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The nature of illegal lockouts means they are hard to track directly. One of the responding officers calls a sergeant over, who says there's nothing else they can do. While only 14% of lockout calls led to a police report, 86% of calls about shoplifting did. As they walk over, one of the officers tells the other to look up "illegal lockout" on his phone. A 2006 bill that would have defined illegal lockouts for all Illinois residents was defeated.
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On Monday, Israel’s public broadcaster, Kan 11, added to the growing mountain of evidence that the country’s leadership could have – or, at the very least, should have – known an attack was possible. In December, State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman announced he would open an investigation into intelligence failures before the October 7 Hamas attack. Historically, Israel has had a public inquiry roughly every two years, he says, but not under its present and longest-serving leader. The most likely means of understanding the failures of October 7 was by dissecting it into smaller and more manageable issues, he said, like separating intelligence failures from those of operational doctrine. Major General Aharon Haliva, who was the commander of the IDF’s military intelligence, quietly announced in April that he would be stepping down.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, , it’s, Netanyahu, Israel, Kan, Eyad Baba, , Matanyahu Englman, Englman, Raanan Sulitzeanu, Kenan, ” Sulitzeanu, , Sulitzeanu, Stringer, Yossi Fuchs, Yohanan Plesner, ” Plesner, I’m, Plesner, CNN’s Dana Bash, Aharon Haliva, Haliva, Avi Rosenfeld, Staff Gadi Eisenkot, Shin, ” Eisenkot Organizations: CNN, , Israel Defense Forces, Israeli Special Forces, Getty, New York Times, Office, IDF, Israel’s, Hebrew University, International Court of Justice, Israel Democracy Institute, Brig, Staff, Southern Command, Military Intelligence Directorate, Defense, Israel’s Channel Locations: Israel, foreseeing, Gaza, AFP, Jerusalem, Lebanese, Jebbain, Gali Baharav, Gaza .,
So when Volkswagen announced in 2018 that it would convert its Zwickau factory, the largest private employer in the area, to manufacture nothing but electric vehicles, it was a big deal. “A lot of people were skeptical,” said Michael Fuchs, who has worked at the factory for more than a quarter century. They wondered, “What’s going to happen?” he said. Volkswagen shut down assembly lines churning out its popular Golf hatchbacks and converted the factory, which has its own exit on the autobahn, to make six electric models. The remodeled plant can produce a car a minute, shipping them out by train.
Persons: Horch, , Michael Fuchs, “ What’s Organizations: Volkswagen Locations: Zwickau, Germany’s, Detroit
Each trip above and below freezing adds another layer of ice until the hail becomes heavy enough to fall down to Earth. The size of hail varies and can be as small as a penny or larger than apples due to varying updraft strengths said Mark Fuchs, senior service hydrologist at the National Weather Service in St. Louis, Missouri. “The stronger the updraft, the larger the hail can be ... anything bigger than two inches is really big,” said Fuchs. A hailstorm that hit Kansas City on April 10, 2001, was the costliest ever in the U.S., causing about $2 billion damage. Find AP’s standards for working with philanthropies, a list of supporters and funded coverage areas at
Persons: Fort Riley, Strong, Mark Fuchs, hydrologist, , Fuchs, Ping Organizations: National Weather Service, U.S, Kansas City, Associated Press Locations: Kansas, Missouri, ” In Kansas, Wabaunsee, Geary County, Junction City, Fort, St, Louis , Missouri, U.S, Vivian , South Dakota,
