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CNN —The final, searing shot of Rungano Nyoni’s “On Becoming a Guinea Fowl” is a convergence of everything that’s come before. Nyoni’s first movie “I Am Not A Witch” broke through at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017 and won her a BAFTA. Like her debut, a satire on the practice of witch camps, also set in Zambia, the country of Nyoni’s birth, “Guinea Fowl” deals with injustice in tragicomic fashion. The idea came from a scrapped plotline for Nyoni’s previous film, she told CNN, in an interview during the festival. How do you not get up and just set everything on fire?”Writer-director Rungano Nyoni during the production of "On Becoming A Guinea Fowl."
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That deadline — July 11 — is imposed by the state housing authority and applies to Quinn's Section 8 housing choice voucher, which she's had for about 12 years. Iowa lets landlords refuse voucher holdersQuinn says she's contacted close to 30 landlords since March. Many have simply told her they don't accept housing vouchers. In 2021, the state passed a law barring cities and counties from protecting voucher holders from overt discrimination by landlords. A crucial but flawed benefitThe federal Housing Choice Voucher Program is the biggest — and most effective — American housing assistance program.
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James Wood’s mother struggled with addiction, and he often found himself adrift, not knowing what day or month it was. When James was 14, his mother died of pneumonia, and he entered California’s foster care system. As a minor with a deceased parent and a disability, James was entitled to federal benefits, totaling $780 a month, some of which his mother had accrued during the years that she worked as a nurse. The government got the money instead, according to James and his adoptive father, Wayne Stidham. It’s a longstanding practice for many states or counties to apply for the federal benefits of foster children, often without their knowledge, and then use the money to cover some of the costs of their care, according to legal advocates for children and congressional researchers.
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Police Scotland told CNN it had received no reports regarding fans’ behavior towards Boyle. Paul Devlin/SNS Group/Getty Images“It was a historic problem born of the Catholic-Protestant divide in Scottish society, especially in the West of Scotland. And it became greatly manifest in football,” Scottish sports journalist Graham Spiers told CNN. Historically chants have included anti-Catholic religious bigotry, or vocal support for paramilitary groups like the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Celtic and Rangers fans at the start of the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on September 10, 2016 in Glasgow.
Persons: Martin Boyle, Boyle, ” David Scott, , , Hibernian's Martin Boyle, John Souttar, Paul Devlin, Graham Spiers, It’s, ” Spiers, Spiers, Mark Scott, Scott, Jason Campbell, Mouth’s Scott, , , , ” Scott, Celtic’s, King William III, William of Orange, Frank McAvennie, Chris Woods, Terry Butcher, Chris Cole, don’t, ” Joseph Webster, ” Webster, Jeanette Findlay, ” “, Findlay, Steve Welsh, “ I’ve, I’m Organizations: CNN, Hibernian FC, Scottish, Rangers FC, Northern, ” Hibernian FC, Hibs, Police Scotland, Rangers, Hibernian, Easter, SNS, Scotland, Catholic, – Celtic FC, Irish Republican Army, Ulster Volunteer Force, UVF, “ Rangers, Catholic Hibernian, Midlothian FC, Loyalist, Celtic, Scottish Premier League, Ibrox, ” Authorities, Football, Communications, Crown, Fiscal, Scottish Government, University of Cambridge, ” CNN, Scottish Football Association, CNN Sport, Celtic Park, ” Celtic Locations: Edinburgh, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland’s, Scotland, Scottish, West, Glasgow, , Findlay
AdvertisementThis bra isn't the only posture-fixing product on the market. From her point of view, trying to fix posture with pricey, one-step products isn't the best approach. ShutterstockLinker considers posture-fixing products like Taylor Swift's bra to be "one-size-fits-all solutions." Before purchasing one of these products, Linker recommended asking yourself whether your posture really needs fixing in the first place. AdvertisementThe bottom line: be skeptical of one-size-fits-all products that promise to "fix" your posture, Linker said.
