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"We need much more European big players, and I think Mistral AI can be one of them," Macron said of France's leading AI company. Macron also praised H, the newly launched French AI startup that announced this week it had raised a massive $220 million from its initial round of financing. He compared allowing American tech giants to operate under U.S. regulations while in Europe, to allowing a French bank in the United States to ignore American banking regulations. When it comes to China, however, Macron implied that he thought some U.S. tech regulations had gone too far. "Look, I think China is a competitor when you speak about trade, innovation and economy.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Macron, CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin Organizations: France —, Microsoft, CNBC, European, EU Artificial Intelligence, European Union, Google, TikTok Locations: PARIS, France, France — Europe, China, United States, U.S, Paris, Mistral, Europe, Washington, Brussels
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailAI will change jobs, but the growth is more important, France's digital affairs minister saysMarina Ferrari, France's secretary of state for digital affairs, discusses the potential risks and benefits of artificial intelligence on a panel with CNBC's Karen Tso at VivaTech in Paris.
Persons: Marina Ferrari, Karen Tso Locations: VivaTech, Paris
Neom canceled a desalination project worth $1.5 billion, according to a report. Enowa, a Neom subsidiary, told Meed it's water requirements had evolved. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA project to build a $1.5 billion water desalination plant in the Saudi Arabian desert city of Neom appears to have been scrapped. A consortium made up of Neom subsidiary Enowa, Japan's Itochu, and France's Veolia had agreed to develop the plant in December 2022.
Persons: Neom, Meed, , Japan's Itochu Organizations: Service, Veolia, Business Locations: Saudi Arabia, Saudi, Neom
Australia and New Zealand said they will send government planes to New Caledonia on Tuesday to evacuate nationals from the French territory which has experienced a week of deadly riots, sparked by electoral changes by the French government in Paris. France's High Commission in New Caledonia said on Tuesday the airport remains closed for commercial flights, and it will deploy the military to protect public buildings. There were around 3,200 people waiting to leave or enter New Caledonia as commercial flights were cancelled due to the unrest that broke out last week, the local government has said. New Zealand, French and Australian foreign ministers held a call on Monday evening, after New Zealand and Australia said they were waiting for clearance from French authorities to send defense aircraft to evacuate tourists. A meeting of France's defense council later agreed for arrangements to allow tourists to return home.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron Organizations: Commission, New Locations: New Caledonia, Elysee, Paris, Australia, New Zealand, France's, France, Noumea
Sydney/Wellington —Australia and New Zealand said they will send government planes to New Caledonia on Tuesday to evacuate nationals from the French territory which has experienced a week of deadly riots, sparked by electoral changes by the French government in Paris. France’s High Commission in New Caledonia said on Tuesday the airport remains closed for commercial flights, and it will deploy the military to protect public buildings. There were around 3,200 people waiting to leave or enter New Caledonia as commercial flights were canceled due to the unrest that broke out last week, the local government has said. Theo Rouby/AFP/Getty ImagesNew Zealand, French and Australian foreign ministers held a call on Monday evening, after New Zealand and Australia said they were waiting for clearance from French authorities to send defense aircraft to evacuate tourists. “New Zealanders in New Caledonia have faced a challenging few days – and bringing them home has been an urgent priority for the government,” New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters said.
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Wine touring in the Old WorldFrance Of France's 11 wine regions, Bordeaux, Burgundy (or Bourgogne) and Champagne are the most eminent. The United States California is renowned for wine tasting, though almost every state in the continental U.S. has a wine region or wine tourism area. Visitors can drive between vineyards, bike the Napa Valley Wine Trail, or book a ride on the vintage Napa Valley Wine Train. Barossa is one of the older wine regions in Australia, with some 200 cellar doors within two hours of Adelaide. South Africa South Africa may be considered a new world wine region, but Constantia, a top destination for wine tasting, is centuries old.
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France declared a state of emergency on the Pacific island of New Caledonia on Wednesday after three young indigenous Kanak and a police official were killed in riots over electoral reform. The state of emergency, which entered into force at 5 a.m. local time (1800 GMT), gives authorities additional powers to ban gatherings and forbid people from moving around the French-ruled island. Police reinforcements adding 500 officers to the 1,800 usually present on the island, have been sent after rioters torched vehicles and businesses and looted stores. "No violence will be tolerated," said Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, adding that the state of emergency "will allow us to roll out massive means to restore order." He later signed a decree declaring a state of emergency that will last for 12 days and announced that French soldiers would be used to secure New Caledonia's main port and airport.