The deck kicked off a game of one-upmanship among Wall Street banks trying to keep their employees happy. Lit capitalized on poking fun at Wall Street culture, selling $35 dad hats that read, "Do You Know Who My Father Is?" There have, of course, been endless rumors about Lit's identity, especially among Wall Street underlings. Wall Street underlings have speculated about Litquidity's identity for years. Basak, one attendee said, wanted to take a "wrecking ball through it all" and hold Wall Street heavy hitters accountable.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, I've, David Solomon, Litquidity, Goldman, Solomon, Evercore, Michael Kovac, Lit, Warburg Pincus, Jamie Dimon, Jamie Dimon's, Banksy, Bennett Jordan, who've, Lit's, — Mark Moran, , Jefferies, Richard Handler, Spencer Platt, Isaac Laifer, Laifer, Handler, We'd, Henry, Hank, Medina, He's, he's, Jefferies Medina, Bart P, Fuchs, Karl Smith, Mark Moran, Moran, Bloomberg he'd, Zack DeZon, Getty Images Moran, Brian Hanly, Hanly, Sonali Basak, Angela Weiss, cryptocurrency, we'll, Mark, Medina's, weren't, CoinFLEX, Litquidity doesn't, Dave Portnoy, wasn't, Medina Ayden Syal, Kyle Zappitell, Zappitell, he'd, hasn't, Bennett Jordan —, Craig Sjodin, Litney, Paul Argenti, Wall Organizations: Goldman, New York Times, CNBC, Business, Bloomberg, Metropolitan Club of New, Nomura, Citigroup, Financial Times, Litney Partners, Whitney Partners, BI, ESPN, Litquidity, Centerview Partners, New York, Getty, Bain Capital, Litquidity Venture Partners, SEC, Cornell University, Wexford Capital —, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche, CFA, Getty Images, Bullish, Vice, Wall Street, Litquidity's, Manhattan's Rue, Fox Business, Litquidity Ventures, Coatue Management, SAFE, Soho House, Dartmouth University Locations: New York, Tribeca, Metropolitan Club of New York, Instagram, San Francisco, Medina, New York City, Miami, NoHo, Chad, Connecticut, Litquidity, Linktree, Soho
So it was surprising that the end of Sunday night’s season premiere of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” — look out, spoilers coming — took pretty, pretty, pretty clear aim at the major voting law Georgia passed in 2021. Larry David, who as the show’s curmudgeonly star is better known for breaking social norms than actual laws, travels to Atlanta in the episode. “Sir, in the navy blazer, put your hands in the air,” an officer says to a confused Mr. David. In another episode, the cantankerous Mr. David realizes that wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat around liberal Los Angeles gets him out of many unwanted meetings and interactions. In an interview with TheWrap, one of the show’s executive producers said that its writing team had decided to somehow incorporate the Georgia law back when it passed two years ago.
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CNN —After a trio of “Kingsman” movies, director Matthew Vaughn essentially hits the reset button with “Argylle,” another fun, highly stylized and less violent spy movie. Cast to the hilt, the film proves inventively twisty if a little convoluted, with the modest disclaimer that it’s not as good as the trailer makes it look. Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell as an author and spy, respectively, in "Argylle." As Elly’s guide on this overwhelming journey, Rockwell steals the show, presenting a more human-scale spy who still does amazing things with smart-alecky wit and bravado. As noted, Vaughn’s work stands out for its energetic and playful approach to action, which is very much in evidence here.
Persons: Matthew Vaughn, Argylle, , Said, Elly Conway, Bryce Dallas Howard, Henry Cavill, James Bond, Dua, John Cena, Elly, Catherine O’Hara, she’s, Aidan, Sam Rockwell, Peter, Jason Fuchs, , Bryan Cranston, Ariana DeBose, Sofia Boutella, Samuel L, Jackson, Rockwell, “ Napoleon, Kingsman ” Organizations: CNN, Apple Locations: Dua Lipa
Matthew Vaughn's "Argylle" stars Bryce Dallas Howard as an author named Elly Conway. The film is based on a book written by a supposedly real-life author named Elly Conway. AdvertisementMatthew Vaughn's latest action movie "Argylle" has been garnering lots of attention lately, and fans are demanding to know the identity of first-time author Elly Conway. AdvertisementVery little is known about ConwayBryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway in "Argylle." "I am begging Elly Conway to come out of the shadows because this Taylor Swift thing freaked me out.