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The first-of-its-kind law is poised to reshape how firms and other organizations in Europe use AI for everything from health care decisions to policing. For Meta’s (META) AI chief, Yann LeCun, “the big question” about the new law is “should research and development in AI be regulated?”“There are clauses in the EU AI act and various other places that do regulate research and development. I don’t think it’s a good idea,” he told CNN’s Anna Stewart at the Paris event. LeCun, widely known as one of the “godfathers of AI,” disagrees with concerns that AI could soon surpass human intelligence. “We need to make sure that innovation continues to happen and that the innovation doesn’t just come outside Europe.
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The Navy's Virginia-Class: The best submarine of all timeThe Virginia-class attack submarine USS Virginia returns to Naval Submarine Base New London after her maiden six-month deployment. Given these and other variables, Virginia-class submarines are becoming increasingly critical to clandestine "intel" missions in high-risk areas. Virginia-class vs. Kilo-class submarinesFuture Virginia-class attack submarine PCU Idaho during a christening ceremony at General Dynamics Electric Boat shipyard facility in Groton, Connecticut. Attack submarines as "intel spy" submarinesThe Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Indiana surfaces in the Beaufort Sea during Operation Ice Camp. This can increase the speed of maneuverability and an attack submarine's ability to quickly shift course, change speed, or alter depth positioning when faced with an attack.
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Against this backdrop, CNBC Pro screened the SPDR S & P Retail ETF (XRT) for stocks that were forming a death cross chart pattern. We found five SPDR S & P Retail ETF (XRT) components, including Ulta Beauty , that are on the verge of a death cross pattern — and one that has already formed one. Ulta Beauty Shares of cosmetic retailer Ulta have slipped more than 22% in 2024. Other stocks nearing a death cross pattern include National Vision Holdings and Academy Sports & Outdoor . Dollar Tree Dollar Tree , however, has already formed a death cross chart pattern.
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Read previewEmory University students created an artificial intelligence-driven study tool last year. The business school highlighted them on social media. Emory said the duo violated the school's honor code, because students could use Eightball in ways that would breach it. But in October, Emory told the developer that he may have violated the honor code, per Craver's lawsuit. In November, Emory told Craver that it was weighing five honor code violations for him.
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Most Americans don't think they need to be millionaires in order to achieve financial success. Fewer than 20% of Americans define being "financially successful" as "being a millionaire," according to Bankrate's 2024 Financial Success survey. Nearly 60% of Americans say they would feel financially successful if they were able to "live comfortably," according to the survey. "Salary is often not the best barometer for financial success," Foster says. Increased prices for everyday necessities such as food and housing may also shape the way Americans picture financial success.
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I could be on a three-month film set or a nine-month series set and then go months without a call. I started working on YouTube thumbnails and event flyers for the music industry. For example, a friend helped repair my dishwasher, so I put together "gift ideas for makers and tinkers." AdvertisementI started posting in groups and asking for gift ideas to write blog posts about. It's not money I would make on a film set, but it was something.
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Basic income has become a trending strategy to combat poverty in cities nationwide. ARPA funds have been used to partially or fully fund most US basic-income pilots so far, but funds are set to expire. While philanthropy and nonprofit work have been central to basic-income pilots, they are not always a long-term or large-scale funding solution. More GBI programs are electing to focus on specific groups of participants, like low-income parents with children and foster youth. The program is funded through the Temporary Aid to Needy Families Program (TANF), an existing federal cash assistance program for low-income families.
Persons: , Michael Tubbs, Tubbs, It's, Tubbs —, GBI —, Marcela Díaz, let's, Díaz, Teri Olle, Olle, John Gillette, Ken Paxton, Dustin Palmer, GiveDirectly, Palmer, Shafeka Hashash, Hashash, Hashah, GBI Organizations: Service, Business, SNAP, Medicaid, Somos Un, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Economic Security, New, New Mexico House, California Senate, Republican, South Dakota Republicans, ARPA, Pew Charitable Locations: Stockton , California, Durham , North Carolina, Birmingham, Chicago, Antonio, San Antonio, Denver, Seattle, California, New Mexico, State, Mexico, Somos, Somos Un Pueblo, Economic Security California, Arizona, Iowa, Harris County , Texas, Flint , Michigan
A reader of Kevin Kwan’s books could be forgiven for expecting him to make a grand entrance at lunch in Beverly Hills — in a Lamborghini, perhaps, or wearing a slick pair of shades. He wore tortoiseshell glasses, a blue cardigan and hair cut for maximum pensive tucking behind ears. Kwan immediately moved a vase of white roses from one table to another — “Do you mind? His debut novel, “Crazy Rich Asians,” published in 2013, has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide and been translated into over 40 languages. The movie version was the first since “The Joy Luck Club” to feature a majority Asian cast.
