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Direct-ascent anti-satellite missiles are fired from Earth to take out a satellite target in space. Since then, China is believed by analysts to have conducted multiple, nondestructive missile tests that could advance its ability to target satellites. Illustration by CNNThat’s because the US has done extensive non-offensive testing of technologies to approach and rendezvous with satellites, including close approaches of its own military satellites and several Russian and Chinese military satellites, SWF says. Chance Saltzman explained why the US felt it needed to be able to counter other countries’ space capabilities. Its tenets may be more relevant now than ever – but potentially under greater threat amid a new focus on military and space.
Persons: , Russia’s, , Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan, Zang Jihui, Chance Saltzman, ” Saltzman, Juliana Suess, Kamala Harris, Etienne Laurent, SpaceX’s, Tong Zhao, ” Zhao, doesn’t, RUSI’s Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Russian, CNN, Getty, Sputnik, Center for Security, Strategy, Technology, Observer Research, Foundation, China, US Space Force, Liberation Army, PLA, Space Force, Washington, CNN That’s, Space, China’s PLA, US Space Command, Vandenberg Space Force, Bloomberg, Union of Concerned, Carnegie Endowment, International Peace, Modern Defense Technology ”, United Nations Security, US Locations: Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Europe, United States, China, Moscow, North Korea, Iran, Beijing, AFP, Soviet, Soviet Union, America, New Delhi, India, CNN China, Washington, Japan, Guam, France, Australia, Israel, Gaza, London, California, Honolulu, Hawaii, powerlines
In contrast to previous research that assumed the sun’s magnetic field originates from deep within the celestial body, they suspect the the source is much closer to the surface. This view of the sun's magnetic field was generated by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. NASA/GSFC/Solar Dynamics ObservaModeling the sun’s magnetic fieldIt’s difficult to see the sun’s magnetic field lines, which loop through the solar atmosphere to form a complicated web of magnetic structures far more complex than Earth’s magnetic field. To better grasp how the sun’s magnetic field works, scientists turn to mathematical models. Like the 11-year solar magnetic cycle, torsional oscillations also experience an 11-year cycle.
Persons: Galileo, , Daniel Lecoanet, ” Lecoanet, , Lecoanet, Geoff Vasil, Ellen Zweibel, Zweibel Organizations: CNN, Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering, Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration, Research, Astrophysics, NASA's Solar Dynamics, NASA, Dynamics, University of Edinburgh, University of Wisconsin Locations: United Kingdom, Madison
CNN —Greater spotted eagles are already a species under threat. Listed as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, greater spotted eagles have been largely eradicated from western and central Europe, according to the study. On March 1, 2022, a week after Russia invaded Ukraine, the first of 21 tagged greater spotted eagles crossed into Ukraine on its usual migration, according to researchers from the UK and Estonia. The researchers observed no difference in migration performance and deviation patterns outside of Ukraine, according to the study. Russell said the war in Ukraine is “really raising the profile of some of the environmental issues caused by conflict.
Persons: , Charlie Russell, Russell, ” Russell, , Nathalie Pettorelli, Pettorelli, ” Pettorelli, “ ecocide ” Organizations: CNN, Eagles, International Union for Conservation of Nature, , UK’s University of East, Zoological Society of London Locations: Ukraine, Europe, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Estonia, UK’s University of East Anglia,
Here are the biggest calls on Wall Street on Tuesday: Morgan Stanley reiterates Tesla as overweight Morgan Stanley made the case in a note to investors that Elon Musk needs Tesla "more than ever before." Citi initiates Ferrovial at buy Citi said it's bullish on shares of the Dutch infrastructure and transportation company. Citi reiterates Dell as buy Citi raised its price target on the stock by 36% to $170 per share from $125. Morgan Stanley reiterates Apple as overweight Morgan Stanley said its checks show accelerating App Store growth ahead of expectations for Apple. Morgan Stanley names Taiwan Semiconductor a catalyst-driven idea Morgan Stanley said TSM is a likely beneficiary of a solid Nvidia earnings report on Wednesday.