Persons: Matthew Vaughn's, Bryce Dallas Howard, Elly Conway, Conway, Vaughn, it's Taylor Swift, , Conway Bryce Dallas Howard, Peter, MARV Conway's, Jason Fuchs, Henry Cavill, Samuel L, Jackson, Ian Fleming's, Ellie, Elly, Alfred Solomon, Matthew Vaughn, Peter Mountain, MARV, Argylle, Instagram, who's, Terry Hayes, Hayes, James Gray, Taylor Swift Taylor Swift, Anita Ko, Kevin Mazur, Swift, she's, Nils Sjöberg, Conway's, Meredith Grey, Chip, it's, Taylor Swift, Claudia Schiffer, Rolling Stone, Schiffer, Alfie, Taylor Organizations: Service, Universal Pictures, Apple, Apple Original Films, Bantam Books, Random, Penguin Random, New Yorker, Twitter, The Hollywood, Washington Post, argyle, Netflix Locations: United States, New, New York, Swift
“It was very emotional.”The idea to run the marathon was Mr. Lecamp’s. When he invited Mr. Messner to join him in Antarctica, Mr. Lecamp insisted that they run the entire course together. Mr. Messner, an accomplished alpinist who scaled Mont Blanc in 2022 wearing a previous version of the 1858 Geosphere watch, was game. “I generally see life consisting of possibilities, and this was just another possibility to know my body a bit better,” Mr. Messner said. “I’m not always wearing a watch while mountaineering, but when running a marathon, it makes much more sense because time counts,” Mr. Messner said.
Persons: Messner, Arved Fuchs, , Lecamp’s, marathoner, Mr, Lecamp, . Messner, “ I’m, Locations: Swiss, Lake Baikal, Russia, Antarctica, Blanc
Now we're pushing $10 billion in awards, to build more than 400 satellites, with seven companies in the mix. York Space has been tapped to make more satellites than anyone but Northrop Grumman, to the tune of $1.3 billion. – The Wall Street Journal / Deere Hyperspectral satellite imagery company Pixxel opens Bengaluru facility, a 30,000-square-foot facility in India for satellite manufacturing. – KeyBancBoldly goingKurt Vogel named as NASA associate administrator for the agency's space technology directorate, effective immediately, previously having been the director of space architectures at the agency. – NASAfor the agency's space technology directorate, effective immediately, previously having been the director of space architectures at the agency.
Persons: Yasin Ozturk, CNBC's Michael Sheetz, – Northrop, Lockheed Martin, L3Harris, Northrop Grumman, you've, Momentus, John Plumb, , Artemis, – SpacePolicyOnline, Tom Mueller's, Redwire, KeyBanc, Kurt Vogel, Chiara Pedersoli, Marco Fuchs, – OHB, – OHB Frank Di Pentino Organizations: SpaceX, . Space Force, Cape Canaveral Space Force, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Space Force, Space Development Agency, – Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, York, Space, Lab, Sierra Space, CNBC, CNBC NASA, Boeing, NASA, NASA ESA, Science, Technology, Industry, ISS, – NASA SpaceX, Deere, Street, Deere Deere, KKR Locations: Cape, Florida, United States, U.S, Brazil, Bengaluru, India
Editor’s Note: Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. To calm our nerves, here are some happier tales of globe-spanning love stories, China’s search for a Monkey King and the sexiest new hotels opening in 2024. Here are 24 outrageously sexy new hotels we’re excited about this year, including spots in Italy, Japan and Transylvania. Passalacqua, a luxury hotel on Lake Como, was voted the best hotel in the world at the inaugural World’s 50 Best Hotels awards at the end of last year. Hail the Monkey KingAn employee dressed up as Monkey King at Wuzhishan Scenic Area in the northern Chinese province of Hebei.
Persons: CNN — It’s, , Angela Renda, Denise Sung, Sebastian, German Sebastian Fuchs, Courtney, Justin Orgias, Covid, It’s, King, There’s Organizations: CNN, Boeing, Resorts, Warner Bros, Pan American World Airways, Shangyou, American Airlines, US Locations: Slovenian, Italy, Japan, Transylvania, Lake Como, London, Taiwan, German, Hong Kong, Chinese, Hebei, Jinjinghouge, Texas
They stacked their plates at the end of the meal, saying they know some waiters find it annoying. AdvertisementTwo servers ignited a debate about restaurant etiquette with a TikTok showing them stacking their plates at the end of their meal. Jorj Fuchs and her friend, who both work in food service, stacked their plates at a restaurant they were visiting, saying they know fellow servers find it annoying. "As a server, don't do it if u can't stack properly," one comment reads. "Love the plate stacking though."
Persons: , Jorj Fuchs, Fuchs, Gen Zs Organizations: Service
“I’ve seen dozens of people killed in accidents or shootings, but this was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life,” Daphna-Tekoah told CNN by telephone. “I asked ‘Would you like me to find out about sperm preservation?’”Medical social worker Shir Daphna-Tekoah suggested the idea of sperm extraction to bereaved families on October 7. “The demand has been very high,” she told CNN in a video call, adding that dozens of families have accessed the service since October 7. It isn’t that they want a baby instead of their son - it’s the grandchild,” she told CNN by telephone. PSR can be the easy part, Rosenblum told CNN.