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The federal Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as Section 8, is also the biggest, aiding about 5 million people in 2.3 million households. While it's illegal in some places to discriminate against voucher holders, the practice isn't outlawed everywhere. Fully funding housing vouchers would mean many more housing-insecure and unhoused people would get help. Related storiesIn its budget for fiscal year 2025, the Biden administration requested a $2.5 billion increase for voucher funding over 2023 levels. Researchers at the Department of Housing and Urban Development have proposed piloting a direct cash transfer program for rent as an alternative to housing vouchers.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. "The point of it was to be silly and to put people in different environments and situations where they could create new networks and pathways to people in the company," Pitt said. 'It's easy to look busy'Another way the company tackles remote work for an employee base spread around the world is to cluster some functions. Rather than dwelling on where workers work, a big focus is on developing trust, Pitt said. AdvertisementAnd, Pitt said, if workers care about the mission, it doesn't matter whether they work in an office or from afar.
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Read the Texas Governor’s Pardon
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PROCLAMATION BY THE Governor of the State of Texas PROCLAMATION No. 2024-0001 DPS #07666731 TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME: WHEREAS, Daniel Scott Perry, TDCJ #02450686, D.O.B. April 24, 1987, was sentenced in the 147th District Court in Travis County on May 10, 2023, to twenty- five years in prison for the offense of Murder, Cause No. D-1-DC-21-900007; and WHEREAS, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has conducted an exhaustive review of Daniel Scott Perry's personal history and the facts surrounding his shooting of Garrett Foster; and WHEREAS, both the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23, of the Texas Constitution protect the right to keep and bear arms for, among other things, self-defense; and WHEREAS, Texas law, consistent with those constitutional guarantees, provides one of the clearest self-defense protections in the United States; and WHEREAS, Texas Penal Code § 9.32(a) provides that a person “is justified in using deadly force against another" when that person "reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary" to protect a person against another's use of unlawful deadly force; and WHEREAS, Texas Penal Code § 9.32(c) provides that a person who is otherwise lawfully present at the location where deadly force is used "is not required to retreat before using deadly force"; and WHEREAS, on July 25, 2020, Daniel Scott Perry, while driving on a public road in Austin, slowed his vehicle as he rounded a corner onto Congress Avenue and encountered a group of protestors obstructing traffic; and WHEREAS, Daniel Scott Perry's car was immediately surrounded by aggressive protestors who rushed to obstruct, strike, pound, smash, and kick his vehicle; and WHEREAS, Garrett Foster then approached within 18 inches of Daniel Scott Perry's car, confronted him, and brandished a Kalashnikov-style rifle in the low-ready firing position; and WHEREAS, Daniel Scott Perry fired his handgun at Garrett Foster to eliminate a perceived threat to his safety and called law enforcement less than one minute later to inform them of the incident; and WHEREAS, Daniel Scott Perry explained to law enforcement at the time that he used his weapon because he feared losing his life and has since consistently stated that he acted in self-defense; and WHEREAS, Travis County District Attorney José Garza, rather than upholding the self- defense rights of citizens, has prioritized "reducing access to guns" that citizens may use to lawfully defend themselves; and FILED IN THE OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE 1:25 PM O'CLOCK MAY 16 2024
Persons: Daniel Scott Perry, Paroles, Daniel Scott Perry's, Garrett Foster, brandished, Attorney José Garza Organizations: D.O.B, Texas, United States Constitution, Travis, Attorney Locations: Texas, TDCJ, Travis County, United States, Austin
It came almost 12 months after Google combined two key AI groups, DeepMind and Google Brain. Google's AI MVPGoogle DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis GoogleDemis Hassabis might be the most important person at Google right now. Then, in April last year, Pichai announced he would merge DeepMind with Google's in-house AI unit, known as Brain, into a supergroup named Google DeepMind. Reid reports directly to Raghavan, the ads and search senior vice president, and is shepherding a dramatic transition of Google Search. Fears of chatbots eating into Google's search dominance have yet to be realized, giving Google time to reinvent its most hallowed product.