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The “Code 9.2” drone unit, from the 92nd assault brigade, are moving into a new launch position from where they are about to conduct a rare and potent mission: flying drones into Russia and dropping mines onto key roads inside enemy territory. It is only when the dark has set in that their work can begin. Before operators Andrey and Artem can leave the bunker to begin work, a noise sends them rushing back in for cover. It is only when the dark has set in that the work of Ukrainian drone unit 'Code 9.2' can begin. Artem and Andrey race to attach the mines to the drone, using only red lights.
Persons: Andrey, Artem, , ” Andrey hisses, , Vladimir Putin, Brice Lainé, Ukraine’s, Sasha, Volodymyr Zelensky –, Organizations: Ukraine CNN, 92nd, CNN Locations: Russian, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, Russia, Belgorod, Kharkiv, Bakhmut, Ukrainian, Donetsk, , , Moscow
Einstein's general theory of relativity states that the curvature of space-time causes gravity. But zoom out to enormous scales like clusters of galaxies spanning billions of light years across, and the laws of Einstein's gravity theory appear to change. A 1% adjustment may not sound like a big deal, but it's enough to suggest that Einstein's theory may need a rethink. Now, with this cosmic glitch, there's a new explanation on the table. NASA/CXC/Univ of Missouri/M.Brodwin et al; NASA/STScI; JPL/CalTechThe fact that this cosmic glitch could potentially help astronomers resolve the Hubble tension is a good sign that it may truly exist.
Persons: , Albert Einstein's, Robin Wen, Wen, It's, shouldn't, Niayesh Afshordi, there's, Valerio Faraoni, Faraoni, Claire Lamman, DESI Organizations: Service, Business, Waterloo, University of Waterloo, University of British, ESA, Big Bang, NASA, of Missouri, JPL, CalTech, Bishop's University Locations: University of British Columbia
Read previewMore extreme weather is scrambling the high-tech systems that have given the US military its edge. For example, severe weather can degrade navigation systems such as GPS and sensors on precision-guided munitions. Heavy rain ground aircraft and drones, intense heat exhausts troops, dust storms gum up tank engines, and storms damage ships at sea. The problem is that tactical units on the front lines, or in remote areas, often lack the connectivity to receive weather reports. "NOAA [the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration], the private sector and universities are actively working to improve global weather models," Regens said.
Persons: , James Regens, Napoleon, Jason Serrit, Regens, Michael Peck Organizations: Service, Business, Royal United Services Institute, Waterloo, Staff, US Air Force, Antiphon Solutions, North America, Pentagon, NOAA, National Oceanic, Administration, Defense, Foreign Policy, Rutgers Univ, Twitter, LinkedIn Locations: British, Iran, Iraqi, California, Oklahoma, Europe, NATO, Forbes
Business Insider has verified his identity and his use of two bots designed for gig delivery apps. I found this guy who writes some articles on gig work, and he talked about having access to bots for Instacart. AdvertisementThe biggest reason I purchased it was because you just have to keep refreshing the screen to get orders on Instacart. AdvertisementAn Instacart spokesperson told BI: "This shopper was deactivated from our platform for blatant and abusive violations of our terms of service." Do you work for Instacart, DoorDash, Walmart Spark, or another gig delivery service and have a story idea to share?
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Read previewHouthi militants showed in late April that they can expand their war on international shipping far beyond the Red Sea. AdvertisementHe noted that the Shehab's reported range of 990 miles puts it "well within range" of international shipping. The British-registered cargo ship 'Rubymar' sank in March after it was targeted by Yemen's Houthi forces in the Red Sea. "Once they enter the Red Sea, though, ships can be tracked by spotters ashore or on boats or using mobile Houthi radars ashore. "Nevertheless, with the rate of Houthi advances, and increases in speed, control, and maneuverability in-transit, international shipping could soon prove vulnerable."