Persons: Gabriel Attal Organizations: French Gendarmerie, Police, Authorities Locations: French, Tir, Noumea, New Caledonia, France, Kanak, Paris
A French road safety group is telling people to "drive like a woman" to cut fatalities. The campaign aims to debunk the "misogynistic" stereotype that men are better drivers than women. The campaign notes that, in France, 84% of fatal road accidents are caused by men. AdvertisementA French road safety association is urging people to "drive like a woman" to reduce the number of traffic deaths. Drawing on data from France's National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory 2022-2023, the campaign noted that 84% of fatal accidents are caused by men.
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Microsoft said in a statement Monday that it's committing 4 billion euros ($4.3 billion) toward expanding its cloud and AI infrastructure in France, in addition to funding AI skilling and support for France's technology industry. The announcement was made during the "Choose France" summit, a gathering dedicated to encouraging foreign investment in France. Amazon, meanwhile, made a commitment of its own to invest 1.2 billion euros in France. Collectively, the commitments from Microsoft and Amazon to France amount to $5.6 billion of funding. In total, France reportedly bagged a record 15 billion euros of investment commitments from foreign companies at an annual "Choose France" summit on Monday.
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Germany plans to send Ukraine a prototype artillery shell that can travel 62 miles, Handelsblatt reported. AdvertisementGermany is gearing up to send Ukraine a prototype artillery shell that can travel up to 62 miles, German newspaper Handelsblatt reported. That would more than triple the reach of the conventional 155 mm artillery rounds Ukraine is heavily reliant on, depending on what system is used to fire it. It's not clear what the prototype munition actually is. Earlier this year, Germany announced a $5.3 million military aid package for Ukraine, including 10,000 artillery rounds from its own stocks, Politico reported.
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The UAE is boosting ties with China's air force. Major General Saleh Mohammed bin Mejren Al Ameri, commander of the UAE's Joint Operations, met with the commander of China's People's Liberation Army Air Force on April 23 to promote closer air force cooperation. Another even speculated Abu Dhabi may eventually seek China's premier stealth fighter: the fifth-generation J-20 Mighty Dragon. I don't see this relationship developing into something similar to what the UAE Air Force has with France or even Russia anytime soon." Furthermore, the Emirati air force fighter fleet is already large for such a small country, making it unlikely the L-15s will serve any combat role.
Persons: , General Saleh Mohammed bin Mejren Al Ameri, China's, Abu Dhabi, Abu, Abu Dhabi's, Ahmed Aboudouh, Aboudouh, Washington's hesitance, Fred Tanneau, Sebastien Roblin, Roblin, haven't, Russia's Su, Robin Organizations: Service, United, Liberation Army Air Force, Dassault Rafales, Chatham House, China Studies Unit, Emirates Policy Center, Rafale, Dassault Aviation, UAE Air Force, UAE, China hasn't, FC, Korea's KF, UAE . The Emirates, KF Locations: UAE, Washington, Beijing, United Arab Emirates, China, United States, Abu Dhabi, UAE's, France, Abu, Russia, Saudi, Pakistan, Ukraine
French President Emmanuel Macron (R) shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping after delivering a joint statement at the Elysee Palace, as part of the Chinese president's two-day state visit in France, in Paris on May 6, 2024. The French president his Chinese counterpart for a state visit on May 6, 2024, seeking to persuade the Chinese leader to shift positions over Russia's invasion of Ukraine and also imbalances in global trade. (Photo by Sarah Meyssonnier / POOL / AFP) (Photo by SARAH MEYSSONNIER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)Shares of several French cognac makers rallied on Tuesday after France's President Emmanuel Macron suggested that trade tensions between China and the European Union, which could impact the drinks makers, may ease. France's Macron on Monday addressed the ongoing trade dispute with Chinese President Xi Jinping and gifted him a top-range bottle of French cognac which reportedly retails at over $3,200. "I thank the president for his open attitude regarding provisional measures on cognac and for his wish not to implement them," Macron said in a press conference on Monday.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping, Sarah Meyssonnier, SARAH MEYSSONNIER, Pernod Ricard, Remy Cointreau, France's Macron, Macron Organizations: Getty, European Union Locations: France, Paris, Ukraine, China, Europe
China's Xi backs Macron call for global Olympic truce