Persons: , Sundar Pichai, Pichai, Susan Wojcicki, Demis, Hassabis, Larry Page, DeepMind, OpenAI, it's, accrues, ED JONES, Rick Osterloh, Sameer Samat, he'll, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Osterloh, Prabhakar Raghavan, Siri, Tim Cook, Hiroshi, SAJJAD HUSSAIN, Liz Reid, Reid, Raghavan, Pandu Nayak, Venkatachary, It's, chatbots, Bernstein, Mark Shmulik Organizations: Service, Google, Business, Google's, BI, Research, Hassabis, Android, Apple, Apple's Vision, CNBC, Google Local Locations: Raxium
Richard Branson doesn't want to be defined by his net worth. Neither should you, according to leadership expert Rohan Verma. Anyone, billionaire or not, should try to make career choices that can foster long-term happiness, Verma says — rather than simply chasing the job that pays the most. One way to think about it: the Japanese concept of "ikigai," which is intended to help people find purpose in a busy and happy life. "Ikigai is a conflation of four different things: what you're good at, what you love doing, what the world really needs, and what you can be paid for," Verma explains.
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If you're anywhere past the point of entry-level jobs, Kathryn Bockman has a leadership tactic for you: Reverse mentoring. It's an effective way to build relationships and encourage communication in the workplace, says Bockman, assistant vice president of revenue operations at telecommunications giant AT&T. At its core, the idea is simple — ask your younger colleagues about the strategies they use to do their jobs. Bockman didn't create the idea or coin the term, but she learned its value firsthand when her son Greg — now a senior production manager — was hired by AT&T as an entry-level sales consultant in 2016. The more they talked about work, the more she realized her son was gaining skills and perspectives that she didn't have.
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The National Security Agency collected the intelligence that gave US officials insights into China and Iran’s capabilities in producing deepfakes, one of the sources said. At a briefing last week, FBI officials warned that AI increases the ability of foreign states to spread election disinformation. US officials have maintained a high level of visibility into the AI and deepfake advancements made by countries including China, Iran and Russia since the 2020 election. Nearly 70% of Republicans and Republican-leaners said that President Joe Biden’s 2020 election win was not legitimate, according to a CNN poll released in August. The 2024 US election will present new opportunities for foreign influence operations.
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Alphabet's YouTube on Tuesday said it would comply with a court decision and block access inside Hong Kong to 32 video links deemed prohibited content, in what critics say is a blow to freedoms in the financial hub amid a security clampdown. The action follows a government application granted by Hong Kong's Court of Appeal requesting the ban of a protest anthem called "Glory to Hong Kong." In comments criticizing the court order, YouTube said the ruling would raise skepticism around the Hong Kong government's work to foster the digital economy and reclaim its reputation as a predictable place for doing business. "If you start to send platforms 100 or 1,000 links for takedown every day, this will drive platforms crazy and also make global investors more worried about Hong Kong's free market environment. How predictable and how stable the policy environment is matters a lot to foreign investors, and Hong Kong is now at a crossroads to defend its reputation."
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The company with the best leadership in the U.S. isn't a tech titan or hospitality giant: It's management consulting firm Bain & Company. That's according to Glassdoor, which released on Tuesday its inaugural 50 Best-Led Companies ranking. The list measures how effectively bosses communicate and foster healthy company cultures, based on the workplace review website's anonymous employee ratings. Beyond Bain, the tech industry does occupy much of the list — 12 companies, more than any other sector. Consulting, finance and retail are the next-most represented industries, with six companies appearing from each.