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Analysts say the US is gaining invaluable insights into the flaws of some of its most important weapons and military production systems. AdvertisementA shortage in weaponsThe Ukraine war has exposed problems not just with the quality of weapons, but with the US' capacity to produce them in the quantity Ukraine needs. "The biggest problem that the Ukraine war has exposed with American weapons is that the Pentagon simply does not buy enough munitions for a large-scale protracted conflict," said Pettyjohn. AdvertisementShe added that the recent Ukraine aid bill, which also contains billions for US weapons production, doesn't fix the problem. But though the war has posed serious conundrums for Pentagon chiefs, it's also shown that many of its weapons systems remain much better than those of its opponents.
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Opinion: A Russian weapon could wipe out US space edge
  + stars: | 2024-05-15 | by ( Clayton Swope | )   time to read: +7 min
Here, the NanoRacks-Remove Debris satellite is deployed from the International Space Station in 2018. Before revelations about Russia’s development of a nuclear anti-satellite weapon, there had been indications of global recognition that the use of certain space weapons was bad for everyone. The proposed defense budget for 2025 does not reflect the scale and urgency of the need to counter space threats and protect space systems. Learning how to operate satellites in a space environment clogged with debris or increased radiation caused by a space weapon is also important. We need a two-pronged effort to prepare for the worst: Double down on efforts to protect and maintain access to space in a hostile space environment and consider how to operate without space.
Persons: Clayton Swope, Mike Turner, Estonia’s, , Vassily Nebenzia, Frank Herbert’s Organizations: Aerospace Security, International Security, Center for Strategic, International Studies, CIA, CNN, Clayton, Clayton Swope Center, Strategic, United, US, Intelligence, Ohio Republican, International Space Station, NASA, GPS, Finnair, United Nations, UN, Twitter Locations: Washington , DC, Russian, United States, Russia, Ohio, Vietnam, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Tartu, China, Moscow
The last story in her last book evoked her mother’s death. Does it seem reductive or limiting to derive a kind of artist’s statement from the title of that early book? Munro was hardly a doctrinaire feminist, but with implacable authority and command she demonstrated throughout her career that the lives of girls and women were as rich, as tumultuous, as dramatic and as important as the lives of men and boys. For a writer whose book titles gestured repeatedly at love (“The Progress of Love,” “The Love of a Good Woman,” “Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage”), her narratives recoiled from sentimentality. You got the feeling that, if the GPS ever offered her a shorter route, she would decline.
Persons: Alice Munro, Munro, , , Rose, Del Jordan, , gestured Organizations: “ Boys, Yorker, GPS Locations: Ontario, Lake Huron
Read previewThe US has been outclassed by its rivals, such as Russia, in its capacity to remotely take out enemy weapons using jamming technology, according to former US military officials. He called on the US to get more creative to regain its dominance in electronic warfare. AdvertisementLast year, Ukraine's outgoing senior commander, Valery Zaluzhnyi, in an interview with The Economist, said Russia's electronic warfare capability had given it an important edge. The US is closely studying the conflict for information on how to improve its electronic warfare systems. In May, Defense News that the Pentagon is spending millions on developing new electronic warfare systems and technology to evade GPS jamming.
Persons: , Mike Nagata, Nagata, they've, Valery Zaluzhnyi, Mark Cancian, Grant Shapps Organizations: Service, US Army, Business, Russia, US, Defense News, Pentagon, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Department of Defense Locations: Russia, Ukraine, United States, Tampa , Florida, Europe
In a future war, electronic warfare and anti-satellite weapons could leave the US military without GPS, a critical tool for navigation and targeting. That challenge has prompted the US Air Force to experiment with using artificial intelligence as an alternative navigation method. Related storiesA potential solution being developed by the US Air Force instead relies on AI for navigating in GPS-denied environments. The potential for AI to be used as an alternative to GPS navigation speaks to the growing concern around GPS denial in a future fight. AdvertisementAI creates new opportunities, and the Air Force's navigation alternative isn't the only project looking into how to integrate AI into military systems.
