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In “Baby Reindeer,” Gadd’s stalker is portrayed as unattractive and mentally ill — someone whom her victim actually feels sorry for. “Baby Reindeer,” rated TV-MA by Netflix for “language, nudity, sex, sexual violence, substances,” only has a viewer discretionary warning before “Episode 4” wherein Gadd’s character is sexually assaulted. Information is also available on sexual assault, sexual violence and relationship abuse. Neither Netflix nor the “You” and “Baby Reindeer” teams responded to CNN’s requests for comment. Fleitman hopes “Baby Reindeer” can raise awareness for stalking victims, like men and so-called “imperfect victims” whose stories may not look like the ones we’re used to seeing.
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"Baby Reindeer" tells the real-life story of an aspiring comedian who is stalked by an older woman. The show became a pop culture phenomenon after fans hunted for the person the stalker was based on. Here are some other bizarre true crime shows and documentaries to watch after "Baby Reindeer." download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementNetflix has turned the true crime genre into a goldmine in the last decade, with "Baby Reindeer" its latest huge success.
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Read previewJessica Gunning, the actor who plays Martha Scott in "Baby Reindeer," said she "avoid" knowing about the real woman her character was based on. Since it was released in April, "Baby Reindeer" has blown up, and has been watched over 60 million times, according to Netflix. The buzz grew as audiences tried to find the real woman who Scott was based on. Like Richard said when he posted that message on social media, that's not the point of our show." AdvertisementTrue crime shows like "Baby Reindeer" blur the line between entertainment and reality, something that Gunning understands.
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Read previewNetflix seemingly has no plans for "Baby Reindeer" season two, but the Fiona Harvey controversy could easily be turned into a drama series of its own. Netflix could now dramatize the controversy surrounding Harvey and Gadd, which has unfolded since the show's release on April 11. Piers Morgan and Fiona Harvey on "Piers Morgan Uncensored." Piers Morgan Uncensored/YouTubeA second season could take a similar approach to another biographical Netflix drama: "Scoop." Considering the delicate nature of the events surrounding Gadd, Harvey, and Morgan, it would make sense to cast actors to play them.
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Read previewFiona Harvey claimed that Piers Morgan paid her £250 ($313) to interview her about "Baby Reindeer," and said she wants £1 million ($1.25 m) from him instead. But Harvey denied doing that in real life and described Gadd as "psychotic" during a 54-minute long interview on "Piers Morgan Uncensored." After previously saying she felt "used" by Morgan, in an interview with the Daily Record published on Tuesday, Harvey criticized Morgan's show for paying her £250. Harvey also claimed that the broadcaster didn't interact with her while she was on the "Piers Morgan Uncensored" set. Representatives for "Piers Morgan Uncensored" responded to a request for comment from BI by pointing toward Tuesday's episode of the ITV chatshow, "Lorraine."
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Piers Morgan said he thinks the alleged "Baby Reindeer" stalker, Fiona Harvey, lied to him during their interview. The broadcaster interviewed Harvey about the series and asked if she really stalked Richard Gadd. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementPiers Morgan said that he thinks Fiona Harvey, the woman outed as the person the stalker in "Baby Reindeer" is based on, lied to him during their interview last week. The British broadcaster interviewed Harvey on his YouTube show, "Piers Morgan Uncensored," where she denied stalking Gadd after meeting him in a London pub several years ago.
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An unnamed woman claiming to be "the real Martha Scott" told a British tabloid that Gadd was "bullying an older woman on television for fame and fortune." Richard Gadd as Donny Dunn and Jessica Gunning as Martha Scott in "Baby Reindeer." The woman criticized Gadd, and said: "He's using 'Baby Reindeer' to stalk me now. At the end of the show, Scott explains that a baby reindeer toy was the only thing that gave her comfort during her difficult childhood, which is why she nicknamed Dunn "baby reindeer." Harvey said that was false: "I've never owned a toy baby reindeer, and I wouldn't have had any conversation with Richard Gadd about a childhood toy either."