Persons: Shir Daphna, “ I’ve, , Tekoah, , , Noga Fuchs, Dr, Shimi Barda, Noga, Barda, Shaylee Atary, Atary, Fuchs, Irit Oren Gunders, Irit Rosenblum, Lawyer Irit Rosenblum, Irit Rosenblum Rosenblum, Rosenblum, “ We’ve, ” Rosenblum, “ I’m, ” Yulia, Vlad Poznianski, Baruch, Yulia, Shira, Liat Malka, Baruch Pozniansky, Yulia Pozniansky, she’s, Malka, She’s, won’t, isn’t, Soldiers, ” Israel ‘, Gil Siegal Organizations: CNN, Kaplan, of Health, PSR, Ichilov, Israel Defense Forces, Noga Fuchs, Noga, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, New, Center for Health Law, Kiryat Ono, Israel, University of Virginia Law School Locations: Tel, Kfar Aza, Gaza, Israel
Inventory levels were down 23% year-on-year at 4.85 billion euros ($5.18 billion), a little more than expected, Adidas said. Adidas' gross margin for the quarter was up 0.2 percentage points at 49.3%, helped by reduced freight costs and fewer discounts. "Adidas' competitive position compared to Nike is improving," said Robert Schramm-Fuchs, portfolio manager at Janus Henderson, which holds Adidas shares. "Adidas needs to earn back the shelf space, but I think they have the right product to do it," he said. Adidas' sales in Greater China grew by 5.7% in currency-adjusted terms, a slowdown after growth of 16.4% in the second quarter.
Persons: Tingshu Wang, Bjorn Gulden, Kanye West, Ye, Spezial, Gulden, Robert Schramm, Fuchs, Janus Henderson, Schramm, Adam Cochrane, Miranda Murray, Helen Reid, Maria Sheahan, Sherry Jacob, Phillips, Catherine Evans Organizations: Adidas, REUTERS, Apparel, Nike, Deutsche Bank . Currency, Reuters Graphics, Thomson Locations: Beijing, China, United States, North America, Greater China, Berlin
Powdered drink mixes that are widely promoted as “toddler milks” for older babies and children up to age 3 are unregulated, unnecessary and “nutritionally incomplete,” the American Academy of Pediatrics warned Friday. Also, toddler drinks are different than medical formulas prescribed for specific conditions, such as heart disease or problems digesting certain foods. Fuchs and other experts point to the lack of common standards for toddler milks, which means the ingredients vary widely among brands. The group also wants requirements to ensure the products are not linked to regulated infant formula or sold next to formula. A health group petitioned the FDA in 2020 to regulate toddler milks, but the agency is still reviewing the request.
Persons: George Fuchs, Fuchs, milks, , Frances Fleming, Milici, “ They’re, Fleming, Organizations: American Academy of Pediatrics, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Rudd Center for Food Policy, Health, University of Connecticut, University of Kentucky, Infant Nutrition Council of America, Abbott Nutrition, Perrigo, AAP, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science, Educational Media Group, AP
So, when Kelly Henchel’s child was close to reaching toddler age in 1998, she wanted to know more about this new toddler milk product. Toddler milk is not the same as infant milk, Ferry said, nor is it necessary for this age group. Research shows many mothers — especially those of Black and Hispanic populations — believe toddler milk is more nutritious than cow’s milk, according to a May study in Nutrition Reviews. Unlike infant formula, the US Food and Drug Administration does not regulate toddler milk. Additionally, toddler milk products will not be nutritionally complete.
Persons: Kelly Henchel’s, , Ferry, Abbott, ” Henchel, George Fuchs, Fuchs, Henchel, , ” Fuchs, Jocelyn Solis, Moreira Organizations: CNN, Johns Hopkins, American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatrix, AAP, Abbott Nutrition, World Health Organization, WHO, Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition, US Food and Drug Administration Locations: Florida, New York
Meanwhile, parents and experts say schools neglect students with math disabilities like dyscalculia, which affects up to 7% of the population and often coexists with dyslexia. Learning struggles for some may be due to dyscalculia or other math learning disabilities, yet few teachers report their students have been screened for dyscalculia. Experts say learning the most effective methods for teaching students with math disabilities could strengthen math instruction for all students. Part of the problem is that teachers don’t receive the training needed to work with children with math disabilities. “It’s pretty rare for undergraduate degrees or even master’s degrees to focus on math learning disabilities with any level of breadth, depth, quality or rigor,” said Amelia Malone, director of research and innovation at the National Center for Learning Disabilities.