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A severe geomagnetic storm hit the northern US. The storm caused auroras — and apparently disrupted precision farming systems, a John Deere dealership said. Satellite signals were "extremely impacted" by the storm, the dealership said. But for some farmers, the geomagnetic storm was more of a headache. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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The powerful geomagnetic storm that cast the northern lights’ vivid colors across the Northern Hemisphere over the weekend also caused some navigational systems in tractors and other farming equipment to break down at the height of planting season, suppliers and farmers said. Many farmers have come to rely on the equipment, which uses GPS and other navigational technology and helps them to plant more efficiently and precisely by keeping rows straight and avoiding gaps or overlap. In Minnesota, some farmers who had planned to spend Friday night sowing seeds were hamstrung by the outages. “I’ve never dealt with anything like this,” said Patrick O’Connor, the owner of a farm about 80 miles south of Minneapolis that mainly grows corn and soybean. Mr. O'Connor said that after being rained out for two weeks, he got into his tractor around 5 p.m., hoping to spend the night planting corn.
Persons: I’ve, , Patrick O’Connor, O'Connor Organizations: Northern Hemisphere Locations: United States, Canada, Minnesota, Minneapolis
NOAA’s severe space weather watch suggests the storm could trigger numerous effects for life on Earth, possibly affecting the power grid as well as satellite and high frequency radio communications. Moreover, the changes to the ionosphere can block or degrade radio transmissions trying to pass through the atmosphere to reach satellites. And they can also prevent radio transmissions from successfully bouncing off the ionosphere — which some radio operators normally do to increase the range of their signals. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency outlined a similar report in a 2021 presentation on space weather, finding that line-of-sight radio transmissions are generally not affected by space weather except in specific situations. The largest known geomagnetic storm in history, known as the Carrington Event of 1859, caused telegraph stations to spark and catch fire.
Persons: Washington CNN — Buckle, “ SWPC, Ashley Strickland Organizations: Washington CNN, Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, Communications, NOAA, Prediction, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Infrastructure Security Agency Locations: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, Quebec, Canada, Sweden, South Africa
NOAA has forecasted a "severe" geomagnetic storm to hit Earth this Friday, triggering aurora borealis. This storm comes as we approach solar maximum: the peak of solar activity during the sun's 11-year cycle. As a result, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a rare forecast for a "severe" G4 geomagnetic storm to hit Earth this Friday. NASADuring solar maximum, the sun develops more and larger sunspots, like the ones in region 3664, compared to quieter periods of solar activity. Severe geomagnetic storms like the one forecasted to hit this Friday are rare.
Persons: , It's, Alex Young, NASA Goddard's, Young, Lance King Organizations: NOAA, Service, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, NASA, NASA Goddard's Heliophysics, Getty Locations: Alaska, Northern
Read previewFor the first time in nearly 20 years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has forecasted a "severe" G4 geomagnetic storm to hit this Friday, dazzling states across the northern US with aurora. G4 storms are the second-strongest type of geomagnetic storm. "If geomagnetic storms were hurricanes, 'severe' would be category 4," according to Solar storms happen when the sun shoots powerful explosions of highly-energized and magnetic plasma called coronal mass ejections toward Earth. Also, a severe storm might disrupt GPS, so it's best to have a written record and directions to important locations, like hospitals.
Persons: , Matt Owens, Owens, George Lepp, Alex Young, NASA Goddard's, it's, Young Organizations: Service, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, Business, University of Reading, NASA, NOAA, Northern, NASA Goddard's Heliophysics Locations: Sweden, South Africa, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania
When the energized particles from coronal mass ejections reach Earth’s magnetic field, they interact with gases in the atmosphere to create different colored light in the sky. The Space Weather Prediction Center tracked multiple strong flares emitting from a large cluster of sunspots on the solar surface since Wednesday. Alex Kormann/Star Tribune/Getty ImagesThe effects of geomagnetic stormsWhen directed at Earth, these ejections can cause geomagnetic storms, or major disturbances of Earth’s magnetic field. So far, researchers have obseverd only three severe geomagnetic storms during the current solar cycle, which began in December 2019, according to the center. The storms also affect flight patterns of commercial airlines, which are instructed to stay away from Earth’s poles during geomagnetic storms due to loss of communication or navigation capabilities.