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Piers Morgan interviewed the alleged "Baby Reindeer" stalker for his YouTube channel. Fiona Harvey said she felt "used" by the presenter and claimed she was paid £250 for the interview. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA woman who was outed by "Baby Reindeer" fans as the alleged stalker of the true crime drama's creator and lead actor said she felt "used" by Piers Morgan in an interview about the Netflix series. "Baby Reindeer" tells a fictionalized version of creator Richard Gadd's experiences with stalking, and has become a worldwide phenomenon since its release in April.
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A psychologist told Business Insider why true crime turns viewers into armchair detectives. True crime blurs the line between real life and fictionRichard Gadd as Donny Dunn in "Baby Reindeer." AdvertisementThat's further complicated by some true crime audiences thinking they are helping to bring about justice by becoming armchair detectives. AdvertisementIn a piece published by The Guardian, titled "Why do women love true crime so much?" Ed Miller/NetflixThis raises the question of whether streaming services and TV networks are doing enough to protect those involved in true crime content.
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As the surprise success of “Baby Reindeer,” the Netflix drama about a comedian and his stalker, has highlighted the complications that can arise from basing a popular series on real events, a woman who claims to be the inspiration for the stalker character said on Thursday that much of the show’s plot was untrue, calling it a “work of fiction.”In the four weeks since “Baby Reindeer” debuted, it has been viewed more than 56 million times, according to data released by Netflix. The intense interest in the seven-episode series, which is billed as a true story based on the experience of the comedian Richard Gadd, has also spawned an army of amateur detectives trying to uncover the actual identities of the characters onscreen. Those efforts have resulted in the online abuse of a British writer and director as well as blowback for Netflix officials, one of whom was questioned about the streamer’s “duty of care” by a British lawmaker this week. Gadd has all but begged internet sleuths to stop digging, writing on social media: “Please don’t speculate on who any of the real life people could be. That’s not the point of the show.”But in an interview that ran Thursday, Fiona Harvey, who says that the show’s stalker character was modeled after her, provided her side of the story on camera for the first time.
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Read preview"Baby Reindeer" star and creator Richard Gadd said he didn't see his stalker as a villain because he struggles with "toxic empathy" and blames the system for failing to help her. Related storiesHe said: "I think I struggle with a sort of toxic empathy problem where I feel a lot for people. AdvertisementDuring the Q&A session, Gadd touched on why he thinks "Baby Reindeer" resonated with audiences. "I'm not sure there's been a TV show like 'Baby Reindeer' that's kind of captured the dark difficulties and idiosyncrasies of life." He said: "But I think 'Baby Reindeer' has stood out so much because it goes back to something about the human condition, which is dark and difficult and challenging, and every human being is a mixture of good and bad."
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The identity of the man who sexually assaulted Richard Gadd is known by "people in the industry." That's according to British TV host Richard Osman, who spoke about "Baby Reindeer" on his podcast. There's been rampant speculation about who inspired the abusive comedy writer named Darrien. In "Baby Reindeer," an established television writer named Darrien O' Connor (Tom Goodman-Hill) grooms and abuses Donny (Richard Gadd). In "Baby Reindeer," an established television writer named Darrien (Tom Goodman-Hill) grooms and abuses Donny (Richard Gadd).
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While Lyons did not disclose the person or show in her X posts, Deadline reported that it had verified that she was indeed referring to Gadd and "Baby Reindeer." AdvertisementAccording to Deadline, Gadd had not disclosed his relationship with Lyons at the time. Metro has reported that it was Lyons' X thread — posted on April 16, five days after "Baby Reindeer" was released — that led to Gadd being questioned by producers at Clerkenwell Film. The role of Donny's (Richard Gadd) girlfriend, Teri, in "Baby Reindeer" went to Nava Mau. According to Deadline, Gadd and Lyons went on four dates between October and November 2021 before Gadd ended the relationship in December.