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Emmanuel Macron, France's president, right, greets Xi Jinping, China's president, ahead of the state dinner marking the visit at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, on Monday, May 6, 2024. Xi called on France to help fend off a "new Cold War" as the EU increasingly aligns with U.S. concerns over security risks and trade tensions. China's President Xi Jingping on Monday called for a global truce during the Olympic Games in Paris this summer after the French president and the head of the European Commission urged him to use his influence on Russia to end its war in Ukraine. As member of the United Nations Security Council and as a responsible country, China urges with France for a truce in the world during the Paris Olympic games," Xi said, speaking through an interpreter alongside Macron during a joint statement. Russia has previously been lukewarm about a truce saying Ukraine might use it as an opportunity to regroup and rearm.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping, Xi, Xi Jingping, Ursula von der, Macron, Vladimir Putin, Putin's Organizations: Olympic Games, European Commission, United Nations Security Council, Paris Olympic, Paris, Games, Paralympic Games Locations: Paris, France, EU, Russia, Ukraine, Europe, China, Moscow, Russian, Switzerland
Putin orders tactical nuclear weapon drills to deter the West
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Russia's defense ministry said it would hold military drills including practice for the preparation and deployment for use of non-strategic nuclear weapons. "During the exercise, a set of measures will be carried out to practice the issues of preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons," the ministry said. Russia and the United States are by far the world's biggest nuclear powers, holding more than 10,600 of the world's 12,100 nuclear warheads. No power has used nuclear weapons in war since the United States unleashed the first atomic bomb attacks on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Major nuclear powers routinely check their nuclear weapons but very rarely publicly link such exercises to specific perceived threats in the way that Russia has.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Alexey Danichev, Natalia Kolesnikova, Joe Biden, Andriy Yusov, Sergei Shoigu, Emmanuel Macron, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ludovic Marin, David Cameron, Dmitry Peskov, Putin, Abrams, Sean Gallup Organizations: Federal Assembly's Council, Reuters, Missile, Southern Military District, Military, Victory Day, Afp, Getty, Russian Federation, Federation of American Scientists, CNN, Ukraine, Kremlin, U.S . Senate, AFP, British, NATO, U.S . Army, British Amphibious Engineer Battalion Locations: Saint Petersburg, Russia, Reuters Russia, Moscow, France, Britain, United States, Ukraine, U.S, China, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Russian, Paris, London, Soviet Union, Gniew, Poland
France's Macron set to press visiting Xi on trade, Ukraine
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Chinas President Xi Jinping (L) and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron attend the official welcoming ceremony in Beijing on April 6, 2023. China's President Xi Jinping heads to Paris on Sunday for a rare visit, with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron set to press him to reduce trade imbalances and try to convince him to use his influence on Russia over the war in Ukraine. Neither aim will be easily fulfilled during Xi's two-day stay in France, where he arrives at a time of growing trade tensions between Europe and China. His official meetings will include joint talks with Macron and European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will not join Macron and Xi in Paris due to prior commitments, sources said.
Persons: Xi Jinping, Emmanuel Macron, Xi, Ursula von der, Olaf Scholz, Noah Barkin Organizations: China's, European Union, EU, Macron, European Commission Locations: Beijing, Paris, Russia, Ukraine, France, Europe, China, European, Germany, German
His remarks about French soldiers defending Ukraine are among the most hawkish by a Western leader. AdvertisementFrance's President Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed that he would consider sending French troops to Ukraine, and spelled out the conditions in which this could place. He added that if Russia defeats Ukraine it would then likely seek to attack another European country. Related storiesMacron's remarks about sending French troops to defend Ukraine were among the most hawkish by a Western leader. The Kremlin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, in response to Macron's earlier remarks, said that deploying NATO troops to Ukraine would lead to war between Russia and the alliance.
