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Doug Burgum, a possible Trump vice presidential pick, tried to reset the balance on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. Fewer voters worry about the cognitive health of Trump, who is only three years younger at 78. “He beat Paul Ryan,” Trump said, referring to the vice presidential debate in 2012 when Biden dispatched Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s running mate. There is growing speculation about Trump’s approach after his hyper-aggressive and angry performance in the first debate against Biden in 2020 backfired. Unlike Trump, who spent the weekend creating headlines, Biden hunkered down at the presidential retreat in Catoctin Mountain Park north of Washington.
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Former Vice President Mike Pence at the US Capitol on May 16, 2024. This despite history suggesting that, at some point in their potential mandate, a possible President Trump might ask them to so something that tests their consciences, the law or the Constitution. The attractiveness of the vice presidential nomination may reflect Trump’s magnetism and the heady euphoria of being a key player in the “Make America Great Again” movement. He has also made clear to Trump that he wouldn’t have adopted Pence’s interpretation of the constitutional limits on vice presidential powers. Burgum has taken a classic route of parlaying an unsuccessful presidential campaign into a spot in the vice presidential derby.
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The Hunter Biden and Trump cases are vastly different, as is the way the former and current first families have responded to the trials. This is especially significant since Hunter Biden could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted, although a sentence for a first-time offender is unlikely to be that severe. The Hunter Biden trial is the latest cruel twist in the story of a family that has endured more tragedies than most could bear. The infringements on the Biden family’s dignity and privacy cut deep during the trial, which saw discomforting testimony about Hunter Biden’s former cocaine addiction. Media organizations, meanwhile, played an excerpt from Hunter Biden’s audio book that chronicles his spiral into addiction that was used in the prosecution case.
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Trump’s vigilAs Merchan laid out his instructions for the first time on Wednesday, Trump watched from the defense lawyers’ table. Trump’s routine — aimed at voters as he seeks to delegitimize the case before the jury makes up its mind — is getting old. One new wrinkle Wednesday was his warning that the jury instructions could doom his defense. These charges are rigged.”The jury hears none of this, so it’s clear Trump is playing an outside political game. Two of the jurors are attorneys and could potentially give deliberations some structure, according to Jeff Swartz, a former Florida judge.
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Judgment day looms for Donald Trump in New York
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CNN —Donald Trump, who built a mystique as the brash epitome of power, has never been more powerless to dictate his own fate. In order to convict Trump, jurors must first decide that he falsified financial documents and did so with the express purpose of committing another crime. That was evidenced, today by the Biden campaign themselves holding a rally here,” Don Trump Jr. said. “You cannot convict President Trump,” Blanche said, before repeating himself for emphasis while impressing on the jury the gravity of the historic deliberation that lies before them. “You may say, who cares if Mr. Trump slept with a porn star 10 years before the 2016 election?
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Indeed, when I Googled “Kristi Noem’s dog” this morning, it was one of the first pictures that popped up. It was on the “Puppy” subreddit where user “LukeWarm273” posted a photo of their dog “Blue” last year. “He’s a cutie,” one Reddit user responded. “Please join me in wishing Cricket (the dog Kristi Noem shot to death) a blessed journey to the land of beautiful puppy dog souls. The story shows a photo of Reddit user LukeWarm273's dog, Blue, next to Noem.
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CNN —Donald Trump dabbles in Nazi allusions too often for it to be a coincidence. But the term “Reich,” which means a kind of empire, is also synonymous with the later Third Reich of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Some of Trump’s rhetoric suggests an ignorance of history and his own self-obsession. Some of Trump’s rhetoric seems designed to get a rise from his opponents and the media. And as extreme as a second Trump term might be, the Nazi Germany comparison feels extreme.
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CNN —House Speaker Mike Johnson is not waiting for ex-President Donald Trump to be judged by a jury of his peers. Vance, a possible VP contender, was there along with Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a famed former college football coach. The speaker’s appearance is different, given the constitutional heft of his office and the figurative connotations it evokes. Some experts have questioned whether any other defendant besides Trump would face the same indictment at the hands of a prosecutor, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democrat. Trump is exercising his right to mount a defense and is considered innocent until proven guilty.
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CNN —Donald Trump will make his most concentrated effort yet to turn his criminal trial into a political asset in the next two days, heading from the courtroom to the campaign trail and back again. Not surprisingly, a majority of Democrats feel that Trump is being treated more leniently than others, while a majority of Republicans think the opposite. But there’s also a risk Trump’s loose tongue out on the trail could get him into trouble following his alleged violations of Merchan’s gag order. They were also tied in Pennsylvania, a third swing state Biden flipped from Trump four years ago. Trump is following a similar playbook as he fuses his criminal defense as a supposed victim of partisan persecution with his political offensive for a White House comeback.
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“He knows what he’s not allowed to do, and he does it anyway.”Conroy was referring to Trump’s incessant testing of a gag order protecting witnesses, court staff and the jury. “Michael Cohen is a convicted liar and he’s got no credibility whatsoever,” Trump said in an interview with WPVI Philadelphia. Trump could face a ladder of escalating sanctionsProsecutors now want Merchan to fine Trump $1,000 for each of 10 alleged violations of the gag order and to warn that imprisonment could be an option if he continues to flout restrictions. Trump claims the gag order stifles his right to free speech and to campaign as a presumptive party nominee. And while a dispute over one partial gag order might seem like a small wrinkle in an individual case, it conveys a wider truth about Trump’s impact on American life.
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The Florida Supreme Court issued a separate ruling on Monday that could energize Democrats’ efforts to hold Trump to account on abortion. The ex-president has long been wary of taking a definitive stand against abortion rights. But some Republicans are infringing the spirit of the Supreme Court ruling – which sent the issue back to individual states – by pushing for a national ban. And Democrats believe they have an issue, in abortion rights, that could thwart him – despite Biden’s own unpopularity. Democrats are delighted since they have had considerable success in using ballot initiatives to protect abortion rights or reject further restrictions.
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