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CNN —This essay contains some spoilers for “Baby Reindeer.”The Netflix hit “Baby Reindeer” has taken the world by storm with its nuanced, painfully honest portrayal of one man’s experience of stalking and abuse. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “nearly a quarter of men reported some form of contact sexual violence in their lifetime. “There is a hidden epidemic of sexual violence within the queer community that is rarely visible in the media. A man some viewers mistakenly identified as the older television writer in “Baby Reindeer” has gone to the police after receiving threatening messages on social media. Whatever the legacy of “Baby Reindeer” may be, it stands as one of the boldest and most forthright explorations of male victims of stalking and sexual assault.
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Netflix's "Baby Reindeer," tells the story of a male comedian whom an older woman stalked. AdvertisementA woman who believes the stalker character in Netflix's latest hit series "Baby Reindeer" is based on her has said she is considering taking legal action against the Netflix show. She has alleged that she has received "death threats and abuse from Richard Gadd supporters." Richard Gadd as Donny Dunn in "Baby Reindeer." NetflixFollowing its release in mid-April, "Baby Reindeer" has become a surprise hit for Netflix, having risen to No.
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Gadd’s retelling of his real-life encounters with a stalker through the fictional Donny Dunn in “Baby Reindeer” is also a story of trauma and healing. (From left) Richard Gadd as Donny and Jessica Gunning as Martha in "Baby Reindeer." Ed Miller/NetflixGunning plays Donny’s stalker Martha, a troubled woman who claims to be a lawyer but is more than anything a career creeper and repeat offender. By the end of the journey, it’s clear that “Baby Reindeer” was made with purpose, something that often escapes projects that earn their popularity on the merit of being about incidents so messy (and sometimes horrifying) that you can’t look a way. “Baby Reindeer” might be is a sign that true crime TV is finally growing up.
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Richard Gadd based "Baby Reindeer" on his experience of being stalked and sexually abused. Donny is stalked by an older woman named Martha Scott (played by Jessica Gunning), who is based on Gadd's real stalker. For legal reasons, Gadd hasn't revealed the real identity of his stalker, or the writer Darrien was based on. Gadd told GQ that he purposely concealed the identity of the real Martha within the series. He also told Variety that "due to where things ended in real life," he wasn't concerned about his real stalker attempting to contact him because of the show's popularity.
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"Baby Reindeer" tells the true story of an aspiring comedian who was stalked for four years. Gadd said that he wanted the "Baby Reindeer" ending to explore the reality of abuse. "Baby Reindeer" was originally a stage show that Gadd performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019, and is now a limited Netflix series. Dunn tries to get closure by returning to Darrien's flatTom Goodman-Hill as Darrien in "Baby Reindeer." Instead of Scott stalking Dunn, he uses her voicemails as a source of comfort in his troubled life, just like her baby reindeer toy.
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Related storiesHere's the true story of "Baby Reindeer," and what we know about the real Scott. Gadd knew he had an interesting story to tell when Scott was stalking himRichard Gadd as Donny Dunn and Jessica Gunning as Martha Scott in "Baby Reindeer." — Netflix (@netflix) April 13, 2024Gadd told Netflix's Tudum that he knew he had a good story to tell, even while being stalked. Jessica Gunning as Martha Scott in "Baby Reindeer." It's unclear if this also happened in real life, but Gadd told The Times that the situation is over.
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'Beer Can Island' in Florida's Tampa Bay has been listed for sale at $14.2 million. AdvertisementA party venue with a difference in Florida's Tampa Bay is up for sale for $14.2 million. Pine Key is an island in the middle of Tampa Bay, created by a state dredging project. Others weren't so keen on the friends' business planWhile many enjoyed the friends' decision to pimp out the island, some were less sure. Last year, it was submerged under five feet of water during Hurricane Idalia, the Tampa Bay Times reported.
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I first heard about Beato after stumbling onto his YouTube channel. During the pandemic, for example, many music fans migrated to the internet to watch various forms of music because live music was off-limits. “I still feel at 60 the same way I did when I was 14,” he said recently in a YouTube video. His face lights up when he talks about his family on his YouTube channel. “My YouTube Channel was a way to honor my parents and leave something for my kids.
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