Persons: Laura Jackson, ” Jackson, Jackson, ’ ” Jackson, “ There’s, Karen Wilson, it’s, , Sandra Elliott, Young, dyscalculia, that’s, Lynn Fuchs, don’t, , Amelia Malone, Heather Brand, , Malone, screeners, “ It’s Organizations: Associated Press, Christian Science Monitor, Dallas Morning News, Idaho Education, Courier, The Seattle Times, ___ Nationwide, , dyscalculia, Teachers, Vanderbilt University ., National Center for Learning, National Center for Learning Disabilities, New, Carnegie Corporation of New, AP Locations: Idaho, South Carolina, , U.S, Seattle, Virginia, New York City, Carnegie Corporation of New York
It’s not that simple, though, and some researchers argue that the labor savings of electric vehicles have been greatly overstated. These were among several research reports that found little total difference in the labor hour requirements of EV manufacturing compared to gas-powered cars. Boston Consulting estimates that making battery cells takes up about 8% of the total labor to produce an entire automobile. That’s slightly higher than the percentage of labor needed to produce a gasoline engine, he said. Ford also expects to train 5,000 people to work at a joint-venture battery manufacturing facility currently under construction in Kentucky.
Persons: That’s, Turner Cotterman, Cotterman, , Erica Fuchs, Nathan Niese, Gerald Johnson, , Fuchs, “ You’ve, ” Ford, Ford, that’s, Niese, They’ve Organizations: CNN, United Auto Workers, Carnegie Mellon University, McKinsey, Company, Carnegie Mellon, Boston Consulting, EV, General Motors, Battery, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, UAW Locations: United States, Marshall , Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Boston
Jerusalem CNN —Israel’s Supreme Court is having a busy month hearing challenges to actions by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. On Thursday, arguments will be heard again, this time in front of 11 of the 15 Supreme Court justices. Normally the attorney general would put forward the government’s case in a Supreme Court hearing, but AG Gali Bahrav-Miara will not. The Supreme Court could also declare that the law “is not active right now,” and would only be active once the next parliament takes over. Additionally, the Supreme Court is due to hear a challenge to the justice minister delaying convening the committee to select new Supreme Court justices.
Persons: Jerusalem CNN —, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, , Yariv Levin, Amir Fuchs, ” Fuchs, Fuchs, , Levin, couldn’t, I’d, Organizations: Jerusalem CNN, Jerusalem CNN — Israel’s, Justice, Israel Democracy Institute’s Center, Democratic, CNN, Gali Locations: Jerusalem, Israel
Victor R. Fuchs, whose comprehensive grasp of the challenges facing the United States health care system, and eloquence in explaining those challenges to policymakers and the general public, made him what many called the “dean” of American health care economists, died on Saturday at his home on the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. Dr. Fuchs was best known for a slim, erudite book published in 1975 with the attention-grabbing title “Who Shall Live? Health, Economics and Social Choice.” He was among the first to articulate in clear, layman’s prose why the United States was in the midst of rapidly rising health care costs, while costs in other countries stayed manageable. The book has become required reading among physicians, health economists and anyone interested in the knotty issue of American health care, and it has never been out of print. Dr. Fuchs showed that the real problem facing the country was not health care coverage but health care costs; America, he wrote, was spending more and more without achieving better health outcomes.
Persons: Victor R, Fuchs, Fred Organizations: Stanford University, Health Locations: United States, Palo Alto, Calif, America
Cybersecurity startup Legit Security has raised $40 million in a round led by Airtable and DoorDash-backer CRV. The Palo Alto-based company has developed a platform that enables companies to spot vulnerabilities in their software supply chain. The startup provides companies with visibility over the delivery of software applications from initial code onwards. The $40 million Series B was led by CRV with participation from existing investors Cyberstarts, Bessemer Venture Partners, and TCV. Legit said developers were increasingly using AI-generated code but that they also introduced a "rapidly expanding class of new security threats."