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Credit Agricole , France's second-biggest listed bank, posted a forecast-beating 55% jump in first-quarter net profit on Friday, helped by corporate and investment banking sales that outperformed rivals. Net profit in the January to March period rose to 1.9 billion euros ($2.04 billion), above the 1.48 billion-euro average of 19 analyst estimates compiled by the company. Sales climbed 11% to 6.81 billion euros, topping analyst expectations of 6.47 billion euros. The cost of risk, or money put aside for bad loans, was 400 million euros, 105 million euros less than expected. Targets include annual underlying net income of more than 6 billion euros and a return on tangible equity of more than 12%.
Persons: Amundi Organizations: Credit Agricole, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, Agricole Locations: France's, France
French bank Societe Generale reported a smaller-than-expected 22% slide in first-quarter net income on Friday, as profits on equity derivative sales offset more weakness at its retail bank and in fixed-income trading. France's third-biggest listed lender, whose CEO Slawomir Krupa is seeking to end several years of lackluster performance and trim costs, said group net income over the first three months of the year was 680 million euros ($729.30 million). Sales slipped 0.4% to 6.65 billion euros, above the 6.46 billion-euro analyst average estimate. SocGen's investment banking division saw its earnings jump 26.4% to 690 million euros, beating forecasts, while revenues weakened 5.1% to 2.62 billion euros for the quarter. Equity derivatives sales, an area where SocGen has historically been strong, did well, the bank said, as did corporate financing services and its advisory business.
Persons: Slawomir Krupa Organizations: Societe Generale, Equity
Only two European stocks have positively surprised markets every quarter for the past five quarters, according to analysis by CNBC Pro. CNBC Pro screened for stocks that report EPS figures and have analysts' estimates available on FactSet. Most recently, on Feb. 5, the company beat earnings estimates by 6.1% and shares rallied more than 8% in the following session. Four quarters ago, the stock rallied by 12.8% in a single session following earnings. Many banking stocks, such as France's Societe Generale , Spain's Banco de Sabadell , Germany's Commerzbank and Sweden's Swedbank , beat earnings-per-share estimates over the past five quarters.
Persons: UniCredit, Germany's, Sweden's Organizations: CNBC Pro, Portugal's Banco Comercial Portugues, Generale, Spain's, Sabadell, Deutsche Bank, CNBC Locations: Europe, Milan
McDonald's reported mixed quarterly results Tuesday as its reorganization weighed on its profit and boycotts hurt its Middle Eastern sales. McDonald's reported U.S. same-store sales growth of 2.5%, missing expectations of 2.6%. A month into the second quarter, McDonald's U.S. same-store sales are roughly flat, executives said. McDonald's said the segment's same-store sales fell 0.2%, marking the first time since the pandemic that one of the chain's divisions reported a same-store sales decline. McDonald's international operated markets segment, which includes Germany and the United Kingdom, reported same-store sales growth of 2.7%.
Persons: McDonald's, Chris Kempczinski, Kempczinski, Ian Borden, we've, Borden Organizations: LSEG, U.S Locations: U.S, Israel, Japan, Latin America, Germany, United Kingdom
CNN —Aya Nakamura was born in the former French colony of Mali, raised in France and is widely considered the most streamed female Francophone artist in the world. However, ahead of Paris 2024, Nakamura finds herself at the center of France’s culture wars. Aya Nakamura attends the Kenzo Menswear Fall-Winter 2023-2024 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 20, 2023 in Paris, France. “I think that the people who criticize her actually don’t accept that she embodies France,” French activist Rokhaya Diallo told CNN. Politicians such as Le Pen hailed the legislation as an “ideological victory” whilst French health Minister, Aurelien Rousseau resigned in protest.
Persons: Aya Nakamura, Nakamura, Edith Piaf, Piaf, , , I’m, Rachida, Kenzo, Pascal Le Segretain, Marion Maréchal, Marine Le, Rokhaya Diallo, ” Nakamura, , le, Geoffroy Van Der, Emanuel Macron, Nakamura “, Le Pen, Vincent Martigny, Thomas Samson, Marion Marechal, Emmanuel Dunand, Martigny, Diallo, Zinedine Zidane, ” Diallo, , Oliver Roy, Reynaud Julien, Macron, Aurelien Rousseau Organizations: CNN, France’s, of Culture, Rally, Blacks, Rassemblement National, Getty, Olympic Aquatics, France Inter, Science, University of Nice, National Assembly, soccer team, Paris Olympic, Le, Palais des Sports, EUI, of Transnational Governance, Twitter, APS, France, BMFTV, RMC Locations: Mali, France, French, Paris, Bamako, Europe, , Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt, AFP, Rassemblement, Ukraine, North, Carhaix
Global stock markets may be coming under pressure from geopolitical tensions and sticky inflation — but one portfolio manager sees potential in several stocks. Hinchliffe oversees more than $1 billion of PineBridge's assets via its Global Focus Equity Fund . What we are trying to do is beat the benchmark by constructing our portfolio to be similar to the market from a risk perspective," Hinchliffe said. "We're not taking a view that small caps are better or worse this year than last year; we're not taking the view that growth stocks are better than value stocks. The portfolio manager noted that they "clearly led the market last year based on fantastic earnings growth by and large."
