Walters, Gen, Zers, Baron Leung didn't, Leung, Weeks, TikTok, Baron Leung, it's, jobseekers, Z, Joe Biden, It's, Walters, I've, Gen Z, Grace Dunlavy, Dunlavy, New York — Organizations: TikTok, CNBC, LinkedIn, Zenith, Pew Research Center, Howard University, Saint Louis University Locations: Toronto, U.S, Chicago, New York
Gen Zs are set to make the biggest splash this summer, with surveys showing they are upping their vacation plans and spending more than older travelers. The survey of more than 2,000 Americans showed Gen Zs are planning to travel for longer periods and to take more expensive vacations at higher rates too. But how Gen Zs — often defined as those born between 1997 and 2012 — plan to fund their travels differs from other age groups too. Roeschke also noted that Gen Zs will spend time finding ways to trim travel costs, rather than canceling or postponing their trips. Using debt to finance summer tripsStill, 42% of Gen Zs and 47% of millennials say they plan to use debt to finance their summer trips, according to a survey by the financial services company Bankrate.
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And she's part of a growing class of Gen Z retirement super-savers. Many are concerned about stagnating wages in an era of skyrocketing costs of living, says Paloma Thombley, chief human resources officer at Handshake, the jobs site for college students and new grads. Gen Z prioritizes retirement benefitsGenesis Hinckley, 27, works as a business analyst for Google in Boulder, Colorado. 'It's no longer chasing money; it's chasing time'Anxiety aside, many Gen Zers see super-saving for retirement as a way to take control over an uncertain future when the built-in support systems are lacking. They learned when it makes sense to invest in a plan pre- or post-tax, how to actually invest your retirement money, and the value of compound interest.
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