Persons: Airtable, CRV, Kraft Heinz, Roni Fuchs, " Fuchs, Fuchs Organizations: Google, New York Stock Exchange, Fortune, CRV, Bessemer Venture Partners
The AI model is training on an unprecedented amount of data that includes billions of images, according to a release . Paige also built an AI model that can help pathologists identify breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer when it appears on the screen. But in order to expand its operations and build an AI tool that can identify more cancer types, Paige turned to Microsoft for help. Over the past year and a half, Paige has been using Microsoft's cloud storage and supercomputing infrastructure to build an advanced new AI model. Paige's original AI model used more than 1 billion images from 500,000 pathology slides, but Fuchs said the model the company has built with Microsoft is "orders of magnitude larger than anything out there."
Persons: Paige, Fuchs, Thomas Fuchs, Andy Moye, ChatGPT, Moye, Desney Tan, Tan Organizations: CNBC, Food and Drug Administration, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Netflix, Microsoft, Microsoft Health Futures, Cornell Locations: New York
Trading information for KKR & Co is displayed on a screen on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, U.S., August 23, 2018. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File PhotoBERLIN, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Germany's OHB (OHBG.DE) on Monday said U.S. financial investor KKR was buying a minority stake in the space company and it planned to delist from the stock market. KKR is planning a voluntary public tender offer for all outstanding shares at a price of 44 euros ($48.34), according to OHB. In total, KKR is putting up to 338 million euros into OHB with the takeover bid, a capital increase of 10% and a capital injection for the OHB space subsidiary Rocket Factory. OHB posted a first half pre-tax profit of 19.6 million euros and said its order backlog remained at a high level of 1.8 billion euros.
Persons: Brendan McDermid, Fuchs, Marco Fuchs, OHB, Christian Ollig, Alexander Huebner, Rachel More, Miranda Murray, Kirsten Donovan Organizations: KKR, New York Stock Exchange, REUTERS, Monday, Factory, Thomson Locations: New York, U.S, Bremen, Europe
Puma is likely to benefit less from the trend than Adidas because its terrace range doesn't have as much name recognition, said Adam Cochrane, analyst at Deutsche Bank. Investors will be pushing Puma and Adidas on broader strategies to navigate weak consumer demand at second-quarter results on July 26 and Aug. 3 respectively. Adidas, however, has got a big boost from selling some of its stock of discontinued Yeezy shoes. On Monday it slashed its expected 2023 operating loss to 450 million euros from 700 million euros, citing unexpectedly strong Yeezy sales. "However, the cost to compete for sportswear brands is very high, and barriers to entry are low, making retailers quite vulnerable to 'boom and bust' cycles as trends change," said Aubin.
Persons: Benoit Tessier, Adam Cochrane, it's, Robert Schramm, Fuchs, Janus Henderson, Bjorn Gulden, Edouard Aubin, Morgan Stanley, Aubin, Helen Reid, Linda Pasquini, Susan Fenton Organizations: Adidas, REUTERS, Puma, Nike U.S, Nike, Google, Deutsche Bank, Investors, Defamation, Thomson Locations: Lafayette, Paris, France, U.S, China, North America, London, Gdansk
Papperger said on Thursday that factory workers would build and repair Rheinmetall’s Fuchs armored personnel carrier — named after the German word for fox — under license in the facility. Rheinmetall (RNMBF) will operate the plant in partnership with Ukroboronprom, a Ukrainian state-owned defense group, which will also own the facility. Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance/Getty ImagesFormer Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a close ally of current President Vladimir Putin, has said Russia would retaliate by hitting any facility Rheinmetall set up in Ukraine, Reuters has reported. For now, Papperger said, sourcing more ammunition was a bigger priority than building more tanks. In theory, he added, Rheinmetall could provide 60% of the artillery ammunition Ukraine needs.
Persons: Armin Papperger, , , Papperger, Rheinmetall’s Fuchs, ” Armin Papperger, reconditioned Marder, Julian Stratenschulte, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin, didn’t, — Nadine Schmidt, Claudia Otto Organizations: London CNN, Rheinmetall, CNN, Rheinische Post, Ukroboronprom, Getty, Former, Reuters, NATO Locations: Berlin, London, Ukraine, Russia, Germany’s, Ukrainian, Lower Saxony, Germany, Former Russian, Russian, Europe
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