Persons: Rob Hinchliffe, Hinchliffe, , Morningstar, We're, we're, France's Legrand Organizations: PineBridge Investments, CNBC Pro, Global Focus Equity Fund, Equity Fund, Stock, Microsoft, Nvidia, Walmart Locations: U.S, Swiss
The U.K.'s FTSE 100 index is expected to open 31 points higher at 7,949, Germany's DAX up more than 100 points at 18,051, France's CAC 47 points higher at 8,064 and Italy's FTSE MIB 150 points higher at 33,212, according to data from IG. European markets are set to open higher on Friday morning as investors parse through U.K. economic data and reflect on a somewhat murky U.S. inflation outlook. The market moves come after the pan-European Stoxx 600 index closed lower in the previous session. Stateside, investors digested fresh inflation data in search of clues on exactly when the U.S. central bank may start cutting interest rates. In Europe, Britain's economic output increased by 0.1% in monthly terms in February, in line with expectations, according to figures published Friday by the Office for National Statistics.
Persons: Germany's DAX, Dow Jones Organizations: CAC, IG, European Central Bank, U.S, U.S . Federal, Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dow, Office, National Statistics Locations: U.S ., U.S, Europe
CNN —Prince William and Prince George were spotted watching their soccer team Aston Villa together on Thursday evening - their first sighting since the Princess of Wales’ cancer diagnosis. Royal-watchers were thrilled to see Prince William at the game on Thursday evening. Catherine Ivill/AMA/Getty ImagesCatherine revealed in a powerful video message on March 22 that she had started treatment after being diagnosed with cancer. Specifically, they are eyeing up the D-Day 80th anniversary ceremony in Normandy, France on June 6 or his birthday parade through central London a week later. One trip the King did manage to get sign-off from doctor’s on was an escape to Scotland for a very special occasion.
Persons: CNN — Prince William, Prince George, Princess, Wales, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Catherine Ivill, Catherine, King Charles III, he’ll, Duke, Duchess, Prince Edward, Sophie, Victoria Jones, Edward, Charles, Andrew Bailey, Sarah John, Yui Mok, King, Camilla Organizations: CNN’s Royal, CNN, Aston Villa, Lille, Europa Conference League, Kensington Palace, Entente, France's Gendarmerie Garde, Guard, Getty, London, Bank of England Locations: British, Villa, Birmingham, Windsor ., Kensington, Edinburgh, Buckingham, London, Paris, Normandy, France, doctor’s, Scotland, Birkhall, Balmoral
Khachanov, as a result, earned two break points and would eventually capitalize on the second, thanks to a Medvedev double fault. 4 was frustrated with two calls from the line judge on his baseline while serving at 1-2 in the second set. The first disagreement came after the 28-year-old returned a crushing winner from a Monfils forehand, which was called out by the line judge. The very next point, the same line judge called Monfils’ shot in to the dismay of Medvedev, who left the ball expecting an out call to come. He can make a mistake as well, everybody can.”Mohamed Lahyani had to ask Medvedev not to shout at the line judge in Wednesday's match.
Persons: CNN — Daniil Medvedev ranted, Karen Khachanov, Carlo Masters, Khachanov, Carlos Bernardes, Cedric Mourier, , ” Medvedev, It’s, , Russia's Daniil Medvedev, France's Gael Monfils, Valery Hache, Mohamed Lahyani, Gaël Monfils, Lahyani, Monfils ’, Medvedev, shrugging, ” Lahyani, ” Mohamed Lahyani, Julian Finney Organizations: CNN, Medvedev, France's, Getty Locations: AFP, Russian
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