Persons: Wolf, Alex Kormann Organizations: CNN, National Oceanic, Prediction, National Weather Service, Star Tribune, Getty Locations: Alabama, Northern California, New Mexico , Missouri, North Carolina, California, United States, England, United Kingdom, Cloquet, Minnesota, Sweden, South Africa, Quebec
Russia's electronic warfare has repeatedly foiled American precision weapons in Ukraine. Those could include different weapons, specific countermeasures, and the targeting of enemy jamming systems. Any fixes developed to effectively counter the challenge posed by electronic warfare won't just benefit Ukraine. Electronic warfare is a broad term that includes a variety of inexpensive options. Felicia JagdattEfforts to adapt precision weapons to the threat is just one facet of a multi-layered solution, Withington said.
Persons: , Antonio Aguto, They'll, Mark Cancian, Denis Abramov, Thomas Withington, That's, JDAMs, Withington, Daniel Patt, Harry S, Cancian, it's, Doug Bush, that's, Bush, Felicia Jagdatt Organizations: Service, Systems, Attack Munitions, Security, Marine, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Business, DoD, Russian Defense Ministry, Royal United Services Institute, Getty, Hudson Institute, Truman, US, Intelligence, US Air Force, Army, US Army Locations: Ukraine, Moscow, Russian, Russia, China, Withington, Bliss, Texas
3-Stock Lunch: PLTR, HIMS & GPS
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In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via Email3-Stock Lunch: PLTR, HIMS & GPSCourtney Garcia, Payne Capital Management senior wealth advisor, to discuss investment plays for three stocks including; Palantir, Hims and Hers Health Inc. and Gap.
Persons: Courtney Garcia Organizations: Payne Capital Management
Goldman Sachs hiked its price target on Nvidia, calling for nearly 20% more gains ahead. The firm upgraded shares of Target to buy from neutral, and reiterated its $180 per share price target. The firm upgraded the clothing retailer to buy from neutral and increased its target price to $28 per share from $21. — Brian Evans 5:45 a.m.: Goldman Sachs raises Nvidia price target on still strong AI demand Goldman Sachs sees enough demand for artificial intelligence to drive sky high Nvidia even higher. The firm reiterated a buy rating on the chipmaker and raised its 12-month price target on the chipmaker to $1,100 from $1,000.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, TGT, Paul Lejuez, — Brian Evans, Wall, Brian Evans, Stephanie Yee, Toshiya Hari, Myles Allsop, Allsop, Fred Imbert Organizations: CNBC, Nvidia, UBS, Vale, Citi, Target, JPMorgan, UL Solutions, UL Locations: Monday's, North America, U.S, stoke, RIO
A Meta product manager who also worked at Google in a similar role revealed some differences between the tech companies based on his experiences over the past six years. AdvertisementCompany transparencyMeta does maintain some of the transparency the company was known for in its earlier days, McKinnon wrote. At Meta, McKinnon was aware of what other teams were working on, partly through the company's internal forums and dashboards. At Google, employees mostly communicate through email or chat, so it's more difficult to know what everyone is doing, McKinnon wrote. At Google, McKinnon saw that projects were largely created and led by software engineers, and PMs played a more auxiliary role.
Persons: , Daniel McKinnon, Ray, McKinnon, Googlers, Meta's, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar, Alphabet's, Sundar Pichai wasn't, Zuckerberg, Meta, VPs, Susan Li Organizations: Meta, Google, Service, Unit, Business, Facebook, . Software Engineers Locations: Meta
For even more discounts, check out our roundup of the best Best Buy deals and the best Mother's Day sales. Amazon sale quicklinks Amazon Echo : Get up to 50% off select Echo speakers. Amazon Fire : Get up to 40% off select Fire TV streaming devices. : Get up to 40% off select Fire TV streaming devices. Shop at AmazonThis is just a small sample of this weekend's top Amazon sale picks.
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