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A rocky startVoight was the first Miss Utah to win the Miss USA crown since 1960. Miss USARose, a fashion designer, bought the Miss USA license after a turbulent year that included rigging allegations and a sexual harassment cover-up. Hector Vivas/Getty ImagesIn her Miss USA resignation letter, Noelia detailed the "detrimental mental and emotional toll" of her time at Miss USA and how it "greatly impacted" her physical health. Noelia and UmaSofia's reigns as Miss USA and Miss Teen USA would have officially ended in August, but their mothers said it became too much. The network — which signed a three-year deal in April to air both the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA competitions — said on Monday that it's now "evaluating its relationship with both pageants," according to USA Today.
Persons: Noelia Voigt, Jackeline Voigt, Noelia's, Jackeline, Barbara Srivastava —, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, Noelia, UmaSofia, Barbara, Miss USA's, Laylah Rose, aren't, Rose, Voight, We're, we're, Brian Ach, Miss USA, Thom Brodeur, UmaSofia Srivastava, Barbara Srivastava Barbara, didn't, Stephanie Skinner, Skinner, Teen USA — Barbara, Rose hadn't, USA's, Kenya Moore, Olivia Culpo, they're, Voigt, Hector Vivas, , — Noelia, Rose weaponized, Claudia Michelle —, Michelle, Colorado Arianna Lemus, Laylah, she's, Barbara Srivastava, it's, Brodeur Organizations: Miss USA, Business, Miss Teen USA, Miss, ABC News, New York, Christmas, Teen USA, Miss Universe, El, ., BI, USA, Miss Teen, Noelia, CW Network Locations: Venezuelan American, Miss Utah, Miss USA, Noelia's, USA, El Salvador
YouTube star MrBeast has parted ways with his talent manager after six years. AdvertisementMrBeast broke up with his talent manager of six years, and it's a wake-up call. YouTube's biggest star striking out alone could signal that creators may not always need middlemen. "He's just taking control of his brand," Varbanova said. An in-house team would likely have a narrower network than a talent agency and be able to offer less support with other tasks.
Persons: MrBeast, , Jimmy Donaldson, Donaldson, Reed Duchscher, Semafor, Duchscher, Donaldson's, influencers, Nikita Walia, Walia, Katya Varbanova, Gleam, Alfie Deyes, Jim Chapman —, Raff McDonald, Varbanova, Burger, He's, It's, he's, Courtney Bagby Lupilin, Lupilin, doesn't Organizations: Service, Night Media, Bloomberg, Blank, Inc, YouTube, Little Red Management Locations: Dallas,
Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by The Business of Fashion, an editorial partner of CNN Style. The design was upcycled from vintage Chanel scarves by stylist Logan Horne, whose brand, J. Logan Home, specializes in refashioning heritage luxury accessories. Fashion brands' legal claims are varied but ultimately boil down to concerns that third parties are free-riding on brands’ valuable IP in ways that could risk confusing consumers, eroding primary sales and tarnishing or diluting carefully cultivated marks. Some big brands, like Prada, Gucci and indeed Levi’s, have already dabbled with upcycling collections and programs of their own. These days, she says she’s having about a conversation a week with brands interested in exploring collaboration, but the industry moves slowly.
Persons: Travis Kelce, Logan Horne, Logan, Webster, They’ve, Chanel, Horne, , Susan Scafidi, J, Logan Home’s, Christian Vierig, Louis Vuitton, Levi’s, Jeremy Moeller, Irene Calboli, ” Chanel, des, Batsheva Hay, Monica Schipper, , Hay, upcycling, I’m, Prada, Gucci, Anna Foster, Gabriela Hearst Organizations: The, Fashion, CNN, NFL, Dua, Law, Paris Fashion, Business of, , Getty, Logan Home, Texas, M University, Fashion Trust, Business of Fashion, Industry Locations: New York, Texas, Beverly Hills , California, India, Europe
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